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Braeger, LaRene
World War II veterans scrapbook
1940-1950 (inclusive)
One scrapbook
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Scrapbook containing photographs and biographical sketches of military veterans from Box Elder County, Utah. Most of the men were soldiers in World War II and a few were in the Korean conflict. Three women are also listed.
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This scrapbook records the experiences of one hundred and fifty-three residents of Box Elder County Utah during World War Two. It lists the following casualties: four Killed in Action, three Wounded in Action, and two Prisoners of War, for a casualty rate of 8%.

Three of the KIAs are Pvt Lysle J. Christiansen (KIA 02/10/45), T/Sgt Voy G. Anderson KIA (in New Guinea, no date given), and Pvt Daniel L. Christensen (KIA 10/02/44). Two of the three wounded in action are Pvt Verl J. Iverson (WIA 04/18/45 ), and Bobby D. Barker (WIA 02/01/45). The two POWs are Sgt Carlye J. Gardner (POW 05/29/44-05/02/45) and Sgt Clays Holmgren (POW 11/17/44-05/21/45), both of whom were POWs in Europe.

Of special interest are the following: 1st Lt William C. Reese (KIA 5/21/44), Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters and Air Ace with five victories, and posthumous promotion to Captain; MM 1/C Lee R. Zinc (WIA 10/09/43) survivor after twenty hours in the water following the sinking of the U.S.S. Buck (10/09/43) and survivor of a kamikaze attack on the U.S.S Ingraham. In addition to the men who served, the scrapbook lists three women; 1st Lt Afton Garfield USANC, Gayle Holmgren of the Red Cross and Carmen Iverson, a nurse in training during the war.

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This manuscript is an eighty-two page scrapbook complied by Mrs. Larene Braeger during World War II for her husband S/Sgt Roy Braeger U.S.A.A.C. It lists one hundred and fifty-three veterans primarily from Brigham City, Bear River City, and Tremonton (Utah). The listings are not alphabetical, but were apparently compiled as they became available to Mrs. Braeger. This scrapbook contains the following information on the veterans: name, service, rank (when known), and discharge date. The Scrapbook contains pictures, handwritten notes and some newspaper clippings. Due to wartime restrictions on information many of the entries are very limited, in some cases listing only which theater of war the person was involved in.

The following abbreviations are for various United States Military Organizations:

  • United States Army Air Corps USAAC
  • United States Navy USN
  • United States Merchant Marine Service USMMS
  • United States Army USA
  • United States Army Nurses Corps USANC
  • United States Marine Corps USMC
  • United States Coast Guard USCG
  • Utah National Guard UTNG

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1: S/Sgt Roy L. Braeger USAAC
2: F/2C LeRoy D. Holmgren USN
3: PFC Frank E. Taylor USA
4: ENS. Lowell T. Jensen USN
5: S1/C Theron E. Launders USN
6: PVT Legrande Peterson USA
7: LT/JG Ralph Jensen jr. USN
8: NO RANK Wynn l. Nelson USMMS
9: NO RANK Gayle Holmgren Red Cross
10: 1st/LT Afton Garfield USANC
11: PFC Blaine M. Anderson USAAC
12: PVT Dwight Anderson USA
13: PVT Marion O. Hansen USA
14: S/1C Raymond Hansen USCG
15: LT Theral J.Christiansen USAAC
16: PVT Lyle J.Christiansen USAAC KIA 2/10/45
17: PFC Jessie G. Brailsford USA
18: PFC Theron C. Brailsford USA
19: LT Dallas J. Christensen USN
20: RDM 2/C Jay A. Christensen USN
21: PFC Courtly F. Holmgren USA
22: SGT Hordy L. Christensen USA
23: S1/C Martel Mortenson USN
24: PVT Verl J. Iverson USA
25: CPL Vear L. Morerson USN
26: PVT Lowell Anderson USA
27: UNKNOWN Virgil Weidman USAAC
28: SGT Byrin Weidman USA
29: SGT Wayne Weedman USA
30: AMM2/C Deverl W. Mamrtlo USN
31: UNKNOWN Lynn J. Iverson USAAC
32: CPL Ross J. Iverson USAAC
33: 2nd/LT Adell D. Anderson USA
34: 2nd/LT Mont Anderson USAAC
35: SGT Burton J. Hill USAAC
36: S1/C Wendell O. Hill USN
37: PVT Don O. Iverson USMC
38: NO RANK Carma Iverson Nurse no service recorded
39: 1ST SGT Arnold D. Johnson USA
40: PFC Lyle R Johnson USA
41: LT G.Earl Reese USAAC
42: UNKNOWN Milton Reese USAAC
43: 1st/LT Clinton Johnson USA
44: S/SGT Noal Johnson USAAC
45: PFC Lyle R. Johnson USA
46: 2nd/LT Curtis Johnson USAAC
47: CPL Leon N. Christensen USA
48: UNKNOWN Harold Jensen USA
49: CPL Lynn S. Holmgren USA
50: 1st/LT William C. Reese USAAC KIA 5/21/44
51: 1st/LT Stanley Johnson USAAC
52: UNKNOWN Ronald C. Anderson USA
53: AMM Robert E.Gates USN
54: CPT William A. Cates USAAC
55: CHF PT/OFF Jarvis Nelson USN
56: PVT Peter Nelson USA
57: MCMM2/C Boyd M.Christensen USN
58: ASS2/C Odell Christensen USN
59: UNKNOWN Vernon McCoy USA
60: CPL Thomas Misrasi USA
61: CM1/C Heber Elrun USN
62: PFC Leo L. Nelson USA
63: SGT Stanley A. Anderson USA
64: T/SGT Voy G. Anderson USA KIA no date given
65: T/SGT Laurel D. Iverson USAAC
66: SGT J.Max Christensen USAAC
67: PVT Daniel L. Christensen USMC KIA 10/02/44
68: PVT Max Holland USA
69: SGT William W. Rose USA
70: CPT Jack J. Holland USA
71: S2/C Dale Brailsford USN
72: S1/C Ernest A. Anderson USN
73: S1/C Melvin K. Johnson USN
74: S2/C Percy M. Brailsford USN
75: SGT Carlyle J. Gardner USAAC POW 05/29/44-05/02/45
76: SGT Richard W. Burt USAAC POW 11/17/44-05/21/45
77: Sgt Clays Holmgren USA
78: PFC Earl Peterson USA
79: GM2/C Sherman H. Halling USN
80: CPL James J. Jensen USAAC
81: PFC Sterling J. Anderson USA
82: SPS3/C Dewey S. Ramsdell USN
83: CPO Erving Zinc USN
84: M/M 1/C Lee Zinc USA WIA 10/09/44
85: CPT Norman W. Anderson USA
86: SGT Justin L. Anderson USA
87: UNKNOWN Stanley Reese USAAC
88: PVT T.C. Taylor USMC
89: SGT Lamar W. Barker USA
90: PFC Ray Barker USA
91: AAM 3/C Lynn Whitaker USN
92: PFC Kent R. Jensen USA
93: PFC Blaine N. Whitaker USA
94: PFC Bobby D. Barker USA WIA 10/09/43
95: Unknown Lee C. Johnson USMMS
96: LT Ver L. Jensen USAAC
97: WRT ELC Willis Hansen USN
98: PVT A. Calvin Jensen USAAC
99: SGT Courtley B. Hansen USA
100: CPL Jack Mateson UTNG
101: PFC Dennis Dalin UTNG
102: LT Theone H. Hansen USA
103: PVT Dan T. Hansen USA
104: PVT Dwayne L. Iverson USA
105: S/SGT Glen E. Iverson USA
106: T/4 B. Grant Checketts USA
107: LT Franklin W. Checketts USA
108: PVT Farrell D. Huggins USA
109: PVT Gaylen Christensen USA
110: PVT Lyle Miller USA
111: CPT Carl B. Peterson USA
112: CPL Erland Olham USA
113: CPL Erland Olham USA
114: PVT Clair Huggins USA
115: UNKNOWN H. Jerwell Allred UTNG
116: UNKNOWN Lavere O. Allred USA
117: PFC Lowell J. Jensen USA
118: UNKNOWN Morris Jensen USN
119: UNKNOWN Doyle Christensen USN
120: S 2/C Artell E. Whitileare USN
121: S 2/C Dwayne Hansen USN
122: UNKNOWN Roy Jensen USN
123: UNKNOWN Paul Johnson USN
124: STM 1/C Shirl Gardner USN
125: CPT Verl Iverson USAAC
126: PVT Harold Burt USMC
127: UNKNOWN Taylor Johnson USA
128: PVT Lyle R. Nelson USA
129: PVT Dale H. Jensen USA
130: T/SGT Richard M. Jensen USA
131: PVT Conley Christensen USA
132: UNKNOWN Milton E. Holtrey USN
133: UNKNOWN Glade Hansen USN
134: LT Winton H. Hansen USA
135: SGT Keith Hansen USA
136: T/5 Palmer Iverson USA
137: UNKNOWN Gordon R. Chrisensen USN
138: UNKNOWN Evan Jackson USAAC
139: T/4 Donald R. Anderson USA
140: T/5 Colen W. Waddoups USA
141: S 1/C Golden J. Peterson USN
142: UNKNOWN Jack Christensen USA
143: UNKNOWN LaVar Hanson USA
144: PFC Donald J. Strum USA
145: T/5 Glen E. Strum USA
146: CPT Don A. Peterson USA
147: ENS Homer Peterson USN
148: LT Lyle Peterson USA
149: SGT Floyd Peterson USAAC
150: UNKNOWN Ray Iverson USA
151: LT Lyle Holgrem USA
152: PFC Harlley Anderson USA
153: UNKNOWN Sterle Christensen USN

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  • Korean War, 1950-1953--Veterans.
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