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Larson, Edith Feero
Edith Feero Larson photograph collection
1890-1979 (inclusive)
1898-1933 (bulk)
587 photographic prints (2 boxes and 1 folder)
67 negatives (1 box) : nitrate
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Photographs of family and friends, and of scenes from the the Klondike Gold Rush
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
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Box 352900
Seattle, WA
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Edith Larson was an Alaska pioneer and long-time resident of Skagway. The Feero family arrived in Skagway in 1897 where Edith's father started a packing business on White Pass. Edith married Karl Larson and remained there for 50 years. She participated in the Klondike Gold Rush and was an assistant in the Dedman Photography Shop.

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The collection consists of 335 loose photographs and three albums. Album 1 (35 photographs) includes souvenir reproductions of images from the Klondike Gold Rush. Album 2 (56 photographs) and Album 3 (161 photographs) consist primarily of photographs of family and friends in Skagway. The loose photographs includes various scenes from the Klondike Gold Rush, 1897-1905 (Some by photographers Hegg, Case and Draper, Walter Strand, Webster and Stevens) and also modern pictures of Edith, family and friends. See following inventory of loose photographs. All inventoried except folders 17, 19 and 21 which contain more recent snapshots and postcards of Alaska and the Yukon Territory.

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Box 1: Albums 1-3; Folders 1-4 (Larson 1-38]
Box 2: Folders 5-21 (Larson 39-251)
Box 3: 67 nitrate negatives.

Listing of loose photographs::

1: Edith in parka in front of Dedman's Photo Shop.
2: Chilkoot Trail, whipping of thief. 1897?
3: Carl Larson. Case and Draper photo. 1910?
4: Unidentified man with flowers.
5: Feero, John Egbert and Emma Jean. Kelly photo. 1890.
6: Feero, John, Emma and Frank. Kelly photo. 1890.
7: Feero children. Kelly photo. 1892?
8: Pullen House, Skagway. 19--.
9: Edith with soldiers, USO? 1940's.
10: Edith and Carl on the "Klondike" 1930's
11: Joe Brooks funeral in Skagway. 1933.
12: Edith at 92 years. 1979.
13: Edith with grandson at 92 years. 1979.
14: Edith in 1976.
15: School children, Skagway? [Box OS1]
16: Edith at USO dinner. 1940's
17: Edith at USO dinner. 1940's
18: Edith at USO after dinner. 1940's
19: Barroom shoot-out
20: At the roulette wheel
21: Tanker in storm
22: Army hospital at Liarsville, Skagway. 1945.
23: Icy Lake above town?
24: Skagway? Dyea? winter
25: Winter scene
26: Old Bracket wagon road, White Pass. 1898
27: Fish traps, Yukon River
28: Skagway graffiti on rocks
29: Juneau waterfront. T. Davis photo.
30: Juneau waterfront at night, Snap Shoppe Photo.
31: Sunset on Lynn Canal. T. Davis photo.
32: Sunnyless Cove
33: Skagway from mountain looking West. 1940's
34: Juneau waterfront. T. Davis photo.
35: Lower Lake Dewey, Skagway. Dedman Photo Shop (tinted)
36: Lynn Canal from mountain above Skagway. Dedman Photo Shop. (tinted)
37: Tank farm, where Clark's farm used to be, near Skagway
38: Skagway from mountain top looking East. 1900?
39: Men, dogs, tent in snow starting for Chilkoot Trail 1897
40: Church school where V.A. Longuit taught from old cabin wall, Skagway. 1898.
41: Decorated tent on wharf for reception for Vice-President Fairbanks and Senators wives touring Alaska. 1898.
42: Corner of hall at reception for Vice-President Fairbanks. 1898
43: Lower Reed's Falls, Skagway. 1898
44: Reed's Falls, Skagway. 1898?
45: Old Glory and Union Jack, White Pass Summit. 1897. (double exposure)
46: Ketchikan waterfront. 1899.
47: Ketchikan street scene. 1899.
48: "City of Topeka" in Wrangell Harbor. 1899.
49: Ketchikan totem pole. 1898.
50: Boats at wharf, Skagway?
51: "Cottage City" at port, Skagway?
52: Trail, tents, woman sitting, Chilkoot? White Pass?
53: Carcross? Waterfront with dogs pulling wagon.
54: Boat on Lake Bennett.
55-59: White Pass Railroad, series of 5 photos of photo essay on development through 1939.
60: Skagway from mountain looking East. Callerman Photo. 1903
61: White Pass and Yukon Railroad. Cutting rock on tunnel mountain. Barley (221). 1898.
62: White Pass and Yukon Railroad. Stop at Glacier, Caribou Crossing Excursion. 1899. Barley (526)
63: White Pass Summit. Train excursion. 1899. Barley (528)
64: White Pass and Yukon Railroad construction wagons and teams, at Bennett? with tents and lakes in background. 1899? Barley (464) 2 copies
65: White Pass and Yukon Railroad. First passenger coaches into Bennett. 1899. Barley (514)
66: Skagway, Moore's wharf looking South. 1914. LHP (1159)
67: White Pass and Yukon RR locomotive.
68: White Pass and Yukon RR locomotive.
69: White Pass and Yukon RR locomotive
70: 3 women, man and dog at tents. 1898? 2 copies.
71: Woman on dog sled with man driving. Dedman Photo
72: Skagway, large building.
73: Dyea, Alaska
74: Dyea from mountain looking Northeast. 1898.
75: Skagway, landing on beach with lighters. 1897.
76: Snowslide on Chilkoot Pass. 1898.
77: Chilkoot Trail, Sheep Camp. 1898? (204)
78: Chilkoot Trail? Water with rocks.
79: Chilkoot Pass, stampeders at scales with line going over pass. 1898.
80: Building first church in Skagway. 1897.
81: White Pass and Yukon RR, snowslide. 1928. Dedman Photo.
82: Yukon River, Miles Canyon. Dedman Photo.
83: Skagway, wharf with tide out.
84: Edith, Ethel and Emma, Lady Maccoby's. Ca. 1904.
85: White Pass road work. 1898. Hegg Photo
86: Dyea, Main Street with men and donkey. Hegg 1898.
87: In the tunnel on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad. 1898. Hegg. 2 copies.
88: Yukon River, Five Finger Rapids. Hegg (594)
89: White Pass and Yukon Railroad, Loomis breaking bottle Champagne on last boulder between third bridge and White Pass. 1898. Hegg.
90: White Pass Trail, Ice bridge on Skagway River. 1890s. Webster and Stevens (108.A)
91: White Pass Summit, hauling 1400 pounds with 1 horse . 1898. Hegg/Webster and Stevens (101.A)
92: Bennett showing tents, some wooden houses, boats. 1899. Webster and Stevens (156.A)
93: Ice motor leaving Bennett for Dawson. 1899. Hegg (672), Webster and Stevens (135.A)
94: White Pass and Yukon Railroad route. White Pass and Cutoff Canyon. Webster and Stevens (79.A)
95: Dog sled and team with 2 men ready to leave Skagway for Dawson. Hegg photography studio in background.
96: Bennett from mountain looking Southwest. 1900. Webster and Stevens (267.A)/Hegg.
97: Chilkoot Trail, packtrain crossing Lake Lindeman. 1898. Hegg (261).
99: White Pass summit with packtrain in snow. 1899. Hegg (271). Webster and Stevens (136.A)
100: Log Cabin, B.C. with men, tents and goods. Hegg (680). Webster and Stevens (297.A)
101: Foster Glacier near Skagway, man hunting. Hegg (133). Webster and Stevens (201.A)
102: White Pass and Yukon Railroad, First train out of Bennett with millions in gold. 1899. Hegg (366), Webster and Stevens (390.)
103: Yukon River, steamboats "Australian" and "Gleaner" at dock, head of Miles Canyon. Webster and Stevens.
104: White Pass Trail, Looking down through Cutoff Canyon from half mile below White Pass summit. 1899. Hegg (595?). Webster and Stevens (160.A)
105: Freighters crossing White Pass Summit. 1899. Hegg (598)
106: White Pass Trail, head of Box Canyon, man pulling sled. 1898. Hegg.
107: Driving the last spike of the White Pass and Yukon Railroad. at Bennett. 1899. Webster and Stevens (275.A)
108: Street scene at Bennett with men, horses, sleds, tents, cabins. 1899. Webster and Stevens (268.A)
109: Skagway, Moore's wharf with Str. "Athenian" at dock. 1898. Hegg (289)
110: John E. Feero pack train on White Pass Trail. 1898.
111: Skagway, Office of Watson and Church, real estate and mines. 1898. Case and Draper.
112: Skagway, Boats on Linn (Lynn?) Canal. 1898. Case and Draper.
113: Skagway from mountain looking East. 1897? Case and Draper
114: Edith at first school in Skagway. V.A. Longuet teacher. 1898. Case and Draper.
115: Chilkoot Trail, river from Lake Lindeman to Bennett with boat on rocks. Case and Draper.
116: Skagway, Broadway with horses and wagons. 1898. Alaska View and Photo Co. (806)
117: Skagway from mountain looking West. 1898. Alaska View and Photo Co. (811)
118: Skagway from mountain looking Northwest. 1898. Alaska View and Photo Co. (839)
119: Skagway wharves. 1898. Alaska View and Photo Co. (807)
120: Mining, Nos. 18 and 19 below on Boulder Creek. A & A? (101)
122: Man and woman in front of "Photos & Views" tent. J.M. Blankenberg photo.
123: Mining, tents on creek with excavation in foreground.
124: Skagway, Episcopal Guild, V.A. Longuet school teacher marked with x. 1898
125: Skagway of Dyea, 4th of July, 1898? Horses drawing float wagon.
126: Dyea, John Stack & Co. General store. 1898
127: White Pass and Yukon Railroad., Lake Ruth. Case and Draper (497)
129: White Pass and Yukon Railroad., scene through pass. Case and Draper (663)
130: Whitehorse from hill across river looking Southwest. 1897. Case and Draper (500)
131: Skagway, East fork of river looking up White Pass, trail and train trestle in foreground. 1898. Case and Draper (441)
132: White Pass and Yukon Railroad., scene between Log Cabin and Bennett with tracks to right, lake and valley to left. Case and Draper (480)
133: Snow covered mountain near Atlin, B.C. 1899
134: Chilkoot Pass in summer with scales, tent restaurant and tramway. c1903. Walter Strand Photo.
135: Dyea, snow covered hotel. 1898. Strand Photo.
136: Rapids between Lake Lindeman and Bennett with raft, no snow. 1898. Strand Photo.
137: Lake Lindeman, tents and boat in snow. 1899. Strand Photo.
138: Mining tunnel in winter. Strand Photo.
139: Atlin, tents and cabins in snow, "In winter's grip". 1905. Strand Photo.
140: Skagway from mountain looking Southeast. ca. 1899. 2 copies.
141: Carcross, Walter Strand's camp. 1899.
142: Bennett? Miners in camp with wooden boats, marked upper Dyea River. 1898. Strand Photo
143: Snow covered mountain "Springtime in the North". 1899
144: Atlin, Bank of British North America in snow. 1899. Strand Photo.
145: Miners and dog in cabin at packing box table. 1898.
146: Chilkoot Pass from Crater Lake, some snow, tramway machines at top. Strand Photo.
147: Lake Lindeman, with boat loaded with junk, some snow. 1898.
148: Dyea, Miner's Rest Hotel in snow. 1898. Strand Photo
149: Atlin, Miners at sluice box, "Mining gold". 1905. Strand Photo.
150-153: White Pass Trail, Broken down cabin on Joe Brooks trip, 1933.
154: Edith on railroad car on Joe Brooks trip. 1933
154a: Joe Brooks on horseback. ca. 1898.
155: White Pass City, remains of old cabin, Joe Brooks trip, 1933.
156: White Pass Trail, Old Pie House across from Clifton on Joe Brooks trip, 1933.
157: White Pass Trail, "Where we camped the night Joe Brooks died", 1933.
158-162: White Pass Trail, campers on Joe Brooks trip, 1933. (5 photos)
163-171: White Pass Trail, scenes on Joe Brooks trip, 1933
172: White Pass Trail, old log cabin, Joe Brooks trip, 1933
173: Oriental young woman/ puffed sleeves.
174: Indian woman weaving baskets (2 copies)
175: Mustached man with vest and gold chain
176: Indian man with beaded clothes, rifle and feathers
177: Young woman with lace-applied sheer, high-necked blouse
178: Corsetted woman with fur rug
179: Young man with fur coat
180: Northwest Mounted Police uniform
181: Bartlett Bros, pack train in Dawson. 1899
182: White Pass summit with packs in snow. 1898. (2 copies)
183: Jeff Smith's parlor in Skagway. 1898?
184: Skagway, dog team ready to leave for Klondike. 1897.
185: White Pass trail, turkeys on pack train. 1898.
186: Skagway, barroom scene, "The Nome". 1898
187: Men with packs in tent city, no snow.
188: Dyea, wharf with piles of goods, poor copy of Hegg photo
189: Skagway, laying railroad track on Broadway. 1898
190: Carcross, Walter Strand's camp. 1905?
191: White Pass, toll gate, bracket wagon road. Webster and Stevens (357.A) 3 copies
192: Paying with gold dust. Larss and Duclos? 2 copies.
193: White Pass Trail, wagon road. (reversed image)
194: White Pass, dog team. 1898?
195: Skagway, arrival of dog team of "The Montana Kid" 1897?
196: Chilkoot Trail, sheep camp from hill, little snow
197: Chilkoot Pass, digging for bodies. 1898 (drawing)
198: Chilkoot Pass, men with packs, tents in foreground, line over pass, sliders to side.
199: Bennett graveyard
200: Bennett from hill with lots of boats being built, from Hegg photo. 1898
201: Yukon River, one-man paddle wheeler
202: White Pass and Yukon Railroad., first locomotive July 20, 1898 in Skagway
203: Not found
204: White Pass Trail, horse carcasses in Skagway River after spring thaw. 1898
205: White Pass Trail, dead mule. 1898.
206: Dyea Inlet and Long Bay from mountain looking Northeast
207: Yukon River, Miles Canyon Landing. Barley photo. 2 c.
208: Chilkoot Trail, discarded canvas canoes.
209: Yukon River raft with two stampeders, dog, and goods
210: White Pass Trail, Jerry Perry's pack train. Kern photo. 1898
211: Chilkoot Pass in summer. Strand photo. 1903.
212: Bennett, street scene. 1899. Webster and Stevens (8.A)
213: Bennett, boats at inlet from Lindeman
214: Yukon River, raft through Miles Canyon. Kern photo
215: White Pass Trail, pack train with long line behind, 1897?
216 Skagway, cattle pulling sleds in Spring, 1898. 2 copies
217: Chilkoot Pass, looking back from summit. 2 copies
218: Dyea from mountain
219: Dyea from mountain, 1898
220: White Pass, pack train beyond pass
221: Chilkoot Pass, customs house at summit with men and piles of goods, drawn from photo.
222: Jack Crawford's Christmas message from Dawson, 1898.
223: G.W. Carmack, discoverer of Klondike
224: Kate Carmack in Carcross after deserted by George
225: Jim Tagish (Skookum), discoverer of Klondike.
226: Rounding up gang of Soapy Smith, 1898. 2 copies
227: Member of Soapy Smith gang holding bag of gold
228: Soapy Smith on horseback
229: Soapy Smith's grave at Skagway
230: Funeral of Frank Reid, 1898. Case and Draper photo (poor copy). 2 copies
231: Miners panning gold in cabin at 50 below zero
232: Miners at sluice box with gold pan. Zaccarelli photo
233: Miners at sluice box, 1898.
234: Skagway, barroom scene at the "Double O," 1898 (Unprinted?)

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