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Rosete, Kristian
Student Folklore Fieldwork Project
2017 (inclusive)
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Kristian Rosete was a student of folklore at the University of Oregon. This collection includes an essay and fieldwork documentation relating to this student's folklore fieldwork project.
University of Oregon, Archives of Northwest Folklore
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This fieldwork project is based on real Hawaiian ghost stories, legends, and myths. The stories take place in Hawaii and are told by real Hawaiian people.

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This collection is open for use in accordance with Archives of Northwest Folklore policy.

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'Ulu maika
Ghost Story
Hana Story
Night Marchers
Menehune Hill
The White Lady
Lehua and Ohia
Maui Crosses
Memorial Tattoo

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P01_2018_104_01: 'Ulu maika
Rosete, Kristian
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During the season of Ku (season of games and activities) the Hawaiian people play games such as 'Ulu maika. The best way to describe 'Ulu maika would be Hawaiian bowling. There are two pegs about three feet apart and stuck into the ground. The task of the game is to roll a flat stone that looks like a hockey puck beween these two pegs. You are standing at least 20 yeards from the two pegs. Winning these games will result on your blessings from the God Ku.
P01_2018_104_02: Maui Crosses
Rosete, Kristian
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On Maui, there is a lot of car crashes that end up in death. These deaths are tragic to the whole island because the island is so small. There is a very large chance that you knew that person or you knew of that person. In memory of that person, people on Maui usually put a large cross where the crash was taken place at. Other offerings are also put on and all around the cross such as lei, dolls, etc. Some people also pour out a beer for the person in memory of drinking with them.
P01_2018_104_03: Memorial Tattoo
Rosete, Kristian
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The tattoo that I have is in memory of my father who passed away about 6 years now. I wanted to remember him by getting the same crescent as his. He had a tattoo of koi fish with some waves and a floral design. I did not get the same exact tattoo as his but something very similar to it. I asked my friend to sketch it out for me and when she was done, I went to the tattoo shop and got it tattooed on my right shoulder.

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Asian-Pacific Islander
  • ghost stories
  • Hawaiian
  • Hawaiians
  • legends
  • lore
  • myths
  • Polynesians
  • Personal Names :
  • Browne, Chanel
  • Claxton, Zade
  • Reyes, Noelani
  • Rosete, Kristian
  • Takigumi, Brandy
  • Geographical Names :
  • Hawaiian myths
  • Maui (Hawaii)
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Fieldwork project