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Elwood, Henry, 1917-1996.
Henry Elwood papers>
1860-1994 (inclusive)
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MC 309
Henry Elwood was a junior high and high school history teacher in Kalispell, Montana, from 1937 until the 1970s or 1980s. He authored several books on Flathead Valley history. These papers consist of two subgroups: personal files including general correspondence (1937-1992), legal records (1937-1981), tax records (1947-1957), and miscellany, including World War II military records; and research files, consisting of subject files on Flathead Valley and general Montana history, and writings by Elwood and others.
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John Henry Elwood was born in Outlook, Montana, on October 26, 1917, the son of Orlyn and Ethel Elwood. The family moved to Kalispell in 1922. Henry graduated from Flathead County High School in 1935 and received a teaching certificate from the Montana State Normal School in Dillon in 1937. He then began his teaching career in Flathead County, teaching at the Mountain View School for a year and then two years at the Evergreen School. He was hired by Central Junior High School in 1940 and by Flathead County High School in 1960. He retired in 1981. He had only two breaks in his 44-year teaching career. During World War II he served as a radio instructor in the U.S. Army Air Force. In 1955-1956 he was a Fulbright International Exchange teacher in England.

As a teacher he involved his students in the study of local history, a topic which increasingly interested him. He was the author of several books on the history of the Flathead Valley, including Kalispell, Montana, and the Upper Flathead Valley (1980, 1989), The Train Didn't Stay Long (1982), Somers, Montana, the Company Town (1976), Somers, Montana : Logs, Ties, Steamboats, and Families (1990), and Centennial at Epworth (1992). He also authored numerous historical articles.

Henry Elwood died in Kalispell on March 8, 1996.

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This collection consists of two subgroups: personal materials and research files.

Henry Elwood's personal files consist of biographical materials; general correspondence (1935-1992) concerning his research interests, his teaching career, and his military service; one court case (1947); income tax returns (1946-1957); teaching contracts (1937-1981) with Flathead County schools, Flathead Valley Community College, and the University of Montana; and miscellany, including World War II military service papers, sample teacher examinations, and tourist materials.

The research materials fall into two series: subject files on a wide variety of topics, predominantly having to do with the Flathead Valley, but also including statewide materials; and writings by Elwood, his junior high and high school students and others, including a few reminiscences and oral history interviews.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Biographical Materials
1 / 1
Miscellaneous (includes biographical sketch, military promotion application, life teaching certificate, list of published books)
General Correspondence
1 / 2
B-H (correspondents include Banff School of Fine Arts, Big Timber schools, Central Christian Church, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Maren Elwood, Warren Elwood, Equity Supply Company, Great Northern Railway, Marga Grinde, Havre Federal Savings and Loan Association, Harrison D. Huggins)
1 / 3
Kalispell Public Schools
1 / 4
Montana Dept. of Fish and Game (re special scientific collectors' game permit; also includes U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service letters)
1 / 5
Montana Education Association
1 / 6
M-O (correspondents include Mike Mansfield, Mrs. M. Melbrandt, Missoula County High School, Montana Historical Society, Montana State University School of Journalism, National Education Association re award to Flathead Arrow for school journalism, Nature Magazine, Office of Military Government for Bavaria)
1 / 7
R-S (correspondents include W. Tjark Reiss, Celeste River, Scholastic Publications, Shaddock School, State Normal College, Strever Construction Company, W.D. Swetland, Manette Swetland)
1 / 8
Veterans Administration
1 / 9
V-W (correspondents include Richard F. Vick, Alfred Wallner, Waukegan City Schools, Western Montana College of Education Alumni Association)
Court Papers
1 / 10
John Henry Elwood vs. Flathead County, et al. (re title to lot in Kalispell)
Financial Records
1 / 11
Income tax returns
Legal Documents
1 / 12
Teaching contracts: Flathead County schools
1 / 13
Teaching contracts: Flathead Valley Community College; University of Montana
1 / 14-15
Military service papers: Army Air Force (includes yearbooks)
1 / 16
National Committee on Teacher Examinations sample tests
1 / 17
New England tourist brochures, maps, and postcards

Research Papers Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Subject Files
1 / 18
Apgar (Mont.) (includes reminiscences by Burton K. Wheeler and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Chadbourne; and articles by Roger Sibley on early residents, the Civilian Conservation Corps, boat transportation, and tourism)
1 / 19
Ashley (Mont.) (includes articles, court papers)
1 / 20
Banks (includes articles re First National Bank of Kalispell, Demersville banks, Northwestern Bank, and W.C. Whipps)
1 / 21
Bigfork (Mont.) (includes article by William Mooring, letter from A.J. Halvorson, notes, and writings)
1 / 22
Bjorneby family (includes notes, obituary)
1 / 23
Fred A. Brinkman, architect (includes articles, architectural drawing of Main Street Project)
1 / 24
George H. Campbell (includes correspondence with Max Baucus and Cross and Cockade magazine)
1 / 25
David A. Carpenter (includes correspondence with Roger Carpenter; copies of pre-emption certificates)
1888-1890, 1991
1 / 26
Carter Mercantile Company (includes circular letter)
1 / 27
Castle (Mont.) (includes writings by Mrs. Frank L. Fuller and by Ronald Counsell)
1954-1955, undated
1 / 28
Churches (includes writings on Central Christian Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Catholic Church; and programs of Northridge Lutheran Church and Christ Church Episcopal)
2 / 1
James Conlon (includes biographical sketch)
2 / 2
Conrad Mansion; Conrad family; Conrad buffalo herd (includes biographical sketches, a term paper by Debi Claridge, etc.)
2 / 3
Demersville (Mont.) (includes term paper by Debi Cockrell and Vickie Thomas, article on black soldiers, letter by Carle F. O'Neil, sketch, map)
2 / 4
Dillon (Mont.) (includes play by Marian Place, Beaverhead County Museum brochure, notes)
2 / 5-6
Epworth Methodist Church (includes historic architecture survey form, excerpts from minutes, list of ministers, reports, biographical, notes)
2 / 7
Flathead County High School (includes catalogs, programs, historical notes, etc.)
2 / 8
Flathead County (Mont.) history (includes writings by Harry Jessup, Bill Ambrose, Clarence Sundaleus, Alta Rouselle, Edith Knisley, Sandy Hansen, Tyson D. Duncan, Linda Norem, G.M. Houtz, F.H. Woody, Mrs. Ingalls, and Eugene McCarthy; "Flathead Facts" column; brochures; bibliography; programs; historical notes; etc.)
2 / 9
Flathead Indian Reservation (includes writings by Walter E. Taylor, Debi Cockrell, and Vickie Thomas)
2 / 10
Flathead Mine (includes notes of an interview with John Flynn, three student writings)
2 / 11
Flathead National Forest (includes writings by Ralph S. Space, E.A. Woods, Frank F. Liebig, David Lake, David S. Olson, J.C. Urquhart, O.C. Bradeen, J.A. Fitzwater, Jack Clack, Theodore Shoemaker, C.S. Webb, Wallace W. Weber)
2 / 12
Folk songs
2 / 13
Forest fires (includes report by John H. Nankivell to Secretary of Interior on work of black fire fighters in 25th Infantry; article on Teakettle Fire; notes on Mann Gulch Fire)
1910, 1929, 1949
2 / 14
Fort Missoula (muster rolls for 25th Infantry Company including service at Demersville)
2 / 15
Fort Owen (ground plan)
ca. 1860
2 / 16
Glacier National Park (includes writings by Mary Roberts Rinehart, James W. Sheire, and others)
2 / 17
Glendale (Mont.) charcoal kilns (includes notes and photo)
2 / 18
Don Greytak prints
2 / 19
Jeanne Hamilton paintings of Indians
2 / 20
Hangings in Flathead County (re Charles J. Black and Frederick LeBeau; includes writings by Mike Parker and Sheila O'Laughlin, and a poem by C.E. Ordish)
2 / 21
Harlowton (Mont.) (includes writings by Warren Elwood and Stillman Berry; city directory, map)
2 / 22
Ah Hay (re A.H. Hay, Chinese businessman; includes writings, obituary)
2 / 23
Helena (Mont.) firetower (notes)
2 / 24
Hospitals, medicine, physicians (includes writings by Kathy Manning, Marlon Sundh, Malcolm Burns; notes)
2 / 25
John Howse (includes Howse's House of Hudson's Bay Company)
2 / 26
Kalispell (Mont.) businesses (includes "Montana Hotel Building" by Gail and Jim Atkinson; the Montgomery Ward Store; Waggener and Campbell Funeral Home; Equity Supply Company by Sue Gorton; "The Coming of Missoula Mercantile" by Cathy Keith; Conrad National Bank; Kalispell Interlake)
2 / 27
Kalispell (Mont.) history (includes writings by Vickie Thomas, Debi Cockrell, Bill Ambrose, Henry Mular, and a radio script)
2 / 28
Kalispell (Mont.) libraries (notes)
2 / 29
Kalispell Townsite Company; Town of Kalispell (includes articles of incorporation)
1891, 1898
3 / 1
Edmund L. Kelley farm (notes and writings)
3 / 2
Kila (Mont.) (includes map, notes)
3 / 3
La Salle (Mont.) (includes reminiscence by W.F. Jellison)
3 / 4
Logging (includes writings by Joel Brann; notes)
3 / 5
Masons (includes brochure, poster)
3 / 6
John McIntosh and the McIntosh Opera House (includes writing)
3 / 7
Merchants' trade tokens (includes lists)
3 / 8
Missoula (Mont.) (includes notes for school use by William C. Bradt)
3 / 9
Montana Capitol Building (includes brochure, pictures, and descriptions)
1939, ca. 1950
3 / 10
Montana Soldiers Home (includes writing by William J. Wedgwood, Commandant)
3 / 11
Montana State Prison (includes letter from inmate; report by Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation)
1928, undated
3 / 12
Montford (Mont.) (includes writing by Clarence Sundaleus)
3 / 13
Archie and Rose Oder (re land claim)
3 / 14
Picture writing (re Indian pictographs; includes brochures by Montana Dept. of Highways and Eagle Chief)
1938, undated
3 / 15
Placer gold mining (includes notes)
3 / 16
Pleasant Valley (Mont.) (includes letters and writings by Lucille Buhlmiller, Alma Orr Sipe, Mary J. Ashline, Lisa Sidereus; notes)
3 / 17
Ace Powell sketch
3 / 18
Railroads: Great Northern Railway (includes articles, correspondence, and miscellany)
3 / 19
Railroads: Milwaukee Road (includes newsletters, correspondence, timetable, and writings)
3 / 20
Railroads: short lines (includes list, timetable for Montana Railroad Company, and article by Gladys Torgerson)
3 / 21
Railroads: wrecks (includes correspondence with Max Baucus, Interstate Commerce Commission; notes)
3 / 22
Rimini (Mont.) (notes)
3 / 23
Robbin family (notes)
3 / 24
Sapphires: Rock Creek (notes)
3 / 25
Al Schak, Soul Wounds (review of book re World War I)
3 / 26
Scribner (Mont.) (notes)
3 / 27
Somers (Mont.) (includes writings by Barb White, Sheri Howell, Vickie Thomas, Debi Cockrell; interview with Mildred Hartman; list of old timers; poem; notes)
3 / 28
Spring Creek Cemetery (includes list of burials; notes)
3 / 29
Herman G. Stafinbil, Carnegie Hero Medal recipient
3 / 30
Steamboats (writing; artwork by J.E. Trott)
3 / 31
Stillwater Lutheran Church (includes church history, notes)
3 / 32
James Sweeney (notes)
3 / 33
David Thompson (includes writing and correspondence by M. Catherine White
3 / 34
Frances Tobie (includes writing)
3 / 35
Two Dot (Mont.) (includes writings, postcard, maps, miscellany)
3 / 36
Upper Mill Creek (includes writing by Debbie Sanders and Keith Hammer)
3 / 37
W.W. Van Orsdel [Brother Van] (includes letter, legal documents, brochure and clipping)
3 / 38
Virginia City (Mont.) (includes play written by Central Junior High Eighth Grade Class; Virginia City Players brochures; sheet music; certificate)
3 / 39
White Sulphur Springs (Mont.) (includes writings)
3 / 40
Whitefish (Mont.) railroad depot (includes architectural drawing; brochure)
1927, 1980
3 / 41
Wild Horse Island (includes environmental assessment; management plan; brochure; writing by Edward B. McCurdy)
3 / 42
YMCA (includes deeds, writing)
1922, 1928, undated
3 / 43
Melinda Alexander diary [transcribed by grand-daughter Melinda Hurst)
3 / 44
Harold E. Anderson, "The Travels of Reverend Samuel Parker over the South Nez Perce Trail in 1835 on the Salmon and Bitterroot National Forests"
3 / 45
Joel Austin, "A Place called Fairview"; "The Depression in the people's eye"; "Why did the Chinese come?"; "The History of Lake Blaine"
3 / 46
John E. Bachman reminiscence re Creston (Mont.)
3 / 47
P.N. Bernard, "Walter Hume Griffin"
3 / 48
Trish Burgess, "Logging at Hungry Horse"; "The Gaylord Hotel"; "Beautiful Bad Rock Canyon"; "The First Herd"; untitled re Columbia Falls; list of street names
3 / 49
Henry Byrne interview
3 / 50
Miles J. Cavanaugh poem, "The Montana pioneers"
3 / 51
Vikki Chaffin, "Early day haying operations"; "The McMannamy sawmill"; untitled re Kalispell Lumber Company
3 / 52
Glen Dern interview
3 / 53
Henry Elwood [?] book proofs [fragments from unidentified book]
3 / 54
Henry Elwood, The Flathead Country, part 1
3 / 55
Henry Elwood, "Flathead Then and Now" articles in student newspaper Flathead Arrow
3 / 56
Henry Elwood "Two views of the West: The Oregon Trail by Francis Parkman and The Way West by A.B. Guthrie" [written as John H. Elwood for literature class at Boston University]
3 / 57
Henry Elwood [miscellaneous short writings]
4 / 1
Warren Elwood, "Of trails, roads and highways" [clipping]
4 / 2
Al Fisher interview
4 / 3
George McVey Fisher, "Fifty years of sky-piloting" (autobiographical writings re Presbyterian Church)
4 / 4
Dave Foster [several short student papers]
4 / 5
David Gilbertson, "The influenza epidemic of 1918"
4 / 6
Tim Habel (re Helena Flats School, Woodland Park, Whitefish, Conrad National Bank fire, Hungry Horse Creek, Flathead National Forest, lumberjacks, Kalispell General Hospital)
4 / 7
Kurt Harbin (re Flathead National Forest, hunting)
4 / 8
Paul Hobbs, "Logging lines along the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway" (includes list of logging companies and their locomotives)
4 / 9
Joe Holmquist (re train wreck at Nyack, McCarthyville, killing of Charles Peyton)
4 / 10
Dicie Howell (interview of G.M. Duffy)
4 / 11
Samuel E. Johns [extracts from volumes at Kalispell library]
4 / 12
Gregg Johnson (re mail carrying, John W. Rhodes)
4 / 13
Bob Kienas (re Glacier National Park)
4 / 14
David Lake (re Snowy Mountain fire of 1900, sawmilling in Snowy Mountains; also includes brief reminiscence about David Lake by his son)
4 / 15
Jane Marie Law, "Muen Botoke in Kalispell, Montana" (re Japanese community)
4 / 16
Kathy McKay, "Patton Mattress Factory"
4 / 17
Glen Montgomery reminiscence
4 / 18
William Mulaney reminiscence [clipping]
4 / 19
Tammy Mullee (re automobiles in Flathead, Bjorneby Flour Mill)
4 / 20
D.P. Mumbrue (re irrigation)
4 / 21
Greg Nelson (re Glacier National Park place names)
4 / 22
Shelly Nordtome (re opium, Chinese community, John Morony Foy, threshing)
4 / 23
Eugene V. Smalley, "The Kalispel Country" [sic] (from Century Magazine)
4 / 24
Edward G. Stahl reminiscences [from Kalispell News- Farm Journal]
4 / 25
A.V. Swanberg reminiscence [clippings]
4 / 26
Andrew W. Swaney reminiscence (re history of Kalispell)
4 / 27
Merle Maude Johnston Sweeney reminiscence (interview by Henry Elwood)
4 / 28
Mike Thompson (re Big Arm, Lake Blaine area, naming of mountains, Thompson River)
4 / 29
Chris Walterskirchen, "The history of radio and TV in the Flathead, 1920-1975" (re KGEZ)

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

  • Subject Terms :
  • Capital punishment--Montana.
  • Chinese Americans--Montana--Kalispell.
  • Forest fires--Montana.
  • Japanese Americans--Montana.
  • Journalism, High school--Montana--Kalispell.
  • Logging railroads--Montana.
  • World War, 1939-1945--Service records
  • Authors--Montana--Kalispell.
  • Theaters--Montana--Kalispell.
  • Geographical Names :
  • Demersville (Mont.)
  • Flathead County (Mont.)
  • Flathead County (Mont.)--History
  • Flathead Indian Reservation (Mont.)
  • Glacier National Park (Mont.)
  • Kalispell (Mont.)
  • Kalispell (Mont.)--History.
  • Somers (Mont.)
  • Wild Horse Island (Mont.)