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Ralph Chamberlain photograph collection
1851-1950s (inclusive)
445 photoprints and 320 slides, total 765 items
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The Ralph Chamberlain photograph collection contains photographs and slides of buildings and events at the University of Utah and in Salt Lake City; photographs and slides of buildings and archaeological sites in Mexico.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT
Telephone: 801-581-8863
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Materials must be used on-site; advance notice suggested. Access to parts of this collection may be restricted under provisions of state or federal law.


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The Ralph Chamberlain photograph collection contains photographs and slides of buildings and events at the University of Utah and in Salt Lake City; photographs and slides of buildings and archaeological sites in Mexico.

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Salt Lake City and University of Utah buildings and events, slides of buildings and archaeological sites in MexicoReturn to Top

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University buildings
Photograph number 1: Salt Lake City Council House/Printing Office of the Desert News, Home of University of Utah in 1851 and 1867 to 1876.Photograph number 2: Twentieth Ward Schoolhouse, Home of Karl G. Maeser's Seminary.Photograph number 3: Lewis Building, University of Deseret 1870, 1875.
University of Utah buildings/grounds
Photograph number 4-9: The University of Utah buildings/grounds
circa 1906
The University of Utah buildings/grounds
Photograph number 10-11: Corner of the Library, 1908Photograph number 12: Museum in University HallPhotograph number 13: Chemical Laboratory in University HallPhotograph number 14: Workers in Red Cross Library in 1918Photograph number 15: Retreat in the President's Circle, 1918Photograph number 16: Main reading room, George Thomas LibraryPhotograph number 17: Interior of the Field House during World War II, The "Big Bedroom"Photograph number 18: The Annex, University of Utah 1948
University of Deseret Diploma, Teacher's Certificate
Photograph number 19: University of Deseret Diploma, 1888Photograph number 20: Teacher's Certificate for Salt Lake County
Photograph number 21: Independance Rock, the Sweetwater River and Devil's GatePhotograph number 22: Emigrants en route to Oregon Sweetwater district, Western WyomingPhotograph number 23: Fort BridgerPhotograph number 24: "Coming to Zion" painting by Samuel JeffersonPhotograph number 25: An emigration train coming through Echo CanyonPhotograph number 26: Scene of early days re-enacted
Salt Lake City sites
Photograph number 27: Orson Pratt's Astronomy ObservatoryPhotograph number 28-30: Early Salt Lake street scenesPhotograph number 31: First South Street, Theatre, City Hall Zion's Co-Operative BankPhotograph number 32: A Wells Fargo Company StagecoachPhotograph number 33-40: Main Street, Salt Lake City, circa 1860Photograph number 41: Salt Lake City 1868Photograph number 42: Goods by Ox Train for William Jennings, 1868.Photograph number 43-45: Main street, Salt Lake City, circa 1860Photograph number 46: Holladay & Warner E. Store 2nd Merchantile establishment in Utah., northeast corner of South Temple and State Street (Lot 4, Block 89)Photograph number 47: Kimball's HotelPhotograph number 48: General Tithing Storehouse, Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball's Mill; Deseret News Printing Office.
Buildings in Salt Lake City
circa 1880
Salt Lake City, Great Salt Lake
Photograph number 58: Gold Smith and Co. Trolley CarPhotograph number 59: Train Steam engine No.5 1874Photograph number 60: People Bathing at Garfield, Great Salt LakePhotograph number 61: Boat GarfieldPhotograph number 62: Black Rock and Antelope Island, Salt LakePhotograph number 63-64: "Orson Arnold's Rapid Transit" Warm Springs to 1st Ward, circa 1870
Wheatland, Williamette River, Oregon, miscellaneous
Photograph number 65: First brick house in Oregon and probably west of Rockies (Wheatland)Photograph number 66: The present-day power ferry at WheatlandPhotograph number 67: The last steamer on Williamette River, OregonPhotograph number 68: The "Multnomah"Photograph number 69: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS)Photograph number 70: Evan Stephens' Grand Opera Company in the Bohemia Girl, 1888Photograph number 71: Daughter of the Regiment
Photograph number 72-75: Unidentified portraitsPhotograph number 76: SchettlerPhotograph number 77: Orson HowardPhotograph number 78: Lorenzo SnowPhotograph number 79: Major J. W. PowellPhotograph number 80: Julia Ives PackPhotograph number 81: W.D. NealPhotograph number 82: A.G. Pearson
Individuals, Class of 1892, University of Deseret, Medics at University of Utah
Photograph number 83: Veda Jones, Minnie Larsen, Effie Stoddard, Ella Smith, Emma Welling, Sadie Baker, Maria Larsen, Nora Bennion, Georgiane Webster, Nellie Brown, Lottie Fox, Josie Seaman, Lottie Paul, May Woodruff, Mamie Leaver, Edith Magle, Eva Clark, Ella Chase, Katie Dean, May Elizabeth Lindsay, Clara Tuttle, "Sil" Smith, Lillian Hamlin, Ida MaylePhotograph number 84: Mary William, Mary Pettit, Sarah Woodard, Nettie Seaker, Rosa Walton, J. Burgoyne-May 9, 1884Photograph number 85: Class of 1892, University of Deseret: William Dalton Neal, Joseph Parley White, Arvis J. Cate, Franklin W. Metcalf, Lester R. Riggs, Amy Bowman, Sadie Brown, Mary Ann Blomdoll, Nona H. Biggs, James Christensen, John Andrew Christensen, Ezra Christiansen, William R. Calderwood, George W. Decker, Joseph Wilford Davis, Andrew Eliason, Jr., James Park Erskine, Bernard Howell, Daniel Jensen, Hilda Larsen, Ellis Murphy, James Edward Kimball Merrill, Andrew Pearson, Joseph S. Robinson, Christian Steffensen, Frank A. Swenson, Ethel Woodmansee, Clarence R. Walter, Carrie Woodbury, George A. Weggeland, Anna Winegar, Amy WhipplePhotograph number 86-88: Medics at University of Utah
Individuals, 50th Reunion of 1905 class LDS University
Photograph number 89: JW & PJ Jensen, Ralph Chamberlain, B.S. Hinkley, Henry Peterson.Photograph number 90: Clara Palmer Pinkston, Helen Kimball Orgill, Vera Nooll Tanner, Ina Ashton Richards, Jessie Paskett Malin, Sara Marie Jensen Van Ayke, I. Owen Horsfall, Gustave Hoglund, George M. Cannon, Orson M. Rogers, Sylvia Compton Pack, Rovert H. C. Marchant, Rebecca Gustaveson Harris, D. Oscar Harris, William A. Lund, Raymond J. AshtonPhotograph number 91: Mrs. R.V. Chamberlain, Mrs. Winnie R. Ashton, Mrs. Nora P. Horsfall, Ann Best, Mrs. Henry Petersen, Mrs. Rebecca G. Harris, Mrs. Josephine Lund, Mrs. Jessie P. Malin, Mrs. Ina A. Richards, Gustave Hoglund, P.J. Jensen, D. Oscar Harris, Mrs. Bett Rogers, Dr. Henry Petersen, Orson M. Rogers, B.S. Hinkley, Clara P. Pinkston, Sara Marie Van Dyke, Mrs. Vera N. Tanner, Sylvia C. Pack, Mrs. B.S. Hinkley, Mrs. Helen Orgill, Raymond J. Ashton, Mrs. George M. Cannon, J.W. Jensen, George M. Cannon, William Lund, Robert H. C. Marchant, Owen Hornsfall, R. V. ChamberlainPhotograph number 92: Mr. and Mrs. B.S. HinkleyPhotograph number 93: Jessie Paskett Malin, Ina Ashton RichardsPhotograph number 94: Sarah Marie Jensen Van Dyke, Vera Noall TannerPhotograph number 95: I. Owen Horsfall and ?Photograph number 96?99: 50th Reunion of 1905 class LDS University, June 12, 1955 at the Ashton'sPhotograph number 100-102: Mounds at Monte Alban
Photograph number 103-116: Ruins at Monte AlbanPhotograph number 117-122: Views in the market at OaxacaPhotograph number 123-127: Ruins at Monte AlbanPhotograph number 128 : Hotel at Monte Alban at OaxacaPhotograph number 129-130: Views of Oaxaca from Juarez MonumentPhotograph number 131: SLIDE-Hotel at Monte Alban at Oaxaca (see photo No.128 )Photograph number 132-135: SLIDE-Views of Oaxaca from Juarez Monument (see photos No.129-130 )Photograph number 136-137: Workers at handlooms on which blankets or zarafrea are made. OaxacaPhotograph number 138: SLIDES-Juarez Monument (see photo No.135 )Photograph number 139-140: SLIDES-Workers at handlooms making zarafrea blanketsPhotograph number 141-148: Views of the market at OaxacaPhotograph number 149-158: "Desiento de Leones", in the mountains refreshment placePhotograph number 159-164: Cathedral. The trees in No.160 are the plaza at "Localo"Photograph number 165-170: Returning from market on road near CholulaPhotograph number 171-172: Sbriebo in CholulaPhotograph number 173-192: Pyramid viewsPhotograph number 193-194: Mexicans in market and a man singing and playing the guitarPhotograph number 196?204: Views from an Airplane of Mexico ValleyPhotograph number 205-210: Airport at Minatitlan, Vera CruzPhotograph number 211-215: Calle "59" in Merida. "Hotel Hga"Photograph number 216-219: Uman, a way to UxsalPhotograph number 220-221: View of a field of maguey plantsPhotograph number 222-228: Road through the jungle on way to UxualPhotograph number 229-232: Pyramid "El Adrino" showing stairsPhotograph number 233-234: View of Palace of "El Gobermador"Photograph number 235-236: View of "House of Nuns" ruins of ball court in foregroundPhotograph number 237-240: View from House of GobermadorPhotograph number 241-244: House of TurtlesPhotograph number 245-246: House of Dover of PalomasPhotograph number 247-248: The great pyramidPhotograph number 249: Detail on EL Gobernador or House of GovernorPhotograph number 250: View across House of Turtles cemetario in backgroundPhotograph number 251: SLIDE-View across House of Turtles cemetario in backgroundPhotograph number 252: Another View of El AdventinoPhotograph number 253-254: Mexican (Indian) woman waiting under treePhotograph number 257: View through the doorway into Pobio of Oaxaca House (not good)Photograph number 258-271: On way home from a day at Oaxaca marketPhotograph number 272-273: Girls at a window, burned with IronPhotograph number 274-275: Thatch homes near OaxacaPhotograph number 276-280: Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City, also called the Opera HousePhotograph number 281-289: Cypress at "Santa Maria del Tule" (very large indeed)Photograph number 290-291: Church and tree at Tlacolula.Photograph number 292-295: Views outside main market at TlacolulaPhotograph number 296-315: Views of ruins at Mitta
Photograph number 316-320: Views of ruins at MittaPhotograph number 321-326: Wall of temple of Warriors showing "Rain God and Mark of Hjunna" (?)Photograph number 327-328: Group of a thousand columnsPhotograph number 329-331: Temple of WarriorsPhotograph number 332-344: Details of House of Governor, UxualPhotograph number 345-359: House of NunsPhotograph number 360-361: Views in Patio, Hotel TbgaPhotograph number 362-364: Other Views of PyramidPhotograph number 365-366: View across lava flow from pyramidPhotograph number 368: View of apron or causewayPhotograph number 369-370: Shed under which is a tombPhotograph number 371-377: Other views about base of pyramidPhotograph number 378: Woman washing clothes in stream at TlalfamPhotograph number 379-380: Streets in TlalfamPhotograph number 381-383: Stone seapeut at base of balubrade of stairway of old temple,Photograph number 384: Two boy guidesPhotograph number 385: Views of old Santa Ana Convent in ObregoerPhotograph number 386-387: Old lava flow with tunnels to graveyardPhotograph number 388-391: New Municipal market now yet in usePhotograph number 392: Mexican boy guidePhotograph number 393-395: Trench formed by removing lava from about base of a pyramidPhotograph number 396-403: Several views of pyramid at Cuicuilco showing walk facer with cobblerPhotograph number 404-407: Children of the caretaker at ChicuilcoPhotograph number 408-414: House of NunsPhotograph number 415-418: ObservatoryPhotograph number 419-420: Red House or House of Three KingsPhotograph number 421-422: House of Luitel, old chickenPhotograph number 423: Attendance figure in house of hermaphrodite ?, old chickenPhotograph number 424-425: Detail Wall of Ball-Court, meant to show carvings of figuresPhotograph number 426-429: Columns on temple of Tigers, showing carvingsPhotograph number 430-436: Cemetary adjacent to or near to ball courtPhotograph number 437-442: Platform at sacred cenobe from which girls were thrownPhotograph number 443-446: Column at El CastilloPhotograph number 447-451: Ball court seen from El CastilloPhotograph number 452-453: Wall of Temple of SacrificePhotograph number 454-456: Another view of El CastilloPhotograph number 457: Native huts at ChickenPhotograph number 458-459: Path near Xtoboe CeubbePhotograph number 460-461: Ruins of Xtoboe templePhotograph number 462-463: CaretakerPhotograph number 464-465: Views of the temple taken from a hill above the townPhotograph number 466: Glimpse over fence into Indian Yard and home near Tlalfam.Photograph number 467-470: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 471-482: Views on canals among so-called floating gardens of XochomilcoPhotograph number 483: Audience in Torco, just before the start of a bull fightPhotograph number 484: Front view of old temple at TenayucaPhotograph number 485: Native home at Tenayuca.Photograph number 486-502: View alongside temple showing rows of stone snakesPhotograph number 503-504: Part of stairsPhotograph number 505-507: Wall showing projecting serpents headsPhotograph number 508: View of open stone sepulcherPhotograph number 509-510: Street in TexcacoPhotograph number 511-515: Sancturary of stone on west side of TexcogingoPhotograph number 516-517: View of the valleyPhotograph number 518-526: Bath hewn out of solid rock and stone stepsPhotograph number 527: Mexico Valley from Texcoying, showing Lake Texcoco
Photograph number 528: Mexico Valley from Texcoying, showing Lake TexcocoPhotograph number 529-537: Views of a larger bath part way around the hill from the first onePhotograph number 538-544: Views of a great wall on west side of ruins at HuexotlaPhotograph number 545-552: Catholic church on a pyramid at HuexotlaPhotograph number 553-556: Stone frog, the head is broken offPhotograph number 557-558: A pyramid not yet excavatedPhotograph number 559: Wall from insidePhotograph number 560-561: Monument to Abregan, Mexico CityPhotograph number 562-591: Pyramid of the Sun and pyramid of the moon at TeotihuchanPhotograph number 592-595: Monument to AbregonPhotograph number 596-597: Views in Desierbo de LeonesPhotograph number 598-599: Houses near SaltilleraPhotograph number 600: Indian girl carrying baby near SaltilleraPhotograph number 602-603: Monument to Independence in "Paseo de la Reforma"Photograph number 604: Palms in another circle of this boulevardPhotograph number 605-606: Monument to Cuauhtemoc, in another of the circlesPhotograph number 607: Monument to Columbus in another CirclePhotograph number 608: Equestrian statue of Charles IV at Pasco de la ReformaPhotograph number 609: CathedralPhotograph number 610-613: Pyramid of the SunPhotograph number 614-685: Temple of Integualcoatl
Maps and Diagrams, unidentified
Photograph number 686-750: SLIDES-UnidentifiedPhotograph number 751-765: Maps and Diagrams

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