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Branch, Houston, 1905-1968
Houston Branch papers
1919-1962 (inclusive)
15.0 linear feet, (12 containers)
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Coll 249
Houston Branch (1899-1968) was a writer, editor, publicist, and organization executive. The collection contains literary manuscripts, correspondence, and records relating to Branch's work as a creative writer and in public relations.
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Houston Branch, writer, editor, publicist, and organization executive, was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on March 5. The year of Branch's birth has been listed as 1899, 1903, or 1905; the correct date cannot be verified, but it is most likely 1899 since that is the year Branch himself used on copyright documents found in the collection. Branch began his career as a reporter for the St. Paul Pioneer Press in 1920, became associate editor of Western Magazine in 1922, and then worked as a feature writer for the San Antonio Express and Dallas News from 1922 to 1924. Branch began writing plays in the early 1920s, and by 1926 was living in and writing for Hollywood. He is the author of more than 200 works, ranging from screenplays and teleplays to novels, short stories and theatrical plays. Branch pioneered the use of the achievements of industry as background and themes for theatrical films such as Tiger Shark (tuna fishing), Wild Harvest (harvesting), and Silk Express (railroading). Branch was also a pioneer in the field of public relations, and is credited with organizing the first "Neiman Marcus style" runway fashion show. In many ways he was ahead of his time, writing a self-help book in 1950, Duality, The Science of Dynamic Living, and initiating the now widespread public relations practice of "exploitation campaigns," using product placement in feature films and television programs. In this way Branch often combined his skills as a writer and publicist.

Branch's career was not limited to writing and public relations; however, he served as an expert consultant on training films for the U.S. Army Signal Corps from 1942 - 1943, as editor of technical publications for the Marguardt Corp from 1959 - 1963, and as the executive director of the Academy of Applied Science from 1963 - 1968. In 1938, Branch founded the American Library Foundation, organized to secure books and libraries for rural school children, and served as the foundation's director.

Branch married Mildred E. Clark on January 13, 1942, and they had one daughter, Victoria Elaine. Mildred died in July 1957. Branch, who had spent most of his adult life in California, moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts to serve as director of the Academy of Applied Science in 1963 and he lived there until his death on January 27, 1968.

Source: Who Was Who in America with World Notables, Vol. V, 1969 - 1973. Chicago, IL : Marquis Who's Who, 1973, p. 82

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The Houston Branch Papers consist primarily of manuscripts, including screenplays, teleplays, short stories, novels, screen treatments, screen stories, theatrical plays, and operettas. The manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by title. Branch often collaborated with composer Charles Wakefield Cadman, Branch writing the book for operettas or musicals and Cadman composing the music. The two sometimes collaborated on song lyrics, but Branch primarily wrote the lyrics in addition to the book while Cadman wrote the score. Notable among the many manuscripts are the shooting script for Tiger Shark, starring Edward G. Robinson; The Black Pearl; The Booby Prize; and Feather In His Crown, among others. Although the manuscripts of Branch's two novels written with Frank Waters, Diamond Head and River Lady, are not included in the collection, there are folders of material related to them, including a legal suit over the use of the title "Diamond Head" which spanned 14 years.

It is important to note that Branch often wrote under pseudonyms, and nine different pseudonyms appear on various manuscripts within the collection. A list of these pseudonyms appears at the end of the inventory.

A small amount of Branch's correspondence is included in the collection. The majority of the correspondence has been placed in the relevant Public Relations folders. General correspondence comprises only one folder at the beginning of the collection. Notable among the correspondence are original letters from Albert Einstein, Carl Sandburg, and Edna Ferber regarding the American Library Foundation (11/16). The originals have been removed to safe folder #31 and copies remain in the collection. An original letter from Prince Rainier of Monaco has been removed from 11/8; this letter contains public relations material regarding the submarine "Cetacean."

A sampling of Branch's public relations work concludes the collection. In addition to the previously mentioned American Library Foundation, Branch established the American Landmarks Association, and also spent several years promoting the aforementioned privately constructed and owned two man submarine, the "Cetacean." The "Cetacean" was used as a theme for a T.V. series and several projected movies, most of which were never produced. Also included are folders from Huston Branch Associates, Branch's public relations firm, including promotions for Cuban tourism and an "exploitation campaign" for the Tucker Sno-Cat.

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Box Folder
1 3
Aaron Steel. 3 act play. Alternate title: Rays of Darkness
1 4
The Amanda M. Fife Mutiny. Outline for a teleplay. 4 complete drafts, 1 incomplete draft, and notes
1 5
American Holiday. Play
1 6
American Holiday. 3 act play. Revised version
1 7
American Pilgrimage. Original Story and Screen Treatment
1 8
Another Man's Poison. 3 act play
1 9
Appointment With Death
Script. 1 clipping from Variety.
1 10
Armistice Day. Treatment for a screenplay. 1 letter from Warner Bros. to Branch
1 11
Armistice Day. Treatment. Different version
1 12
Arms of the Fleet. Screen Story. 2 versions; notes; 2 letters, 1 clipping. Alternate title: The Life For Me
1 13
Athens Express. Film Treatment. 4 versions
See also: Vienna Express
1 14
Babe and Me and Mary. Screen story?
1 p. notes, 1 letter, 5 clippings
1 15
Bad Boy, Good Girl. Original screen story
1 16
Barbary Coast. Outline of a 3 act play, notes. Alternate title: Coastwise
1 17
Barbary Coast. 2 screen versions; notes
1 18
The Bargain #1. 4 act play
1920, 1924
1 19
The Bargain #2. Screen shooting script (set in New Orleans)
1 20
The Bargain #3. Screen treatment. 2 versions and notes (set in New York City)
1 21
Beach Boy. Original screen story outline. 1 complete draft; 3 incomplete drafts; notes; research materials; 1 letter
1 22
The Beachcomber. Original screen story
1 23
Beggar of Love. Original screen story by Branch and Frank Waters. 2 drafts, notes
1 24
Beggars of the Sea. Movie scenario by Branch and Frank Waters. 2 drafts; notes; various loose pages
1 25
Belle of the Yukon. Treatment
2 1
Beyond Good & Evil. Play Premise? 4 drafts
2 2
The Big Bite. Screen Story. 1 draft and notes
2 3
The Big Haircut. Screen story
notes; 3 letters; 3 clippings
2 4
The Big Jackpot. Shooting script, Republic Pictures. Master Schedule
1954, 1955
2 5
Bitter Root Valley. Written For TV series "Wagon Train." Rough draft, various incomplete drafts; notes; 1 letter. Alternate title: Winter Thaw
2 6
Bitter Sweet. 3 Act play."As played in St. Louis."
June 5, 1933
2 7
Black Gold. Screen story, film shooting script
2 8
The Black Pearl. Treatment
2 9
The Black Pearl. First version
2 10
The Black Pearl. Second draft screen play
2 11
The Black Pearl. Shooting script. Early draft
2 12
The Black Pearl. Shooting script. Ararat Productions
2 13
The Black Pearl. Shooting script with revisions. Houston Branch Associates
2 14
The Black Pearl. Changes in script. (p. 110 - 117B missing)
2 15
The Black Pearl. Discards from script
2 16
The Black Pearl. Production material
2 17
The Black Pearl. Notes
2 18
The Black Pearl. correspondence
2 19
The Black Pearl. Financial Material
2 20
The Black Pearl. Research Materials
2 21
The Black Pearl. Research Materials
2 22
The Black Pearl. photographs
2 23
The Blackguard. Musical romance
2 24
Bless The Man. Teleplay Outline
2 25
The Blond Woman. "Founded upon the great sea saga of that name by Rolf Thorwalson."
See also: The Sea Jest.
2 26
The Blood Bond. Adaptation. 2 drafts. Alternate title: Gang War
2 27
Blood Enemy (of the Yagus). Premise
1 complete draft, various incomplete drafts, notes, and 1 clipping
2 28
Blow Devil. Synopsis (One line continuity)
2 29
Boards [the story of the theatre]
2 30
The Booby Prize
3 act play. 1 complete draft, 1 incomplete draft.
See also: Springing Stephen
3 1
The Booby Prize. Notes and research materials
See also: Springing Stephen
3 2
The Border Beat. Outline of a teleplay for Wire Service. 1 complete draft, various incomplete drafts, notes and 1 clipping. See also: 1200 Laughing Gods; Wetback Story
3 3
Bravely Waiting. Stage synopsis, original screen treatment
3 4
Bravely Waiting. Screenplay, shooting script
3 5
The Bright Shawl. By Joseph Hergeshimer. Adapted as a musical romance by Lillian Albertson and Houston Branch
3 6
Bull on the Tracks. TV episode for "Cimarron City." Retitled from: Rough Shod
4 drafts, notes, letter, 1 clipping
3 7
By the Dawn's Early Light. Screen story. Outline, 1 complete draft, various incomplete drafts and notes
See also: The Splendid Hour
3 8
Can Can [The Music and Paris of Offenbach]. Music arranged by Antal Dorati. Plot Line and Scene Outline. 3 drafts. Plot synopsis. List of Characters
3 9
Can Can. Scene drafts; notes; 1 letter
3 10
The Candy Kid. Screen premise. 9 drafts, 1 letter, 1 clipping
Includes: Chicken Shack. Outline and notes for a 3 act play; short story. 2 copies. See also: White Women; Every Day Was Christmas
3 11
Canvas Cage. Original story for the screen. 2 drafts
3 12
Canvas Cage. Original story for the screen
1 draft, 2 clippings, note
3 13
Captain Typhoon. Original screen story by Houston Branch and Wolfe Kaufman. 2 drafts
See also : Singapore Salute
3 14
Captain Typhoon. Original screen story by Houston Branch and Wolfe Kaufman. 1 draft, notes, 2 letters
3 15
Cattle King
See also: The Love Life of Ann Dawson
3 16
Charlie Chan in Morocco. 2 drafts, 1 clipping. Alternate title: Mr. Wong in Morocco
3 17
Cheap Girl. One act play [comedy]. 2 drafts, notes
1922, 1929
3 17
Chicken Shack
See: Candy Kid; White Women
3 18
China Seas. Shooting script for screen
See also: Singapore
3 19
Chinook Passage. Screen story
3 20
Christmas Present. Short story (screen story?) "Sold to Monogram". 2 copies, notes, 1 letter
3 21
Cimarron Crossing. Story Outline. 5 drafts, 1 Line Continuity, Notes Also titled: Texas Rose
3 22
The City of Angels. 3 act comedy by Houston Branch and Charles Webb
3 23
The Clay Pigeon. Story line for a teleplay
3 24
The Clown. Suggested story idea based on "The Show Down". 2 drafts, notes
3 25
Come Live With Me. 3 act comedy, copyright by Houston Branch as Springing Stephen. 1 draft, notes, correspondence, clippings
See also: Springing Stephen
3 26
The Commodore Sloat Story. Outline for a "Wagon Train" episode
3 27
Companion Wanted. "Sold to Republic." Synopsis, screen adaptation from the book/story"Gay Pilgrimage."
3 28
Congo. Screen Story. See also: End of the Line. Includes: Congo Crossing. Screen story; revision of Congo
3 29
Conquered Women. Original screen story
4 1
The Cracking Point. Screen story. 2 drafts. "Sold to Independent Producer."
4 2
Cubanita. "A story of Romance and Adventure." By Eugenia Clark. 2 drafts
4 3
Cubanita. Outline of an Operetta. Stage Version Book by Houston Branch, Music by Charles Wakefield Cadman
4 3
Dames Are Poison
See: Two For One
4 4
Dance Team. Screen Treatment, notes
4 5
A Dark Miracle. One Act Comedy. 2 copies
4 6
Davy Crockett. The Greek War, pt. 1. Production #5575, Telecast #7. Revised by Tom Blackburn
December 8, 1954
4 7
Davy Crockett. I Get Into Politics, pt. 2. Production #5550. Revised by Tom Blackburn
4 8
Death At Noon. Story outline. Notes, research materials
February 7, 1933
4 9
Death on the Dot, A Mark Sabre Mystery. Story Outline. 3 drafts
4 10
The Deep End. Novella by Kinsey Stewart
4 11
The Deep End. Novella by Houston Branch, notes. Alternate Title: Time To Kill; Harbor Command
See also: Marine Investigator
4 12
Deep Water Man. Proposed television series. Premise
4 drafts. Episode Outline. Notes. Clippings. Contract Correspondence. Photographs.
4 13
The Devil Has Wings. Screen story. 2 drafts
4 14
Diamond Head. Correspondence and Reviews of novel by Houston Branch and Frank Waters. Publicity articles
4 15
Diamond Head. Legal suit regarding use of title
Correspondence. Notes. 3 Clippings.
4 16
Divorce Before Marriage. Reno, Nevada story. 2 copies. Notes, Research Materials
4 17
Doctors Are Brutes. Original TV story outline. 2 drafts. 1 note, 1 letter. See also: Private Nurse; No More Pills
4 18
Dona Maria, "A Romantic Comedy Drama."
4 19
A Double Fisted Dude. Western screen story. 1 draft by Larry Holt. 1 draft by Houston Branch. 2 copies. 1 incomplete draft
4 20
Duality, The Science of Dynamic Living. Published book. 2 copies
4 21
Duality, The Science of Dynamic Living. Notes and draft pages
4 22
Duality, The Science of Dynamic Living. Notes and Research materials
4 23
Dundonald. Suggestion for a Screenplay
4 drafts. Notes. Correspondence. 1 clipping. Script for "The Prudential Family Hour."
4 24
The Empire Builders or The Empire Builder. Novel synopsis/screen story. 2 drafts, 1 letter
4 25
Eighty Days. Original screen story. 2 drafts. Notes. 1 page research material
4 26
End of the Line. Story line for "Damar of the Jungle" series. 3 drafts. Notes, 1 letter. Also titled: Lost River; Congo
See also: Congo
4 27
The Enforcer. Notes and research materials
4 28
Every Day Was Christmas. Original Screen Story by Houston Branch and Eugenia Night. 4 drafts
See also: The Candy Kid
4 29
Every Day Was Christmas. Screen story by Houston Branch and Eugenia Night. Incomplete drafts. Outline. 3 drafts. Notes. 1 letter. Also titled: Garden of the Gods
4 30
Face Valley. Romantic Comedy Synopsis
4 31
The Fall Guy. Original Story. 1 draft, notes
4 32
Feather in His Crown. Play. Synopsis. 2 complete copies, various incomplete copies; incomplete manuscripts
4 33
Feather in His Crown. Notes
4 34
Feather in His Crown. Research materials; correspondence
4 35
Feather in the Breeze. Manuscript by Doris I. Coppersmith. Screen story? [Branch pseudonym?]
4 36
Female Impersonator. Screen story
See also: The Young in Years.
4 37
The Fergugon Girl. Original Screen story by William R. Lipman and Houston Branch
4 38
The Firefly. Play--Act one
4 39
Fishing Story. Suggested Story Outline
January 18, 1932
4 40
Flamingo. Original screen story by Mary Raymond
5 1
The Flesh Trap. A Romance of Louisiana [Original screen story with sound effects]. Synopsis; 5 drafts; notes; research materials. Alternate title: Swamp Song
5 2
Flowers of Faith. "A Dramatic Legend of Texas." Suggestion for movie adaptation?
5 3
Follow Your Star. By Giselle Lawa. Screen story. 2 copies; one Line Continuity. Alternate title: Ave Maria
5 4
Follow Your Star. Manuscript of screenplay
5 5
Follow Your Star. Production #1950. Republic Productions. Treatment by Huston Branch, One Line Continuity
5 6
Follow Your Star. Shooting script. Screenplay by Houston Branch. 1952
5 7
Follow Your Star. Revised shooting script. Screenplay by Houston Branch and Gerald Geraghty
5 8
The Freeze Out. 3 act play for television
5 9
From the French (A satire on continental force) Play synopsis
5 10
Frontier Doctor Series. Production #5357. Story #7. Treatment
5 11
Full of Life. Scrrenplay by Earl Felton. Columbia Production #8076
5 12
Gang War. Play premise
See also: The Blood Bond.
5 13
The Garden of the Gods. Short play for television. 3 drafts
5 14
Gassing With the Gang. Promotional film script for "General Electric." Manuscript; notes; research materials; correspondence
5 15
General Robert E. Lee: An Unrecorded Incident of the War. Playlet
5 16
The Giftie's Power. Outline for a teleplay, notes. Alternate title: Giftie's Pawn?
5 17
The Girl From Rio. Adaptation. Alternate title: Devil's Paradise
5 18
The Goddess and the Gods. Original screen comedy
5 19
The Golden Voice. Original screenplay. Scenario. "Sold to Universal."
5 20
Great Lakes. Original story. 5 copies. Alternate title: Thunder Bay
5 21
Great Lakes. Original story. 2 copies; notes, research materials. Different story from Great Lakes in box 5, folder 20
5 22
Gutter in the Sky. Original screen story. 2 drafts
See also: Mercenary
5 23
Gutter in the Sky. Screen Treatment
5 24
Gutter in the Sky. Outline for teleplay. 2 drafts, notes, research materials
1956, 1957
5 25
Guerilla Road. Story for teleplay? 2 drafts; draft pages
5 26
Harbor Command. Television series. Outline for teleplay; notes, research materials, correspondence. Alternate title: China Basin
See also: The Deep End.
5 27
Harbor Police. Television series. Treatment, "Murder on the Waterfront." 2 drafts
April 19, 1950; April 26, 1950
5 28
Hard Hit. Screen story. 2 drafts. Alternate title: A Newspaper Decision
5 29
The Heart's Place. Outline for teleplay. 4 complete drafts; 2 incomplete drafts; notes; research materials; correspondence
5 30
The Heifer. Shooting script. Play synopsis. 2 drafts. Mss. pages, notes, research materials. Alternate title: The Footlight Ranger
5 31
Hell on Wheels. Screen story. 3 drafts, notes, research material
5 32
Hero Legend. Screen story
5 32
Hitch Your Wagon
See: A Sonja Henie Story
5 33
Honeymoon Cottage. Synopsis of 3 act comedy
See also: The Iridescent Lady.
6 1
Hurricane. Possible novel. 6 incomplete drafts; notes
6 2
The Iron Duck. Screen story. 2 drafts; notes
See also: The Juggernaut.
6 3
The Irridescent Lady. Synopsis of 3 act play
See also: Honeymoon Cottage
6 4
It's Later Than We Think. 3 act play
6 5
It's Later Than We Think. Incomplete draft; notes, research materials; correspondence
6 6
Jed Blaine's Woman. Treatment for Paramount Pictures
6 7
Juggernaut. Screen story
See also: The Iron Duck
6 8
The Junk King. Character study. 2 drafts; outline; notes, research materials
See also: The Man Who Won the War.
6 9
Khyber Pass. Screen story. 3 incomplete drafts; notes, research materials
6 10
A Lady Came to Whiskey Bend. Screen story. 2 complete drafts. 4 incomplete drafts. Notes. Alternate titles: Buffalo Chip; Let 'Er Rip; A Lady Came To the River Bend.
6 11
Lady of Song. Operetta based on the music of Rossini and his contemporaries. Outline of the book. 2 drafts. 1957?
6 12
Lady of Song. Suggestions for a screen musical. 4 drafts
6 13
Lady of Song. Synopsis of scenes. 2 copies. Notes; research materials; correspondence
6 14
Lassie. Story Outlines, "The Black Goat," 2 drafts; "The Mud Hole," 2 copies; notes; correspondence. Production material from the Lassie Show
6 15
Law and Order. 3 act dramatic comedy
6 16
Law and Order. 3 act play. 3 copies; notes
6 17
Left Handed American. Screen story
See also: The Man Who Won the War.
6 18
The Life for Me. Original screen story
See also: Arms of the Fleet.
6 19
Life's a Laugh. Gambler story for the screen. Treatment. 3 drafts. Notes, 1 letter
6 20
The Lone Star. (A life story of Sam Houston). Notes
6 21
Los Angeles. Musical. Music by Franz Steininger. Book by Houston Branch. 4 incomplete drafts, various manuscript pages; notes; lyrics; research materials. Also titled: Queen of the West
6 21
Lost River
See: Congo; The End of the Line
6 22
Lots of Action. Screen story
6 23
The Love Life of Ann Dawson. 3 act play. Working Synopsis. 3 drafts. Notes, research materials
See also: A Man's Woman; Cattle King.
6 24
Lumber Barony. Notes
6 25
Mail Boat. Original story
See also: Stanley Aladdin.
6 26
Man Enough For Millie. Frank Wisbar Productions #5308. Shooting Script. From a story by Wallace Umphrey
6 27
Man To Man. Republic Productions #1917. Shooting script
6 28
The Man Who Hated Murder. Screen story. 2 drafts
6 29
The Man Who Won the War. Screen story. Notes
See also: The Junk King.
6 30
A Man's World. Screen story. Summary. Incomplete draft of One Line Continuity. Notes
6 31
Maracaibo. 3 act play. Copyrighted under title "Wildcat" by the author
6 32
Marine Investigator. First of a radio series
2 copies. Notes; Research Materials.
See also: The Deep End.
6 33
The Matamoros Road. Outline for a teleplay
2 copies. Notes; Correspondence.
See also: Guerrilla Road.
6 34
Men for Sale. Documentary. 3 drafts. Notes, research materials, correspondence
6 35
Mercenary. Original screen story
See also: Gutter in the Sky.
7 1
The Mind Reader. Story line-up
7 2
The Mission Play. Play by John Steven McGroatry. Suggestion for an adaptation by Houston Branch. Notes, research materials. Alternate title: The Mission Miracle
7 2
Mr. Wong in Morocco
See: Charlie Chan in Morocco
7 3
The Mocking Bird. Screen story
2 drafts, notes.
See also: The Mysterious Melody.
7 4
A Modern Cavalier. Romantic comedy for an athletic star. 2 drafts. Alternate title: El Cid Jr.
7 5
The Money Rider. Screen story. 2 copies. Western story. 2 drafts
7 6
Murder Tomorrow (3 act mystery drama)
7 7
Murder Tomorrow (3 act mystery drama)
7 8
Murder Tomorrow (3 act mystery drama)
7 9
Murder With Hi-Fi (Adventures of the Falcon). Federal Telefilms #221. Shooting script
June 4, 1954
7 10
The Mysterious Melody. Radio serial by Houston Branch and Nacio Herb Brown
See also: The Mocking Bird.
7 11
The News Buster. Original Western. Story outline. 2 drafts
7 12
Nietzsche Was Right. Short story?
7 13
No Margin for Error. Feasibility study-circa 1880. Teleplay outline. 2 drafts
7 13
No More Pills
See: Doctors are Brutes; Private Nurse.
7 14
Off Parade. Marital comedy. 2 drafts
7 15
The Old Craftsman. Series of furniture radio broadcasts. 2 drafts
7 16
The Old Freight Road. Outline for a teleplay. 1 complete draft, 1 incomplete draft
7 17
Overland Telegraph. Adaptation for screen
7 18
Own Your Own Home. Screen story by Al Boasberg and Houston Branch. Synopsis. 2 copies. Publicity notes. Notes; research materials
7 19
Mrs. Peabody of Boston. Incomplete play synopsis? Notes
7 20
Mrs. Peabody of Boston. Research materials
7 21
Mrs. Peabody of Boston. Research materials, correspondence
7 22
Peace Prize. 3 act play. Incomplete draft. Notes, research materials. 1 photo. Alternate titles: She Couldn't Say No;
7 22
Tail Wind
7 22
Peachie and His Lady
See: Singapore Salute.
7 23
Pistols and Roses. 1 act radio play. 2 drafts; correspondence
7 24
The Pottery Pigs. Episode for "Captain Midnight" series. Radio story. 1 letter
7 25
Private Nurse. Original story. 2 drafts. Story line up. Various manuscript pages; notes
See also: Doctors are Brutes.
7 26
Private Nurse. Treatment by Houston Branch and Robert Tasker
March 31, 1932
7 27
Prize Package. Anonymous novel. Rays of Darkness
See: Aaron Steel.
7 28
River Lady. Original story by Niven Busch. Treatment, Twentieth Century Fox. 1940
See also: Shenandoah.
7 29
Roughshod. Original screen story by Houston Branch and Forrest Stanley
See also: Bull on the Tracks.
7 30
The Royal Coach. Screen story. 1 letter
7 31
Rum Cay. Screen treatment. 2 drafts
7 32
Rum Cay. Screen treatment. Synopsis by Estelle Conde
7 33
Rum Cay. Various incomplete drafts
7 34
Rum Cay. Notes
7 35
Rum Cay. Research materials, correspondence
8 1
Safe in Hell. 3 act play. 2 drafts
See also: A Dark Miracle
8 2
Safe in Hell. 3 act play. 1 draft. Synopsis of 4 act opera. 1 draft. Notes; research materials
8 3
Salmon Pirates. Screen story."Sold to Columbia." Notes, research materials
8 4
San Francisco Bay. Film package. Screen treatment, notes; research materials; correspondence; 2 photographs
8 5
Scattergood Baines. Original story outline
8 6
The Sea Jest. Screen story
See also: The Blond Woman.
8 7
The Sell Out. Original screen story. 2 drafts
8 8
Shadows in Algiers. Original story written to fit the"Lone Wolf" character
8 9
The Shakedown. Screen story
8 10
Shenandoah. Notes
See also: River Lady.
8 11
The Show Down."Detailed synopsis of story."
8 12
The Shrine. Outline for a teleplay. 3 copies. Synopsis. Notes, research materials
8 13
Sierra Baron. Reviews only. 1958
8 14
Sigrid. Treatment; Loose manuscript pages
8 15
Singapore. Original story. First Treatment. Synopsis. One Line Continuity; notes
See also: China Seas.
August 26, 1939
8 16
Singapore Salute. By Houston Branch and Wolfe Kaufman. 3 drafts. Various loose manuscript pages; notes. See also: Captain Typhoon. Alternate title: Peachie and His Lady
8 17
Smoky River. Original story outline. 2 incomplete drafts
8 18
A Song in the Dark. Musical romance of modern Louisiana. Story and lyrics by Houston Branch. Music by Charles Wakefield Cadman
8 19
A Sonja Henie Story. 1 draft; notes; research materials. 1944. Alternate title: Hitch Your Wagon
8 20
Sparks. Incomplete draft; notes. Alternate title: Mail Boat (not the same story as in box 6, folder 25)
See also: Stanley Aladdin.
8 21
The Splendid Hour. Original musical romance by Houston Branch. Music by Charles Wakefield Cadman. 3 drafts
See also: By Dawn's Early Light.
8 22
The Splendid Hour. 3 incomplete drafts (one handwritten); notes; song lyrics, research materials
8 23
The Splendid Hour. Sheet music."Heart to Heart Waltz."
8 24
The Splendid Hour. Correspondence (including correspondence with Charles Wakefield Cadman, J. J. Shubert)
circa 1930-1937
8 25
Springing Stephen. 3 act comedy. 1 complete draft, 1 incomplete draft. See also: The Booby Prize; Come Live With Me
8 26
Standards (Working title). By Darryl Zanuck, Treatment by Houston Branch
November 7, 1931
8 27
Stanford, Mrs. Leland. Notes, research materials; correspondence. Alternate title: Feather in Her Crown
8 28
Stanley Aladdin. A modern version of a very old tale. 2 drafts, notes
See also: Mail Boat; Sparks.
8 29
State Line. Original Screen story
8 30
The Straw Man. Screen story
8 31
The Stronger Law. By Raymond L. Shrak and Houston Branch
8 32
The Suicide Squadron. Screen story, notes
8 33
The Swamp Song: Musical romance of Louisiana By Charles Wakefield Cadman and Houston Branch. Music by Charles Wakefield Cadman. [lyrics only, no sheet music included]. 1 draft, notes, song lyrics, research materials
9 1
Taffy. Screen story. 3 drafts, notes, research materials
9 2
The Texas Panhandle. 1 complete draft; 1 incomplete draft; notes
9 3
Texas' Tail. Teleplay outline written for"Death Valley Days."
9 4
Texas Rose. Screenplay outline. 4 drafts; One Line Continuity; notes, 1 letter
9 5
The Texans Are Coming. By Houston Branch and Norman Foster. 1 draft; loose manuscript pages; notes. Alternate title: The Badlands
9 6
There Were Two Friends. Outline for a Teleplay. 3 drafts; loose manuscript pages; notes. 1 draft titled"With Malice Toward None" by Niven Busch (possible pseudonym for Houston Branch). Alternate titles: Piclett Story; With Malice Toward None
9 7
They Called Her Springtime. Outline of an episode for "The Californians." 3 complete drafts; 1 incomplete draft, loose manuscript pages, notes
9 8
Thru the Years. Drama of love. 2 drafts; notes; research materials. Alternate title: The Portrait
1926, 1927
9 9
Tiger Shark. Shooting script
9 10
Tiger Shark. Detailed treatment (titled: Tuna)
9 11
Timber Cruiser
Story outline for radio, 1 clipping.
9 12
Time in the Dark. 3 act play. 1 complete draft, 1 incomplete draft. Alternate title: Time Running Out
9 12
Time to Kill
See: The Deep End.
9 13
The Tipster. An Allied Artists Production Treatment
9 14
The Trouble Shooter. Story outline; notes
9 15
True to the Fleet
9 16
Twelve Hundred Laughing Gods. Television treatment for "Follow the Sun". See also: The Border Beat; 12, 000 Laughing Gods
9 17
12, 000 Laughing Gods. Television treatment for "77 Sunset Strip." See also: The Border Beat; Twelve Hundred Laughing Gods
9 18
Two For One. Screenplay by Houston Branch and Joseph Moncure. Alternate title: Dames are Poison
March 1934
9 19
Two For One. Screenplay by Houston Branch Treatment. 2 drafts
9 20
The Vibrating King. Tale of the Antilles. Short story
9 21
Victory Day. Original story, notes, research materials. See also: Armistice Day [Based on Branch's previous work titled Armistice Day]
9 22
Vienna Express. Synopsis. 1 complete draft, various incomplete drafts; notes
See also: The Athens Express
9 23
Voodoo. 3 act opera. Outline
9 24
Wagon Train. Untitled episode. Various loose manuscript pages
9 25
Water Rights. Screen story
9 26
Welcome Party. Proposed radio show and San Diego Pageant. Notes
9 27
Welcome Party. Misc. materials relating to payment
9 28
Wetback Story. Teleplay outline for: "Wire Service" 1 complete draft, 1 incomplete draft; notes
See also: The Border Beat.
9 29
When Love Calls. (Working title)
9 30
While the Earth Remains. By Houston Branch and Frank Waters. Synopsis, complete draft
9 31
Whip Hand. By Houston Branch and Eugenia Night. Screen story; screen treatment; incomplete synopsis
9 32
The White Express. Screen story; notes
9 33
White Women. Novel
See also: Chicken Shack; The Candy Kid.
9 34
White Women. Synopsis of Branch's novel by Betty Masefield. Synopsis of 3 act play. 1 complete draft; 1 incomplete draft. Notes, various loose manuscript pages; research materials; correspondence
10 1
Who'll Give the Bride Away. Synopsis; notes; research materials. Alternate title: Secret Ship
10 1
Winter Thaw
See: Bitter Root Valley.
10 2
Without the Loss of a Single Spar. Treatment for a novel
10 3
Without the Loss of a Single Spar. Summary; notes, research materials, correspondence
10 4
Words Shall Have Wings. Story of Samuel F. B. Morse. 4 copies. Notes, correspondence
10 5
You Were Mine. Adapted from Fruehlings Flut by Rolf Thorwaldsen. Screenplay
10 6
The Young in Years. 7 copies. Notes; various loose mss pages; research materials
See also: Female Impersonator.
11 1
Production #1956, Republic Productions. Untitled treatment, "Evita Peron Story."
11 2
Production #1987, Republic Productions. Untitled treatment; notes
11 3
Productions #1987, Republic Productions Untitled treatment
11 4
Untitled original story for Fields-Conklin

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
11 5
American Landmarks Association
circa 1961-1965
11 6
American Library Foundation. Includes copies of original letters signed by Albert Einstein, Edna Ferber, and Carl Sandburg (originals removed to Safe #31)
circa 1938-1957
11 7
"Cetacean" Submarine. Misc
11 8
"Cetacean" Submarine. Correspondence. See also: The Black Pearl (includes copy of original letter signed by Prince Rainier of Monaco; original removed to safe)
circa 1955-1959
11 9
"Cetacean" Submarine. Correspondence with R. G. Wolff
12 1
Houston Branch Associates. General
circa 1956-1962
12 2
Houston Branch Associates. Cuban Promotion
12 3
Houston Branch Associates. Submissions, presentations
12 4
Houston Branch Associates. Triton Pictures
circa 1955-1957
12 5
Houston Branch Associates. Tucker Sno-Cat
12 6
Houston Branch Associates. Topeka Promotion
circa 1954-1956
12 7
Cadman, Charles Wakefield correspondence [includes sheet music and music manuscripts]
12 8

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Dramatists, American
  • Public relations--United States
  • Screenwriters--United States
  • Personal Names :
  • Branch, Houston, 1905-1968
  • Cadman, Charles Wakefield, 1881-1946
  • Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955--Correspondence
  • Ferber, Edna, 1887-1968--Correspondence
  • Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, 1923-2005
  • Sandberg, Carl, 1878-1967--Correspondence
  • Corporate Names :
  • American Library Foundation
  • Houston Branch Associates