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Day, Kenneth W. (Kenneth Walter), 1916-1987
Kenneth Day photographs
circa 1938 -1982 (inclusive)
1960-1970 (bulk)
20 boxes
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Art and documentary photographs of Seattle and the Eastside, and other Washington State locales, circa 1938-1982
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Special Collections
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA
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Kenneth Day was a native of Seattle who grew up in the Fremont area. He enlisted in the Army after the outbreak of World War II and was taken prisoner by the Japanese in the Philippines. He spent three and one half years in prison camps. Returning to Seattle after his release in September 1945, he married Lola Sehorn and moved to the town of Clyde Hill, east of Lake Washington, in 1946. He served as its town marshall for 14 years and retired from the position of chief investigator for the King County Public Defender's Office in 1976. An amateur photographer, Day took both art and documentary photographs of Seattle and the Eastside. Day also contributed a semi-weekly column, "Inside Strait," to the Bellevue Journal American from 1966-1987. He married his second wife, Clara Oman, in 1979.

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Art and documentary photographs of Seattle and the Eastside, and other Washington State locales

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BOX 1:
Air Power
And No Play (1960)
Apple Valley (Kittitas County?)
Application of Force
Art Critic (1962)
Autumn Pattern
Barns (circa 1972)
Basic Design
Big Wheels (1960)
But Only God (1959)
Card Game
Center Jump (post-1966, Sonic basketball players)
Closing Time
Come to the Fair (mid-1960s, Puyallup collage)
A Country Sketch (circa 1967)
Crash Program
The Cynic (circa 1962)
Decisions, Decisions (1960)
Detained (attributed to Roger Day)
Dinner Time
Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate
Downtown (circa 1967)

BOX 2:
Edison Monument (1961)
Either End Up
Fantasy Forest
Fifth Avenue (1967)
Free Speech (1838)
Garden Jewels
Go Back Three Spaces
Grace Notes
Grandmother's House
Guiding Light (circa 1967)
Hall of Learning (Denny Hall)
Halls of Learning (UW Red Square before Kane Hall)
Hand of Man (I-5 overpass at Ravenna)
Hay Hook (1962)
Hay Ropes (1962)
Hot Hat (1961)
I Remember Winter
Ides of March (1946)
If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind?
Kwan Yen

BOX 3:
Let There Be Peace (circa 1970)
Market Staircase
A Matter of Time (1961)
Moon River
Mosaic [collage] (circa 1970)
The Mountain Beckons (circa 1964, Cascade Mountains)
No Bread Today (1960)
November Nocturne (1959)
The Pigeon Man (circa 1965)
Pixie Palettes
Positive Identification (1962?)
Poster Girl
The Price if Right
Profile (1964)
Quiet Mommy
Reflections (1959)
River Stay Way From My Door
Shovel Runner (1959)
Sidewalk Solomon (1939)
Silver Maples
Solstice (1960)

BOX 4:
The Spectators (1962)
Spiral Segment
Sprocket with Chair (circa 1963)
Starboard Hook (1962, tree in front of Sieg Hall)
Sticks and Stones
Street Scene (4th and Pike, Seattle)
Sunday on the Farm (1961)
Suspense (circa 1967)
Swamp Study (1962)
The Swirling Sea
3 1/2 and Pike (Seattle alley)
This, Our City (collage, Smith Tower, 1965)
Tideland Tapestry (1961)
Time at the River
To Be Exact (1963)
View from the Terrace
Vortex (1970)
We Lived on a Farm
Weather Eye (1960)

BOX 5:
We're a Team (1963?)
Wham! Bam! Boom! (1961)
Whammy (circa 1967)
Which Way is Main Street
White Caps
Winter Etching
Winter Fog (1962)
Winter of '72
Woodshed Geometry (early 1960s)
Worth It! (1959)


[Tree cross-sections, log ends, in snow]
[Pastiche of 5 black and white images]
[River scene, boaters silhouetted, low light]
[Military seaborne landing maneuver]
[Beach scene, Washington coast?]
[Stalks of grass in snow, 1962]
[Tree trunks in snow]
[Close up of ice ?]
[Ladder or exposed roof structure]

35mm color slides
BOX 6:
Folder 1: 149 color 35mm slides. (1946-1964) Washington State: Crabapple Restaurant, Bellevue, 1947, Dry Falls, Ephrata Area, Grand Coulee Dam, La Push, Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan, Mountain loop (Monte Cristo/Darrington area), Seattle (Montlake area, 1946), Snohomish tulip beds, Snoqualmie Pass. Travel pictures: Byrne's resort @ Nimrod, Mt.; Blue Mts., Mt. Hood; Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.; Fraser River, B.C.; Victoria, B.C.; Mission area, chess match @ Canadian border; Yellowstone; Byrne and Grand Canyons; Idaho and California miscellaneous; flower studies, forest fires, Owen and Myrtle Sehom and home, Jim and Ruth Richardson (Miller Bay), family portraits, Day campaign for State representative (1954), home in Bellevue.

Folder 2: 116 color 35mm slides. (May 1960-Oct. 1961) Washington State: Lake Washington waterfront?, Swans at Marymoor, Sacred Heart Church, Seattle?; Floating Bridge at night; Bellevue Square Pavilion; LaConner; Shelton Power Station; Lower Baker Dam; Space Needle and Coliseum under construction; Tokeland fishing vessels; Fraser River; Seattle skyline by night; Jupiter Falls.

FOLDER 3: 160 color 35mm slides. (Oct. 1961 - Oct. 1962) Washington State: Snoqualmie Falls campsite; Walking M. Ranch; Mt. Baker; Log cabin near Marysville; York farm near Redmond; Chehalis power station insulators; Wenatchee Ohme Gardens; Century 21 Exposition; Puyallup Western Washington Fair; Yakima Fair; Houghton Park, Lake Washington; Longview; Marymoor. Misc: Bird and animal studies; Waterfront/maritime/Wedding celebration.

BOX 7:
FOLDER 4: 227 color 35mm slides. (Oct. 1962 - March 1964) Washington State: Century 21 Exposition; Stevens Pass and Tye River; Mt. Rainier; Lewis River; UW Arboretum. Misc: Cats; Nature studies; Williamsburg, Va.; Military naval vessels and aircraft .

FOLDER 5: 189 color 35mm slides. (March 1964 - April 1966) Washington State: UW campus; Lake Washington waterfront; Downtown Seattle alleys; Intersection 4th/Pike; Snohomish River flooding (1965); Pike Place Market & environs.; Seattle street scenes; Bike racers at Pt. Defiance, Tacoma; Lilliwaup Beach, Wa.; Kalaloch Beach; Hoh Rain Forest; Lake Union. Misc: Crater Lake, Ore.; Oregon Coast; Victoria, B.C.; Nature studies; Farm animal studies.

FOLDER 6: 158 color 35mm slides. (May 1966 - March 1970) Washington State: UW Arboretum; Seattle Center; Volunteer Park; Woodland Park Zoo; Barn at Kosmos; Shilshole Bay Marina; Seattle skyline; Leschi District; Yarrow sunset. Misc: Family celebration; Nature studies; Volkswagen "Beetles"; Shriner parade; women in mini-skirts in parade; McCrory's cabin at Silver Creek.

BOX 8:
FOLDER 7: 301 color 35mm slides (March 1969 - June 1975) Washington State: Seascapes near Pt. Grenville and Moclips; Boats at Leschi; Construction of Business Center Bldg, Bellevue?; Portage Bay. Misc: Shriner parade (1969); Nature studies; City studies; Monterey Peninsula, Ca.; Ken Day on television for Bellevue Camera Club; Inside Passage to Alaska via M.V. Malaspina (Alaska State ferry); Hawaii; family shots.

FOLDER 8: 123 color 35mm slides. (1978 - 1982)) Washington State: Northwest Trek wildlife park; Westport; Nooksack Falls; Filleting fish at Deer Lake. Misc: Family shots in Hawaii; Machias, Maine; Brattleboro, Vt.; Nature studies; Glacier National Park; Campbell River, B.C.; Depoe Bay, Ore.; Crater Lake, Ore.; Lassen Volcanic National Park; Yosemite National Park; Mt. Shasta.

FOLDER 9: 100 color 35mm slides
-"JCOC" tour, Summer 1963 (reunion of WWII Japanese prisoners of war?)
-U.S.S. Forrestal in Chesapeake Bay, Naval-air exercises, helicopters.
-Camp Lejeune, N.C., assault landing exercises
-Fort Benning, Georgia combat exercises.
-Eglin AFB, displays of aircraft and weapons-Pentagon.

FOLDER 10: 31 color 35mm slides. Nature studies, portrait of Lola Day, Seattle waterfront, Boats of Leschi, Seattle skyline. 1960-1970.

BOX 9:
FOLDER 11: 209 color 35mm slides. Apparently an image bank of duplicate shots which were used to create Kenneth Day's compositional studies. Gulls, branches, leaves, sunsets, tree trunks, clouds, waves, flowers and fungi, aerial views of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams, Yakima ranch, Puget Sound beaches, Stevens Pass, Ohme gardens (Wenatchee), Seattle Art Museum sculpture and water tower, Sea-Tac airport, Longview mill, Tacoma mill. ca. 1963-1972.

FOLDER 12: 66 color 35mm slides. "Diazo" - Color and textural studies of images: plant pistils, Seattle skyline with Space Needle, birds, clowns, barns, sailboat rigging, faces of women, sunrise. structural details of old farm buildings, three title slides including one cartoon of "the world's worst photographer (Day?).

FOLDER 13: 34 color 35mm slides. "Mulch Garden" - garden at Day home in Bellevue. 1975-1976.

FOLDER 14: 33 color 35mm slides. "Owen Sehorn had a farm" - portraits of Owen and Myrtle Sehorn, images of buildings and animals on their farm, many snowscapes. ca. 1961-1968.

BOX 10:
FOLDER 15: 30 color 3mm slides. "Salon entries" - Space Needle, studies of flowers, skies, water, (some using filters). 1960s, 1976.

FOLDER 16: 30 color 35mm slides. "Composite Show #1, Spotlight #1" - Sunsets, landscapes, rural scenes, birds, Lake Sammamish, Mt. Hood, waterfront (Seattle?), Pacific Science Center arches, Seattle Center. ca. 1963-1970.

FOLDER 17: 28 color 35mm slides "Spotlight #2" - Studies using filters, masking, light effects, sunsets and landscapes, Pacific Science Center arches. mid 1960s.

FOLDER 18: 59 color 35mm slides. "Spotlight #3" - (Dual projector show?) [Left]: Studies using various kinds of mounting paper (napkin, cigarette paper, lens tissue), texture studies, Kodalith studies, flowers, sunsets,
waterfront, Space Needle. [Right]: Texture and Kodalith studies, crystals, Pacific Science Center arches, sunsets, lakeshore compositions. 1960-1969.

FOLDER 19: 30 color 35mm slides. "Spotlights #4" - Plant and animal studies, sunsets, vignetted portrait of Day family, Seattle skyline, streets, Space Needle, Arboretum bridge, lakefront images, Sea-Tac Airport, mid 1960s.

FOLDER 20: 43 color 35mm slides. Nature studies, sailboats at sunset, architectural details, Ken Day
on tractor, King Street station, Puget Sound and gulls, Seattle skyline,
Ohme Gardens (Wenatchee). ca. 1962-1978.

FOLDER 21: 27 color 35mm slides. Title shot, "Camerama 65", plants, animals, clouds, sunsets, sunrises, rural scenes. ca. 1963-1978.

FOLDER 22: 40 color 35mm slides. Sailboats, urban scenes, Marymoor Park?, Seattle waterfront, views from Space Needle, night scene from Pioneer Square, UW dorms at night, 4th & Pike, Pike Place traffic, stairs at Pike Place Market, Capitol Hill graffiti. ca. 1964-1969.

FOLDER 23: 30 color 35mm slides. Architectural details, Lola Day, nature studies, rural scenes, urban scenes, stairs at Pike Place Market, sand at Moclips, fog, King Street Station, boats at Leschi, view from Space Needle, Ernest Hardware store at Bellevue Plaza. ca. 1964-1972.

FOLDER 24: 30 color 35mm slides. Mobile home at Woodcrest, North Cascades Highway, Ilwaco, Dungeness Spit, Waitsburg, Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Pleasant (Iowa). 1979.

BOX 11: 1 1/2 x 1 1/16; 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 negatives. 2-493. (probably nitrate)
1 -67 : Kenneth Day at work, Campus Radio Studios, various other workers. 1938 -
27, 244: Speaker at Washington and Occidental. 1939.
40: Performers at Rialto Theater. 1938.
68 - 140: Dallas, Texas. 1938.
143 - : Day family and friends, outing, etc. 1938.
166: Aurora Bridge. 1933?
170: Shanty village at Elliot Ave/Denny Way. 1933?
174: 34th and Fremont from Aurora Bridge. 1933?
211: Crystal Hotel at 1st and Cedar. California Ink Co. Bldg at Western and Cedar. 1939.
220-221: 4th and Pike. 1939.
245: Players at crap table. 1939.
Nos, 246: Interior of Ah Fats gambling house at 209 1st Ave. S. 1939.
247-249, 254, 256: Gambling. 1939.
252: Hobo sleeping at Western and Denny. 1939.
255-275: Hotels, rooms and taverns, general street scenes, downtown Seattle. 1939.
276-285: At Sehorns', Machias, Wa. 1939.
286-302: UW campus, houseboats, laundry's, Seattle bridge's S.S. Kalakala, street scenes, parades and gatherings, etc.1939
303-322: Masonic picnic, Martha Lake. 1939.
324-328: Wedding.
329-347: Misc, cafes, construction, Seattle. 1939.
350-572: Day family and friends. 1945
409-415: Granite Falls. 1945
438-444: Fishermen at Juanita Bridge. 1946.
445-449: University District. 1946
476: Ferry at Fortuna Park

BOX 12: 2 1/4 x 2 1/2; 2 1/4 x 3 1/4; 35mm negatives. 494-927.
537-541: Snoqualmie Falls. 1947.
597-602: Victoria, B.C. 1947.
642- : Radio station facilities, Wash. and Idaho. 1948.
663-665: Bellevue, 1948.
668-733: Utah, Columbia River, Idaho, Arizona, California. 1948.

BOX 13: 35mm negatives. 928-1852.
931-932: Lake Washington Floating Bridge. 1955.
942: Sightseeing boat, Seattle harbor. 1955.
945-950: Yellowstone National park, Idaho. 1955.
1254-1261: Puyallup Fair, 1960.
1820-1848: U.S.S. Forestal, military exercises, 1963.

BOX 14: 35mm negatives. 1901-2669.
1917-1918: 4th/Pike. 1964.
1958-1961: Crater Lake, Ore. 1964.
1902-1914: Princess Marguerite, seagulls. 1964.
2183-4: Mossy Rock Dam, 1967.
2192-96: Seattle street scenes. 1967.
2221-2252: Puyallup Fair, 1967.

BOX 15: 35mm negatives. 2670-3214.
2808-2818: Seattle scenes. 1971.
2826-2831: Farm workers rally. 1971.
2835-2848: Seattle views, Arts and Crafts Fair. 1971.
2871-2896: Kenneth Day. 1971.
2903-2909: San Francisco. 1971.
2911-2947: Views from Smith Tower, Cascade Hotel collapse. 1971.
2948-2950: Anti war rally. 1971.
2957-2975: Greenlake Park, Woodland Park. 1971.
2998-2999: Fremont street fair. 1973.
3092-3101: Lake Union, Gas Works Park. 1975
3102-3112: Downtown Seattle scenes. 1975.
3205-3207: Peace Pagoda at Bangor. 1982.

BOXES 16-20: 4x5 negatives
Images from nature, artistic shots of building details, street scenes, trees, fountains, freeway crossings, fire escapes, still-life studies, people, farm buildings, accident scenes, Seattle parks, birds and wildlife. 1959-1972.
2076-2085: Pike Place Market and 1st Avenue. 1965.
2478-2496: Construction of Seafirst Building, 1969

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