Folklore and Rape Culture, 2016  PDF

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Laughery, Makayla
Folklore and Rape Culture
2016 (inclusive)
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Makayla Laughery was a student of folklore at the University of Oregon. This collection includes an essay and fieldwork documentation relating to this student's folklore fieldwork project.
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An essay, interview transcripts, and photographic memes concerning sexual assault and rape culture.

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This collection is open for use in accordance with Archives of Northwest Folklore policy.

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P01_2018_146_01: What She Says
Laughery, Makayla
1.0 photographs
In 2011, Washington, DC held the first ever "Slut Walk," a march for everyone who was sick of our culture's tendency to victim-blame, slut shame and police women's sexuality. It set out to help us re-define rape and take the responsibility off of the victims and put it back on the perpetrator. The image is of a protestor at this event with a sign that reads: "My rapist doesn't know he's a rapist. You taught him it wasn't his fault I drank too much, flirted, and my shorts were too short. I was asking for it. He left me in a parking garage staircase. My (ex)boyfriend spit in my face and called me a slut. He called me a whore. I deserved it. My friends gave me dirty looks. They called me trash, not realizing, it could have been them. This culture, your culture, my culture, told them, told me, this was my fault. And I suffered. But, my rapist doesn't know he's a rapist. I am not ashamed. I will take a stand." This image was spread all over social media after the march.
P01_2018_146_02: What She Means
Laughery, Makayla
1.0 photographs
The prior image was spread all over social media after the march. Eventually it was re-edited to and became a meme that I found on my Facebook wall a month ago, and now inthe photo, under the caption "what she really means," her sign reads: "I was dressed like a whore and got really drunk at a party. Then I fucked a guy in the stairwell after passed out. I felt guilty about it the next day and said I was raped. My boyfriend knew I was lying and spit in my face and left me. I am not responsible for my own actions."
P01_2018_146_03: Causes of Sexual Assault
Laughery, Makayla
1.0 photographs
I found this meme on Instagram posted by an account called "bextalk." The bio for this account is, "I work inhigh schools empowering young people. Self love / Body Positive / Teen Q and A." The caption this account used for this post was, "Nothing a person could say, wear, drink, or do EVER makes them 'up for' sex unless they consciously, clearly and verbally consent. #nomenansno #causesofrape." If you search "#causesofrape" on Instagram, this same photo appears hundreds of times, having been posted by many different accounts. This meme depicts a pie chart title, Causes of Sexual Assault, and it's filled 100% with purple, which is the color that correlates with the answer "rapists." Other answers include: revealing clothing, alcohol, walking home alone, flirting, and being in the wrong palce.Those answers reflect things that victims of sexual assault often hear to discredit them when they try to come forward.

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