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Hilbert, Vi
Vi Hilbert collection (CARTAH)
1996-1997 (inclusive)
39 items  :  14 compact discs; 2 DVDs; 6 CD-ROMs; 3 DDS Data Cartridges; 10 computer floppy disks (3 1/2"); 1 zip disk; 3 jaz disks.
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Collection of materials related to Vi Hilbert's work with CARTAH (Center for Advanced Research Technology in the Arts and Humanities), University of Washington, 1996-97; transferred from DXARTS (formerly CARTAH) in July 2011.
University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives
University of Washington
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English, Lushootseed

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Vi Hilbert (1918-2008) was a member and noted elder of the Upper Skagit tribe. Her first language was Lushootseed, a Coast Salish language found in the Puget Sound region of western Washington state. During her long and productive life, Vi Hilbert played a major role in the revitalization of the language and culture of the First People of the Pacific Northwest. She became known as a teacher, storyteller, publisher, and public speaker. For over 40 years she built and maintained a research archive of cultural materials. Working with other scholars, she developed and published teaching materials and volumes of stories through Lushootseed Research, an organization which she founded. Her commitment to preserving Lushootseed language and literature is largely responsible for the renaissance of interest in Lushootseed culture and the growth of tribal language programs all over western Washington.

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Items in this collection document the Lushootseed Digital Archive Project begun in 1996 as a collaboration between Lushootseed Research (directed by Vi Hilbert) and CARTAH (directed by Prof. Richard Karpen), with Dr. William R. Seaburg, Principal Investigator.

The project resulted in the production of 6 CD-ROMs in 1997: GNA 220 - Nine Categories (Vi Hilbert/Martin Sampson); GNA 227 - Sampson Book (Vi Hilbert/Martin Sampson); GNA 246A and GNA 246B - Charley and Louise Anderson Perform Indian Songs; GNA 247A and GNA 247B - Aunt Susie Stories.

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This collection includes one set of CD-ROMS, and a second set may be found on 2005-1.2392 thru 2005-1.2397.

Collection contents -

1) Media on various formats (see "Physical Description" area) representing various stages of the project as it developed.

2) Printed material - 1 copy of Haboo (1996) inscribed by Vi Hilbert to CARTAH; 1 copy of Book 1 - Dix - First - By Zalmai Zahir / Illustrated by Peggy Ii?alq Ahvakana; 1 folder containing 5 Extra CD-ROM inserts (GNA 220, 227, 246B, 247A, 247B); color photocopies of Ron Hilbert's artwork used for CD-ROM covers; uncut photocopies of CD-ROM cover texts; copy of sketch Ron Hilbert did for Vi Hilbert's 75th birthday (depicting family members); typed transcripts of interviews by Peggy [Ahvakana] of Vi Hilbert talking about numerous people.

A notebook labeled "Martin Sampson" contains the following:

- Lushootseed transcription and English translation of presentation by Martin Sampson 5/16/77 to Lushootseed class, Denny Hall, Rm. 310, AIS 414, approx.. 50 minutes; "session was video-taped and cassette taped" (44 pages)

- "A Bone Game Story," in English with some Lushootseed words written in (storyteller not identified) (2 pages)

- Lushootseed transcription and English translation of Martin Sampson talking to Vi Hilbert about songs 6/9/76 (31 pages)

- Lushootseed transcription and English translation of Martin Sampson interviewed by Vi Hilbert 3/18/76 (32 pages)

- Lushootseed transcription and English translation of Martin Sampson interviewed by Vi Hilbert 11/15/75 (5 pages); a couple of misc. pages

- Photocopy of article "Susie Sampson Peter, Oldest of the Kikiallis" (Seattle Times 11/2/58)

- Family names (from Martin Sampson, written by Vi Hilbert 11/24/75)

- Interview with Martin Sampson by Vi Hilbert 10/22/76

- Archive catalog dated 2/18/98 (81 pages)

Documentation: See notes area.

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    • Sampson, Martin J., 1888-1980 (performer)