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1839-1950 (inclusive)
119 bound manuscripts
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This collection consists of over one-hundred bound manuscripts which cover a wide array of historical topics.
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This collection consists of over one-hundred bound manuscripts which cover a wide array of historical topics. Some examples of the material in this collection include: Hyrum, Utah, Justice of the Peace Docket, 1888-1897 (Bd Ms 2), Logan Cooperative Mercantile Institution, Minutes of the Board of Directors, 1869-1871 (Bd Ms 8), Eccles Lumber Company Ledger, 1887-1888 (Bd Ms 30), James J. Chandler diary, 1882-1910 (Bd Ms 74), Ariah C. Brower Letters (Bd Ms 71), and the diary of Amelia T. Cannon, 1892 (Bd Ms 113).

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Description Dates
Bd Ms 1: Deseret Currency Association. Journal
Records of Deseret Currency and private LDS money transactions, Salt Lake City.
Bd Ms 2: Hyrum, Utah. Justice of the Peace. Docket
Boxed MS. Court records of misdemeanor arrests and convictions.
Bd Ms 3: Thatcher and Sons. Journal
Day-book of transactions of Thatcher Mill
1879 January 1 - 1888 July 31
Bd Ms 4: The Family Record and Genealogy of Edward Taylor. Genealogies and bibliographical sketches, largely from England and Salt Lake City
Bd Ms 5: Brangham, William, 1839-1923. Scrapbook
clippings, broadsides, holograph notes
Bd Ms 6: Franklin, Idaho. Tithing Office. Ledger
General tithing accounts for each head of family in town. Summary of returns from General Tithing Office in Salt Lake City
Bd Ms 7: Street, John S. Notarial Acknowledgements
Ledger of notarized documents from Park City and Summit County. Deals largely with mining claims and deeds. Also contains miscellaneous notes, including treatment for diphtheria
Bd Ms 8: Logan Cooperative Mercantile Institution. Minutes of the Board of Directors
MS leaves not numbered
Bd Ms 9: Thatcher Orchestra. Minutes
Minutes of members of orchestra for Thatcher Opera House
Bd Ms 10: Utah. State Capitol Commission. Minutes
Minutes of board charged with design and oversight of construction of State Capitol. Copy belonged to John Henry Smith
Bd Ms 11: Sumpter Valley Railroad Company. Stock Register 1891-1910
Bd Ms 12: Nauvoo Legion. Invitation of Grand Military Pic Nic Ball
Logan, Utah. Invitation to Geo. W. Thatcher & Ladies. Lists names of committees of organization
1870 April 15
Bd Ms 13: Everton, Marion. History of the Building of the Logan Temple. Serialized history of the Logan Temple compiled by Joseph Hall, Samuel Roskelley, and Everton. Serialized 1933 to 1937 in Herald Journal
Bd Ms 14: Provo Bench Irrigation District. Minutes of the Board of Directors
Typescript copy
Contains name index.
Bd Ms 15: Walters, Daniel Leigh, 1843-1917. History
Bd Ms 16: Logan City Light and Power. Single volume financial ledger of Logan City Light and Electric Plant
Records consist of disbursements from 1908-1910, and deposit records from 1909-1913
Bd Ms 17: Mendon Co-Op.
Minutes of meetings of share holders and board of directors. Later turned into a scrapbook with newspaper clippings on pages 184-206 and 2-11.
1869 March 10 - 1891 January 26
Bd Ms 18: Peoples Mercantile Company, Richmond, Utah. Creamery ledger 1897-1898
Bd Ms 19: Consolidated Wagon & Machine Company. Letter book, Preston, Idaho Office 1906 October 13 - 1907 December 13
Bd Ms 20: Knowles, Samson. Journal (missionary)
Southern English mission
1901 August 22 - 1902 December 25
Bd Ms 21: Clarkston, Utah. Poundkeeper's Record
Broken record of estrays in precinct
Bd Ms 22: Shaw, Charles C. Justice's Court Minutes, Hyrum, Utah
Bd Ms 23: Goodwin, Charles Clifford, 1840-1927. Minutes, U.S. Commissioner's Court, Logan, Utah
Minutes of the Commissioner's Court
Bd Ms 24: Deseret Dramatic Association. Ledger
Bd Ms 25: Oregon Lumber Company (Ogden, Utah) Stock ledger.
Stock ledger from the Oregon Lumber Company. The Company was headquartered in Ogden, Utah and David Eccles was the principal owner.
Bd Ms 26: Oregon Lumber Company (Ogden, Utah) Stock journal
Contains a listing of those owning stock in the Oregon Lumber Company
Bd Ms 27: Anderson and Sons Company (Logan, Utah) Journal
Day journal of the lumber companies operation
Bd Ms 28: Anderson Lumber Company. Journal
The journal contains accounts from the Trenton, Wellsville, United Order, and Anderson Company branches. Holograph ledger
Bd Ms 29: Anderson Lumber Company Yard journal
This volume contains the yard records of : Logan, Wellsville, Trenton, Downey, Bancroft, Preston, Dayton, Main St. Grace, Smithfield, Lewiston, Idaho Falls, Blackfoot. Holograph ledger.
Bd Ms 30: Eccles Lumber Company Ledger.
Journal D of the Eccles Lumber Company. The last two pages contain receipts from the Hood River Oregon Lumber Company.
Bd Ms 31: Eccles Lumber Company. Articles of incorporation and annual reports.
Handwritten record of the incorporation of the company and a record of annual stockholder meetings. Also contains some financial data. Holograph ledger.
1889- 1907
Bd Ms 32: Oluff Peterson. Missionary Diary.
22 pgs.
1902 June 7 - 1906 August 17
Bd Ms 33: District Courts of Utah Ledger, for Carbon, Duchesne, Emery Grand, Millard, Salt Lake, Sanpete, Utah, and Wayne Counties. 1910 January - 1920 June
Bd Ms 34: U.S. Post office Dept. Mendon, Utah. Cash book of the domestic money order office at Mendon, Utah.
Mathew A. Forster, Postmaster Ledger.
1911 April 1 - 1915 January 31
Bd Ms 35: U.S. Post office Dept. Mendon, Utah. Official postmaster's account and record book. 4th class.
Mathew A. Forster
1913 January 1 - 1915 December 31
Bd Ms 36: Thatcher Mill and Elevator Appraisal Co. Appraisal completed by the General Appraisal Company.
Includes photocopy of pictures of the mill as well as a blue print and map of the mill. Letters tipped in.
1921 March 16
Bd Ms 37: Ketchum Coal Company.
Business ledger.
1915 December 18 - 1917 July 14
Bd Ms 38: Logan Third Precinct Voter Registration Record Ledger 1900-1902
Bd Ms 39: Ane Marie Jensen's Record of Temple Ordinances Performed 1908-1926
Bd Ms 40: Estate Settlement Ledger of William F. Rigby, Jr. 1907-1910
Bd Ms 41: John Matthews Account Ledger, of King, Utah (now known as Benson) 1915-1932
Bd Ms 42: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mound Fort ward. Ward fast offering record
Holograph ledger
Fast offerings for 1908 tipped in
Bd Ms 43: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mound Fort ward. [Mound Fort ward, accounts and records]
Holograph ledger
Contains: Tithing depot charity account, poor fund and fast offering, ward receipts and disbursements, Weber Stake Academy, janitor.
Bd Ms 44: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mound Fort ward. [Mound Fort ward, non-tithing donations]
Holograph ledger
Contents: donations for Salt Lake Temple, 1882-1883; donations to the poor,1883-1885; general ward fund; defense fund; Incorporation fund; election fund.
Bd Ms 45: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mound Fort ward. Mound Fort ward tithing account
Holograph ledger
Also contains ward expenses, 1905-1908; collections for Ogden tabernacle and new organ, 1906; Weber Stake Academy, 1907-1908; janitorial expenses,1905-1908.
Bd Ms 46: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Tithing records
Bd Ms 47: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Donations 1899-1900
Bd Ms 48: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mound Fort ward. Mound Fort ward records
Holograph ledger
Contents: fast offerings, poor fund, ward purposes, janitor, tithing, Tabernacle fund, hall repair, Pioneer monument fund.
Bd Ms 49: Ledger for orchard and insurance companies.
Combined single volume ledger includes records of pickers and products sold from an unknown orchard company from 1901-1911 and insurance policies sold by different insurance companies to Logan and other local Cache County businesses and individuals from 1899-1901.
Bd Ms 50: West Side Telephone Company Stock Ledger 1912-1918
Bd Ms 51: Peoples' Telephone Company Stock Ledger
(two volumes)
Bd Ms 52: Republican Party of Cache County. Minutes of the Republican central committee of Cache county.
Bd Ms 53: Logan, Hyde Park, and Smithfield Canal Company. Minutes
Contains articles of incorporation and by-laws.
Bd Ms 54: Logan, Hyde Park, and Smithfield Canal Company. Stock ledger.
Bd Ms 55: Logan and Richmond Irrigation Company. Minutes
Contains by-laws and financial records. By-laws of the Logan and Northern Irrigation Company in envelope. (Envelope is missing.)
Bd Ms 56: Logan and Richmond Irrigation District. Minute book
Contains by-laws. Letters and notices tipped in.
Bd Ms 57: Record of Special Taxes. Utah District 2 Division. Deputy Collector A.A. Peterson.
Bd Ms 58: Booth, John Edge, 1847- Day Book
Volume 1
Bd Ms 59: Booth, John Edge, 1847- Day Book
Volume 2
Bd Ms 60: Booth, John Edge, 1847- Day Book
Volume 3
Bd Ms 61: Booth, Alfred L. Checkbook, Booth and Brockbank, Attys., Provo, Utah 1927-1928
Bd Ms 62: Iowa and Utah Fruit Growing Association. Minutes and by-laws. Minutes
Loose papers tipped in
1891 June 3 - 1897 February 4
Bd Ms 63: Webster School Register. Two volume school register of the Webster School in the 5th Ward of Logan, Utah, dating from
Kept by the school teacher, Armenia Parry.
1892 September-1893 April and 1893 October-1894 April
Bd Ms 64: Provo Stateline Mining Co. Stockholders ledger.
USU Ms 41
1914 February 2 - 1920 January 10
Bd Ms 65: Utah Lake Land, Water & Power Co. Minutes of board of directors
Loose papers tipped in
Bd Ms 66: Utah Lake land, Water & Power Co. Account book 1907-1909
Bd Ms 67: Utah Lake Land, Water & Power Co. Day book July 1, 1912-January 1, 1917. Also contains day book, Booth & Brockbank 1922-1941
Bd Ms 68: Utah Lake Land, Water & Power Co. Vouchers and checkbooks 1913-1914
Bd Ms 69: Intermountain Land & Trust Co. Vouchers and checkbooks
Vol. 1
Bd Ms 70: Intermountain Land & Trust Co. Vouchers and checkbooks
Volume 2
Bd Ms 71: Brower, Ariah C. Letters.
Fourteen letters from A. C. Brower to his wives in Richmond, Utah while Mr. Brower was on an LDS Mission in Wisconsin
1869 December 20 - 1970 March 25
Bd Ms 72: Milliner or Tailor Account book. Somewhere near Logan.
Mrs. J.C. Baxter, DeLuz, CA on inside cover
Bd Ms 73: Bob Anderson, Bert Eliason, or Arthur Chester Eliason. Account ledger.
Loose clippings tipped in
Bd Ms 74: James J. Chandler Journal
(pg 1-219). Patriarchal blessings (pg 220-237).
1882 April 19 - 1910 January 24
Bd Ms 75: River Heights Ward Record of Ward Funds
Includes record of individual donations, fast offering and welfare account, building and ground improvements, ward maintenance.
Bd Ms 76: River Heights Ward Record of the Young Ladies' Mutual Improvement Association 1931-1933
Bd Ms 77: Record of the organization of the city of Smithfield under the charter of 1868 also of the city council meetings
(358 pgs). Holograph.
Bd Ms 78: Record of Smithfield city council meetings 1883 October 10 - 1893 August 9
Bd Ms 79: Logan City Criminal Docket 1883 February 12 - 1892 February 23
Bd Ms 80: Revised Ordinances of Logan city
(294 pgs.)
Bd Ms 81: Record of Resolutions of Logan city council 1889-1906
Bd Ms 82: U.S. Commissioner Mark Fletcher Cache County Criminal Docket 1891-1892
Bd Ms 83: Ledger. Henry G. Hayball.
Thought to be a for a General Merchandise store in Logan, Utah
1900 September 25 - 1902 January 3
Bd Ms 84: George Kirby Ledger. Hyde Park, Utah 1903
Bd Ms 85: John Garr Account Book.
Personal account book from Millville, Utah, including a promissory note to John T. Garr. Only first 5 pages used.
1888 September 1 - 1901 April
Bd Ms 86: Inventory of Wilkinson and Sons.
Includes loose photo. Assumed to be a stationers shop in Logan, Utah.
Bd Ms 87: Nibley Water Works Department Ledger. 1944-1945
Bd Ms 88: C. W. Hanson & Gust. Caras business ledger (clothing company)
3 vols.
1919 February - 1921
Bd Ms 89: Consolidated Wagon and Machine Company letter-book. Preston, Idaho 1905 September - 1908 January
Bd Ms 90: Presumably Larson Bros. & Co. account book. Cache Junction 1920
Bd Ms 91: Walter Runnels. Account of his visit to the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876. Written in 1908
Bd Ms 92: Financial Ledger for unidentified Utah mining operation.
Possibly in Salt Lake City or Park City area. 10 of the 152 pages used.
Bd Ms 93: Price River Coal Mine record. Helper, Utah
Only 25 of 201 pages used.
1918 January 10 - 1918 December 17
Bd Ms 94: Eccles Lumber Company Ledger. Ogden, Utah 1915 December 31 - 1921 September 24
Bd Ms 95: Business ledger from an unknown butcher shop or meat locker. 1885-1886; 1888-1890
Bd Ms 96: Echo Water System account ledger. 1934 August 28 - 1944 December 26
Bd Ms 97: The Guild Land and Livestock Co. record. Piedmont, Wyoming 1899 February 1 - 1921 December 31
Bd Ms 98: Guild Land and Livestock Co. ledger. Piedmont, Wyoming 1890 February 1 - 1922 January 1
Bd Ms 99: C. G. (Charles Guild) Cattle Ranch record. Piedmont, Wyoming 1892 February 1 - 1917 January 12
Bd Ms 100.: Cache County Farmer's Equity Ledger.
Record of common stock purchases in Cache County.
Bd Ms 101.: Kowallis Implement & Hardware account book. Logan, Utah (presumably)
3 vols.
1922 January - 1940 April 3
Bd Ms 102: Deseret Irrigation Company. Single volume record of the minutes for meetings of the Deseret Irrigation Company 1913-1934
Bd Ms 103: Delivery record of wood, coal, milk, and oats from an unknown source 1909 February - September
Bd Ms 104: Cardon Jewelry Repair Records.
7 Volumes
1904 July 1 - 1906 January 5
Bd Ms 105: Works Progress Administration. WPA's Utah Historical Records Survey Project. Logan, Utah
3 vols.
1940 July 17 - September 27
Bd Ms 106: Unknown author, possibly a Brigham Young College student, created a miscellaneous account of information about Utah and Cache County including population elevation, elected officials, business addresses, train departures, etc. 1906-1911
Bd Ms 107: David Eccles Estate. Cash journal ledger. Ogden, Utah
5 volumes
Bd Ms 108: Pearls Collected from Church Works by James H. Martineau 1887
Bd Ms 109: Scrapbook. Single volume scrapbook of the early history of Cache Valley containing news clippings from Utah newspapers 1923-1938
Bd Ms 110: Minutes of the Preston Second Ward YLMIA 1909-1912
Bd Ms 111: Logan Fourteenth Ward YWMIA Record Ledgers (two volumes) 1947-1950
Bd Ms 112: Hoytsville Ward Fast Offerings Account Ledger 1885-1903
Bd Ms 113: Diary of Amelia T. Cannon 1892
Bd Ms 114: Logan Knitting Factory Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Ledger 1903-1930
Bd Ms 115: Preston LDS Second Ward Relief Society Minute Book 1902-1910
Bd Ms 116: Journal of George Barber 1861-1879
Bd Ms 117: A Historical Record of Mendon, 1857-1919 by Isaac Sorensen
Bd Ms 118: Journal of Ralph Smith 1879-1896
Bd Ms 119: Joseph S. Blair Civil War Diaries 1864-1865
Bd Ms 120: Ira King Hillman Account Book 1854-1865
Bd Ms 121: Oxford, Utah High Priest Quorum Record Book 1869 November 4 - 1886 January 10
Bd Ms 122: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Box Elder Stake 1895-181917
Bd Ms 123: Spring Creek Water Company Minutes 1902-2010
Bd Ms 124: C.E. Loose Corporation Ledgers
(two volumes)
Bd Ms 125: J.W. Guthrie Bank Ledger 1892-1893
Bd Ms 126: Charles H. Hart University of Deseret notebook 1886

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