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Andrews, Wade H.
Wade H. Andrews papers
ca. 1949-1969 (inclusive)
1961-1969 (bulk)
3.6 linear ft., (9 boxes)
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USU_RG 17.16:17
Bear River Project materials include clippings; transcripts of interviews with extension agents, politicians in Idaho and Utah associated with water resource management, and others; minutes of several water related organizations, including the Bear River Coordinating Committee (1962-1965) and the Idaho Bear River Water Users Association (1967-1969); reports on the Bear River Project, including reports written by Evan Kackley, Robert C. Bright, Bear River League, Bear River Commission, and L.L. Garr; and miscellaneous other materials. Miscellaneous studies, reports, and correspondence series includes mainly copies of project proposals and surveys.
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Dr. Wade Huff Andrews received the B.S. and M.S. degrees from Utah State Agricultural College, and his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. Andrews studied the sociological aspects of natural resources development during his twelve years on the faculty at Ohio State University, and his three years as a USDA collaborator at Colorado State University. In 1965 he became a faculty member of Utah State University, where he retired as emeritus in 1981. Andrews also involved himself in community affairs through his affiliation with the Sons of Utah Pioneers, and the Cache Valley Historical Society. He passed away May 22, 2000 at his home in Logan, Utah.

Dr. Andrews conducted research in water resource applications with the Utah Water Research Laboratory, as well as founding the Institute for Social Science Research on Natural Resources at USU. The Bear River Project was proposed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and envisioned constructing several dams on the Bear River watershed, including at the Oneida Narrows, Honeyville, Utah, and at the Glendale Reservoir-Worm Creek system.

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Of particular importance in this collection are the materials for a study on the Bureau of Reclamation's Bear River Project (BRP), and Dr. Andrews attempt to study the issue from the perspective of competing interests. Although several related publications evolved from this research, it appears the larger work on the BRP, specifically, was never published. Additional materials related to natural resources, and correspondence arising from his position within the Sociology Department, comprise the balance of the collection.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Bibliography Cards
1 2
Bibliography Cards
1 3
Bibliography Cards
1 4
1 5
Clipping file
1 6
Clipping file
1 7
Clipping file
1 8
Clipping file
1 9
Clipping file
thru 1968
1 10
Clipping file
thru 1969
1 11
Dietrich Decree, photostatic copy of the 1922 Idaho District Court Ruling concerning Utah Power and Light and the Last Chance Canal Company
1 12
History of Bear Lake County (Idaho), no date, no author
2 1
Interviews, former Utah governor, George D. Clyde, Summary of discussion
2 2
Interviews, Canal Companies
2 3
Interviews, Miscellaneous, interviewee is not specified
2 4
Interviews, Summary of discussion regarding Salt Lake City interviews
2 5
Interviews, with Ervin Merrill, Trenton, Utah, regarding the West Cache Canal Company
May 7, 1965
2 6
Interviews, Lamont Tueller, Cache County Extension Agent, with and "informal" conversation with Robert MacGreagor, including 1965 interview notes
2 7
Interviews, Miscellaneous, including a list of interviewees, and proposed questions
2 8
Interviews, Lloyd Dunn (Bear River Protective Association), Bear Lake County, Idaho.
1965 November 25
2 9
Interviews, Wawn Hogan, Thatcher, Idaho
1965 November 1
2 10
Interviews, Cecil Foster, Bear River Commission
1969 December 9
2 11
Interviews, Jack Tarbet, Last Chance Canal Company
1969 November 18
2 12
Interviews, Dean Bischoff, US Bureau of Reclamation
1969 October 7
2 13
Interviews, Robert Lee (Idaho State Water Board) and Ralph Mellin
1969 October 28
2 14
Interviews, Keith Higginson (Idaho State Reclamation Engineer)
1969 October 29
2 15
Interviews, Ford T. Scalley, Utah/Idaho Sugar Company
1969 December 3
2 16
Interviews, Fullmer Allred, box Elder County, Utah, Extension Agent
1969 December 3
2 17
Interviews, Hiram Johnson, Bear Lake County, Idaho, Extension Agent
1969 November 25
2 18
Interviews, Cecil Alldaffer, Caribou County, Idaho, Extension Agent
1969 November 18
2 19
Interviews, Roy Burtenshaw, Cache County, Utah, Extension Agent
1969 November 12
2 20
Interviews, Les Sears, (Idaho Water Users Association)
1969 November 18
2 21
Interviews, Marion Olsen (Utah Water Resources Board
1969 November 13
2 22
Interviews, Assessment of attitudes of interviewees
2 23
Interviews, list of follow-up interviews
2 24
Interviews, Proposed Questions
2 25
Interviews, Wallace Transtrum, Caribou County, Idaho, attorney
1966 June 28
2 26
Interviews, Evan Kackley and Reed Budge, report of interview
1965 June 16
2 27
Interviews, Lloyd Dunn (Bear River Protective Association), George Town, Idaho
2 28
Interviews, Ford Scalley, Utah/Idaho Sugar Company
1965 May 5
2 29
Interviews, R.C. Cranney, Preston, Idaho (Bear River Coordinating Committee)
1965 May 14
2 30
Interviews, Fullmer Allred, box Elder County, Utah, Extension Agent
1965 May 3
2 31
Interviews, Dan Roberts, Last Chance Canal Company
1969 October 16
2 32
Manuscript, Draft of paper for the Bear River Project Study, by Andrews, et. al.
2 33
Manuscript, copy two of above
3 1
Maps, Bear River and Bear Lake
3 2
Minutes, Bear River Compact Commission
1969 November 24
3 3
Minutes, Bear River Coordinating Committee
1962 March 16 - 1965 March 4
3 4
Minutes, Summary of above
3 5
Minutes, Franklin County Water Resources Advisory Committee, (1967) includes recommendations and resolutions
3 6
Minutes, Idaho Bear River Water Users Association
3 7
Minutes, Idaho Bear River Water Users Association
3 8
Minutes, Idaho Water Resources Board, Agenda
3 9
Minutes, Idaho Water Resources Board
3 9a
Notes, Bear River Committee Meeting, Pocatello, Idaho
1969 October 30
3 9b
Notes, Idaho Water Resources Board, Pocatello, Idaho
1969 October 31
3 10
Reports, Atkins, Tom, Functional Organizations
3 11
Reports, Attitudes towards government agencies
3 12
Reports, Bear River League (formerly Bear River Protective Association), Report of Bear River Project
1967 Spring
3 13
Reports, Bear River Project, Bear River League and Idaho Water Resources Board
3 14
Reports, Bright, Robert C., "Partial Review of the Feasibility Report of the Bear River Project"
3 15
Reports, copy two of above
3 16
Reports, Comment by J.R. Bingham (Utah Water Resources Board) regarding Bright's analysis
3 17
Reports, Bright's rejoinder to Bingham
3 18
Reports, Budge, Reed, News release on Bear River Project
1969 February 28
3 19
Reports, Bylund, Bruce, "The Human Factor and Change in Water Usage Patterns," report from Water Resources Research, v. 2, no. 3.
3 20
Reports, Franklin County Water Users Association
3 21
Reports, Garr, L.L., "Report on Bear River Project"
3 22
Reports, copy two of above
4 1
Reports, Hearing on Bear River Project, Statement of Utah Power and Light Company, Boise, Idaho
4 2
Reports, Higginson, R. Keith, "Report to Idaho Water Resources Board"
4 3
Reports, Idaho Bear River Committee, Bear River Negotiating Proposal
1972 February 2
4 4
Reports, Jibson, Wallace N., Report to Bear River Commission
1969 November 24 & 1972 September
4 5
Reports, Kackley, Evan, Letters and clippings
4 6
Reports, " " , Major report on Bear River Project
4 7
Reports, " " , Supplemental report on Bear River Project
1963 May 23
4 8
Reports, " " , portion of the above
4 9
Reports, Multi-agency Overview Study, Bear River Project
4 10
Reports, Navigability and Federal Licensing of Power Plants on Bear River (Lloyd Dunn)
4 11
Reports, Drafts, notes, etc., Bear River Project Study
4 12
Reports, Oneida Development, Bear River, Evaluating Report for Water Resources Appraisal for Hydro-electric licensing, Federal Power Commission
4 13
Reports, Petition of opponents to Bear River Project
4 14
Reports, Respondent list, Bear River Project Study
5 1
Summaries of Study
5 2
Summaries of Study
5 3
Summaries of Study
5 4
Summaries of Study
5 5
Water Companies, Idaho
5 6
Water Companies, Utah

Miscellaneous Studies, Reports, and CorrespondenceReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
6 1
Bear Lake
6 2
Border Study, Juarez and El Paso
6 3
Border Study, Juarez and El Paso
6 4
Correspondence, Christiansen, John, proposal for Post High School Age Youth in Utah
6 5
Correspondence, Pitrin, A. Sorokin, Academy of Behavioral Sciences
6 6
Correspondence, Meeting of Western Regional Rural Sociologists
7 1
Curricular materials for the Sociology of Natural Resources
7 2
Farm Migration, collection of bulletins
7 3
Franklin County (Idaho), map of the area for use with sample surveys
7 4
Institute for Social Science Research on Natural Resources, founding documents
7 5
Interviews, instructions for conducting
7 6
Hell's Canyon (Snake River) Study
7 7
Migration Study
7 8
Minutes, Subcommittee for a Conference on Community and Area Planning (Ohio State University)
8 1
Proposals, Bear River Water Development Process: A Social Case History
8 2
Proposals, Assessment of Social Quality of Life in Rural and Urban Communities for Water Planning at the State Level. Including, Social Impact of Water Resource Development Projects and their Implications for Urban and Rural Development: a Post Audit Analysis
8 3
Proposals, Institutional Arrangements and Public Perceptions in Conflicting Multiple Water Users
8 4
Proposals, Study of Green River Float Trip Behavior in Desolation and Grey Canyons
8 5
Proposals, Social and Environmental Welfare: Conflict and Compromise
8 6
Proposals, Effectiveness of Alternative Water Management Practices for Optimal Response to Drought Conditions
8 7
Proposals, Drought-Experience Information for Resource Management During Water Shortages
8 8
Proposals, Social Elements in the System of Small Farmer Improvement
8 9
Proposals, Research Proposal Idea for Overseas Research
8 10
Proposals, Coal Consortium Proposal
8 11
Proposals, Attitudes of Manufacturers Toward Water Pollution
8 12
Proposals, Program for Social Science and Environmental Research
8 13
Proposals, Proposal Prepared by the Ad Hoc Committee Relating to the Irrigation Management Program (IMP) of CUSUSWASH (Draft)
8 14
Proposals, Social Elements and Institutions Affecting Water Resource Needs and Development Among the Utah Indians of Eastern Utah
8 15
Proposals, Program for Social Science and Environmental Research
8 16
Proposals, Visitor Accomodations in the National Parks: Problems, Prospects, and Alternatives
8 17
Proposals, Development of Procedures for Evaluation of the Economic and Social Impacts of the Construction, and Operation and Maintenance Phases of Water Resource Development Projects
8 18
Proposals, Developing Social Indicators and Guidelines for State Water Planning
8 19
Proposals, Management and Authority in Water Resources: A Developmental Proposal
8 20
Proposals, Impact of the Point-System on Modifying Waterfowl Hunter Behavior and the Motivations Underlying these changes. Including, "Evaluation of the Experimental Point-System Season for Duck Hunters in the San Luis Valley, Colorado," questionnaire.
8 21
Proposals, Dissemination of Information on Dealing with Emer4gency Drought Conditions among Western States
8 22
Proposals, Effects of Shifting and Conflicting Multiple Water Uses on an Interstate Lake Development Decision
8 23
Proposals, Effects of Early Planning on Improving Post Development Management in Multi-purpose Water Resource Development
8 24
Proposals, Application and Verification Test of the Western Techcom Taxonomy to an Existing Water Development Project" A Post-Facto Examination and Demonstration NOTE: For additional proposals
see: Record Group 17.9:59a

Miscellaneous Studies, Reports, and CorrespondenceReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
9 1
Present and Future Status of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology and the Division of Rural Sociology, Ohio State University
9 2
Reeder, William W., "Leadership in a Mormon Community."
9 3
Social and Physical Migration Paper
9 4
Surveys, Social and Economic Adjustments to Population and Manpower Loss and Redistribution in Rural Areas of Colorado, Colorado State University
9 5
Surveys, A Community Study of Menominee (Michigan) County
9 6
Surveys, Survey of Social Aspects of Water Use and Management
9 7
Surveys, Attitudes Toward Leadership Activity, OSU
9 8
Surveys, Questionnaire on Values
9 9
Surveys, Study of Public Opinions Related to Flooding in the Salt Lake Valley
9 10
Utah Research
9 11
Writing, collection of pamphlets, Dryland Press
circa 1950s

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

  • Subject Terms :
  • County agricultural agents--Interviews.
  • Dams--Bear River (Utah-Idaho)--History.
  • Irrigation--Bear River Valley (Utah-Idaho)
  • USU--Faculty and staff.
  • USU--Faculty publications.
  • USU--Research programs.
  • Water resources development--Bear River (Utah-Idaho)
  • Water resources development--Bear River Valley (Utah-Idaho)
  • Water resources development--Idaho--Bear Lake County.
  • Water resources development--Idaho--Caribou County.
  • Water resources development--Idaho--Franklin County.
  • Water resources development--Idaho--Oneida County.
  • Water resources development--Utah--Cache County.
  • Water-storage--Bear River (Utah-Idaho)--History.
  • Personal Names :
  • Bright, Robert C., $d 1928- .--Partial review of the feasibility report of the Bear River Project. (contributor)
  • Garr, Lila L.--Report on Bear River Project. (contributor)
  • Kackley, Evan.--Bear River Project. (contributor)
  • Corporate Names :
  • Bear River Commission. (contributor)
  • Bear River Coordinating Committee. (contributor)
  • Bear River League--Report of Bear River Project. (contributor)
  • Bear River Project (Utah-Idaho)
  • Idaho Bear River Water Users Association. (contributor)
  • Utah State University. Institute for Social Science Research on Natural Resources. (contributor)
  • Geographical Names :
  • Bear River (Utah-Idaho)
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Oral histories--Bear River Valley (Utah-Idaho)