An Exoteric View of European Folklore, 1971  PDF

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An Exoteric View of European Folklore
1971 (inclusive)
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Linda Bishop was a student of folklore at the University of Oregon. This collection includes an essay and fieldwork documentation relating to this student's folklore fieldwork project.
University of Oregon, Archives of Northwest Folklore
1287 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
Telephone: 541-346-3925
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Restrictions on Use

Collection is open for use in accordance with Archives of Northwest Folklore policy.

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Custom - American view of various European customs
European queues
Concepts of personal space, standing closer
Italian male's passes and behavior at rejections
Greek day of commemoration -April 27, 1967
Germans eating hot radishes with their beer
Meal prices in Italy
Italian rent price adjustments
Rewards for bullfighter
Spanish dinner hour
Illegality of wearing shorts in San Sebastian, Spain
Evening walks as recreation in smaller Spanish villages
Spanish drinking bottles
The "clean" English pig
Role of Italian male in social situations
Canadian method of dividing farm fields -long narrow strips
Folk speech -American view of Europe
"restroom' -toilet in America, restaurant in England
"loo" -British for toilet
Superstition and popular belief
Napolean buried in seven coffins to preserve his body
Napolean buried in seven coffins to keep enemies from stealing the body
Old European royalty using vacant rooms as toilets
Ladies of the French court wearing full skirts to ease squating to go to the bathroom
Why a matador kills a bull immediately
Catholic cardinal hats being hung by strings from ceilings of cathedrals
Rubbing one's foot on statue of St. Peter to reduce time in Purgatory
The cats of Rome as a warning to modern world
Killing a spider -bad luck
Historical Legend
The legend of Diklesbuhl, Germany
The Savior of Rothenberg ob der Tauber, Germany

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  • Subject Terms :
  • American tourists (who have been to Europe)
  • British
  • customs
  • German
  • Italians
  • Spanish
  • Personal Names :
  • Bishop, Jerry
  • Bishop, Linda
  • Bowles, Vicki
  • Crowley, Peter
  • Duley, Beckey
  • Lane, Anne
  • Porter, Susan
  • Geographical Names :
  • England
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Fieldwork project