UW Ethnomusicology Archives video recordings: Jonathan Adams recordings (Guzheng Meets Piano), 2007-03-31  PDF

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Adams, Jonathan
UW Ethnomusicology Archives video recordings: Jonathan Adams recordings (Guzheng Meets Piano)
1 optical media  :  EC - 1 DVD; Duration: 58:35
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Concert performance by Yu Qi, guzheng, and Jane Harty, piano, recorded March 31, 2007, Olympic Hall, South Seattle Community College; sponsored by Music Northwest.
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A guzheng is a string instrument from the zither string family that originated in China. It was the basis for the Japanese koto, the Korean gayageum, and the Vietnamese dan tranh. It is made of a rectangular wooden box with anywhere from 16-26 strings running from two bridges at either end and across a moveable bridge in the middle. It has gained popularity around the world and has even been featured in rock music.

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Video recording by Jonathan Adams; DVD copy produced in the University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives.

Duration: 00:58:35

Documentation: Concert program

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2007011-0001: Guzhen Meets Piano
1 optical media : DVD - unpublished; Tracks: 9
Yu Qi, guzheng; Jane Harty, piano. Contents:Tune of Qin's Mulberry (Zhou Yan Jia from Shaanxi Province), Fisherman's Evening Song (Lou Shuhua), Flute and Drum at Sunset (arr. 1979) (Yinghai Li), Guang Ling Tune (classical piece edited by Qiu Dacheng), High Mountain and Flowing Stream (traditional guzheng piece from Zhejiang Province), Ode to Qianzhong (Xu Xiaolin), The Dream of Heaven (1980) (Lisan Wang), Ducks Playing in the Cold Water (traditional guzheng piece from Chaozhou region in Guangdong Province), Spring Morning on a Snowy Mountain (Fan Shang-e and Gesang Daji)

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  • Ethnomusicology
  • Guzheng
  • Video recordings in ethnomusicology
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  • Asia
  • China--Asia--East Asia
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  • Video recordings
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    • Harty, Jane (performer)
    • Qi, Yu, 1958- (performer)