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Neff, William
William Neff Photograph Collection
1952-1987 (inclusive)
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Beginning in 1930 Neff began working as a landscape architect. Although Neff was primarily a golf course landscape architect, occasionally he also took residential and commercial jobs, as well as projects for the US National Parks Service. During the mid-1950s Neff oversaw the landscaping done at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Los Angeles Temple.
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William Henrichsen Neff was born September 22, 1905 in Salt Lake City, Utah the son of William Cyprus and Caroline Henrichsen Neff. During his teenage years Neff worked at Frank Crocker's nursery. In 1925 Neff established the Mount Olympus Nursery which he operated until 1995 in addition to his landscaping work. In 1926 Neff enrolled at the University of Utah to study landscape architecture, but majored in art and botany because the university did not offer landscape architecture courses at the time. Neff however took correspondence courses from the American Landscape School in Des Moines, Iowa where he received his landscaping degree in February 1929. That same year Neff married Elizabeth Leggett and they later had two daughters, Caroline and Diana.

Beginning in 1930 Neff began working as a landscape architect. Although the market for landscape architectural work was small in Utah during the 1930s, Neff still managed to secure a number of residential jobs and received federal support for a few projects, such as his work at Fairmont Park in Salt Lake City. During the 1940s Neff received a contract to landscape the "booming" mining towns of Dragerton and Sunnydale, in Carbon County, Utah. During his work at these locations Neff invented a turf planting machine (originally costing him $2,000), which improved his profits substantially. Neff was able to obtain several patents for his turf machine in the United States and also in several other countries, including Germany, England, Italy, Canada, and Sweden.

In 1952 Neff was asked to overhaul the Salt Lake Country Club's golf course. This project helped Neff establish a name for himself as a major golf course landscape architect. During this period Neff improved his knowledge of golf course architecture through personal study and also teamed with architect William P. Bell on a number of projects. During this period, Neff went on to supervise work on golf courses at Mountain Dell, Hobble Creek, and the Bonneville Country Club. After W.P. Bell died, Neff worked with his son, William F. Bell, on the Riverside Golf Course as a construction supervisor. Although Neff was primarily a golf course landscape architect, occasionally he also took residential and commercial jobs, as well as projects for the US National Parks Service. During the mid-1950s Neff oversaw the landscaping done at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Los Angeles Temple.

In 1967 landscape architect William Howard Neff (no relation) moved to Salt Lake and joined with Neff to design several golf courses. They worked on numerous projects in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and other western states. Neff worked with William Howard Neff until 1981 when the latter started his own landscaping business. Neff continued on his own to design golf courses and country clubs until his death in 2001.

Over the course of Neff's career he was also actively involved in local and civic affairs. Neff was the first president of the Holliday Lions Club, served as president of the Utah-Idaho Nurseryman's Association, was a member of the Sugarhouse Rotary Club, a member of the Surety Life Organization, and a member of the Red Butte Garden and Arboretum. Neff was also one of the early members of the American Society of Golf Course Architects and helped to write the organization's founding by-laws and constitution. Neff was also an avid golfer in his spare time.

Neff died at his home in Holliday, Utah on March 24, 2001. In 2002 William Henrichsen Neff was posthumously inducted into the Utah Golf Association Hall Of Fame.

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The majority of this collection contains photographs, negatives, and slides that depict the landscape architecture projects of William Henrichsen Neff.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 01:01:01-34: Hawaii, Europe, and Job Site 1952-1987
01:02:01-63: Europe-Home 1952-1987
01:03:01-09: Dr. Winthrope 1965
01:04:01-10: Tryall 1963
01:05:01-27: Koanapali, Las Vegas, and Rancho Bernardo 1967-1968
01:06:01-28: Scenery P 1969
01:07:01-09: Safari-Land 1971
01:08:01: Jim Carter and Jimmie 1952-1987
01:09:01-07: Eldorado 1964-1969
01:10:01-13. : Olympic 1972
01:11:01-22: Little America, Cheyenne 1965-1976
01:12:01-20: Oakridge 1962
01:13:01-19: Planet Ranch 1971
01:14:01-06: Mt. view Golf Course and John Wallace 1967
01:15:01-05: Masters/Augusta Par 3 and Merion/ Ardmore PA 1952-1987
01:16:01-21: Stansbury, Denver and Colo. Springs 1970
01:17:01-12: Dragerton, Lawn Planting Machine 1952-1987
01:18:01-11: Murray School, Colorado Scenery and Homes in Denver 1952-1987
01:19:01-23: Mt. Olympus Nursery 1974-1982
01:20:01-04: Tall Oaks 1986
01:21:01-06: Hidden Valley and Condo Palm Desert 1952-1987
01:22:01-21: Rancho Perrazo 1969
01:23:01-06. : Little America/Western 1976
01:24:01-07: Vaughn Barker Course and Hearst Castle 1974-1976
01:25:01-19: Bloomington and Stansbury 1969-1972
01:26:01-05. : Alpine C.C 1960-1965
01:27:01-22: Park City and Treasure Mountain Winter 1962-1965
01:28:01-25: The Pinery 1969-1971
01:29:01-14: Bountiful and Hi-Ute 1969-1974
01:30:01-09. : Bloomington, before construction 1969
01:31:01-05: Salt Lake C.C 1962-1974
01:32:01-06: Round Valley 1967
01:33:01: Riverside C.C 1962
01:34:01-11: Sweetwater #1, before Construction 1972
01:35:01-06: Bill Howard Neff in Greenhouse and Midway Golf Course 1966-1967
01:36:01-20: Kanab Area, Enoch Smith's, Lambs Canyon 1952/1987
01:37:01-08: Los Angeles Temple Model 1952/1987
01:38:01-05: Murray School Showing Planting Machine 1952/1987
01:39:01: Hack and Bill Neff 1952/1987
01:40:01-14: Little America, Flagstaff 1972-1976
2 02:01:01-27: Oakridge, Riverside, Park City, 1962-1963. Wasatch (Before construction), Alpine, Salt LaKe Communtiy College, Sweetwater, Barker (Fore Lakes), Stansbury (Before construction) 1962-1963
02:02:01-30: Salt Lake Communtiy College, Alpine, Wasatch (before construction), and Stansbury (before construction) 1965/1972
02:03:01-34: Sweetwater 1974
02:04:01-14: Barker Course (Fore Lakes) 1976
02:05:01-76: Caribbean 1963
02:06:01-53: New Zealand 1971
02:07:01-40: Hawaii 1955
02:08:01-109: Hawaii 1960
02:09:01-105: Hong Kong, tourist, golf course, and city/people shots 1971
02:10:01-16: Hong Kong and Singapore 1952/1987
02:11:01-10: Carmel Valley 1972
02:12:01-80: Palm Springs Motor Lodge and Palm Springs 1959-1968
02:13:01-20: Misc. - Ross Fountain, Eager, Vaughn Barker and Others 1952/1987
02:14:01-31: Augusta 1976
02:15:01-31: San Francisco Golf Club 1972
02:16:01-39: Landscaping - Home and Winthrope, England 1965
02:17:01-37: Cypress Point and Spyglass 1972
02:18:01-33: Olympic Golf Course and Pebble Beach 1972
02:19:01-15: Masters-Augusta National, Merion/Ardmore, PA, Westlake C.C., Beverly Hills Construction (Dean Martin), T. Jones, and San Jacinto 1952/1987
02:20:01-46: Southern Utah (Glen Canyon), Flaming Gorge, and Jackson Hole 11959-1963
02:21:01-05: England Que Gardens and Denmark 1952/1987
02:22:01-31: Spain and Portugal 1952/1987
02:23:01-40: Italy and Greece 1952/1987
02:24:01-19: Hawaii 1952/1987
02:25:01-26: Las Vegas, Bill Ralphs home, Mrs. June Jackson, flowers, and family 1952/1987
02:26:01-88: San Francisco Golf Club Holes 15-18 and Misc. views 1952/1987
3 03:01:01-13: Misc. photos of William Neff 1952/1987
03:02:01-04: William Neff playing golf and shaking hands with others 1952/1987
03:03:01-03: William Neff recieving golf awards 1952/1987
03:04:01: View of landscaping around Neff's home, includes a putting green 1952/1987
03:04:02-08: Misc. photos of Neff, his friends or family and golfing buddies 1952/1987
03:04:09-10: Neff golfing, folder labeled "Holdings Little America." 1952/1987
03:04:11-12: Neff with a friend at a golfing event 1952/1987
03:05:01-03: William Neff and others at golfing events 1952/1987
03:06:01: Photo of 4 men around a golf cart (Walt Wakin sitting inside), "1st cart allowed in the C.C. due to heart impairment." 1952
03:07:01-17: ASCGA Photos 1952/1987
03:08:01: William Neff playing golf 1952/1987
03:08:02: William Neff with an unidentified man 1952/1987
03:08:03: Two unidentified men, likely surveying land for a future golf course site 1952/1987
03:09:01-11: Sweetwater Golf Course 1974
03:10:01-14: Riverside Golf Course 1962
03:11:01-15: Negatives - Unknown Golf Course 1952/1987
03:12:01-13: Mount Olympus Nursery 1952/1987
03:13:01-17: Mount Olympus Nursery (?) 1980
03:14:01-37: Mount Olympus Nursery (?) 1982-1983
03:15:01-09: Little America, Cheyenne 1976
03:16:01-03: Tree transplanting equipment 1952/1987
03:17:01-13: Little America, Flagstaff 1952/1987
03:18:01-15: Wasatch Mountain Golf Course, aerial views and a map 1952/1987
03:19:01-05: Treasure Mountain, Bountiful, Mountain View, and Stansbury golf course maps 1952/1987
03:20:01-10: Aerial photos, location unknown 1952/1987
03:21:01: Aerial photos, location unknown 1952/1987
03:22:01-10: Aerial photos for Davis County golf course 1967
03:23:01: Aerial Photo. Travertine Rock Section 1952/1987
03:24:01-25: Jean Johnson, 4529 Wander Lane 1952/1987
03:25:01-11: Unknown 1952/1987
03:26:01-12: Unknown 1952/1987
03:27:01-15. : Misc. views - Southern Utah, Planting equipment, Landscapes, Palm Desert, and people 1952/1987
03:28:01: Carte-de-Visite of an unidentified man 1952/1987
03:29:01-12: Negatives. Lawn planting equipment and tree transplanting 1952/1987
03:30:01-08: Negatives. Misc. - William Neff with others, an unidentified man, and an unknown golf course 1952/1987
03:31:01-54: Negatives. Unknown golf courses, people, and places 1952/1987
03:32:01-02: Photos of a mermaid sculpture 1952/1987
4 04:01:01-07: Photos of a golfer in various stages of a swing, William Neff, and an unidentified woman 1952/1987
04:02:01-05: Acapulco and a view from a boat floating a Canal 1952/1987
04:03:01-21: Tourist booklet - photographs of Lisbon, Portugal 1952/1987
04:04:01-06: Photos of homes 1952/1987
04:04:07-09: Slides of homes 1952/1987
04:05:01-31: Hidden Valley 1952/1987
04:06:01-02: Vernal (Utah) Golf Course after a 1983 flood 1983
04:07:01-11: Los Angeles L.D.S Temple model 1952/1987
04:08:01-22. : Various fountains 1952/1987
04:09:01-19: Salt Lake Country Club and Golf Course 1962
04:10:01: "Rolling Acres." - A postcard-like view of a rural farm 1952/1987
04:10:02-06: Photos of unknown golf courses 1952/1987
04:11:01-04. : Aerial views of the Alpine Country Club site 1952/1987
04:12:01-02: An aerial photo and a Vail-on-Eagle program 1952/1987
04:13:01-03: Neff with others at golfing events 1952/1987
04:14:01-02: Bloomington golf course maps 1952/1987
04:15:01-03: An aerial view and landcape illustrations for 2 projects 1952/1987
04:16:01-03: South East High School building plans 1952/1987
04:17:01: "Earl Holding Materials." - An aerial view 1952/1987
04:18:01-12: Unknown golf course 1952/1987
04:19:01-07: Misc. photos, landscapes, homes, and golfing 1952/1987
04:20:01-02: Alfred Teufel Nursery in Bonner's Ferry, Idaho - Austrian Pines 1952/1987
04:21:01-16: Misc. Negatives. (See also 04:18:01-12) 1952/1987
04:22:01-04: Negatives of the Alpine Country Club dedication 1952/1987
04:23:01-09: Orem Aerial Photos 1952/1987
5 05:01:01-85: Home and Family 1952/1987
05:02:01-16: Lake Powell 1952/1987
05:03:01-21: Acapulco 1952/1987
05:04:01-02: Italy 1952/1987
05:05:01-11: Naples, Florida 1952/1987
05:06:01-17. : Spain or Portugal? Unidentified 1952/1987
05:07:01-27: Greece? Unidentified 1952/1987
05:08:01-13: Europe? Unidentified 1952/1987
05:09:01-11: Doris - Church Office 1952/1987
05:10:01-15: Hearst Castle 1952/1987
05:11:01-15: Trip to Asia 1952/1987
05:12:01-15: Sydney (3), Phoenix Airport (1), Canberra (1), Doris-California (1), a model (3), Grand Canyon (4), Las Vegas (1), and Venice Italy (1) 1952/1987
05:13:01-15: Spain or Portugal? Unidentified 1952/1987
05:14:01-25: England? Unidentified 1952/1987
05:15:01-21: Switzerland 1952/1987
05:16:01-34: Various different gardens - Sunken (13), Japanese (7), Italian (3), and Rose (1), lawn (1), Star pond (1), and flowers (6) 1952/1987
05:17:01-20: Europe? Unidentified 1952/1987
05:18:01-100: Unidentified 1952/1987
05:19:01-100: Unidentified 1952/1987
05:20:01-100: Unidentified 1952/1987
05:21:01-58: Unidentified 1952/1987
6 06:01: Oversized negative of an Area near Bill Williams River 1952/1987
06:02: Large portrait of William Neff 1952/1987
06:03-04: Unknown Black and White Photos 1952/1987
06:05: Black and White Aerial view of Flagstaff 1952/1987
06:06-08: Board mounted aerial photos of Wasatch Mountain State Park 1952/1987
06:09: Board mounted Photo of Bloomington Hill Golf Course 1952/1987

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  • Personal Names :
  • Neff, William H. (William Henrichsen), 1905-2001--Photographs.
  • Corporate Names :
  • Los Angeles Temple (Los Angeles, Calif.)--Photographs.
  • Little America (Flagstaff, Ariz.)--Photographs.
  • Mt. Olympus Nursery--Photographs.
  • Family Names :
  • Neff family--Photographs.
  • Geographical Names :
  • Dragerton (Utah)--Photographs.
  • Sunnydale (Utah)--Photographs.
  • Occupations :
  • Golf courses--Utah--Photographs.
  • Landscape architects--Utah--Photographs.
  • Landscape architecture--Utah--Photographs.
  • Landscape architecture--West (U.S.)--Photographs.
  • Landscape nurseries--Utah--Photographs.