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University of Oregon. Archives Dept.
University Archives biographical files
ca. 1930s-present (inclusive)
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Collection comprises clippings, articles, press releases, publications, and correspondence relating to University of Oregon faculty, administrators, and students, circa 1930s to present.
University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives.
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Collection comprises clippings, articles, press releases, publications, and correspondence relating to University of Oregon faculty, administrators, and students, circa 1930s to present.

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Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g. a cause of action for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of Oregon assumes no responsibility.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 Abel, Greg
Newspaper articles.
1 Adams, Percy
Letter to editor of "Old Oregon" from C E Wagner re: Percy Adams, 1901.
1 Adams, Sam
Newspaper articles.
1 Aldave, Barbara
Interview, Nov 27, 1970; Press release.
1 Alden, Florence
Obituary, Press Release.
1 Alder, Jack D
U of O Press Release re: letter of promotion.
1 Allen, Richard
Memo re: Allen by Roland Bartel, May 24, 1971.
1 Allman, Joe
Newspaper clippings, Press Release.
1 Aly, Bower
Obituaries, CV, press Release, Correspondence, Photo, Memorial Service remarks by Robert D Clark, Award of Recognition.
1 Alpert, Harry
Press Releases, CV, Newspaper Clippings, Obituary.
1 Amato, Ralph
Article, Dedication invitation, Letter.
1 Ando, Michi Yasui
Newspaper articles.
1 Andrus, Ray
Newspaper clippings, Press releases.
1 Artzt, Edwin
"Head of Fortune 500 Company", bio, speech.
1 Attneave, Fred
Article with photo.
1 Avery, Curtis E
Press releases, Newspaper clippings.
1 Babcock, Harold
Press release.
1 Bailey, Robert Chase
Memo to Muriel K Jackson from K Keith Richard April 11, 1973.
1 Baker, Mark
Newspaper articles.
1 Baldinger, Wallace S
Memo from Baldinger to Dr. Robert D Clark, April 12, 1983; Baldinger's Account of "The Ills of Siletz Bay and Their Landfill Source" July 25, 1973.
1 Ballaine, Wesley C
Bio 1906-66.
1 Bancroft, Anne E.
"First Woman to Walk to the North Pole".
1 Barker, Burt Brown
Newspaper clippings; Bio "How Burt Brown Barker Became Vice President of the University of Oregon".
1 Barnes, Emery
Newspaper article "Oregon Sports News".
1 Baxter, Richard P (ROTC)
News release.
1 Bay, Rick
Newspaper clipping.
1 Beall, Chandler
Obituary and bio by Steven F Rendall; Newspaper clippings; Press release May 17, 1972.
1 Bean-Condon Families
1 Beekman Family
Short address re: Beekman family - author unknown Nov 2, 1946.
1 Belknap, George
Bio; Publications 1954-59; Newspaper clippings; Correspondence; Press Release 1970.
1 Bell, Derick
Article in "The Observer Interview" Feb 12, 1981; Press release Feb 13, 1980; Bell's letters to "The Oregonian" Feb 19, 1984; "The Dissent" Feb 20, 1984.
1 Bellisimo, Louis
Press release 1968-72, Newspaper clippings, Articles in "Bowling Magazine" Jan 1967 and Feb 1970.
1 Benson, Jeanne
Newspaper articles.
1 Beres, George
Article on Beres in "The Emerald Sports Magazine" March 7, 1979.
1 Bernhard, Sidney
Obituary March 1990.
1 Bingham, Edwin R
Peter G Boag's Thesis on Bingham Aug 1986.
1 Birrer, Carrie
Newspaper articles.
1 Bittner, Francis
1 Black, Frank Gees
Press release April 23, 1968; Obituary.
1 Boekelheide, Virgil
Press release April 3, 1968.
1 Bogen, Gerald K
Memo to Dr Bogen from Herb Penny Nov 3, 1972; CV; Article in "Oregon Daily Emerald" June 6, 1977.
1 Bohlman, Edgar
1 Boos, Mary
Newspaper articles.
1 Bovard, John F
Bio; Letter from grandson John Duncan to Keith Richards re: Bovard; Newspaper clippings.
1 Bowerman, William Jay "Bill"
His article in "Guideposts" Jan 1988; "Oregonian" article, Sept 18, 1983; Bio; Profile by William Freeman; Newspaper clippings.
1 Bowlin, Robert
1 Boyd, William B
Correspondence; Newspaper clippings; "The Oregon People Magazine" Oct 1975; Bio; Publications by Boyd.
1 Boyer, Burton
Memorial Service Remarks April 26, 1973.
1 Boyer, Clarence Valentine, Dr
Newspaper clippings.
1 Boyle, Tim
1 Brainerd, Paul
"Aldus and Pagemaker" student paper.
1 Bramley, Jenny
Press release Nov 3, 1971; "Eradcom Currents" April 1985; "Castle" April 19, 1985; Bio; Publication list.
2 Brand, Myles
Newspaper articles.
2 Brattain, Walter
2 Breen, Quirinus
Bio; Newspaper clippings; Press releases 1961-75; Photo.
2 Britt III, James
Newspaper articles.
2 Brockman, Frances
Newspaper article copies 1937.
2 Brogen, Phil F
Short bio blip with photo June 29, 1964.
2 Brooks, Philip R
Bio, short correspondence from Josephine Brooks 1941(copy).
2 Brown, Eyler
His article in "Art School Digest" March 1, 1940.
2 Bryant, Lousie
"Ms." Magazine article April 1982, University of Oregon admittance forms, "Oregon Daily Emerald" March 9, 1982.
2 Buchanan, Annette
Newspaper clippings, University memos 1966.
2 Buchanan, Edgar
Newspaper article "SF Examiner" April 4, 1979.
2 Buras, Tim
2 Burgess, Julia
Bio, KOAC radio broadcast transcript April 29, 1941.
2 Burton, Donald
Newspaper articles.
2 Byrne, Charles D, Dr
Press releases, Sept 19 and 21, 1961.
2 Callison, Prince "Prink"
Article in "The Table Rock Sentinel" July 1982.
2 Campbell, Prince Lucien
Journal article re: PL Campbell July 1911, Newspaper clippings.
2 Campbell, Susan
Newspaper clippings.
2 Card, Douglas
Newspaper Clipping.
2 Carson, Luella Clay
Bio; Student paper by Sonja Foss Radich re: Carson 1973; Newspaper clippings.
2 Casanova, Len
Press releases, Newspaper clippings, "Athletic Journal" March 1981, "Statement: Autzen Stadium Program" June 1969.
2 Castell, Alburey
Report of Activities from Dep of Philosophy 1962-63.
2 Caswell, Albert E
2 Chapman, Alice Hall
Newspaper clippings.
2 Chapman, Charles H
Chapman's Report 1897-1898, Newspaper clippings.
2 Chinese Students
2 Clancy, Clarence W
Newspaper clippings 1971, Press release 1971.
2 Clark, Chapin D
2 Clark, Dan E
Dedication in "Arizona and the West" 1976.
2 Clark, R C
Dedication in "Arizona and the West" 1976, Media quotes.
2 Clark, Robert D
Newspaper clippings, Press Releases, Bio.
2 Clinton, William (Bill)
Newspaper articles.
2 Cloepfil, Brad
Newspaper articles.
2 Close, Dr. Daniel
Newspaper articles.
2 Clyde, John S
U of O Biographical data form.
2 Collier, George H
Will, Bio, Interview, Service sermons.
2 Combellack, F M
Press release March 14, 1973.
2 Condon, Fannie
2 Condon, H T
Correspondence 1933-34.
2 Condon, Thomas, Dr
Newspaper clippings, Robert D Clark notes and lecture re: Thomas Condon, Correspondence.
2 Conrad, John
Newspaper articles.
2 Constance, Clifford L
Press release Feb 12, 1969.
2 Constance, Lincoln
2 Cox, Joe
Newspaper articles.
2 Crawford, John
Press release Feb 20, 1969.
2 Creese, Walter
Bio, CV, Press Release 1962 and 1968.
2 Crittenden, Hayley
Newspaper articles.
2 Crumb, Lawrence
Sermon Oct 9, 1994.
2 Cutbert, Fred
Press release June 1968.
2 Cykler, Edmund
Obituaries, "Old Oregon" clip 1972, CV 1969.
2 Darimont, Beatrice D
2 Dart, Francis
Newspaper clippings, Bios, Obituaries, Press release.
3 Dawson, O B
Correspondence, "The Old Blacksmiths" by Dawson.
3 Deady, Matthew
Newspaper clippings, "Matthew P Deady, Attorney at Law" by Robert N Peters, "Matthew P Deady and the Federal Judicial Response to Racism in the Early West" by Ralph James Mooney, Correspondence.
3 Debusk, W B
Media quotes.
3 DeCou, Edgar E
Bio, "Town and Country Review" re: DeCou Aug 1935, Newspaper clippings.
3 DeCou, Elizabeth Fox
Newspaper clippings.
3 Dellenback, John R
Newspaper articles.
3 Delzell, Charles F
"War and Anti-Fascism: A Personal Memoir" by Charles F Delzell April 21, 1989.
3 Dicken, Samual
Bio, Newspaper clippings, Correspondence, Press releases, "Old Oregon" Fall 1979 re: Dicken.
3 Dieringer, Jill Marie
Newspaper articles.
3 Diller, Edward
Press release, Newspaper clippings.
3 Donnelly, Marian C
Bio, Memorial.
3 Donnelly, Russell J
Bio, Publications list.
3 Douglass, Matthew Hale
Newspaper clippings, Speeches and remarks, Personal notes.
3 Douglass, Minnie G
"Register-Guard" Obituary April 1943.
3 Dull, Paul S
Press release May 16, 1973; Newspaper clippings.
3 Duncan, Charles (Personal Letters)
Correspondence, Newspaper clippings.
3 Duncan, Charles T
Press release Aug 18, 1964; "A Bifocal View of Eugene" by Charles Duncan; Bio.
3 Duniway, Abigail Scott
"The Oregonian" Feb 4, 1945; Correspondence; Script outline of Presentation of Abigail Scott Duniway portrait June 17, 1949.
3 Duniway, David
Press releases, Aug 1970; Newspaper clippings.
3 Duniway, Margaret
Speech of Mrs. George T Gerlinger June 18, 1949.
3 Dunn, Fredrick S
Dunn interview by Ruth Storla March 4, 1935; "Oregon Daily Emerald" questionnaire 1935-36; Copy of "Oregon State Journal" July 14, 1883 re: "The First Triumvirate".
3 DuShone, Donald
Press releases April 1971.
3 Dyment, Colin V
Newspaper clippings.
3 Earls, Paul, Dr.
press release.
3 Eaton, Allen
Newspaper clippings.
3 Ebbighausen, E G
3 Edwards, Corwin
Obituary and announcement at U of O faculty meeting June 6, 1979.
3 Ellickson, Dr R T
CV, Newspaper clippings, Press release Aug 1964 and 1970.
3 Ellingson, A L (Si)
3 Ellis, Robert
Press release June 24, 1970; Bio.
3 Emmons, Cai
Newspaper articles.
3 Engelmann, Siegfried
Newspaper articles.
3 Enright, Dick
Register-Guard clip, June 16, 1973; Press release Sept 19, 1972.
3 Envela, Gustavo
Newspaper articles.
3 Erb, Donald M
Newspaper clippings.
3 Ernst, Alice Henson
Newspaper clippings 1980.
3 Esslinger, Arthur A
Press release May 11, 1971; Letter to Mrs. Arthur A Esslinger from Lynn S Rodney Feb 6, 1974.
3 Etter, Orval
CV, Personal publications list.
3 Fagot, Beverly I
Memorial by Mary K Rothbart.
3 Failing, Henry
Newspaper clipping.
3 Farr, Pat
Newspaper articles.
3 Fentress, John C
Press releases 1968-70, Newspaper clippings, Study on wolves.
3 Findly, Elizabeth
CV, Writings honoring her retirement June 1974.
3 Fisher, Barbara
Press releases 1967-70.
3 Flemming, Arthur S
Newspaper clippings, Bio.
3 Ford, Donald F, Col.
CV, Press releases 1971 and 1974, Newspaper clip.
3 Forsyth, Will
Newspaper articles.
3 Foskett, John M, Dr
Bio, Newspaper clip, Press release.
4 Fossum, Embert, Col
Press releases, Newspaper clippings, Memorial obituary.
4 Freauff, Walter
Memorial submitted by Emmett Williams, Newspaper clippings, Press releases.
4 Frei, Gerald L
Newspaper clippings, Bio, press releases 1968 and 1970.
4 Friendly, Fred (Grandson of Sam)
Bio, Register-Guard clip Aug 1969, Memo from Josephine S Moore re: Press conference for Fred W Friendly.
4 Friendly, Sam H
Obituary Aug 14, 1915.
4 Friestad, Marian
Newspaper articles.
4 Frohnmayer, David
Press release 1971 and 1974, Newspaper clipping.
4 Furst, Lillian
CV, Press release May 1972.
4 Gaddis, Tom
4 Galloway, Charles K
4 Ganoe, John T
Media quotes.
4 Garnett, Maude
Newspaper clippings.
4 Geltner, Frank
Register-Guard article Nov 21, 1976.
4 Generals from U of O
List of generals through 1976, Magazine article entitled "Oregon and Its Generals", Press release May 1973.
4 Gerlinger, Irene
Newspaper clippings.
4 Ghent, Kenneth
CV, Newspaper clippings 1967 and 1976.
4 Gilbert, James H
Memorial address, Press releases.
4 Gilberts, Robert D
4 Gilkey, Gordon W
4 Godfrey, George
Photos, Newspaper clippings.
4 Goldschmidt, Steve
Newspaper articles.
4 Goles, Gordon
Newspaper clippings, Press releases, Interview Oct 1970, CV.
4 Gordon, Walter
4 Goss, Al
Memo to Tom Hager from John Goss, brother, Oct 1990; Photo; Newspaper article 1925.
4 Gould, Dennis
Press release Nov 1969, Newspaper clippings.
4 Goven, Thomas
"Oregon Daily Emerald" clip Feb 6, 1979; Faculty meeting memorial words April 1979.
4 Governors of Oregon - U of O Grads
List of Oregon Governors who were U of O Grads.
4 Grayson, Jeffery
Newspaper articles.
4 Greenfield, Stanley
Memo to Richard J Hill from Greenfield Jan 1985, Publications list, Newspaper article.
4 Hall, Arnold Bennett
Newspaper articles.
4 Hall, Marjorie
4 Hall, Robert M
4 Harrington, Joey
Newspaper articles.
4 Harrington, Joey Pro Career
Newspaper articles.
5 Harris, J G
CV, Dissertation presented Sept 1970.
5 Harris, Lawrence T
Newspaper articles.
5 Harris, Leo
Two "Oregonian" articles April 1990.
5 Harris, Robert S
Press release April 30, 1971; CV.
5 Harter, Richard
Newspaper clippings, Press releases 1974-75.
5 Haseltine, William E
Memoriam by Robert D Clark Nov 9, 1978.
5 Hatzantonis, Emmanuel
5 Hawk, N Ray
Press release June 1969, CV, "Oregon Dailey Emerald" article June 1969.
5 Hawthorne, B J
Bio, Newspaper clippings.
5 Hayden, Wallace S
Press release June 18, 1971.
5 Hayward, Bill
Newspaper clippings. "The Life Story of Colonel William Hayward" by Sally Mitchell (1941)is cataloged in the Oregon Collection.
5 Henderson, Louis F
Newspaper clippings, Media quotes.
5 Hendricks, T G
5 Hickson, Mae Barzee
Marriage certificate, Excerpt from family history.
6 Hill, Marion
Photos, Excerpt from Marion Hill Memoirs, Publications list.
6 Hill, Richard Johnson
Memorial program Jan 13, 1990; Bio.
6 Hill, Terrell L, Dr
U of O Bulletin article April 1965, Press releases 1962-65, Publications list, Bio.
6 Hintz, Carl
6 Hobson, Howard
Newspaper articles.
6 Hodge, Edwin Thomas
6 Hollis, Orlando J
"Oregon Law Review" interview 1989, Press release Jan 1967, "Register-Guard" article, Correspondence.
6 Hopkins, George
Press release April 1986, Newspaper article.
6 Horn, Robert Dewey
Newspaper articles, Bio, Press releases.
6 Howe, Herbert Crombie
Article in "Old Oregon" Jan-Feb 1970, Memo re: Howe papers 1968.
6 Howell, Thomas J
6 Hoyle, Graham
Autobiographical sketch in "Nature Trails" Feb 1985.
6 Hoyt, Harrison Val
6 Huestis, Ralph R, Dr
Newspaper clippings, "Ralph Huestis" by Robert D Clark, Press releases.
6 Huffaker, Karl L
Newspaper clippings, Press release April 1971.
6 Hunter, Fredrick, Dr
"Report of the President" by Hunter, "The Superintendent as a Leader in Interpretating the Curriculum" by Hunter, Bio, Newspaper clippings.
6 Ismach, Arnold H
6 Jackson, Vernon
Newspaper clippings.
6 Jacobs, Leonebel
Press release April 18, 1967.
6 Jacobson, Leonard D, Dr
Newspaper clippings.
6 Jacobson, Peter
1975 NCAA golf championship program, Newspaper clippings.
6 Jantz, John
Newspaper articles.
6 Jerome, Harry
Newspaper clippings.
6 Jerstad, Luther
Press releases, Newspaper clippings.
6 Jessup, Bertman
Newspaper clippings, Press releases.
6 Johnson, Charles E
Newspaper clippings, "Oregon Daily Emerald" June 1969.
6 Johnson, Gloria
6 Johnson, John Wesley
Memorial address by B B Beekman, Bio, Newspaper clippings.
6 Johnson, Louis H
Newspaper clippings, Receipts, Reminiscence set down by George H Belknap Jan 1952.
6 Jones, Scott
Newspaper articles.
6 Jones, William C
Bio by Charles T Duncan Oct 1980, Correspondence, Article in "The Rock" Sept 1951, "William Charles Jones - A Life".
6 Karp, Jeremy
Newspaper articles.
6 Kelly, Cardinal L
"Register-Guard" article Dec 6, 1973.
6 Kelly, Dan
Newspaper clippings 1906.
6 Kemp, Edward
Article in "Willamette Valley Observer" Feb 26, 1981.
6 Kemp, James C
Newspaper clippings, CV.
6 Kennedy, Jim
Newspaper articles.
6 Kerr, William Jasper
Newspaper clippings, "Committee of the Whole" transcripts, "W J Kerr: Land-Grant President in Utah and Oregon 1900-1908".
6 Kesey, Ken
Newspaper articles.
6 Kirsch, Don
Newspaper clippings.
6 Knight, Philip
Memo re: Knight Library naming May 1988, "The Kitchen-Table Shoemaker" by Bill Bowerman.
6 Knight, William W
6 Koch, Richard
6 Kratt, Theodore
Bio, Memorial address by W F Goodwin Thacher.
6 Krause, Laverne
"Register-Guard" article Jan 1976.
6 Krause, Mel
Bios, Press release July 1974.
6 Lallas, John E
6 Lambert, Charles E
News releases.
6 Landrus, Edna
6 Lansbury, John J
6 Large, Larry
Newspaper clippings, Bio, Press releases.
6 Larusso, Dominic A
6 Lawrence, Ellis F
"Harmony in Diversity: The Architecture and Teaching of Ellis F Lawrence" edited by Michael Shelenbarger.
7 Leader, John, Col.
Newspaper clippings, Personal essay.
7 Lee, Ira D
Bio by Robert Vagner.
7 Leech, Camilla
"Miss Camilla - A Portrait" by Eillis Lawrence.
7 Leistner, Charley
Memorial by Susan R Glaser.
7 Lillard, Joe
"Oregonian" articles, Correspondence, Essay by C Robert Barnett.
7 Linde, Hans A
Newspaper clippings, Press releases, Bio, Protected U of O applications.
7 Lindstrome, J Orville
Bio by N Ray Hawk, Press releases 1971.
7 Lininger, Tom
Newspaper articles.
7 Litchmen, Art
Newspaper clippings.
7 Littman, Richard A
Press release Aug 1971.
7 Lomax, Alfred
"Boyhood Recollections of Alfred Lewis Lomax" 1975, Bio, Newspaper clippings.
7 Lopez, Barry
Bio, Works written 1976-1998.
7 Loy, William G
Newspaper articles.
7 MacAlister, E H
Media quotes.
7 MacClain, Mabel
Newspaper articles, Press release Jan 1969, Memorial, Bio.
7 MacGregor, John
Press releases, Protected U of O applications.
7 Macy, C Ward, Dr
7 Martin, Gene E, Dr
Press releases, Newspaper clippings, "Old Oregon" article Nov-Dec 1966.
7 Matsler, William
Newspaper articles.
7 Matsuoka, Yosuke
Newspaper clippings, "Address at Eugene" April 1933, "Prologue: Journal of the National Archives" Summer 1981.
7 Mattison, Jack
Newspaper articles.
7 Matumoto, Tosimatu
"Oregonian" article Nov 13, 1969.
7 Maynard, Donald M
Newspaper clippings, Press releases.
7 McClure, Edgar
Newspaper clippings, "Oregon Teacher's Monthly" Sept 1897, Bio, "The News Tribune" Aug 1997.
7 McCornack, Ellen Condon
Newspaper clippings.
7 McLucas, Anne Dhu
Newspaper article from Register-Guard, Monday, September 10, 2012 regarding passing of McLucas and her partner, James Gillette.
7 McMurtrie, Valerie
Press releases Oct 1977.
7 McNary, Charles
Newspaper articles.
7 Means, Paul
Bio, Bio by Douglas Straton 1980.
7 Merritt, Leroy
Memorial service program, Press releases, Correspondence, Newspaper clippings, Photos, Bio, "Teaching the Concepts of Intellectual Freedom" by Merritt 3.
7 Miller, Fred N
Memo to Naming Committee from James K Jackson, MD; Memorial by Ray Hawk Nov 1989.
7 Miller, H B
Newspaper article, "University of Oregon Foundation Call Report" June 1988.
7 Miller, Marian Hayes, Dr
Press release.
7 Mills, George E
Bio, "University News Bulletin" article April 1973, Newspaper clip.
7 Moll, Ernest G
"Senior Lifestyle" magazine Aug 1992.
7 Moore, Carlisle
Memorial by George Wickes.
7 Moore, Elon H
Media quotes.
7 Morissette, Dorothy
7 Morris, Paul
Newspaper articles.
7 Morris, Victor P
Newspaper clippings, Memorial address June 1974.
7 Morrison, Perry D
CV, Press release, "A Journey Through Time" compiled by Morrison.
7 Morse, Wayne L
Remarks Charter Day at U of O Oct 1963, Newspaper clippings.
7 Moursand, Andrew F
Press releases, Newspaper clippings, Bio.
7 Moyer, Burton J
Memorial remarks by Robert D Clark April 1973, Newspaper clippings, Bio, Press releases.
7 Mueller, Michael J
7 Myers, Clay
Newspaper articles.
7 Nagel, Kyla
Newspaper articles.
7 Nash, John Henry
Newspaper clippings, "Dr. John Henry Nash, Printer" by Nell O'Day.
7 Nazar, Nigar
Newspaper articles.
7 Neuberger, Richard and Maurine
Newspaper clippings.
7 Neupert, Karl
Newspaper articles.
7 Newbill, Thomas Jefferson
"Newbill Botanical Research Collection Dedicatory" address by Mrs George Secrist May 1965.
7 Newburn, Harry K
Personal statements and writings, Newspaper clippings.
7 Nielson, Christine
Newspaper articles.
7 Nobel Prize Winners
William Parry Murphy.
7 Nobles, Scott
Newspaper clippings, CV, Press release June 1969.
7 Novic, Aaron
"A Talk With Aaron Novic," Press Release.
8 Novikoff, Tom
8 Oberst, Mary
Newspaper articles.
8 Oberteuffer, Delbert
8 Obituaries A-M
Newspaper articles.
8 Obituaries N-Z
Newspaper articles.
8 Odell, Verlin H
Press release May 1971, Correspondence.
8 Olum, Paul
Newspaper clippings, Who's Who.
8 Onthank, Karl W
Bio, Press releases, Bio by Holway R Jones April 1986, Correspondence.
8 Packard, Earl
Newspaper clippings, Writings.
8 Palmer, Theodore
Letter from Palmer to a friend Oct 1995.
8 Pape, Randy
Newspaper articles.
8 Parsons, Philip A
Newspaper clippings, Media quotes, Bio by Velma E McIntyre.
8 Patterson, Clyde Llewellyn
8 Pawelski, Robert
Newspaper articles.
8 Pearl, Arthur
8 Penny, Herb
Newspaper clippings, Press releases.
8 Pierson, Stanley
Press release April 1969.
8 Pieters, Richard S
Bio Nov 1976.
8 Piper, William Wilen
"Portland Friends of Cast Iron Architecture Newsletter" Jan 1983, Magazine articles.
8 Pliska, Jim
Newspaper Clippings.
8 Pobanz, Nancy
Newspaper articles.
8 Pomeroy, Earl S
Bio with publications list, Article in U of O "News Bulletin" May 1965.
8 Poole, Russell
Newspaper articles.
8 Porter, Kenneth W
Press releases, Newspaper clippings.
8 Powell, Herbert B Gen.
Bio, List of decorations and assignments.
8 Prefontaine, Steve
List of personal records, Magazine articles, Newspaper clippings.
8 Price, Warren C
Press release, Correspondence.
3 Proctor, Alexander Phimister
"Alexander Phimister Proctor: Sculptor in Buckskin", Newspaper article.
8 Rajneesh, Bhagwan
Newspaper articles.
8 Rarick, Gallen R
CV, Publications list.
8 Rebeck, George
Article "National Geographic Magazine" Aug 1931, Newspaper clippings.
8 Reed, Mark
Newspaper articles.
8 Reinhart, William
8 Reinmuth, James E
8 Reithel, Francis J
Newspaper clippings, Magazine articles.
8 Ressler, E D
Newspaper clippings.
8 Richard, Keith
CV, Newspaper clippings.
8 Richards, John R
Newspaper obituaries.
8 Richmond, Geraldine
Newspaper articles.
8 Rider, Morrette L
Comments at the School of Music Centennial Banquet May 1986, Protected CV.
8 Riley, Pat
8 Rise, Bernice
"U of O News" July 1966, Press releases June 1966.
9 Risinger, Max
Memorial by Exine A Bailey, Memorial program, Photo, Newspaper clippings, Press releases, Protected U of O application.
9 Risley, Paul L
Memorial book, Press releases, Protected U of O application.
9 Robe, Herman
Newspaper obituary March 1971.
9 Robinson, Bobby & Williams, Charles
"Register-Guard" article Dec 1974.
9 Robinson, Horace
Newspaper clippings, Magazine articles.
9 Robinson, Mack
Feature by George Beres, Magazine articles, Newspaper clippings, Press release July 1984.
9 Romero, Philip
Newspaper articles.
9 Rosenburg, Louis C
9 Ross, Marion D
Remarks re: Ross April 1991, Correspondence, Minutes from State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation May 1991.
9 Ross, Victoria Avakian
Newspaper clippings, Article in "Contemporary Crafts News" 1975, Memorial remarks.
9 Rosson, Hugh E
Interview by Marjory Will March 1935.
9 Rudy, Paul P
Newspaper clippings, Press release Aug 1968.
9 Runge, Jody
Newspaper Clippings.
9 Russell, William Nichols
9 Sabine Gordon
9 Sandburg, Carl
"Villard Hall".
9 Savage, Carlton
9 Savage, Sherman W
9 Sawyer, Ethel R
Newspaper clippings, Memo re: Sawyer from Horace W Robinson.
9 Schafer, Joseph
Newspaper clippings, Bio.
9 Schimdt, E F G
Newspaper clippings, Faculty sketch by Helen Bartrum.
9 Schminke, Clarence William
9 Schmitt, Martin
Newspaper clippings, Memorial by Carl W Hintz.
9 Schroff, Alfred
Memo, Inventory list.
9 Scoles, Eugene F.
Press release April 1973.
9 Scott, Harry Alexander
9 Scott, William (1st student to register at the UO)
Bio by Keith Richard, Newspaper clipping.
9 Seligman, Lester G, Dr.
Newspaper clippings, Pres releases.
9 Seybolt, Ottilie T.
Bio by Horace W Robinson, Newspaper clippings, University Theatre Board Minutes April 1968, Arts in Oregon Minutes, Protected U of O application.
9 Sheldon, Henry D.
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10 Zach, Jan

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