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Madsen, Susan Arrington
LDS Church Galilee Branch interviews
2007-2010 (inclusive)
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The LDS Church Galilee Branch interviews (2007-2010) consist of interviews conducted with members of the Galilee Branch of the LDS Church living in Tiberias, Israel.
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The LDS Church Galilee Branch interviews (2007-2010) were created by Dean and Susan Arrington Madsen during their 18-month mission to Tiberias, Israel. The interviews were conducted with members of the Galilee Branch who currently resided there. The topics covered include involvement with the Mormon Church, the choice to live in Israel, the conflict in Israel, and family histories. Many interviews were conducted with members of the Hansen family.

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The LDS Church Galilee Branch interviews (2007-2010) consist of interviews conducted with members of the Galilee Branch of the LDS Church living in Tiberias, Israel.

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1 1 Interview Books
This book contains the following interviews:
  • 1. Raisa Andreevna Davydova Ayvazyan: Ayvazyan was born May 12th, 1939 in Uzbekistan. She discusses her experience growing up during World War II, as well as her education and her husband’s work as an engineer. She taught Russian Language and Literature. She also addresses how she found the Mormon Church and visions she has had of Jesus.
  • 2. Sonia Bertinat de Malel: Malel learned the teachings of the Mormon Church through her mother, who became a member in 1959. Malel was married in 1957 and had two children with her husband, who wasn’t a member of the Church. Malel was highly active in the Church: she worked for the Primary Organization and later the Relief Society Organziation. She discusses her mother’s advice, her struggles throughout life and how the Church called her even in troubled times, and her move to Israel. She also discusses her son’s mission and the building of the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. Included are some letters from her son’s mission.
  • 3. Lyubov (Lyuba) Dorfman: Dorfman was born in 1956. She discusses her family history at length, which was filled with trauma due to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia where they lived. World War II was also difficult for the family, and Dofman’s father almost had to have his legs amputated after being involved in the fighting and contracting gangrene. She recalls her strained relationship with her mother, her childhood and how being adopted affected her, and raising her own family. She also discusses how she likes living in Israel as opposed to Ukraine.
  • 4. Loresa Escritor Dela Cruz Dumlao: Dumlao was born in 1968 grew up in the Philippines. She relates her parents’ histories and how they met, her school experiences, as well as her baptism into the Mormon Church in 1988 and subsequent vision of Jesus Christ. She participated a great deal in Church life, teaching in the Primary and the Relief Society, and was involved in music as well. She also mentions her work life and her dreams for the future.
  • 5. Minerva Felix: Felix was born in 1974 in the Philippines. Like others, she talks about how her parents met and their histories. She talks about her decision to join the Mormon Church at seventeen years old, as well as her mission to Hong Kong. She also mentions relations between the United States and the Philippines and talks about her husband and young son.
  • 6. Marissa Galvan (history, not an interview): Galvan was born in the Philippines. The history discusses her parentage, her childhood growing up with four siblings, her education through college, and her job history. It also mentions her baptism.
  • 7. Carmen Burbitz: Burbitz was born in 1951 in Argentina. She discusses her family background, mentioning that her father was a Jewish political refugee. However, because her parents were unmarried, she was adopted by new parents in Argentina. She discusses her early schooling, her marriage at the age of sixteen and her children, and her conversion to the LDS faith. She recounts her experiences as a missionary in Buenos Aires and her involvement in the Church. She also discusses various health problems she has experienced, including thallasemia and cancer. Finally, she discusses her move to Israel, where she met her second husband.
  • 8. Gloria Gutman: Gutman moved to Israel from Argentina, although she also has Polish heritage. She discusses her education, which she received up through high school. She also talks about her family’s Catholic history and her conversion to the LDS faith.
  • 9. Ramzieh Hammad: Hammad was born in Israel in 1953 and came from a household of seven children. She talks about her family, and the tragic deaths that have occurred within it. She discusses her education and the difficulties imposed upon it growing up as a Muslim girl, her teachers, her marriage, and how she became a teacher. She also talks about joining the Mormon Church in 1983, her adopted daughter, her friends, her travels, and her retirement.
1 2 Interview Books
This book contains the following interviews:
  • 10. Allen Michael Hansen: Allen was born in Sfat, Israel, in 1984. He talks about his parents, his siblings, and his grandparents. He also talks about his baptism, schooling and learning disabilities, his love of reading, his service to the Israeli Military, his mission to Russia, his love for scripture and his church involvement, and church leaders who have influenced him. He talks about meeting his wife, another Church member from Russia, and their marriage.
  • 11. Ann Miller Hansen: Ann discusses her family background, her time in Venezuela, and growing up in Utah, including people had an impact on her growing up. She also talks about the death of her brother at the age of twenty-four. She describes becoming interested in the Middle East, her decision to come to Israel, and meeting her husband, Michael Hansen. She also talks about receiving a degree in Middle Eastern Studies from University of Utah, despite the fact that she got pneumonia, married life, and raising children in Israel.
1 3 Interview Books
The first part of this book includes the correspondence and essays of Ann Miller Hansen. This book contains the following interviews:
  • 12. Eliana Kay Hansen: Eliana is the daughter of Ann and Michael Hansen. She had served in the Israeli Army for six months at the time of the interview. She discusses her military training, her view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the brutal truths of war.
  • 13. Michael Allen Hansen: Michael talks about his background and childhood growing up in California, and his parents’ experiences as foster parents. He also discusses his memory of World War II, his schooling, and his marriage to Ann.
  • 14. Yaron Hansen: Yaron was born in Israel in 1995. He is the youngest brother of Allen and Eliana, and describes his relationships with them. He talks about his trip to Budapest and experiences traveling in airplanes, as well as an incident during which he was hospitalized for parasites. He also talks about the war in Lebanon. His discussion of school includes a school play he was in, as well as the “Keschet class” he is in that helps people with Asperger’s function better within society. He also talks about traveling to Utah, the snow there, the 2009 General Conference, and the Festival of the American West.
  • 15. Yvonne Hansen: Yvonne discusses her childhood, a period of which was spent in an orphanage. She was born Mormon and baptized at the age of eight. She talks about school, her grandparents, and her move to Israel in the 1970s. She discusses her work at Temple Square in Salt Lake City and meeting her husband, as well as living in New York City, Salt Lake City, and Montana. She talks about her divorce, her ex-husband’s death, and money troubles, as well as her children.
1 4 Interview Books
This book contains the following interviews:
  • 16. Susan Kahn: Kahn was born in Armenia in 1966, in the Soviet Union. She talks about her marriage, the birth of her daughter, and her education. She also discusses the hard times that hit the Soviet Union in 1991. She and her husband were baptized into the Mormon Church in 1993. After their move to Israel, her husband was called to be Branch President. The family was also befriended by the Hansens. She talks about the influence of the 30-Day War in Israel, and her powerful experience of seeing the Salt Lake Temple for the first time.
  • 17. Anna Kirichenko: Kirichenko was born in 1994 in Ukraine. She talks about being homeschooled, her love of movies, music, and animals, and her baptism in to the church in 2004 at the age of ten. From the sounds of it, she has a medical condition that causes her to spend time in the hospital.
  • 18. Olesya Kyrychenko: Kyrychenko was born in Urkraine in 1971. She talks about her family history, coming to live in Israel in 1996, her schooling in English and subsequent work, her marriage, and the birth of her daughter, Anna. She also talks about joining the Mormon Church in 1997, some of her friends, the Galilee Branch, and the conflict in Israel 2006.
  • 19. Jorge Malel: Malel was born in Uruguay in 1964. He discusses his family background, his move to Israel at the age of eighteen, his mission in Chile, and his education.
  • 20. Margreta Spencer: Spencer was born in Canada in 1932. She describes her family history at length, including her father’s experience fighting in both World Wars. She discusses her work as a physiotherapist, working in Finland, seeing the Swiss Temple, and going to work Israel in 1969. She also talks about her callings in the LDS Church, her experience with Jewish people in Canada, learning Hebrew, and the realities of the military in Israel. Other topics include superstitions in the Jewish community, the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community, charitable service foundations, tourism, Church meetings, the establishment of the Jerusalem Branch of the Church and the Galilee Branch, and BYU programs in Israel.

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