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Pearson, Anthony A., M.D.
Anthony Pearson lantern slide collection
1887-1997 (inclusive)
1 linear feet
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Dr. Anthony Pearson (1906-81) was a UOMS faculty member. Possessing a long-standing interest in art history as well, he has presented a collection of glass lantern slides showing portraits of prominent medical men of the past.
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The collection consists of glass lantern slides of physicians and locations regarding the history of western medicine. Unless otherwise noted, the images are reproductions of paintings or drawings. Name spellings echo image labels and have only been expanded when necessary. They have not been regularized.

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Dr. Anthony Pearson (1906-1981), M.D., Ph.D. was a member of the Anatomy faculty (1946-53), Chief of Anatomy(1953-70), and Prof. Emeritus(1970-81) at the University of Oregon Medical School.

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Anthony Pearson lantern slide collection, Collection Number 1997-001, Oregon Health & Science University, Historical Collections & Archives

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Container(s) Description
1 Alemaeon
1 Aristotle
1 Asklepios [statue]
1 Asklepios and Hygieia [statue]
1 Auenbrugger, Leopold
1 Behring, Emil
1 Bell, Charles
1 Bichat, X[avier]
1 Billroth, Theodore
1 Boerhaave, H[ermann]
1 Boerhaave, [Hermann]
1 Bretonneau, Pierre
1 Bouillaud, Jean-Baptiste
1 Bright, Richard
1 Broussais, Francois-Joseph-Victor
1 Camper, [Petrus]
1 Fallopius, [Gabriel]
1 Frank, Johann Peter
1 Galen
1 Galen
1 Galen and female patient
1 Graves, Robert James
1 Haen, Anton de
1 Hales, Stephen
1 Haller, Albertus de
1 Helmholtz, Hermann von
1 Henle, Jacob
1 Hippocrates [bust]
1 Hippocrates [bust]
1 His, Wilhelm
1 Hodgkin, Thomas
1 Hunter, John
1 Jenner, Edward
1 Koch, Robert
1 Koelliker, [Albert] von
1 Laennec, Rene-Theophile-Hyacinthe
1 Linnaeus, [Carl]
1 Lister, [Joseph]
1 Louis, Pierre-Charles-Alexandre
1 Magendie, Francois
1 Malpighi, Marcello
1 Malpighi, Marcello
1 [Mondino dei Luzzi]
1 Monro, Alexander
1 Muller, Johannes
1 Muller, Johannes
1 Nelaton, Auguste
1 Osler, [William]
1 Paget, James
1 Pare, Ambroise
1 Pasteur, [Louis]
1 Pasteur, Louis
2 Purkinje, J. E.
2 Ramon y Cajal, S[antiago]
2 Ranvier, Louis
2 Ricord, Philippe
2 Roentgen, Wilhelm Konrad
2 Rokitansky, Carl
2 Ruysch, Fred[erik]
2 Schleiden, M. J.
2 Schultze, Max
2 Schwann, T[heodor]
2 Semmelweis, Ignaz Philipp
2 Servetus, [Michael] [statue]
2 Skoda, Josef
2 Stokes, William
2 Swieten, Gerhard van
2 Sylvius, Franciscus
2 Sylvius, Franciscus
2 Virchow, Rudolf
2 Watson, Thomas
2 Willis, Thomas
2 Wunderlich, Carl August
2 Unidentified
2 Unidentified
2 Unidentified
2 Unidentified
2 Hall of Statuary, Wellcome Historical Medical Museum [London]
2 Hall of Primitive Medicine, Wellcome Historical Medical Museum [London]
2 Original Lister Ward, Wellcome Historical Medical Museum [London]
2 Kaiserin-Auguste-Victoria-Haus, Berlin [exterior]
2 Teaching Museum, Kaiserin-Auguste-Victoria-Haus, [Berlin]

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  • Subject Terms :
  • History of Medicine
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • lantern slides
  • reproduction (copying)
  • Other Creators :
    • Personal Names :
    • Pearson, Anthony A., M.D. (arr)