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Peterson, LaGrande, 1904-1990
LaGrande Peterson Family Papers
1901-1976 (inclusive)
10 boxes, (5.75 linear feet)
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This collection contains the papers of LaGrande and Helen Peterson, Mrs. Peterson's mother Clara Bean, and their families
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LaGrande Peterson was born July 20, 1904 in Brigham City, Utah the son of Silas Frank Thompson and Bolette Hansen Peterson. LaGrande served in the U.S. Army Signal corps during World War II. He was inducted June 23, 1942, and was trained in principles of electricity, messaging, radio and telephone schools and as a teletype operator. He was stationed in Camp Crowder, Missouri; Omaha, Nebraska; Camp Edwards, Massachusetts; and North Africa. While in Rabat, Morocco LaGrande received his release order due to being over 38 years old and was then sent to Casablanca to await his shipment home. He arrived in New York August 3, 1943, but did not return to Utah until October 1943. (For an autobiography of his Army services see Box 2 Folder 6). LaGrande attended school in Box Elder County, the Business College in Long Beach, California, and completed correspondence graduate courses in high accountancy, architecture, sign painting and showcard writing with LaSalle Extension University and International Correspondence schools. LaGrande was employed in Salt Lake City as a tax clerk and later as a cashier and tax clerk in Ogden with the Utah State Tax commission for a number of years. LaGrande served as Box Elder county treasurer for eight years before retiring in 1967. In Bear River City LaGrande served as clerk for his LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) ward, town clerk and secretary of the Bear River Democratic Party. He was also the secretary-treasurer and director of the Acme Water Company, secretary of the Box Elder County Democratic party and was a charter member and treasurer of the Box Elder chapter of the American Association of Retired Persons. LaGrande passed away on August 22, 1990 in Brigham City. (Note to Researcher: In some instances Mr. Peterson's first name is listed as LeGrand or Le Grande rather than LaGrande).

Helen (Billie) V. Bean Peterson was born on February 11, 1908 in Payson, Utah to Roy Verdell Bean and Clara Eva Barnett Bean. Helen graduated from Provo Junior High School in 1923 (attended to Moapa Valley High School in 1923-24) and Payson High School in 1926. She also attended college off and on at Brigham Young University, Utah State Agricultural College (USU) and the University of Utah during the years of 1926 to 1943. She received her normal diploma (two year) in 1928 and a Bachelor of Science in 1933 from BYU. Billie was a teacher for 37 years, mainly teaching at the elementary school level. She began teaching in 1928 in Moroni, North Sanpete District, and then moved to Box Elder County; teaching in Fielding and Bear River City. A few years later Billie moved to Heber City and taught school there for six years. While living in Heber, Billie married LaGrande Peterson on May 24th of 1942. Shortly after their marriage LaGrande was drafted for World War II. After LaGrande returned from the war they moved to Bear River City. Billie was a teacher there until 1966 when she retired. After retiring she became an active member in the Bear River camp of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Billie was also an active member of the Brigham City branch of the American Association of University Women; she served in all offices except president. Billie passed away on February 21, 1990 in Brigham City, Utah and was buried in Bear River City, Utah.

Clara Eva Barnett Bean was born July 24, 1882 in Payson, Utah the daughter of Henry Westlake Barnett and Elizabeth (Eliza) Mitchell Barnett. Clara attended Brigham Young University, Utah State Agricultural College (USU) and the University of Utah. Clara attended BYU from 1910-1915, 1922-1923, 1930-1932, 1935 and in 1943. She attended classes at the University of Utah in the years 1913, 1917-1920, and 1942 summer and in 1947-1948. Clara took courses in spring 1946 and the summer of 1948 at USAC. Clara was a teacher in Payson and principal of the Central School until 1921. Clara also taught in Overton, Nevada at the Moapa Valley high school in 1932 and the Box Elder School District. Clara was married to Roy Verdell Bean on April 25th of 1907 in Salt Lake City, but they later divorced. They had only one child, Helen (Billie) Bean, with whom Clara remained very close all her life. Clara lived with her daughter in her later years due to illness. Clara was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Clara passed away on July 19, 1964.

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This ten-box collection contains the papers of LaGrande and Helen Peterson, Mrs. Peterson's mother Clara Bean, and their families, with the bulk of the collection consisting of the papers of Mr. and Mrs. Peterson. LaGrande's papers include his World War II correspondence to his wife, military papers and professional and personal papers. Helen's papers consist of correspondence, her college papers, professional papers and an autobiography. Clara Bean's papers consist of her college and personal writings (1920s and 30s) expressing feminist and religious views, correspondence, personal and professional papers. The remaining material includes Box Elder County legal and financial papers, family genealogical papers, and papers pertaining to the business of the Border Development Company and the Hotel Cazador in Mexico. This collection spans the time period 1901 to 1980.

Box One of the collection contains the World War II correspondence of LaGrande Peterson. Boxes Two and Three contain LaGrande's professional and personal papers, and box Three also contains the personal and professional papers of Helen Peterson. Box Four consists of papers concerning LaGrande's employer, Box Elder County and Bear River City papers. Box Five has the papers concerning Clara Bean's death. Box Six has the writings, college papers and correspondence of Clara Bean. Box Seven contains various family member's papers, genealogical papers and miscellaneous family correspondence. Box Eight includes the Border Development Co. and Hotel Cazador correspondence and legal papers. Box Nine is miscellaneous legal sized documents and Box Ten is oversized college diplomas, certificates and a check book.

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LaGrande Peterson's WWII correspondence to his wife (Helen "Billie" Bean Peterson), 1936-1944Return to Top

(8 folders)
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Outgoing Correspondence
LaGrande (Pete) Peterson's letters to his future wife
1 2
Outgoing Correspondence
LaGrande (Pete) Peterson's letters to his future wife
1 3
Outgoing Correspondence
(Stationed at Camp Crowder)
1942 July
1 4
Outgoing Correspondence
(Camp Crowder and Omaha, Nebraska)
1942 August
1 5
Outgoing Correspondence
(Army Radio School in Omaha and Camp Edwards, Massachusetts)
1942 September to October
1 6
Outgoing Correspondence
(Camp Edwards, Massachusetts and North Africa)
1942 December, 1943 January to February
1 7
Outgoing Correspondence
(North Africa)
1943 March to May
1 8
Incoming Correspondence
WWII letter from Eddie.
1944 January

LaGrande Peterson's: Military papers and letters, Veteran correspondence, school papers job resumes and political papers, 1917-1976Return to Top

(26 folders)
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
2 1
LaGrande Peterson's military training papers
ca. 1942
2 2
Military pamphlets: Camp Crowder guide, about censoring letters, health guide
ca. 1942
2 3
The Roster of Message Center Clerks at Camp Crowder
ca. 1942-1943
2 4
LaGrande Peterson's soldier pay record WWII
2 5
LaGrande Peterson's notes on places he was stationed during WWII (about North Africa) and other notes
ca. 1943
2 6
Record (autobiography) of Army Service of LaGrande Peterson
ca. 1943 Winter
2 7
LaGrande Peterson's incoming correspondence from the War Department
2 8
Incoming correspondence concerning induction and discharge, mustering out payments etc. of military
(See also Box 9 Fd 3 for Honorable Discharge Certificate.)
2 9
LaGrande Peterson's military service papers concerning transfer requests and outgoing letter
1943 June-October
2 10
LaGrande Peterson's, "Claim for Settlement-Unused leave" military document
2 11
Incoming Veteran Correspondence, pamphlets, and memento
2 12
Incoming Veteran Correspondence
1946-1951, 1965, 1966, 1972
2 13
Life Insurance papers
2 14
LaGrande Peterson's "Pupils Records" from 7th-9th grade
2 15
LaGrande Peterson's check stubs from Glen Bro.s–Roberts Piano Co.
2 16
LaGrande Peterson's Long Beach California College transcript
(See also Box 10 Items 1-9 for Diplomas and Certificates)
2 17
Various incoming correspondence
including WWI letter from brother Roland, Aug. 1918)
2 18
LaGrande Peterson's personal records, education and business experience (a resume)
circa 1942 and 1949
2 19
LaGrande Peterson's campaigning papers, ballots, etc. for Box Elder County Treasurer
(See also Box 9 Fd.s 5-9.)
2 20
Incoming political campaigning correspondence
2 21
Outgoing correspondence to citizens and to LDS/Mormon ward as town clerk
1936, 1943-1946
2 22
LaGrande Peterson's Box Elder political papers/letters and notes
1961 and 1972
2 23
Newspaper clippings on LaGrande seeking office, primary elections
2 24
Political memorabilia, campaigning pamphlets, etc
2 25
LaGrande Peterson's invitation to Inauguration of President Kennedy in Washington
1961 January 20
2 26
LaGrande Peterson's Honor Roll, Annual Giving Reports from University of Utah

LaGrande and Helen Peterson papers; legal documents, financial records and ephemera. Papers of Helen (Billie) Bean Peterson: school papers, correspondence, teaching documents and her autobiography, 1904-1966Return to Top

(15 folders)
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
3 1
LaGrande and Helen Peterson's birth certificates; LaGrande Peterson's family legal documents
1904, 1908, 1949, 1964
3 2
LaGrande and Helen's marriage announcement
1942 May 24
3 3
LaGrande and Helen's financial income ledger
3 4
Incoming correspondence: Mr. and Mrs. LaGrande Peterson
1940, 1965
3 5
Ephemera: LaGrande and Helen Peterson
3 6
LaGrande: Scrap booked magazine with miscellaneous newspaper clippings
3 7
Diplomas of Helen Peterson, Jr. High School – College
(See also Box 10 Items 10-12 for diplomas and teaching licenses)
3 8
Helen Peterson's High School, College (BYU, USAC, U of U) and seminary transcripts and credits
1923- 1960s
3 9
Incoming Correspondence: Billie (Helen) B. Peterson from the War Dept.; various
1942-1943; 1944-73
3 10
Helen's Shakespearean year book
3 11
Helen's pay stubs
3 12
Helen's teaching contract and salaries from Wasatch County; Box Elder County and miscellaneous
1943; 1946-1966
3 13
Living Will of Helen B. Peterson concerning Clara Bean (her mother)
3 14
Helen's Geopolitics school notes, assignments, test, etc.
3 15
Helen Peterson's autobiography

LaGrande Peterson miscellaneous Idaho Sugar Co. payroll books and papers. Box Elder LDS church handouts. Box Elder County and Bear River City tracts, handouts and papers, 1918-1971Return to Top

(9 folders)
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
4 1
Utah Idaho Sugar Co. papers (LaGrande Peterson's employer)
1939, 1946
4 2
LaGrande Peterson's payroll books for Utah Idaho Sugar Co. and painting
1942- 1952
4 3
Democratic Precinct Officers, Box Elder County
4 4
Budget Summary for Box Elder County
4 5
Handouts, pamphlets, messages, etc. from Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) wards in Bear River City and Box Elder County
1918-1919, 1930-1934, 1940
4 6
Bear River/Box Elder tracts, handouts, County Fair papers, etc.
1940, 1946-1958
4 7
Book --"Box Elder County, Utah–Citizen Involvement Program on Community Development--Goals and Policies"
1971 May
4 8
Bear River City, Baseball score book
4 9
Labor and Materials Required in the Erection of the Addition to LDS Bear River Ward, Utah

Mr. and Mrs. Peterson's papers concerning the death of Clara B. Bean. Correspondence concerning the financial state of Clara and sympathy letters after her death, 1963-1964Return to Top

(12 folders)
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
5 1
Incoming Correspondence: Helen Peterson concerning Clara's finances and property
5 2
Paper about Clara's health issues, "Questions about Clara Bean."
ca. 1963-1964
5 3
Paper "Copied from Mom's Life Insurance Policy," includes Clara's families death dates and her medical record
ca. 1964
5 4
Clara's funeral book. Includes her time of death, parents death dates, lists or relatives and friends
1964 July 19
5 5
Funeral program and obituary of Clara Eva Barnett Bean
1964 July
5 6
Clara's Death Certificate (several copies)
1964 September
5 7
Helen's incoming/outgoing correspondence: legal and financial letters concerning Clara's death
5 8
Incoming correspondence: Mr. and Mrs. Peterson; sympathy letters for Clara's death
1964 July 20-31
5 9
Incoming correspondence: Mr. and Mrs. Peterson; sympathy letters for Clara's death
1964 August-1965 January
5 10
Outgoing correspondence: Helen/Billie Peterson
Concerning Clara's death
5 11
Financial papers of Helen Peterson and Clara Bean
1964 September
5 12
Helen/Billie's writing on Clara's death, "About Mother's Death"
Also a poem/prayer, undated author unknown
1964 July

Clara Barnett Bean papers: correspondence, teaching papers, college papers, general and religious writings, 1901-1962Return to Top

(23 folders)
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
6 1
Newspaper clippings and photos concerning Clara Barnett Bean
1901 and 1905
6 2
Clara Barnett Bean's patriarchal blessing by G. Ellsworth
1913 November 2
6 3
Clara Bean's life teaching certificate/diploma for the State of Nevada
6 4
Moapa Valley High School Yearbook
(Clara on pg 12-Faculty)
6 5
Reports concerning Clara Bean's teaching work
6 6
Ingoing correspondence: Mrs. Clara B. Bean
6 7
Ingoing correspondence: Mrs. Clara B. Bean
6 8
Ingoing correspondence: Mrs. Clara B. Bean
6 9
Ingoing correspondence: Clara Bean. Concerning property, insurance, finances, etc.
1934, 1951-1962
6 10
Outgoing correspondence: Clara Bean
6 11
Clara's college transcripts and credits (BYU, U of U and USAC)
Also State of Nevada application. (See also Box 9 Fd 1 for teaching license.)
6 12
Clara's writings: School or Educational essays
1916, 1932, 1935
6 13
Student notes or essays on lectures in World Literature B
ca. 1920-1930s
6 14
Student analytical essays on various literatures, by Clara Bean
ca. 1920-1930s
6 15
Writings: "Philosophy of Ed. 111s." Essays and notes on lectures
(for date see Fd 10, BYU transcript)
6 16
Clara's writings: "Theme" papers, religious and other essays
ca. 1920- 1930s
6 17
Writings on religion
6 18
Religious paper entitled "Mathew – Apostle and Evangelist." By Clara
6 19
Writings: poems, essays, notes, etc.
1945, 1947, 1957
6 20
Poetry and others papers of Clara Bean
6 21
Writings in scriptural Book of Mormon format. "A Chronicle and Exhortation Concerning Matrimony." Paper on the Bean family departing from Provo
6 22
"Buttinsky Bean Babbles." Clara's invitation to her family to visit her
ca. 1950-1960s
6 23
Clara family papers: lists of friends/family and drawing of home

Various or miscellaneous family papers. Including papers of: LaGrande Peterson's mother and brother, Clara Bean's mother, and the Barnett family, 1904-1976Return to Top

(18 folders
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
7 1
"Family's Births and Deaths" of the Barnett family, sketch of cemetery
7 2
Inger Kirsten Bolette Peterson Thompson (LaGrande's mother): letters, cards, tithing slips, water rights, etc.
7 3
Last Will and Testament of Bolette Peterson (LaGrande's mother)
1931 December
7 4
Roland P. Peterson's (LaGrande's brother) WWI soldier pay record
7 5
Elizabeth Mitchell (Clara Bean's mother) genealogy, mentions LeeAnne, author unknown
7 6
Family History letter on Elizabeth Mitchell's family, their conversion, immigration, marriages, etc.
7 7
Cards from the Ekins family and Estella Ekins (LaGrande's sister)
7 8
Cassette tape labeled "Lowry Org Recorder Instr. --Stell."
Contains organ music and either Stella Peterson Ekins (LaGrande's sister) or Clara Bean speaking; she is thanking LaGrande and Billie for taking her to the organ concert.
7 9
Note/letter to Aunt Sette
7 10
Check stubs to Cavite Barnett for rent and Herbert Molenaar for lessons
7 11
Cards from family friends
7 12
Family and friend lists of names and addresses
ca. late 1940s
7 13
Small address book containing: addresses, poetry, notes and journal entries
Potential/probable author: Clara B. Bean
ca. 1915
7 14
Family newspaper clippings (Bean, Barnett and Peterson)
1926, 1948, 1959, 1969
7 15
Family and potential family obituaries and announcements (newspaper clippings)
7 16
Handwritten prayer for George, author unknown
7 17
Poem, "Come Unto Me" author unknown
7 18
John P. Holmgren, cards and invitations

Border Development and Hotel Cazador, Mexico papers, 1954-1970Return to Top

(12 folders)

(LaGrande was a member of the Border Development Co) Business documents of Border Development Co. Correspondence concerning finances of Hotel Cazador; involving Paul Anderson, Maxwell Bentley and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Poulsen.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
8 1
Minutes of Membership Meeting for Border Development Co. Concerning the Hotel Cazador
Members attending: LaGrande Peterson, Paul Anderson, Dewey Nielson and Leon Halgren.
8 2
Hotel Cazador and Border Development Co. financial papers; Harry Poulsen
8 3
Incoming Correspondence: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Poulsen from Paul Anderson and Max Bentley concerning Hotel Cazador
8 4
Outgoing Correspondence: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Poulsen to Paul Anderson, concerning Hotel Cazador
8 5
Outgoing Correspondence: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Poulsen, concerning Hotel Cazador
(Letter to Max Bentley, 1964)
8 6
Outgoing Correspondence: Paul Anderson, secretary of Border Development Co.
8 7
Incoming Correspondence: Paul Anderson, from Dan Tellechea and B.O. Rhodes
1958, 1965-1966
8 8
Incoming Correspondence: Paul Anderson/Border Development Co., State Taxes and airline tickets
8 9
Incoming Correspondence: Maxwell Bentley, concerning Hotel Cazador
8 10
Correspondence between: Maxwell Bentley, Benjamin Soto and Paul Anderson, concerning Hotel Cazador
8 11
Check book with stubs made to Benjamin Soto, concerns Hotel Cazador
8 12
Letter apparently written by Harry Poulsen, unknown recipient
See also Box 9 Fd 2 for legal documents of Border Development Co.; See also Box 10 Item 13 for checks concerning Border Development Co.

Miscellaneous papers. Papers of: Clara Bean, LaGrande Peterson and Merrel Wankier. Box Elder County finances and registered voter papers, 1921-1970Return to Top

(12 folders)
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
9 1
Clara Bean: Utah teaching license
See Box 6 Fd 11
9 2
Legal documents of the Border Development Co., Affidavit of Stockholders, laws, etc.
See Box 8
1952, 1955, 1970
9 3
LaGrande Peterson's Honorable Discharge certificate; Induction list to Reserve Corps
See Box 2 Fd 8.
1945 February; 1942 June
9 4
Letter to LaGrande Peterson including the Utah State Boxing and Wrestling Laws
9 5
Registered Voters for Box Elder County (Brigham-Mantua)
See Box 4 and Box 10 Item 14
9 6
Continued Registered Voters for Box Elder County (Junction- East Garland)
9 7
Registered Voters in Box Elder
From LaGrande Peterson's County Treasurer papers
9 8
LaGrande Peterson (Box Elder County Treasurer) and Thiokol Chemical Co. lawsuit papers
See also Box 2 Fd.s 18-22
9 9
Revenues for Utah Counties
See Box 10 Item 14
9 10
C.A. Johnson Store, Honeyville, Utah. Prices and poetry
9 11
Borgstrom Brothers Post V.F.W. Tremonton, Bear River, etc. Including Merrel Wankier
9 12
Incoming correspondence: Merrel Wankier, veteran's papers

Diplomas of LaGrande and Helen Peterson and the Border Development Co.'s check book and Box Elder County Tax information, 1919-1970Return to Top

(14 items
Container(s) Description Dates
Box item
10 1
LaGrande Peterson's Certificate of Promotion for completing Elementary School studies. Brigham City, Utah
1919 May 16
10 2
LaGrande Peterson's Diploma for completing a Two Year Course in the Guitar Department of the National Academy of Music. Chicago, Illinois
1924 February 25
10 3-4
LaGrande Peterson's certificate from "The United States of America Department of the Interior Bureau of Mines Certificate of First-Aid Training." Rolapp, Utah
Also a corresponding letter from the Director explaining why the certificate had been sent
1925 April 27
10 5
LaGrande Peterson's Diploma for completing a Course in Show Card Writing. The Menhenitt Co Limited, Toronto, Ontario
1929 September 3
10 6
LaGrande Peterson's Diploma of Higher Accountancy, from LaSalle Extension University, Chicago, Illinois
1937 February 16
10 7
LaGrande Peterson's certificate for completing: "Telephony consisting of Telephone Circuit Operations, Installation and Repairs"
Completed while serving in the U.S. Army Signal Corps in Omaha, Nebraska
1942 October 2
10 8
LaGrande Peterson's Certificate from International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pennsylvania
1950 April 14
10 9
LaGrande Peterson's Certificate from International Correspondence School, Scranton, Pennsylvania
1956 January 20
10 10
Helen Bean's "First Class Certificate," a license to teach in the grammar and primary department of the public schools of the State of Utah until June 30, 1933
1928 Issued September 1
10 11
Helen Bean's "Professional High School Certificate" license to teach in any department of the public schools of the State of Utah until June 30, 1938
1933 June 30 Issued
10 12
Helen B. Peterson's Certificate; designated an active member for life of the National Education Association of the United States"
1954 November
10 13
Large check book and stubs from the Border Development Company
concerning Hotel Cazador, stubs written to: Dewey Nielson, Paul E. Anderson, Leon A. Halgren, Harry E. Poulsen, Mary Poulsen, Rafael Juarez, Maxwell Bentley, LaGrande Peterson and many others. See Box 8.
1943 January, 1953-1970
10 14
Box Elder County Property Tax information and Treasurer's Relief

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Baseball--Records--Utah--Bear River City.
  • County government--Utah--Box Elder County--Records and correspondence.
  • Legal documents--United States.
  • Mormon Church--Utah--Bear River City--History--20th century.
  • Mormon Church--Utah--Box Elder County--History--20th century.
  • Mormons--Genealogy.
  • Student records--United States.
  • Utah-Idaho Sugar Company--Personnel records.
  • Women authors, American--Utah.
  • World War, 1939-1945--Personal narratives, American.
  • World War, 1939-1945--Women--United States--Correspondence.
  • Agricultural exhibitions--Utah--Box Elder County--History--20th century.
  • Bear River City (Utah)--History--20th century--Sources.
  • Mormon authors.
  • Personal Names :
  • Bean, Clara Eva Barnett, 1882-1964.
  • Peterson, LaGrande, 1904-1990.
  • Bean, Clara Eva Barnett, 1882-1964--Correspondence.
  • Bean, Clara Eva Barnett, 1882-1964--Death and burial.
  • Peterson, Helen V. Bean, 1908-1990.
  • Peterson, Helen V. Bean, 1908-1990--Correspondence.
  • Peterson, LaGrande, 1904-1990--Correspondence.
  • Peterson, LaGrande, 1904-1990--Political activity.
  • Corporate Names :
  • Border Development Company (Brigham City, Utah).
  • Border Development Company (Brigham City, Utah)--Records and correspondence.
  • Hotel Cazador (Sonora (Mexico : State).
  • United States Army--Records and correspondence.
  • Family Names :
  • Barnett family.
  • Peterson family.
  • Geographical Names :
  • Box Elder County (Utah)--History--20th century--Sources.
  • Box Elder County (Utah)--Politics and government--20th century.