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Needham, S. E. (Sylvan Eugene), 1878-1956.
Sylvan E. Needham, Sr. Photo Album
1890-1960 (inclusive)
1920-1955 (bulk)
1 box, (.25 linear ft. )
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Forty-nine photographs collected by S.E. Needham, Sr. The subjects are mostly friends and associates of S.E. Needham, Sr.: including members of the Desanders and Allred family, Utah State University college students, two photos of Frank Fonnesbeck as a child, and a wedding photo of Kent and Rosalie Bunker in front of the LDS Temple, but don't appear to include either S.E. Needham Sr. or Jr. The oldest photographs date from the 1890s or around the turn of the century; the most recent photographs date from the 1950s.
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Sylvan Eugene Needham Sr. was born to John Needham and Martha Rose Turner Needham, both English immigrants, in Salt Lake City, Utah, on May 25, 1878. He married Lulu Louise Holt sometime in the 1890s. Lulu began selling jewelry in 1896 in Logan, Utah. Needham joined the business shortly thereafter, thus giving his name to one of Logan's prominent businesses, S. E. Needham Jewelers. Needham ran the business until 1935, at which time his son, S. E. Needham Jr., took over. After the death of his wife in the 1940s, Needham had a number of live-in personal assistants, usually female college students, to help care for him and his home. S. E. Needham Sr. continued to reside in Logan until his death on July 9, 1956.

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This collection consists of 49 photographs collected by S.E. Needham Sr. The photographs are of individuals or groups, mostly friends and associates, but apparently doesn't contain photos of either S.E. Needham Sr. or Jr. The oldest photographs appear to date from the 1890s or around the turn of the century. The most recent photographs date from the early 1950s. Some of the photographs are identified. The relationship between most of the individuals pictured and Needham is not specified.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 1:01: A woman, possibly the wife of Dick DeSanders, wearing a cloche hat and fur-collared coat, hand tinted ca. 1920s
1:02: A man, possibly Dick DeSanders, wearing a three-piece suit in a studio photograph by Mahoney, Dallas
(Dick DeSanders was a successful businessman in Logan during the 1920s and 1930s. He and his family were close friends of the Needhams.)
ca. 1920s.
1:03: Two young boys, Dick Junior and Billie DeSanders
1:04: A young woman in cap and gown, probably one of Needham's personal assistants ca. 1940s or 1950s
1:05: A young couple ca. 1940s or early 1950s
1:06: A young woman, Janet Myrberg, probably one of Needham's personal assistants 1947
1:07: A young woman, Lavorda Barton, in cap and gown in front of the Needham residence at 146 W. Center in Logan, probably one of Needham's personal assistants ca. 1940s or 1950s
1:08: A toddler, Master Allred, sitting on a child's chair
1:09: A young girl, Miss Allred, in formal attire
1:10: A young girl, Miss Allred, in formal attire
1:11: A young woman, Etta Allred ca. 1920s
1:12: A woman, possibly the mother of Robert Don DeSanders
1:13: An infant, Robert Don DeSanders, at 6 months
1:14: A young woman, also pictured in 1:12 and 1:16, at the cement "A" on Old Main Hill ca. late 1940s
1:15: An infant, Rex Buckley Hunt
1:16: A woman and child, probably Robert Don DeSanders and mother
1:17: A woman in dress, gloves, and hat, holding a purse, and standing in front of a house ca. 1930s
1:18: A woman, Rena Gorden
1:19: Three men, bearded, wearing hats and heavy-weight outdoors or worker's attire, possibly immigrants or a photo taken outside the United States
1:20: Group of 15 men in a studio photograph by Balzar, Praha (Prague, Czechoslovakia) ca. 1930s
1:21: A young man, Avold Jeppson ca. early 1900s
1:22: A young man, John O. Petersen ca. early 1900s
1:23: An older man wearing spectacles ca. early 1900s
1:24: A man, Harry Farr ca. early 1900s
1:25: A young boy, Frank Fonnesbeck, dressed in Native American costume ca. early 1900s
1:26: A young boy, Frank Fonnesbeck, dressed in military uniform ca. early 1900s
1:27: A boy, seated and reading, wearing a suit with short pants ca. early 1900s
1:28: A woman, Eizabeth Bywater Bell, seated and reading, vase with a rose on reading table ca. early 1900s
1:29: A young woman, Miss Allred, in "flapper" attire wearing a dress, bracelet, necklace, and early wristwatch ca. 1920s
1:30: A young girl, Miss Allred, draped with a sheer cloth and holding an arrangement of roses
1:31: A young boy, Allred, wearing shirt and bow tie
1:32: A young woman in formal gown, signed "Love Charlene" ca. 1950s
1:33: An older woman wearing a fancy collar and pearl necklace
1:34: A young woman, Shirley Farr, daughter of Doris Needham ca. 1940s
1:35: A young woman, Florance Barnett ca. 1925
1:36: A young girl, Hellen Fay Dalley (or Dahle), riding a tricycle near a house ca. 1920s or 1930s
1:37: An infant girl, Wanda Lu Dahle ca. 1920s
1:38: A young girl, Wanda Lu Dahle, playing with dolls near a house ca. 1920s
1:39: An infant girl
1:40: Two young boys
1:41: A young man, Ralph Haney
1:42: A young couple, Hal and Lenessa Romell
1:43: A man in a meditative pose standing on what appears to be a rooftop or tower, the word "meditation" is written in the lower left corner, ca early 1900s
1:44: A man standing on a wall
1:45: A man, Ben C ca. 1900
1:46: A young woman, Ruby Wright ca. 1890s or 1900
1:47: A young woman, Pearl Wright, hair and clothing styles reflect the Gibson Girl style of the period ca. 1890s or 1900
1:48: An infant girl, Willia Ione Fullmer
1:49: Wedding picture of Kent and Rosalie Bunker in front of LDS temple
(Rosalie Walker Bunker was from Sunderland, England, and befriended S. E. Needham Jr. while he served an LDS mission in England. She lived with S. E. Needham Sr. from 1948 to 1951, when she married and moved to Bunkerville with her husband.)
June 8, 1951

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  • Subject Terms :
  • College students--Utah--Logan--Photographs.
  • Personal Names :
  • Fonnesbeck, Frank Otto.
  • Needham, S. E. (Sylvan Eugene), 1910-1967. (contributor)
  • Needham, S. E. (Sylvan Eugene), 1878-1956.
  • Corporate Names :
  • Logan Temple (Utah)--Photographs.
  • Family Names :
  • Allred family--Photographs.
  • Desanders family--Photographs.
  • Needham family--Photographs.
  • Geographical Names :
  • Logan (Utah)--Photographs.