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Stafford, Dorothy
Dorothy Stafford Memorabilia Collection
1966-1993 (inclusive)
.3 cubic feet, (1 box)
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This collection of memorabilia includes news clippings, certificates, awards, flyers, press releases, programs, and letters that document the career of Dorothy Stafford's husband and poet, William Stafford.
Lewis & Clark College, Special Collections and Archives
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In 1944 Dorothy Hope Frantz married the poet and pacifist William Stafford. After short stints in California, Kansas, and Iowa, the Staffords settled in Lake Oswego, Oregon. William Stafford secured a position as a professor of English at Lewis & Clark College, while Dorothy taught elementary school children in the Lake Oswego School District. Together the Staffords raised four children. In 1963 William Stafford won the National Book Award for his poetry collection, Traveling Through the Dark. Other honors included Poetry Consultant for the Library of Congress (1970-71), the Shelley Award from the Poetry Society of America, and an appointment as Oregon Poet Laureate in 1975 by Governor Tom McCall. Throughout her nearly fifty years of marriage, Dorothy compiled her own documentation of her husband's career, including the clippings, certificates, pamphlets, and plaques represented in this collection.

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This collection of memorabilia includes news clippings, certificates, awards, flyers, press releases, programs, and letters that document the career of poet, William Stafford.

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The Dorothy Stafford Memorabilia Collection #OLPb036STA, Lewis & Clark College Aubrey Watzek Library Archives & Special Collections, Portland, Oregon.

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The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Container(s): Box Box 1

Container(s) Description Dates
1: Note from Dorothy Stafford about collection
2: Program, The Gold Schmidty Awards
3: Pat Johnson's cartoon of "Tracker Dog"
4: Photo of William Stafford from the Pioneer Log
November 16, 1978
5: Clipping with photo of William Stafford from Lake Oswego Review
February 28, 1979
6: Eulogy of William Stafford by Rick Bella from the Oregonian
August, 1993
7: Letter from Alice Price accompanying Program & celebrate words in the Cold Air
April 10, 1994
8: Events clipping with photo of William Stafford from Willamette Week
April 8 and 14, 1981
9: Packaging for audio cassette of Animal that Drank Up Sound
10: Clipping, Roseburg News Review
February 15, 1981
11: Clipping, Roseburg News Review
March 29, 1980
12: Clipping, Oregonian (L. Congress appointment)
February 26, 1970
13: Clipping, Roseburg News Review-Kim Stafford reading
March 1980
14: Poem release for Kim Stafford visit to Mid –Columbia Writer
May 1983
15: Typescript, Kim Stafford, Last Words
16: Clippings, South Dakota State University Collegian
November 5, 1980
17: Poster/flyer for William Stafford reading
February 10, ?
18: Fred Crafts interview, Eugene Register-Guard
April 23, 1981
19: Meryle Secrest interview, Washington Post
November 15, 1970
20: 1940’s/1950’s Postcard photo of Manor House, Lewis & Clark College
21: President Howard Letter, William Stafford Retirement
June 11, 1979
22: Citation, William Stafford honoring doctorate from Washington College
May 17, 1981
23: Clippings, Edith Knight Hill Award
24: William Stafford at Great Plains Writers’ Conference SDSU
November 1980
25: William Stafford at University of Hawaii
26: Interview (Dorothy Stafford,William Stafford) in Lake Oswego Review
June 24, 1971
27: “William Stafford, An Efficient ‘Poet Abroad"
28: Flyer for NW Review and note from Jim (?Heynen)
29: OR Poet Laureate ceremony-Oregon Journal
April 30, 1974
30: Clipping, OR Poet Laureate Ceremony
31: OR Poet Laureate Ceremony. Oregonian
April 30, 1974
32: Lewis & Clark Journal (1976/77) review of Holden, The Mark to Turn
33: John Wendeborn Profile of William Stafford. Oregonian
November 14, 1976
34: Photo of William Stafford in news Clipping
35: Malcolm Bauer Profile Sunday Oregonian
January 8, 1978
36: Amy Grodine profile, Willamette Week
June 25, 1979
37: Aubrey Watzek Award
March 6, 1979
38: “Where Poems Begin”- Interview in Christian Science Monitor
May 10, 1978
39: William Stafford wins Shelly Award
January 24, 1964
40: Tony Kneidek Interview with Mike Markee. Salem Reaching Out
September 1988
41: William Stafford reading at San Diego State University Daily Aztec
April 1988
42: Jerry Johnston, “William Stafford at Bryce Canyon”, Deseret News
May 10, 1987
43: Toby Sonneman interview with William Stafford The Wenatchee World
April 15, 1993
44: Flyer, William Stafford reading at Columbia Basin College
November 16 & 17, 1984
45: Michael Hauck, “Wildlife in the Urban Environment” quoting “Spring of Place”
46: Paul Pintarich review of An Oregon Menage, Oregonian NW Magazine
July 5,1987
47: Johnathan Kirsch, Review of You Must Review Your Life, LA Times
June 4,1987
48: Paul Pintarich, review of Hugo autobiography, Oregonian
November 30, 1986
49: Paul Pintarich, review of NW Writers Handbook
50: Jarold Ramsey introduction to William Stafford reading, U of Rochester
October 15, 1986
51: Sam Hazo invitation to International Poetry Forum
October 19, 1986
52: Flyer, Education for Social Responsibility service day
October 10, 1986
53: Fellowship of Reconciliation Pamphlet, “why I Belong” WS/DS + Hashimoto
54: Bulletin For City Club of Portland, William Stafford speaking
July 25, 1986
55: William Stafford introduction at Kansas State University
56: Clipping, Lake Oswego Review, Dorothy Stafford Retirements
June 22, 1982
57: Review of “A Glass Face In The Rain”. The Wichita Eagle-Beacon
November 7, 1982
58: Clipping Regarding William Stafford. Letter to Sports Illustrated.“Dear Coach Muscleman”
59: Program for Governor’s Awards For the Arts (Invitation Also)
February 5, 1982
60: Clipping, Oregon Arts Comm. Awards. The Oregonian
February 14, 1982
61: Clipping, “Of Poets” on WS. In The Christian Science Monitor (Tom Simmons Article)
62: Letter from the Editor, “With Kit, Age 7, at the Beach” Quoted, American Arts
September 1981
63: Clipping Article on William Stafford and Kim Stafford in the Oregonian
June 19, 1983
64: Clipping, Barbara Stafford and Steven Wilson Marriage Announcement
65: Photo of William Stafford CF. Columbia Basin College Flyer #44
66: Clipping, Dorothy Stafford chosen as Outstanding teacher, From Lake Oswego Review
February 27, 1975
67: Clipping, William Stafford Receives Aubrey Watzek Award from the Lake Oswego Review
68: Clipping, William Stafford on Peace Walks From the Denver Post
December 14, 1966
69: Note from Dorothy Stafford
March 31, 1985
70: J & J’s “Bread-and-butter” thank you for dinner
71: Poem: “Dorothy’s Side of the Story (maybe)” By Paulann Petersen
Septmber 21, 1985
72: Clipping, Article on William Stafford in the Daily Iowan
October 29, 1985
73: Clipping, “Hearing The Tide” by William Stafford in Northwest Magazine
September 15, 1985
74: Clipping, Article on William Stafford in Northwest HG
February 6, 1966
75: Clipping, Article About Raft Trip, WS Accompanying. “Wide Open Spaces”
76: Clipping, WS Receives Shelly Poetry Award
77: Gandhi Clipping “Seven Sins”
78: “Montana Eclogue”, Clipping from New Yorker
79: Looking Glass Bookstore 1987 Christmas Catalogue Featuring “An Oregon Message” by William Stafford
80: Article by John McDermott, Clipping from The Oregonian
81: Review of “You Must Revise Your Life,” Clipping From the Los Angeles Times
June 4, 1987
82: Program for Lake Oswego City Hall Dedication, “City Hall” by William Stafford
June 27, 1987
83: Flyer for WS Reading at Corvallis-Benton County Public Library
April 16, ?
84: “Northwest Pages” by Paul Pintarich, Clipping from The Oregonian
November 9, 1986
85: Program for Wang International Festival of Authors, Toronto Canada. William Stafford Reading
October 14-22, 1988
86: “Oregon Ink: Selected Books By Oregon Writers.” Oregon Institute of Literary Arts. 1989 (featuring “An Oregon Message”)
87: Flyer for Reading at University of Maine
February 7, 1991
88: William Stafford Poetry Clipping from Northwest Magazine
February 3, 1991
89: Clipping from Lansing State Journal. William Stafford at International Poetry Forum
October 23, 1986
90: “What A Happy Time”. Postcard from the Sellbach Hotel. Louisville, Kentucky
91: William Stafford Profile by Jon M. Larson, Lake Oswego Review
May 1, 1991
92: Flyer for William Stafford & Marvin Bell Reading. Rattlesnake Mountain Writer’s Workshop, Richmond, WA
September 21, ?
93: William Stafford Resigns as Poet Laureate, Clipping from The Oregonian
August 13, 1989
94: William Stafford Resigns as Poet Laureate, Clipping from Lake Oswego Review
August 24, 1989
95: “Fawn Rescue”, Clipping from Cedar Rapids Gazette sent to William Stafford
June 17, 1989
96: William Stafford at “Fish Trap Gathering”, Clipping from Wallowa County Chieftain
July 13, 1989
97: Program for Morgan Samuel Odell Memorial. L&C Chapel.
February 10, 1985
98: William Stafford in residence at Trinity College, clipping from Hartford Courant
March 3, 1982
99: William Stafford in residence at Trinity College, clipping from The Trinity Tripod
March 9, 1982
100: Flyer for WS reading at Confluence Gallery
June 21, ?
101: Flyer for WS reading at Shambaugh Auditorium
February 23, 1993
102: Stafford Kitchen remodel, clipping from The Oregonian. FOODday
February 9, 1988
103: Invitaton to reception for The Animal That Drank Up Sound in Louisville, Kentucky.
November 20, 1992
104: KS & WS Profile by Anne Donelson, from L.O.R/W.L.T Perspective
February 24 & 25, 1987
105: Flyer for Publication of The Animal That Drank Up Sound
106: Picture featuring “An Oregon Message” from The Oregonian
107: The Animal That Drank Up Sound Review in Minneapolis Star-Tribune
108: KS. “Art In The Eighties: Portlanders Who Make A Difference,” From Northwest Magazine
December 31, 1989
109: Program for Walla Walla Symphony 1990-91 season. “Hold in Your Memory the Land” influenced by The Animal That Drank Up Sound
110: William Stafford + Dorothy Stafford at Luncheon at Waverly Country Club
January 16, 1992
111: Press release and flyer for Yeugeny Yevtushenko Reading at L&C Chapel
April 23, 1992
112: “William Stafford on Writing” by George Wallace Clipping from Long Islander
June 4, 1990
113: Flyer for William Stafford at L&C Bookstore
January 24, ?
114: William Stafford reading in “NW Pages” from The Oregonian
October 3, 1989
115: Margie Boule column, clipping from The Oregonian
October , 1989
116: KS & WS reading at Idaho State University. Clipping
117: Jonathan Nicholas column mentioning Kit Stafford. Clipping from Oregonian
June 23, 1989
118: Clipping about publication of “Passwords” by William Stafford
119: Clipping, William Stafford on used book stores, by Lisa Roegner
120: Flyer and Order Form for Documentary “William Stafford: What the River Says”
121: Invitation to dinner honoring WS at University of Portland
122: Clipping, WS receives Senior NEA Fellowship, From Lewis & Clark Chronicle
123: Notification letter of Award of Senior Fellowship in Literature from the National Endowment For the Arts
124: Postcard to WS from Helen Franz (Dorothy’s Sister)
125: Clipping, WS given NEA Senior Fellowship
126: WS receives NEA senior Fellowship, clipping. Corvallis Gazette-Times
127: WS receives NEA Senior Fellowship, clipping, Reno Gazette-Journal
128: WS receives NEA Senior Fellowship, clipping.
129: Clipping, WS reading @ Florida International University. From the Miami Herald.
130: Article on Debra Frasier about The Animal That Drank Up Sound, by Julia Wotieka, from The Oregonian
131: Program for Lake Oswego Festival of The Arts, WS Reading.
132: Clipping, WS receives 1992 Western State Book Award, From the Oregonian
133: Pamphlet, Debra Frasier Profile for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
134: Flyer for WS & Debra Frasier Appearance at Ginger + Pickle, Lake Oswego
135: “Cheat Grass” + “A Wind From A Wing” + article by Vincent Wixon on WS in Jefferson Public Radio Guide to the Arts
136: Release accouchement for “What the River Says” and “The Life of the Poem” Documentaries. The Educational vidio portrait series
137: Clipping, WS Receives NEA Senior Fellowship. From Lewis & Clark Newspaper
138: Flyer for evening with WS at University of Oregon.
139: WS interview from the Christian Science Monitor.
140: WS profile by Tom Forstrom, from Statesman Journal, Salem Oregon.
141: Lewis & Clark College profile in Lake Oswego Review
142: Invitation to reception honoring The Animal That… Anaheim Convention Center.
143: Flyer for premier of music + slide animation of The Animal That Drank Up Sound Walker Art Center.
144: Kansas Governor’s Medal.
145: Pacific University “Thanks for a True Poet”
146: Oregon Poets Observe Poetry Day, Clipping from The Sunday Oregonian
Oct 12, 1958
147: Bio on William Stafford, clipping from The Pioneer Log
Nov 22, 1957
148: National Book Award flyer with "Traveling Through the Dark"
149: Article on William Stafford and "West of Your City," clipping from Oswego Review
Dec 5, 1960
150: Dorothy Stafford, Teaching Cards on Children and Poetry
151: "At a Church Service" by William Stafford, unidentified clipping
152: Short bio and picture of William Stafford, unidentified clipping
153: "The Star in the Hills" by William Stafford, unidentified clipping
154: Typescript of "Demolition Project" by Bret Stafford
155: Typescript, "Some Animal Poems" by William Stafford, "When We Looked Back," "Sub Urban," and "Totem"
156: Pamphlet with poems by William Stafford for the Portland Art Museum
June 13, 1959
157: "Kinship" by William Stafford, unidentified clipping
158: "Dr. Stafford Invited to New York," unidentified clipping
159: Review of "Traveling Through the Dark," unidentified clipping
160: Typescript, "As Pippa Lilted," by William Stafford
161: Flyer for Poetry Magazine Poetry Day reading
Nov 13, 19?
162: "The Man from the Alaska Highway" by William Stafford, clipping from Harpers
April 1964
163: "The Animal that Drank up Sound" by William Stafford, unidentified clipping
164: "For Personal Values in Education" and photo of William Stafford, unidentified clipping
165: Typescript, "Not Policy, but Love" and "The Only Card I Got on My Birthday was From an Insurance Man" by William Stafford
May, 1962
166: Pamphlet pages, "A Statesmanlike Proposal" and "The PMLA Bibliography..." by William Stafford
167: Commendation to William Stafford from "The Class of 1955"
168: William Stafford wins poetry and prose in Centennial Contest, clipping from the Pioneer Log
169: Review of "Traveling Through the Dark" in "Books and Men" by Peter Davison, clipping from The Atlantic Monthly
170: Congratulations on National Book Award, telegram from Cass Canfield
Mar 1, 1963
171: Article on National Book Award, clipping from The Oregonian
172: Congratulations on National Book Award, Telegram from John F. Kennedy
Mar 12, 1963
173: Review of "Traveling Through the Dark," unidentified clipping
174: William Stafford in "1962 Honor Roll" and "Portland Postscripts," unidentified clipping
Jan 4, 1963
175: Article on William Stafford, clipping from The Oregonian
176: Article on William Stafford recognition by Atlantic Monthly, [clipping from Oswego Review]
Nov 15, 1962
177: "Congratulations to Portland Poet" on William Stafford, clipping from The Portland Reporter
178: Article on National Book Award, clipping from The Oregonian
Mar 13, 1963
179: Article on William Stafford reading at Portland State College, clipping from The Vanguard
180: Article on National Book Award, unidentified clipping
181: Article on National Book Award winners, clipping from Greensboro Daily News
Mar 24, 1963
182: Review of "Traveling Through the Dark" by M.L. Rosenthal, clipping from The New York Times Book Review
April 21, 1963
183: Picture of William Stafford in The Oregonian
May 9, 1963
184: William Stafford reading in Spokane, unidentified clipping
185: Article on National Book Awards, clipping from The New York Times
Mar 13, 1963
186: Article on William Stafford and the National Book Awards, clipping from Oakland Tribune
Mar 25, 1963
187: Article on National Book Awards, unidentified clipping
188: Article on National Book Awards, clipping from Butler County News
Mar 21, 1963
189: William Stafford, National Book Award acceptance speech, clipping from the Pioneer Log
Mar 29,1963
190: William Stafford and the National Book Awards, clipping from the Christian Science Monitor
Mar 26, 1963
191: Flyer for "Best of Poetry International"
192: Flyer for "At the end of the Columbia River" Photographs by Robert Adams
193: "William Stafford: Poet Laureate of Oregon" Business Cards. Printed at the Elliott Press, Pacific Lutheran University
194: "William E. Stafford" Calligraphy Name Card
195: Invitation to Dorothy Stafford's 93rd Birthday
December 2008
196: Invitation for "Tales and Pictures from the Trip" Harcourt Brace &Company
November 1994
197: Laszlo and Helen Slomovits to Staffords
December 1987
198: Dorothy Stafford to Helen Franz, Greeting Cards
199: Helen Franz to Dorothy Stafford, Greeting Card
200: Staffords to Paul and Hazel Keller, Greeting Cards
201: Helen Melon to Staffords, Greeting Cards
202: Dorothy to unknown, Greeting Card
203: Birthday card from Kit to Dorothy
204: Postcard to Dorothy from B.B.
Oct. 20, 1993
205: "Writers Chronicle" Includes mention of WS by Richard Kostelanetz
May 2001
206: Newspaper sheet featuring poem by Robert Bly
Dec. 4, 1980
207: Miscellaneous Comic Clippings
208: "Words One Summer" WS to Dorothy, 1944. Photocopy of original
209: Miscellaneous handwritten notes and lists
210: Miscellaneous unused postcards
211: William Stafford Addressed Envelopes
212: Miscellaneous Stafford Travel Documents and Correspondence

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  • Poets, American--20th century.
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  • Stafford, William, 1914-1993
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