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Federal Writers' Project
Mormon diaries
1820-1936 (inclusive)
7 boxes, (3.5 linear ft.)
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This collection contains three types of material: first person accounts (diaries, journals, and autobiographies); second person accounts (biographies, life sketches, and local histories); and transcripts of interviews with pioneer Utahns. Includes material dealing with early Mormon history in Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois; Mormon migration west; the march of the Mormon Battalion and its activities in California; Mormon pioneering in and travel to California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and old Mexico; missionary activities in North America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania; the Civil War; and Indians and Indian welfare.
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One of the first actions by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression of the 1930s was to extend federal work relief to the unemployed. One such relief program was the Works Progress Administration, which FDR established in 1933. By 1941 the WPA had provided employment for 8 million people. One segment of the population which the WPA helped were artists, musicians, and writers, and the WPA instituted programs especially designed to utilize the talents of these people. An example of one such program was the Mormon Diaries project.

With assistance from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, the Historical Records Survey, as well as the WPA , Juanita Brooks supervised a project to collect and transcribe the diaries, journals, and biographical sketches for over 400 Latter-day Saint pioneers. The project ran 1934 until 1942. The material gathered also contained the histories of several towns and counties.

In 1942, when the WPA disbanded, the original transcriptions were turned over to the Library of Congress. The first copy and parts of the second and third carbon copies were deposited with the Utah State Historical Society. Other copies were deposited with Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, and Utah State University. In 1950 the Library of Congress microfilmed the entire collection on 13 reels, and since that time, microfilmed copies have been added to most major collections of Western Americana or LDS genealogy in the United States.

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This collection contains three types of material: first person accounts (diaries, journals, and autobiographies); second person accounts (biographies, life sketches, and local histories); and transcripts of interviews with pioneer Utahns. For those pioneers who had kept written histories, WPA workers copied their diaries (over 400) by hand and then typed them out. For those pioneers who had kept no diary or other record of their lives, WPA workers interviewed them using a standard set of questions. The answers to these questions were generally recorded on one to two pages. Such an entry in the index is marked as "Interview." A copy of the questionnaire used can be found in each of the boxes of this collection, as well as in the front of the register for this collection. Researchers are encouraged to examine the questionnaire in order to understand the context of the answers given. The diaries in Mss Collection #18 do not represent a complete set of the Library of Congress Mormon Diaries. However, a complete set of the diaries is housed in Special Collections in the Utah Reels Collection #220, part 1 - 13.

It appears that the typed transcriptions were made with an original and four carbon copies. In reference to the carbons, there have been instances where some diaries have apparently been retyped because the carbons are not identical. The contents of these diaries provides valuable information on Mormon pioneer life.

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Complete set of diaries available in microfilm (OCLC #7335546)

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Mormon diaries, 1820-1936. (COLL MSS 18) Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives Department.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 Abbot, George
1 Adams, James J.
1 Aldrich, Hanna Madsen
1 Allen, Hyrum
1 Allen, John Millard
1 Allred, Rhoda Luann B. Smith
1 Andrews, Elizabeth
1 Andrews, William
1 Andrus, Milo
1 Averett, George Washington Gill
1 Badger, Nathan Bradley
1 Baker, Lydia Hamp
1 Banford, Samuel
1 Bankhead, Rachell Baugh Haslam
1 Barrows, Elizabeth Emma Brewer
1 Barton, John Hyrum
1 Barton, Lydia Anne Robb
1 Batty, Mary Ann Duffin
1 Beacham, Rosina
1 Bean, Geroge Washington
1 Beatty, John T.
1 Belnap, Adaline Knight
1 Belnap, Flora
1 Belnap, Hyrum
1 Bigler, Henry William
1 Bingham, Hannah McFarland
1 Binii, William
1 Bird, Ellen George
1 Blake, Ida
1 Bleak, Elizabeth
1 Bonza, Louis
1 Bringhurst, Mary
1 Browning, Charilla Abbott
1 Browning, Jonathan
1 Browning, T. Samuel
1 Bryner, Enoch
1 Bryner, John U.
1 Budge, William
1 Bunker, Edward
1 Bunker, Elethra Calista
1 Burdick, F.C.
1 Burton, Nancy Brooks
1 Campbell, J.H.
1 Cannon, John Q.
1 Carter, Sophronie
1 Chaffin, Lewis Rice
1 Chambers, Alma D.
1 Chatterley, John
1 Christensen, Jacob
1 Christensen, Paul Chris
1 Clark, Hannah
1 Clark, Herbert
1 Clarke, Annie Elizabeth Frost
1 Cliff, Harriet M.
1 Corbin, Justus N.
1 Crapo, Alice Holbrook
1 Croft, Mary Isabelle Russel
2 Dalton, Alice Ann Langston
2 Dalton, Brigham
2 Dalton, Edward
2 Dalpaiz, Celeste
2 Davies, John J.
2 Davis, John H.
2 Davis, V.F.
2 Davis, William R.
2 Dean, Heber C.
2 Diehl, I.E.
2 Dolbell, Eliza Adelaide
2 Dowdle, John C.
2 Downward, George
2 Dunsboo, Thomas
2 Earl, Joseph I.
2 Earl, Sylvester
2 East, George
2 Edwards, Elizabeth Tarbet
2 Egbert, Ann E.
2 Ellet, George C.
2 Evans, David W.
2 Everett, Addison
2 Everett, Schuyler and wife, Rachel Sanders
2 Farmer, James
2 Farnsworth, Elizabeth Guy
2 Farr, Nancy Chase
2 Farrell, George Lionel
2 Fish, Martin R.
2 Forsythe, Ben
2 Fowler, William
2 Freeman, Elijah Norman
2 Frei, Edward R.
2 Fullerton, Alexander
2 Gardner, Archibald
2 Garner, Albert
2 Garner, Jane Sprunt Warner
2 Garner, Rufus A.
2 Gay, Terzah Farr
2 Geertsen, Mary Ann
2 George, Roy
2 Gibbs, Josiah F.
2 Gledhill, Sarah S. Moulding
2 Gordon, Warner Eugene
2 Grace, Isaac Henry
2 Grames, Albert J.
2 Greenwell, Fannie
2 Greenwell, Jack
2 Griffin, Nethella, Life in Boulder
2 Gubler, Casper
2 Gubler, Harmon
2 Gubler, Henry
2 Gubler, Joseph
3 Hafen, Ann M.S.R.
3 Haight, Isaac C.
3 Haight, Isaac Chauncy
3 Hancock, Cyrus Alonzo
3 Hanks, Ebeneezer
3 Hansen, Elias
3 Hanson, Julia
3 Harmon, Appleton M.
3 Haslam, Holt
3 Heaton, Johnathan
3 Hellewell, Martha Horspoll
3 Henderson, William Jasper
3 Henry, Mary Francis Brown
3 Hepworth, Edith Lewis
3 Hepworth, Thornton
3 Higbee, Lorine Isabel Lamb
3 Higbee, Richard and Loraine
3 Hill, James H.
3 Hinton, John Hatch
3 Hinton, William
3 Houston, James
3 Hoxer, John
3 Hull, Mary Benson
3 Hullinger, Dr. Harvey Coe
3 Hunt, Isaac
3 Huntsman, Orson Welcome, vol. 2
3 Hunstman, Orson Welcome, part 3
3 Huntsman, Orson Welcome, 1908-1915
3 Irwin, Linda L.
3 Isom, Alice Parker
3 Isom, George
4 Jarvis, Ann Prior
4 Jarvis, Brigham
4 Jarvis, Eleanor C.W.
4 Jarvis, George Fredrick
4 Jennings, James H.
4 Jepson, James Jr.
4 Johansen, Annie
4 Johnson, Joel H.
4 Johnson, Julia Hills
4 Johnson, Seth
4 Jones, Emily Miller
4 Jones, Isaac Morley
4 Jones, J.C.
4 Jones, Mary Elizabeth
4 Jones, Thomas J.
4 Judd, Zodak Knapp
4 Kearl, James
4 Kearl, Mrelin Eastham
4 Kelsey, Easton
4 Kjaer, Helena Anderson Peterson
4 Knight, Carline Beck
4 Knight, Samuel
4 Lamb, Edwin
4 Lamb, Elizabeth Williams Hardy
4 Lambert, Charles, vols. 1-6
4 Lambert, Charles, vols. 7-9
4 Lambert, Charles, vols. 10-12
4 Lambert, Charles, vol. 13
4 Lang, William
5 Langston, Jacob H.
5 Langston, John
5 Leany, Hyrum
5 Leany, William
5 Lefevre, John H.
5 Leishman, James Allen
5 Lewis, James
5 Lewis, Phillip Bessom
5 Limone, Joseph
5 Lister, John Henry Ward
5 Liston, Commodore Perry
5 Lofthouse, Charlotte E.
5 Loveridge, John Thomas
5 Luke, Taklla Amanda Anderson
5 Lyman, Platte D.
5 Mackelprang, Agust Sorenson
5 Mangum, David Newton
5 Maxwell, Addie
5 McAllister, John T.D.
5 McAllister, William James Franziez
5 McBride, Abigail
5 McFarlane, Isaac Chauncey
5 McIntire, Margaret Jane
5 McIntire, William P.
5 McIntosh, Abraham Edward
5 McMullin, Brigham Y.
5 McMullin, David
5 Meeks, Priddy
5 Middleton, Jane Withers
5 Mitton, William C.
5 Moffat, Joseph Smith
5 Moore, David
5 Morrison, Eunice Lestra
5 Munsee, Louis B.
5 Murphy, Eliza Ann
5 Myton, Hewell Plummer
5 Naegle, Heber
5 Naegle, John Conrad
5 Nebeker, John
5 Neilson, Jans
5 Nelson, Anna Catherine Porter
5 Nelson, Price W.
5 Neiderer, Amelia
5 Nielson, Israel
5 Nixon, Hannah Isabell Fawcett
5 Oliver, Mary Jane
5 Olsen, Seren
5 Olsen, Livy
5 Olson, William
5 Osborne, David Asael
5 Osborne, David Sr.
5 Otteson, Joseph S.
5 Packard, Rachel Farr
5 Pardoe, Lenora Farr
5 Parker, Marie Jackson Mormington
5 Parkinson, Clara Wells
5 Peterson, Charles, Shreeve
5 Peterson, Peter
5 Philliip, Amy Carlina Davis
5 Pidcock, Roxanna Farr
5 Pike, Arland A.
5 Porter, Lysander Leroy
5 Powell, William Clement
5 Prewer, Helen
5 Pulsipher, John
5 Puzey, Lydia
6 Quilter, Harry and Eliza
6 Rath, A.F.
6 Reber, Frederick
6 Reber, John and Samuel
6 Reese, Edmund
6 Reese, Hanna Choppell
6 Reich, William
6 Rich, Charles Goulson
6 Richards, Mary Ann Parker
6 Richardson, Alice L.
6 Riddle, Isaac Jimeson
6 Riding, Christopher Lister
6 Riding, Mary Ann Hale
6 Ritchie, Mary Emma
6 Robb, Jessie
6 Roberts, Amer Lois McCrary
6 Robinson, Daniel and Rachel Smith
6 Robinson, William H.
6 Robinson, Willis Eugene
6 Rogers, Isabel King
6 Rozsa, John
6 Russel, Lottie Ballard
6 Sargent, Matilda Walker
6 Savage, Levi, Sec. 1-5
6 Savage, Levi, Sec. 6-8
6 Saxton, William S.
6 Shafer, Frank Marion
6 Shakespear, George D.
6 Shakespear, Mary
6 Shakespear, William John
6 Shaw, Annie Hermine Cardon
6 Shaw, Myrtillo
6 Shipp, Dr. Ellis R.
6 Shurtliff, Francis Marion
6 Slack, Adalaide Jackson
6 Slack, Amelia Theobald
6 Slack, Caroline Lamb
6 Slack, Lorenzo Jefferies
6 Slack, Walter
6 Smith, Alice Baugh
6 Smith, Elizabeth Jennett
6 Smith, Eliza Mathews
6 Smith, Orson
6 Smith, Ruth
6 Smith, William George
6 Snow, Edward H.
6 Sorenson, Soren
6 Spencer, Clarissa Hamilton Young
6 Spencer, John
6 Spencer, Henry
6 Spendlove, William
6 Spillsbury, Moroni
6 Staheli, John
6 Stapley, Young Elizabeth Steele
6 Stevens, Mary Ann
6 Stevenson, Edward
6 Stone, Charlotte Gale
6 Stout, Hosea
6 Stout, Hosea Fisk
6 Stratford, Charles Henry
6 Stratford, Edwin A.
6 Stucki, Barbara Staheli Graff
6 Stucki, Christian
7 Taylor, Andrew A.
7 Taylor, Levi James
7 Taylor, Polly Ann Elmer
7 Theobald, George
7 Theobald, William
7 Toombs, Joseph Moroni (click to view)
7 Trout, Thomas
7 Turner, Anna Bosch
7 Twelves, Orson
7 Vogel, George William
7 Walker, Elizabeth Staheli
7 Walker, Mark R.
7 Walker, Thomas
7 Wall, Francis George
7 Wallace, Hamilton
7 Warner, Job
7 Warnick, Christinia Oleson
7 Watson, James William
7 Weaver, Madora Browning
7 Weaver, Mary Jane
7 Werden, Clark
7 West, John Clements
7 West, Rose Berry
7 Weston, George Gofford
7 Weston, Nehemish
7 Wilbur, Elisha
7 Wilcox, Ebenezer O.
7 Williams, John D.
7 Wilson, Henrietta Emmett
7 Wiseman, Jacob
7 Woodbury, Ann Cannon
7 Wooley, Edwin G.
7 Woolf, Isaac
7 Workman, Andrew Jackson
7 Young, Alphus

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Frontier and pioneer life--West (U.S.)
  • Mormon handcart companies.
  • Mormon missionaries--Diaries.
  • Mormon pioneers--Biography.
  • Mormon pioneers--Diaries.
  • Mormon women--Biography.
  • Mormon women--Diaries.
  • Mormon Church--Missions--Biography.
  • Overland journeys to the Pacific.
  • Overland journeys to the West (U.S.)
  • Utah Expedition, 1857-1858.
  • Personal Names :
  • Brooks, Juanita, 1898-1989. (contributor)
  • Corporate Names :
  • Historical Records Survey (U.S.) (contributor)
  • United States. Federal Emergency Relief Administration (contributor)
  • United States. Work Projects Administration. (contributor)
  • Geographical Names :
  • Utah--Emigration and immigration.
  • Utah--History.
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Diaries--West (U.S.)
  • Overland journals.