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Bradley, Levi
Levi Bradley photograph collection
circa 1886-1949 (inclusive)
1641 photographic prints
111 negatives : nitrate
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Family photographs and photographs of Seattle parks, buildings, and events
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Special Collections
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA
Telephone: 206-543-1929
Fax: 206-543-1931
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Collection consists of 1 album with 44 cartes de visite photographs and 1 tintype; 3 leather bound albums with black and white snapshots; 5 loose photographs; 111 nitrate negatives; and contact prints made from selected negatives. The images depict scenes from Greenlake, Cowen Park, Colman Dock burning, Seattle buildings including construction of Smith Tower, Seattle regrades, Seattle Police Department, the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Puget Sound outings, and recreational and hiking activities, all circa 1886 to 1940s. The photographer for some of the photographs was Levi Bradley.

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BOX 1: Album 1: Velvet bound with 44 cartes de visite and 1 tintype. Inscription in front reads "Dora McPherson, Manchester, Dak. Dec. 25, 1886." Most are unidentified portraits taken in NY, Minnesota, and Washington territory.
5 loose black and white photographs: Unidentified picture of group of photographers; Seattle Police Dept. 1889; Unidentified Police Dept. ; 2 unidentified cabinet size portraits by Levi Bradley.

BOX 2: Album 2: (102 photographs) Snapshots of Ravenna Park, Greenlake, Woodland Park, burning of Colman Dock and views of AYPE, circa 1909-1915.
Album 3: (342 photographs) Bradley family snapshots? Social and leisure activities. Views of Volunteer Park, 1921-1931.
Album 4: (1074 photographs) Bradley family snapshots? Social and leisure activities especially Christmas festivities, 1931-1947.

BOX 3: 12 11x14 contact prints: Bradley 2,3,4,9,15,22,23,24,25 64,75,77.

BOX 4: 62 6x4 3/4 and 4 1/8x3 1/8 contact prints: Bradley 1-39, 50, 55-77

BOX 5: 6x4 3/4 Nitrate negatives (printed)

BOX 6: 6x4 3/4 Nitrate negatives (not printed)

BOX 7: 4 1/8x3 1/8 nitrate negatives (printed)

BOX 8: 4 1/8x3 1/8 nitrate negatives (not printed)

Bradley 1-13: Seattle regrades
Bradley 14: City Light Building
Bradley 15: Madison & 3rd looking east, circa 1913
Bradley 16: James & 2nd looking east, circa 1913
Bradley 17: Crescent Hotel, 3rd and Marion
Bradley 18: James & 2nd looking east, circa 1913
Bradley 19: Municipal Building, Yesler & 4th
Bradley 20: Pioneer Square, 1st and Yesler
Bradley 21: 2nd North from Yesler?
Bradley 22: 2nd North from Columbia
Bradley 23: 2nd Avenue in foreground looking Northeast, circa 1915
Bradley 24: 2nd and Spring, Empress Theater, circa 1915
Bradley 25: 2nd and Seneca, Pantages Theater, circa 1912
Bradley 26: 2nd between Cherry and Columbia, circa 1913
Bradley 27: 2nd Ave at Yesler looking North, circa 1912
Bradley 28: 2nd Ave, circa 1915
Bradley 29: 1512 Pike Place, Sanitary Public Market, circa 1912
Bradley 30: 2nd and Union, circa 1915
Bradley 31: Hotel Savoy
Bradley 32-33: St. James Cathedral, circa 1915
Bradley 34: King Street Station, circa 1912
Bradley 35: Plymouth Congregational Church, 6th and University
Bradley 36: Trinity Episcopal Church. 8th and James
Bradley 37: Unidentified Seattle residence, circa 1910
Bradley 38: Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
Bradley 39: Pioneer Square looking North on 1st from Yesler, 1912
Bradley 40: Frye Hotel
Bradley 41: Two people in grass
Bradley 42: Seattle Public Library
Bradley 43-44: Celebration in downtown Seattle
Bradley 45: Elephant in parade
Bradley 46: Elephants in parade
Bradley 47-49: Parade
Bradley 50: Fence
Bradley 51-54: Mount Rainier
Bradley 55-64: Smith Tower construction
Bradley 65: Seattle Public Library
Bradley 66: Rainier Club
Bradley 67: Sorrento Hotel, Madison and Cherry, circa 1912
Bradley 68: 2nd Avenue near Cherry, circa 1912
Bradley 69: 2nd Avenue near Cherry, circa 1913
Bradley 70: 2nd Avenue from Marion, circa 1912
Bradley 71: Central Building, 3rd Avenue between Columbia and Marion
Bradley 72: Municipal Building/City Hall. Yesler and Terrace, circa 1912
Bradley 73: St. James Cathedral, circa 1912
Bradley 74: First Presbyterian Church, 7th and Spring
Bradley 75: Seattle dock
Bradley 76: Unidentified woman on boat
Bradley 77: Union between Western and Railroad Avenue looking South
Bradley 78-95: Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
Bradley 96: C.C. Belknap Glass Co., area below Pike Place Market
Bradley 97: Seattle Public Library, Greenlake branch
Bradley 98: Moore Theatre
Bradley 99: Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
Bradley 100: Retaining wall, bridge?
Bradley 101: Balloon in flight over building
Bradley 102: Balloon in flight over city in celebration
Bradley 103: Unidentified building
Bradley 104: Hotel Savoy, Pantages Theater
Bradley 105: Pantages Theater
Bradley 106: Totem Pole, Pioneer Square
Bradley 107: Hotel Washington during celebration
Bradley 108: Lowman and Hanford Co. building during celebration
Bradley 109-110: Celebration in downtown Seattle
Bradley 111: Unidentified portrait

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