Pauline Tuttle concert recordings: 2004 Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) Northwest annual meeting, 2007-02-13  PDF

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Tuttle, Pauline
Pauline Tuttle concert recordings: 2004 Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) Northwest annual meeting
8 items  :  OT - 4 DATs; OD - 4 compact discs; Duration: 5:00:00
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Two concerts recorded during "Music in Motion", the 2004 meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology, NW Chapter, Feb. 13-15, School of Music, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.
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Pauline Tuttle received her Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from the University of Washington. She currently teaches field school in ethnology, ethnohistory, and ethnomusicology for the Anthropolgy Department and music of the Northwest Coast and of the Pacific Rim in the School of Music at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Her publications include "Traditional Music of Vancouver Island: Calling on the Fiich'abak'takud (the Ancestors)" (2003) and "Beyond Feathers and Beads: Interlocking Narratives in the Music and Dance of Tokeya Inajin (Kevin Locke)" (2001).

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Collection provided to the UW Ethnomusicology Archives by the estate of Pauline Tuttle.


2/13 concert - Welcome by Greg Sam (Tsartlip First Nation elder) (Coast Salish); welcome by Patricia Kostek (Acting Director, U Vic School of Music); Chief Adam Dick/Kwaksistala and Chief Kim Recalma-Clutesi/Ogwilogwa, with Singers (Kwagiulth), Webster Family Dancers (Ahousat), Da-wah'sib, Edgar Family Dancers (Ditidaht)

2/14 concert - Opening Persian Chant (Ghazal Ighani), Munir Beken (Turkish Ud), Mei Han, with Randy Raine-Reusch (Chinese Zheng), Hossein Omoumi (Persian Ney)

Contents of DAT recordings (44.1 kHz sampling rate):

2007-8.1-2 - original recording of concert titled "Return of the Music: A Celebration of NW Coast Musical Life," 2/13/04 (Tape 1 - 1:19:55 (13 tracks), Tape 2 - 1:29:44 (9 tracks) (total = 2:49:39))

2007-8.3-4 - original recording of concert titled "Music at the Crossroads: A Celebration of Asian Musical Life," 2/14/04 (Tape 1 - 44:45 (4 tracks), Tape 2 - 1:24:54 (10 tracks) (total = 2:09:39)) (total duration of DATs = 4:59:18) Contents of CD-R recordings:

2007-8.5-8 - apparently recorded simultaneously with DATs (not copies of DATs), but less complete than DAT originals; because of different start and stop points, both sets may be necessary to make a complete record of the events.

Durations of CDs: 2/13 "CD1" 50:36 (9 tracks), 2/13 "CD3" [CD2 missing] 59:19 (1 track), 2/14 "CD2" 74:04 (2 tracks), 2/14 "CD3" 9:28 (1 track) (total = 2:33:27)

(A fifth, blank CD-R discarded 8/2007 (labeled "2/14 Music at the Crossroads CD #1" with note "did not record - but all this is on DAT")

DATs transferred to digital files 7/2013 - 2007-8.1.wav (1:16:03), 2007-8.2.wav (1:29:41), 2007-8.3.wav (44:44), 2007-8.4.wav (1:24:57) (44.1 kHz/16-bit)

Documentation: Conference program

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