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University Archives biographical single files, 1889-present

Overview of the Collection

University of Oregon. Archives Dept.
University Archives biographical single files
1889-present (inclusive)
9.0 linear feet, (9 containers)
Collection Number
UA Ref 7
Collection comprises clippings, articles, press releases, publications, and correspondence relating to University of Oregon faculty, administrators, and students, circa 1930s to present.
University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives.
UO Libraries--SPC, 1299
University of Oregon
Eugene OR
Telephone: 541-346-3068
Fax: 541-346-3485
Access Restrictions

Collection is open to the public.

Collection must be used in Special Collections & University Archives Reading Room.


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Collection comprises clippings, articles, press releases, publications, and correspondence relating to University of Oregon faculty, administrators, and students, circa 1930s to present.

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Restrictions on Use

Property rights reside with Special Collections & University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries. Copyright resides with the creators of the documents or their heirs, unless otherwise specified. All requests for permission to publish must be submitted to the University Archivist in Special Collections & University Archives. The reader must also obtain permission of the copyright holder.

Archival material may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal and/or state right to privacy laws and other regulations.

Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g. a cause of action for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of Oregon assumes no responsibility.

If a researcher finds sensitive personal information in a collection, please bring it to the attention of the reading room staff.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], University Archives biographical single files, UA Ref 7, Special Collections & University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries, Eugene, Oregon.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 Ager, Marian Phy
1 Aiken, James
Bio, Publication.
1 Allen, Eric W
Bio, Articles.
1 Alpert, Harry
Correspondence, Texts of R.D. Clark.
1 Ando, Mache Yasui
Correspondence, press releases.
1 Axford, H William
Correspondence 1974-79.
1 Back, Roscius H, Major
1 Bailey, Mark
Correspondence 1975-84, Photos, Newspaper Clippings.
1 Barker, Beatrice J (Memorial Fund)
Correspondence 1949-50.
1 Barker, Burt Brown
Photo, Correspondence, Packet re: Donation of "Pioneer Mother", Map and text of the expansion of the U of O Campus Feb. 1, 1962.
1 Bean, Ormund
Articles, Interview, Bio.
1 Bean, Robert S
"The Oregon Daily Journal", March 25, 1924; Grades from Christian College; Bio; Correspondence.
1 Belding, Don
1 Belknap, George
Obituaries; Autobiography; Correspondence.
1 Bezdek, Hugo
Letter from Bezdek to Harold Hamstreet, Nov 14, 1917.
1 Bittner, Francis W
Correspondence 1955; Oregon Music Teachers Association's state convention program, June 29, 1965.
1 Boyd, William Beaty
speeches, 1975-1979.
1 Boyd, William Beaty
speeches, 1976 forestry.
1 Boyer, Clarence Valentine, Dr.
Memorial service address, Aug 11, 1954; Inaugural addresses, Feb 6, 1936.
2 Brand, Myles
Inaugural Invitations and Schedules, Nov 1989.
2 Brooks, Phillip R
2 Bryant, Louise
Correspondence from 1908.
8 Bryson, Roy
(Music) Bio.
2 Buchanan, Annette
Correspondence, Letters.
2 Burgess, Julia
Correspondence 1920s.
2 Byrd, Mabel
Short memo from W Sherman Savage to Robert D Clark, Nov 26, 1974.
2 Calkins, Jeannette
Photos, Personal correspondence.
2 Campbell, Prince Lucien
Memorials; Description of memorial by Dr. Burt Brown Barker; Correspondence.
2 Campbell, Prince Lucien - Letters/Speeches
Correspondence, Speeches.
2 Campbell, Susan
Portrait presentation announcements and letters.
2 Carson, Luella Clay
2 Casanova, Len
Memorials, Certificates, Programs, Correspondence.
2 Casteel, John L
"Oregon Daily Emerald" questionnaire, 1935.
2 Chapman, Alice
Letter to Fortnightly Club, Women's Athletes.
2 Chapman, Charles H
Correspondence, Program.
8 Clark, Daniel E.
(Extension Division) Bio.
8 Clark, Robert C.
(History) Bio.
2 Clark, Robert D
Certificates, Programs, Correspondence.
2 Clark, Robert D.
Condon lecture, research on Condon 1972-1973.
2 Clark, Robert D.
speeches 1969-1975.
2 Clark, Robert D.
speeches 1969-1975.
3 Clark, Robert D.
writings, speeches, remarks to the facult, 1969-1975.
2 Clark, Robert D.
records, 1969-1975.
3 Clarke, Peg
Memorial card.
3 Cloran, Timothy
Bio, "Oregon Daily Emerald" questionnaire 1935-36.
3 Collier, George H
Memorials, Correspondence.
3 Collins, Ivan
3 Condon-Bean Family
Various Bios, Correspondence, Statements by Ormund R Bean, Genealogy.
3 Conklin, Edmund S
Conklin journal as acting Dean 1923.
3 Cox, Edwin Payne
Program for the Final Public Examination for Degree of Philosophy 1926.
3 Cozzens, James G
Letter from Cozzens May 14, 1952.
3 Crosland, Harold
Memorial presented by Robert Leeper 1971, Excerpt from "The Psychological Bulletin" by Crosland June 1929.
3 Dahlberg, Walfred
Press release.
8 De Busk, B. W.
(Education) Bio.
3 DeFell, Harthan
3 Dougherty, David M
Eulogy by Rev. Lawrence N Crumb March 6, 1985, Bio.
3 Douglass, Matthew H.
Associated Papers.
3 Dull, Paul S
3 Duncan, Charles (Personal Letters)
Correspondence; "Who Is Right?".
8 Dunn, Frederic S.
(Latin) Bio.
8 Earl, Virgil D.
(Dean of Men) Bio.
3 Eaton, Allen
3 Ebbighausen, Edwin G
"A Word About Pure Science" by Ebbighausen.
3 Erb, Donald M
Memorial, Telegram.
8 Ernst, Rudolf H.
(English) Bio.
4 Esslinger, Arthur A
4 Fairbanks, Avard
Photos of sculptures.
4 Fenton, William D
Correspondence, "Government of the People, By the People, for the People" by W D Fenton.
4 Fentress, john C.
Note to development committie, study outline, study.
4 Fisk, Harold
4 Flemming, Arthur S
Correspondence; "The Great Cranberry Crisis" by Eugene Feingold Jan 1965 re:Flemming.
4 Frohnmayer, David
Campaign mail.
8 Ganoe, John T.
(History) Bio.
4 Gerlinger, Irene
Her thesis for a U of O Degree of Master of Arts May 1930, Correspondence.
4 Gilbert, James H
Address by Gilbert Nov 10, 1927; "The Crisis of 1932 - The McPherson Bill" by Gilbert; Personal notes.
4 Gilberts, Robert D
Retirement party invitation, cv.
4 Godfrey, George
CV, Certificates, Correspondence.
4 Hall, Arnold B & Grace
4 Hall, Arnold Bennet
Letter to the Board of Regents June 13, 1927; Correspondence.
4 Hardy, Emma Dorris
Class of 1889 speech.
4 Harris, Lawrence T
Photo, Commencement announcements c/o, 1896, 1893; "Photo-Gravures to the University of Oregon," 1895; Receipts.
4 Hawk, N Ray
Correspondence, Personal research re: school fund.
4 Hawthorne, B J
4 Haycox, Ernest James
Correspondence, applications to UO.
4 Hayward, Bill
Correspondence (2 folders).
5 Hendricks, T G
Commencement announcements 1895, receipts, correspondence.
5 Hintz, Carl
Recognition dinner program.
5 Holbo, Paul
5 Hollis, Orlando
5 Horn, Robert Dewey
Medal award, Correspondence.
5 Huestis, Ralf R, Dr
Correspondence, Eye Pigments in Peromyscus by Dr. Huestis (2 folders).
8 Huffaker, Carl L.
(Education) Bio.
5 Hunter, Donald
Program for retirement dinner.
5 Hunter, Fredrich M.
Letters, Correspondence,"Education: The Unique Essential Democracy.".
5 Jacobsen, Peter
Correspondence, Letters, Postcards.
5 Jerome, Harry
Postcard, Letter to friend.
5 Jessup, Bertram
Correspondence - German and English, Personal notebook.
5 Johnson, Charles E
Memorial address, Correspondence.
5 Johnson, John Wesley
Letter re: Deady Hall foreclosure 1881.
5 Johnson, Louis H
Correspondence, Receipts.
5 Kemp, James C
Memorial program.
5 Kennedy, John F
6 Kerns, Maude I
Memorial program, Correspondence.
6 Kerr, William Jasper
Personal notes. Correspondence, Magazine articles.
6 Kurtz, Betty Lou
Letter to Oregon Daily Emerald and University Students; Photo from newspaper; Newspaper article.
8 Landsbury, John J.
(Music) Bio.
6 Lauris, Catherine
Recognition dinner program Dec 1982.
8 Lawrence, Ellis F.
(Architecture) Bio.
6 Leader, John, Col.
"Oregon Through Alien Eyes" by Leader.
6 Lesch, Ed
Memorial program.
6 Lomax, Alfred
6 MacGregor, John
6 Macy, C Ward, Dr
Correspondence, Letters.
6 Markham, Edwin
"A Poetic Tribute to Abraham Lincoln" by Markham 1925.
6 Marti, Fritz
Letter from Marti to Dr. Harry Alpert, April 6, 1973.
9 Mason, Georgina
Kalmiopsis Journal of the Native Plant Society of Oregon Volume 17, 2010. Includes article on Georgina Mason.
6 Matsuoka, Yosuke
6 Mautz, Bob
"Sports and Courts Memoirs of athletic and professional life. ".
6 Maynard, Donald M
Memorial program.
6 McAlister, Edward H
Correspondence, doctoral degree.
6 McClure, Edgar
Memorial program.
6 McDonald, Lucile S.
A 1915 diary of a freshman and her experience at the U of O.
8 McGrew, Rose
(Music/Voice) Bio.
6 McMurtrie, Douglas
"Douglas Crawford McMurtrie: Historian of Printing and Bibliographer" by Herbert A Keller 1955; Correspondence.
6 Means, Paul
Tribute by Robert D Clark, April 13, 1980; "Why Study Religion?" by Paul Means.
6 Mitchell, William C.
6 Moll, Ernest G
8 Morris, Victor P.
(Economics) Bio.
6 Morse, Wayne L
Memorial program, Correspondence.
6 Nash, John Henry
6 Newburn, Harry K
Correspondence, Photo,Charge to the Graduates, speech, 1953.
7 Newson, Frances
7 Nixon, Max
8 Noble, Harold J.
(History) Bio.
7 Noble, Joel
7 Nye, Robert
7 Olum, Paul
Programs, Speeches, Statements.
7 Packard, Earl
8 Parsons, Philip A.
(Sociology) Bio.
7 Patterson, Clyde Llewellyn
7 Patterson, Peggy
7 Pennington, Levy T
8 Perkins, Mary H.
(English) Bio.
7 Powell, General Herbert B
7 Prefontaine, Steve
"NCAA Preperation Meet" (Prefontaine's last meet).
7 Prill, A
Personal notes.
9 Rael, Juan B.
(Romance Languages) Bio.
7 Rashad, Ahmad
9 Rebec, George
(Philosophy) Bio.
7 Reinhart, William
Correspondence, New "Fast Break Hoops…Bill Reinhart and Friends".
7 Reinmuth, James E
7 Richard, Keith
7 Sandburg, Carl
7 Schafer, Joseph
Letter from John L Mailo Jan 30, 1901.
9 Schmidt, F. G. G.
(Germanic Languages & Literature) Bio.
7 Schmitt, Martin
Program in Tribute to Schmitt, Oct 6, 1979.
7 Schroff, Alfred
Exhibition program, Art exhibit.
9 Schumaker, L. Ken
(English) Bio.
9 Schwering, Hazel P.
(Dean of Women) Bio.
7 Scott, William (1st Student to Register at the UO)
7 Seybolt, Ottilie T
7 Sherwood, John C
"The Vanity of Scholarly Wishes" by Sherwood.
9 Sisley, Becky L.
(Physical Education/Athletics) Bio.
7 Smith, Edgar W
Remarks on "Dad's Day" at U of O, Feb 1939; Correspondence and Remarks.
7 Smith, Phoebe Ellison
"Phoebe Ellison Smith: Wife and Mother" Eugene 1940.
9 Smith, S. Stephenson
(English) Bio.
9 Smith, Warren D.
(Geography) Bio.
9 Stafford, Orin F.
(Chemistry) Bio.
7 Stetson, Fred
7 Stevenson, Wendell, Dr.
Memo re: meeting of the Organization of American Historians, April 17, 1970; medal.
7 Straub, John
Program for the presentation of Julian Lamar's portrait of Straub.
7 Streisinger, George
Award letter of recognition to Streisinger from the Oregon Legislative Assembly, May 30, 1975.
7 Strong, Frank
Report to the regents of the University re: Frank Strong as President of U of O.
8 Svendensen, James Kester
application to UO department of english chairmanship.
8 Sweetser, Mrs. Albert Raddin
exhibit card.
8 Taylor, Howard R.
8 Thatcher, W F G
8 Tyler, Leona
Interview, correspondence.
9 Underwood, Rex
(Music) Bio.
8 Vagner, Robert S.
8 Villard, Henry
Bio; Correspondence.
8 Virgil, Dean Hall
8 Von Hipple, Peter H.
CV, Publication list, "Science and the Orwelliam Approach to Language, Logic and Facts" by Von Hippel.
8 Walton, Pauline
Correspondence; Program for the plaque dedication ceremony honoring Charnel Mulligan and Eugene Skinner, Jan 15, 1966.
8 Warner, Gertrude Bass
Correspondence; Passports.
8 Washke, Paul R.
8 Wheeler, Raymond H
8 Who's Who In Oregon 1929-30
A study of the names which were published in "Who's Who in Oregon, 1929-30".
8 Wilkinson, Jack
8 Willcox, Walter Ross Baumes
"W R B Willcox: His Architectural and Educational Theory", "Building Our Future"-Bio.
8 Wilson, O. Meredith
8 Wintermier, C A
8 Wood, Mabel A
Christmas cards, "My Traveler's Code of Conduct", Bio.
8 Woodruff, Janet
Awards and letters of recognition.
8 Yasui, Minoru
UO press release.
8 Yokum, HB
Certicificate (American Association for the Advancement of Science).
9 Zane, Nowland B.
(Design) Bio.