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Bowen, Peter, 1945-
Peter Bowen papers
1990-2006 (inclusive)
5.8 linear feet
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Mss 646
The papers of author Peter Bowen consist mainly of manuscripts for his published and unpublished works, including manuscripts for novels in the Gabriel Du Pré series and for novels in the Yellowstone Kelly series. Also included are articles, storyboards, notes, drafts of movie scripts, and correspondence.
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Peter Bowen is the author of two series of novels set in the American west. One centers around Luther Sage “Yellowstone” Kelly, a fictionalized rendering of a historical figure of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century. The other centers around a detective named Gabriel Du Pré, a Canadian Metis living in Toussaint, Montana.

Bowen was born in 1945 and spent at least part of his childhood in the Rocky Mountains, moving from Denver, Colorado, to Bozeman, Montana, at the age of 10. Bowen went on to study ceramics at the University of Michigan and by 1979 he had moved back to the Rocky Mountain region living in Idaho and Montana.

In 1987, Bowen published his first novel, Yellowstone Kelly: Gentleman and Scout. Yellowstone Kelly, like many of the other books in the series, is a picaresque novel chronicling the protagonist’s reluctant involvement in historical events as geographically disparate as Colonel Nelson Miles’ campaign against the Nez Percé and the Boer War. In his essay about the Yellowstone Kelly series in All Our Stories Are Here: Critical Perspectives on Montana Literature, Gregory Morris writes “beneath that ludic, playful history lies a more subversive ideological critique of the American mythos and of the American identity.” As of 2010, Bowen has published three other titles featuring Yellowstone Kelly including Kelly Blue, Imperial Kelly, and Kelly and the Three-toed Horse.

In addition to the Yellowstone Kelly novels, Bowen has published 13 novels featuring Gabriel Du Pré. The first of these novels was Coyote Wind. The Gabriel Du Pré novels often pit the townspeople of Touissant attempting to protect their community from outsiders of various ilk. The Gabriel Du Pré novels have drawn critical praise from The New York Times Book Review and Washington Post Book World, amongst other publications.

In the early nineties, Bowen published a number of articles in Forbes FYI under the pseudonym Coyote Jack. As of 2010, Bowen resides in Livingston, Montana.

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The Peter Bowen Papers consist mostly of manuscripts of published and unpublished works by Bowen. Manuscripts for Stewball and an unpublished novel called Blood Moon are interfiled with correspondence with the publisher. The published manuscripts include works in the Yellowstone Kelly series and the Gabriel Du Pré series. In some cases, differences between the drafts and the published work reflect significant revision to plot and the ordering of events. Amongst the Kelly manuscripts is a draft of a novel titled Kelly, 1876 that may be a precursor to Kelly Blue. The collection also contains drafts and clippings of articles written for Forbes FYI under the pseudonym Coyote Jack. Many of the book length works contain storyboards that outline the action of the corresponding novel chapter-by-chapter. While some storyboards were created on large pieces of paper, others were written on adhesive-backed notepads (Post-its). Lastly, the collection contains background materials for Kelly and the Three-Toed Horse. All works are listed in alphabetical order according to either the published title or the title of the most recent draft.

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Researchers are responsible for using in accordance with 17 U.S.C. and any other applicable statutes. Copyright not transferred to The University of Montana, with the exception of materials acquired in accession 2003-66. 2003-66 includes drafts of Wolftrap, The Envelope, and The Gig.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1/1 Ash Child undated
8/6 Bad Root storyboard undated
1/2-3 Badlands
Draft is titled Malpais
1/4-5 Blood Moon 2002
OS 9/9 Blood Moon storyboard 2002
1/6-7 Blood Moon photocopy and correspondence 2002
1/8 Blood Moon treatment and correspondence 2002
2/1-2 Blood Moon first person draft undated
2/3 The Buffalo Star 1990
12/1-3 The Buffalo Star undated
8/7 The Buffalo Star draft and storyboard 2002
10/1-2 The Buffalo Star draft and storyboard (continued) 2002
12/4 Coyote Jack and Other Articles
Includes letter to Christopher Buckley from President George Bush.
2/4-7 Cruzatte and Maria undated
12/5 Ficard 2002
3/1-2 Ficard undated
OS 9/10 Ficard storyboard undated
10/3-4 Fooler draft and storyboard undated
OS 9/1 Forbes FYI columns 1991-1992
3/3-6 The Gig undated
12/6-7 The Goat Lady 1996
13/1-2 The Goat Lady undated
3/7 The Gold Star Line undated
4/1-2 Kelly, 1876
Note in first folder indicates manuscript may be published. Some correlation with novel titled Kelly Blue.
4/3 Kelly and the Clowns notes and background materials undated
4/4-5 Kelly and the 3 Toed Horse undated
13/3 Kelly and the 3 Toed Horse Notes undated
4/6 Kelly and the 3 Toed Horse background materials undated
4/7 Kelly scripts undated
4/8-9 Long Son proofs 1999
4/10 Long Son undated
5/1 Long Son (continued) undated
5/2-3 Nails 2005
OS 9/8 Nails storyboard 2005
5/4-5 Orion's Eyes undated
13/4 Publications List 2006
13/5 Raven undated
10/5 Raven draft and storyboard undated
5/6-7 Rumors of the Fall undated
13/6 Rumors of the Fall undated
13/7 Rumors of the Fall undated
OS 9/5 Rumors of the Fall storyboard undated
13/8 Shimmer Sample Chapter and Character List undated
6/1-2 Stewball draft and correspondence 2004
OS 9/7 Stewball storyboard 2004
6/3-4 The Stick Game proofs 2000
6/5-6 The Stick Game undated
10/6-7 Stone Rider 1995
13/9 Talons First Draft Fragment 2006
13/10 Talon Storyboard and Fragment undated
13/11 The Tumbler
Draft titled Saltimboque
6/7 The Tumbler undated
OS 9/6 The Tumbler storyboard undated
7/1-2 Water Rose
Draft titled The Snow Lady.
OS 9/4 Water Rose storyboard 2001
7/3-4 Water Rose
Draft titled The Snow Lady.
Summer 2001
OS 9/3 Water Rose storyboard Summer 2001
7/5 Water Rose
Draft titled The Snow Lady.
circa 2001
7/6-7 Water Rose 2004
OS 9/2 Water Rose storyboard 2004
8/1 Water Rose
Draft titled Ink Rose.
OS 9/11 Water Rose storyboard undated
8/2-3 Water Rose
Draft titled The Envelope.
8/4-5 Wolftrap undated
11 Water Rose storyboard and manuscript undated

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Du Pré, Gabriel (Fictitious character)
  • Personal Names :
  • Bowen, Peter, 1945- --Archives
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Manuscripts for publication
  • Western stories
  • Occupations :
  • Novelists, American--Montana
  • Titles within the Collection :
  • Ash Child
  • Badlands
  • Cruzatte and Maria
  • Kelly and the Three-Toed Horse
  • Long Son
  • Nails
  • Stewball
  • The Stick Game
  • The Tumbler
  • The Water Rose