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S. George Ellsworth photograph collection, ca. 1940-1995

Overview of the Collection

Ellsworth, S. George (Samuel George), 1916-
S. George Ellsworth photograph collection
ca. 1940-1995 (inclusive)
13 boxes, ca. 2000 items, (8 linear ft. )
Collection Number
Collection contains nearly 2,000 copies of photographs (originals dating 1850-1995, bulk 1840-1975) that Dr. Ellsworth collected for his research on Utah history. Images include a wide range of topics, including artistic conceptions of prehistoric Utah, the founding of the LDS Church, Utah's multiple ethnic and religious groups, and early Native Americans in Utah (including photographs taken by Jack Hillers during John Wesley Powell's expedition). A number of the images relate to the economic and technological developments in urban and rural Utah including mining, business, railroads, communications, and education. Also includes numerous geographical and geological photographs and maps of Utah and the United States from the 17th, 18th, and 19th century. Finally, there are some of Ellsworth's personal photographs of his extended family.
Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives Division
Special Collections and Archives
Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
Logan, UT
Telephone: 435-797-2663
Fax: 435-797-2880
Access Restrictions

Open to public research. Nearly all of this collection (aside from the family images) was duplicated from photographs held by institutions such as the Utah Historical Society, the Utah Travel Council, the Bureau of Reclamation, etc. Photographic reproductions of these images must be obtained from the original institution.

Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant, 2007-2008

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Samuel George Ellsworth was born on June 19, 1916 in Safford, Arizona. He graduated from high school in Kansas City, Missouri, then attended Kansas City Junior College in 1935 and 1936. After serving an LDS mission to the North Central State Mission, he attended Utah State Agricultural College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in history and mathematics in June 1941. During World War II Ellsworth served as a staff sergeant, clerk, and administrative inspector at Hammer Field in Fresno, California. From January 1945 to June 1946, Ellsworth served as a Chaplain in the Philippines. After leaving the Army, Ellsworth continued his education at the University of California at Berkley where he received his Master of Arts degree in History in 1947, and his Ph.D. in History and Philosophy in 1951. He returned to the Utah State Agricultural College where he taught until his retirement in 1983.

In addition to his long teaching career, George Ellsworth published extensively and was a member of many local, state, and national historical associations. He received a number of prominent awards and wrote numerous articles, reviews, and encyclopedia entries dealing with LDS and Utah history. Ellsworth is perhaps best known for his seventh-grade textbook Utah's Heritage. This textbook came out in 1972 and a second edition was published in 1985. Ellsworth also published Dear Ellen: Two Mormon Women and Their Letters in 1974, The Journals of Addison Pratt in 1990, Seasons of Faith and courage: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in French Polynesia A Sesquicentennial History, 1843-1993 (a joint project with Kathleen C. Perrin) in 1994, and The History of Louisa Barnes Pratt came after his death in 1998.

On October 24, 1942 George Ellsworth married Maria Smith. The couple would have two sons, Stephen and Mark. Ellsworth passed away in his home in Logan, Utah on December 22, 1997.

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The Samuel George Ellsworth photograph collection contains nearly 2,000 photographs that Dr. Ellsworth collected through his research on Utah History. It contains a wide array of scenes ranging from artistic conceptions of prehistoric Utah, to modern day Utah, and from images of the founding of the LDS Church, to Utah's multiple ethnic and religious groups. Also included in the collection are numerous geographical and geological photos, maps of Utah and the United States, and early Native Americans in Utah (including photos taken by Jack Hillers during John Wesley Powell's expedition). A number of the images relate to the economic and technological developments in urban and rural Utah including mining, business, railroads, communications, and education. Finally, there are some of Ellsworth's personal photographs of his extended family in the collection.

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S. George Ellsworth photograph collection, ca. 1940-1995. (P0025). Utah State University. Special Collections & Archives Department.

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111:01:00: Volcano and lava flow, west of Flowell, Utah. Photo by Bert Allen
111:01:01: Aerial View, Zion Canyon directly above Lady Mountain in Zion National Park
111:01:02: Beckwithia typa Resser Mid Cambrian (Marjum fm). Marjum Pass, House Range, Utah Smithsonian Institution
111:01:03: Post card scene of Dinosaurs in their environment
111:01:04: Paleontologists at work at Dinosaur National Monument/Dinosaurland
111:01:05: Ariel Photo of the Wasatch Fault
111:01:06: Lake Bonneville
111:01:07: Red Rock Pass, the Outlet of Lake Bonneville, as seen from the north
111:01:08: Flooding in Bountiful, Utah (1983)
121:02:01: Little Cottonwood Canyon
121:02:02: High Uintas Primitive Area
121:02:03: Goblin Valley
121:02:04: Merriam's Kangaroo Rat, Colorado
121:02:05: Weasel, U.S. National Museum
121:02:06: Coyote, Colorado
121:02:07: Collared Lizard, Las Vegas, Nevada
121:02:08: Black Tailed Prairie Dog, Denver Colorado
121:02:09: Antelope, Las Vegas, Nevada
121:02:10: Horned Rattlesnake, Yuma, Arizona
121:02:11: Mountain Range Covered in snow, from Utah's Heritage1972
121:02:12: Provo River Falls
121:02:13: Bonneville Salt Flats: British speed king John Cobb sets new world record of 394 mph in 1947
131:03:01: Tony Lake, Logan Canyon/Bridgerland
131:03:02: Aerial view of Central Utah Project
131:03:03: Sheep on Hayden's Fork Road
131:03:04: A lake in the High Uintas
131:03:05: Two Mule Deer, National Bison Range, Moiese, Montana
131:03:06: Bison, Wichita Wildlife Refuge near Cache, Oklahoma
131:03:07: Bobcat kitten, Blackfoot, Idaho
131:03:08: Elk, Niobrara Game Preserve, Nebraska
131:03:09: Canadian Geese, Shiawassee Refuge
131:03:10: Sharp-tailed Grouse, Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge
131:03:11: California Gull, Bear River refuge, Utah
131:03:12: Ontario Mines interior
141:04:01: Anasazi ruins, San Juan County
141:04:02: Basket found in Anasazi ruin
141:04:03: Model of Native Americans, Basketmaker Period (A.D. 1 - 400)
141:04:04: Model of Native Americans, Modified Basketmaker Period (A.D. 400 - 750)
141:04:05: Model of Native Americans, Developmental Pueblo Period (A.D. 750 - 1100)
141:04:06: Model of Native Americans, Great or Classic Pueblo Period (A.D. 1100 - 1300)
141:04:07: Adult skeletal remains, Moqui Canyon and Castle Wash area
141:04:08: Tusayan Black-on-white jar (olla), Upper Colorado River Basin Archeological Salvage project
141:04:09: Cliff Dwellings, Three Fingers Ruin, Hammond Canyon
141:04:10: Newspaper Rock
151:05:01: Chief Washakie's lodge and encampment, Shoshone tribe: Wind River Mountains, Wyoming 1870
151:05:02: Go-Shoot habitation, Pleasant Valley (1859)
151:05:03: Encampment or village around St. George, Utah (1873)
151:05:04: "The Old Gamblers," Paiute Tribe SW Nevada (1873)
151:05:05: Women water carriers, Paiute Tribe (1873)
151:05:06: Women seed gatherers, Paiute Tribe (1873)
151:05:07: Summer home under a cedar tree, Paiute Tribe (1873)
151:05:08: Basket Maker, old woman making a basket, seated outside her brush shelter, Paiute Tribe (1873)
151:05:09: Domestic camp, babe in cradle, Ute Tribe (about 1874)
151:05:10: A warrior and his bride, Ute Tribe (about 1874)
151:05:11: An-te-ro's encampment, showing tipi, shelter, etc., Ute Tribe (about 1874)
151:05:12: Home of the Ya-va-puts Head Chief, Ute Tribe (about 1874)
151:05:13: Shi-ra-sa, wife of To-ka-wah-sae, Ute Tribe (about 1874)
151:05:14: Pah-ri-ats in Native summer dress, Ute Tribe (about 1874)
161:06:01: Monument Valley/Canyonlands
161:06:02: Ellsberg-Amberg Wagon Train Plaza, Santa Fe, New MexicoOctober 1861
161:06:03: San Juan Goosenecks
161:06:04: Eddington Painting: Escalante Enters Utah Valley
161:06:05: Ariel View of Padre Creek and the Crossing of the Fathers looking south
171:07:01: Peter Skene Ogden (about 1794)
171:07:02: Jedediah S. Smith
171:07:03: James Bridger about 1866
171:07:04: Illustration of "A Trappers' Rendezvous on the Green River in Wyoming."
171:07:05: Etienne Provost (1782-1850)
171:07:06: Joseph Reddeford Walker
171:07:07: Message Antoine Robidoux inscribed in French on a canyon wall
171:07:08: Fort Laramie or Sublettes Fort, near the Nebraska or Platte River
171:07:09: Fort Bridger
181:08:01: "The Champions of Freedom," Jno. C. Fremont and Wm. L. Dayton
181:08:02: Ackerman Lithographs: "Station East End of the Base Line."
181:08:03: Kit Carson
181:08:04: Pilot Peak
181:08:05: Devils Gate, Weber Canyon, Utah
181:08:06: Miles Goodyear Cabin, Ogden
191:09:01: Kanesville Crossing, near Council Bluffs
191:09:02: Joseph Smith Jr
191:09:03: Kirtland, Ohio: Scene of river and community
191:09:04: Nauvoo, Illinois
191:09:05: Brigham Young1855
191:09:06: C.C.A. Christensen Painting: "Crossing the Mississippi on the Ice."
191:09:07: Mormon Camp Meeting, Council Bluffs (Mormon Encampment)
191:09:08: C.C.A. Christensen Painting: "Winter Quarters."
191:09:09: Frederick Piercy engraving: "Scott's Bluffs."
191:09:10: Independence Rock, on the Sweetwater River, Fifty miles west of Casper, WY
191:09:11: H.L.A Culmer Painting "Great Salt Lake ValleyJuly 1847."
191:09:12: The Mormons descending Little Mountain into Salt Lake Valley1847
1101:10:01: Bowery, Mint, & Presidents House Great Salt Lake City
1101:10:02: First City Creek Dam, Salt Lake City 1847
1101:10:03: First Saw Mill in Utah1847
1101:10:04: Old Pioneer Fort, Salt Lake City
1101:10:05: Seagull Monument at Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah
1101:10:06: Log Cabin
1101:10:07: Street in Great Salt Lake City - looking east1852
1101:10:08: Ensign Peak, North End of Great Salt Lake City
1101:10:09: Carvalho Wakara
1101:10:10: Fort Utah on the Timpanogas - Valley of the Great Salt Lake
1101:10:11: Great Salt Lake City1851
1111:11:01: Fort Supply, Site of First Mormon Settlement in Wyoming
1111:11:02: Simpson Expedition, Genoa, Present Nevada
1111:11:03: Mormon emigrant ship departing from Liverpool1853
1111:11:04: Ship Landing, Liverpool, England
1111:11:05: Mormon's crossing the plains
1111:11:06: C.C.A. Christensen painting: "Immigration of the Saints."
1111:11:07: C.C.A. Christensen painting: "The Handcart Company."
1121:12:01: Estate of Brigham Young
1121:12:02: Temple Block, Salt Lake City, Utah
1121:12:02a: The Deseret Store
1121:12:03: Eagle Gate, Salt Lake City
1121:12:04: Family in front of log home with sod roof
1121:12:05: Irrigation methods used in Salt Lake City1860-1865
1121:12:06: Stores on main street, Salt Lake City1862
1121:12:07: Unloading goods from oxen train for Walker Bros1868
1121:12:08: Brigham Young Schoolhouse
1121:12:09: Hilda Anderson Erickson, midwife in Tooele County
1131:13:01: Brigham's Shanties at Provo City
1131:13:02: J. M. Bernhisel
1131:13:03: State House in Filmore, Utah
1131:13:04: Kanosh, Chief of the Parawan Indians1869
1131:13:05: Dr. Hurt's making his escape to the coming of Johnston's army
1131:13:06: An Army Train Crossing the Plains1857
1131:13:07: Alfred Cumming, Governor, Territory of Utah 1857-1861
1131:13:08: Daniel H. Wells
1131:13:09: Nauvoo Legion, Territorial Militia1847-1870
1131:13:10: General Cook
1131:13:11: Thomas L. Kane
1131:13:12: Utah Expedition: United Stated troops entering Salt Lake Cityspring 1858
1131:13:13: Camp Floyd, Johnston's Army
1141:14:01: Main Street, Salt Lake City Utah
1141:14:02: Camp Floyd, View of commanding general's quarters1859
1141:14:03: Patrick Edward Conner
1141:14:04: Fort Douglas
1141:14:05: B'Nai Temple in Salt Lake City
1141:14:06: Right Reverend Lawrence Scanlan
1141:14:07: St. Mary Magdeline Catholic Church
1141:14:08: Daniel Sylvester Tuttle
1141:14:09: St. Mark's School, Salt Lake City, Utah
1141:14:10: St. Marks Hospital (1874-1892)
1141:14:11: Methodist Church, Richfield, Utah
1141:14:12: Tau-gu and Major Powell (1873)
1141:14:13: The Powell Party getting ready to start, Green River Station, WY
212:01:01: Missing
212:01:02: William Jackson: Self Portrait, "Bullwhacker" (1866)
212:01:03: Wagon train in front of Wallace & Evans Grocers & Confectioners
212:01:04: Pony Express Rider Passing Split Rock in the Sweetwater Valley
212:01:05: Map of Pony Express Route1860 April 3 - 1861 October 24
212:01:06: Laying the Telegraph Across the Plains
212:01:07: Mormon laborers grading for the Utah Central Railroad1869
212:01:08: Construction east end of railroad tunnel, Weber Canyon
212:01:09: Construction Devils Gate Bridge, Weber Canyon
212:01:10: Ogden, Utah 1860
212:01:11: Utah Central Passenger Station, Salt Lake City 1870
212:01:12: Goldsmith & Co. "The Leading Clothiers" Trolley
212:01:13: Salt Lake City Main Street1870s
212:01:14: Brigham Canyon, Utah
212:01:15: Alta, UT1873
212:01:16: Park City, Utah
212:01:17: "The Shaft," Ontario Mine
212:01:18: Mercur Junior Bandabout 1900
222:02:01: Interior of the Salt Lake Theatre1901
222:02:02: Brigham Young
222:02:03: Peter Maughn
222:02:04: Charles C. Rich
222:02:05: Lorin Farr
222:02:06: A. O. Smoot
222:02:07: George Albert Smith
222:02:08: John D. Lee
222:02:09: Missing
222:02:10: Missing
222:02:11: The Harvest1896
222:02:12: Deseret Hospital Board of Directors
222:02:13: Romania B. Pratt
222:02:14: Dr. Ellis R. Shipp
222:02:15: Group of Pioneers with Covered Wagons and Cattle
222:02:16: Washington Cotton Mill
222:02:17: Main street Richfield, UT 1876
222:02:18: Black Hawk
222:02:19: Scene through a crevice in rock, by Gaell Lindstrom
222:02:20: ZCMI organized 1868
222:02:21: A Co-op store built about 1867 in Cedar City, UT
222:02:22: Mormon Tabernacle under construction1860s
222:02:23: Interior of the Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, UT
222:02:24: Tabernacle in Brigham City, UT
222:02:25: Summit Stake Tabernacle, Coalville, UT
222:02:26: Pin Valley Ward
222:02:27: Tabernacle, St. George, UT
222:02:28: Interior of the St. George Tabernacle
222:02:29: Salt Lake Theatre Orchestra taken 22 Dec. 1868
222:02:30: Salt Lake Theatre
232:03:01: Utah Legislative Council with Signatures 1888
232:03:02: Utah Territorial Officials 1880s
232:03:03: George Reynolds
232:03:04: Utah Commission1885
232:03:05: Utah State Penitentiary Prisoners: George Q. Cannon, and E.M Allison
232:03:06: Rudger Clawson
232:03:07: Utah State Penitentiary, Sugar House, UT
232:03:08: Wilford Woodruff
242:04:01: Statehood celebration1896
242:04:02: Great Seal of Utah
242:04:03: Missing
242:04:04: Sego Lily
242:04:05: Blue Spruce tree
242:04:06: Missing
242:04:07: The first governor of Utah
242:04:08: Utah County Courthouse
242:04:09: City Hall & Fire Dept., Eureka, UT
242:04:10: 16 arms Mansion, Salt Lake City
252:05:01: Utah State Capital Building, Salt Lake City
252:05:02: Joseph F. Smith
252:05:03: C.C. Goodwin
252:05:04: Charles W. Penrose
252:05:05: Charles W. Carter
252:05:06: Reed Smoot
252:05:07: Bountiful's Volunteers, Utah Light Artillery
252:05:08: Entrenchments and Utah Light Battery in action, Spanish American War
252:05:09: President Woodrow Wilson on a visit to Utah
252:05:10: Salt Lake City welcoming home soldiersJune 1918
252:05:11: Alfred F. Potter
252:05:12: Rainbow Bridge, Southern Utah
252:05:13: Earl Douglas
252:05:14: Wagons bringing loads of dinosaur bones to the University of Utah
262:06:01: Interior of M & M General Store, and Al Malmstrom, proprietor, Midvale UT
262:06:02: John A. Widstoe
262:06:03: Loading sugar beets on farm of B. R and E. Tibbetts, Providence
262:06:04: Woods Cross Canning Co
262:06:05: Cattle at the Head of Los Creek
262:06:06: Daniel C. Jackling
262:06:07: Bingham Copper Mine
262:06:08: Early telephone
262:06:09: Main Street Salt Lake City1900
262:06:10: Bromberger train at Lagoon1912
262:06:11: Corner South Temple & Main street, laying street car tracks and bricks, SLC
262:06:12: "Seeing Salt Lake," early transportation
262:06:13: First Greek Church in SLC, wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Heleotes
262:06:14: Mrs. C. I. Goff, teacher, and class, Midvale School1960
262:06:15: Karl G. Maeser
262:06:16: Saltair, Great Salt lake
272:07:01: Stacking wild hay on ranch of Edwin R. Young, Summit County, UT
272:07:02: Salt Lake City Main Street, automobiles 1922
272:07:03: Early automobile stuck in mud
272:07:04: "Ice Wagons," Salt Lake City
272:07:05: BOEING 40B in flight
272:07:06: Heber J. Grant speaking first words broadcast over radio on 1922 May 6
272:07:07: Emma Lucy Gates Bowen, winding her phonograph
272:07:08: Beet sugar plant
272:07:09: Stacking wild hay
282:08:01: Unidentified old woman in coat
282:08:02: Unidentified woman with two children
282:08:03: Photocopy of apple harvesters
282:08:04: Henry H. Blood, Governor of Utah 1933-1941
282:08:05: CCC Camp, Wasatch National Forest, UT
282:08:06: CCC work- Terracing
282:08:07: Mud-rock flood, 1938, Lost Creek, Provo Canyon
282:08:08: Effects of erosion, Wasatch National Forest, Centerville, Parrish Canyon
282:08:09: Salt Lake City Municipal Airport
282:08:09a: Utah Valley
282:08:10: WPA Orchestra1940
282:08:11: Juanita Brooks1963
282:08:12: Dale L. Morgan
282:08:13: Unidentified photocopy of three farmers and a salesman
292:09:01: Salt Lake Tribune, War Ends News in Salt Lake City, UT
292:09:02: Salt Lake City Store with banners of war leaders hanging on front
292:09:03: Women working on aircraft engines during World War II
292:09:04: Women canning tomatoes, Utah Writers Project, Ogden, UT
292:09:05: Ogden Rip Track, Union Pacific Railroad
292:09:06: Ogden Army Depot, war material
292:09:07: Air Planes, World War II
292:09:08: Missing
292:09:09: Missing
292:09:10: Geneva Steel Plan, near Provo, Utah
292:09:11: Ariel view, Desert Mound Mine, Columbia Iron Mining Company
292:09:12: Employees, Tooele Army Depot, cleaning bomb storage area1946 September
292:09:13: Northeast corner of Topaz, UT, World War II
292:09:14: First day at Topaz, UT1942 September
292:09:15: Storytelling at Topaz, UT, World War II
292:09:16: Students waiting for assembly meeting at Topaz High School
292:09:17: Celebration in Salt Lake City, end of World War II
2102:10:01: Salt Lake City
2102:10:02: Salt Lake City
2102:10:03: Space shuttle booster being assembled for static test firing
2102:10:04: Interstate interchange
2102:10:05: Family Skiing at one of Utah's resorts
2102:10:06: Herbert B. Maw
2102:10:07: J. Bracken Lee
2102:10:08: Kal Rampton
2102:10:08a: George Dewey Clyde, Governor of Utah 1956-1964
2102:10:09: Missing
2102:10:10: Scott Matheson
2102:10:11: Norm Bangerter
2102:10:12: Glen Canyon Dam, Power plant and Lake Powell
2102:10:13: Water skiing on Lake Powell
2102:10:14: Utah State University Campus
2102:10:15: Photo copy of unidentified photo
2102:10:16: University of Utah Campus
2102:10:16: Val A Browning Center for the Performing Arts, Weber State College
2102:10:17: Dancers of Ballet West in a Scene from Bruce Marks' Pipe Dreams
2102:10:18: The Utah Shakespearean Festival, held in Cedar City
2102:10:19: Interior of the Capitol Theatre, Salt Lake City, UT
2102:10:20: The Symphony Hall1979.
2102:10:21: Missing
2102:10:22: Cougar Stadium, Brigham Young University
2112:11:01: Navajo Indians, Monument Valley1960s
2112:11:02: Herding goats in Monument Valley, Canyonlands
2112:11:03: Students entertaining foreign visitor, Intermountain Indian School, Brigham City, UT
2112:11:04: Ute Tribal Committee1980
2112:11:05: Navajo Indians weaving, Monument Valley1941
2112:11:06: "Spanish speaking peoples of Utah," Mexican railroad track workers
2112:11:07: "Spanish speaking peoples of Utah," Father Collins, some of his "kids," Sisters of the Perpetual Adoration, and parish workers outside the mission1935
2112:11:08: "Spanish speaking peoples of Utah," Members LDS Mexican Branch1929
2112:11:09: "Spanish speaking peoples of Utah," Dancers of Utah's ballet Folklorico
2112:11:10: Illustration "Blacks in Utah," Green Flake
2112:11:11: "Blacks in Utah," Descendants of Green Flake: Martha J. Perkins Howell, Mary Lucille Perkins Bankhead, Ruth Jackson, and Juanita Spillman
2112:11:12: "Blacks in Utah," Detective Paul Cephas Howell
2112:11:13: "Blacks in Utah," waiters on the Union Pacific Railroad
2112:11:14: "Blacks in Utah," Samuel D. Chambers and wife Amanda Leggroan Chambers
2112:11:15: Chin Sing
2112:11:16: Obon Festival
2112:11:17: "Japanese in Utah," Fred Wada, near Heber, UT
2112:11:18: "Japanese in Utah," Members, Japanese Church of Christ, Salt Lake City1924
2112:11:19: "Japanese in Utah," Mrs. Izyo Sauki (Madame Ogyoku)
2112:11:20: "Japanese in Utah," Kabuchi "Terra Koya," by Sonenkai, Salt Lake Buddhist Church1953-1955
2112:11:21: Kia Cha with daughter
313:01:01: Southwest base of Simpson Mountains, Tooele-Juab county lines
313:01:02 : Painting, by Everett Thorpe, Utah during the Ice Age
313:01:03: Painting, by Everett Thorpe, lower stage, Lake Bonneville, cc. 12,000 yrs ago
313:01:04: Mt. Baldy, 10,900 feet from Skyline Drive
313:01:05: Wasatch Fault, East Cache Fault, Cache Valley, view SE
313:01:06: Wasatch Fault, Bear River Range
313:01:07: Wasatch Fault, scarps cut alluvial fans, view N. Willard at left
313:01:08: Bear River and Wellsville ranges, Wasatch Mountains, northern Utah
313:01:09: Reservoir
313:01:10: Bear River Refuge, view from Tower
313:01:11: Migratory Bird Refuge, Brigham City, UT
313:01:12: Deer Creek Reservoir, Heber Valley, UT
313:01:13: View across Millard Canyon Benches from North Point, UT
313:01:14: Unidentified Canyon
313:01:15: Paria Canyon Primitive Area, Utah-Arizona
323:02:01: Stereoscopic view of Uintah, UT, mouth of Weber Canyon1870
323:02:02: Fort Hall, ID 1871
323:02:03: First camp, survey, Ogden,UT
323:02:04: Camp near the head of Cache Valley, UT1871
323:02:05: Camp near the head of Cache Valley, UT1871
323:02:06: Book Cliffs, near Green River, UT
323:02:07: Gunnisons Butte, Green River
333:03:01: Beginning of irrigation canal flowing toward Hurricane, UT
333:03:02: Kolob Reservoir, near Zion, south of Cedar Breaks
333:03:03-20: Unidentified photos by Bert Allen
343:04:01-04: Unidentified photos by Bert Allen
343:04:05: Bert Allen Photo: entering Zion
343:04:06-09: Bert Allen Photos of the Virgin River, Southern Utah
343:04:10: Unidentified photo by Bert Allen
343:04:11: Bert Allen Photo: North & East of St. George
343:04:12: Unidentified photo by Bert Allen
343:04:13: Bert Allen Photo: Deer Creek Reservoir
343:04:14: Bert Allen Photo: Manti
343:04:15-20: Unidentified photos by Bert Allen
353:05:01-06: Unidentified photos by Bert Allen
353:05:07: Bert Allen Photo: Payson, UT
353:05:08: Bert Allen Photo: Sand Dunes, west of Kanab, UT
353:05:09-12: Bert Allen Photo: Volcano and lava flow west of Flowell, UT
353:05:13: Unidentified photo by Bert Allen
353:05:14: Unidentified photo by Bert Allen: Looking toward Zion N.P. area?
353:05:15: Bert Allen Photo: Sand Dunes west of Kanab, UT
363:06:01: Park Avenue, Arches National Monument
363:06:02: Turret Arch, North & South Windows, Arches National Monument
363:06:03-04: Arch in Arches National Monument
363:06:05: Bryce Canyon, Color Country
363:06:06: Angel Arch, in the Salt Creek area of Canyonlands National Park
363:06:07-08: Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands National Park
363:06:09: Druid Arch, Canyonlands National Park
363:06:10: Canyonlands National Park
363:06:11: Markagunt Plateau, Cedar Breaks National Monument
363:06:12: Ariel view of Dinosaur National Monument
363:06:13: Steamboat Rock, Dinosaur National Monument
363:06:14: "Glowing autumn foliage," around Steamboat Rock, Dinosaur National Monument
363:06:15: Discovery party and horses on hot, slick rocks west of Navajo Mountain, Rainbow Bridge National Monument1909 August 13
363:06:16: Rainbow Bridge, Monument
363:06:17: Stalactite surrounded by helictites, Timpanogos Cave National Monument
363:06:18: Gulliver's Candlestick, Timpanogos Cave National Monument
363:06:19: Helicticites and aragonite crystals, Timpanogos Cave National Monument
363:06:20: Inside Timpanogos Cave National Monument
363:06:21: Kolob section of Zion National Park
373:07:01: Trail Riders in Sawtooth Wilderness Area1955
373:07:02: Smoke Jumper, Ray Johnson, climbing into the Travelair plane for a practice jump
373:07:03: Smoke Jumper, Ray Johnson, hitting the ground
373:07:04: A family picnic at Big Springs Camp and Picnic Area, Targhee National Forest1951
373:07:05: Warm Springs Creek fire1945 October 17
373:07:06: Group of riders leaving camp at Welcome Lake, Idaho Wilderness1952 August 7
373:07:06a: Jarbridge Creek
373:07:07: Sheep grazing, Inman Cooperative Allotment Pocotello District 1949 August 2
373:07:08: Green River Lake and Square Top1951
373:07:08a: Big Falls, above Garden Valley in the Boise National Forest
373:07:09: Fall Creek Fall, on the South Fork of Snake River
373:07:10: Stanley Peak, Sawtooth National Forest
373:07:11: Campground Scene, Idaho Forest
373:07:12: Redfish Lodge, at Redfish Lake, Stanley area
373:07:13: Looking east from the new Deer Creek Road overook, Nevada
373:07:14: Riders crossing the height of laud from Toxaway Lake to the Payette River Valley
373:07:15: Looking up the Grand Canyon at the Snake River, a few miles south of Hell's Canyon
373:07:16: Feeding the eastern brook trout in the pool at Charleston Lodge, Nevada National Forest
373:07:17: Photo taken in Toriyabi National Forest, Miniature Grand Canyon1938
373:07:18: Dropping fire retardant? Unidentified forest
373:07:19: Elk Calf, unidentified forest
373:07:20: Sheep grazing on Forshea Mountain after reseeding, Fishlake National Forest1956
373:07:21: Forshea Mountain, three years after reseeding, Fishlake National Forest1956
373:07:22: J. Kent Olson, Utah rancher, standing waste deep in field of smooth re-seeded bromegrass
373:07:23: Fishlake, Fishlake National Forest
373:07:23a: North Fork Creek, Uintah National Forest
373:07:24: Entrance sign, Logan Canyon, Cache National Forest
373:07:25: Reflection Reservoir, Fishlake National Forest
373:07:26: Alta Ski Slopes
373:07:26a: Aspen, Salina, Fishlake National Forest
373:07:26b: Mammoth Springs, Dixie National Forest
373:07:27: Looking west and south from Ute Lookout Tower, Ashley National Forest
373:07:28: Snow Basin, Cache National Forest
373:07:29: Unidentified National Forest
373:07:30.: Aspen in unidentified National Forest
373:07:31: Aspen in unidentified National Forest
383:08:01-24: "Range Conditions," various and unidentified
393:09:01: Newly sheared sheep in corral near Blanco, New Mexico
393:09:02: Unidentified range
393:09:03: Unidentified range
393:09:04: Grazing cattle, unidentified range
393:09:05: Grazing cattle, unidentified range
393:09:06: Branding cattle, unidentified range
393:09:07: Unidentified range
393:09:08: Range at Johnson Creek, Johnson Canyon, Vermilion Grazing District
393:09:09: Burned and reseeded area in Swamp Canyon Soil and Moisture Conservation Area, Vermilion Grazing District
393:09:10: Burned valley bottom seeded to rye, Vermilion Grazing District
393:09:11: Kanab Creek, Vermilion Grazing District
393:09:12: Kanab Creek in its deep channel below the dam, Vermilion Grazing District
393:09:13: Seeding to crested wheatgrass on private land west of Cedar City, Kolob Plateau in background, Virgin Grazing District
393:09:14: Gully in soft valley fill, Virgin Grazing District
393:09:15: Experimental plot northwest of Cedar City, rodent fence in center of plot, Virgin Grazing District
393:09:16: Improved grass, Northwest of Cedar City, Virgin Grazing District
393:09:16a: Windmill, tank, trough, and cattle on grazing district land, west of Milford, UT, Pahvant Grazing District
393:09:17: Eroded gully, public land east of Richfield, UT, Escalante Grazing District
393:09:18: Grass Valley with cattle, private lands north of Koosharem Reservoir, Escalante Grazing District
393:09:19: Proposed S & M area south of Notom, UT, Escalante Grazing District
393:09:20: Proposed S & M area south of Notom, UT, Escalante Grazing District
393:09:21: Fremont River and its channel below Cainville, UT, Escalante Grazing District
393:09:22: Fremont River and a bluff to the north, Escalante Grazing District
393:09:23: Fremont River, showing unstable banks, Escalante Grazing District
393:09:24: Dog Pond Dam and part of the reservoir, Buckhorn Flats Soil and Moisture Project Area, San Rafael Grazing District
393:09:25: Railed and reseeded Soil and Moisture Project Area in Woodruff pastured, near Brigham City, UT, Promontory Grazing District
393:09:26: Carson Spring-North Grouse Creek Unit, Promontory Grazing District
3103:10:01: Sugar beet seed field, Eden, UT
3103:10:02: Sugar beet seed field, Hooper, UT
3103:10:03: Sugar beet seed field, Hooper, UT
3103:10:04: Cultivating sugar beets, Pleasant Grove, UT
3103:10:05: Cultivating sugar beets, Pleasant Grove, UT
3103:10:06: Thrashing beet seed, St. George, Utah (George Seegmiller)
3103:10:07: Sacking the sugar beet seed coming our of the thrashing machine, St. George, UT
3103:10:08: Loading beet seed on slip in the field, ST. George, UT
3103:10:09: Beet seed in shock in the field, St. George UT
3103:10:10: Farmer plowing field with tractor
3103:10:11: Cutting hay with tractor, St. George, UT
3103:10:12: Beet seed field partly in shock, St. George, UT
3103:10:13: General farm crops
3103:10:14: John Shenk spraying morning glories for eradication, Logan, UT
3103:10:15: John Shenk spraying morning glories for eradication, Logan, UT
3103:10:16: Field in coarse fallow, Newton, UT
3103:10:17: Field in coarse fallow, Newton, UT
3103:10:18: Farm manure pit with cement bottom, Ogden, UT
3103:10:19: Farm in fine fallow, Newton, UT
3103:10:20: Field in Canadian Thistle, Nibley, UT
3113:11:01: Mormon hay derrick, Logan, UT
3113:11:02: Unloading wheat from header box, Newton, UT
3113:11:03: Loading wheat following a combined harvester, Newton, UT
3113:11:04: Combined harvester at work, Newton, UT
3113:11:05: R.F.D. Club specialist showing club members methods of completing records
3113:11:06: Henry Cridddle, Morgan, R.F.D. club member, age 14, in an acre of certified Swedish Select Oats
3113:11:07: Morgan, R.F.D. club members, Clayne and Henry Criddle in their fields of certified oats and barley
3113:11:08: Morgan, R. F.D. club member, Clayne Criddle with his one acre of certified Trebi Barley
3113:11:09: County Agent Nichols instructing R.F.D. club members on care of certified grain at threshing time
3113:11:10: Approach to W.W. Witcher farm home, Centerville, UT
3113:11:11: Side-delivery hay rack in operation on the ranch of Edwin R. Young, Summit County, UT
3113:11:12: Will hay field of Edwin R. Young, Summit County, UT
3113:11:13: Bull Rakes in operation on the wild hay field of Edwin R. Young, Summit County, UT
3113:11:14: Stacking wild hay on the ranch of Edwin R. Young, Summit County, UT
3113:11:15: Stacking wild hay on the ranch of Edwin R. Young, Summit County, UT
3113:11:16: Interior wheat-treating plant, Nephi, UT
3123:12:01: Farmer reading circular on wheat allotment plan, Clarkston, UT
3123:12:02: County Agent holding wheat meeting, explaining federal wheat allotment plan, Clarkston, UT
3123:12:03: George Q. Bateman, superintendent of the Experimental Farm, Utah State agricultural College, reading a poster announcing a wheat meeting
3123:12:04: Quality seed cleaning of registered seed, Salt Lake City, UT
3123:12:05: Loads of beets enroute to beet dump for weighing station
3123:12:06: Topping sugar beets on farm of Noble Hunsaker, Corinne, UT
3123:12:07: Plowing sugar beets
3123:12:08: Sugar beets grown form Utah seed, Corinne, UT
3123:12:09: Sugar beets grown in 20 feet of a row from accession sugar beet seed
3123:12:10: Sugar beets grown in 20 feet of a row planted with German or Dippe sugar beet seed
3123:12:11: Sugar beet field showing stands of beets grown from different varieties of sugar beet seed
3123:12:12: Loading sugar beets on farm of H. W. Wallard's Benson Ward
3123:12:13: Team of horses hitched to machine used to level land
3123:12:14: Utah & Idaho Sugar Refinery in Garland, UT1960 October
3123:12:15-17: Utah State University's, Man and His Bread Museum
3133:13:01: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: view of footbridge and left spillway
3133:13:02: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: Aerial view of Page, Arizona, Glen Dam site, and the Colorado River
3133:13:03: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: View of twin segments of arch for the Glen Canyon Bridge
3133:13:04: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: View of the Glen Canyon Bridge
3133:13:05: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: View of the newly completed Glen Canyon Bridge1958
3133:13:06: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: View looking downstream at the Glen Canyon Dam site
3133:13:07: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: View of white clouds of dust and smoke after a shot in the east keyway excavation
3133:13:08: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: View of workmen posed on the edge of the canyon with a 12 yard concrete buckets and sign that will be used in the First Bucket ceremonies1960
3133:13:09: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: View of foundation area for Glen Canyon Dam
3133:13:10: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: View looking across Glen Canyon at the giant keyway cut into the east wall of the canyon
3133:13:11: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: View looking upstream at the giant mixing plant
3143:14:01: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: Secretary Fred Seaton Poses with other dignitaries and shows the plaque which was presented by the contractor
3143:14:02: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: The first bucket of concrete being lowered by the cableway
3143:14:03: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: Transfer ladle car dumps its load of concrete into the 12 yard bucket high over the damsite
3143:14:04: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: Ariel view of Page, Arizona looking northwest acress the damsite
3143:14:05: Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Unit, Arizona-Utah: A downstream, low altitude, view of the damsite, showing block placements in the dam and powerplant
3143:14:06: Wahweap Bay, Lake Powell
3143:14:07: Water skiing at Lake Powell
3143:14:08: Padre Bay on Lake powell
3143:14:08a: Carl Hayden Visitor Center
3143:14:09: Ariel view of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam
3143:14:10: Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell
3143:14:11: Flaming Gorge
3143:14:12: Map of the Central Utah Project
3143:14:13: Central Utah Project, Bonneville Unit: View upstream of Thistle Dam
3a13a:01:01: Ariel view of flood effects, farm area at the mouth of Parrish Canyon, Centerville, Utah
3a13a:01:02: Water in contour trenches, north fork of Parrish Creek, flood control
3a13a:01:03: View of the alluvial fan, UT
3a13a:01:04: Alfalfa field ruined by flood of 8/10/45, Spanish Fork Canyon
3a13a:01:05: Flooding in Salt Lake City1983
3a13a:01:06: Flooding in Bountiful, UT1983
3a13a:01:07: North slope of Steed Canyon terracing
3a23a:02:01: Alta, UT1873
3a23a:02:02: Alta, UTabout 1906-1907
3a23a:02:03: Eureka, UT
3a23a:02:04: Frisco, UT
3a23a:02:05: Parade, Mercur, UT1901 July 4
3a23a:02:06: Mercur, UT
3a23a:02:07: Mercur, UT 2 ½ hours after the fireJune 28, 1902
3a23a:02:08: Ore carts at Ophir, UT
3a23a:02:09: Park City Grocery Store in 1913, Park City, UT
3a23a:02:10: Inside of a saloon, Park City, UT
3a23a:02:11: Sunnyside, UT1897
3a23a:02:12: Sunnyside, UT
3a23a:02:13: Winter Quarters, UT, early coal cars1886
3a33a:03:01: Bingham Canyon1915
3a33a:03:02: Bingham Canyon, Bingham, and Bingham Mine
3a33a:03:03: Miners' homes and other buildings, Bingham Canyon, UT
3a33a:03:04: Miners' homes and other buildings, Bingham Canyon, UT
3a33a:03:05: Utah Copper Mine, Bingham, UT
3a33a:03:06: Bingham Mine1907
3a33a:03:07: Bingham Mine
3a33a:03:08: Bingham Mine 1907
3a33a:03:09: Bingham Canyon, UT
3a33a:03:10: Homes, tresle, and portion of mine, Bingham Canyon, UT
3a33a:03:11: Bingham Canyon, UT, with mine in background
3a33a:03:12: Bingham Copper Mine Complex
3a33a:03:13: Bingham Copper Mine Complex, Smelter, Magna or Garfield
3a33a:03:14: Unidentified: Interior of Bingham Copper Mine?
3a33a:03:15: Unidentified: Interior of Bingham Copper Mine?
3a33a:03:16: Photo overall view of the mines, plants, railroads, and bridges, of Utah Copper Co. workings at Carr Fork, Bingham Canyon, UT 1942
3a33a:03:17: Bingham Copper Mine
3a43a:04:01-03: Harvesting salt, Morton Salt Company, Saltair, UT
3a43a:04:04-06: Iron Mountain Mine, near Cedar City, UT
414:01:01: Spanish Map of 1768, shows present day Utah
414:01:02: Spanish Map of the American Continent1785
414:01:03: General map of North America1795
414:01:04: "A New Map of North America, Shewing all the New Discoveries 1797."
414:01:05: Map of Central America1809
414:01:06: Map of present-day UT by Alexandre de Humboldt1811
414:01:07: Map of the United Stated, by John Melish1816
414:01:08: Map of North America, by H.S. Tanner 1822
414:01:09: Finley's map of the western U.S1826
414:01:10: Map of North America, by D.H. Vance1826
414:01:11: Map of the United States, by David H. Burr1839
414:01:12: Map of the territory west of the Rocky Mountains, by S.Stiles1837
414:01:13: Map of an exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Oregon, and Northern California, by Charles Preuss1842
414:01:14: A New Map of Texas, Oregon, and California, by Augustus S. Mitchell1846
414:01:15: Preliminary Map, Territory of Utah, by Captain J.H. Simpson1858
414:01:16: County Map of Utah and Nevada,by W.H. Gamble S.A. Mitchell1865
414:01:17: New Mining Map of Utah, by B.A.M Froiseth1871
414:01:18: Map of Salt Lake City, UT, by Simon F. Mackie1889
414:01:19: Map of the Great Basin and its Lakes, by Grove Karl Gilbert1880
414:01:20: Map of Lake Bonneville, by Grove Karl Gilbert1890
414:01:21: Map of Lake Bonneville, by Grove Karl Gilbert1890
424:02:01: Exhibit entitled "Characteristic Features of Dinosaurs," Smithsonian Institution
424:02:02: General view of center island, Dinosaur Hall, Smithsonian Institution
424:02:03: Skeleton of Camarasaurus Lentus, Smithsonian Institution
424:02:04: Giant Sauropod dinosaur, Diplodocus Longus, Smithsonian Institution
424:02:05: Model of Diplodocus, Smithsonian Institution
424:02:06: Model of Stegosaurus, Smithsonian Institution
424:02:07: Model of Triceratops, Smithsonian Institution
424:02:08: Removing 140 Million year old Fossil, circa 1910, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah-Colorado
424:02:09: Early Quarry Excavation, circa 1912-1913, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah-Colorado
424:02:10: Earl Douglass with Diplodocus, circa 1923, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah-Colorado
424:02:11: Dinosaur Fossils at Quarry, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah-Colorado
424:02:12: "Tertiary Mammals," Utah Museum of Natural History, Vernal, UT
424:02:13: "Cretaceous Dinosaurs," at the Utah Museum of Natural History, Vernal, UT
424:02:14: Careful removal of Dinosaur Bones, Dinosaur National Monument, Jensen, UT
424:02:15: Careful removal of Camarasaurus fossil, Dinosaur National Monument, UT
424:02:16: National Park service technicians relief fossil bone in Dinosaur Nationl Monument, Utah-Colorado
434:03:01: Model of a Tyrannosaurus
434:03:02: Partial view of Geology & Fossil Hall, Utah Field House of Natural History, Vernal UT
434:03:03: Partial view of Natural History Hall, Utah Field House of Natural History, Vernal, UT
434:03:04: Allosuarus Fossil , College of Eastern Utah, Prehistoric Museum, Price, UT
434:03:05: Front Entrance, College of Eastern Utah, Prehistoric Museum, Price, UT
434:03:06: Missing
434:03:07: Captosaurus Fossil, Prehistoric Museum, Price, UT
434:03:08: Display entitled "Developmental Pueblo Pottery," Prehistoric Museum, Price, UT
434:03:09: Allosaurus Dinosaur, Price, UT
434:03:10: Diorama, Utah Museum of Natural History
434:03:11: Photo taken inside U of U Natural History Museum
434:03:12: Photo taken inside of the Utah Museum of Natural History
434:03:13: Postcard of "The Age of Reptiles Mural in the Peabody Museum, Yale University."
444:04:01: Antelope
444:04:02: Badger
444:04:03: Black Bear
444:04:04: Black Bear in hibernation
444:04:05: Black Bear Cub
444:04:06: Grizzly Bear
444:04:07: Beavers a building lodge
444:04:08: Beaver caught in trap
444:04:09: Bison, one albino, one normal color
444:04:10: Bison on the range
444:04:11: Young bull Bison
444:04:12: Large bull bison rising to his feet after having a tumble in the dust
444:04:13: Bluebird
444:04:14: Bobcat
444:04:15: Chipmunk
444:04:16: Cormorants
444:04:17: Cormorants in nest
444:04:18: Howling Coyote
444:04:19: Coyote
444:04:20: Coyote
444:04:21: Mountain Lion
454:05:01: Deer
454:05:02: Mule Deer
454:05:03: Mule Deer Fawn
454:05:04: Mourning Doves in nest
454:05:05: Canvasback Duck
454:05:06: Mallard Ducks
454:05:07: Hen Mallard Duck
454:05:08: Pintail Duck
454:05:09: Pintail Ducks in water
454:05:10: Redhead Duck
454:05:11: Redhead Ducks in water
454:05:12: Teal Ducks
454:05:13: Bald Eagle
454:05:14: Golden Eagle
454:05:15: Snowy Egret
454:05:16: Snowy Egret
454:05:17: Black-Footed Ferret
454:05:18: Black-Footed Ferret
454:05:19: Gray Fox
454:05:20: Kit Fox
454:05:21: Red Fox
464:06:01: Geese
464:06:02: Canada Geese flying
464:06:03: Ruffed Grouse
464:06:04: Sage Grouse
464:06:05: Sharp-Tailed Grouse
464:06:06: California Sea Gull
464:06:07: Cooper's Hawk
464:06:08: Red-Tailed Hawk
464:06:09: Blue Heron
464:06:10: Rufous Hummingbird
464:06:11: Meadow Lark
464:06:12: Chuckwalla Lizard
464:06:13: Clark's Swift Lizard
464:06:14: Gila Monster Lizard
464:06:15: Black-Billed Magpie
464:06:16: Deer Mice
464:06:17: Meadow Mouse
464:06:18: Pocket Mouse
464:06:19: Moose Calf
474:07:01: Two Great Horned Owls
474:07:02: White Pelican
474:07:03: Pika
474:07:04: Porcupine in a Willow Tree
474:07:05: Yellow-Haired Porcupine
474:07:06: Jack Rabbit
474:07:07: Pigmy Rabbit
474:07:08: Banner-Tailed Kangaroo Rat
474:07:09: Robin feeding a beetle to her young
474:07:10: Striped Skunk
474:07:11: Diamond-Back Rattle Snake
474:07:12: Ground Squirrel
474:07:13: Tree Squirrel
474:07:14: Tree Swallow
474:07:15: Whistling Swans in flight
474:07:16: Whistling Swan
474:07:17: Weasel
474:07:18: Woodpecker
484:08:01: Diorama "Early Man In North America."
484:08:02: Diorama "The Basket Makers - 1 to 450 A.D."
484:08:03: Diorama "The Modified Basket Maker Period - 450 to 750 A.D."
484:08:04: Diorama "The Developmental Pueblo Period - 750 to 1100 A. D."
484:08:05: Diorama "The Great Pueblo Period - 1100 to 1300 A.D."
484:08:06: Postcard of a "Cliff Palace," Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
484:08:07: Hovenweep National Monument, UT
484:08:08: Head of Square Tower Canyon, Hovenweep National Monument
484:08:09: Tower Point, Hovenweep National Monument
484:08:10: The Hovenweep Castle, Colorado
484:08:11: The Hovenweep Castle, Colorado
484:08:12: The Hovenweep Castle, Colorado
494:09:01: Newspaper Rock
494:09:02: Pictographs, unidentified location
494:09:03: Pictographs, unidentified location
494:09:04: Barrier Canyon Pictograph, The College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, Price, UT
494:09:05: Barrier Canyon Pictograph, The College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, Price, UT
494:09:06: Exhibit in the Museum of Natural History, University of Utah
494:09:07: Barrier Canyon Mural, Utah Museum of Natural History, University of Utah
494:09:08: Buffalo Skin Drawing, unidentified
494:09:09: Exhibit in the Museum of Natural History, University of Utah
494:09:10: Exhibit "Modified Basketmaker"," Utah Museum of Natural History, University of Utah
494:09:11: Excavation of Anasazi Indian Village1978
4104:10:01: Antero, War Chief of the Uintah Utes, Uintah Valley1873 or 1874
4104:10:02: Pah-ri-ats, in native winter dress, Ute Tribe1873 or 1874
4104:10:03: Tau-ruv, wife of Won-wan, in native dress, Ute Tribe1873 or 1874
4104:10:04: Nau-no-kwits and Qu-u-en, Ute Tribe1873 or 1874
4104:10:05: Girl on horseback, Ute Tribe1873 or 1874
4104:10:06: Warrior and his dog, Ute Tribe1873 or 1874
4104:10:07: Encampment showing elk skin tipi, Ute Tribe1873 or 1874
4104:10:08: Encampment and tree outlook, Ute Tribe1873 or 1874
4104:10:09: "Breaking up Camp," Ute tribe1873 or 1874
4114:11:01: Peah and his head men, Ute Tribe, Grand River Band1868
4114:11:02: Ouray and interpreter, Otto Mears, Ute Tribe1868
4114:11:03: Guero, Ute Tribe1868
4114:11:04: Shavano, War chief of his band, Ute Tribe1868
4114:11:05: Ankatosh, Wa-rets, Ouray, Shavano, and Guero, Ute Tribe1868
4114:11:06: Suriap, a warrior, son of Lodge Pole, a chief, Ute tribe, Yampa Band1868
4114:11:07: "Little Soldier," Ute Tribe1869
4114:11:08: Sappix and son, warriors, Ute Tribe1869
4114:11:09: Shavano, war chief of his band, Ute Tribe1869
4114:11:10: Pe-ah, or Black Tailed Deer, Ute Tribe, Grand River Band1868
4114:11:11: Chu, a Ute brave, Ute Tribe1869
4114:11:12: Encampment near Denver, Colorado, Ute Tribe1874
4114:11:13: Encampment near Denver, Colorado, Ute Tribe1874
4114:11:14: Encampment at Los Pinos, Colorado, Ute Tribe1874
4114:11:15: Encampment at Los Pinos, Colorado, Ute Tribe1874
4114:11:16: Ute Camp, Los Pinos Agency, Colorado
4114:11:17: Encampment at Los Pinos, Colorado, Ute Tribe1874
4114:11:18: Ouray, Ute Tribe1880
4114:11:19: Ouray and his wife Chipeta, Ute Tribe1880
4124:12:01: Photo "A Domestic Camp Scene," "Waiting For the Kettle to Boil," Kaibab Paiute
4124:12:02: Children playing wolf and deer, Kaibab Paiute Tribe
4124:12:03: Chu-ar-ru-um-peak, head chief, shooting a rabbit, Kaibab Paiute tribe
4124:12:04: Chu-ar-ru-um-peak and family in native dress, Kaibab Paiute Tribe
4124:12:05: Missing
4124:12:06: Missing
4124:12:07: Missing
4124:12:08: Missing
4124:12:09: Tavokoki or Circle Dance, Kaibab Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:10: "The game of Kill the Bone," Kaibab Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:11: Moack-shin-ou-av, chief of band, Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:12: Ta noats, at the Ve-gas or Meadows in S. W. Nevada, Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:13: Kwitoos and his son, Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:14: Missing
4124:12:15: Home of Ta-peats, Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:16: "Lodges in the Village," Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:17: Pan-awai-tau-a at the Valley of the Moapa, Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:18: "Making the calculation," Valley of the Moapa, Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:19: Wu-nav-ai, Paiute woman gathering seeds, Valley of the Moapa, Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:20: Enuintsigaip, one of Major Powell's guides, Las Vegas Paiute Tribe
4124:12:21: Antinaints and Ci-gav, Las Vegas Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:22: "Two Old boys, Las Vegas Paiute Tribe1873
4124:12:23: Missing
4124:12:24: Various bands in conference with the U.S. Commission, Paiute tribe
4124:12:25: Native homes in Utah as pioneers found them
4124:12:26: Kwi-toos and his son wearing buckskin suits, U-ai-nu-ints Tribe that lived on the Rio Virgen1900
4124:12:27: Wovoka or Jack Wilson, the Paiute "Messsiah," and T. J. Mccoy, Paiute Tribe, Shoshonean family
413-154:13-15: Three Booklets containing photos from publication entitled, Notes On Hillers' Photographs of the Paiute and Ute Indians Taken on the Powell Expedition of 1873
515:01:01: Ouray
515:01:02: Ouray1868
515:01:03: Powatch, Ute warrior wearing feather bonnet and ceremonial costume
515:01:04: Bright Sunshine, member of Ute Delegation to Washington D. C. in 1872
515:01:05: Dave, a Towoccaroe, a member of the Indian Delegation to Washington D. C. in 1872
515:01:06: Graceful Walker, member of Ute Delegation to Washington D.C. in 1872
515:01:07: Shining Brass, member of Ute Delegation to Washington D.C. in 1872
515:01:08: Southern Utes negotiating with Otto Mears1879
515:01:09: Chief Buckskin Chalie and a band of Utesabout 1900
515:01:10: "Pay day" at Uintah and Ouray Agency1902
515:01:11: Lithograph of "Indians at Fort Utah," 1851
525:02:01: Chief Washakie, Shoshone Tribe
525:02:02: Chief Washakie, Shoshone Tribe
525:02:03: Chief Washakie, Shoshone Tribe
525:02:04: Washakie and his band of warriors encamped in the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming1870
525:02:05: Washakie's band and encampment in southern foothills of Wind River Mountains, Wyoming1870
525:02:06: Missing
525:02:07: Uriewici, a chief, Shoshone Tribe1880
525:02:08: Group of women and a child in cradle, Shoshone Tribe1870
525:02:09: Young man, Shoshone Tribe1878
525:02:10: "Indian Dick's Lodge," Shoshone Tribe1870
525:02:11: Group of men, women and children, Bannock Tribe1872
525:02:12: Group of women ad children outside a brush shelter, Bannock Tribe
525:02:13: Family group in tipi, Bannock Tribe1871
525:02:14: Threshing scene, Bannock Tribe1872
525:02:15: Tepees near Snake River Agency, Fort Hall Reservation1872
525:02:16: Man seated outside loge house, Bannock Tribe1872
525:02:17: Shoshone Indian Home
525:02:18: "Woman of the Snake Tribe," Shoshone Tribe1833
535:03:01: Unidentified
535:03:02: "The Summer Rendezvous."
535:03:03: Fort Buenaventura dedication, Ogden1980
545:04:01: Remains of Reed's wagon, "Salt Desert Trails."
545:04:02: Col. John C. Fremont, "Hoisting the American Flag on the highest Peak of the Rocky Mountains."
545:04:03: John C. Fremont and WM. L. Dayton, "Grand National Republican Banner."
545:04:03a: "The famous eleven of the Powell Party: Green River1871,"
545:04:03b: "The famous armchair in the canyon: 1872."
545:04:03c: Jack Hillers expedition
545:04:04: "The Mormon Tabernacle Camp," 1846
545:04:05: Mormons building a bridge during the migration across Iowa1853
545:04:06: Mormon Converts, halt on the road at a watering place1870
545:04:07: Mormons Crossing the Plains1856
545:04:08: Fort Bridger
545:04:09: Fort Laramie
545:04:10: Model of "A Hand Cart Family."
545:04:11: Fort Bridger
545:04:12: Fort Laramie
545:04:13: Lithograph of Flora Belle Houston, "When the Mormons Settled San Bernardino," 1930
545:04:14: J. T Harwood painting, "Sentinal of the plains
545:04:15: A Mormon Farmer and Family Returning from Salt Lake City
545:04:16: Wagon Train1868
545:04:17: Illustration "The Pioneers."
545:04:18: Pioneers
545:04:19: Roadometer, pioneer measuring device
555:05:01: "The Jersey leaving Liverpool for New Orleans," Frederick Piercy engraving1853 February 5
555:05:02: "Entrance to Kanesville," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:02a: "Entrance to Kanesville," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:03: "View of the Missouri River & Council Bluffs, from an elevation," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:04: "Council Bluffs Ferry & Group of Cotton-wood Trees," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:05: "Elk Horn River Ferry," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:06: "Loup Fork Ferry," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:07: "Camp at Wood River," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:08: "Chimney Rock," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:09: "Fort Laramie," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:10: "Laramies Peak," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:11: "Independence Rock," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:12: "Devil's Gate," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:13: "Emigrant company crossing the plains, summer 1853," Frederick Piercy engraving
555:05:14: "Great Salt Lake," Frederick Piercy engraving
55a5:05a:01: "Handcart Pioneers," Watercolor painting by William Henry Jackson
55a5:05a:02: "Devil's Gate, near Independence Rock, in Wyoming," Watercolor painting by William Henry Jackson
55a5:05a:03: Jackson: South Pass, Wyoming
55a5:05a:04: Unidentified
55a5:05a:05: Fort Laramie1870
55a5:05a:06: View from summit of Independence Rock1870
55a5:05a:07: Independence Rock1870
55a5:05a:08: Independence Rock1870
55a5:05a:09: "The Emigrant's Grave," 1870
565:06:01: Angel Moroni delivering the plates of the Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith Jr1886 September
565:06:02: Restoration of the Aaronic priesthood1887
565:06:03: Kirtland Temple, Kirtland, Ohio
565:06:04: Nauvoo Illinois1845-1846
565:06:05: Ruins of the Old Liberty Jail & Mormon Saints
565:06:06: Ruins of the Old Liberty Jail & Mormon Saints
565:06:07: "Carthage Jail," Frederick Piercy engraving
565:06:08: Nauvoo Illinois
565:06:09: Martyrdom of Joseph and Hiram Smith1844
565:06:10: "The Two Martyrs," Joseph and Hyrum Smith1847
565:06:11: Persecution and Expulsion of the Mormons from the City of Nauvoo Ill1846 September
575:07:01: Salt Lake City, East South Temple Streetabout 1859
575:07:02: Wood Engraving of the Residence of Brigham Young
575:07:03: Salt Lake City about 1890
575:07:04: Photo, Salt Lake City, Panoramic View north
575:07:05: The Lion House and the Bee Hive House
575:07:06: Salt Lake City, South Temple Street
575:07:07: "Amelia's Palace (Gardo House) - Salt Lake City."
575:07:08: Gardo House, President Young's family home
585:08:01: Old Salt Lake Tabernacle and Bowery
585:08:02: Salt Lake tabernacle under construction
585:08:03: Salt Lake tabernacle under construction
585:08:04: Quarrying granite in Cottonwood Canyon1872
585:08:05: Temple foundation, Salt Lake City1865
585:08:06: Panoramic view of Great Salt Lake City1869
585:08:07: Looking north on Main Street from Second South, Salt Lake City1867
585:08:08: Temple Square, Salt Lake City1889
585:08:09: Salt Lake Temple under construction1890
585:08:10: "Capstone Laying of the Salt Lake Temple," 1892
585:08:11: Salt Lake Temple Square, about 1898
585:08:12: Construction in Salt Lake City1909
585:08:13: Endowment House, Temple Block, Salt Lake City
585:08:13b: Annex of the Salt Lake Temple
585:08:14: Salt Lake City, panoramic view from Arsenal Hill1867
585:08:15: Salt Lake Cityabout 1880
585:08:16: Salt Lake City, panoramic view from Arsenal Hillabout 1880
585:08:17: Illustration of Brigham Young addressing general conference in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, in 1869
595:09:01: "First Glimpse of 'The Valley,'" H. L. A. Culmer painting
595:09:02: Lithograph of Fort Utah
595:09:03: Salt Lake City Sceneabout 1858
595:09:04: Salt Lake City Sceneabout 1858
595:09:05: Salt Lake City, in 1862?
595:09:06: Salt Lake City, water running through ditches on sides of street
595:09:07: Deseret News and General Tithing Office, showing President Young's barn and Heber C. Kimball's mill
595:09:08: Salt Lake City, showing street where Western Union office was locatedabout 1861
595:09:09: Salt Lake Theater
595:09:10: City Hall, Salt Lake City
595:09:11: Main Street Salt Lake City during the 1870's
595:09:12: Salt Lake City 1st South Street in 1872
595:09:13: Salt Lake City 1st South Street in 1872
595:09:14: Tithing Office of the Mormon Church
595:09:15: "Unloading Goods from Ox Train for Walker Bros." [Salt Lake City] 1868
595:09:16-18: First Central Methodist Church, Salt Lake City
595:09:19: Salt Lake City State Street
595:09:20: Salt Lake street scene
595:09:21: Great Salt Lake, UT, Pavilion and Lake, Garfield Beach
595:09:22: Pavilion at Saltair, on Great Salt Lake, built in 1893
595:09:23: Pavilion at Saltair, on Great Salt Lake, built in 1893
595:09:24: Saltair Beach Pavilion, Great Salt Lake
5105:10:01: View of Salt Lake City
5105:10:02: Street scene, Salt Lake City
5105:10:03: Stage Coach in front of Ross & Barratt
5105:10:04: Salt Lake City, view of north bench, early days
5105:10:05: Salt Lake City, looking east with view of the Wasatch mountains
5105:10:06: Salt Lake City, Main Street looking north from 2nd South
5105:10:07: Salt Lake City
5105:10:08: Street scene showing plank sidewalks, and wooden troughs built to confine City Creek waters, Salt Lake City
5105:10:09: East side of Main Street above 2nd south street, Salt Lake Cityearly 1860s
5105:10:10: Early Salt Lake City
5105:10:11: Early Salt Lake city, street scene
5105:10:12: Main Street Salt Lake Cityafter 1870
5105:10:13: Salt Lake City, City Hall1872
5105:10:14: Salt Lake City Main Streetabout 1883
5105:10:15: Missing
5105:10:16: The Social Hall, 1851-1852, built by Church for theatrical use, Salt Lake City
5105:10:17: F. Auerbach Brother's First store
5105:10:18: Street scene, early Salt Lake City
5105:10:19: Unloading Goods from Ox Train for Walker Bros1868
5105:10:20: Salt Lake City, from the observatory council house1858
5105:10:21: H. Dinwoodey's Cabinet and Chair Shop, Salt Lake City
5105:10:22: Henry Dinwoodey's Furniture Factory in the 1850's, Salt Lake City
5105:10:23: The Old Constitution Building
5105:10:24: "The Prophet's Block," Salt Lake City
5105:10:25: Street Scene, Salt Lake City UT
5115:11:01: Main Street Salt Lake City1880's
5115:11:02: Main Street Salt Lake City
5115:11:02a: Main Street Salt Lake City
5115:11:03: Photo early view of Salt Lake City
5115:11:04: Main Street Salt Lake City, original ZCMI alley north of Kearns Building
5115:11:05: Early street scene, Salt Lake City
5115:11:06: Missing
5115:11:07: General View of Salt Lake City, Utah Territory1858
5115:11:08: Lithograph "Great Salt Lake City, Utah, Chief City of the Mormons"
5115:11:09: Lithograph "Great Salt Lake, Utah."
5115:11:10: Great Salt Lake City1869.
5115:11:11: Early street scene, Salt Lake City
5115:11:12: Great Salt Lake City, Utah1869
5115:11:13: Homes and estate of Brigham Young and family in Salt Lake City1862
5115:11:14: Silver Iron Works1872
5115:11:15: City Hall, Salt Lake City
5115:11:16: Early view of Salt Lake City
5115:11:17: Joseph Fielding Smith's Grandparents, Alfred Boaz Lambson and Mrs Jane Bigler Lambson, and first plastered house in Salt Lake City
5115:11:18: First plastered house in Salt Lake City
5115:11:19: Old White House built by Brigham Young, Salt Lake City
5115:11:20: White House, Brigham Young's family home
5115:11:21: Unidentified
5115:11:22-25: Panoramic view of Great Salt Lake City1869
5125:12:01: Old Constitution Building, Salt Lake City
5125:12:02: Eagle Emporium, early home of ZCMI1885
5125:12:03: Mormon Tribune Building and Dinwoodey's Cabinet Shop1870
5125:12:04: Valley House, Salt Lake City
5125:12:05: Missing
5125:12:06: The Cullen, Salt Lake City
5125:12:07: Signs of the Mormon Co-operative Institution1869
5125:12:08: View of Early Salt Lake City
5125:12:09: Hotel Utah Corner1855
5125:12:10: Great Salt Lake City and Valley, looking south1865
5125:12:11: Street view, Salt Lake City, UT 1869
5125:12:12: Early view of Salt Lake City
5125:12:13: Deseret Store, and tithing office, Salt Lake City
5125:12:14: Salt Lake City scene1858
5125:12:15: Devereu House1881
5125:12:16: Eagle Gate
5125:12:17: Early view of Salt Lake City looking east from Tithing Office Yard
5125:12:18: Missing
5125:12:19: Eagle Gate
5125:12:20: Walker House
5125:12:21: Bronze Oxen made for the Salt Lake Temple
5135:13:01: Main Street Salt Lake Cityabout 1899
5135:13:02: City Hall, Salt Lake City
5135:13:03: Historian's Office, Salt Lake City
5135:13:04: Zion's Savings Bank
5135:13:05: Main Street, Salt Lake Cityearly 1900s
5135:13:06: West side of East Temple Street, Salt Lake City
5135:13:07: Oldest House in Utah
5135:13:08: Salt Lake City, Tithing Office and the "Deseret Evening News."
5135:13:09: Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Salt Lake City
5135:13:10: Steam Powered Fire Engine
5135:13:11: Saltair Beach, Great Salt Lake
5135:13:12: Garfield Beach, Great Salt Lake
5135:13:13: Garfield Beach, Great Salt Lake
5135:13:14: Garfield Resort, Great Salt Lake
5135:13:15: Troops from Fort Douglas marching west down South Temple, Statehood DayJan 6, 1896
5135:13:16: Missing
5135:13:17: Street Scene, Salt Lake City
5135:13:18: View of Salt Lake City
5135:13:19: Main Street at the turn of the century
5135:13:20: Eagle Gate, reconstructed by the city of Salt Lake
5135:13:21: Zion's Co-operative Mercantile Institution1881
5135:13:22: St. Paul's Church, Salt Lake City
513a5:13a:01: South Temple Street, Salt Lake City
513a5:13a:02: Main Street South from Brigham Street, Salt Lake City
513a5:13a:03: Main Street, Salt Lake Cityabout 1900
513a5:13a:04: Missing
513a5:13a:05: Main Street, Salt Lake City, street lined with automobiles
513a5:13a:06: Union Station, Ogden, UT
513a5:13a:07: Salt Palace, Salt Lake City
513a5:13a:08: Federal Building, Salt Lake City
513a5:13a:09: View of modern Salt Lake City
513a5:13a:10: Aerial view of Salt Lake City
513a5:13a:11: Post Card, Pioneer Memorial Museum, Salt Lake City
5145:14:01-04: Engravings of early settlements
5145:14:05: Sketch of Mormon Fort at Hyrum, UT 1860
5145:14:06: Plat of the Village of Oxford ID1864
5145:14:07: Temple Fork Sawmill, Logan Canyon, UT1863
5145:14:08: Old Church in Orderville, UT
5145:14:09: Logan, Hyde Park, and Smithfield Canal at mouth of Logan Canyon
5145:14:10: Old warehouse of the Utah Cental Railroad, Mendon, UT
5145:14:11: Adobe house 1870's and 1880's
5145:14:12-13: Postcard, interior of the Jacob Hamblin Home
5145:14:14-15: Postcard, Brigham Young's Winter Home, St. George, UT
5145:14:16: The Daily Reporter, Corinne, UT1869
5145:14:17: Ranch corral between Bluff and Mexican Hat, UT
5145:14:18: Early Main Street, Hanksville, UT
5145:14:19: Early Alpine, UT
5145:14:20: Cotton Mills, Washington, UT
5145:14:21-22: City Hall & Fire Dept, Eureka, UT
5155:15:01: Farmington, UT, as seen from the Wasatch Mountains1896
5155:15:02: Log house with shingle roof1870s
5155:15:03: Orderville, UT
5155:15:04: Academy Avenue, Provo, UT
5155:15:05: "The Pioneer's Home," 1869
5155:15:06: Willard City, UT1872
5155:15:07: Missing
5155:15:08: View of Logan from the Agricultural College1896
5155:15:09: Hite, UTabout 1898
5155:15:10: Photo "Scene in Willard, UT."
5155:15:11: Postcard Jacob Hamblin Home, Santa Clara, UT
5155:15:12: Orderville, UT as painted by Elbert Porter
5155:15:12a: Orderville, UT
5155:15:13: Illustration of "When the Mormons Settled San Bernardino."
5155:15:14: Fort Utah
5155:15:15: Fort Utah from a early painting by Samuel Jeppersonabout 1849
5155:15:16: First State Capitol Building, Fillmore, UT
5155:15:17: State House, Fillmore, UT
5155:15:18: Mormon Pioneer Fort, Pipe Spring National Monument
5155:15:19: Promontory, UT1875
5165:16:01: America's First Department Store, ZMCI
5165:16:02: Historic Salt Lake Theatreabout 1863
5165:16:03: Early Mercantile Establishment1868
5165:16:04: Water Wheel For Developing Power - 1880
5165:16:05: Salt Lake Tabernacle Under Constructionabout 1865
5165:16:06: Laying Capstone Of Salt Lake Temple- 1892
5165:16:07: Brigham Young Monument, In Temple Grounds1893
5165:16:08: Early Method of Transportationabout 1883
5165:16:09: State Capitol at Fillmore
5165:16:10: Ogden in Early Days
5165:16:11: Cove Fort
5165:16:12: Social Hall, First Western Theatre1853
5165:16:13: St. George Temple Under Construction
5165:16:14: First South and Main Street, Salt Lake Cityabout 1883
5165:16:15: Bee Hive and Lion Houseabout 1860
5165:16:16: Early View of Logan
5165:16:17: Council House, built in 1849
5165:16:18: Street Scene in Proveabout 1877
5165:16:19: Garfield Beachabout 1887
5165:16:20: First Catholic Church in Utah
5165:16:21: American Telegraph Officeabout 1861
5165:16:22: Deseret Store and Tithing Office1862
616:01:01: Brigham Young Home and Church Office Building, St. George, UT
616:01:02: Pioneer Cotton Mill, Washington, UT
616:01:03: State Capital at Fillmore
616:01:04 : Early Parowan Settlement
616:01:05: Early Coalville, UT
616:01:06: Main Street, Richfield, UT1876
616:01:07: Orderville, UT, as painted by Elbert Porter
616:01:08: San Bernardino1852
616:01:09: Fort San Bernardino1852
616:01:10-11: Pioneer cabin, Cedar City, UT
616:01:12-14: Photos of Pioneers and Wagon Trains
616:01:15: Camp Hollowspring and summer 1860
616:01:16: A Pioneer Train
616:01:17: Academy Avenue & West Center, Provo, UT1880s
616:01:18: Center Street, looking west, Provo, UT
616:01:19: Academy Avenue, Provo, UT
626:02:01: Main Street, Logan,UT1912
626:02:02: Main Street, Pleasant Grove, UT1912
626:02:03: Missing
626:02:04: Unidentified rural scene, poplars at a crossroad with small buildings
626:02:05: Sign for Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, stretching across the main highway through Brigham
626:02:06: Aerial View of Duchesne, UT
636:03:01: Cartoon "The Great Presidential Sweepstakes of 1856."
636:03:02: Cartoon "Col. Fremont's Last Grand Exploring Edition in 1856."
636:03:03: Cartoon "Scenes In An American Harem," Brigham Young and his family on their way to church
636:03:04: "Mormonism in Utah - The Cave Of Despair," 1882
636:03:05: "Woman's Bondage in Utah," 1882
646:04:01: "Government Train en route to Utah," 1859.
646:04:02: Bugler Corps of Johnston's Army
646:04:03: Soldiers at drill at Camp Floyd
646:04:04: Camp Floyd, Johnston's Army
646:04:05: Fort Douglas
646:04:06: Carson Hotel, at Camp Floyd State Park, Fairfield, UT
646:04:07: Mountain Meadows
646:04:08: Map of Connor Battle Field, Franklin County, ID
656:05:01: Medium of exchange in early days
656:05:02: Stamps for gold "Deseret Coins."
656:05:03: Equipment used for making the currency in Deseret Territory
666:06:01: Corinne, UT 1870
666:06:02: Freight Transportation
666:06:03: Stagecoach loaded with soldiers
666:06:04: Bear River Hotel and Bridge1872
666:06:05: Early Day Freight Train, Utah, Idaho, and Montana
666:06:06: Ben Halloday's Stagecoach at Kimball Station1867
666:06:07: Main Street and 1st South, "The last ox train unloading mdse."
666:06:08: Typical Pioneer Stage Coach, Utah, Idaho, and Montana
666:06:09: "Mail Station, Duschaine River1889."
666:06:9a: Mormon Emigrant Train
666:06:10: Stage Station, Hanging Rock, Echo Canyon, UT
676:07:01: Pony Express Rider
676:07:02: Building Telegraph Line, Weber Canyon, UT
686:08:01-02: Territorial Documents
696:09:01: Crossing Bear River, box Elder County, UT1869
696:09:02-04: Rail road in Wasatch, UT1869
696:09:05: Tunnel No. 2, the longest on the Union Pacific Railroad1869
696:09:05a: Devils Gate on the Union Pacific Railroad1869.
696:09:06-09: Devil's Gate Bridge1869
696:09:10: Ogden Canon, three miles above mouth1871
696:09:11: Uintah, UT 1869
696:09:12: Ogden, UT1883
6106:10:01: Railroad construction scene
6106:10:02: Three locomotives and two cars on Devils Gate Bridge
6106:10:03: Tunnel #2 , eastern portal, Weber Canyon, UT
6106:10:04: Camp Victory in UT
6106:10:05: The special train of Governor Stanford passes one of the last covered wagon trains near Promontory, UT
6106:10:06: "The First Greeting of the Iron Horse, Promontory Point"1869 May 9
6106:10:07: Promontory Point, UT 1869 May 10
6106:10:08: Last Spike Monument erected at Promontory, UT
6106:10:09 : Central Pacific track layers in Utah near the end of the track
6106:10:10: Mormon Wagon Train meeting the Union Pacific Railroad
6106:10:11: Meeting of Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railways at Promontory in 1869
6106:10:12: Beginning construction of Sheepshead Rock Tunnel, near Ogden1896
6106:10:13: Dormitory cars for the construction crews of the St. P. M & M. Ry.1880s
6106:10:14: Devils Slide, Weber Canyon, UT
6106:10:15: Wilhelmina Pass, Echo Canyon, UTearly 1870s
6106:10:16: Pulpit Rock, Echo Canyon, UT
6106:10:17: Leveling Track near Devils Gate
6106:10:18: Wasatch "What Cheer" Dining Hall1870
6106:10:19: Casement's Boarding Train, Blue Creek, UT
6106:10:20: Special Train of Governor Stanford, on its way to the last spike celebration
6106:10:21: Early view of Uintah, UT
6106:10:22: Bear River Canyon, UT
6106:10:23: Locomotive #2 of Meadville, Conneaut Lake and Linesvile Railway1890
6106:10:24: Streetcars
6106:10:25: Missing
6106:10:26: Joining of the tracks Union Pacific and Central Pacific, Promontory Point, UTMay 10, 1869
6116:11:01: City of Los Angeles Domeliner Freight & Union Pacific motor trailer freight service truck near Peterson
6116:11:02: City of Los Angeles Domeliner & freight passing near Wasatch
6116:11:03: Ogden Yards, Union Pacific Railroad
6116:11:04: Union Pacific Railroad Diesel Locomotive Shop, Salt Lake City
6116:11:05: Bridge building, Union Pacific Railroad
6116:11:06: Car building, Union Pacific Railroad
6116:11:07: Interior of Union Pacific Diesel Shop, Salt Lake City
6116:11:08: Domeliner, "The City of Los Angeles," in Echo Canyon
6116:11:09: Track laying, Union Pacific Railroad
6116:11:10: Union Pacific Microwave Tower overlooking Salt Lake City
6126:12:01: 10th Session of the House of Representatives
6126:12:02-04: Thomas Kearns House
6126:12:05: State of Utah Symbols
6126:12:06: Great Seal of the State of Utah
6126:12:07: Song "Utah, We Love Thee."
6126:12:08: Great Seal of the State of Utah
6126:12:09: Utah State Flag
6136:13:01: Spanish-American War Homecoming, Salt Lake City1899
6136:13:02: Camp Kent on the Fort Douglas Military Reserve, Spanish-American War1898
6136:13:03: Victory garden
6146:14:01: Members of the Wasatch Mountain Club prepared to set out on an expedition
6146:14:02: Men going of to work, CCC. Camp
6146:14:03: Spillway built by CCC
6146:14:04-05: Unidentified
6156:15:01-03: Advertisements for early phonographs and radios
6156:15:04: Heber J. Grant, launching radio station, KZN1922
6156:15:05: Heber J. Grant at the first showing of television in Salt Lake City1939
6166:16:01: Boeing B-291949 June 29
6166:16:02: Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Crew
6166:16:03: Aerial view of Defense Depot in Ogden
6166:16:04: Women Defense Workers
6166:16:05: VE Day 1945
6166:16:06: Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, UT
6176:17:01: Don Freeman Bankhead, the first freeborn black in UT
6176:17:02: Descendants of Green Flake; Martha J. Howell, Lucinda Flake Stevens, and Belle Oglesby
6176:17:03: Mary Ann Perkins James
6176:17:04: Chin Sig, an early Chinese resident of Salt Lake Cityabout 1880
6176:17:05: Spanish speaking people in Utah
6176:17:06: Summer School at the Guadalupe Mission1934
6176:17:07: Albert Fritz presenting annual Civil Rights Worker Award to Alberta Henry1971
6176:17:08: Railroad crew, Spanish-speaking peoples of Utah
6176:17:09: 50th anniversary of Funjinkai
6176:17:10: "Paving Plum Alley," Salt Lake City, an alley where many Chinese lived and kept shops
6176:17:11: Spanish- speaking migrant worker
6176:17:12: Greeks in Utah, the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. James Latsis in Layton1923
6176:17:13: Greeks in Utah, picnic1919
6176:17:14: Unidentified, Asian Dancers
6176:17:15: ESL tutors and students
6186:18:01-02: Article titled, "In The Wide Open Spaces of Utah."
6186:18:03-05: Utah F. A. Project No. 39, Magna-Tooele Road, Salt Lake CountyApril 13, 1922
6186:18:06: Early car stuck in canal
6186:18:07-08: Early automobiles
6186:18:09: Access road to iron mines across neck of Escalante Desert1945
6186:18:10: Utah Lake Bonneville Unit, view of I-151983
6186:18:11: I-15 near Draper, UT
6196:19:01: Camouflaged Aircraft, (F-4) Vietnam War
6196:19:02-36: United Airlines Aircrafts (1903-1964)
6206:20:01-02: Capitol Theatre, Salt Lake City
6206:20:03: Unidentified symphony
6206:20:04: Utah Symphony Orchestra in the Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City
6206:20:05: Utah Symphony, opening performance September 21, 1984
6206:20:06: Brass section, Utah Symphony Orchestra
6206:20:07: production "King Lear," Howard Jensen, director1979
6206:20:08: Unidentified performance
6216:21:01-03: Old Main, USU
6216:21:04-06: Aerial photos of USU campus
6216:21:07-08: Old Main, USU
6216:21:09: Unidentified medical procedure
6216:21:10: IC NurserySummer 1971
6216:21:11: UTS (Universal Terminal System)
6216:21:12: Dixie Junior College, St. George, UT
6216:21:13-19: Miscellaneous photos of BYU
6226:22:01: Bear Lake, Rendevous Beach1979
6226:22:02: Tram to Snowbird Ski Resort
6226:22:03: Corky Fowler, Director, Exhibition Division, Snowbird, UT
717:01:01: Samuel B. Axtell
717:01:02: Simon Bamberger
717:01:03: James Buchanan
717:01:04: John C. Cutler
717:01:05: John W. Dawson
717:01:06: George H. Dern
717:01:07: James Duane Doty
717:01:08: Charles Durkee
717:01:09: George W. Emery
717:01:10: Stephen S. Harding
717:01:11: Charles R. Mabey
717:01:12: Eli H. Murray
717:01:13: J. Wilson Shaffer
717:01:14: William Spry
717:01:15: Arthur L. Thomas
717:01:16: Vernon H. Vaughn
717:01:17: Heber M. Wells
717:01:18: Caleb W. West
717:01:19: George L. Woods
717:01:20-22: Brigham Young
727:02:01: Joseph Bull
727:02:02: Thomas Howard
727:02:03: Lucy Smith
727:02:04: James Thomas Snarr
727:02:05: Lorenzo Snow
727:02:06: J. E. Taylor
727:02:07: William N. Thomas
727:02:08: John W. Turner
737:03:01: Gus P. Backman
737:03:02: Ezra Taft Bensen
737:03:03: Jim Bridger
737:03:04: John T. Caine
737:03:05: John T. Caine
737:03:06: David O. Calder
737:03:07: Abraham H. Cannon
737:03:08-10: George Q. Cannon
737:03:11: George Careless
737:03:12: H. B. Clawson
737:03:13: Patrick Edward Connor
737:03:14-15: Frank H. Dyer
747:04:01: David Eccles
747:04:02: Lorin Farr
747:04:03: John Charles Fremont
747:04:04: Alice Merrill Horne
747:04:05: W. S. Godbe
747:04:06: Charles C. Goodwin
747:04:07: Jedediah M. Grant
747:04:08: Jacob Hamlin
747:04:09: E. L. T. Harrison
747:04:10: Doctor Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden
747:04:11: John K. Hillers
747:04:12: W. H. Hooper
747:04:13-15: William Jennings
747:04:16: Thomas L. Kane
747:04:17: Chief Kanosh
747:04:18: Thomas Kearns
747:04:19-20: Heber C. Kimball
747:04:21: Clarence King
757:05:01: Hebert B. Maw
757:05:02-03: Dr. Karl G. Maeser
757:05:04: Elizabeth A. C. McCune
757:05:05-06: James B. McKean
757:05:07: Isaac Morley
757:05:08: Julian Moses
757:05:09-11: John R. Park
757:05:12: Charles W. Penrose
757:05:13: Romania Bunnell Pratt, M.D
757:05:14: Eteinne Provot
757:05:15: Charles C. Rich
757:05:16-17: Franklin D. Richards
757:05:18: Jane S. Richards
757:05:19-20: Willard Richards
757:05:21: Elder B. H. Roberts
757:05:22: Brigham H. Roberts
757:05:23: H. J. Romney
767:06:01: George A. Smith
767:06:02: Hyrum Smith
767:06:03-04: John Henry Smith
767:06:05-07: Joseph Smith
767:06:08: A. O. Smoot
767:06:09: Reed Smoot
767:06:10: Eliza R. Snow
767:06:11: Erastus Snow
767:06:12: Charles W. Carter
767:06:13-14: Lorenzo Snow
767:06:15: Evan Stephens
777:07:01-02: John Taylor
777:07:03: Charles J. Thomas
777:07:04: John Tullidge, Sr
777:07:05-06: Daniel S. Tuttle
777:07:07: Chief Walker (or Wakara)
777:07:08-09: Joseph R. Walker
777:07:10: John Widtsoe
777:07:11: Wilford Woodruff
777:07:12-19: Brigham Young
777:07:20: Zina D. H. Young
787:08:01-02: Brigham Young and His Family
787:08:03: Brigham Young and the Twelve Apostles
787:08:04: Representative Women
787:08:05: Brigham Young and His Brothers
787:08:06: Commercial Leaders
787:08:07: Willard Richards and wife (in England)
787:08:08: Board of Directors, Deseret Hospital
787:08:09-11: Utah State Penitentiary in Sugar House, Prisoners Mormon Polygamistslate 1880's
787:08:12: Fact Finding Commission on Reclamation and AgricultureJan 19, 1924
787:08:13-14: Unidentified
787:08:15: Unidentified
818:01:01: Sugar Bowl1865
818:01:02: Preserve Jar1880-1885
818:01:03: Preserve Jar1845
818:01:04: Jar1870
818:01:04a: Pitcher1854
818:01:05: Bowl1868
818:01:06: Preserving Jar1880-1885
818:01:07: Preserve Jar1880
818:01:08: Stone Jugprior to 1860
818:01:09: Stone Bottleprior to 1860
818:01:10: Two Gallon Eardley Jar1880
818:01:11: Crockery Flower Vase1880
818:01:12: Five Gallon Churn
818:01:13: One Gallon Jug1860's
818:01:14: Earthen Pitcher1860's
818:01:15: Earthen Jar1860's
828:02:01: House Slipper1890
838:03:01: Spinning Wheel1875
838:03:02: Armchair, early 1860's
838:03:03: Carved Oak Chair1897-1900
838:03:04: Folding Oak Chair1850
838:03:05: Velvet Lounge1856
838:03:06: The Three Bear's Chairs1850
838:03:07: Carved Mahogany Table1858
838:03:08: Bedstead1860-98
838:03:09: Cupboard1856.
838:03:10: Chair (American Colonial)1858
838:03:11: Chair1856
838:03:12: Sleigh Chair of the "Julian Deane Hayne," 1865
838:03:13: Queen Ann Settee18th Century
838:03:14: Sleigh Chair, Driver's Seat, "Julian Deane Hayne," 1865
848:04:01: Red Plush Morris Chair
848:04:02: Rocking Chair18th Century
848:04:03: Queen Anne Chair
848:04:04: Walnut Chair
848:04:05: Mahogany Chair, about 1850
848:04:06: Red Colonial Chair1850
848:04:07: Rocker with Black Horse-hair seat1850
848:04:08: Colonial Wash Standabout 1850
848:04:09: Colonial Rocking Chairabout 1850
848:04:10: Chair with Head Restabout 1850
848:04:11: Victorian Upholstered Chair
848:04:12: Chair1875
848:04:13: Wooden Chair1867
848:04:14: Wooden Chair1859
858:05:01: Cream Pitcher1879
868:06:01: Comb Case1854
868:06:02: Rifle1900
868:06:03: Soap Kettle1835
868:06:04: Bullet Pouch and Powder Horn1865
868:06:05: Spurs1870-1875
868:06:06: Fire Tongs1851
868:06:07: Bridle1890
868:06:08: Cap and Ball Revolver, Horse Pistol1845-1890
868:06:09: Match Case For Wall1880
868:06:10: Powder Horn1854
868:06:11: Brass Boot Jack
868:06:12: Framed Paper Cutting1885
868:06:13: Branding Irons1870-80
868:06:14: Powder Pouch
868:06:15: Bridle1890
878:07:01: Gun Rack1892
878:07:02: Copper Measuring Cup1880
878:07:03: Sharpes Rifle1848
878:07:04: Sword and Sheathabout 1860
878:07:05: Silver Dollar Spurs
878:07:06: Double Rig Saddle1880
878:07:07: Firedogs or Andirons1865
878:07:08: Cowhorn Cane
878:07:09: Butter Mold
878:07:10: Jubilee Cup1897
878:07:11: Frame of Hair Flowers1900
878:07:12: Candle Stickprior to 1860
878:07:13: Fan 1888
878:07:14: Walking Stick
878:07:15: Powder Flask1840
888:08:01: Cowboy's Double Rig Saddle1890
888:08:02: Collar and Cuff box1896
888:08:03: Cowboy's Hackamore Bit1892
888:08:04: Trapper's Hunting Knife1900
888:08:05: Candlewick Clipper or Snuffer, Pioneer
888:08:06: Wooden Butter Bowl and Ladle, Pioneer
888:08:07: Copper Kettle, Pioneer
888:08:08: Copper Tea Kettle1850's
888:08:09: Wooden Churn1875
888:08:10: Candle Lantern1848
888:08:11: Iron1890's
888:08:12: Wool Flowers Under Glass1880
888:08:13: Beaded Cushion1870's
888:08:14: Spur1850's
888:08:15: Crazy Jug1895
898:09:01: Bead Cushion1870's
898:09:02: Wood and Stone Carving1899
898:09:03: Scraper1870
898:09:04: Plain Spur1894
898:09:05: Sword used in Civil War
898:09:06: Wood Carving1899
898:09:07: Fan1859
898:09:08: Fan 1859
898:09:09: Fluter
898:09:10: Heavy Silver Mounted Spur1896
898:09:11: Spur with Silver Mountings1890
8108:10:01: Plaid Homespun, used for a Shawl1878
8108:10:02: Plaid Homespun, used for a Blanket1850-70
8108:10:03-04: Plaid Homespun cloth used for dress
8108:10:05: Striped Homespun Linsey-Woolsey1877
8108:10:06: Striped Linsey-Woolsey1850-70
8108:10:07-08: Small Sampler Practice Cloth1819
8108:10:09: Striped Homespun Linsey-Woolsey1870
8108:10:10: Striped Kersey, used as a Blanket1862-84
8108:10:11: Plaid Homespun1862
8108:10:12: Lace and Embroidery1850
8108:10:13: Embroidery Samples1847
8108:10:14: Embroidery Samplerprior to 1805
8108:10:15: Embroidery Sampler1885
8118:11:01: Hand Needlework Sampler1860
8118:11:02-03: Rag Carpetprior to 1900
8118:11:04: Plaid Homespun Cloth1850-70
8118:11:05: Plaid Homespun Dress Material1850-70
8118:11:06: Homespun Cloth used for dress1884
8118:11:07: Hartanger Lace Work1890
8118:11:08: Hand Made Quilt1860
8118:11:09: Embroidered Baby Dress1870
8118:11:10: Wool Cushion Topprior to 1880
8118:11:11: Wool Table Clothprior to 1900
8118:11:12: Quilt1860
8118:11:13: Hand Needle Work1860
8118:11:14: Bedspread1880
8118:11:15: Linsey Blanket1886
8128:12:01: Quilt Block "Audax et fides," 1870.
8128:12:02: Vest
8128:12:03: Quilt Block" Homi soit qui malv pense," 1870
8128:12:04: Quilt Block "E-Cooper," 1870
8128:12:05: Quilt Block "Red Lion," 1870
8128:12:06-07: Homemade Cloth, Pioneer
8128:12:08: Handmade Needle Work1847
8128:12:09: Pillow Top1890's
8128:12:10: Quilt Block "Constancy," 1870
8128:12:11: Quilt Block (Samples of factory)1860's
8128:12:12: Samples of Factory Cloth1860's
8128:12:13: Section of patchwork quilt1899
8128:12:14: Tapestry1860
8128:12:15: Woolen Cloth, hand woven1860
8138:13:01-02: Section of patchwork quilt1899
8138:13:03: Wristlet1870
8138:13:04: Homemade Cloth
8138:13:05: Sampler1860
8138:13:06: Quilt, Patch Work Section1899
8138:13:07: Sampler1881
919:01:01: Hill scape, about 1/4 mile west of the Dinosaur Quarry proper
919:01:02: Typical oil well in Vernal area
919:01:03: "An early cabin of the type common throughout the Uintah Basin not many years ago."
919:01:04: "The ice in the mouth of Big Brush Creek Gorge."
919:01:05: Location of Steinaker Reservoir
919:01:06: Bones in stone, Vernal UT
919:01:07: Old museum at the Dinosaur Monument, Vernal UT
919:01:08-10: Pictograph, Vernal UT
919:01:11: Stone Pile, Vernal, UT
919:01:12: Cattle herd, Vernal, UT
919:01:13: Unca Sam (Red Sam)
919:01:14: "The Ute Indian Bear Dance."
919:01:15: Bear Dance Musicians
919:01:16: John Powwinnee
919:01:17: John Duncan
919:01:18: La Rena Denver
919:01:19: Group of Indians mounted on horses, just after UBIC parade
919:01:20: Brush wickiup built on a high bench overlooking the White River
919:01:21: "A mountain of shale."
929:02:01-02: Joseph Smith
929:02:03: Birdseye view of a portion of Nauvoo, Illinois
929:02:04-05: Graves of Emma, Joseph, and Hyrum Smith
929:02:06: Temple Site, Nauvoo, Illinois
929:02:07: Looking Southwest from Temple Site Nauvoo, Illinois
929:02:08-10: The Auditorium
929:02:11: Joseph Smith Preaching to Sac and Fox Indians, Nauvoo, Illinois
929:02:12-14: Group of Historic Mormon Houses at Nauvoo, Illinois
929:02:15: First House Built In Nauvoo, Illinois
929:02:16: Sidney Rigdon residence, Nauvoo, Illinois
929:02:17: P. Mix residence, Nauvoo, Illinois
929:02:18: Orson Pratt home, Nauvoo, Illinois
929:02:19: Parley P. Pratt residence, Nauvoo, Illinois
929:02:20: Brigham Young home, Nauvoo, Illinois
939:03:01: Brigham Young residence, Nauvoo, Illinois
939:03:02-03: The Nauvoo House, Nauvoo, Illinois
939:03:04-05: Joseph Smith Homestead, Nauvoo, Illinois
939:03:06-07: Joseph Smith's Mansion House, Nauvoo, Illinois
939:03:08: Printing house "Times Of Seasons," Nauvoo, Illinois
939:03:09: Historic Nauvoo
939:03:10-11: Old Liberty Jail
939:03:12: The First Court House of Jackson County
939:03:13: Carthage Jail
939:03:14: Hewn cap, one of the thirty pilasters from Mormon Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois
939:03:15-16: Nauvoo Mormon Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois
939:03:17-20: Unidentified
939:03:21: Etienne Cabet, Founder of Icarian Commune at Nauvoo, Illinois
949:04:01-19: Postcard photos & Snapshots of Nauvoo, Illinois Unidentified
959:05:01: Granary, box Elder County1940
959:05:02: Mormon Farmer with his horse, box Elder County1940
959:05:03: Cooperative beet cultivator, box Elder County1940
959:05:04: Threshing and loading small grain, box Elder County1940.
959:05:05: Threshing barley on a Mormon farm, box Elder County1940
959:05:06: Bull owned by a co-operative association, box Elder County1940
959:05:07: First step in digging a ditch with a ditcher, box Elder County1940
959:05:08: Pipes through which water is piped to hydro-electric plant, Brigham, UT1940
959:05:09: Threshing and loading small grain, box Elder County1940
959:05:10: Mormon farmer bagging wheat, Snowville, UT1940
959:05:11: Members of FSA cooperative hay chopper, box Elder County1940
959:05:12: Mormon Farmer, box Elder County1940
959:05:13: Main Street, Corinne, UT1940
959:05:14: Main Street, Brigham, UT1940
959:05:15: Roadside sign erected by State Road Commission, Corinne, UT1940
959:05:16: Scenic view, box Elder County1940
959:05:17: General view of Mormon settlement, Snowville, UT1940
959:05:18: Beet sugar plant, Garland, UT1940
959:05:19: Cooperative specialist talking to three Ericson brothers, box Elder County1940
959:05:20: Stacking hay with a hay stacker, box Elder County1940
959:05:21: Rural scene, box Elder County1940
969:06:01: Dairy herd, Cache County1940
969:06:02: Young orchard, Cache County1940
969:06:03: Members of FSA Cooperative sprayer, Cache County1940
969:06:04: FSA Cooperative sprayer in action, Cache County1940
969:06:05: Spraying fruits, FSA Cooperative, Cache County1940
969:06:06: Committee of local corn machinery cooperative signing an agreement for purchase of machinery1940
969:06:07-10: Picking berries, Cache County1940
969:06:11: Grapes on the vine, Cache County1940
969:06:12: Farm Security Administration co-operative binder in action, Mantua1940
969:06:13: Beet unloader and distributer, Lewiston, UT1940
969:06:14: Trucks full of sugar beets in transport to sugar beet plant, Lewiston, UT1940
969:06:15: Members of the LDS priesthood, Mendon, UT 1940
969:06:16: Organist of LDS church, Mendon, UT1940
969:06:17: Congregation leaving LDS church, Mendon, UT1940
969:06:18: Mormon church on Sunday morning (inside), Mendon, UT1940
969:06:19: Mormon children at church, Mendon, UT1940
969:06:20: Farmstead and irrigation ditch on outskirts of town, Logan, UT1940
969:06:21: Logan flour mill1940
969:06:22: "Sign bragging about the water supply," Logan, UT1940
969:06:23: Irrigation ditch on Logan River1940
969:06:24: Farming land on the outskirts of Logan, UT1940
979:07:01-10: Miscellaneous photos of the Blue Blaze Coal Mine, Consumers, UT1936
989:08:01: Bringing sheep down from the range, Duchesne County1942
999:09:01: Main Street, showing irrigation ditch, Escalante, UT
999:09:02: House, cliffs in background, Escalante, UT1936
999:09:03: A humble home, Escalante, UT1936.
999:09:04: Movie theater, Escalante, UT1936.
999:09:05: Mormon church, Escalante, UT1936
999:09:06: Lone house with fences, Escalante, UT1936
999:09:07: Close up of a rather good old house, Escalante, UT1936
999:09:08: A home, fence, tree, and barrel, Escalante, UT1836.
999:09:09: Main street and center of town, Escalante, UT1936
999:09:10: Home of a Mormon farmer, Tropic1940
999:09:11: A lonesome postoffice, Widtsoe, UT1936
999:09:12: General Store, Widstoe, UT1936
999:09:13: General view of Widtsoe, UT1936
999:09:14: Grocery store, Widstoe, UT1936
999:09:15: Church, Widstoe, UT1936
999:09:16: Mormon woman, Widtsoe, UT1936
999:09:17: Old Mormon house, ginger cake design, Tropic, UT
9109:10:01-02: Joseph S. Hunter house, Cedar City, UT
9109:10:03-05: Mary Bladen house, Cedar City, UT
9109:10:06: Isaac C Haight house, Cedar City, UT
9119:11:01-15: Columbia Steel Co. Ironton, UT 1942
9129:12:01: Weber River Valley, Morgan County1941
9139:13:01-06: Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, UT
9139:13:07-10: Beehive House, Salt Lake City, UT
9139:13:11: Assaying offices, Salt Lake City, UT
9139:13:12: Laying railroad, mines at Utah Copper Co. Bingham, UT
9139:13:13-19: Utah Copper Co., Bingham Canyon, UT1942
9149:14:01: Mail boxes and parcel room along highway, San Juan County, UT1940
9159:15:01: Members of Valley Dusty Association, Sanpete County
9169:16:01: Wendover, UT1940
9169:16:02: Road leading to Salt Lake Desert
9169:16:03: Geneva Steel Co. Geneva, UT1942
9179:17:01: Geneva Steel Co. Geneva, UT1942
9189:18:01: Turkeys, Ivins (Vicinity) Washington County1940
9189:18:02: Extracting juice from cane, Ivins, Washington County
9189:18:03: Relief Society House, Santa Clara, UT1940
9189:18:04: Monument to the Pioneers (Swiss Colony), Santa Clara, UT1940
9189:18:05: LDS. Chapel, Washington, UT
9189:18:06-07: LDS Chapel, Santa Clara, UT1940
9189:18:08: Unidentified
9189:18:09: Wooley House, St. George, UT
9189:18:10: Cannon House, St. George, UT
9189:18:11: Handling fruit in a produce warehouse, Santa Clara, UT1940
9189:18:12: Brigham Young's Office, St. George, UT
9189:18:13: Tithing Office, St. George, UT
9189:18:14: Erastus Snow House, St. George, UT
9189:18:15: Wooley House, St. George, UT
9189:18:16: Pipeline of FSA Cooperative irrigation project, ST. George, UT1940
9189:18:17: Women's Welfare Society meeting, Santa Clara, UT1940
9189:18:18: House of Mormon farmer, Santa Clara, UT1940
9189:18:19: Court House, St. George, UT
9189:18:20: Burgess Home, St. George, UT
9189:18:21-22: Reservoir, Santa Clara, UT1940
9189:18:23: Saigmiller house, St. George, UT
9189:18:24: Robert Lund House, St. George, UT
9189:18:25: Anthony W. Ivins House, St. George, UT
9189:18:26: Tithing Office, St. George, UT
9189:18:27: McArthur House, St. George, UT
9189:18:28: Bishop Corrington House, Washington, UT
9189:18:29-31: Desert Telegraph Office, Rockville, UT
9189:18:32: Utah family in orchard at peach harvest, Springdale, UT
9189:18:33: Crowd of men listening to world series, St. George, UT
9189:18:34: Pioneer Cotton Mill, Washington, UT
9189:18:35: Corral fence
1111:01: Tahauri and Heia Hutihuti with an excursion group
1111:02: Nativity scene portrayed by Tahitian Saints1956
1111:03: Voyage of the Paraita, LDS Church meeting house, Lower Tuamotus
1111:04: Laying the cornerstone for a new chapel1957
1111:05: Mission Home, Papeete, Tahiti
1111:06: LDS Boys Scouts1956
1111:07: SDJ Pupu Himene (LDS Choir, Papeete Tahiti)1955
1111:08: Group of Missionaries
1111:09: Voyage of the Paraita among islands of the Tuamotu Archipelago
1111:10: Group of Saints, French Branch, Papeete, Tahiti1957
1111:11: Paraita in dry dock
1111:12: Paraita docked, passengers aboard
1111:13: Paraita under full sail in Tahitian waters
1111:14: Voyage of the Paraita, course through lower Tuamotu Islands
1111:15: Paraita under full sail, lower Tuamotu Islands
1111:16: Voyage of the Paraita, native dwelling at edge of palm grove
1111:17-18: LDS Chapel Bora Bora, completed Spring 1962
1111:19: Group of Missionaries including family
1111:20: Chapel made entirely of coconut wood fibre, exterior view
1111:21: Chapel made entirely of coconut wood fibre, interior view
1111:22-23: Paraita under full sail in American harbor
1111:24: LDS Chapel and Tahitian Mission Home, Papeete, Tahiti1945
1111:25: Mormon Congregation in front of chapel, Takaroa1948
1111:26: Takaroa Chapel [1891/1910]
1111:27: Group of French Polynesian missionariesJanuary 1966.
12112:01:01: From: Stuart H. Richards, with note: "A moment of history in the making, From your Emeniti friends
12212:02:01: Utah Map by Erwin Raisz1962
12312:03:01: Earl and Hazel Ross
12312:03:02-03: Yosemite Photos unidentified
12312:03:04-05: Sequoia
12312:03:06: Wish of Information Bureau, Sequoia National Park
12312:03:07: In "Congress Group," Sequoia National Park
12312:03:08: Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park
12312:03:09: Cathedral Spires, Yosemite
12312:03:10: Capitan, Yosemite National Park
12312:03:11: Yosemite Falls
12312:03:12: The Cathedral Spires, Yosemite National Park
12312:03:13: Three Brothers, Yosemite National Park
12312:03:14: Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park
12312:03:15: Yosemite Valley
12312:03:16: Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park
12312:03:17: Cabin in forest
12312:03:18-28: Unidentified
12312:03:29: The Pinnacles, South from Moro Rock, Sequoia National Forest
12312:03:30: Map of Lincoln Co. Nevada
12412:04:01-02: Unidentified
12512:05: Slides of Shawn Pitt's Project, Field Work1987
12612:06:01-02: Frederick Merk
12712:07:01-13: Miscellaneous photos of various professional organizations Ellsworth participated in
12812:08:01: Alexander R. James
12912:09:01: S. George Ellsworth
12912:09:02: Home
121012:10:01: Maria Smith Ellsworth
121012:10:02: Unidentified
121012:10:03-04: Photos from Rome, captions in Italian
121012:10:05: University of Virginia
121012:10:06: Pauline and Maria, at Fort Necessity
121012:10:07: Pauline, Maria, and Steve
121012:10:08: Maria, Steve, and Pauline, at University of Virginia
121012:10:09 : University of Virginia
121012:10:10: Unidentified
121012:10:11: Fort Necessity
121012:10:12: Unidentified
121012:10:13: Maria, Steve, and Pauline
121012:10:14: Maria Smith Ellsworth
121012:10:15: Unidentified
121012:10:16-18: University of Virginia
121012:10:19: Picnic
121012:10:20: Pauline and Mark
121012:10:21: Pauline and Maria
121112:11:01-16: Small collection of postcards from Rome, captions in Italian
121212:12:01: Peggy Wood
121212:12:02: Unidentified
121212:12:03-05: S. George Ellsworth
121212:12:06-07: Silhouettes
121312:13:01: Fred Claridge
121412:14:01: Bill and Dee Hatch
121512:15:01: Map of Southeastern Arizona1886
121512:15:02: Map of Thatcher, AZ 1885
121512:15:03: Map of St. George, UT1891
121512:15:04: Group of men unidentified
121612:16:01: Orasmus Turner, Sketch No. 2 "It is Winter."
121612:16:02: Orasmus Turner, Sketch No. 2 "It is Summer."
121612:16:03: Orasmus Turner, Sketch No. 3 "It is Summer."
121612:16:04: Orasmus Turner, Sketch No. 4 "It is Winter."
121712:17:01: Samuel Claridge home in Thatcher, AZ, as of Oct 1992
121712:17:02: Gravestone of Samuel Claridge and Rebecca Hughes Claridge, Thatcher, AZ
121712:17:03-06: Muddy Mission
121712:17:07: Land Samuel Claridge owned & farmed when he came to Thatcher
121712:17:08-10: Plaque at cemetery mocking the St. Joseph settlement at the Muddy Mission
121812:18:01: Shawn Steven Holt1983
121812:18:02: Lindsay Jorgensen
121812:18:03: Stephen
121912:19:01-02: Taken from a letter to Ellsworth from Alfred Hulmes Jr1937
121912:19:03-09: S. George Ellsworth during the war years
121912:19:10: Unidentified
121912:19:11-13: S. George Ellsworth, during the war years
121912:19:14: James Ellsworth
121912:19:15: Lois Mae Clark
121912:19:16 : George, Maria, and Asahel H. Smith
121912:19:17-19: Unidentified
121912:19:20: Maria Smith Ellsworth
121912:19:21: Maria Smith Ellsworth
121912:19:22-23: S. George Ellsworth
121912:19:24-26: Unidentified
122012:20: Negatives of illustrations in Stansbury's book
122112:21: Slides of the Pumpkin walk
122212:22:01: Safford Arizona, Spencer's home: J. C . Julia, and families of James and Spencer
122212:22:02: James, at time of his mission
122212:22:03: Claridge sisters: Julia, Nell Layton, Merce Hoops. Rebecca Layton, and Kate Marrow
122212:22:04: Samuel Claridge familyabout 1891
122212:22:05: Samuel and Rebecca Claridge familyabout 1908
122212:22:06-08: Claridge family reunion1950's
122212:22:09-10: Samuel Claridge children (Merce, Ed, Kate, Rebecca, Hyrum, Nell, Wilford, Julia, Fay)1948
122212:22:11: Samuel Claridge and sons: Ed, David, Wilford, Hyrum, Samuel , Joseph
122212:22:12 : Rebecca Maddocks
122212:22:13: J.C. Ellsworth family: J.C. James, Julia, George, Elmo, Spencer
122212:22:14: Samuel Claridge on mission
122212:22:15: Rebecca Hughes Claridge
122212:22:16: John Hughes
122212:22:17: Samuel Claridge on his mission1977-78
122212:22:18-19: Samuel Claridge and wife Rebecca
122212:22:20: Elizabeth Pratt Hopkins
122212:22:21: Julia Eliza Claridge Ellsworth
122212:22:22: J.C. Ellsworth family: George, J.C. Julia, James, Claridge, Spencer
122212:22:23: Katherine Morrow and James
122212:22:24: En route to Los Angeles from Payson: Spenser, Elmo, George, James, J.C
122212:22:25: J.C. Ellsworth family: Julia, James, J.C. Elmo
122212:22:26: James Ellsworth, Germany1929
122212:22:27: Julia Ellsworth, prior to leaving Safford for Payson1917
122212:22:28: Julia and James Ellsworth
122212:22:29: Julia Ellsworth1910
122212:22:30: J.C. Ellsworth on mission, Australia
122212:22:31: First night out Payson to L.A. Spencer, Elmo, George, James, J.C
122212:22:32-34: James Henry Ellsworth in his blacksmith shop
122212:22:35: Safford, Julia Eliza Claridge Ellsworth, a young woman
122212:22:36: Gila Valley, Claridge sisters on hay ride: Julia, Nell, Lillian, George
122212:22:37: J.C. Ellsworth on mission, Australia
122212:22:38: Julia Ellsworth1910
122312:23:01-02: Safford, AZ couple in buggy
122312:23:03: Safford, Three friends
122312:23:04-06: Payson, house
122312:23:07: Julia Ellsworth and child, Payson
122312:23:08: Payson, house
122312:23:09: J.C. Ellsworth1917
122312:23:10: J.C. and Julia Ellsworth on trip
122312:23:11: Payson, possibly James, Elmo, Spencer, George
122312:23:12: J.C. Ellsworth and child
122312:23:13-14: J.C. Ellsworth family: J.C. Julia, James, Elmo
122312:23:15: Claridge Sisters: Julia and Kate
122312:23:16-19: Julia Eliza Claridge Ellsworth
122312:23:20: Main Street, Gila Valley
122312:23:21: J.C. Ellsworth
122312:23:22: Salt Lake City, home on 1st Avenue, wrecked auto from accident, involving Spencer, Elmo, George, and Claridge
122312:23:23: Delbert Merrill family
122312:23:24-25: Some Ellsworths
122312:23:26-27: Group: James Henry Ellsworth, Eliza McCleve Ellsworth
122312:23:28-30: Sunday Afternoon, Julia Ellsworth and children
122312:23:31: Payson outing, J.C. and William Ellsworth families
122312:23:32: James Ellsworth Prior to mission
122312:23:33: Claridge, George, Elmo, James, J.C., Long Beach
122312:23:34: Julia and J.C. Ellsworth, Long Beach
122312:23:35: J.C. and Claridge Ellsworth, Ogden, UT
122312:23:36: Auto and Riders before the house, Payson
122412:24:01-03: Julia Ellsworth
122412:24:04: Logan Canyon Girls Camp
122412:24:05-06: Close Friends: Julia, Roland Teitjen, Genevieve T., and J. C
122412:24:07: Unidentified
122412:24:08: Julia holding Elmo
122412:24:09-11: Julia with James and Elmo, Safford
122412:24:12: Close Friends: V.B. Callison, J.C., William Ellsworth
122412:24:13: Julia with guests Naomi, and Ruth Hoopes
122412:24:14: Julia and Louella Jacobson
122412:24:15: Elmo and George Ellsworth
122412:24:16: J.C. with missionary companions, Australia
122412:24:17: Australia, unidentified group of men
122412:24:18: J.C. Australia
122412:24:19: Julia Ellsworth and Bertha Hulme
122412:24:20: J.C. and Julia Ellsworth
122412:24:21: Thanksgiving dinner, James and Nell visiting en route: Claridge, Mildred, Spencer, James, J.C. Elmo, Julia, George, Nell. and baby
122412:24:22: Ellsworth cousins
122412:24:23: Ellsworths: James, Nell, and baby, Spencer, Mildred, David
122412:24:24: Ellsworth brothers: James, Elmo, Spencer, George, Claridge
122412:24:25: Eldred G. (Bud) Smith, J. C., James
122412:24:26: J.C. and Julia Ellsworth
122412:24:27: Mildred & baby, Claridge, Julia, James, and Nell
122412:24:28: Bertha Hulme and Julia Ellsworth dressed up as pioneer women
122412:24:29: Australia
122412:24:30: Postcard "Sydney-where we did our preaching."
122412:24:31: J.C. on mission, reading mail from home
122412:24:32: Postcard from J.C. to Julia, Australia Mission
122412:24:33: J.C. on bike, mission Australia
122412:24:34: Spencer's home, Safford Arizona, J.C. Julia and families of James and Spencer
122412:24:35: Brothers with cousin: Claridge, Elmo, George, Sammy Wassem, Spencer
122412:24:36: Relief Society Celebration, presidency Julia, Sr. Kallstron, Sr. Inez Chantrom17 March 1838
122412:24:37: Elmo, Spencer, James, on frozen Irrigation canal
122512:25:01: Julia Ellsworth with son James
122512:25:02: Julia Ellsworth prior to leaving Gila Valley for Payson
122512:25:03: James Ellsworth at time of mission
122512:25:04: J.C. Ellsworth family: J.C. Julia, Elmo, James
122512:25:05: J.C. Ellsworth family trip to L.A
122512:25:06: Katherine Martin and James Ellsworth
122512:25:07: Rebecca Hughes Claridge
122512:25:08: J.C. Ellsworth, auto, and boys
122512:25:09: Julia Ellsworth
122512:25:10: J.C. Ellsworth
122512:25:11: Julia Ellsworth, Will Ellsworth, Mary Ellsworth, Maud Pace Callison, Ethal Callison, Elmo Ellsworth, and Dr. V.B. Callison
122512:25:12: Nell Ellsworth, Julia Ellsworth, Claridge Ellsworth, A. W. Hulme Sr
122512:25:13: Meeting of friends LDS & RLDS, Joseph Fielding Smith, Alfred Hulme, George Albert Smith, unidentified women
122512:25:14: Julia Ellsworth and Bertha Hulme, Kansas City, MO
122512:25:15: Long Beach, 1719 Lindon Avenue: Ellsworths and Wassems: Fay, Sammy, Jackilin, George, Claridge, Julia
122512:25:16: Long Beach, 1719 Lindon Avenue: Claridge, George, Elmo, Sammy, Wassem Spencer
122512:25:17: Sunday afternoon, ride to Old Mill at a SL canyon: Clridge, J.C. Elmo, George, Homer S. Ellsworth
122512:25:18: Ellsworths: James, Claridge, George, Homer S
122512:25:19: Home in Payson
122512:25:20: Payson: Julia, Claridge, Hoopes, Ruth, Naomi
122512:25:21: Payson, on front lawn: Louella Jacobson, Julia Ellsworth
122512:25:22: Louella Jacobson and J.C. Ellsworth
122512:25:23: Spencer Ellsworth's children: Mary, Diana, Jewell, David
122512:25:24: Claridge, J.C. James, John, Nell, Julia
122512:25:25: Julia and J.C. Ellsworth
122512:25:26: Claridge Ellsworth at time of mission
122512:25:27: Spencer Ellsworth, about time of graduation
122512:25:28: Julia Ellsworth
122512:25:29: Julia and J.C. Ellsworth
122512:25:30: Elmo Ellsworth, just prior to mission
122512:25:31: Portland, Oregon, at home of S. Joy Claridge, brother of Julia: James Julia, Claridge, Donny May Claridge, Nell, S. Joy Claridge
122512:25:32: J.C. Ellsworth and sons: James, Elmo, Spencer, George, Claridge
122512:25:33: Thanksgiving dinner: David, Claridge, Mildred, Spencer, James, J.C., Elmo, Julia, George, Nell, baby
122512:25:34: J.C. Ellsworth family: Spencer, Julia, Elmo, Claridge, J.C. George, James
122512:25:35: J.C. Ellsworth family with wives: Nell with baby, James, Mildred, David, Spencer, Claridge, J.C., Julia, Elmo, George
122512:25:36: Kansas City, MO: George, S.O. Benion, President Central States Mission, James
122612:26:01: Unidentified
122612:26:02: J.C. Ellsworth en route to mission
122612:26:03-04: At sea: postcard of ship, from J.C
122612:26:05-06: Ellsworths: Spencer, Elmo, James
122612:26:07: J.C. Ellsworth
122612:26:08: Long Beach: Julia Ellsworth and unidentified friend
122612:26:09: Kate, Julia, Katherine
122612:26:10-12: Yellowstone Trip
122612:26:13-14: Julia Ellsworth
122612:26:15-16: J.C. Ellsworth at Gila Valley Bank & Trust
122612:26:17: Julia Ellsworth
122612:26:18: Booth at state fair: Julia testing a radio
122612:26:19: Safford home, front room with casket, Jullia Ellsworth's funeral
122612:26:20: Street Scene, Sydney, Australia
122612:26:21-22: Seattle/Sydney: Ship Marama?
122612:26:23-24: House in which J.C. was born, Luna, New Mexico
122612:26:25: J.C. in work clothes
122612:26:26: J.C. in hospital bed, following accident
122612:26:27: House in which J.C. and Julia first lived, Solomonville, AZ
122612:26:28: J.C. at time of mission
122612:26:29: Julia with James
122612:26:30-32: Home of J.C. and Julia, Safford
122612:26:33: Julia at piano, J.C. standing
122612:26:34-36: J.C. after the accident, 1953, Casa Grande Hospital
122612:26:37: Automobile after the accident, Casa Grande1953
122712:27:01: George, Radio announcer, KVNU1940
122712:27:02: Julia and friends
122712:27:03: Spencer, time of graduation from Osteopathic College
122712:27:04: Spencer, Mildred, Kate Wassum, J.C
122712:27:05: James in ROTC
122712:27:06: En route to L.A.: George, James, Elmo, Julia, Spencer
122712:27:07: Long Beach,: J.C. Elmo, Spencer, Claridge, Julia, James
122712:27:08: Family visit to battleshipearly 1920's
122712:27:09: Julia at home of Merce Claridge Hoopes, Gilbert, AZ1942
122712:27:10: J.C., Julia, mid 1930's
122712:27:11: Missionaries and Locals, Kansas City, MO
122712:27:12: J.C. in front of Felt Radio/Music store. State Street 1928-30
122712:27:13: White Salmon, WA, a visit to Uncle Joseph Hughes Claridge: Mable Claridge, Julia, Claridge, Nell with baby, John, James, Uncle Joe
122712:27:14: Julia and J.C., Long Beach
122712:27:15: Sisters: Julia, Rebecca, Merce, Nell
122712:27:16: Julia at home with Elmo, and James: Safford
122712:27:17: Portland Oregon cemetery: Grave of Rebecca Maddocks Hughes (Mrs. John)
122712:27:18: J.C. 1920, Payson
122712:27:19: Sisters Nell, Merce, Julia
122712:27:20: Nell, Julia, Mildred
122712:27:21: James, Elmo, Spencer, George, Claridge
122712:27:22: George, James, Claridge, Julia
122712:27:23: Julia with Elmo, James in his rocker
122712:27:24: Baby picture: James?
122712:27:25: James home from mission
122712:27:26: Site of Civil War Battle: Julia, James, Elder Zundell, J.C
122712:27:27: Germany, from James' Missionary Album: "I'm getting a drink at the Fountain of YouthJune 1929
122712:27:28: James and Claridge
122712:27:29: Portrait of J.C. and Julia
122712:27:30-31: Julia Ellsworth
122812:28:01: San Francisco: James, Nell, Charlotte, Elmo1930's
122812:28:02-03: Julia and J.C., near Eagle Gate, Salt Lake
122812:28:04: Payson Days: James, Spencer, and J.C
122812:28:05: Kate, Fay, Baby, Julia
122812:28:06: Benny Ellsworth, Baby, Julia
122812:28:07: Unidentified
122812:28:08-09: Interior of Payson home
122812:28:10: Safford Home: Julia at gate, two children
122812:28:11: Ellsworth family group picture: Eliza R. McCleve Ellsworth, James Henry Ellsworth
122812:28:12: James and Elmo
122812:28:13: Children, Unidentified
122812:28:14-16: Julia's funeral
122812:28:17: Visit to Uncle Joy: Claridge, Julia, Joy
122812:28:18: Claridge family reunion
122812:28:19: Sister: Rebecca, Nell, Julia, Merce
122812:28:20: The gin Packing Plant
122812:28:21: Safford Home: Julia at gate, James and Elmo most likely
122812:28:22: Safford Home, back yard raising chickens
122812:28:23: Unidentified
122812:28:24: Safford Home, Julia with Elmo, James on porch
1313:01: Group Portrait
1313:02-03: United Order at Orderville, UT, settled 1875
1313:04: Sand Dunes in Kane County, UT
1313:05: Map, America Septrional, 1650 by N. Sanson
1313:06: Map, America Septrional, 1785, by Prefso Antonio Zatta
1313:07-13:31: Realistic Visual Aids "Across Early America": 24 reenacted photos of early American History
1313:32: J.C. Ellsworth and wife Julia Eliza Claridge Ellsworth
1313:33-34: Addison Pratt
1313:35-36: Benjamin F. Grouard
1313:37: Aerial photo of USU campus 1924
1313:38: Early view of Logan
1313:39: Birds Eye View of Logan1875
1313:40: First faculty of Utah State University
1313:41: Telluride Power Company, Logan Canyon, close up of dam and plant
1313:42: North end of USU campus, showing farms and chicken coops
1313:43: Widstoe Hall, side view showing steam plant, USU
1313:44: USU campus
1313:45: Birds Eye View of Logan1875
1313:46: Pencil drawing of S. George Ellsworth
1313:47: Black and white photo of Logan LDS Temple
1313:48: Black and white photo of fence around Logan LDS Temple
1313:49-52: Logan LDS Temple
1313:53: Close up of a tower from the Logan LDS Temple
1313:54: View of the Logan Temple in the distance through the trees
1313:55: Picture of the Logan Temple
1313:56: Black and white photo of a room inside the Logan Temple
1313:57: Nancy P. Clark, 1885-1888; Mary T. Richards, 1888-1905; Martha M. Burris, 1905-1914; Elizabeth Y. Stoddard, 1914-1930; Margaret P. Cannon, 1930-1943; Lewella R. Christiansen, 1943-1952; Connie M. Raymond, 1952-1964; Ruby P. Rex, 1965-1966; Lovisa H. M. Raymond, 1966-1968; Pearl S. A. Heaton, 1968-1969; Majorie H. B. Knapp, 1969-1970; and Vida E. M. Heaton, 1970-Nov. 1973
1313:58: Duplicate of 13:56
1313:59: Map of Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska for Western Historical QuarterlyUndated
1313:60: Map of Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska for Western Historical Quarterly
[Copy of 13:59]
14114:01:01-02: Logan Temple. President Raymond years1952-1968
14114:01:03-04: "Logan Temple Centennial"1884-1984
14214:02:01-05: Logan Templereconstrutcion1950-1959
14314:03:01: Lloyd R. Hunsaker
Logan Temple Officers
14314:03:02: Kathryn B. BullenUndated
143 14:03:03: Reed BullenUndated
14314:03:04: Lavell Christensen. RecorderUndated
14314:03:05: Nalon P. Olsen. RecorderUndated
14314:03:06: Nalon P. Olsen. RecorderUndated
14314:03:07: Samuel Roskelley. RecorderUndated
14314:03:08: Frederkick Scholes. RecorderUndated
14314:03:09: Samuel Roskelley and Frederick ScholesUndated
143 14:03:10: Nalon P. OlsenUndated
143 14:03:11: Reed Bullen, President1978-1984
143 14:03:12: Mary T. Richards. MatronUndated
14314:03:13: Marriner W. Merrill, President1884-1906
14314:03:14: William Budge, President1906-1918
143 14:03:15: Joseph R. Shepherd, President1918-1935
14314:03:16: William A. Noble, President1935-1936
14314:03:17: Joseph Quinney, Jr., President1936-1943
14314:03:18: ElRay L. Christiansen, Prersident1943-1952
14314:03:19: A. George Raymond, President1952-1968
14314:03:20: Elvie W. Heaton, President1968-1973
14414:04:01: SealersUndated
14414:04:02: All receptionpstsUndated
14414:04:03: Officiators #5Undated
14414:04:04: Male receptionists, recommend securityUndated
14414:04:05: Officiators #6Undated
14414:04:06: Officiators #4Undated
14414:04:07: Officiators #3Undated
144 14:04:08: Officiators #2Undated
14414:04:09: Typists, checkers, and (unreadable)Undated
14414:04:10: BaptistryUndated
144 14:04:11: Officiators #1Undated
14414:04:12: Paid employeesUndated
14414:04:13: Back row: J. Lemar Larsen, Second Counselor; Lavell Christensen, Temple Recorder; (unreadable); (unreadable). Front row: (no identification) and Reed Bullen, PresidentUndated
14514:05:01: Logan Temple Workers1905
14514:05:02: Logan Temple WorkersUndated
14514:05:03: Logan Temple Workers1912 June
14514:05:04: Logan Temple WorkersUndated
14514:05:05: Logan Temple WorkersUndated
14514:05:06: Logan Temple WorkersUndated
14514:05:07: Logan Temple WorkersUndated
14514:05:08: Logan Temple Workers1912 June
14614:06:01: Logan Temple architecture drawingUndated
14614:06:02: Side Elevation, Logan Temple1878 January 7
146 14:06:03: Square Tower, Logan Temple1881 June 4
146 14:06:04: Side Elevation, Logan Temple1878 January 7
146 14:06:05: Side Elevation, Stand, Logan TempleUndated
14614:06:06: Transverse section of Logan TempleUndated
14614:06:07: Floor plan of Logan TempleUndated
14614:06:08: Floor plan of Logan TempleUndated
14614:06:09: Transverse section of Logan TempleUndated
146 14:06:10: Side Elevation, Stand, Logan TempleUndated
14614:06:11: Sections of North Stairs, Logan TempleUndated
14614:06:12: Sections of doors and openings into Main Room, Logan TempleUndated
14614:06:13: Architectural drawing of doors, Logan TempleUndated
14614:06:14: Sections of Square Tower, windows, Logan TempleUndated
146 14:06:15: Front and side elevations of stand in Logan TempleUndated
146 14:06:16: Longitudinal section of Logan TempleUndated
14614:06:17: Section of Logan Temple roofUndated
14614:06:18: Sections of side Windows, Logan TempleUndated
14614:06:19: Architectural drawing of Logan TempleUndated
14714:07:01: "Some of the men who made the bannisters." Front row: Ludrig Ernstrom, Christian Hans Monson, and Joseph Monson. Back row is unidentifiedUndated
14714:07:02: The Logan TempleUndated
147 14:07:03: Architecutural floorplans of the Logan TempleUndated
147 14:07:04: "Temple Under Construction"Undated
147 14:07:05: Two unidentified menUndated
147 14:07:06: Logan Temple in final stages of constructionUndated
14714:07:07: Temple Saw Mill at Temple Fork in Logan Canyon1877-1884
147 14:07:08: Duplicate of 14:07:01Undated
14714:07:09: Logan Temple during the final stages of constructionUndated
14714:07:10: Architecutural floorplansUndated
14714:07:11: Front and side elevation of the Stand in the Logan TempleUndated
14714:07:12: Front Elevation of stand in Logan TempleUndated
14714:07:13: Duplicate of 14:07:12Undated
14714:07:14-15: Duplicates of 14:07:09Undated
14814:08:01-15: RLDS Kirtland TempleUndated
14814:08:16: Painting of a fieldUndated
14814:08:17: Painting of Jesus ChristUndated
14814:08:18: StaircaseUndated
14814:08:19: Ceiling acanthusUndated
14814:08:20: StaircaseUndated
14914:09:01: Logan Temple during the final stages of constructionUndated
14914:09:02: Logan TempleEarly 1900s
14914:09:03: Logan TempleUndated
14914:09:04: Bird's Eye View of Logan City. Utah Territory1875
14914:09:05: Walkway to Logan TempleUndated
14914:09:06: Logan TempleEarly 1900s
14914:09:07: Picture of the Logan Temple through the treesUndated
14914:09:08: Logan Temple towers visible above the treesUndated
14914:09:09: Picture of rural LoganUndated
14914:09:10: Logan Temple during the early stages of constructionUndated
14914:09:11: Duplicate of 14:07:07Undated
14914:09:12: Duplicate of 14:07:04Undated
14914:09:13: Duplicate of 14:06:01Undated
141014:10:01-19: Photos of the exterior of the Logan TempleUndated
141114:11:01: Logan TempleUndated
141114:11:02: Lloyd R. HunsakerUndated
141114:11:03: Thelma L. HunsakerUndated
141114:11:04-05: Group examining artifacts from Temple corner stone boxUndated
141114:11:06: Group of unidentified peopleUndated
141114:11:07: Group examining artifacts from Temple corner stone box. Seated: George Raymond (former president), Katherin Bullen (matron). Standing, L-R: Committee Members, Lloyd R. Hunsaker (former president), Reed Bullen (President), S. George Ellsworth, Fred P. Howard (former president), LaVelle Christensen, La Conna Purser, LaMar Larson (2nd Counselor), Oral Lynn Ballam (1st Counselor)Undated
141214:13:01-13: Black and white photos of the exterior of the Logan LDS TempleUndated
141314:13:01-08: Logan Temple, interiors, early decades. Photos include baptisimal font and sealing roomUndated
15115:01:01: The Veteran Fireman RemembranceUndated
15115:01:02: Escalante enters Utah Valley. Painting by Paul SalisburyUndated
151 15:01:03: A group of firefightersca. 1900
151 15:01:04: Early firefighters1900
151 15:01:05: "Ontario mine. Interior. 600 Station, looking in tunnel toward Daly mineUndated
151 15:01:06: "Parade. Women in white"Undated
15115:01:07: Drawing of a city next to a river, (city unknown)Undated
15115:01:08: Drawing of a busy city street, (city unknown)Undated
151 15:01:09: Map of Northern Utah, Great Salt Lake areaUndated
15115:01:10: America Settentrionale. Map of North America
ca. 1800
15215:02:01: Brigham Young's winter home, St. George, UtahUndated
15215:02:02: Duplicate of 15:02:01Undated
15215:02:03: Territorial Oath for Revised Registry List. M. C. WalshUndated
152 15:02:04: Territorial Oath for Revised Registry List. W. N. LamphirUndated
15215:02:05: Mrs. B. F. Pilsen of Washington, D.C. The Washington Post1906 September 9, Sunday
15215:02:06: "The Old Pioneer Fort"Undated
15215:02:07: "The Old Pioneer Fort, Salt Lake City"Undated
15215:02:08: Amerizve Septentrionale, 1650. Map of colonial North America
15315:03:01: Group of small children
15315:03:02: Wasatch Mountain Club
153 15:03:03: Duplicate of 15:03:01
153 15:03:04: Fort Laramie surrounded by Native Americans
153 15:03:05: Aerial photo of an airport
153 15:03:06: Photos of colonial of clothes iron, and two chairs
153 15:03:07: Copy of 15:01:10
15315:03:08: The Great Seal of the State of Utah
15315:03:09: Translated from the French, this means: "Anoine Robidoux passed here 13 November 1837 to establish a trading post at the Green River or White. Inscription in Westwater Canyon, Utah-Colorado border
15315:03:10: West Elevation of a tabernacle in Wasatch County, Utah
15315:03:11: Kemps Junior Band
15315:03:12: House in an unidentified area
153 15:03:13: Evan Stephens
153 15:03:14: Unidentified fort
153 15:03:15: The Great Basin and its Lakes mapUndated
15315:03:16: "The Beginnings in Salt Lake Valley. A mural now (1984) hanging in the Museum of Church History and Art, The Church... Salt Lake City"Undated
15315:03:17: Native AmericansUndated
15315:03:18: "Chief Waskakie and head men in front of the Chief's tent. Encampment, Wind River Mts., Wyoming"1870
15315:03:19: "Red Rock Pass, the outlet of Lake Bonneville, as seen from the north"Undated
15315:03:20: Lorenzo SnowUndated
15315:03:21: W. H. HooperUndated
15315:03:22: William Jennings (1823-1886)Undated
15315:03:23: Brigham Young ca. 1870
15315:03:24: Frederick Piercy engraving, "Joseph Smith, from a lithograph published in New York"Undated
15315:03:25: "Fact Finding Commission on Reclamation and Agriculture. January 19, 1924. Left to right: James R. Garfield, former Secretary of the Interior; Thomas E. Campbell, former governor of Arizona, chairmanl; Dr. Elwood Mead, world-renowned authority on reclamation; Dr. John A. Widstoe, vice chairman and secretary; A. C. Cooley, member of Bureau of Plant Industry representing the Department of Agriculture; T. E. Brown, corresponding secretary of the commission"Undated
15315:03:26: Utah State Historical SocietyUndated
15315:03:27: UAQ. Mabel Jarvis1969 Fall
15315:03:28: SymphonyUndated
15315:03:29: Copy of the hymn, No. 155; "Utah, We Love Thee"Undated
15315:03:30: "Utah State Historical Society." Photo of paintingUndated
153 15:03:31: Eureka, Utah. City Hall and Fire DeptUndated
15315:03:32: Frederick Piercy engraving, "Devil's Gate"Undated
15315:03:33: "Emigrant company crossing the Great Plains, summer 1853Undated
15315:03:34: "W. H. Jackson photograph. The Emigrant's Grave. Scattered along the dreary 1,200 miles from the crossing of the Missouri to the promised land of the Morn are little mounds of earth covered with slabs of rock, and sometimes with a plain piece of board at the hear, with a simple inscription, and occasionally, when near some ranch, surrounded by a fence."Photographed 1870
15315:03:35: Fort Bridger-JacksonUndated
15315:03:36: Jackson: Glar setUndated
15315:03:37: "Utah Valley land brought under irrigation by the Deer Creek or Provo River Project. Utah Water and Power Board"Undated
15315:03:38: "The Old Pioneer Fort"Undated
15315:03:39: "Petroglyphs near Monticello, Utah. Photography by Gael Lindstrom"Undated
15315:03:40: Postcard depicting the "Oldest house in Salt Lake City, Utah - 1581"Undated
15415:04:01: Sarah Taylor RicksUndated
15415:04:02: Nathan RicksUndated
15415:04:03: Unidentified man in graduation attireUndated
15415:04:04: Unknown personUndated
15415:04:05: Van JohnsonUndated
15515:05:01: Tigoma Squamata GillUndated
15515:05:02: Ictalurus Simpsonii GillUndated
15515:05:03: Echinocactus SimpsoniUndated
15515:05:04: Opuntia Pulchella. Cactus found in Great BasinUndated
15515:05:05: Morone Interrupta GillUndated
15515:05:06: Roccus Chrysops GillUndated
15515:05:07: Carboniferous FossilsUndated
15515:05:08: Devonian and Carboniferous FossilsUndated
15515:05:09: "Three Hopi Indians from Oraibi, delegated to visit the Mormon President, Brigham Young for the purpose of encouraging trade. 1863"Undated
15515:05:10: GeronimoUndated
15515:05:11: Intermountain Indian School, Brigham CityUndated
15515:05:12: Indian dwellingUndated
15615:06:01-13: Photos of the Kirtland TempleUndated
15715:07:01: "Low Archipelago or Paumotu Group by the U.S. Ex. Ex. Charles Wilkks Esor Commander" Map
(negative available)
15715:07:02: "Harbours of Papieti,Toanoa, Papaoa and Matavai Bay with the Chip Channel through Reef. Island of Tahiti" Map
(negative available
15715:07:03: 4 small maps of islands
(negative available
15715:07:04-06: The Western Historical Quarterly
(negative available
15715:07:07: "Black Jack Ketchum--photo made just before this execution at Clayton, New Mexico, April 1, 1901"
15715:07:08: "Bill Powers, Bob Dalton, Grat Dalton, Dick Brodwell. Four out of five men killed, when they attempted to rob two banks, in Coffeyville, Kansas, Oct. 5, 1892"
15715:07:09: Campground
15715:07:10: "Indian Ghost Dance before battle at Wounded Knee, 1891"
15715:07:11: Flyer advertising the 'Bandit Joaquin"
15715:07:12: Street entertainer
15715:07:13: Gambling hall
15715:07:14: "Building of the Central Pacific Railroad. Bank and Cut at Sailors Spur 80 miles from Sacramento"
15715:07:15: "Bird's eye view of Big-Foot's Camp after the massacre"
15715:07:16: The Street of the Gamblers"
15715:07:17: Woman in a graveyard
15715:07:18: "Black Jack--Men adjusting the noose"
15715:07:19: Men in the gallows
15715:07:20: Group of men
15715:07:21: "John Heith, lynched on Feb. 22, 1884, by infuriated citizens in Arizona"
15715:07:22: Three men hung in the tree
15715:07:23: "Filling in Secret Town Trestle"
15715:07:24: "White women in Opium Den, Chinatown, S. F. San Fransisco"
15715:07:25: Men building a railroad
15715:07:26: A display of the Book of Mormon
(negative available)
15715:07:27: Black and white photo of Ellen Spencer Clawson (?)Undated
15715:07:28: Photos of an antique jewelry (?) box
(negative available)
15715:07:29: Map of Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Shows rivers and mountain ranges
(negative available)
15715:07:30: Photos from an office
(negative available)
15715:07:31: Photos from the Museum of Tahiti
(negative available)
16116:01:01: "Ellen Spencer Clawson with son Bradley"Undated
16116:01:02: "Ellen Spencer Clawson (1832-1896)"Undated
16116:01:03: "Ellen Spencer Clawson (1832-1896)"Undated
16116:01:04: "Ellen Spencer Clawson (1832-1896)"Undated
16116:01:05: Margaret Gay Judd ClawsonUndated
161 16:01:06: Alice Young ClawsonUndated
16116:01:07: Emily Augusta Young ClawsonUndated
16116:01:08: Emily Spencer ClawsonUndated
16216:02:01: Old Cove Fort, UtahUndated
16216:02:02: Old Cove Fort, Utah. ParlorUndated
16216:02:03-04: Old Cove Fort, Utah. BedroomUndated
16216:02:05-07: Old Cove Fort, UtahUndated
16216:02:08: Old Cove Fort, Utah. Assembly RoomUndated
162 16:02:09: Duplicate of 16:02:08Undated
162 16:02:10-13: Old Cove Fort, UtahUndated
162 16:02:13: Duplicate of 16:02:02Undated
16216:02:14: "ZCMI Centennial Shops re-create the scene on Salt Lake's Main Street 100 years ago when the "Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution" sign went up over each store whose owner became a shareholder in the retailing venture that proved to be America's first department store. 1868-1968"Undated
16216:02:15: "Godbe Pitt's new store - center of streetcar activity. Main and First South"1882
16216:02:16: Stone engraving; Utah1873
16216:02:17: Everett L. CooleyUndated
16216:02:18: Left to right: Kimberly, age 11; Scott, 14; Marcia, 16; Brent, over 18 years old; Alysa, 7; Orrin Hatch; unidentified; Jess, 6Undated
162 16:02:19: Clarkridge, emblemUndated
162 16:02:20: "Al, The Allosaurus Dinosaur, Price, UtahUndated
16216:02:21: Two unidentified menUndated
162 16:02:22: "The Mormon Temple"Undated
16216:02:23: "Nauvoo, Illinois"Undated
16216:02:24: Oliver EllsworthUndated
16216:02:25: Unidentified ancient structureUndated
16216:02:26: Unidentified manUndated
16216:02:27: Herbert E. BoltonUndated
16316:03:01: "The Main Line Service of the Canadian Northern Railway," mapUndated
16316:03:02: Map including Quebec and Hudson BayUndated
16316:03:03: Copy of 16:03:01Undated
16316:03:04: Copy of 16:03:02Undated
16316:03:05: Duplicate of 16:03:04Undated
16316:03:06: Duplicate of 16:03:03Undated
16316:03:07: "Detail from "A map of Lousiana," Arrowsmith and Lewis, a New and Elegant General Atlas"1804
16316:03:08: "Detail from "A General map of North America," Arrowsmith and Lewis, A New and Elegant General Atlas"1804
16416:04:01: Eleanor Martin RicksUndated
16416:04:02: Student council meeting in the new libraryUndated
16416:04:03: Two men next to a muralUndated
16416:04:04: Two men in a bell towerUndated
16416:04:05: Two unidentified men relaxing in the shade of a treeUndated
16416:04:06: Ore J. H. PaulUndated
16416:04:07: A gateway opening to a farmhouseUndated
16416:04:08: Native American guides a monk through the mountainsUndated
16416:04:09: Log cabinUndated
16416:04:10: Columbia River Longview Bridge postcardUndated
16416:04:11: Postcard of Rev. Fr. Junipero Serra, D. D., Priest of all the MissionsUndated
16416:04:12: Postcard of a road marker in Historic Virginia, MontanaUndated
16516:05:01: Suspension bridgeUndated
16516:05:02: Log cabinsUndated
16516:05:03: Mark Twain CabinUndated
16516:05:04: Temple of the Magician, Uxmal, Yucata, MexicoUndated
16516:05:05: El Juego de Pelota Chichen Itza, YucatanUndated
16516:05:06: "Road of the gods towards the Temple of the 7 dolls"Undated
16516:05:07: Venus Temple. Uxmal, Yucatan, MexicoUndated
16516:05:08: Governor's Palace. Uxmal, Yucatan, MexicoUndated
16516:05:09: Mntejo's House. Merida, Yucatan, MexicoUndated
16516:05:10: Native American womanUndated
16516:05:11: Arizana GradiariUndated
16516:05:12: View in Prima Valley on the PrimaUndated
16516:05:13: Brigham YoungUndated
16516:05:14: St. George, Utah. Temple frontUndated
16516:05:15: Damaged carUndated
16616:06:01: Unidentified manUndated
16616:06:02: Drawing of Bear LakeUndated
166 16:06:03: Unidentified manUndated
16616:06:04: Unidentified manUndated
16616:06:05-23: Unknown conferenceUndated
16616:06:24: Snow covered treeUndated
16616:06:25: Cave drawingsUndated
16716:07:01: T. A. Larson, Ninth President of Western History AssociationUndated
16716:07:02: LeRoy R. HafenUndated
16716:07:03-05: Former History Department faculty. Names unknownUndated
16716:07:06: Knight B. Kerr and SGE. Hill Cumorah1980 May
16716:07:07: Green truck next to unknown machingeca. 1980
16716:07:08: Poebe Clawson Taylor, right. "Snow-Clawson home"Undated
16716:07:09: Salt Lake City State StreetUndated
16716:07:10: "Yours truly, H. B. Clawson." Pencil drawingUndated
16716:07:11-13: Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary. Enclosure Great Salt Lake City1856 June 30
16716:07:14: View of an unknown cityUndated
16816:08:01: Turner photoUndated
16816:08:02: Joel E. RicksUndated
168 16:08:03-06: Wooden keepskake boxUndated
16816:08:07: Unidentified womanUndated
168 16:08:08: Payson Peteetneet School from newspaperUndated
16816:08:09: Ernst Hatwig KantorowicsUndated
16816:08:10: Peteetnet School, PaysonUndated
16816:08:11: "Looking north on Main Street from Depot Street, Payson"Undated
16816:08:12: "Looking south on Main Street from Depot Street, Payson"Undated
16816:08:13: "Nebo Stake Tabernacle, Payson"Undated
168 16:08:14: "Old Junior College with its fire-escape chutem Kansas City, Missouri"Undated
168 16:08:15: "The High Street, Hemel Hempstead, from a drawing by Peter Wagon"Undated
168 16:08:16: "Mission Home-North Central States Mission." Taken from the Liahona, The Elders' JournalUndated
16816:08:17: "Central States Mission Homes." Taken from the Liahona, The Elders' JournalUndated
16816:08:18: George EllsworthUndated
16816:08:19: Photo for calendar1945
16816:08:20: Frank R. Bauman, age: 1 yearUndated
16916:09:01: Young girlUndated
16916:09:02: William TurnerUndated
16916:09:03: Eda and Will MortensonUndated
16916:09:04: Dr. Alfred TaylorUndated
16916:09:05: Young man, identity unknownUndated
16916:09:06: Three small children, identity unknownUndated
16916:09:07: Photo of 3 young adults, 1 male and 2 femaleUndated
161016:10:01: Spanish Map of Utah on a Spanish Map of 1768
161016:10:02: Utah on an American Atlas of 1796
161016:10:03: Map of Central America, 1809
161016:10:04: Utah geography according to Humboldt: 1811
161016:10:05: "Map of the United States with the Contiguous British & Spanish Possessions Compiles from the Latest & Best Authorities by John Melish"
161016:10:06: "A Map of North Amierica, Constructed According to the Latest Information: by H. S. Tanner"
161016:10:07: "Ideas of Utah Geography in 1826. Map of North America. Including all the Recent Geogrraphical Discoveries 1826"
161016:10:08: "'Jed' Smith's Routes Across Utah: 11826-1827." (negative) 16:10:10. "Map of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1842 and to Oregon and California in the years 1843-4 by Captain J. C. Fremont"
161016:10:11: "A New Map of Texas. Oregon and California with the Regions Adjoining Compiled from the most recent authorities"
161016:10:12: "Captain James H. Simpson's Explorations: 1858-1859"
161016:10:13: The Territory of Utah in 1865
161016:10:14: New Mining Map of Utah. "Showing the location of the Mining Districts over an extent of Territory 150 miles from North to South"
161016:10:15: An 1889 Map of Utah's Capital City Salt Lake City, Utah
161116:11:01: Drawing of Herbert E. BoltonUndated
161116:11:02: Robert M. Utley1971 October
161116:11:03: Robert G. AthearmUndated
161116:11:04: Ernest S. OsgoodUndated
161116:11:05: HollonUndated
161116:11:06: LyeUndated
161116:11:07: MillerUndated
161116:11:08: PrattUndated
161116:11:09: AhlstromUndated
161116:11:10: ChaseUndated
161116:11:11: BritiUndated
161116:11:12: CazierUndated
161116:11:13: AlderUndated
161116:11:14: EllsworthUndated
161216:12:01-18: "Mormons in Tahiti." Punaruu Museum, Papeete, Tahiti. Consists of LDS historical figures including Benjamin F. Grouard and Addison Pratt as well as photos of LDS literature
161216:12:19: "The Mormons and the Anitos in Polynesia"Undated
161216:12:20: Showcase displaying mormon literature and a photo of LDS historical figureUndated
161216:12:21: Black and white photo of "The Mormons and the Sanitos in Polynesia"Undated
161216:12:22: Building, Museum of Tahiti (?)Undated
161216:12:23: Exhibit of LDS literatureUndated
161216:12:24: Black and white photo of an exhibit in the museumUndated
161216:12:25: The Book of Mormon in TahitianUndated
161216:12:26: Duplicate of 16:12:22Undated
161216:12:27: "Prominently displayed, the Latter-day Saint exhibit contains large portraits of Addison Pratt and Benjamin F. Grouard, facsimilies of diaries, personal documents, officiall records, and booksUndated
161216:12:28: Duplicate of 16:12:24Undated
161216:12:29: "Beside the portrait of Elder Grouard is a brief sketch of the history of the early Mormon missionaries to the Society Islands in French, Tahitian, and English"Undated
161216:12:30: "The Mormons in Tahiti"Undated
161216:12:31: "Shown here are facsimiles of the diaries of Noah Rogers and Benjamin F. Grouard (lower front), a document from the French National Archives in Paris relating to the Mormons (on the wall), the Book of Mormon in Tahitian (center), and Elder Grouard's Tahitian Bible (lower right). James Brown's autobiography is opened at the lower left. Addison Pratt's journal (facsimile) and the reord of the Tubuai Branch (facsimile) are at the left of this view, beneath theportrait of Elder Pratt"Undated
161216:12:32: An exhibit from the Museum of TahitiUndated
161316:13:01-106: Black and white photos of various unidentified adultsUndated
161416:14:01: Maurice AbravanelUndated
161416:14:02-06: Snapshots of unidentified people around an officeUndated
161416:14:07: Photograph of the "The Western Historical Quarterly"Undated
161516:15:01: Wedding photo
[in a cardboard frame]
1717:01: Section of side windows of Logan Temple. Architectural drawing
17 17:02: Sections of doors and openings to Main Room in Logan Temple. Architecture drawing
17 17:03: Sections of Logan Temple Roof. Architecture drawing
17 17:04-05: Logan Temple floor plan
1717:06: Front section of stand
17 17:07: Front and side elevation of stand
1717:08: Longitudinal elevation of Logan Temple
17 17:09: Section of north stair of Logan Temple
1717:10: Square tower of Logan Temple
1717:11: Drawing of front door of Logan Temple
1717:12: Sections of square tower windows of Logan Temple
17 17:13-14: Logan Temple
17 17:15: Logan Temple workers. Original in temple
17 17:16: Duplicate of 17:15
1717:17: Logan Temple
17 17:18: Logan Temple workers, Logan
1912 June
1717:19-23: Logan Temple
17 17:24-27: Logan Temple workers
1717:28: Logan group temple workers
17 17:29-30: Group picture of Logan Temple workers
1717:31: Logan Temple workes
(negative available)
1717:32: Transverse section of Logan Temple. Architectural drawing
17 17:33: Side elevation of Logan Temple
1717:34: Side elevation of stand
17 17:35: Temple workers on lawn next to temple
(negative available)
17 17:36: Logan Temple above the trees in the distance
17 17:37: Logan Temple drawing
17 17:38: Logan Temple workers
(negative available)
1717:39: Logan Temple workers
1717:40: Logan Temple Workers, Logan
1912 June
1717:41-46: Various shots of Logan LDS Temple at different angles
1717:47-62: Alberta (Bertie) Larson (Mrs. H. C. Jacobs), enrolled at the Agricultural College from 1898 to 1900. Photographer: Burton Thomas. Includes construction of Old Main
1717:63-68: Photos of the interior of the Logan Temple
1717:69-70: Logan Temple workers group photo
1717:71: Logan Templer workers. Logan
1912 June
1717:72: "The Early Temples of the Mormons. The Architecture of the Milennial Kingdom in the American West." Kirtland Temple
(negative) See P0025 15:05:13
1717:73-80: Unknown mother and baby
1717:81: Museum of Tahiti
1717:82-92: Western Historical Society
1717:93-94: Unknown men
(negative available)
1717:95: "Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary, Great Salt Lake City"
Copy of a letter. (negative available)
1856 June 29
1717:96: "Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary, Great Salt Lake City"
Copy of a letter. (negative available)
1856 June 29
1717:97: "Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary, Great Salt Lake City"
Copy of a letter (negative available)
1856 September 4
1717:98: "Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary, Great Salt Lake City"
Copy of a letter (negative available)
1856 September 4
1717:99: "Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary, Great Salt Lake City"
Copy of a letter (negative available)
1856 September 4
1717:100: "Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary, Great Salt Lake City"
Copy of a letter. (negative available)
1857 February 5
1717:101: "Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary, Great Salt Lake City"
Copy of a letter. (negative available)
1857 February 5
1717:102: "Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary, Great Salt Lake City"1856 June 30
1717:103: "Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary, Great Salt Lake City"1856 June 30
1717:104: "Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary, Great Salt Lake City"1856 November 4
1717:105: "Ellen Spencer Clawson to Ellen Pratt McGary, Great Salt Lake City"1856 November 4
1717:106: Ellen Spencer Clawson
(negative) (see P0025 15:07:27)
1717:107: "Bingham Copper Mines looking East toward Salt Lake City. Tailings are starting to be dumped in upper left portion of photo. Jacklin Collection, Stanford University
1717:108: "Terracing and reseeding on Meado Creek, Fishlake National Forest
1955 Fall
1717:109: "Parade. Women in white"
[Copy of 15:01:06]
1717:110: "Parade. Women in white"
[Negative of 15:01:06 & 17:109]
1717:111: Horses hooked up to plows in "Davis County, Utah"Undated
1717:112: Horses hooked up to plows in "Davis County, Utah"
[Negative to 17:111]
1717:113: "E. Riasz, 'Landforms of Utah', map"
[Copy negative]
1717:114: "Cache Valley from air, 30,000 feet view looking west"
1717:115: "Raisz map of Cache Valley"
1717:116-119: "Stansbury map of Utah Territory"
1717:120: "Oath"
1717:121: "Aspen reproduction two years after cutting. Nioche sale area Fishlake National Forest and Ranger Keneth D. Roberts"
1717:122: "Aspen cutting for excelsior Nioche sale area, Fishlake National Forest"