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Jonathan Coleman photograph collection, circa 1960-1980

Overview of the Collection

Jonathan Coleman photograph collection
circa 1960-1980 (inclusive)
246 photographs
Collection Number
The Jonathan Coleman photograph collection contains photographs of the Coleman family, the Frances Schreuder Family, and photographs relating to the murder of Franklin Bradshaw.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT
Telephone: 801-581-8863
Access Restrictions

Materials must be used on-site; advance notice suggested. Access to parts of this collection may be restricted under provisions of state or federal law.


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Images in this collection represent the goings-on of the Bradshaw family from Francis' two marriages up to the murder of her father Franklin Bradshaw. Included are extensive photographs of the murder trials in Salt Lake City. Photographs were given to Jonathan Coleman by Mrs. Bradshaw as material to write a book with and then donated to the University of Utah.

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Photographs of the Bradshaw family, the Schreuder family, and relating to the murder of Franklin Bradshaw.Return to Top

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Container(s) Description
Marilyn Bradshaw
Photograph number 1-2: Marilyn Bradshaw as a childPhotograph number 3: Marilyn and Robert ReaganPhotograph number 4-13: Marilyn Bradshaw as a child in the 1930sPhotograph number 14: Marilyn Bradshaw, 1940sPhotograph number 15: Marilyn Bradshaw, 1942Photograph number 16-17: Marilyn Bradshaw as a childPhotograph number 18: Marilyn Bradshaw Reagan in New York CityPhotograph number 19: Marilyn and Bob Reagan in a souvenir photo from Hawaii
Bernice Bradshaw
Photograph number 1: Bernice Bradshaw with Lorenzo GentilePhotograph number 2: Bernice Bradshaw age 31, 1933Photograph number 3: Bernice Bradshaw in Venice, Italy, 1957Photograph number 4: Bernice Bradshaw at Lehi Cemetery with F. Bradshaw's ashesPhotograph number 5-6: Bernice Bradshaw as an older ladyPhotograph number 7-8: Bernice Jewett Bradshaw in the 1920s
Franklin Bradshaw
Photograph number 1: Franklin BradshawPhotograph number 2: Franklin Bradshaw in 1933, age 31Photograph number 3: Franklin James Bradshaw, age 32; born 3 April 1902, Lehi Utah. Married Bernice Harriet Jewett, 31 October 1924, Ogden, UtahPhotograph number 4: Franklin Bradshaw, undatedPhotograph number 5: Franklin Bradshaw, August 10, 1962Photograph number 6-8: Franklin Bradshaw as an older adultPhotograph number 9: Franklin Bradshaw as a babyPhotograph number 10: Franklin Bradshaw, April 6, 1953Photograph number 11: Franklin Bradshaw, 1930sPhotograph number 12: Franklin Bradshaw, undatedPhotograph number 13: Franklin Bradshaw, 1920sPhotograph number 14: Franklin Bradshaw on floor of his auto-parts store
Franklin and Bernice Bradshaw
Photograph number 1-7: Franklin and Bernice Bradshaw
Bradshaw Family
Photograph number 1-2: Unidentified Bradshaw family photosPhotograph number 3: The Bradshaw's: Bernice, Franklin, Robert, Marilyn, Frances ElainePhotograph number 4: Elaine and Frances BradshawPhotograph number 5: Elaine BradshawPhotograph number 6: Robert BradshawPhotograph number 7: Bertha Bradshaw Bech (Franklin's sister)Photograph number 8-10: Bernice, Elaine, Marilyn Bradshaw at a family gatheringPhotograph number 11: Bernice Bradshaw and Marilyn Reagan at Temple Square in Salt Lake CityPhotograph number 12: Franklin, Bernice, and childrenPhotograph number 13: Robert Bradshaw's birthday, August 1962Photograph number 14: Franklin and his sister BerthaPhotograph number 15-16: Bernice with Marilyn BradshawPhotograph number 17-24: Various pictures of the children, some with parentsPhotograph number 25-26: Unidentified Bradshaw family photosPhotograph number 27: Elaine and MarilynPhotograph number 28: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 29: Elaine and Bernice circa 1960Photograph number 30: Frances and Bernice and Salt Lake Airport, 2 days after the murder, July 25, 1978.Photograph number 31: Bernice Bradshaw, Frances Schreuder, Marilyn Reagan, Same Druckman, Elaine Druckman, Max Druckman, in Salt Lake city for Franklin's funeralPhotograph number 32: Bradshaw family photo, undatedPhotograph number 33: Frances Schreuder and Bernice Bradshaw, day of the funeralPhotograph number 34: Bernice with a daughter ?Photograph number 35: Robert Bradshaw as a childPhotograph number 36: Bernice Bradshaw and Elaine Bradshaw Druckman, on Elaine's wedding dayPhotograph number 37: Bernice Bradshaw, Marilyn Bradshaw, Bernice's mother and grandmotherPhotograph number 38: Franklin Bradshaw with FrancesPhotograph number 39: Elaine Bradshaw as a childPhotograph number 40: Bernice, Marilyn and Robert Bradshaw, circa 1930Photograph number 41: John Bradshaw, Franklin's fatherPhotograph number 42: 1946: Franklin, Bernice, Marilyn, Elaine, Robert, Frances
Frances Schreuder
Photograph number 1: East High School PortraitPhotograph number 2: Frances BradshawPhotograph number 3: December 1984Photograph number 4: Mug shot, 1982Photograph number 5: Frances at 32 yearsPhotograph number 6: Frances Bradshaw Gentile on her wedding dayPhotograph number 7: On the Staten Island ferry
Marc Schreuder
Photograph number 1: Marc, 1962Photograph number 2: As a young boyPhotograph number 3-4: Marc, after arrest in New York City, 1981Photograph number 5-7: Late 1970sPhotograph number 8: 1981 Mug shots after being extradited to UtahPhotograph number 9-10: In high schoolPhotograph number 11: At Allen-Stevewion school in New York CityPhotograph number 12: Mug shot
Larry Schreuder
Photograph number 1: Larry Schreuder, as a young manPhotograph number 2: 1962Photograph number 3: Lorenzo GentilePhotograph number 4: At Salt Lake City Airport, right after murderPhotograph number 5: In room at Lehish UniversityPhotograph number 6: Circa age 10Photograph number 7: 1983Photograph number 8: PA Police Department. 1979
Frances Schreuder Family
Photograph number 1-2: Frances with a babyPhotograph number 3-6: Frederick and Frances Schreuder on their wedding day, 1969Photograph number 7: Frances, Lavinia, and Marl SchreuderPhotograph number 8: Franklin Bradshaw and Marc Schreuder, summer 1977, summer before the murderPhotograph number 9: 1983Photograph number 10: Frances and Lavinia Schreuder, New York CityPhotograph number 11: Larry and LaviniaPhotograph number 12: Frederick and Frances on their wedding dayPhotograph number 13: Bernice Bradshaw, Marilyn Bradshaw, Frances Bradshaw Gentile, Vittorio Gentile, Frances' Wedding dayPhotograph number 14-15: Lavinia, undatedPhotograph number 16: Larry and LaviniaPhotograph number 17: Marc and LaviniaPhotograph number 18: Vittorio and Frances Gentile, wedding day, January 1959Photograph number 19: Frances on Staten Island Ferry, Lavina in background
Detectives and Attorney
Photograph number 1: Marc Refowich, Northampton County, D.A.Photograph number 2: Detective Steve Klein, Manhattan D.A.'s officePhotograph number 3: Allen Sullivan, Manhattan, A.D.A.Photograph number 4: Detective Steve KleinPhotograph number 5: Sergeant Joel CampbellPhotograph number 6-7: Detective Mike George, Salt Lake City County Attorney's OfficePhotograph number 8: H. J. Smith, Investigator, Bethlehem PAPhotograph number 9: Steve KleinPhotograph number 10: Detective Ed ReganPhotograph number 11: Allen SullivanPhotograph number 12: Ed ReganPhotograph number 13: Detective Steve Klein and Detective Mike GeorgePhotograph number 14: Steve Klein
People Involved with trial
Photograph number 1: Myles ManningPhotograph number 2: Jeff MorrisPhotograph number 3: Ed Dean, Myles Manning's AttorneyPhotograph number 4: Myles Manning IDPhotograph number 5-6: Myles Manning: Frances Schreuder paid him $5,000 to kill her fatherPhotograph number 7: Richard BehrensPhotograph number 8: Richard Behrens and Marc Schreuder at Larry Schreuder's Graduation from Eastern Military AcademyPhotograph number 9: Elaine Druckman in kitchen...2 days after shootingPhotograph number 10: Richard BehrensPhotograph number 11: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 12: Doug Steele, employee of Bradshaw Auto PartsPhotograph number 13: Malcolm McPhallPhotograph number 14: Clive Davis, Employee of Bradshaw Auto PartsPhotograph number 15: John CavanaughPhotograph number 16: Jerry RegisterPhotograph number 17: Bryon Baird (fellow inmate of Marc Schreuder)
Schreuder Trial
Photograph number 1-13: Marc Schreuder's trialPhotograph number 14-49: Frances Schreuder's trialPhotograph number 50: Frances SchreuderPhotograph number 51: Ted Carey, at Marc's trialPhotograph number 52: Pictures from the trialsPhotograph number 53: Frances Schreuder being put in a carPhotograph number 54: Marc and his attorney's at his trialPhotograph number 55: Mike Rosen, Frances' AttorneyPhotograph number 56: Dr. Louis MoenchPhotograph number 57: Mike Rosen and Frances Schreuder after verdictPhotograph number 58: Paul Van Dan: at Marc Schreuder's trialPhotograph number 59: Attorney David Frankel: during Marc's trail (Marc's New York Attorney)Photograph number 60: Frances Schreuder and attorney Kevin KurumadaPhotograph number 61-62: Mike Rosen and Frances SchreuderPhotograph number 63: Mike Rosen, Frances Schreuder's attorneyPhotograph number 64: Ernie Jones at Frances' trial, Salt Lake County Attorney's Office
Photograph number 1: One of Frances' apartments in New York CityPhotograph number 2: Richard Behren's Apt. Building in New York CityPhotograph number 3-4: 1327 Gilmer Dr.Photograph number 5: Bradshaw Auto Parts, Salt Lake CityPhotograph number 6: Family plot, Lehi, Utah CemeteryPhotograph number 7: 1327 Gilmer Ave.Photograph number 8: Bradshaw Auto Parts, in Provo, UtahPhotograph number 9: 1327 Gilmer Ave.Photograph number 10: Bank in Midladd, Texas, where Marc purchased gun en route to Salt Lake City to murder grandfatherPhotograph number 11: Sergeant Joel Campbell on July 23, 1978, day of Franklin Bradshaw's murder, outside Bradshaw Auto Parts Warehouse Bradshaw's pick-up truck is parked outsidePhotograph number 12: Bradshaw's Auto Parts store in Salt Lake CityPhotograph number 13: Ed DeanPhotograph number 14: Doug Steele, Bradshaw employee