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UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Visiting Artist Concert: Ko Nimo and Ray Holman
1 items  :  1 DAT (digital, stereo); 1 WAV file (44.1, 16-bit); Duration: 2:02:00; newspaper article about Ko Nimo; also see concert planning folder.
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Audio recording of UW Visiting Artists Concert featuring music of Ghana and Trinidad. Recorded 4/27/99, 8:00 p.m., Meany Theater; concert presented by UW Ethnomusicology Division.
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Daniel "Koo Nimo" Amponsah, is an Asante "living legend" who performs the old and the new traditions of Ghana. His music brings to life the meaning of the Sankofa image, a symbolic bird of Asante, looking backwards with one foot forward to the future. Koo Nimo's musical background began at age nineteen when he was teaching drumming, guitar and brass band music in his village of Foase. Trained in chemistry, he worked at the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi as chief laboratory technician until his retirement in 1998. During this time he was an active musician and public figure, and was also the first Ghanaian to produce a compact disc of his music, Osabarima. In 1957, the year of Ghana's independence, he formed "Adadam Agofomma" (Going Back to Roots) ensemble. He was the president of the Musicians Union for 10 years and became a recipient of the Grand Medal for Lifetime Service to Ghana from the Head of State. Koo Nimo has been a source of inspiration for many musicians through the force of his character and his creative blend of Ghanaian musical forms, Spanish guitar style, and jazz chord progressions. He has performed internationally, at Lincoln Center in New York, Australia, U.S. and Britain. He can also be seen in several documentaries: "Crossing Over", "Repercussions" and the latest, "Dr. Gates's Travels through Africa".

- University of Washington School of Music Adowa Music and Dance flyer, May 22, 2000

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Title (from concert program): Visiting Artists in Ethnomusicology -- From Ghana: Palmwine guitar music and Ashanti drumming - Ko Nimo and guest artists John Amponsah [and] Kofi Anang; and From Trinidad: Steelband music - Ray Holman and guest artists Jeff Busch [and] Tom Miller.

Audio recording by Gary Louie.

Note: Koo Nimo asked us to spell his name "Ko Nimo" the first year of his residency to aid with pronunciation but thereafter returned to the traditional spelling.

Related collection - W1 World/1999003 (video recording of same concert)

DAT transferred to WAV file 8/2012: 99-2_OT.wav (complete concert - 2:02:07); separate files for first and second half of concert created in 2013 - 99-2.1_KooNimo.aif (44:43), 99-2.2_Holman.wav (1:04:23)

Documentation: 4 concert programs

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1 audiotape : DAT
Contents: (1st half of concert) Palmwine guitar music and Ashanti drumming by Ko Nimo with guests John Amponsah/prempensua and donno and Kofi Anang/apentemma, vocals, Adowa and Kete dance; and students Carla Becker/dawuro, prempensua, ntorowa; Rob Carroll/guitar, dawuro, nnawuta, vocals; Greg Campbell/dawuro, petia, drumset; Sheila Feay-Shaw/ntorowa; Valerie Price/petia, apentemma, nnawuta, dawuro, vocals; Chris Stromquist/donno; announcements by Ter Ellingson and Cynthia Schmidt.(2nd half of concert) Steelband music by Ray Holman with guest artists Jeff Busch and Tom Miller/drums; and students Stanley Alleyne, Karey Eals, Hillary Funk, Eiko Nagahama, Bill Nordwell, Mike Roling, Calissia Havard, Mark Oesterle, Brian Benski, Matt Drumm, Miho Takekawa, David White, Emmy Ulmer, Chris Davidson, Michael Glynn, Mike McGee, Anthony Nicholas, and Dr. Shannon Dudley; announcements by Dr. Dudley.See logsheets for complete contents listing and durations.

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Ashanti Music
  • Concerts
  • Dance--Ghana
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Palm Wine Music
  • Popular Music--Africa
  • Popular Music--Latin America
  • Steel bands (Music)
  • Geographical Names :
  • Ghana
  • Seattle (Wash.)
  • Trinidad
  • World
  • Other Creators :
    • Personal Names :
    • Amponsah, Daniel, 1934- (performer)
    • Amponsah, John (performer)
    • Anang, Kofi (performer)
    • Busch, Jeff (performer)
    • Holman, Ray, 1944- (performer)
    • Miller, Tom (performer)