Ter Ellingson class tapes (Tibet), 1973-1974  PDF

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Ellingson, Ter
Ter Ellingson class tapes (Tibet)
1973-1974 (inclusive)
13 items  :  EC - 5 reels; WT - 4 reels (7 1/2 ips, 1/2 tr. stereo, 10") (see notes); 4 WAV files (48 kHz, 24-bit); Duration: 3:03:13; reprint of Ellingson's article, "The Mathematics of Tibetan Rol Mo" (Ethnomusicology XXIII, No. 2, May 1979); Music 445 class notes; copy of notes on deposit in Archives of Traditional Music (their Ellingson collection # is 81-110-F)
Collection Number
Recordings compiled from collector's field recordings and commercial recordings; original field tapes deposited in Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana University.
University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives
University of Washington
Ethnomusicology Archives
Box 353450
Seattle, WA
Telephone: 206-543-0974
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Unrestricted: collection is open for research.


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Ter Ellingson is Professor of Music and Adjunct Professor of Comparative Religion and South Asian Studies at the University of Washington. He holds an M.A., Religion, from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D., Anthropology/Buddhist Studies, from the University of Wisconsin. Ellingson's areas of specialization include Tibet, Nepal, Buddhist Cultures; Ritual, Symbolism, History, Notation/Transcription, Visual Media.

See https://music.washington.edu/people/ter-ellingson for more information.

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Contents summary: Tape 1 - Glu Gzhas; Tape 2 - Regional music; Tape 3 - Ritual vocal music; Tape 4 - Rol Mo

Prof. Ellingson to provide class notes to accompany tapes; reel #5 duplicated by material in collection 87-10, other material not duplicated anywhere else (L.S. and T.E. conversation 11-20-87); reel #5 (EC) was blank so returned to Prof. Ellingson 6/93 in hopes of locating original material (label on side of tape box - Ellingson Tape 5: Dbyangs: Dpyid Glu)

Some documentation scanned into .pdf format. See attachments.

EC analog reels digitized 2/2016 (48 kHz, 24-bit) - 81-46.1.wav (30:29), 81-46.2.wav (39:40), 81-46.3.wav (51:06), 81-46.4.wav (44:23).

Documentation: See list in Notes field

Documentation: photo-copies of tape box notes and examples of musical notation

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1 audiotape : Audio Reel
1 audiotape : Audio Reel

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  • Ethnomusicology
  • Musical Instruments--Tibet
  • Music--China--Tibet Autonomous Region
  • Ritual
  • Tibetans--Asia--Central Asia
  • Vocal
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  • Asia
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