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Christian Christiansen Bindrup papers, 1883-1937

Overview of the Collection

Bindrup, Christian Christiansen, 1863-1937
Christian Christiansen Bindrup papers
1883-1937 (inclusive)
2 boxes, (1 linear ft.)
Collection Number
Class notes from Brigham Young College (1890) and Brigham Young Academy (1893), journals, records of his personal accounts, records of organizations associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in College Ward, Utah compiled while serving in the capacity of ward clerk. The journals and diaries contain accounts of community and church affairs around College Ward. They also have many entries pertaining to the early Utah trappers and the fur cache located just south of Hyrum.
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Christian Christiansen Bindrup, Jr. was born on December 8, 1864, in Hyrum, Utah. His parents, Christian Christiansen Bindrup, Sr. and Martina Petersen, immigrated from Ulstrup Sogn, Aalborg, Denmark, to Utah in 1863. Bindrup was very active in the LDS church, serving as a counselor in the Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association and an instructor of religion classes in College Ward. He was also extensively involved in local organizations and politics, serving as an officer in the College Ward Agricultural Society, a Trustee of the College School District, and a delegate to the Utah Republican Convention. On September 19, 1907, Bindrup married Elise Poinant Holmovist of Hyrum, with whom he had no children. He died on May 11, 1937.

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The Christian Christiansen Bindrup papers are dated inclusively from 1883 to 1936.

The type of material included in the Bindrup Collection are his class notes from BYC, 1890 and BYA, 1893, journals, diary entries, records of his personal accounts, records of church meetings in College Ward compiled while serving in the capacity of ward clerk and his certificates of appointment to his various jobs he held in serving the community. The journals and diaries contain accounts of community and church affairs around College Ward. They also have many entries pertaining to the early Utah trappers and the fur cache located just south of Hyrum.

The Collection was heavily used by John A. Hansen in researching his 1968 history of College and Young Wards, but the social, religious, and economic papers offer resources for research in numerous fields. Certainly the collection is of area-wide--if not state-wide--interest for social history and should not be considered as merely centering upon College and Young Wards.

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Christian Christiansen Bindrup papers, 1883-1937. (COLL MSS 30). Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives Department.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1 "Journal Civil Government"
volume contains miscellaneous notes and journal entries. pp. 1-12: classnotes, Civil Government, B.Y. College, January 23, 1890 - February 7, 1890. Dr. J.M. Tanner, teacher. pp. 16-22: Journal entries, March 25, 1893 - February 12, 1894. Records of church meetings and sermons, notes regarding College Ward Post Office Committee. Largely devoted to addresses at meeting in Salt Lake Temple, April 14, 1893, with sermons by Wilford Woodruff, A.H. Cannon, Joseph F. Smith. Mention of Manifesto and denunciation of Speaking in Tongues. pp. 30-50: Patriarchial blessings of Joseph Bindrup (July 9, 1889), Esther Ann Bindrup (July 9, 1889), Joseph Bindrup (August 16, 1895 - Missionary), Christian C. Bindrup (July 9, 1889), Nephi Bindrup (July 10, 1889), Christian, Jr. (January 10, 1893). Miss ionary call of Joseph Bindrup, August 10, 1895, re. work in Northern States Mission. p. 51: Accounts of C.C. Bindrup, Jr., Treasurer, West Millville School District, 1890 - 1891. pp. 60-87: Journal of Christian C. Bindrup, Jr. pp. 79-82: Missing, 1864 - 1903. Largely devoted to religious highlights. Records, meetings at dedication of the Salt Lake Temple. Mentions early life in Hyrum, Utah, and move to College Ward, 1890.
1889 - 1894
1 2 School notebook and personal record book. Psychology lectures at Brigham Young Academy
Teacher: Professor Benjamin Cluff, Jr. (pp. 1-17). Musical items, class at BYA, January 11, 1893 - January 30, 1893, Teacher: H.E. Miles, (pp. 70 - 73). Theory of teaching class at BYA, January 11, 1893 - February 15, 1893, teacher: G.H. Brimhall, (pp. 75 - 94) (pp. 96 - 104). General history class at BYA, January 11, 1893 - February 3, 1893, teacher: Wolfe (pp. 125 - 131). Theology class at BYA, January 11, 1893 - February 8, 1893, teacher: Benhamin Cluff, Jr., (pp. 150 - 167).Memoranda on history of College Ward, June 24, 1877 - September 1, 1905, (p. 170). Young Men's Mutual Improvement normal course, BYA, February 13, 1893 - February 15, 1893, teacher: Milton H. Hardy, (pp. 225 - 226). Miscellaneous diary entries, (pp. 229 - 235, p. 239, pp. 241 - 246, p. 248, pp. 250 - 256, pp. 258 - 259, pp. 280 - 281, pp. 292 - 299).
1893 January 11 - 1893 February 7
1 3 Scrapbook and Memoranda. Newspaper clipping and election broadsides
1 item.
Largely political with additional clippings on general College Ward activities. Includes p. 42, clipping April 23, 1933, Salt Lake Tribune, re. Bindrup's assertion of discovery of fur cache from 1820s. Includes clippings about $25 reward from Herald Journal for discovery of remains of trapper era. Written memoranda includes list of church meetings and sermons, Logan Stake (p. 93); Cache highlights, 1902 - 1916, p. 74; library of Christian C. Bindrup, Jr., 74 - 78, Diary entries, 1917 - 1934, 78 - 86. Legal notes and memoranda, Cache History, LDS doctrine, pp. 139 - 149.
1890 - 1954
1 4 Miscellaneous account book
1 item
Bindrup's personal accounts paid and received, May 13, 1892 - May 27, 1893.
1892 - 1893
1 5 Petty ledger
1 item
Personal petty accounts paid and received by Bindrup.
1894 January 1 - 1912
1 6 Petty ledger
1 item
Record of personal petty accounts paid and received by Bindrup.
1896 January 16 - 1930
1 7 College Ward Agricultural Society minutes
1 item
Minutes of College Ward Agricultural Society, organized March 8, 1895. Elected officers, 1895: C.O. Dunn, President; Michael Johnson, Vice President; C.C. Bindrup, Jr., Secretary; John Schink, Treasurer. Executive Committee was James Nelson, Jr., Mrs. Christian Larsen, James Olsen Sr., and J.C. Dowdle. Minutes contain remarks and talks on crops, fertilization, which crops are best to grow in this area and the need to work together to get cash for their products. Elected officers, 1896: C.O. Dunn, President; James Olsen, Sr., Vice President; C.C. Bindrup, Jr., Secretary, John Schink, Treasurer; James A. Anderson, James Olsen, Jr., James Nielsen and James D. Nuttall, Executive Committee.
1 8 Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association
1 item
Roll and minutes of the Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association of Farmers Branch, College Ward.
1889 October 10 - 1893 November 12
1 9 Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association
1 item
Roll and minutes of Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association of West Millville.
1883 December 30 - 1886 January
2 1 Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association
1 item
Minutes of meetings of College Ward Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association. Emphasis on contents of sermons,
1883 December 30 - 1894 February 24
2 2 College Ward religion class
1 item
Roll of religion classes in College Ward and minutes of each class held.
2 3 College Ward Sunday School
1 item
Minutes of College Ward Sunday School.
1902 June 15 - 1905 June 11
2 4 Religion class record of attendance
1 item
Record of attendance at religion classes at College Ward.
1893 November 22 - 1894 April 18
2 5 College Ward meeting house book
1 item
Records of committee meetings, names, receipts, disbursements, and labor for construction of College Ward church.
1893 December 2 - 1897 February 21
2 6 Fd1: Bindrup's notes on trappers in the state of Utah, compiled in the 1930s. Researched from Christiansen's St. Louis Historical Society. Tells of fur cache in Cache County and accounts of Ashley Smith, 1826 - 1827; Peter Skene Ogden, 1826 - 1827; Jim Bridger, 1834; Osborn Russell, 1834 - 1840; Moses Harris, Joseph Gale, and Jedediah Smith and their travels throughout the area. It also gives the death dates of Ashley, (1898); Provost, (1830); Bridger, (1881); Beckworth, (1869); and Jedediah Smith, (1831). Fd2: Diary notes of Bindrup, September 1, 1931 - December 18,1936. Bindrup gives accounts of fur cache in the Cache Valley, gives location access to and tells of the trappers who used it as a cache for their furs. He also gives accounts of marriages, funerals, church meetings, and various other activities that are going on in College Ward. Fd3: "Ledger set "A". Accounts: cash, real estate, bills paid, grain, merchandise, stock and horses, expenses, Joseph Bindrup, Price Brothers, and Nephi Bindrup, 1889. Fd4: (A) Notes on the location of fur cache and fur trappers in Cache County. (B) Newsclipping depicting the dedication of a Jim Bridger monument at the site of the big fur cache of early days. Fd5: (A) Customs declaration of Elmer Bindrup, December 20, 1945.(B) Elmer Bindrup's certificate of war trophies. Fd6: Application for automobile license, State of Utah, 192?. Fd7: Christian C. Bindrup application for special deluxe edition, Prominent Men of Utah, 1910
5 pieces, 3 items
2 7 Fd1: (A) Notes on the organization of West Millville (College Ward) Sunday School, 1883. (B) Funeral of J.D. Nuttal, October 26, 1931. Fd2: (A) Receipt of one fourth payment NW 1/4 NE 1/4, Sec. 24, Tp 11 NR 1W, November 5, 1890. (B) Receipt of part payment on the SE 1/4, SW 1/4, Sec. 13, Tp. 11 NR 1W, November 10, 1890. Fd3: Letter, July 27, 1904, James T. Hammond, Secretary of State to Christian Bindrup. Fd4: Certificate of qualification as a school trustee in and for West Millville School District, July 16, 1890. Fd5: Certificate of appointment, Justice of the Peace, College Precinct, August 1, 1892. Fd6: Letter of appointment, Alborg Conference, Scandinavian Mission, August 26, 1901. Signed Anthon F. Skanchy, President. Fd7: Commission, Justice of the Peace, College Precinct, August 8, 1892. Signed Arthur L. Thomas, Governor of Utah Territory
5 pieces, 2 items
2 8 Fd1: Affidavit and Physician's Certificate of Sanity. Signed by H.K. Merrill, M.D. and Frank H. Cutler, M.D., and W.W.Maughan, Judge, April 30, 1907. Fd2: Deed, Trustees Brigham Young College to C.C. Bindrup, Jr., June 9, 1891, NW 1/4, NE 1/4, Sec. 24 and SE 1/4, SW 1/4, Sec 13, Tp. 11, NR 1W. Fd3: Deed, Trustees Brigham Young College to John C. Dowdleand C.C. Bindrup, December 14, 1892. Fd4: Trust Deed, Christian Bindrup, et al, Trustees for College Ward Ecclesiastical Association, to H.E. Hatch, Trustees for Trustees Brigham Young College, February 28, 1895. Fd5: Article of incorporation, Spring Creek Irrigation Company, July 1906
4 pieces, 1 item
2 9 Fd1: (A) Minutes of Priesthood Meetings in College Ward, April 5, 1892 - June 4, 1892. (B) "Official Acknowledgements", C.C. Bindrup, 1929 - April 1935, instruments sealed as Justice ofthe Peace. (C) Checkbook, First National Bank of Logan, February 10, 1896 - February 17, 1896, with cancelled checks.(D) Receipt Books, nos. 201 - 300. Spring Creek Irrigation District, May 21, 1895 - December 7, 1896. (E) Memorandum book, LDS religious principles
5 items
2 10 Fd1: Bookkeeping Ledgers (A) Bills and accounts of Bindrup, January 5, 1889 - June 13, 1889. (B) Personal accounts of Bindrup, April 7, 1890 - June 28, 1890. Fd2: Personal accounts of Bindrup, July 1, 1890 - July 26, 1890. Fd3: Accounts of Bindrup, February 20, 1890 - July 3, 1890
4 items