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University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives
UW Ethnomusicology Archives video recordings: Archives Films (on DVCAM)
5 videotapes  :  5 DVCAM masters (5")
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Copies of original unpublished 16mm film footage produced in the UW Ethnomusicology Archives; DVCAM copies received from Robert Garfias 10/07.
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Tapes received from Robert Garfias 10/07.

Contents (from tape labels): 2007-19.1 - "Tape #1, Bag #1 - Tao Film S-118, S-119 'Chin'; 2 - S-089-S-088 (Mag); 3 - S-089 thru and Incl. S-092 (Mag); Bag #2 - Mag Job #4 - 5 Korean Court Dances K1/A, K2/A, K2/B, K3/A & K4/A, A & B Rolls - 5 Korean Court Dances K1/A, K2/A, K2/B, K3/A & K4/A; Bag #3 - K4/B - Komungo Solo 173 (Mag); Bag #4 - K4/C; Bag #5 - K5/6 - Ujo Karak Dori 50 (Mag); Bag #6 & 7 - K5/B (SO) [AEG + K5/D (52) Neg] K5/C (51) Pos. K5/C K6/D Kagok 51, 52 (Mag)"

2007-19.2 - "Tape #2 - Reel #8 & 9: Bag #8 - Job #19 - Sanjo Mag, Korean Improv, Music A & B; Bag #9 - Job #6 - Korean Court Music A & B Rolls - K5/A, K5/C, K6/A, K6/B, K7/A; Korean Court Music - MAG - K5/A, K5/C, K6/A, K6/B, K7/A."

2007-19.3 - "1. Mohammad Omar S-083-S-085 - A. Original Film Reel, B. Mag; 2. Korean Film K-7 - A. Original Film Reel (don't do per Robert) b. Workprint (K7/4b-1 10/4A); 3. Korean Film K27 - A. Film Reel (K27 A B 54) don't run, B. Print (K27 B "Synch"), C. Mag (K27 B "Synch"); 4. Korean Film K-42 (Digitize Only - no sound) - A. Original film reel."

2007-19.4 - "S-057/A-F, H, I Eskimo Dancers; Job 10 P16/c,b,a; Job 11 P5/a,b,d,c, P21/d,a,e, P7/a,b,c, P21/f,g; Job 23 P14/a,b,c,e, P24/d,e,f,h,I, P14/d" (note on tape box - "See Job 23 on this DVCAM for problem") (Note: P7/c - audio cuts out soon after start; P21/f - no audio; P21/g - not on tape; synch problems on some tracks)

2007-19.5 - "Robert Garfias DVD BetaCam dumps"

2 additional DVCAM tapes received with this batch have been added to other collections: 1) 2001-20.3 - Swedish Fiddlers, 2) 2007-18.1 - White Mt. Apache Dancers.

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The University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives has been collecting and curating unique ethnographic music recordings for over 50 years. Its holdings of more than 15,000 items include field recordings documenting music traditions of all kinds from most areas of the world, concert recordings of visiting musicians, and films and videos of a variety of musical events, as well as several hundred musical instruments. The Archives serves the students and faculty in the UW Ethnomusicology Program, the broader university community, Pacific Northwest tribes, and an international clientele of musicians, students, and teachers.

Archival recordings are available for on-site listening. Depending on collection deposit agreements, copies of some materials may be obtained by researchers. Students are particularly encouraged to utilize archival materials to assist with class projects and help prepare for their own field work. The Archives employs several students each year and works informally with most ethnomusicology students as they begin to consider recording format options, equipment purchase, the practical problems of documentation in the field, and other issues related to their research. Students and other researchers are invited to deposit their field collections in the Archives, which offers secure storage and computer catalog access to all materials.

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Alaskan Aborigines
  • Dance--Korea
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Video recordings in ethnomusicology
  • Geographical Names :
  • Afghanistan--Asia--Central Asia
  • China--Asia--East Asia
  • Korea--Asia--East Asia
  • Philippines--Asia--Southeast Asia
  • Seattle (Wash.)
  • Sweden
  • Western Apache--North America--Southwest and Basin
  • World