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Cannon, Hal, 1948-
Western states cowboy poetry collection
1984 (inclusive)
ca. 20 binders
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Collection of poems written by cowboys in western states, collected in 1984 by various folklorists in an effort to collect and document cowboy poetry and to present a cowboy poetry event.
Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives Division
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The Western States Cowboy Poetry Collection, housed at Utah State University, grew out of a concerted effort by western state folklorists in the early 1980s to collect, document, and present cowboy poetry. The idea for this work grew out of meetings of state folklorists in Washington D.C. at the National Endowment of the Arts Folk Arts Program and at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, a meeting with the Nevada Humanities Committee with various western state folklorists, and meetings of state folklorists at Utah State University in conjunction with the university's Fife Folklore Conference in 1983.

Out of discussions at these meetings, the group decided to take Arizona folklorist Jim Griffiths's suggestion to present cowboy poetry within the western states. Hal Cannon, then Director of the Utah Arts Council's Folk Arts Program, and Steve Siporin, then Folk Arts Coordinator for the Idaho Commission on the Arts, wrote a grant from the Institute of the American West (in Sun Valley, Idaho) to the NEA Folk Arts Program to collect and document cowboy poetry and to present a cowboy poetry event. The grant was awarded and Hal Cannon was hired as program coordinator by the Institute of the American West to manage the grant and fieldwork. State folklorists conducted fieldwork with cowboys and ranchers in their state. For western states that did not have a state folklorist, Hal Cannon hired folklore fieldworkers to conduct the fieldwork; Gary Stanton was the primary researcher. As well, some of the collection came from a wide reaching "letter to the editor" campaign to rural newspapers in the West conducted by Hal Cannon.

The poetry gathered during this project makes up the Western States Cowboy Poetry Collection housed in the Fife Folklore Archives at Utah State University. (Along with cowboy poetry, many cowboy poetry books were gathered during this project with support from the Skaggs Foundation; these books are also housed in the Fife Folklore Archives.) From this important fieldwork project came the impetus for the first Cowboy Poetry Gathering held in January of 1985 in Elko, Nevada, the heart of Buckaroo Country, with support from the Northeastern Nevada Museum and the Northern Nevada Community College.

Folklorists involved in the fieldwork project, and the states in which they conducted fieldwork, include:

  • David Brose, Colorado
  • Hal Cannon, New Mexico and Southern Colorado
  • Dennis Coehlo, Wyoming
  • Carol Edison, Utah
  • Meg Glaser, Nevada
  • Jim Griffith, Arizona
  • Suzi Jones, Oregon
  • Sharron Kahin, Wyoming
  • Mike Korn, Montana
  • Cyd McMullen, California
  • Steve Siporin, Idaho
  • Gary Stanton, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah

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The Western States Cowboy Poetry Collection consists of six boxes of cowboy poetry submitted by poets and collector from: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and Canada. The collection is arranged by state (country) and collector/poet.

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Western states cowboy poetry collection, 1984. (FOLK COLL 11f: box, folder). Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives Department.

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Container(s): Box 1, Folder 1

Container(s) Description
box folder
1 1
Abbott, Neil: "Broke Hosses", "Morro"
Bartschi, D.P.: "Sunday Afternoon with the B/O Ranch Boys"
Biddy, Dr. John: "Bring Back the cowboys"
Caulton, Gayle: (Submission from other poet: Buck Grayhand - "The Inbetween Times Cowboy")
Cline, Susie: "Ode to an Old Cowhand", "Old Blackie", "Wild Ones on the 'T' Range", "The Wild Buck-A-Roo From the West"
Costa, TC: "Cowboy", "San Felipe Rd.", "Warner's Ranch", "The Drifter"
  • Submissions by other poets:
  • Louis Akin - "Tantalus in Town"
  • Lena Whittaker Blakeney - "The Covered Wagon"
  • Bruce Kiskaddon - Untitled
Crawford, Laura: "Spring on the Ranch", "Alone on the Prairie", "Soliloquy of a Rancher's Wife", "Whist Party at the Ranch", "1984"
Curtis, Linda Lee: "Let My Soul Roam", "Take Me to Elko", "No Fish Story", "Pork Chops", "The Horse Tank Kids - 1962", "Haystacks vs. Smokestacks", "House Calls Only"
Frazier, Alexander: "Roping and Running Free", "Bucking Horse of the Year", "Bunkhouse Blues", "On Behalf of Brave Beasts", "Rodeo Cowboy", "After the Roundup"
Hadley, Drummond: "Just Another Clearing, Arena Cutting Competition"
Hallford, Mary V.: "Shorty"
Harper, Shirley R.: "El Toro"
Haynes, Stanley G.: "A Wrangler's World"
Heckthorn, Ada A.: Autobiography
  • Submissions by other poets:
  • P.E. Fancher - "Adios", "Humpy"
  • Benjamin F. Fancher - "Reminiscence", "Cowboy", "Nester"
Herndon, L.E. "Mick": Untitled, "Pals of the Trail", "Our Hero", "A Summer Storm", "The Gunfighter", "The Elk Hunt", "The Duel"
Johnson, Ralph: "The Drifter", "Charlie Brown"
Johnstone, Andrew A.: "The Owyhee Breaks", "Old Delamar", "Pretty Silver City", "Toll of Advancement"
Larson, Karen: "A Poem of Thanks", "A Recollection in Time"
Lerma, Manuel N.: "Cowboys Are Forever", "Superstition Gold", "The Tenderfoot", "The Marfa Lights", "Miss Liberty"
Logsdon, Guy: [See Bruce Kiskaddon Collection - Box 8, Folder 3]
Mathews, Lisa: "Cowboy Style", "Hey Cowboy..."
Morris, Enid: "The Backyard Pet", "For the Waddy"
O'Brien, Bill: "A Free Spirit", "Stone Eagle in the Sky", "Eagletail Mountain"
Patten, Ben Headly: "Ode to a Cowhorse", "The Cowboy", "Ode to a Wild Cow"
Progressive Arizona & the Great Southwest:
  • Submissions by other poets:
  • D. Maitland Bushby - "Range Philosophy"
  • Reeves Antell - "Autobiographical Ballad of a Bold Buckaroo"
  • Jack Thorpe - "Never Loan a Plum Stranger Yer Gun"
  • Peter T. Robertson - "Burro Bill Talks of Hunkydory Holmes"
Quinlan, Ves: "Selling Out", "little Joe", "The Blizzard of '93", "The Replacements", "The Wonder Bar", "Culture Clash", "Spring", "Reaching the Colt", "Herding", "Sold Out", "Pigs, An Awareness", "On Dreams", "Calving", "An Old Post", "A Matter of Scale", "Saturday", "Sammy's Wonder Bar", "Just an Old Yella Cow", "Old Sam", "The Trouble with Dreams", "The Manipulators", "Wild Horse", "Blondie", "Futures", "Coyotes and Watermelons", "The Pebble"
Reed, Lois M.: "Hearts and Hoofs", "On Smells", "The Horse", Untitled
Rigoni, Herb: "The Cow Poke", "McDowel", "Old Paint and I"
Sheehan, Chuck: "Feed Lot Steer"
Squire, Ron: "Windmill's Song", "I Need a Catch Dog"
Taylor, Rick: "The Occupational Hazard", "Ropin' in the Brush"
Vaughn, Jean: "Herd Dog", "Pioneer Woman", "Gun Control", "Ride 'Em Cowboy", "Silbago (Return to the Mountain)", "Fantasy in Phoenix, Arizona", "Undying Friendship", You Wanna Be a Cowboy?", "The Pleasant Valley Feud"
Wagner, Alberta: "Clarence"
Windes, William H.: "The Cinch", "The Ballad of Cherry-Cow Pete"

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Container(s): Box 1, Folder 2

Container(s) Description
box folder
1 2
Rolf M. Flake Collection: "Northern Arizona Spring", "Northern Arizona Summer", "Northern Arizona Fall", "Northern Arizona Winter", "Manuel", "Ol' River", "Apache", "Loan Arranger", "Guess Who?", "Estate Planning", "Horse Sense", "Social Event of the Season", "Frog Stranger and Gully Washer", "Just a Trace", "Demise of the 'T.I.Z.'", "Silver Creek", "Cloud Watchers", "Tell the Banker, 'No!'", "Ranch Neighbors", "Ranch labor Problem Solved", "A Chip Off the Old Block", "Commodore", "Yup!", "The 'Eyes' Have It", "Just 'Good Business'", "Lion Hunters", "Double Trouble", "The 'Acid Test'", "Namin' the 'Ponies", "Jumps or Lumps", "Navajo Lunch", "Only 500 to Water", "Video Auctions", "Too Thick to Drink", "Thanksgiving Prayer", "All in the Point of View", "More' or 'Less", "Weather of No?", "Mexican Strawberries", "Time on His Hands or 'Alarm Clock'", "Bull Only", "Shades", "No Argument", "Hold Tight to the Willows", "Happy New Year", "Reason Enough", "No Le Hace Por Mi", "The 'Go Ahead' People", "'Ground Hog' Day", "No Buck, No Luck", "When the Works All Done This Fall", "Too Many Irons in the Fire", "Upward Bound", "No Disguise", "There's Always a Reason", "Addenda", "Red-Headed Step-Child", "Angel Food", "The 'Austin Haught Method' of Choosing Cow Dogs", "The Cure", "Come and Get It", "Catchin' On", "What's She Worth", "What're Ya Gonna Give For 'Em?", "I Dang Near Died!", "Chasin' Rainbows", "Wild Goose Chase", "The Millionaire", "Dog-Gone", "Tall Order", "Rangeland Delicacy", "Not a Tree in Sight...", "Time Flies", "A Bummer of a Summer", "How do you Spell 'Relief'", "Mormon Buckskin", "Will it 'Pencil'?", "Better Than a Snowbank", "Employment Interview", "Free? -- Don't You Believe It!!", "Concerned", "Here, Kitty, Kitty", "High Finance", "Good Weather", "The 'Forces' of Nature", "Seller's Remorse", "Boys Will Be Boys", "Wild West in Georgia (Just Me and Earl)", "Golden Handcuffs", "Our House is Your House", "Black is Beautiful", "Dog Food", "Snow Bird", "Well Matched", "Addendum to 'Thanksgiving Prayer'", "Uptown-Cowtown", "Wolf, Wolf", "Economics", "Endurance Contest", "Poor People Have Poor Ways", "Get the Message?", "What's Fair for One...", "The Ballad of 40 Dollars", "The Deer Dogger", "She Sure Is...", "Did Ya Hear About the One That Got Away?", "Prime Mover", "The Snowflake Tragedy", "Politics", "Cow Buyers", "We Sure Need to Fix That Fence", "Let Your Ears Hang Low", "Family Cow-(s)", "The Best Things in Life--COST MONEY", "El Tejano", "Highest and Best Use", "Too Much, Too Fast", "Ride 'Em Cowboy", "Squeeze Play", "Corriente", "Truth in Advertising", "I'll Die with My 'Bird-shins On", "1986 Cowboy Poetry Gathering", "Reach Out and Touch Someone", "Temporary Reincarnation", "Bi-Lingual", "A 'Two-Event' Man", "Ranch Egg-o-nomics", "Ranch Labor Problems Solved", "Mean Mama", "Movin' Camp"

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Container(s): Box 1, Folder 3

Container(s) Description
box folder
1 3
Durmmond Hadley Collection: "Out Drinkin' With the Boys", "Mexico Steer Buyer Billy Brown in Love...", "Going to Jail", "By the Old Cantina Oak-Wood Bar Billy Brown Considers...", "Telling Time", "Visiting With Two Old Cowboys by the Tres Piedras Bar", "Reminiscences of a Cowboy", "A Covered Set for a Lion", "Staking Out the Horses", "The Devil's Hole", "Juan's Last Trail", "Alma's Song", "Calf Ropin', Dismount to the Left", "Just Another Clearing, Arena Cutting Competition"

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Container(s): Box 1, Folder 4

Container(s) Description
box folder
1 4
Chuck Lakin Collection: "A Bright Vision", "False Tribute", "The Cowboy Past and Present", "Reason", "The Early Bird", "Death of the Soul", "An Excuse", "The Guideboard", "The Value of a Kiss", "To My Friend Ben Sikes", "Religion", "To Alex Hyde", "A Letter to W.H. Maple", "How the World Was Rescued From Chaos"
Katherine F. Lewis Collection: "I'm Living", ""The Barrel Racer", "A Modern Chant", Untitled, "Chute #1", "Thirst", "Branding Day", "Morning Once", "Playgrounds", "Rodeo Joe", "Man Hands", "The Old Mailbox", "Fences"

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Container(s): Box 1, Folder 5

Container(s) Description
box folder
1 5
W. Irvin Lively Collection: "Colorado, A Legend of the Southwest", "Apache Trail, An Indian Legend of the Old Trail" (Introduction, Setting, The Legend, Conclusion), "The Champion Rattler", "Poor Old Judy","Cold Winters", "The Speed Limit", "Transportation a la Mirage", "It Rained That Day", "Where Mosquitoes are Mosquitoes", "Horse Sense", "Hot Lead", "On to the Ropes", "Dust to Dust", "Tag! You're It", "Appendix, Appended", "Gas on Rye", "Gold is Where You Find It"

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Container(s): Box 1, Folder 6

Container(s) Description
box folder
1 6
Everett Wild Collection: "The Lost Dutchman", "Desert Rain", "To Heaven on a Cloud", "The Desert is Still", "A Midnight Visit", "A Desert Walk", "Blanket, Gun, and Saddle", "Love Song to Arizona", "The Apache War", "Cowboy", "The Lost Cowboy", "The Alabama Cowboy", "The Desert's in Bloom", "It's Morning", "The Web", "Paradise", "Gratitude", "Moving a Mountain", "Almost There"

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Container(s): Box 2, Folder 1

Container(s) Description
box folder
2 1
Allison, Harriette: "2 a.m. Lies", "Dear Santee"
Anderson, Norman: "Round 'Em Up"
Astenius, Robert A.: Biography, "A Lone Cowboy", "A Cowboy's Song 'On the Run'", "Someone Knew", "A Lonesome Wolf", "My Wife"
Bailey, Colleen M.B.H.: "A Bull Ride"
Bender, Bill: "Remembering", "The Stuff That Just Ain't", "The Day I Climb Down From the Horse"
Bowman, Cliff: Untitled, "Cowboy's Resolutions", "The Roll of Quarters", "Just a Cow Horse", Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled
Brown, Ed: Untitled, "To Whom It May Concern", "Perfect", "Record Book or Men's Lib", "Buzzy", "Saloons", "Cowdogs", "Cuyama", "The Right Outfit", "Eulogy"
Carr, Paula: "The Days of Memories Past"
Cunningham, Craig: "Buckaroos' Character", "American Legend", "Real Cowboys"
Dorrance, Tom: "Nevada", "Ridin' Schools", "Charlie Van Norman", "Halt Broke Hoss", "A Woman", "Home", "A Bachelor Cow Poke", "Bronco", "Shed His Pack", "Slicker Break A Bronco", "Gate"
Dylik, Joe: "A Cowboy's Life on the Range", "Cowboy Rodeo Rider"
Ferguson, Gene: "Split Rein Man", "Old Cowboys"
Fouts, Billy: "Cowboys and Sailors", "Trackin'", "The Old Radio Show", Untitled, "The Fiddler Just be Paid", "The Riders", Untitled, Untitled, "The Old, the Old Cowboy", "The Wind", "Rest", Untitled, Untitled, "Mountain Morning", "The Sale", Untitled, "Stand I", "A Packer's Yosemite", "The Packer's Art"
Gibson, Carol M.: "Crimes Canyon Aftermath", "The Hawk"
Green, Roy: "Phantom Black", "Cowboy Palace Show", "Cowboy Poet Roy", "Good Old Days", "Memories", "A Would Be Instead of a Has Been", "Bruce Kiskaddon", "Notice", "Hi", "Front and Back", "A Place for Old Cowboys", "Messing Around", "The Rodeo Bar Show", "Top Hand", "Life's Trail", "The Thrill", "Murph Chaney", Untitled, "The Old Cowboy Hand", "The Feeling"
  • Submissions by other poets:
  • Author Unknown - Untitled, "South Texas Poem"
  • Bruce Kiskaddon - [See Box 8, Folder 3] "The First Shoes", "To A Finish"
  • Gordon Martin - "Life's Highways"
  • Grace Douglas - "Sixteen"
  • Jessie Eldridge - "Martha"
  • Grenville Kleish - "I Will Succeed"
Hamm, W. Howard: "The Real American"
Hill, Jim: "The Rodeo Woman"
Ilardi, Tony: "Winter in September", "Old Truckee", "A Cowboy's Accident"
Kelley, Gary: "Salinas Bound", "Larns Yarn", "Conversation", "The Weather Prediction", "Daybreak", "A Gathering", "A Bit of Prose", "Last in Line"
Kemper, Troxey: "Squeaking Saddles", "Grass"
Kraft, Ray: "A Pretty Good Cowboy", "Ain't No Last Cowboys", "All the Way From Winnemucca", "Distant Thunder Laughing in the Dusk", "Down in the Willows", "Eight Second Eternity", "Legends of the West", "Nothin'", "One More Crazy Cowboy Dream", "Ruby Mountain Morning", "Silver Spurs" "Sinner's Ride", "Song for Bob Nolan", "(The) Starry Wind", "What the Mountain Said to a White Man", "(The) Wind is Her Whisper to Me" [aka "The Eyes of the Eagle"], "(The) Wind Burnt Men"

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Container(s): Box 21, Folder 2

Container(s) Description
box folder
21 2
Leach, John F.: "Rodeo Cowboy", "Range Rider", "Stud", "Memories", "That's What Cowboys Are All About", "Buck and Me", "Goin' Home"
Lott, Jim: "Cowboy Heaven", "Chicken Eater Jones", "A Cowboy Made His Best Catch", Untitled, "Waitin' at the Last Water Hole", "Our Cities 1983 - Where Do We Go From Here?", "God Looks Out for Cowboys Too", Untitled, "Chute Flour", "Big Yeller"
Mahaney, Michael: "Goodbye California", "When Your Cowgirl Gets the Blues", "Movin'", "My Malibu Mountain Home"
McCutcheon, Bob:
  • Submissions by other poets:
  • Doug McCutcheon - "The Old Summit School", "The Way it Was", "The Old Fashioned Way", "God's Patchwork of Color"
  • S. Omar Barker - "Buckaroo's Brew"
McCutcheon, Doug: "The Cowboy and the Bear", "What Do You Know", "Our Valley", "Cowboys Are Funny That Way", "That Damned IRS", "When a Cowboy Talks to God"
McGahan, Edward A.: "Mr. Ed", "The Roadrunner"
Mote, Russ: Biography, "River Roundup", "Smokey Joe", "Jack", "The Brand"
Nelson, Paula: "Woodgrowers Blues"
  • Submissions by other poets:
  • Curley W. Fletcher - "The Flying Outlaw", "The Sheep-Herders Lament"
Nippert, Clark: "Headin' West", "Harness Shop", "I'll Take the Old Things", "An Old Watch", "Your Pipe"
  • Submissions by other poets:
  • Harry Robb - "Old Pals"
  • Unknown Author - Untitled
Pauls, Clara M.: "Cowboy Poetry Gathering", "Cowboy", "Final Ride", "Greener Pastures"
Parkinson, Sharie: "Uncle Leonard's Gunny Sack"
Pinney, Frank: "Lloyd Leslie", "Booger Red", "Hook 'Em Ira", "Selling the News", "The Compleat Catalog", "Tomaters"
Ranney, Helen:
  • Submissions by other poets:
  • Bev Poncey - "Eureka! A Paradise", "The Chosen Ones on Branding Day"
Rooney, Joe: "The Bravest Thing I Ever Done", "The Gunfighter", "Buzzard Luck", "Real Live Rodeo Man", "The Indian", "The Cowboy", "Mother Mountain", "Mother Desert", "Whiskey Man", "Where We Gonna Find Another Hero?", "I'm In Love With a Woman I Can't Stand", "Ladies Love Poets"
Ross, Jim: "A Lot of Bull", "My Father Taught Me!", "Go Get 'Em, Elroy", "It's Branding Time Once More"
Rossi, Duane: "Sierra Sunset", "Ecology"
Smith, Jesse: Untitled
Turnipseed, Margaret S.: "Poem I Never Wrote 'Til Now"
Vasquez, L.J.: "Buckaroo to Banker", "The 1980 Spring Wagon Crew", "It's a Life", "Cowboy Up", "We May Never Die", "Mules; The Facts, Not the Rules", "Dreaming", "It's a Life", "The 1980 Spring Wagon Crew", "Cowboy Up", "Buckaroo to Banker"
Wilstron, Grace: "Cowboy Poet"

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Container(s): Box 2, Folder 3

Container(s) Description
box folder
2 3
Claire Donner Collection: Papers of Nell Johnson submitted by Claire Donner

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Container(s): Box 2, Folder 4

Container(s) Description
box folder
2 4
Mawson, Harvey: "Bright Lights Beckon", "Prevailin' Conditions", "Real Wealth", "Uneasy Partnership", "Cowboy Country", "Far Out", "The Modern Cattleman", "It Doesn't Get Much Better", "The Science of a Difficult Art", "Saskatchewan Trails"

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Container(s): Box 2, Folder 5

Container(s) Description
box folder
2 5
Alberthsen, Holger: "Freight-Train", "The Ballad of Johnnie McCalain", "Kilpatrick's Cook", "Sagebrush in the Rain", "Howell"
Arnold, Darrell: "It's Hard to be a Cowboy", "Cowboy Poultry Gatherin'", "There's Somethin' That a Cowboy Knows"
  • Submission by another poet:
  • Rick Taylor - "The Bell Ranch Cowboy's Lament"
Barker, S. Omar: "The Murder Brand"
Becksted, Jo: "The Cattleman's Prayer"
Black, Baxter: "The Cowboy Poetry Gathering"
Clapper, Ivan "Spec": "Reincarnation", "Saddest Story Ever Told", "Artificial Insemination"
Croley, Lloyd M.: "Outlaws", "Rattlesnake Croley", "Johnson County Invasion", "Killer Cat Remembered", "The Last Ride of John Eldridge", "A Story of Christmas", "Self Defense"
Dicke, Brian: "How the West Was Won"
Henderson, Nyle A.: "The Lord's a Good Cowboy", "A Point to Ponder", "I Can See By Your Outfit, You're a Cowboy", "Nobody Home", "Bueno, Which in Spanish Means Good", "Thanks to the Bulls", "Blue Horizon", "Life's a Shadow", "Morning Spirit", "Heavenly Sent", "Loneliness", "Your Miseries", "Won", "Gone", "I am Loved", "My Tara", "Rain", "To Nick", "A Day For Something", "A Daydream", "Ol' Horse", "Wind", "God of Storm", "Triad", "The Wanderer", "A Dreamer's Wishes", "Where He's Riding", "Your Love", "Smile", "Voice of Spring", "Ode to My 1040", "My Taxes", "Myself", "Progress", "Life's Dreams?", "My Mother's Love", "I Cannot Forget", "A New Beginning", "Everlasting", "Listen, Listen, Talk to Me", "Two Lovers", "My Love", "Song in My Heart", "One Harsh Word", "A Child Again", "Daddy", "A Soul's Secrets", "A Man", "The Dream", "My Life's Treasure", "Another's Pain", "Grown", "A Mother's Love", "A Country Person Knows", "Pioneers", "These Things Be True", "A Lazy Hoss", "A Cowboy Today", "The Mountain Lion", "The Drag Man", "Yesterday's Woes", "Neglected Joys", "Jesus", "My Right Inside", "The New Wisdom"
Hurley, Hazel C.: "Did You Ever Ride A Trail Horse?", "Did You Ever Think?"
May, Bill: "Dusty Saddle", "Two Horsepower", "Reply to Louis L'Amour", "Across the Great Divide", "Quatro (A song)", "Cutters and Coors", "The Valley of Life -- Where a Cowboy's King", "The Chariot Race", "Side by Side"
Randels, Gene K.: [From Working the Rough String] "The Clown in Santa Fe", "Tinhorn Charly", "To A Cowboy's Grandson", "Hooter and Stumpy", "The Idol Maker", "A Dying Heritage", "Vanished Dreams", "Just Because" and "Deep Elum", "Swamp Ghost", "Men's Gadgets", "Rich, Smart, and Good Lookin'", "Getting Down on Brown Street"
Sankey, Ed: [From the book Diary of My Heart] "Sunrise at Sea", "Drunkards Paradise", "O Speak to Me", "The Makens of a Rodeo Cowboy", "Mighty Sea", "Little Orphan Boy", "Dedicated to a Doctor", "New Man", "The Last Brag", "The Kansas Kid", "The Champ", "At the End of Journey's Span", "Little Boy's Prayer of Distress", "Diary of My Heart", "To the Dearest Mother of All", "Cowboy's Lady of Fame", "Dutches", "The Spirit of Coal Creek Basin", "The One Who Stayed Behind", "Name My Game, I and II", "Golden Anniversary", "A Cowboy's Friend"
Sankey, Ed: "That Galdarn Bucking Machine", "Nobility", "Eulogy", "Course", "Champion Rodeo Cowboy", "Cowboy Mike", "Little Lady Dog", "A Cowboy's Friend", "O Palomino Son", "Cane", "When Granny Tells the Tale", "The Last Poem", "Rodeo Cowboy's Creed", "The Champ", "The Little Brown Crock", "Distance", "Rematch", "Cowboy's Lady of Fame", "The Last Brag", "Cane", "Why Sankey Wasn't Shot", "A Courageous Cowboy", "That Galdarn Bucking Machine", "The Kansas Kid", "The Makens of a Rodeo Cowboy", "Sankey Versus 777", "Retrospect", "The Street of Life", "The Old Shelter House", "Heaven to Sail", "Mother Earth", "Fare Thee Well", "Old Patch"
Seares, Dan: "The Auctioneer", "Feeding Bales", "Tank Floats", "Coyotes Dancing", "Chopping Ice", "Thirty Percent Chance"
Steadman, Vida N.: "A Tribute to Texas Longhorns"
Stueham, Tammy: "I Am A Cowboy Boot"
Thornburg, Ed: "Thoroughbred", "Don't Come Out West"
Watt, Jeremiah: "The Proven Day", "The Silk Scarf", "The Line Up", Untitled
Unknown Author: "Through a Gate", "Low Sweet", "Insane and Suicidal", "Mechanical Music", "Days Yet Assigned", "Imagine, If You Can", "Quiet is the Night", Untitled, Untitled, "Bury the Beast", "They and Not I", "Come to Me", "Her Essence, Her Illusion", "Two Things", "To Brenda", "Take My Verse", "Somewhere I've Never Been", "Long, Too Long", "Stop", "No Doubt", "Sugar", "Vast", "One Columbine", "Knowing You", "Free", "Idle", "Things Private and Dear", "Dust", "Once Before", "Souvenirs", "Blue Eyes", "Wait and See", "Dark Dreams", "Iffy History", "Old Number Eight"

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Container(s): Box 2, Folder 6

Container(s) Description
box folder
2 6
Walter F. Meyer Collection: "Your Friendship", "Trust?", "Improvement", "Life", "Go West, Young Man!", "Memory", "Right or Wrong", "Mother", "Joys", "Wild Mustangs", "A Problem", "Air Castles", "Arizona Bound", "That Golden River", "'Would Be' Versus 'Has'", "Drink", "Heaven and Hell", "For a Happy Life", "I Wonder", "Earthquake", "Come Christmas", "The Undertaker", "Hunting Dog Slim", "Just a Dreaming", "True Love", "In the Days of Nineteen-Ten", "In the Days of Long Ago", "Winkelman in the Ten's", "Sport", "My Love for Her", "More Rain", "Balancing Bookwork", "If in Life", "The Un-Peace", "Candlestick George", "The Flying U W Twister", "Remembering Pearce and Sulphur Springs Valley", "Identification Please", "Upon Reflection", "Out West", "Tomorrow's Hope", "Proverb"
Emily Meyer Smith Collection: "Reflecting", "Dad", "Prayer", "Future's Rosy Glow", "Love", "1957", "Sunshine", "Lost Love", "Love's Passing", "To Minson", "A Happy Heart", "Values Deep", "Nickels in My Jeans", "Ghost Riders", "Unknown Destination", "My Daughter", "Metaphoric Advice", "Joe, Ol' Pony", "Green Below and Blue Above", "Fear Walks Beside Me", "Judgement", "Pentimiento", "Music of My Heart", "Too Busy", "Hands of Man", "Ode to Daddy", "Life's Direction", Untitled, "Brahman Tame", "Why?", "For Heaven's Sake!", "Never-Ending Song", "Winds of the Desert", "Snowbirds", "Thanks to the Bulls", "Blue Horizon", "Life's a Shadow", "Morning Spirit", "Heavenly Sent", "Loneliness", "Your Miseries", "Won", "Gone", Untitled, "I Am Loved", Untitled, "My Tara", "Rain", Untitled, "To Nick", "A Day for Something", "A Daydream", "Ol' Horse!", "Wind", "God of Storm", Untitled, "The Wanderer", "A Dreamer's Wishes", "Where He's Ridin'", "Your Love", "Smile", "Voice of Spring", "Ode to My 1040", "My Taxes", "Myself", "Progress", "Life's Dreams?", "My Mother's Love", "I Cannot Forget", "A New Beginning", "Everlasting", "Listen, Listen, Talk TO Me", "Two Lovers", "My Love", "Song in My Heart", "One Harsh Word", "A Child Again", "Daddy", "A Soul's Secrets", "A Man", "The Dream", "My Life's Treasure", "Another's Pain", "Grown", "A Mother's Love", "A Country Person Knows", "Pioneers", Untitled, "These Things Be True", "A Lazy Hoss", "A Cowboy Today", "The Mountain Lion", "The Drag Man", "Yesterday's Woes", "Neglected Joys", "Jesus", "My Right Inside", "The New Wisdom?"
  • Submissions by other poets:
  • James Barton Adams - "Down on the Old Arkansaw"
  • S. Omar Barker - "The Murder Brand", "Saddle for Sale"
  • Badger Clark - "A Cowboy's Prayer"
  • Gene Clayton - "Concernin' of Hats"
  • Ernest Douglas - "Belle of Bumble Bee"
  • Curley W. Fletcher - "The Original 'Strawberry Roan'", "Flyin' U Twister"
  • Claude Foster - "Tax Him"
  • Mamie Franklin - "Ghost Town"
  • Harold Willard Gleason - "Stetson"
  • Clarence Leonard Hay - "The Down-and-Out"
  • W.S. James - "The Cowboy"
  • Harry R. Keller - "Ghosts of the Buffalo"
  • John A. Lomax - "The Cowman's Prayer"
  • Courtney McCurdy - "Rope's End"
  • H.F. McKean - "The Horned-Toad Blues"
  • F. Morris - "Old Bunker"
  • Arthur L. Rafter - "The Seat O' Trouble"
  • The Trouble Triplets - "Brands"
  • Eugene Ware - "The Blizzard"
  • J. Whittaker - "Western Stuff"
  • Jim Wingfield - "Got to Sell Another Cow"
  • Unknown Authors - "A Butcher Boy's Love", "Lament of a Grease Monk", "Wilbur of Honolulu", "Cole Younger", "Mornin' on the Desert", "How to Make Love", "Jack Middleton", "Buffalo Gals", "Old-Time Cowboy", "The Night Guard Song", "Rhymin' Rambler", "The Buffalo Hunter", "Roll 'Em Through", "The Barefoot Boy with Boots On", "The Dying Ranger", "The Cowboy Lover", "Puncher", "Brooks' Bull", "An Ode To Credit"

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Container(s): Box 3, Folder 1

Container(s) Description
box folder
3 1
Barry, Matilda B.: "Melancholy Cow"
Barthle, Jeanette: "I'm a Florida Cowboy"
Colletti, Terri: "Cattle Drive"
Cunliffe, Ruth E.: "A Florida Cowboy", "The Florida Rancher"
Durrance, Phyllis: "Salute to Eddie Sap", "The Cowboy Way", "The Deer Hunter"
Nystrom, Karl Reinhold: "The Covered Wagons", "The Wanted Man"
Walker Ruth Sutton: "Prairie Fantasy"
Unknown: Submitted by G.R. Wrenn: "Cowboys"

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Container(s): Box 3, Folder 2

Container(s) Description
box folder
3 2
Barton, Owen: "My Old Stetson", "Lawman - Jess Harris", "Early Morning Round-Up", "The Red Ant Hill", "Cowboy Poetry Reading"
Bennett, Al: "City Dudes"
Blevins, Jim E.: "The Fate of Rattle Snake Jake"
Brauns, Muzzie: "Old Cowboy Blues", "Lady Lou", "Ballad of Billy Alder", "Cowboy", "Born 100 Years Too Late", "The Cowboy From Mackay"
Buchanan, Vicki: "The Trucker and the Buckaroo"
Carroll, Clay R.: "Campfires and Cold Stars", "The Endangered Species", "Message to My Wife", "The Dream", "The Thaw"
Castle, Lucy: "Garden Scandal", "Sequel to Garden Scandal", "Grasshopper Jim", "More Memories", "Devil's Tower"
Chadwick, David Bean: "Grandpa's Sale", "Fencing"
Colby, Agnes: Autobiography, "I Could If I Wanted To", "Time", Untitled
Cooke, Kerry:
  • Submission by another poet:
  • Anonymous - "Mornin' on the Desert"
Corrigan, Ellie: "Dave Said", "Black Tea", "Home Place", "Uncle Bill Remembered"
Creek, Marian G.: "Old-Fashioned Know-How"
  • Submission by another poet:
  • David Gommoll - "Billy", "Didja"
Doramus, William "Bill": "Did You Have a Nice Day?", "Day Workin'", "Cowboy's Wife", "Bill or the Colt", "Down Fence", "Who Made That Saddle"
Erickson, Donna H.: "Hey, You Old Bear", "The Doe", "Ol' Mag", "The T.V. News Blues", "Mornin's", "The Perfect Day"
  • Submission by another poet:
  • Author Unknown - Untitled Poem
Green, Roberta Helen: "Mail Order Bride", "My Extra Special Cowboy Friend", "Fencing"
Hirschi, Bill: "Pick-Up Cowboy", "Bar-B-Que Beef", "Changes", "263"
Hurd, Dorothy: "The Sheepherder Blues"
Jordan, J.: "For C.C. Rider & Colorado"
Kaster, Howard: "The Shipwreck"
Kaufman, Alfred:
  • Submission by another poet:
  • Author Unknown - "Ten Cent Paint"
Kingsley-Smith, Clive: "The Tail of the Herd"
Little, Bill: "The Gray's Creek Fence"
Lower, Ted: "The Last Time That I Saw Sam"
Mecham, Lois: "My Daddy Was a Wild Horse Chaser", "The Blue Horse", "Bear Creek Rose", "Driving Cow Away From a Stackyard of Hay"
Morisette, Larry: "Zeberdin", "Too Much Beer", Untitled, "Wild Cow Milk", "A Toast"
Munger, Morgan: "Memories of an Old Buckaroo", "Christmas Mail, Ola Style", "Christmas in the Good Old Days", "Motherhood, Taxes, and Apple Pie"
Noakes, Irvin: "Hold Your Horses", "Mountain River Country", "That Old Familiar Skyline", "Out in the Big Sky Country"
Newel, Claude B.: "Sputnik"
Norskog, Howard: "The Message", "The City", "Yesterday's Cowboy", "Prayer of a Cowboy", "The High Country", "The Waterfall"

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Container(s): Box 3, Folder 3

Container(s) Description
box folder
3 3
Park, Geneva S.: "Our Trails", "The Red man's Downfall", "To My Country", "Dreams", "Winter on the Ranch", "Idaho", "At the Foot of the Rainbow", "Near the Craters of the Moon", "Little Log Shack"
Passey, Dorothy: "Slug Creek Drive"
Pearl, Clara: "Spurs Lament"
Pearson, Lynn: "Tales of an Old House"
Perkins, Len: Untitled, Untitled, "I Saw the Stars"
Preston, Scott: "Pappy's Final Stand"
Schild, Bob: "The Kid Solos", "The Roun Dass", "The Grass on the Other Side of the Fence", "Red Avery", "Beans", "Bucking Down", "The Meadow Muffin Duel", "Two of a Kind", "Please Lord", "Waterhole Will", "The New Hat", "Santa Comes Calvin'", "The Riding of the Devil", "That Old Saddle", "Morning Cup by Campfire", "Top of the World", "The Poverty Wagon", "Owen Barton Cowboy Poet"
Short, Iris Savilla: "A Good Neighbor Gives to His World"
Short, Rayburn: "My Cowpoke Ditty"
Short, Rick: "Wood River Country and You"
Sievers, Don D.: "Rain Fallin'", "U.S. Farmer", "I Know Him Well"
Smith, Vera L.: "Life of a Cowboy"
Sparks, Trisha: "Julie's Plight"
Spencer, Charles F.: [From Western Poems, Gems of the Open Range] "The Cowman's Song", "Common Sense", "Home on the Range", "Our Little Minister", "Tepee Ring"
Sunderland, Ruth R.: "To Nevada in October", "My Country Road", "One Day on the Farm", "I Am a Farm Wife"
Sweeten, Colen H. Jr.: "Real Cowboy", "Old Billy Heck", "Brother John", "Sourdough", "Poetry Roundup", "Rough Ride", "Twilight", "Spurs", "My Resting Place", "From the Horse's Mouth", "Hey, Brother", "Mortality is but a Moment", "This Old Barn", "Which Side?", "The Soul of a Pioneer", "Dad's Old Hat", "That's Why", "Calling Names", "Cowboy Gone Crazy", "Dream Ranch", "Ride 'Em Cowboy", "Tough?", "Cowboy Without Boots", "In a Manger", "Elko", "Alone", "Blizzard", "Diggin' Up Memories", "Echoes", "Old Ephraim", "Maybe You Ain't Done it All", "Mother Love and Mamma Cows", "Mr. Banker", "No Lady's Man", "Life O'Riley", "Poetry Gathering 1986", "Reality", "Right!", "Unseen Helper", "Vocational Education", "First Saddle", "Cow on the Fight"
Tingey, Dave: 6 Untitled Poems, "The Good Old Days", 6 Untitled Poems
Tully, Buck: "The Owyhee Buckaroo and the Idaho Toast", "Two Good Men"
Wallentine, Davis: "The Joy of the Range"
  • Submission by another poet, thought to be Bruce Kiskaddon [See Box 8, Folder 3: Bruce Kiskaddon Collection ]
Webb, Mark A.: [Articles] Pinton Bennet, And the Music Goes On, The Gathering, "Hangin' Out", "Motel Cowboy" Hits Music City, Independent Record Labels, Coming Up With Winners
Welter, D.L.: "The Irrigation of Blackjack's Brain", "Hunter's Warning", "Empire Lost", "Luck", "The Canyon", "Ben Genson", "Killer Trains", "Sheba and the Rainbird Kid", "Hitchrack Juggernaut"
  • Submission by other poets:
  • S. Omar Barker - "Purt Near"
  • Author Unknown - "The Piddling Pup"
Wright, Ann: "Longing For Home"
Author Unknown: "A Lonely Cowboy", "The End of a Dusty Trail", "Western Saloon", "A Cowboy"

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Container(s): Box 3, Folder 4

Container(s) Description
box folder
3 4
Jack E. Miller Collection: [From Tough 'n Tender] "Just a Workin' Cowboy", "Runnin' Mustangs", "Tough and Tender", "Springer Eyes", "Reggie Quietrider", "Alrin n' Big Boy", "Along the Way", "Smellin' the Posies", "Bring 'Em", "Tin Dog", "Handyman-Jack", "Wendy's Hot and Juicy", "Handy to Have Around", "I am Basque", "Manuel Urega", "Be Calm If No Tobaccas Ta Fall", "A Winna", "Misplaced Bill", "Pass Them Cajonies Please", "Crosscurrents", "The Old Man and the Young Pup"

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Container(s): Box 3, Folder 5

Container(s) Description
box folder
3 5
Alta S. Smith Collection: [From Dusty Memories] "This Book is Dedicated to My Mother, the Real Poet", "Dad and That Darned Car", "Mom and the Kids", "A Piece of Straw", "Mickey: In Memoriam", "Saga of the Lost", "Wind Symphony", "Dear Poet", "Dear Self", "F.D.A.", "Alice's Rain Song", "Traci: In Memoriam", "Hey, Doctor", "A Glutton's Last Letter", "Ode to a Winner", "A Dog's Tale", "Gentle Sonnet to a Sleeping Child", "Hey , Remember Romance", "Smitty: the Godfather", "Ah! Mustang", "Ghosts of Yesteryear", "Spring", "Summer Nights", "Chokecherry Wine", "Our Land", "Wealth Unending", "Wishing Won't Make it So", "Albert", "Love Sonnet: For Chet and Sue", "Love Theme", "Entreaty", "Hymn to Creation", "All About Joyce", "Mickey and Ken", "Hey, Lillie", "For Tami", "Roots of Our Valley", "B.F.D.", "Scoutmaster's Blues", "A Slower Pace", "Mom's Garden", "Lonely Reverie", "The Mormon Story", "Recipe for a Happy Memory", "Bishopric's Farewell", "Hobo", "Idaho Springtime Prayer", "My Wilderness: Idaho", "My Wilderness: In Memoriam", "What is Oakley?", "Hey, Remember", "Dallas, Age Seventy-Five", "Keith and Theresa - Newlyweds", "My Grandmother's Hairy Story", "Sawtooth Mountain Music", "Golden Wedding Vows", "Ode to Spring", "The Fiery Blue Rooster's Tale", "Requiem for a Friend", "The Predators", "Ah, Cottonwood!", "Supplication"

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Container(s): Box 3, Folder 6

Container(s) Description
box folder
3 6
Buess, Anita Durand: "Choices",
MacBeth, Tom: "Bull Dreamin'", "Cowman's Christmas List", "Homeplace Auction", "How to Sell More Beef", "Prairie Song", "Quality Time"
Mills, Phyliss Macy: "The Last of the Handshake Cowboys", Untitled, Untitled, "Who'll Feed You and Me"
Thompson, Charlotte: "Corral No. 5", "Advice to Slade and Tom", "The Mustanger", "There's a Difference", "Cowboy Controversy", "Tip in Hunter's Safety", "Palm of His Hand", "Buckaroo", "Greyhound to Elko", "Charlotte's Cow", "Marital Choice", "Like Daddy"

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Container(s): Box 4, Folder 1

Container(s) Description
box folder
4 1
Ahrens, Randall W.: "Facts", "Born Too Late", "Memories of a Packer", "A State of Mind"
Casey, T.J.:
  • Submission by other poet:
  • Timothy J. Cantin - "A Dollar a Day", "The Story of Idaho Joe", "Ol' Jake", "Cowboy's Freedom Song"
Eastmans, The: "Time"
Geissler, Val: "Call It What You Like", "An Outlaw To Ride"
Grue, Betty Lynne: "I've Rode", "Frost on the Fork Handle", "Rain on the Tent Fly"
Grue, B.L. & Steve Rone: "Dear John"
McRae, Wally: "The Lease Hound", "Eminent Domain"
Montana Folklife Project: [From When the Work's All Done This Fall]
  • Erasel Bloxham - "When the Work's All Done This Fall", "Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail"
  • Joe Hughes - "Roundup Memories on the Big Horn", "The Shooting of Dan McGrew by Robert Service"
  • Louis Schlautman - "Git Along Little Dogies", "Little Joe, The Wrangler"
  • Wally McRae - "A Quiet Night on the Prairie", "Reincarnation"
  • Ken Trowbridge - "Zebra Dunn"
  • Lew Ohl - "The Old Chisholm Trail"
  • Ray Grenfell - "Home on the Range", "The Cowboy's Dream"
  • Val Giessler - "The Strawberry Roan"
  • J.K. "Ken" Ralston - "Dayherding in the Rain"
Murphy, Chuck: "Orange Bailer Twine", "The Devil's Lament", "When God Made Montana", "My Friend Too", "Bringing in the Drill", "The Fire of '84", "The Came to Work", "Prince (Lacy's Bull)", "Cowboy Prank"
Peterson, Gwen and Jeane Rhodes: "Cow Around the Outhouse (Refined and Elegant Montana Limericks)"
Ramburg, Tom: "B.S.er's"
Ross, Bob: "Lure of the Sagebrush", "Lament of a Cowman", "Longhorn Cattle", "When Horses Wear Diamonds", "Old Grass in the Spring", "Keep Smiling"
Ross, James: "Blue Grama in the Sky", "To the Range Boss Up Above", "Our Auction Sale - April 1957", "My Mule Skinner Hat", "A Partnership with Freddie", "Our Last Horse Roundup", "Wedlock at the Chute", "Ginger", "A Cowboy in Semi-Retirement", "It is Tougher than a Pitch Pine Knot", "Off To the Cowboy Poets Gathering"
Rowland, Carl "Skinny": "Old Smeller", "The North Dakota Fire", "Winning a Wife", "It All Adds Up", "The Hermit", "Fuel Shortage", "A Bear Story", "The Chase", "Old Lonesome Joe", "Old Pete the Poacher", "Watchdog", "A Quick Way to Learn", "The Perfect Breed", "Convincing Collateral", "No Doubt at All", "My Old Model T and Me", "The Washtub By the Stove", "So Far and Yet So Near", "Old Lightning", "The Secret Life", "The Man of the House", "Have a Nice Day"
Sheehan, Chuck: "A Trip Across the West", "Cowboy Joe", "Feed Lot Steer"
Smith, Marie Weedon: Biographical Sketch, "Miracle on the Mountain", "Strangers on the Plain", "A Long Way Home", "The Roundup"
Smith, Mike: "Oop's", "Grandpa", "Who Will Come. Who Will Watch?", "Snuff's Card Room"
Sullivan, Bill: "To the Western Horse", "The Prairies"
Walker, Chad: "His Last Days"
Wilson, Howard: "The Day My Saddle Retired", "The Barn Dance", "The Cowboy Boot", "The Cowboy's Saddle", "Fort Keogh"

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Container(s): Box 4, Folder 2

Container(s) Description
box folder
4 2
Wallace D. Coburn Collection: "A Father's Advice to His Son", "A Tale of Love", "At the Animal Convention", "Bill and Parson Sim", "Brookside Ranch", "Cow-Boy Fun", "The Cow-Boy's Fate", "The Cow-Boy's Grave", "The Cow-Boy's Reply", "The Cow-Boy's Regret", "Evening in the Badlands", "Grub Pile", "The Half Breed's Tale", "Hidden Treasure Mine", "Human Discontent", "The Indians' Tale of Christ", "Jack and Bill", "The Little Cross", "The Montanas at Caloocan", "Nature's Grand Opera", "The Obsequies of Jack", "Ode to the Old-Timers", "Old Cow Boy's Tale", "Old Jack's Introduction to Wild Horse", "The Stampede", "Springtime", "Sunrise in the Badlands", "To an Indian Skull", "Wild West", "The Wolf Hunt"

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Container(s): Box 4, Folder 3

Container(s) Description
box folder
4 3
Wallace McRae Collection: [From ...Up North is Down the Crick] "Up North is Down the Crick", "The Grass-Fat Steers", "I Knowed Old Charlie Well", "A Quiet Night on the Prairie", "Too Smart or Too Stupid", "The Lingo of Our Callin'", "Fourth of July", "The Joyride", "The Coyote", "The Eternal Triangle", "The Old Timer in the Bison", "The Mail", "The Branding 'Lunch'", "The Generation Gap As It Applies to Rassling Calves At Branding Time", "In Quest of the Festive Bough", "Old Pardner", "Coffee", "Eminent Domain", "Harvest of Winter", "My Requiem", "Urban Cowboy", "Boyd Charter 1907-1978", "Thus and So", "Touchy Questions", "An Ounce of Prevention", "Burns' Night in Bonny Miles Toon", "Ranch Wife", "The Rattlesnake", "Broke, Afoot and Old", "The Old Homestead House", "On Catastrophe", "A Cost-Return Analysis"

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Container(s): Box 4, Folder 4

Container(s) Description
box folder
4 4
D.J. O'Malley Collection: [From Cowboy Poet] "A Cowboy's Death", "Sweet By-And-By Revised", "D-2 Horse Wrangler", "Found On a Sheep Herder's Mess Box", "The Cowboy Wishes", "Cowboy's Soliloquy", "Cowboy Reverie", "A Busted Cowboy's Christmas", "The Cowboy's Kick"
Carl Art Rowland Collection: "Big City Hunter", "The Coffee Pot", "The Deer Hunt", "Good Boy?", "Just Too Tired", "The Mine", "Cross Country Jack", "The Ideal Woman", "Old Mangey", "The Rabbit Hunt", "From Bad to Worse", "The Dude and the Bear", "Mountain Funeral"

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Container(s): Box 4, Folder 5

Container(s) Description
box folder
4 5
Connell, Wayne: "Old Buck, The Sodbuster"
Ewing, John T.: "Excess Baggage at a Branding", "The Pioneers", "The Day My Vacation Started", "How the Veterinarians Came to Be"
Green, Gordon: "Buryin' Fred", "Brandin' Time", "Cowboy Psychologist", "A Horse", "The Horse Sale", "Top of the Line Cowboy", "Rodeo Cowboy"
Johnston, Bob: "The Finals", "Modernization or the Last Windmill", "A Breed Apart", "The Sea of Grass", "The Horse Trainer"
Parker, Howard: Untitled, "You Can't Go Back Again"
Reichenberg, Monte: "Alone or Lonely", "Lessons

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Container(s): Box 4, Folder 6

Container(s) Description
box folder
4 6
Andrus, R. Blain: "A Gathering Storm", "The Birth of a Portuguese Bullfighting Horse", "A Cowboy From New York"
Badt, Milton B.: "The Love Sonnets of a Cowpuncher"
Baker, Hal:
  • Submission by another poet:
  • Unknown Author - Untitled
Bergin, Martin L.: "Cowboy Gather'en", "Old Timer", "Cowboy Calling", "Old Roany's Sister", "Brush Hand", "Glenn", "The Cowpony"
Bowman, Don: "Let's Save the Cowboys", "Cowboy's Resolution"
Bradley, Lucile: "Beatty, Nevada", "Swappin' Yarns at Roundup", "Utah Carl", "I Get the Blues When it Rains"
Brown, Robert G.: "My Dogs", "At Sunset", "Wilcox Ranch in Summer", "Mexican Irrigator", "The Boss's Lament", "The Saga of Poco Joe"
Cheney, Walter "Bimbo": "Thanks", "He's Nothin' But a Cowboy", "Broncs", Untitled, "Changes"
Coy, Marcella "Monty": "The Tenderfoot", "California Trail", "The Last Round-Up", "The Cowboy's Life"
Craig, Joseph Allen: "A Young Buckayro", "Paradise Ridge"
Davis, Homer Jr.: "Sudden Death", "The Prairie"
Dickey, Donald: "The Elko County Jail", "The Empty Rope", "A Little Ode to the Modern Cowboy", "The Horse with the Sad Brown Eyes", "The Sheep Herder", "The Dandelion", "The Night Before Christmas"
Dixon, Rinnie: "Mustang Run"
Doney, Scott: Biographical Sketch, "Born a Cowboy", "The Life of a Cowboy", "God's Campfire", "Riding For the Brand", "Eternity"
Eklund, L.W.: "The Kids Horse", "The Old Grey Mare", "The Bare Facts", "Foaling Time", "The Horse Show Chauvinist", "The Horse Club Director", "The Wife's Horse", "The Roper's Roper", "Main-ly Training", "There's a Whole in Your Genes", "So You Want to be a Cowboy", "A Friend Named Jim", "The Super Salesman"
Ellis, G. Grace: "My West", "The Stars Hang Low Tonight"
Etchinek, Julia: Autobiography, "I Am Western", "Bullrider", "Looking For a Cowboy", "Throwback", "Little Cowboy"
Fablinger, Eldon E.: (3) Untitled Songs
Fletcher, Curley W.: "Wild Buckaroo", "Strawberry Roan", "The Flyin' Outlaw", "Yavapai Pete", "The Cowboy's Prayer"
Fouts, Billy: "The Poet Gather"
Frank, Ralph: "Ida-Dun"
Gardner, Charley: "My Sister", "Long Valley Slough", "Recollection", "A Real Cowboy and a Would Be", "The Buckaroo Girl
Garate, Patricia P.: "The Cowboy's Companion", "Mem'ries of an Old Friend", "Nightfall", "Out in Nevada"
Garrett, Fred: "Rough Country Ropin'", "Cowboys, Cooks, and Calamity", "Hard Drive to the River", "Some Broncs I Have Named"
Guild, Joseph: "At the Funeral of a Mason Valley Rancher", "The 'Perfect' Outfit", "Friends Meet", "Timberline Dreams"

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Container(s): Box 4, Folder 7

Container(s) Description
box folder
4 7
Hall, Barbara: Autobiography, "Wind Side of My Horse", "Doctor", "Bill", "Friend", "Old Cowboy", "Ranch Wife", "Old Horse"
Hammond, Carl F.: "Before We Rode Out", "Her Majesty"
Harris, Herbie: "I Don't", "Jokers-1-Are-Wild"
Hawkes, Tony: "Sunday Thinkin'", "Five Card Stud", "Country Living"
Hayden, Carl:
  • [ARTICLES] "How'd Jackpot Come By It's Name", "And, More on the Subject", "The Stork Visits Jackpot", "Quality of Entertainment", "This Even Gets Real Attention", "Street Signs Tell More in Jackpot", "Jackpot's First Funeral", "The Right Route...On the Way to Everywhere", Untitled, "Jackpot is the Cross Country", "Air Racing Capital of America", "Ever Changing Horseshu", "Jackpot's 'Green' Legend", "Case of the Teacher Mouse", "Big Winner!", "Hayden 'Quippers'", "The Path of Pigeons", "USA's Smallest Time Zone", "About the Trees in Cactus Pete's Restaurant"
  • [READINGS] "Romance of Plateau Country", "Ghosts of Wheelbarrow Jones" (Chapters I, II, III), "Ultimate Landscape", "Growing is No Pain", "Peaceful Mystery Puzzle", "Tough Settlers - Cowboys", "More Modern - Still Tough", "Jackpot Territory - Refreshing Adventure" (Chapters I, II)
Hunter, John J.: "N-E-V-A-D-A", "I what a Man", "My Pal", "The Wench"
Hustace, Donna K.: "Recollections", "I Want to Be a Cowboy", "Old Timer", "Way of Life"
Johannes, Guy: "An Ode to the Western Women"
Joseph, Sallie Knowles: "Sally, Cindy, and Becky Sue", "What's in a Name?"
Joss, April: "Old Friend", "The Lovesick Cowboys Blues", "Changing Rules"
Keller, H.R.: "Cold Track Dan"
Kingsley, Alan: "The Winter Ride in '87", "The Ballad of Bull Sheet Queensley"
Krammer, Gloria J.: Untitled, "Epitaph to a Cowboy"
MacFarlane, J.: "A Dream of Mine", "Lazy Chase", "A Little East of Westwind", "Birth, Wild Birth", "Come With Me", "Singing Thoughts", "Branded and Broosed"
Margraf, Grid Lee: "Just a Christmas"
Mathes, Claude R.: Autobiography, "Fool's Gold", "Me and Him"
Martin, Sunny: "Never Learn to Milk a Cow", "My Home State", "Diary of a Ranch Wife, or Pa and His Danged Ol' Cows"
Mills, Newel: "Step up and See the Beauty", "Creation", "Did You?", "The Greatest", "Clouds", "Might Have Been", "A Farmer", "The Golden Years", "A Favor", "The Climb"
Mitchell, Waddie: "Cowboy Poetry Gathering", Untitled
Moore, Christenca: Autobiography, "Nevada", "Spring in Nevada", "The Painted Pony", "The Ornery Cow", "The Cowboy"
Odam, Norman Carl: "Cactus", "Crack of Dawn"
Penola, Angela: "Rodeo", "The Cowboy"
Profit, Ilene: "Cow Camp Games"
Prunty, Frank: "A Plumb Lost Cowboy"
Riordan, Pauline: "Needs of a Cowboy"
Robinette, D.L.: "The Devil Ain't Livin' in Texas", "Life Really Don't Exist", "The Dispelling of an American Myth", "My First Experience With Sex", "Personal Hygiene on a Cattle Drive", "Abilene Kansas 1884", "I Question My American Heritage", "My Life With My Mama"
Rosaschi, Connie: "Range Cowboy's Winter Lament", "Burkham Barn"
Satterhwaite, Connie: "Bronco", "Out on the Wagon", "Being a Cowboy", "Turning Out!", "Cowboy's Christmas", "Growing Up"
Sicking, Georgie C.: Untitled, "That Long Eared Bull", "That Little Ole Coyote", "Cowboy Bedroll", "To Be a Top Hand"
Smith, Richard: "When the Saddle Was New", "To Tom Marvel", "Lucky", "Frank Stroud", "Moby Dick", "The Monument", "Burro", "Spooks"
Stephenson, Wes: "My Mount", "An Old Wrinkled Cowboy"
Terry, Glen H.: "Basque Buckaroo", "Preacher's Son", "Ol' Timer", "Would You Buy This Horse?", "Curly", "Earning Your Spurs", "A Situation", "Good Neighbors", "The Schoolhouse", "Modern Technology", "The Little Buckaroo", "For the Class of '86"
Thompson, Debbie: "Cowboy", "Weaving Time"
Trumbo, Hershel: Untitled, "The Horseman and the Fly", "Can They Bloom Then"
Turner, Dallas: "Rocky Mountain Oysters"
White, Ed: "The Ghost of Cactus Flat"
Author Unknown: "Pickle Prick", "Turkey in the Straw", "Peter Pullin' Blues", "Ruins", "The Treasure of Life"

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Container(s): Box 4, Folder 8

Container(s) Description
box folder
4 8
L.G. High Collection: "The Last of the Five Thousand", "The Chinese Mixed Chorus", "Tongue Twister", "The Wild and Woolly West", "The Old Ghost Town Privy", "With a Catch Rope in My Hand", "When This War is Over", "The Last of the Five Thousand", "The Cowboy", "Old Mother Nature and Old Father Time", "The 'Hoot Owl Trail'", "Down in Ma's Old Chicken Coop", "My Old 'Tom Cat'", "The World Went 'Round And 'Round", "Help Wanted", "Your Love is Like a Rainbow", "Now They've Got Me Cutting Out Pin-Ups From the Magazines", "Tongue Twister", "In the Mining News", "My Great Uncle", "I'm a Buckaroo, From the Flying 'U'", "Ragtime Cowboy Joe", "Money"

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Container(s): Box 4, Folder 9

Container(s) Description
box folder
4 9
Georgie C. Sicking Collection: [From Just Thinkin'] "Blaze", "Once a Top Horse", "In a Mountain Shack Alone", "Cow Camp Thinkin'", "To a Pal", "To Be a Top Hand", "Snow Storm", "Doctoring Worms", "Just a Little Feller", "Old Tuff", "No Life for a Lady", "Jim Bennett", "Lightnin'", "The Old Home Ain't the Same Place", "The Kid", "R C Q", "Home", "I Guess It Is Religion", "A Few Cowboy Rules", "Old Bay", "Remember", "The Barrel Racer", "Schurz", "Jake", "The Lonesome Ones", "Loco and Liquor", "Gamblin'", "Going Back", "A Time For Remembering", "Nevada", "On That Other Range", "Mahone Camp", "October 1945", "Nevada's Subtle Beauty"

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Container(s): Box 5, Folder 1

Container(s) Description
box folder
5 1
Avery, Keith W.: "Reality", "A Couple of Good Old Boys", "In My Youth", "A Bronc Stompin' Fool", "Bronc Stomper's Lament", "Pleasure Bent Buddies", "A Rare Commodity", "Just Plumb Human", "The Inevitable", "The Cowboy's Creed", "That's How It Is", "A Salute", "Wisdom", "Truth", "Good Company", "Friends", "Yonder", "An Artist's Prayer", "Checking the Back Trail"
  • Submission by another poet:
  • Charles M. Russell - "Where Tracks Spell War or Meat", Untitled
Barker, S. Omar: "Christmas Thanks"
Fusco, Mike: [Poems untitled, listed by the first line of each poem.] "Thru a Cowboy's Eyes", "Memories", "A Cowboy They Say I Be", "I'm Layin' Here Thinkin' of the Places I've Been", "Ah--the Freedom of This Open Land", "Seems I Was Born to Roam the Wild Country", "Guess I Was Born to Travel This World Alone", "As the Summer Breeze Whispers", "She Was Named After a Saint", "As a Boy I Was never Content to Sit", "Still Riding This Low", "Just Too Much Alcohol", "Oh Look At That Train", "She Smiled So Fine", "Sitting At My Hotel Window", "Desert Flower", "Here I Sit By a Clear Running Stream", "Searching For a Place to Stay", "Like Passing Driftwood", "Nothing But Time And a Empty Glass in Front of Me", "I've Been Too Many Places"
Guldeman, Gene: "A Poem to a Son"
Kelly, Kay: "AJB", "The Canyon Mares", "Ol' Snort", "A What??!"
McCanless, Allen: "The Cowboy Soliloquy"
McNamara, Kevin: "Sun Sets", "These Geese May Just Turn Again", "Barrel Racer and Me", "No Desperate Fingers", "The Next Twelve Months"
Moore, Cecil: "The Cowboy Poet Convention"
Morgan, Willie: (15) Untitled Poems
Patterson, Paul E.: "The USTA Bees Don't Fly No More", "A Synopsis of Joshua"
Sparks, Peggy: "Outlaw Horse", "The Old Women", "The Tumbleweed"
Taylor, Gene: "When Satan Entered the Pen"
Wallis, Juanita J.: "Cowpuncher's Rights", "Cowpuncher's Lament", "Taxpayers' Concerns", "Cowpunching Resembles a Bronc Ride", "God's Tapestry", "The Right Persuader", "Ranch Romances"
Zarzyski, Paul: "Martini McRae & Whiskey Zarzyski: A Brace of Blackjack Aces", "Royalty Holds Her Favorite Cowboy Close -- A Portrait", "Escorting Grammy to the Potluck Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed at Bowman's Corner", "How the Lord Throwed - In With Mom to Make Me Quit the Broncs" "Cutting the Easter Colt", "Rodeo - Road Founder: Highway Horseplay"

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Container(s): Box 5, Folder 2

Container(s) Description
box folder
5 2
Katheryn Kelly Collection: [Poems by Jack Sanderson] "Old Red Buck", "The Top and the Bottom", "The Old Time Cowboys", "Space", "The Preview", "Mornin'", "The Leather Book", "Last of a Legend", "Cowboy Child Psychology", "Cowboy Honeymoon", "Don's Dun Downfall"
Cecil Moore Collection: "The Angels", "Cowboy of Yesteryear and Cowboy of Today", "Wife Wanted -- Until?", "The Life of a Cattle Man", "The Roundup of 1912", "The Nevada Visitor", "Ode to Bob McCord", "Moon Over the Zunies", "Tony Jake Navajo Boy", "The Griper", "The Rancher's Dog", "The Wayward Cowboy", "The Cattle Trader"

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Container(s): Box 5, Folder 3

Container(s) Description
box folder
5 3
Clause, Romie: "Chinook Wind", "Wild Roses", "Cattle Trails"
Daniel, Forrest:
  • Submission by other poets:
  • C.O. Armstrong - "Grassy Butte, N.D.", "Answer to the Cowboy's Last Request", News Article
  • Joseph Stroud - "The Jolly Cowboy"
  • Larry Chittenden - "The Cowboy's Christmas Ball"
Erickson, Fran: "The Ballad to Dakota", "To Les", "Ode to the Coffee Shop Corral", "Buffalo Skull", "Indian Grave", "Time", "Topsy", "The Bartender's Dilemma", "The Horse Shoer", "Tatyze", "Ballad to Dakota"
  • Submission by another poet:
  • E.P. Boland - "Old Tarzan Qualifies..."
Grafton, Bennie M.:
  • Submission by another poet:
  • Unknown Author - Untitled
Lohmann, Glenn R.: "The Shooting of Riley Luffsey", "Bible Bob", "Hell Creek Debate", "Old Floyd", "Little Joe", "My Cousin's Last Ride"
Lowman, Bill: "Trouble -- Down on the Farm", "The Final Lick", "A Ford or a Chevy", "Sometimes, Well -- Then Again I Don't Know", "Ya Ever", "Trust Dogs En Horses", "Border Town Bargain", "Farmer or Rancher", "Diversification", "Glad I'm A Cowboy", "There's an Eagle Nest on the Bluff", "Heart and Home", "Why Some Boys Cuss"
Murrey, Frank: "The Bronco", "Cowboys in the Spring", "The Coyote"
Nelson, Rodney: Untitled
Oyhus, Floyd C.: "The Feeder Buyer", "The Cowboy's Joy Ride"
Putney, Hilda T. LaSoto: "Our First Days Together, 1915", "Alex and Weasel", "The Old Yule Ranch", "Funny Old Hills", "Between 1900 and '39", "Down in the Dumps", "My Home State", "Lonesome", "Shake Hands", "In the Old Cow Camp", "Two Cowboy Pals", "The 1920 Rodeo", "Don the Dude Wrangler", "The Little Mound Church", "Wide Open Spaces", "When Daddy Rolled the Old Partition", "Essay on Man", "High 5 at the Old 3-777"
Reich, Roland: "Life on the Range"
Wilson, Sam: "Beware of the Wilderness", "The Blizzard - February 5-10-78"
Wilson, Viola and Sam: "Pioneer Memories"

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Container(s): Box 5, Folder 4

Container(s) Description
box folder
5 4
Lawrence Hopkins Collection: Songbook Cover and Contents Page - The Ranch Boys, Songbook Cover and Contents Page - Jimmie Rodgers, Songbook Cover and Contents Page - Arkansas Woodchopper "Little Mohee", Songbook Cover and Contents Page - Gene Autry, Songbook Cover and Contents Page - Roy Rogers,
  • Songbook Cover and Contents From - Songs of the Ranch and Range: "The Railroad Corral", "The Big Corral", "Bucking Broncho", "Brown-Eyed Lee", "The Buffalo Skinners", "The Cowboy's Lament", "By the Silver Rio Grande", "Charlie Rutlage", "The Cowboy At Church", "Cowboy Jack", "The Cowboy's Meditation", "The Cowboy", "Cowboy's Dance Song", "The Cowboy's Dream", "The Curtains of Night", "Curly Joe", "The Dreary Black Hills", "The Dying Cowboy", "The Dreary, Dreary Life", "The Days of Forty-Nine", "Ten Thousand Cattle", "Jesse James", "Goodbye, Old Paint", "The Dying Ranger", "The Great Round-Up", "Sam Bass", "Fuller and Warren", "The Gal I Left Behind Me", "Great Grand-Dad", "Colorado Home", "I Ride An Old Paint", "I'd Like to be in Texas", "I've Got No Use for the Women", "Little Joe, The Wrangler", "Jack O'Diamonds", "The Old Chisholm Trail", "Utah Carroll", "Night Herding Song", "Only a Cowboy", "A Prisoner For Life", "Roy Bean", "The Dying Cowboy", "Little Old Sod Shanty On My Claim", "Sweet Betsy From Pike", "The Tenderfoot", "The Texas Rangers", "Billy Venero", "The Trail to Mexico", "The Colorado Trail", "The Texas Cowboy", "The Last Longhorn", "When the Work's All Done This Fall", "Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo! Git Along, Little Dogies!", "The Zebra Dun", "The Cowboy", "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball", "The Lane County Bachelor", "Down in Arkansaw", "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain", "Cielito Lindo", "Down in the Valley", "I Wish I'd Stayed in the Wagon Yard", "The Bum Song", "Red River Valley", "Big Rock Candy Mountain", "Bad Companions", "My Pinto Pal", "Cheyenne", "San Antonio", "Pony Boy", "Pride of the Prairie", "Ragtime Cowboy Joe", "Off to the Rodeo", "Ridin' 'Round the Range", "A Department Store Cowboy" (Partial)
  • Songbook Cover and Contents From - The Songs You Hear No More: "Pistol Packin' Papa", "The Soldier of the Legion", "Punching the Dough", "Fair Charlotte", "The Cowboy at Church", "Take Me Back to Col-ler-rad-da", "My Dear Old Southern Home", "Strawberry Roan", "The Range of the Buffalo", "Billy Venero", "Goin' Back To Texas", "The Texas Ranger", "The Silvery Rio Grande", "The Blind Girl", "The Cowboy's Dream", "Bum Song, No. 1", "Bum Song, No. 2", "Birmingham Jail", "High Powered Mama", "You and My Old Guitar", "The Fate of Floyd Collins", "The Little Sod Shanty on the Claim", "I Wish I Was Single Again", "The Cowboy's Meditation", "Big Rock Candy Mountain, No. 1", "Big Rock Candy Mountain, No. 2", "The Trail to Mexico", "Blue Yodel, No. 8", "The Wreck of No. 9", "The Texas Cowboy", "The Bright Sherman Valley", "I'd Like to Be in Texas For the Round Up in the Spring", "Little Brown Jug", "The Return of the Gay Caballero", "Mississippi River Blues", "Happy Go Lucky Boy"
  • Songbook Cover and Contents From - The Songs of Long Ago: "Long Ago", "We Met But Once", "Somewhere in Old South Dakota", "Do They Miss Me?", "I'll Remember You, Love, In My Dreams", "The Peal of the Village Bell", "'Tis Years Since I Parted, Dear Mother, With Thee", "Come Back to Our Cottage So Lonely", "Are You Lonely?", "I Whistle and Wait for Katie", "In the Cottage By the Sea", "Only a Few Faded Roses", "The Great Roundup", "Clementine", "Barbary Allen", "This Life is a Difficult Riddle", "Here's to the Maiden of Bashful Fifteen", "When the Roses Are Blooming Again", "Old Chisholm Trail", "Days of '49", "The Zebra Dun", "Utah Carroll", "Read Me a Letter From Home", "My Mother's Picture", "Dreary Black Hills", "Flying Trapeze", "Bury Me Beneath the Roses", "Patonia", "Home on the Range", "The Blind Girl", "Little Mohee", "Little Joe, The wrangler", "Night-Herding Song", "Old Sod Shanty", "Home With a Smile", "Safe in the Sheperd's Bosom", "The Stars of Evening", "Punching the Dough", "Cowboy Bill", "Cowboy's Dream", "A Maiden Sang to the Rising Moon", "The Old Fashioned Well", "Call Me Darling", "Gentle Annie", "There's a Rainbow", "Haunts of Childhood", "Cowboy Jack", "Red River Valley", "Colorado", "Strawberry Roan"

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Container(s): Box 5, Folder 5

Container(s) Description
box folder
5 5
Gus Meschke Collection: [From The Best of Buffalo Stew] "Medora", "Free Range Baloney", "A Poker Game", "The Raging Blizzard", "Long Winter", "Blistering Heat", "Wonderful Spring", "A Mental Portrait", "???", "Indifferent", "An Apple A Day", "Terra Firma", "Campfire Kitchen", "Children of the Plains", "The Little Cowboy", "An Arctic Moon", "Winter Wonderland", "Variable Spring", "A Mental Portrait", "From Dawn Till Dark", "Time", "Interruption", "Consolation", "The Big Country", "The Old West", "The Young Buckaroo", "The Giant Saguraro Cactus", "The Old, Old Ranch", "A Mental Portrait", "Adios Old Pal"

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Container(s): Box 5, Folder 6

Container(s) Description
box folder
5 6
Ash, Linda: Untitled
Bates, Thelma: Submission by other poet: Unknown Author - "The Wheel"
Black, Bill: "Moonshine Steer"
Bowerman, Jon: Untitled, "Thank God For A Barn Sour, Grain Lovin', Old Brown Horse", "For Jeff", "Tribute to Freckles and Tornado", "The Wreck on State Hwy 19"
Brown, Willie: Autobiography, "Grandmother Earth's True Environmentalist...the Cowman", "A 'Specialist'", "Gettin' Out or Stay'n Fight", "Take Something Out", "He Won't Quit...Nor Look As He'll Go Broke", "I Took My Teeth to the Dentist Today", "Packin' the Jake", "The Doom of '47", "Baxter", "Cowboyin' or Simply A Livin' My Dream", "Spectin' Ta See An Early Mornin' Show", "Philosophy of Time", "I've Always Earned a Livin' a Horseback...Except", "Makin' the Water Flow", "My Happy Pardner", "History in Spirit", "Chickens", "Aha...the Desert"
Burkhart, Lona: "Old Broken Down Cowboy", "Ed's So Long"
Butler, Larry D.: "Ranch Economics", "The West"
Chamberlain, Ken Clair: "On One's Place in the Sunshine", "Rainbow for Mortal Years", "Bardic Bellah's Borning", "Notable Savage -- Limerhew", "In Error of Terror", "Egg-Sheeley"
Collins, Wendell: "Fouled Up", "My Dog Jake", "Class Reunion", "To Joe", "To An Idaho Pioneer", "A Thought To Youth", "Dad"
Conner, Isabel: "A Cowboy's Memories", "Back on the Farm", "Frankie and Johnnie"
Crawford, Larry: Autobiography, "The John Day", "Nosey", "The Plan"
Edwards, Lenore & Merie: Submission by another poet: Unknown Author - "The Strawberry Roan" (Some attribute this to Curley Fletcher)
Hancock, Sonny: "A Sailor's View of Texas", "The Sycan Barn", "A Bear Tale"
Hancey, Mike: "The Wild Horse and Burro Hearing"
Hobby, Cassie: "Old Ring", "My Sister 'Lois'"
Johnson, Cassie: "Read 'Em and Weep", "Cowboy's Prayer", "Long Gone"
Kossler, Kathryn L.: "Rawhide Pride", "Brothers"
Lochrie, Mack: Biography, "The Modern Day Buckaroo", "Angels Do Fly"
McGilvary, Shirley: "Highlights of Cowboy Poetry Gathering", "Tony and Maude", "The Big Hippy Stud", "Wild Wagon Ride", "Cowgirl's Prayer", "Warpaint", "Beef Boycott", "Christmas Card 'Contents' Past, Present, and Future (Who Knows?)", "Outdoor Stop and Shop", "Big John and the Kellogg Carriage", "Carriageless Marriage"
McGuire, M.G.: "The Lady Ranger", "The Bear"
McMurty, Minnie: "Old Philmath, Wild and Wooly, in the Latter Part of June"
Miller, Herbert: "Dreams and Reality", "Farewell to Antelope"
Miller, Sara: Biography, "Dragging a Dog", "Goodbye to a Cowboy", "Walking After Dreams", "Feeling the Blue Lariat", "The Puncher and the Floosy"
Munn, R.O.: "Cowboy Philosophy", "Young Fellers", "Cowboy Dan", "The Old West"
Stafford, Kim: "To Elko and Back"
Thomas, Jim: "The Cowgirl", "To Whom It May Concern", "They Say That Congress Has Passed the G.D. Bill of Rights"
Thurmon, Ramona: "Dennis and Roanie, Running Battle", "Proud American", "Range Cow", "Blue Jeans", "Kid's Pony", "Feedlot Cow Boss", "Winners, Almost", "Hardtimes", "Lady Boss", "Team Roping", "Horse Sense", "Whiskey", "The Lady and the Horsetrader", "High Sierras"
Wagner, Paul: "Umatilla County"
Wyatt, Ronald: "The Powder Room", "Drugstore Cowboy", "The Champion", "The Rodeo Star"

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Container(s): Box 5, Folder 7

Container(s) Description
box folder
5 7
Burns Library Collection:Ken Pruitt - "The God Forsaken Land" [information on authorship]; Unknown Author (Possibly E. Wood) - "First Snow", "Turning Them Out", "The Water-Hole", "The Cattle Camp - Night", "The Cattle Camp - Dawn", "Billy Craddock in Rome", "The Blitzen Oasis After Rain"
Kenny Grant Collection: [Poems by various authors]
  • S. Omar Barker - "Roped Dynamite", "Cowgirl's Recipe", "Cow Country Code", "What the Old Texan Misses"
  • Griff Crawford - "A Picture", "Overdrawn"
  • Unknown Authors - "Bud Ballew's Last Draw", "A Song of the Range", "The Raid", "Home on the Range", "A Deer Hunt", "The Cowboy At Work", "Indians", "The Buffalo Hunter", "The Barefoot Boy With Boots On", "The Cowboy's Dream", "Laska", "Beware of a Cowboy Who Wears a White Hat" "Pinto"
  • Jack Crawford - "The Burial of Wild Bill"
  • R. Remlow Harris - "The Ignerant Bronc"
  • James Edward Hungerford - "The Shinin' Rails"
  • Harry R. Keller - "The Trail Herd"
  • Henry Herbert Knibbs - "Pony Express"
  • Floyd T. Wood - "Tenderfoot"

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Container(s): Box 6, Folder 1

Container(s) Description
box folder
6 1
Lewis, Robert Edward: "The Legion of Desperate Men", "Custer's Luck"
McSpadden, Clem: "The Cowboy's Prayer", "If Our Flag Could Talk"
McSpadden, Herb: "To A Champion", "Eighteen Tons of Cottonseed Cake", "Uncle Will", "At the Cowboy's Ball", "Out Where Our Rest Begins?" (A Parody of Robert Vance's "Out Where the West Begins"), Untitled (A Parody of Bruce Kiskaddon poem, fragment included), "Eighteen Tons of Cottonseed Cake"
The Following Included from a Newspaper Article: "Boom Town Drifters", "Col. Colt's Revolver", "Red Desert Rodeo", "Old Cowboy", "Cowboy Winter"

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Container(s): Box 6, Folder 2

Container(s) Description
box folder
6 2
Ayres, Homer: "The Song of the Lambing Camp", "Lizz Biz", "Plant More Wheat", "The Hair O' The Dog", "Violence in the Living Room", "Dear Senator", "The Modern Sheepherder", "Get in With Us, We're Giving You a Ride", "Remember the Pig Factories?", "That Ranching Thing", "Rose Knows, The Case of the Devilish Rattler", "Speaking Mountains"
Badure, Greg: "It Snowed", "The Night Ol' Santa Almost Bit the Dust"
Black Hills St. College Yellow Jacket Stamped Program:
  • Submissions by other poets:
  • Badger Clark - "A Cowboy's Prayer"
  • Unknown Authors - "A Cowboy's Prayer", "The Cowboy"
Bradfield, Bryon: "The Blizzard's Song", "Old Time Cowboy", "Ashes of Springtime", "Pioneer Memories", "The Mouse Colored Bronc", "A Day on Fall Roundup", "Jack"
Bringsyellow, Johnny: "Since Time Began"
Casteel, Jo: "Women's Lib", "He Needs it All", "The End of the Trail", "We Ain't Crazy", "Spooked", "Show Me the Way", "Born Too Late", "Sure Am Lucky", "Sod Busters", "I'll Take a Horse Anyday", "Losers Buy the Drinks", "God's Funny Creatures", "The Death of a Ranch", "The Cowboys", "Calvin' Time", "Miriah, Ha!", "A Case of Spring Fever", "You're Selling What?!", "Used to Be", "He Needs It All", "Do You Believe in Santa", "Two Champs", "He's Not a Senior Citizen, He's a Cowboy", "He Got Respect", "Thank You, Lord", "That Crawlin' Critter", "A Visit to the Doc's", "You Understand, Don't You Lord?"
Conley, Georgene: "Inflation His the Range", "Cowboy Joe's Decision", "Little Sod Shanty", "A Toast to Calamity Jane", "A Small Disaster"
Dennis, Bob: "Cowboys", "Cowboy's Hate", "The Best Time of Year", "The Chore", "Homeguard", "Ma an Ole Yeller", "Workhorses and Tractors"
Field-Paulton, Susan: "The Storm", "Remembering New Mexico"
Gifford, Jan Swan: "Just Dreamin'", "Those Old Eyes"
Gray, Connie: "About Self", "That Old Rooster", "The Impossible", "Words and Actions", "That First Auto", "Ahhh, September", "Stewed Prunes", "Is Silence Golden", "The New Bride", "The Silver Spurs", "The Invader"
Hawkes, Gary: "Chicken Planting Time", Untitled
Hunt, Charles E.: "Third Generation", "Pinto Beans an' Bread", "Spring Morning", "Cowman...1984"
Lantis, Bob: Untitled, "The Capture", "I'll Play These", Untitled
Miller, Roy: "Rodeo Routine", "One of 'Them' Days", "Mishap on a Dude Outfit", "A Wild Ride", "An Exciting Experience", "No More", Fact Sheet, "No Snake Bit, OR Too Much 'Snake Bite'!", "Why a Crow Bar?...'Cause...(Caws)!", "Payin' the Penalty"
Shanon, Phil: "The Old Cowboy", "The Cowboy Way"
  • Submission by other poets:
  • Donald Gance - "My Wyoming"
  • Gerald L. Graf - "Let the Wind Blow"
  • Ray Wilkins - "Legion Limericks"
  • Russell Baker - "Question"

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Container(s): Box 6, Folder 3

Container(s) Description
box folder
6 3
Cusimano, Chuck: "We Were Cowboys", "The New Hand", "Home on the Range", "Dirt on Your Hands", "Old Rusty Spurs", "The Lord and the Good Cowboy"
Davis, Alvin G.: "Cowboy Poetry", "Bull Shipper", "Beef Type", "Famous Firearms", "Horse Breeding", "Changing Jobs", Qualifications of Alvin G. Davis
Gaba, Mike: "The Fighting Spirit of John Prather"
Gardner, Viola: "My Primavera Doll"
Lerado: (2) Untitled Poems, "My Cowboy Hat"
McLaury, Buster: "Sling Loop Slover", Untitled, "The Bridle Rein Lesson", "Nigger Charly Smith", "Cowboy's Christmas Thanks", "Cowpuncher's Lament"
McLaury, Sheryl: "My Old Hat", "The Cattle Guard", "The Cowboy's Wife", "A Cowboy's Wife's Two Husbands"
Whipple, Melvin Collection: "What Was Once Open Range", "The Big Rodeo", "Utah, Queen of the West", "Lonesome Night", "The Old Time Bronco Rider", "Voices of the Night", "The Little Bar Z", "The Big Horseshoe Bend", "My Memories of the Past", "Just Cowboys", "The Big Hell Hole", "Escape From Reality", "Pullin' Leather", "The Old and new Frontier", "Here's a Tribute to the Cowboys", "Those Winding Trails", "The Lonesome Nights", "How They Lived", "Open Range"
Author Unknown: "Hell in Texas", "Texas a Paradise"

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Container(s): Box 6, Folder 4

Container(s) Description
box folder
6 4
Abel, James G.: "Last Wish", "A Man to Be"
Aiken, Duke: "Along Memory Trail", A Collection of Poetry [See Table of Contents]
Bayles, Finely H.: "Old Paper Face", "My Mom", "Country Comfort", "The Day Me and Strawberry Fell", "Sooner and the Serpent", "Outlaw Country"
Berglund, Claude A.: "Ballad of Little Priest"
Christensen, Bob: "The Bargain", "Red Cloud's Grandson", "The Museum", "Pardners", "A Long Dry Winter", "The Pickup", "The Vet", "He Sent the Boy to College", "Reach Out and Touch Somebody", "The Feed Order", "Cowboy in Paradise", "Salesman's Relief", "The Chicken Thieves", "Tree of Utah", "The Rustler", "The Bachelor Gal", "The Sleepy Bear", "Grandma's Secret Recipe", "Ranchers Revenge", "Too Much Heat", "The Space Shot", "The Pink Bandana", "The Indian Outhouse", "Spiffy and the Bear", "Gobble, Gobble, Hobble", "The Casino", "The Experts From the East", "The Snowbirds", "Old and in the Desert"
Croft, Bucks: "The Bush Brotherhood"
Dunbar, Don L.: "A Tribute to Claude"
Dunbar, Marvin: "Hoofs and Horns -- Cowboy Joe", "Horse Tradin'", "Mat McCue", "Sound Horse", "The Spirit of Giving", "The Quarter Horse", "To Fellow Mounties and Friends", "Trail of Zanavoo"
Faupell, Jess: No item (tape missing)
Fox, Robert B.: "What is a Cowboy?", "Little Feller", "The Big-Brimmed Hat", "Cactus", "Dust & Water", "Unchanged", "Movin' On", "The Pony Express", "Not For Dudes", "Log Cabin", "Ghost Town", "Tumbleweed", "Reminiscing", "Joshua Trees", "Orin Porter Rockwell", "The Track of the Wagons", "Mail Without Fail", "I Can Get It For You Wholesale", "Blue Ribbon Mutt", "The Tale of a Mountain Cat", "Sagebrush", "Cowboy Miscast", "Peace Pipe", "He Tried", "Modern Version", "Present Imperfect Tense", "To Bleached Bones", "Boot Hill", "Wild One", "Stampede"
Gentry, Frank: "Life's Deck of Cards", "To the Rednecks", "Spare the Mother Doe", Untitled
Hunting, Yula Sue: "Split", "Knights to Defend", "A Christmas Tree", "Ear Mark and Brand", "Letter to Utah Arts Council, 9/26/84", "Hero Worship", "Letter to Internal Revenue Service, 3/11/64 from Burl Hunting", "Salvation", Various Greeting Cards with Illustrations, "Dear Sirs", "A Fall"
Iverson, Hans Peter: "Hans Peter Iverson's Life History in Verse"
Jensen, Floyd A.: "The Legend of the Dapple Gray", "The Day I Roped a Deer", "Pa's Old Model A", "Swimming At the Creek", "Old Jack Swenson's Ride", "The Pack Rat", "Back Home", "Kathy"

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Container(s): Box 6, Folder 5

Container(s) Description
box folder
6 5
Keller, Fred: "Blue Mountain"
Kerr, C. Duane: "The Cowboy Goes to College", "There Was Lots They Never Told Me", "The Scrawny, Little, Brindle Bull"
Lashley, Ray: "Clay Allison and the Kid", "A Ride With Chief Joseph"
Lemon, Frank D.: "Left Handed"
McArthur, J. Wayne: "Pardners", "The Cowboy's Challenge", "Son Don't Leave Me Behind", "A Cowboy's Lament"
McKendrick, Scott: "Movin' But Stayin'", "Rodeo People", "Don't Teach That Girl to Rope", "Poems For Horsemen", "Record Book Time", "Maken a Horseshow Judge", "The Horseshoer and the I.R.S.", "As I Look Back", "That Day", "Snubbin' Broncs", "The End", "A Father's Dream"
Mecham, Lee: "Cowboy Dreams"
Montgomery, Livingston: "The Uinta Song"
Moon, Michelle: "Behind the Chutes at the Rodeo"
Mortenson, Vern: "They Ain't No Place Like Home", "Thought on Elko 1985", "The West That Was"
Pearson, Glen L.: "A Toast to Horseholics", "Ballad of Idaho", "A Leg is A Leg", "Love Out of a Bottle"
Pintz, Jan: "Big Red", "Listen to Dad", "This Lonesome Feeling", "A Fool's Christmas Tree", "Unmerry Christmas", "To Get a Christmas Tree", "In My Old Sheep Camp", "Cold Hearted Wife", "A Man Is Free", "Women, Worries and Bills", "Dear Abby", "The Lost Sheep", "Poems 'N Pies", "Please Dear Lord", "Women, Worries and Bills #2", "Dear Brigham", "I Thought This Card Was Pretty Good", "I Woke Up So Early", "Now I Need Another Horse", "Old Cowboy", "Dear Carol", "Badger Holes", "Tired of Towns"
Peterson, Kent: "Summer Pasture", "The Toothache", "Paradise", "Single", "The Stud Farm"
Pollock, Samuel H.: [From Sparks From My Campfire] "Desert Moods", "A Mountain of Stone" [From Eternal Spectrum and Spiritual Maturity] "Temples of My Rugged Wilderness", "My Stairs of Sand", "Exaltation", "Southern Utah"
Robison, Ellis: "I Wouldn't Be a Puncher Man"
Roundy, Don: "The Cowboy Goes To College", "Clippings"
Smith, Melvin T.:
  • Submission by another poet:
  • Glen E. Wilcock - "The Big Sky Country"
Spainhower, J.S.: "Asi Es La Vida (Such is the Life)", "Shorty's Song", "Conversation With Caleb", "Sage of Slippery Rock"
Spague, Carl T.: "The Mormon Cowboy"
Steadman, Linda D.: "Eulogy for Sarge - October"
Stokes, L. Grant: "The Home Place", "Reflection of My Youth"
Warburton, Jeff: "Jake and the Gunman", "The Price", "The Start", "Style", "The Old Hat", "The Last Request", "Cowboy Please Come Home", "The Visitor"
Wilkerson, Arbun: "Fishing is the Greatest Fun"
Anonymous: "Dad's Old Hat", "The Legend of Boastful Bill", "Smuggler", "Goose Egged"

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Container(s): Box 6, Folder 6

Container(s) Description
box folder
6 6
Rhett Stephens James Collection: "Frontier Doctor Sitting On a Bed By a Dead Man", "Cowboy Wall Flowers", "Two Horsemen Ride Through Cottonwoods", "Ride! Horseman, Ride!", "Round 'en Up Strays", "Intercessor", "Rain Bath", "Wild Horse and Cowboy Man", "The Horseman Home -- First Season's Snow"
Ray Lashley Collection: "Ridge Runnin' Roan", "Utah Carl", "Elfego Baca", "Limpy", "Flight From Powder River", "The Strawberry Roan", "Billy Venero", "Clay Allison and the Kid", "The Fate of the Strawberry Roan", "Mr. Shorty"
Vern C. Mortensen Collection: [From The Sagebrush Balladeer] Untitled, "They Ain't No Place Like Home", "Winter Nights on the Range", "In the Family Circle", "The Way it Is", "It Matters Not", Untitled, "Talking in My Sleep", "Reflections", "Bull Rider", "I Shoulda Stood in Bed", "On Surcharges and Caves", "I Shoulda, #2", "Winter", "Range Cow in Winter", "Bareback Bronc", "The West That Was", "When Spring Work Is Finished", "The Desert Shall Bloom As the Rose", "Wander Lust", "Naked I Came", "Fall", "The Anchor", "A Prayer to Claire", "To Metta", "The Fisherman", "Dylan", "Prayer", "Requiem", "Knell (for her parents)", "To Elva (1929)", "Winter Nights on the Range", "Freedom!", "Clair", "The Desert Shall Bloom As the Rose", "Weep Not For Me", "Ride the Rocky Ridges", "Outlaw", "Rain", "Badger, The Zebra Dun Mule", "This Gal", "Booze and Views", "Dirty Shirt Jake", "Good-bye Bill", "Do You Believe?", "The Hell You Say", "Valerie", "The Mark of the Beast", "A Wish, Not a Prayer", "Air Castles", "Moon Dreams", "They Ain't No Place Like Home",

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Container(s): Box 7, Folder 1

Container(s) Description
box folder
7 1
Frank A. and Frances Brewer Steiner Collection: [From Ballads of the Book Cliffs] "To: A Slightly Wonderful Old Gentleman--My Father", "Her Porch of Screen", "The Rimrocks", "Brewer's Rock", "Gusty Winds", "Old Horse", "Don't Fee Your Chickens Meat", "The Phantom Horse", "The 'Reps' From Bitter Creek", "Oh Lucky Boy", "These Things", Ode to a Johnnie", "Jerry McCarty", "As the Poppies Blossom Red", "The Legion of the Lost", "The Little Bay Racer", "Warden Brown", "Old Timer", "The Arizona Line", "Nineteen Twenty and Three", "Roundup Time on the Mountain",
  • Poems by the Brewer Family: "Bertha Myrtle Rosalae", "To Allan and Jack", "Doc Kirk", "Rocket", "You Can't Fool a Fly", "Quick Trigger Graw", "Calhoons or Bust (Tall Tale)", "Cacho's Ghosts...Strangers in Paradise", "Don Hill's New Camp Cook", "The Swearing Saint", "Fishing on White River", "The Old and the Young", "Buxton's Wild Horse Chase", "This Cold September Morn", "Fresh Meat is Hard to Come By", "Ode to Duke", "The One That Got Away", "Roundup Time on the Mountain", "The Devil's Circle", "Modern Cowboy", "A Most Colorful Life", "The Legion of the Lost", "Old Horse"
Utah Cattlemen's Association Collection Poems by Donald Getz: "Dad's Old Hat", "A Night Herder's Prayer", "Was It But a Dream?", "One Hundred Ten Crosses", "Nevada is Home to Me", "God's Painted Desert", "A Cowtown Celebration", "A Few Head of Cattle", "No Chips Off the Old Block"
Donald E. Getz Collection: "Tombstones", "Tried and True, Sonfabitch Stew", "Buster and Rodeo Clown", "A Rodeo Rider's Lament (His Silent Prayer)", "A Lesson Learned", "Quarterhorse", "Ode to a Wild Stallion", "A Cowboy Poetry Gathering"

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Container(s): Box 7, Folder 2

Container(s) Description
box folder
7 2
Ash, Lou:
  • Submission by another poet:
  • Ray Wiley - "The Ballad of the Horsebreaker", "Suicide", "Brown Kills Rattlesnake - 1910", "The Pretentious Bull" "White Colt, Tuffy and I", "The Grizzly", "The She Wolf Finds a New Mate", "The Ballad of the Prospector"
Bristol, Marc: "One More Song"
Brownwell, Gary: "Cowhand", "The Lakota Kid and the Red Roan Stud", ""The Life and Times of Jim Bob Day", "The Trapper and the Indian Maid"
Haller, Amelia: "Visit From a Neighbor", "The Old Time Fiddler", "Water-Witching", "Almost Fourteen"
Hofer, Jim: "Branding Those Dang Scottish Highlanders, Hooked by a Horn Near Conrad, Montana"
Johnson, Irene: "A Cowboy's Farewell", "Cowboy's Lullaby"
Kulm, Jay: "My Rattlesnake Poem", "The Vegetarian", "A Giant Four-Point Buck"
Otto, Harold: "Milking a Herford Cow", "The Pecos Girl", "Cows and Logs"
Walmsley, Mark: "Tom Horn", "High Country", "Down in the Canyon"
Wassell, Bert: "Woman Power", "The Saint and the Sinner"

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Container(s): Box 7, Folder 3

Container(s) Description
box folder
7 3
Anderson, Gary: "Cowboys and Cows", "Cowman's Dream", "Cowboy Poetry Gatherin'", "The Masters", "Cowboy's Revenge", "One More Light", "Elko"
Bell, Don: "Bert McCraken" (Reading), "Bunkhouse Poetry", Untitled, "Cowboy's Prayers", "The Dirty Thirty's", "Geritol and Prune Juice", "Cowboy Poetry"
Burke, Tina: "Side by Side", "To Be or Not to Be -- A Cowboy", "...and a Lady", "A Lady's Perspective"
Cramer, Idabel Corbett: "Popo Agie", "The Diamond Hook Today", "Range Tragedy", "Time Brings Change"
Cameron, Pete: Untitled, "Walking the Ditch", "In Defense of Dudes", "Draft Horses", "Tribute to the Hardman Place", "Ole to a Mountain Ranch"
Farris, Beerniece E.: Untitled
Gupton, Mona: "Billy", "A Tale of Two Women", "The Boots", "Dreamin'"
Hofeldt, John W.: "Spanky the Devil's Playmate", "Where the Mountains Kiss the Sky", "Representing the Cowboy State", "Me and My Wife"
Jacobsen, Anita Nadine: "The Cowboy and His Sunflower Queen", "Howdy Pardner", "Old Time Dance"
Jeppesen, Verna M.: "A Child's Prayer", "The Line Shack", "Ancient Red-Skin Legend"
Johnson: Greasin' the Miles", "Dudes"
Kaser, Mick: "Old Ephraim", "Rendezvous", "The Hippie and the Black", "Bozo"
Kinchen, Trish: "Floored", "A Change in Tune", "Hanging On", "To My Little Buddie Jami"
Kortes, Charles A.: "Teamwork", "The Wagon", "The Canner", "Old Patch", "Broken Treaty", "Gathering at Elko", "Parting of the Ways", "A Way of Life", "Drifting"
Martin, Kenneth:
  • Submission by another poet:
  • Laurie M. Harvey - "Cheyenne", "A Special Breed", "A Very Special Friend", "Generations", "Daddy's World"
Mathison, Jean A.: "High Style", "Kitchen Range Riders", "Come Evening", "Patriarch", "Lonesome Joe", "Wyoming Gate", "Half-Pint Cowboy"
McCoy, T.J.: [From Day Dream of a Night Hawk] "The Dogie", "The Nighthawk", "Apaloosie", "The Real Thing", "Passing the Cow Town", "Alkali Pete Hits Town"
McDonnell, Ada: "Twister", "Mean Old Cow", "Ghost's Cabin", "Rancher's Wife", "Milford Hall"
McFarland, Sid: "Memories", "Rodeo Blues", Untitled", "Last Rodeo", "Thank You Rodeo", "Barrel Racing Bill"
Norskog, Howard L.: "The Bucking Horse", "An Indian Tale", "The Big Horn Mountain", "Under the Beaver Rim", "The Gentle One", "Where Lilies Grow"

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Container(s): Box 7, Folder 4

Container(s) Description
box folder
7 4
Pecorara, Irene: "The Cowboy Poetry Gathering", "A Cowboy's Life", "The Cabin", "Slang-Time Cowboy Joe's Sojourn to Town" (an article)
  • Submission by another poet:
  • Blondell Whitehead - "An Old West July 4th Celebration", "Lariat Sam"
Phillips, Jerry: "A Simple Cowboy's Prayer"
Pioneer Museum in Lander, Wyoming:
  • Submissions by other poets:
  • Jule Farlow - "Cowboy Song"
  • Ed Wynn - "The Shepherd's Monument"
  • Joe Cook - "Our Folks Were Pioneers"
  • E.F. Hornecker - "Our Trip to California"
  • Jean A. Mathison - "The Cowboy in Wooley Chaps"
  • Edna Hornecker - "Long Journey"
  • Anonymous - "Take Me Back to Old Wyoming"
Rawling, C.L.: [From Cowboy Verses in the Traditional Style] "The Line-Rider's Lament", "The Desert Cowboy", "The Ballad of Wolfley's Knob", "The Buckskin Mare"
  • [From Figures in a Landscape] "Part of Book -- A Ceremony on Bare Ground", "Visions", "Shoshoni Sunset", "Roscoe Coming Home", "Grandpa Bill", "The Frontier", Santa Fe: A Rain Chant", "A Mourner in Winter Dress", "Blue, Blue Mountains", "September 17", "Mitch", "Warren"
Redington, Scott: "Parson William's Mule", "The Heavenly Rodeo", "The Madonna of the Plains", "Written Upon the Death of a Pardner", "Wyoming", "The Search For Timbuktu"
Wall, Edna J.: "The Rancher's Wife on Calving", "The Rancher's Wife on Helping"
Unknown Author: "Jake and Roanie"

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Container(s): Box 7, Folder 5

Container(s) Description
box folder
7 5
Fred W. Barton Collection: "The Old Cowboy's Lament", "West is West, But It's Not the Same", "Wonderful Wyoming", "Contesting the Skis", "A Notice to a Lifter", "The Blizzard of 1929", "The Big Ones Get Away", "No Nerve", "The T.V. Cowboy", "A Reverse Scene", "School Days!!", "Big Game Hunting in Wyoming", "Youthful Dreams", "The Number One Cowboy", "Wonderful Wyoming", "A Sheep Herder's Reform", "The Old Cowboy's Lament", "Buffalo", "Night Before Christmas", "Riding For the Old U.S.", "My Super Car"
Betsy Bernfeld Collections: (Poems by Various Authors)
  • Constantine Peter Arnold - "Back Tracks", "Irrigatin'"
  • Arthur Chapman - "Arroyo Al On Worry", "Moving Pictures in Cactus Center", "A Cowboy's Musings", "The Sheriff's Report", "Pete's Error", "The Meeting", "The Hoss of Pecos Doyle", "Cactus Center's War Talk", "Cactus Center's Fire Brigade", "The Camel Ride of Arroyo Al", "The Water-Hole"
  • Porter B. Coolidge - "Powder River", "Song of the Trail"
  • John Wallace (Captain Jack) Crawford - "Rattlin' Joe's Prayer", "The Mountain Boys Letter", "Dear Giner'l:", "California Joe and the Girl Trapper", "He Died for Me", "A Mountain Girl's Letter", "Only a Miner Killed", "Farewell, Old Cabin Home", "Musing"
  • Addie Elvira Harris Holmberg - "The Leapin' Lariat", "That Muse O' Mine", "America, Salute the Flag", "Tang O' the Sage"
  • Hans Kleiber - "Old Pete", "One Late October Evening", "The Sheepherder and a Grizzly Bear"
  • E. Richard Shipp - "Cowboys", "A Vision", "City", "Poor Maverick"
  • Lillian L. Van Burgh - "The Bozeman Trail"
  • Anna Thompson Winecoff - "Rain on the Ranch", "Thirst", "The Sheepherder"
Thomas Connell Collection: "A Cup of Coffee", "I Remember", "Evening", "Bridges to Cross", "Treating Grain", "The Hanging of Jed Moody", "These Are My Hills", "A Cup of Coffee", "Old Cabin", "Three Stanzas"

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Container(s): Box 7, Folder 6

Container(s) Description
box folder
7 6
S.M. Kahin Collection: (Poems by Various Authors)
  • Don Bell - "Bunk House Poetry", "Bill King", "Going to the Shawnee Rodeo", "Bill and Mary", "Turkey Buzzards", "Gettin' Old", "Plumb Hell", "Turkey Buzzards" (2nd Copy), "Bear Cat", "Your Horse is In", "Love"
  • Mark W. Countryman - [From Echoes of the Old West] "Our Greetings", "And Bring Back That Little Girl of Mine", "Round Up Days", "A Little Bungalow", "The Drouth Has Won", "The Call of the White Buffalo", "A Soldier of the Sage", "To An Old Timer", "The Christening of Cowheart Butte", "Cattle Kate", "The Wild Jammer", "To C.M.", "Castle Rock", "The Old Purple Sage", "The Old Stage Coach", "The Texas Trail Herd", "The Cowboy's Call", "When It's Autumn in the Rockies", "Where the Wind Rivers Flow", "All is Well", "Christmas Trees", "Time's Manuscript", "Little Indians", "The Window in the Trees", "Frontier Days at Old Cheyenne", "Just a Cabin in the Valley", "Haunting Memories", "And Build Up the U-Cross Brand", "April Weather", Just an Army Buckaroo", "By the Side of the Oregon Trail", "Gypsy Trail", "My Old Model T", "To Her Little Wistful Smile", "The Western Range", "With a Hammer of Pure Gold", "For the Lovelight in Your Eyes", "Your Cowboy Lover", "When We Were Kids", "Little Bess", "The Bar S", "The Bravest of the Brave", "Contentment", "And She Works For Uncle Sam", "The Bunkhouse Blues", "Just a Little Girl in Blue", "Birds of a Feather", "I'm Really Going Home"
  • George Frame - "Where Time Stands Still", "Buffalo Bill -- The Man", "Restless Sin", "Land of Buffalo", "War Dance Meadows", "Ballad of Bob Meyers", "Songs of Pahaska, Fairest One", "Song to Ellen", "Horse Thief Song", "Song of the Rangers"
  • Joseph Stell - "An Ode to a Man"
  • Blondell Whitehead - [From Blondell's Ballads and Folklore] "The Weavers", "Northern Justice", "That's Love", "Dreams", "Larry Reo", "The Night Wind", "The Duel at the Crossing", "The Wayward Wind", "The Pedro Mountains", "Uncle Tom", "The Dinky Folk", "Cabin in Wyoming", "The Pathway", "The Stockman's Lament", "Working in the Garden of the Lord", "Farewell to Sammy", "My Old House", "Old Sam From the OHO", "The Old Man", "The Lone Wolf", "The Never Old", "The Plowman", "The Vikings", "Rogue River", "Sandy McGraw", "Hang Your Hat on the Wind", "The Spring of '62", "Nature's Jewels", "The Return", "Trapper Andrew", "Negro Tom", "The Dreamer", "The Phantom Rider", "My Old Brown Pet", "My Captain", "Slumber", "The Last Long Ride", [Various news articles dealing with Blondell Whitehead included]

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Container(s): Box 7, Folder 7

Container(s) Description
box folder
7 7
Delmar Dean Collection: [From Ramblings of An Old Cowboy] "An Old Cowboy's Dream", "The Cow Pony", "Ranchers' Troubles", "I Feel So Darn Good for the Shape I'm In!", "The Old Forgetful Brain", "To the Senior Citizens", "We Are 'Over' But not Out!", Wyoming Stockgrowers -- 99 Years", "Uinta County Fair", "Dear Old Wyoming", "Stockgrowers Association -- 100 Years", "A Tribute to the Guild Family", "To My Valentine", "Thanksgiving", "Christmas in the Country", "When Mom Cleans House", "Styles...Then and Now", "Mother -- On Mother's Day" "To My Wife on Our Golden Wedding Day"
Burke Johnson Collection: [Poems by Nick Johnson, from Wind River Poems] "Me and Al", "The Goal", "Sun Down Slim", "Greasin' the Miles", "The Paint Brush", "Brooks Lake", "Dudes", "Sweepin' Up the Leaves", "Trekking the Forest Primeval", "Running Horses", "The Dempsey-Tunney Fight", "On the Divide", "She", "Dubois, The City of Sin", "The Dance on Bear Creek", "Empties", "Float"
Bob Taylor Collection: "What the Day Didn't", "Cow Camp", "Two Days From Town", "Thoughts in the Middle of Town", "Mrs. S.H. Brent/Age 79", "Prairie", "I've Come to Hunt", "After the Storm", "Cody--Into a New Century", "Cabin", "1st Winter", "A Skinny Moon in a Dark Night", "Rockies", "The Rams", "Home Down By the Willows", "Old Fashioned", "No Gifts and Something Else", "One Wedding Picture", "The Way He Is", "In A Few Years"

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Container(s): Box 8, Folder 1

Container(s) Description
box folder
8 1
Burgess, Rose - "Ancestor Cowboy"
  • Monroe, Larry - "Bernie", "Graves at Battle Creek", "Ocho", "Oh, Nevada", "Cowboy at the Palm", "Rainy Morning in a Cow Camp", Untitled
  • Altorfer, A.W. - Introductory Remarks, "Uncle Bill's Experiment", Autobiography Sketch
  • Freeman, Ron - "Mighty Warrior", "Night Things"
  • Zack, Paul - "The Confirmation", "The Last Time I Went to Town"
  • Johnston, Kenneth - "Tomichi"
  • Ivins, Bob - "Ole Doc Pete's Tonic"
  • Ingels, Frank - Untitled
  • Bergin, Martin J. - "Old Timer", "Ranch 'en Romance or the Old Rafter O", "Cowboy Calling", "Old Roany's Sister", "The City Feller", "Brush Hand"
  • Kennedy, Betsy - "And All Stars Fall"
  • Bushnell, Clif - "The Dying Cowboy"
  • Lane, John A. - "The Wild Ghost Herd of BIG-BAR-B"

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Container(s): Box 8, Folder 2

Container(s) Description
box folder
8 2
John Hahn, Lon Minkler, & Don Graham: "A Bull-ish Flap and That's No Bum Steer", The Tall and Uncut", (Logging Poems and Cartoons)

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Container(s): Box 8, Folder 3

Container(s) Description
box folder
8 3
Bruce Kiskaddon: [From Rhymes of the Ranges]: "When They've Finished Shipping Cattle in the Fall", "The Midwinter Bath", "The Willow Creek Wedding", "The Parson Shotgun Chaps", "The Cowboy's Dream", "The Old Moss Back", "The Adventurer", "Our Sweetheart", "When You're Throwed", "The Muley Steer", "The Discovery", "The Old Night Hawk", "A Character", "An Experiment", "The Disaster", "The Time to Decide", "The Lost Mines", "Our Boss", "The Dark Horse", "The Long Eared Bull", "Bonnie", "Between the Lines", "Who Told the Biggest", "The Stampede", "The New Mexico Stray", "The Cowboy's If"
  • [From Western Poems]: "Turnin' the Summer Hosses Out to Graze", "Savin' the Baby Calf", "When Winter's Nigh Done", "Springtime", "Matching Wits", "Flankin'", "High an' Wicked", "Challengin' the Trail", "Movin' to Winter Range", "Cuttin' Out the Calves", "After the Fall Roundup", "The Cowboys' Christmas Dance", "The Purebred Bull", "That Little Blue Roan", "The Livestock Show", "All Dressed Up", "New Boots", "The New Cook", "The Long Horn Speaks", "The Chuck Wagon", "The Thoroughbred", "The County Fair", "Wet Boots", "That Letter", "The Old Time Christmas", "Cow Sense", "Shoveling the Ice Out of the Trough", "When the Grass is Short and the Old Cows Die", "Ridin' Fence", "Pullin' Bog", "The Rope Hoss", "Colts", "The Brandin' Corral", "Thinkin'", "Lockin' Horns", "The Cow and the Calf", "The Cow Boy's Shirt Tail", "A Calf's Troubles", "The Marking Knife", "Caught Nappin'"
  • [Poems Submitted by Guy W. Logsdon (Arizona)]: "Cold Mornings", "On Foot", "Looking Back", "Scatterin' Camp", "The Old Timers" ,"Turnin' Em", "Then and Now", "Startin' Out", "Going to Summer Camp", "Her Neighbor's Kids", "A Surprise", "A Tangle", "The Coming Change", "Sidin' His Dad", "They Can Take It", "Summer Time", "Winter Horses", "Gettin' it Settled", "A Wet Rope", "Range Brandin'", "The Army Mule", "The Troop Hoss"
  • [Poem Submitted by TC Costa (Arizona)]: Untitled
  • [Poems Submitted by Roy Green (California)]: "The First Shoes", "To A Finish"
  • [Poems Submitted by Emily Meyer Smith (Colorado)]: "It Blows Around", "The Christmas Tree", "Slicker-Break Him", "Makin' A Break", "Going to Summer Camp", "The Serenade", "Layin' For Him", "Rough Work", "The Wrangler", "To A Finish", "The Pensioner", "That Smoke", "Snow in the Collar", "Hog Wild", "Cold Mornin's", "When a Pony Slips His Pack", "The Joshua Shade", "The Arroyo", "The Coming Change", "The Young 'Uns", "The Running Fight", "A Surprise", "Her Neighbor's Kids", "The Washed Out Trail", "Turnin' 'Em", "Startin' Out", "Hosses and Flies", "Gettin' It Settled", "Not Welcome", "Winter Work", "Restin'", "Then and Now", "Lookin' Back", "The Old Timers", "A Busted Rope", "Cow Milkin'", "They Don't Thank You", "On Their Own", "The Tinker", "Range Brandin'", "Retired", "Why They Keep A Hoss", "The Drag Driver", "The First Lesson", "Doing Her Best", "The Rope Corral", "Dog Holes", "The Drouth", "The Troop Hoss", "He Didn't Belong", "It Can Happen", "Winter Hosses", "They Can Take It", "A Wet Rope"
  • [Poems Submitted by Davis Wallentine (Idaho)]: "Shelter", "The Young 'Uns", "Try and Git It", "Decidin' Who's Who", "The Coyote's Call", "In the Snow", "Cowboy's Prayer", "January", "The Early Worm", "The Stage Coach", "Range Brandin'", "Not So Slow"
  • [Poems Submitted by Arthur Glaser (Nevada)]: "The Bunkhouse Mirror", "Not Welcome", "The Running Fight", "They Can Take It", "Leaving the Wreck", "Summer Time", "The Pensioner", "The Veiled Rider", "The Troop Hoss", "Turnin' 'em", "Old and Foxy", "Cold Mornin's", "Restin'", "Scatterin' Camp", "Feedin' Time", "A Busted Rope", "Snow in the Collar", "Startin' Out", "The Coming Change", "Wranglin'", "The Silk Shirt", "A Tangle", "Shelter", "Sidin' His Dad", "The Old Timers", "Ants in His Pants", "A Surprise", "Then and Now", "Winter Work", "In the Snow", "Her Neighbor's Kids"
  • [Poems Submitted by Janet Hunewill (Nevada)]: "Shoveling Ice Out of the Trough", "Doing Her Best", "Sidin' His Dad", "Her Colt", "Makin' a Break", "Turnin' 'em", "Winter Work", "A Tangle", "It Can Happen", "The Coming Change", "Going to Summer Camp", "Startin' Out", "Restin'", "Old and Foxy", "Cow Milkin'", "They Can Take It", "The Troop Hoss", "Getting It Settled", "Range Brandin'", "The Washed Out Trail", "The Cow and the Calf", "Winter Hosses", "A Wet Rope", "Caught Nappin'", "The Old Timers", "Her Neighbor's Kids", "When the Grass is Short and the Old Cows Die", "The Cow Boy's Shirt Tail"
  • [Poems by The Holaday & Hampton Poet (Possibly Bruce Kiskaddon)]: "On Foot", "Throwin' the Circle", "Hot Day", "The Varmints", "Shoein' a Hoss", "The Cowboy's Mount", "On the Prod"

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Container(s): Box 8, Folder 4

Container(s) Description
box folder
8 4
Unknown Authors: "Cowboys Prayer", "Little Joe the Wrangler's Sister Nell", "Ring Tail Red", "The Coyote", "The Old Cook", Untitled, Untitled
Unknown Residence:
  • Chittenden, Larry - "New Year Wishes for the Mayo Family"
  • Chittenden, Daniel - "Eulogy to the Bard"
  • Condon, Nellie Gardner - "One Ornery Roan Steer"
  • Gardner, Delia - Untitled
  • Hamar, Nancy J. - "Santa is a Cowboy"
  • Lawson, Henry - "Andy's Gone With Cattle"
  • Marcoux, Bob - "Cowboys and Buckaroos"
  • McGilvray, Shirley - "Elko '91"
  • McKnight, Mickey - "Wit and Wisdom"
  • Robison, Carson J. - "Goin' Home"
  • Schutte, Lary - "Ma'a Favorite"
  • Warner, J. Western - "The Old Strawberry Roan"
  • Wetherelt, Francis - "The Hawk and the Dove"

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  • Cowboys' writings, American--West (U.S.)
  • Cowboys--West (U.S.)--Poetry.
  • Cowboys--West (U.S.)--Songs and music--Texts.
  • Folklore archives--West (U.S.)
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  • Stanton, Gary Ward, 1946- (contributor)
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  • Cowboy Poetry Gathering.
  • Fife Folklore Archives. (contributor)
  • Institute of the American West (contributor)
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  • West (U.S.)--Poetry.