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Bridal Veil Lumbering Company
Souvenir of the Bridal Veil Lumbering Company photograph album
1897 (inclusive)
.21 cubic feet
27 photographic prints in 1 album ; 7.5 x 6 in.
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Souvenir photograph album of Oregon lumber company
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The Bridal Veil Lumbering Company in the Cascade Mountains, 30 miles east of Portland, Oregon on the line of the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company Railroad, logged Larch Mountain, and milled timber in the company towns of Palmer and Bridal Veil from 1886-1936. A fire in the Bridal Veil Mill ended the company's operations and the town was largely abandoned. Most of the remaining structures were demolished in 2001. The Bridal Veil post office continues to postmark mail.

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The Apex Transportation Company rented the railroad and had a contract with Bridal Veil Company to supply the mill with logs, and Donahue & Kelly had a contract with Bridal Veil Company to log a portion of its land. Apex Company and Donahue & Kelly use oxen, whereas Bridal Veil uses a donkey engine.

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Album entitled "Souvenir of Bridal Veil Lumbering Company," with photographs by Browning Photo Co., Portland, Oregon and an essay by E.K. Bishop. Includes 27 black and white photographs depicting activities and views of the Bridal Veil Lumber Co. in Bridal Veil, Oregon. Includes group portraits of staff and crew of the Bridal Veil Lumbering Co. Saw Mill, Planing Mill and Lumber Yards; Apex Transportation Co.; and Donahoe and Kelly.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 Portraits of employees of the Bridal Veil Lumbering Company
J.S. Bradley, General Manager; L.C. Palmer, President; J.M. Leiter, Secretary and Manager of yards and planing mill; H.L. Bradley, Bookkeeper; W.A. Campbell, Mechanical Engineer; A.H. Willett, Storekeeper; J.F. Reilly, Stenographer
2 Portraits of employees of the Apex Transportation Company
Irvine H. Smith, Track-walker; J. Carlson, Asst. Timber peller; Fred Sievers, Barker; J.C. Hammel; G.D. Palmer, Bookkeeper; C.S. Dodge, Section Foreman; Chas Gastafison, sectionman; J.L. Byram, Log-sniper; W.E. Morand; John Horgan; J.W. Hayden, Riggin rustler; O.E. Brooke, Fireman, Locomotive; E.J. Crips, Engineer, Locomotive; W.G. Hicks, Engineer Bull-donkey; C.S. Palmer, Engineer yarding donkey; J. Langren, Spool tender, yarding donkey; J.J. Dixon, Riggin-rastler; Wm. Ramsey, Timber-feller; Robert H. Barr, Hook-tender for donkey; O.A. Palmer, Manager; E.H. Thompson, President; James Brown, Secretary and foreman; J.D. Puter, Hook tender, Bull Donkey; O. Lord, Timber-fellers; H.C. Colby, Riggin rustler; U. Sicott, Asst. Hook tender; J.A. Hennagen, Boss-skidder; J.E. Vanorsdol, Barker; J.E. Kenny, Barker; J.B. Acteson, Swinnper; Maggie Young, Asst. Cook; Mrs. J.B. Acteson, Cook; Ella Roberts, Cook; Tom Terison, Cross cutter; Victor Sicott, Banker
3 Portraits of employees of Donahoe & Kelly Company
R.L. Herren, Bookkeeper; James Dixon, Ox-driver; R.W. Akins, Ox-driver; Geo. Young, Timber-feller; Geo. Wicks, S.C. Robertson, Hook-tender; M.C. Donahoe, Manager; Bert Palmer; Geo. Paugh, Barker; J.W. Lavell, Cook; Guy Campbell, Asst. Cook.
4 Portraits of employees of Bridal Veil Lumber Company Sawmill
James Pulley; Jesse Everhart, Off-bearer; I.T. Wood, Log-hawler; Wm.A. Smith, Setter; Elmer Penny, Carriage-man; A.C. Chambers, Carriage-man, T.J. Gray, Off-bearer; Guy Wakerfield, Off-bearer; A.H. Rankin, Cut-off; A. Fredrickson, Asst. Edgerman; A.S. Woodward, Edger-man; M.F. Dickson, Foreman; D.E. Turner, Head-sawyer; G.W. Dickson, Head-trimmer; J.P. Rankin, Lath-tier; J.S. Hudson, Lath-maker; Wm. Brockman, Main off-bearer; P.O. Anderson, Log-scaler; W. Penny, Fireman; J.W. Whatsell, Engineer; E.K. Bishop, Talley-man; E.E. Roberts, Slasher man; W.L. Palmer, Off-bearer; W.R. Hudson, Lath-maker; C.L. Penny; M. Trimble, Blacksmith; J.P. McKee, Night-watchman; Warren Pulley, Oiler; H.L. Power, M.D.; G.M. Haines, Carpenter; J.J. Love; Chas. Dickson.
5 Portraits of employees of Bridal Veil Lumber Company Planing Mill and Lumber Yards
Geo. Sheppard, Truckman; M. Carlson, Floom-man; Carl Larson, Floom-man; John Larson, Floom-man; John Carlson, Floom-man; Dan Lehman, Truckman; Carl Victor, Truckman; H.C. Horton, Planerman; B.F. Preston, Talletman and inspector; P.T. Hill, Foreman, J.A. Leiter, Planerman and Talleyman; M. Supples, Fireman; C.H. Davidson; J.S. Davidson, V.Amend, Inspector; W.F. Witham, Inspector; G. Franzen; Chas, Gillam; W.P. Davis, Teemster; D.R. Gillam, Night-watchman; J.R. Gillam; H.H. Phillips; J.W. Gillam; R. Ginder; Tom Small; E.W. Gillam; J.H. Weeks.
6 View of Bridal Veil lumber mill and town 1897
7  Saw mill and log pond 1897
8  Two men sawing down a larch tree
Caption in album: "Felling a larch"
9  Oxen pulling logs
Caption in album: "Yarding logs with oxen"
10  Three men standing with axes on a log near donkey engine
Caption in album: "Yarding logs with donkey"
11  Two lines of oxen pulling logs
Caption in album: "Donahoe & Kelly ox teams"
12  At the head of the log chute 1897
13  Looking up log chute seen from the bull donkey engine 1897
14  Apex logging camp and crew 1897
15  Three men with large donkey engine
Caption in album: "Bull donkey"
16  Log chuting into pond 1897
17  Train pulling logs out of the pond
Caption in album: "Taking a load from the pond"
18  View of logging camp 1897
19  Railroad track circling pond and log chute 1897
20  Locomotive with train of logs on track in the woods 1897
21  View of hills and forest near saw mill 1897
22 O.R. & N. train and lumber yards 1897
23 Columbia River near Bridal Veil 1897
24 Bridal Veil Falls 1897
25 LaTourelle Falls 1897
26 Rooster Rock, Columbia River and forest seen from railroad tracks 1897
27 Pond, railroad, and cut trees 1897

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  • Lumber trade--Oregon--Bridal Veil
  • Lumbering--Oregon--Bridal Veil
  • Corporate Names :
  • Apex Transportation Company--Officials and employees--Photographs
  • Bridal Veil Lumbering Company
  • Bridal Veil Lumbering Company--Officials and employees--Photographs
  • Geographical Names :
  • Bridal Veil (Or.)
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  • Group portraits
  • Photograph albums
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  • Souvenir of Bridal Veil Lumbering Company
  • Other Creators :
    • Personal Names :
    • Bishop, E. K
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    • Browning Photo Company (Portland, Or.)

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