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Montana Folksongs Collection
1947-1950, 1979 (inclusive)
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This collection contains writings on folksongs in Montana collected in 1947-1948, as well as other materials relevant to the folksong project, including Robert C. Wylder's 1949 thesis. There are also phonorecords of the original song recordings and audio tapes of those recordings.
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In 1945, Wayland Hand, chairman of the University of California Los Angeles German Department, took a trip to Butte to record mining songs, and a two-part article appeared entitled "The Folklore, Customs, and Traditions of the Butte Miner" in the California Folklore Quarterly, Vol. V, no. 1 and 2, January and April 1946. There is one record of songs by "Mr. Dana" from December 19, 1945, but this is not listed on the 1945 index of holdings from the Library of Congress. In 1946, Hand made another trip to Butte to record mining and folksongs. The outcome of this trip is listed in a Library of Congress index.

In 1947, Charles Cutts, Robert C. Wylder and Betty Wylder spent six weeks near Miles City, Montana, and another week around Fort Benton, Montana, collecting folk songs, as documented in the article "Songs of the Butte Miners" in the journal Western Folklore, Vol. IX, no. 1, January 1950, p.1, by Cutts, the Wylders, and Hand. Also as a result of this research, Robert Wylder completed his 1947 thesis, A Comparative Analysis of Some Montana Folksongs at The University of Montana--Missoula (then Montana State University), which contains background information and the lyrics of most of the records in this collection.

In 1948, a combined effort was made between the above two parties. Cutts and Wylder worked for five weeks collecting folksongs from various ethnic groups in Butte. They were then joined by Wayland Hand to record mining songs. This is also mentioned in the Western Folklore article cited above and in correspondence from Wayland Hand provided from the Library of Congress. Some lyrics and an index of the songs recorded on this trip was also provided by the Library of Congress.

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This collection contains writings concerning the original 1947/48 fieldwork, as well as other materials relevant to the folksong project, including Robert C. Wylder's 1949 thesis. There are also phonorecords of the original song recordings and audio tapes of those recordings.

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Some materials in Series II have been duplicated onto reel-to-reel audio tape. They are part of the Mansfield Library media collection.

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Series I:  Field Journals , 1947-1950, 1979 Return to Top

This series consists of the four volumes of the 1947 and 1948 field journals of Charles Cutts, Robert C. Wylder, and Elizabeth A. Wylder. A folder of Library of Congress materials contains correspondence with the Folklore Section, transcripts of songs, and catalog records for phonodiscs. There is a 1947 report on field research by Cutts and the Wylders. The 1979 Montana Folklife Survey consists of a photocopy of an inventory of Montana folklife materials in the American Folklore Center of the Library of Congress. Materials enclosed with the phonodiscs include a 1950 reprint of "Songs of the Butte Miners" from the January 1950 Western Folklore and a statement of collection methodology from this project (missing page 1). The final item in the series is a copy of Robert C. Wylder's 1949 Montana State University thesis, A Comparative Analysis of Some Montana Folksongs.

Container(s) Description Dates
Volume 1
Voume 2
Volume 1
Volume 2
Library of Congress Information
1947-1948 and undated
Montana Community Music Project
Montana Folklife Survey
Materials Enclosed With Phonograph Collection
1950 and undated
Robert C. Wylder, A Comparative Analysis of Some Montana Folksongs
Montana Folk Songs audio cassette duplicate

Series II:  Audio , [1947-1949?]Return to Top

The audio portion of the collection consists of the one phonorecord from 1945 and what may be the complete collection of records from 1947, all of which exist on 78 records (10 and 12 inch) which have since been put onto audio cassette. Another set of songs exist on reel-to-reel audio. Unfortunately, the original recordings were done on tape, which have now been lost. Included with the records was a partial index which may be the result of the 1948 work by Charles Cutts and Robert Wylder in collaboration with Wayland Hand; however, this is uncertain since the first page is missing). This index lists songs which partially correspond with the indices from the reel-to-reel collection, but neither of the lists seem to correspond with the tapes.

(This lists original phonorecord side, song title, performer, and number in tape counter index respectively)

Description Dates
Tape I Side A
1 - 1: Title Unknown, Mr. Dana, TCI 0
1 - 2: Title Unknown, Mr. Dana, TCI 13
2 - 1: "Three Miles From Town," performer unknown, TCI 21
3 - 1: "Yellowstone Flats," Montana "Bill" Roberts, TCI 52
3 - 2: "Farmer's Daughter," Charlie Thex, TCI 79
A - 1: "Old Dan Tucker," Hugh Mahoney (violin)/Pete Gress (guitar), TCI 98
"After the Ball," Hugh Mahoney (violin)/Pete Gress (guitar), TCI 114
A - 2: "Raggedy Ann," Hugh Mahoney (violin)/Pete Gress (guitar), TCI 142
"Whistling Rufus," Hugh Mahoney (violin)/Pete Gress (guitar), TCI 151
AB - 1: "Rovin' Gambler," Montana "Bill" Roberts, TCI 192
"The Wreck of Old Number Nine," Montana "Bill" Roberts, TCI 210
AB - 2: "The Horse Wrangler," Montana "Bill" Roberts, TCI 231
AC - 1: "Sam Bass," Montana "Bill" Roberts, TCI 256
AC - 2: "Billi Parkins Waltz," Floyd Konkright (violin), TCI 294, TCI 316, "Shamus O'Brien," Floyd Konkright (violin), TCI 316
AD - 1: "Norwegian Schottische," Floyd Konkright (violin), TCI 335
"The Granddad Konkright Polka," Floyd Konkright (violin), TCI 356
AD - 2: "Ragtime Annie," Floyd Konkright (violin), TCI 382
"Redwing," Floyd Konkright (violin), TCI 401
"Irish Washerwoman," Floyd Konkright (violin), TCI 415
"Old Military Schottische," Floyd Konkright (violin), TCI 424
AE - 1: "The Gol Dern Wheel," Bob Quebbman, TCI 437
AE - 2: "Ricky Jim," Bob Quebbman, TCI 480
"How to Make Love," Bob Quebbman, TCI 508
AF - 1: "Waltz in G," Tom Streit (violin), TCI 538
"Stars Begin to Peep," Alan Gray (violin), TCI 576
AF - 2: "Golden Slippers," Tom Streit (violin and vocals), TCI 622
"White Wings," Mrs. Jennie Murphy, TCI 655
Tape I Side B
AG - 1: "Just One Girl," verse 1, Tom Streit, TCI 0
"Just One Girl," verse 2, Mrs. Jennie Murphy, TCI 16
AG - 2: "Maggie Murphy's Home," Alan Gray (violin), TCI 25
"Maggie Murphy's Home," Alan Gray (violin and vocals), TCI 34
B - 1: "Climbin' Up the Golden Stairs," Hugh Mahoney (violin)/Pete Gress (guitar), TCI 38
"Shamus O'Brien," Hugh Mahoney (violin)/Pete Gress (guitar), TCI 64
B - 2: "Old Cattle Call," Hugh Mahoney (violin)/Pete Gress (guitar), TCI 80
"Redwing," Hugh Mahoney (violin)/Pete Gress (guitar), TCI 90
"Green River Waltz," Hugh Mahoney (violin)/Pete Gress (guitar), TCI 104
C - 1: "Utah Carroll," Bob Quebbman, TCI 118
TCI 146, "Remember Me," Bob Quebbman, TCI 146
C - 2: "Seven Beers With the Wrong Woman," Bob Quebbman, TCI 165
"The Bronc That Wouldn't Bust," Bob Quebbman, TCI 188
D - 1: "Sky Ball Paint," Bob Quebbman, TCI 206
"Prisoner at the Bar," Bob Quebbman, TCI 226
D - 2: "Great American Bum," Bob Quebbman, TCI 256
"Love Knot in My Lariat," Bob Quebbman, TCI 278
"Methodist Pie," Bob Quebbman, TCI 295
E - 1: "Haste to the Wedding," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment), TCI 314
"Soldiers' Joy," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment), TCI 332
E - 2: "Hell Among the Yearlings," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment), TCI 355
"Arkansas Traveler," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment)
F - 1: "Opera Reel," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment)
"Buffalo Gals," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment)
F - 2: "Golden Slippers," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment), TCI 451
"Raggedy Ann," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment), TCI 478
G - 1: "A and D Waltz," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment), TCI 506
G - 2: "Ol' Whit Polka," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment), TCI 546
"D and A Waltz," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment), TCI 581
H - 1: "Over the Waves," Charlie Thex (violin accompaniment), TCI 611
Tape II Side A
H - 2: "Peek a Boo," Charlie Thex (violin and accompaniment), TCI 0
"Mel's Wolf Waltz," Charlie Thex (violin and accompaniment), TCI 23
I - 1: [Title Unknown], William Bull (violin and accompaniment), TCI 40
I - 2: "The Farmer's Daughter," Charlie Thex, TCI 80
"Magee's Back Yard," Charlie Thex, TCI 99
J - 1: "The Ranger," Charlie Thex, TCI 119
"The Buffalo Skinners," Charlie Thex, TCI
J - 2: "The Buffalo Skinners" cont'd, TCI 156
"Old England," Charlie Thex, TCI 165
K - 1: "A Cowboy's Farewell to Montana," Mrs. Clif Campbell (voice unaccompanied), TCI 183
L - 1: "Soldiers' Joy," Albert LaRance (violin), TCI 216
"Arkansas Traveler," Albert LaRance (violin), TCI 229
"Buffalo Gals," Albert LaRance (violin), TCI 241
"Shamis O'Brien,"Albert LaRance (violin), TCI 250
L - 2: "In the Good Old Summer Time," Albert LaRance (violin), TCI 266
"Varsouvienne," Albert LaRance (violin), TCI 287
"Little Brown Jug," Albert LaRance (violin), TCI 302
M - 1: "Whoopee, Ti Yi Yo, Git Along Little Dogies," Bob Quebbman, TCI 315
"Strawberry Roan," (speed problems on original recording), Bob Quebbman, TCI 350
N - 1: "Three Miles from Town," Mr. & Mrs. Floyd "Pop" Konkright, TCI 385
N - 2: "Konkright Square Dance in D and A," Mr. & Mrs. Floyd "Pop" Konkright, (By Bird Konkright), TCI 428
"Devil's Dream," Mr. & Mrs. Floyd "Pop" Konkright, TCI 444
"Fisher's Hornpipe," Mr. & Mrs. Floyd "Pop" Konkright, TCI 463
O - 1: "N Bar N Waltz and C Waltz Medley," Mr. & Mrs. Floyd "Pop" Konkright, TCI 482
"Waltz--By George Konkright," Mr. & Mrs. Floyd "Pop" Konkright, TCI 513
O - 2: "Konkright Square Dance," Mr. & Mrs. Floyd "Pop" Konkright, TCI 536 (By Floyd Konkright)
"Listen to the Mockingbird," Mr. & Mrs. Floyd "Pop" Konkright, TCI 553
"Silver Threads Among the Gold," Mr. & Mrs. Floyd "Pop" Konkright, TCI 571
P - 1: "Oh, Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie" Montana "Bill" Roberts (vocals), TCI 597
P - 2: "I've Got No Use For the Women," Montana "Bill" Roberts (vocals) TCI 647
Tape II Side B
Q - 1: "The Death of Charlie Rutledge," Montana "Bill" Roberts, TCI 0 (By D.J. O'Malley)
Q - 2: "When the Work's All Done This Fall," Montana "Bill" Roberts, TCI 21
R - 1: "Quadrille," Albert LaRance (violin), TCI 46
"Quadrille," Pete Gress (guitar), TCI 61
R - 2: "The Girl I Left Behind Me," Albert LaRance and Pete Gress, TCI 80
"Turkey in the Straw," Albert LaRance and Pete Gress, TCI 96
S - 1: "Turkey in the Straw," With Ed Hanson calling, TCI 113
S - 2: "Schottische," Albert LaRance and Pete Gress, TCI 134
T - 1: "French Four," Albert LaRance and Pete Gress, TCI 158
"Reel of Eight," With Ed Hanson calling, TCI 175
T - 2: "LaRance Waltz," Albert LaRance and Pete Gress, TCI 198
U - 1: "One-Step," August Mott (harmonica)and Carl Mack (guitar), TCI 225
"Quadrille," TCI 242
U - 2: "Kvasar Walsen" (Mott & Mack), TCI 260
["Dad comes home drunk, and Ma sits in the corner and never says a word."],(Mott & Mack), TCI 277
V - 1: "Wooden shoes," (Mott & Mack),TCI 294
"Plalicat," (Mott & Mack),TCI 307
"Polka," (Mott & Mack), TCI 323
V - 2: "Way Out Yonder," (Mott & Mack), TCI 336
"Bullly of the Town," (Mott & Mack), TCI 347
"Heel Fly," (Mott & Mack), TCI 360
W - 1: "1. 49 Song," Henry Standing-Elk, TCI 375
"2. 49 Song," Henry Standing-Elk, TCI 390
"3. Same as 2 in English," Henry Standing-Elk, TCI 410
W - 2: "1. Victory Song," Henry Standing-Elk, TCI 424
"2. Victory Song," Henry Standing-Elk, TCI 444
"3. 49 Song with Indian Words," Henry Standing-Elk, TCI 462
X - 1: "O Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie," Montana "Bill" Roberts, TCI 480
X - 2: "Little Joe, the Wrangler," Montana "Bill" Roberts, TCI 524
Z - 1: "The Girl I Left Behind Me," Montana "Bill" Roberts, TCI 574
Z - 2: "Custer's Last Fight," Montana "Bill" Roberts, TCI 635

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Folk songs--Montana
  • Folk songs--Montana--Butte
  • Folklore--Field work
  • Miners--Montana--Butte--Songs and music
  • Geographical Names :
  • Butte (Mont.)--Songs and music
  • Montana--Social life and customs
  • Montana--Songs and music
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  • Audiotapes
  • Sound recordings
  • Occupations :
  • Folklorists--Montana
  • Women folklorists--Montana
  • Other Creators :
    • Personal Names :
    • Cutts, Charles
    • Hand, Wayland Debs, 1907-
    • Wylder, Betty
    • Wylder, Robert C.
    • Wylder, Robert C. Comparative Analysis of Some Montana Folksongs