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William F. Boyd photograph album, circa 1889-1891

Overview of the Collection

Boyd, William F., 1848-
William F. Boyd photograph album
circa 1889-1891 (inclusive)
104 photographic prints in 1 album (1 box)
Collection Number
Views of Seattle, the hops industry, logging and the aftermath of the Seattle fire
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Special Collections
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA
Telephone: 206-543-1929
Fax: 206-543-1931
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Access to original album restricted. Permission of curator required for viewing. Contact Special Collections for more information.

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William F. Boyd was born in Ohio on September 5, 1848. His family later moved to Madison County, Iowa where, in 1865, he apprenticed in a photographic establishment. After operating a successful gallery in Des Moines for a number of years, he relocated to Seattle, Washington in 1888. This studio was destroyed in the Seattle fire on June 6, 1889. He then formed a partnership with George H. Braas which lasted until 1893. During the spring of 1893, Boyd retired from the partnership and established his own business.

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Images of Seattle street, city park and waterfront scenes; the aftermath of the Seattle Fire of 1889; Snoqualmie Falls; logging activities in Washington; and some Puget Sound Native Americans.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Page item
1 1a Seattle looking west in the aftermath of Seattle Fire from 1st Avenue between Columbia and Cherry Streets.  
Caption on page: Fire of 1889. Showing ruins of McDougall- Southwick Building. 1st and Columbia
1 1b Aftermath of Seattle fire of June 6, 1889, looking north at the ruins of the Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern Railway Company tracks, Washington.  
Caption on page: Fire of 1889. Roundhouse after fire.
2 2 Looking south on 1st Avenue towards the start of the Seattle fire [Boyd 91]  
Caption on page: Start of fire.
3 3a Big rock at Ravenna Park, Seattle [Boyd 38]   undated
3 3b Three Native American girls in western dress   undated
3 3c Logging crew with felled trees   undated
3 3d Ravenna Park, Seattle [Boyd 33]   undated
4 4 Washington Street, looking west from 3rd Avenue. Seattle, Washington   undated
5 5a Seattle looking south, showing tents and rebuilding following the Seattle fire 1889
5 5b View over burned district shortly after the Seattle fire [Boyd 54]   1889
6 6a Indian canoes on the waterfront at foot of Washington Street, Seattle [Boyd 22]   undated
6 6b Salmon in Gordon Creek, Yale, British Columbia  
1 : stereo view
7 7a Seattle looking north from transfer stables following the Seattle fire [Boyd 32]   1889
7 7b Looking toward Pioneer Place from Second and James following the Seattle fire [Boyd 26]   1889
7 7c Looking toward south from Second Street after the Seattle fire  
Same image as item 45b
8 8a Steamer Victoria   undated
8 8b Photographer standing on bank of Black River  
Caption on page: Black River to Cedar and Duwamish.
9 9a Mount Rainier   undated
10 10a The King Street coal wharves, Seattle   undated
10 10b Big Rock at Ravenna Park, Seattle [Boyd 38] undated
10 10c Seattle waterfront showing vessels anchored in harbor   undated
11 11 Man seated on rubble on the corner Second & Columbia Streets after the Seattle Fire [Boyd 9]   1889
12 12a Indian camp [Boyd 54]  
Probably a hop pickers camp
12 12b Big Rock at Ravenna Park, Seattle [Boyd 38] undated
12 12c Native American man and woman picking hops   undated
13 13 Front Street, from First and James looking north, Seattle   undated
14 14a Princess Angeline, daughter of Chief Seattle.   undated
14 14b Composite view with portraits of Chief Seattle, Princess Angeline and views of Seattle   undated
15 15a Sawing down a fir tree in the Puget Sound [Boyd 87]   undated
15 15b Hop pickers with horses and cart in Fawcett's Hop field, Puyallup Valley   undated
15 15c Fourth of July parade, First Avenue, Seattle   undated
16 16a Second Street, looking north from Second and Yesler, Seattle   undated
16 16b U.S. Cruiser Charleston and the steamboat Olympia   undated
16 16c Occidental Square facing the Pioneer Building, Seattle   undated
17 17a Men standing next to large logs on railway cars, Seattle waterfront  
Same image as item 51c
17 17b Looking south from Denny Hill, Seattle   undated
18 18a-b Two part panorama of Seattle waterfront from coal bunkers.   undated
19 19a-b Two part panorama of Seattle waterfront from coal bunkers. Steamer Olympian in foreground   undated
20 20 Silver Vails Falls, Green River   undated
21 21a View of the Seattle waterfront, looking south from Marion Street  
On the left is President Benjamin Harrison disembarking from the steamer City of Seattle docked at Yesler's Wharf on the occasion of his visit to Seattle, Washington.A better copy is in Early Photographers (PHColl 334.Boyd & Braas 1).
May 6, 1891
21 21b Four men standing on top of an Indian fish trap   undated
21 21c Seattle waterfront with steamers City of Seattle and Fleetwood   undated
22 22 Snoqualmie Falls [Boyd 30]   undated
23 23a Hop fields   undated
23 23b Shoreline undated
24 24 Indian horse race at Camas, Washington [Boyd 56]   undated
25 25a View of farm and fields   undated
25 25b Indian horse race at Camas, Washington [Boyd 60]   undated
26 26a C.C. Calkins Hotel, Mercer Island, Washington  
This hotel has also been known as the Mercer Island Hotel and the East Seattle Hotel.
26 26b Chinese man cooking in ruins following the Seattle fire   1889
26 26c A man in Ravenna Park   undated
27 27a Loggers and oxen surrounded by felled trees
Oliver Anderson (photographer)
27 27b An Indian man and child in a hop field, Washington [Boyd 10]  
Caption on image: Indian hop pickers
27 27c Hop pickers   undated
28 28a View over Lake Washington and Leschi Park   undated
28 28b Entrance to coal mine with horse-drawn coal wagon and men [Boyd 83]   undated
29 29a Loggers and trees [Boyd 52]  
Caption on image: Timber
29 29b Log chute   undated
30 30a Skykomish River scene   undated
31 31a Composite view with portraits of Chief Seattle, Princess Angeline and views of Seattle undated
31 31b 72 people sitting on top of a cedar stump in Sedro, Washington undated
32 32a Fountain and people in Ravenna Park, Seattle [Boyd 68]   undated
32 32b Seattle waterfront looking north from coal bunkers with Steamer Olympian [Boyd 73] undated
33 33 Men and women on a beach possibly south of Alki Point, Seattle   undated
34 34a Men and women in a sailboat shooting guns   undated
34 34b Loggers and oxen standing near a large fir log [Boyd 86]   undated
34 34c Men, oxen and logs at the Clothier & English's Logging camp   undated
35 35 Yesler store on Front and James Street, Seattle
R. W. Brown (Photographer)
Caption on image: N.E. corner. Front & James street, Seattle
36 36 View looking northwest from 7th and Columbia in snow [Boyd 63]   undated
37 37a Upper Snoqualmie Falls, Washington [Boyd 45]   undated
37 37b Snoqualmie Falls seen through trees [Boyd 57]   undated
38 38a Man in a rowboat out in a lake undated
38 38b Indian hop pickers with wagon   undated
38 38c Snoqualmie Falls, Washington [Boyd 48]  
Caption on image: Snoqualmie Falls 268 feet
39 39a View of the Snoqualmie River, with Mt. "Uncle Si" in distance [Boyd 19]   undated
39 39b Snoqualmie Falls, Washington   undated
40 40 Snoqualmie Falls, Washington   undated
41 41a Logging team with oxen undated
41 41b Three men cutting large fir tree   undated
42 42a Men on log in chute filled with water   undated
42 42b Hop pickers in McCratey's Hop Field   undated
42 42c Workers in rock quarry   undated
43 43a Indian hop pickers undated
43 43b Hunt and Patten's lumber mill   undated
43 43c Two men loading hops into a hop kiln   undated
44 44a Buildings on east side of Pioneer Square with Boyd & Braas Photography Studio sign   undated
44 44b Commemorative arch on Yesler Way created for President Harrison's visit to Seattle   circa 1891
45 45a Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands   undated
45 45b Seattle looking south from Second Street between Marion and Columbia following the Seattle fire
Same image as item 7c
45 45c George Braas sketching on rock at the Snoqualmie Falls, Washington [Boyd 50]   undated
46 46a The "Three Falls" South fork of the Snoqualmie River [Boyd 51]   undated
46 46b Office tent Eschelmen, Llewellyn & Co. in the ruins of the Seattle fire   1889
46 46c Upper Snoqualmie Falls, Washington [Boyd 27]   undated
47 47 Men standing near railroad car loaded with a large piece of timber  
Caption on image: 120 feet long. 4 feet square. Weight 97,000 LBS.Handwritten on page: This timber was hand hewed and sent to the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.
circa 1893
48 48 Composite view with portrait of Chief Seattle, Princess Angeline and view of Seattle and Snoqualmie Falls   undated
49 49 Composite photograph showing portraits of members of Third Avenue Theater stock Company   undated
50 50 Bridge over a canyon undated
51 51a Olympic Mountains viewed from Seattle.   undated
51 51b Man on a horse in front of a large log  
Caption on image: Camp W. Affleck. 24 feet, 63 inches. 5208 feet.
51 51c Men standing next to large logs on railway cars, Seattle waterfront
Same image as item 17a
51 51d Moonlight on the Puget Sound   undated
52 52 Snoqualmie Falls, Washington   undated
53 53 Ruins west from Front Street after the Seattle Fire [Boyd 38]   1889
54 54a Lines at the Tacoma Relief Bureau tent on Territorial University grounds after the Seattle Fire   1889
54 54b Bread line at Tacoma Relief Bureau following the Seattle fire   1889
54 54c Packages of bread and supplies at Tacoma Relief Bureau after the Seattle fire   1889
55 55a Second Avenue from Cherry Street after the Seattle fire [Boyd 25]   1889
55 55b Puppy on a top hat   undated
55 55c View of Second and Cherry looking south up Yesler Way after the Seattle fire [Boyd 24]   1889
56 56 Panorama of Seattle from coal bunkers [Boyd 65]   undated