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Elliot, Thompson Baker
Thompson B. Elliot Moran School album
1915-1920 (inclusive)
1916 (bulk)
213 photographs (1 album)
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Photograph album of student life at the Moran School
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Thompson Baker Elliott was the son of author and historian Thompson Colt Elliot and his wife, Anna Baker. Anna Baker's father, Dorsey Syng Baker, was a merchant and physician who is credited with building the first railroad in the Walla Walla, Washington region and was co-founder of the first banking institution of Washington State: the Baker Boyer Bank, which is still an independent, community-oriented banking institution today.

Elliot attended the Moran School for Boys from 1915-1920. It took 5 years because in 1918, he was drafted for World War I, and came back afterwards to finish his degree. He married Irene Hayes Cleveland in 1927. He remained in Washington all his life and, like his father and grandfather, became a successful businessman. He died on April 5, 1990.

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The Moran School for Boys was founded in 1914 by Frank G. Moran, who was the son of the great shipbuilder, Robert Moran. While most of the Moran Boys followed in their father's maritime footsteps, Frank Moran's interest laid more in educating the future minds of America. He had a very different view of what education should be and established the Moran School for Boys around those views.

Built on the Chautauqua equipment site at Manitou Park on Bainbridge Island, 12 miles away from the city of Seattle, the school was surrounded by woods, water, and mountains which provided privacy for the students and faculty but was close enough to Seattle for the boys to remain in touch with their family and Seattle society. The Moran School for Boys subscribed to the educational theory that a student should not be molded to fit into a prescribed curriculum; instead, a boy's education was individualized to his unique abilities and interests. The tutoring model, which allowed for a maximum of 2-3 students per teacher, provided the support necessary to fulfill such an individualized education.

The school purposely started with few bells and whistles. The students were encourage to share ideas and "make it happen". They wanted a playing field, they plowed and landscaped it; an outdoor sleeping dormitory, they constructed it; they wanted to expand the purpose of a building, they remodeled it. The boys of the school were taught that "they are boys to whom the best has been given and much will be required". If they wanted something or were interested in something, it was up to them to achieve it.

Even the Moran School emblem was designed by a student. It represents the idea that a boy is four-sided; true education must minister to the mental, the physical, the social, and the religious/moral equally. Frank Moran wanted all of his students to grow up to be well-rounded, productive, and unique members of society.

On November 14, 1916, a fire broke out in the main building of the school and destroyed two buildings; however, no one was injured. More interestingly, the educational method of the school was showcased by the conduct of the students under pressure. They aided in assembling fellow students for roll call, helped save office records, and assisted in fighting the fire.

In 1919, Frank Moran established the Lakeside School to be a "feeder" school for younger boys on the shores of Lake Washington in Seattle. In 1933, the Moran School for Boys was officially closed and the students merged into the Lakeside School. In 1938, the school reopened as Puget Sound Naval Academy.

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This album, created by Thompson Baker Elliot, is similar to a yearbook and spans Elliot's entire time at the Moran School. The first pages of the album contain inscriptions from classmates and others. Other pages at the front of the album contain notes about school functions, trips, plays, and school athletic team records. Three programs for theater plays are attached in the back of the album.

The rest of the album is a collection of photographs from Elliot's time at the school. The photographs show school buildings (interior and exterior), as well as various depictions of both students and faculty. Students, including Elliot, are shown swimming, playing tennis, in a snowball fight, and performing in student plays. A item of photographs documents a fire at the school on November 14, 1926, which destroyed the Main Building and Upper House.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box item
1 1 Cover pageMemory and Fellowship Book. 1916
1 2-4 Illustration and quote 1916
1 5-12 Autograph pages
There are autographs on pages 5-8 and the rest are blank.
1 13-14 Text page forComparative Athletic Record. 1916
1 15-20 Text pages forSchool and Social Functions; Clubs and Societies; Memorable Trips; Entertainment, Lectures, Plays; My Favorites; Professors I Have Met 1916
1 21a  Living room of Main Building
Caption on page: Living room of the Main Building of the Moran School before the fire.
Before November 14, 1916
1 21b  The Main Building
Caption on page: The Main Building. Destroyed by fire Nov. 14, 1916
Before November 14, 1916
1 21c  Dining Room in Main Building Before November 14, 1916
1 21d Splintered tree next to path
Caption on page: A scene near the school.
circa 1915-1916
1 21e-h  Boys' Dormitories
Caption with photo 21e: "Nut House"Caption with photo 21f: "Ha Ba Haba House"Caption with photo 21g: "Chicken House"Caption with photo 21h: "Moore's/Wilson's Bungalo"
circa 1915-1916
1 21i  The Dock House seen from the end of the dock circa 1915-1916
1 21j Moonlight reflecting off Puget Sound
Caption on page: A real moonlight picture on Puget Sound
circa 1915-1916
1 21k  Recreation Building
Caption on page: Recreation Building before remodeled into Upper House.
Before November 14, 1916
1 21l  Boys' Dormitory
Caption on page: "Osgood's House"
circa 1915-1916
1 21m SteamboatBurtonon water
Caption on page: Str. "Burton" which ran to Manitou Park
circa 1915-1916
1 23a Main Building and Recreation Building Before November 14, 1916
1 23b  Moran School faculty
Caption on page: The Faculty of 1915-1916: Top row: - Mr. Pettit, Mr. Scudder, Mr. Moore, Mr. Osgood, and Mr. Said. Bottom row: Mr. Wilson and Mr. Yates.
1 23c  Moran School faculty member Walter "Skinney" Lee
Caption on page: "Skinney" Walter Lee. On the faculty 1914-1915.
1 23d  Main Building
Caption on page: The Main Building from the football field in spring time
Before November 14, 1916
1 23e Dock House
Caption on page: Looking down the dock from the bottom of the hill
circa 1915-1916
1 23f Buildings and grounds caretaker "Mac", watering plants
Caption on page: "Mac", caretaker of the buildings and grounds
circa 1915-1916
1 23g  Class of 1915-1916
Caption on page: The Bunch during 1915-1916 first semester
1 23h Interior of Gymnasium
Caption on page: The Gymnasium floor during years 1914-15-16.
1 23i Group around a campfire
Caption on page: A campfire scene. Not a good picture but a good illustration.
circa 1916
1 23j Group of boys on a patio
Caption on page: "Spatts" except for the smile
circa 1916
1 23k  Moran School faculty member Mr. Yates
Caption on page: A good smile Mr. Yates
circa 1916
1 23l Mrs. Osgood and Harry Wolff on porch circa 1916
1 23m Construction of a building
Caption on page: Building the "plant"
circa 1916
1 23n  Boy, "Dippy", on front steps circa 1916
1 25a-c Speed boat on the water
Caption by photograph 25a: The speed boat going at a moderate rate of speed
circa 1916
1 25b  Karl Heussey jumping into the water
Caption on page: Karl Heussey making his wonderful dive. The water-baby.
circa 1916
1 25d  Mr. Said, Mr. Pettil, Charles Smith, Thompson B. Elliot, and Karl Heussey preparing to dive circa 1916
1 25e Mr. Said diving into the water
Caption on page: Mr. Said showing some form.
circa 1916
1 25f Mr. Pettil diving into the water circa 1916
1 25g Row boat on water near buoy circa 1916
1 25h Boys running to the shore
Caption on page: A rush for shore.
circa 1916
1 27a Boys working in a pasture
Caption on page: Thistle Day 1916
1 27b Doubles tennis match
Caption on page: Manzanita - Moran tournament
circa 1916
1 27c  Moran School basketball team 1915-1916
Caption on page: Basketball team 1915-1916. Coates, Elliott,Yates, Thomas, Hillman, Bricker
1 27d Boys playing tennis
Caption on page: Some tennis. "Weed" Oliver serving
circa 1916
1 27e Boys playing in a field
Caption on page: A Scrub Game
circa 1916
1 27f  Boys setting down lines of tape for tennis court circa 1916
1 27g Boys standing in field near water
Caption on page: Indoor-Outdoor.
circa 1916
1 27h [photograph missing]
Caption on page: Basketball Capt. 1915-1916
1 27i-k Boys marching and exercising on field
Caption on page: Setting-up 1916Caption beneath photograph 27j: DefianceCaption beneath photograph 27k: "Line-up". "Nero" in the rear
1 29a Boys walking in a field
Caption on page: On the field - Snow of 1916
1 29b Main Building and Outdoor Dormitory February 1916
1 29c Boys' Dormitory
Caption on page: Osgood's Bungalo
circa 1916
1 29d Boys running in field
Caption on page: Blackman in snow
circa 1916
1 29e Row of dormitories
Caption on page: Bungalo-row in snow - 1916
1 29f Interior of Gymnasium
Caption on page: Gym. Decorated - Commencement Dance - 1916
1 29g Walking trail in woods
Caption on page: Scene in woods near school. "Where Mr. Yates fell in"
circa 1916
1 29h Interior of Main Building
Caption on page: Main Building - Hallowe'en Dance 1915
1 29i-j Boys playing in snow
Caption with photo 29i: More Play. "Willies" pose though unintentionalCaption with photo 29j: Rough-house in Snow
circa 1916
1 29k S. Yates and Thompson B. Elliot digging around tree stump
Caption on page: "Haba Haba Stump" taken out by S. Yates and self. 1916.
1 31a, c  Students, including Thompson B. Elliot, acting in first "tableau" at May Festival
Caption on page: Shakespeares - Seven Ages - 1916 May Festival.Caption with photo 31a: 1st Tableau. Coates - Cop, Lewis - Baby, Elliott - Girl, Oliver/Horton - KidsCaption with photo 31c: Scene in I Tableau
May 1916
1 31b Students acting in third "tableau" at May Festival
Caption on page: 3rd Tableau. Robinson - Girl, Wakefield - Man
May 1916
1 31d Students acting in sixth "tableau" at May Festival
Caption on page: 6th Tableau. Smith - Officer, Ordway/Thomas - Sub Officers, Coats - Sentinal, Davis/Sorenson - Privates, Ramsay - Bugler
May 1916
1 31e Women standing on steps
Caption on page: "Mink" and "Wheezy"
circa 1916
1 31f Woman standing with saw
Caption on page: "K"
circa 1916
1 31g Lewis, Coates, and Thompson B. Elliot pose in costume May 1916
1 31h-i Students pose in costume May 1916
1 31j-k Young men standing outside
Caption on page: Someone let a squirrel loose
circa 1916
1 33a  Main Building on fire
Caption on page: Main Building (about) 4:00 A.M.
November 14, 1916
1 33b  Upper House on fire
Caption on page: Upper House, 3:00 A.M (about)A drawn arrow points to the base of the building, denoting where the fire began.
November 14, 1916
1 33c, e Main Building on fire
Captions beneath photographs 33c and 33e: Later
November 14, 1916
1 33d Main Building on fire around 5 AM November 14, 1916
1 33f  Main Building on fire with roof caved in
Caption on page: Just after the roof fell in.
November 14, 1916
1 35a "Pappa" Gould stands by building
Caption on page: While building over the Gym.
circa 1917
1 35b "Ken" Horlon working on east side of Gym building circa 1917
1 35c  "Doc" Moore stands in front of building circa 1917
1 35d Interior of Gym building
Caption on page: Work - 2nd Day from old Gym floor
circa 1917
1 35e "Ray" Janson and "Kewpie" Hole in front of building
Caption on page: back washing for eats
circa 1917
1 35f  Upper House on fire
Caption on page: Upper House at about 4:00 A.M. Nov. 14, 1916
November 14, 1916
1 37a-b Boys sitting on front steps circa 1917
1 37c-d  Boys reading by fireplace circa 1917
1 37e-f Boats on the water circa 1917
1 39a  J.C. Wolfe's pharmacy in Bremerton, Washington circa 1917
1 39b  Car under wooden structure circa 1917
1 39c Men holding tennis racquets circa 1917
1 39d Boys playing football circa 1917
1 39e Boys playing in the grass circa 1917
1 39f  Boys gathered around tree stump circa 1917
1 39g  Boys doing exercises in field circa 1917
1 39h Boys playing tennis circa 1917
1 39i Boy in field circa 1917
1 39j A male student prepares to spank another circa 1917
1 41a Building surrounded by woods circa 1917
1 41b Remains of Main Building after fire After November 14, 1916
1 41c Portrait photograph of boy circa 1917
1 41d Man walking in field circa 1917
1 41e Land at edge of woods circa 1917
1 41f  Building with three trees in front of it circa 1917
1 41g Dog laying in field circa 1917
1 43a Boat and shore seen from the water circa 1918
1 43b, e-f, i  Boys on a school outing circa 1918
1 43c  Boys studying circa 1918
1 43d, g Cleared forest land circa 1918
1 43h A body of water circa 1918
1 44a Men and women sitting on a patio circa 1918
1 45a A male student, in costume, aiming at another who is wearing a bear head circa 1918
1 45b Student holding a bucket marked "GENTS" circa 1918
1 45c-k Boys and girls acting on an outdoor stage circa 1918
1 47a-g, i Farming and threshing scenes circa 1919
1 47h [photograph missing]
1 49a, d Boys and girls swimming circa 1918
1 49b-c Girls in front of house circa 1918
1 49e-g Two men on a fishing trip circa 1918
1 51a-c, e, g-h Boys emptying large pile of dirt from a Drummond Lighterage Company barge circa 1918
1 51d, f Boats on the water circa 1918
1 51i A body of water circa 1918
1 52a-b Boys sitting on front steps circa 1918
1 52c Men sitting on front steps circa 1918
1 52d Cook standing in front of building circa 1918
1 52e Man standing outside buildings circa 1918
1 52f Man in kitchen pouring liquid into a cup circa 1918
1 52g Boat on water circa 1918
1 52h Men digging in field circa 1918
1 53a, d-e  Interior of a Moran School building circa 1918
1 53b Building in snow-covered field circa 1918
1 53c  Moran School emblem circa 1918
1 54a Man wearing jack-o'-lantern hat circa 1918
1 54b Three men in forest clearing circa 1918
1 54c Boy in front of building circa 1918
1 54d Man leaning out window circa 1918
1 54e Man holding a mirror out a window circa 1918
1 54f Group of men sitting by side of road circa 1918
1 54g Man standing on rocky hill circa 1918
1 55a  Moran School baseball team circa 1918
1 55b  Football practice circa 1918
1 55c-d Men playing sports circa 1918
1 55e Men playing tennis circa 1918
1 55f Man poses with dog in front of tennis court circa 1918
1 55g Man holding tennis ball circa 1918
1 56a-d Boys and young men in suits circa 1918
1 56e Interior of building circa 1918
1 56f Houses surrounded by trees circa 1918
1 56g Man wearing jack-o'-lantern hat circa 1918
1 56h [photograph missing]
1 57a-f  Military exercises circa 1918
1 58a  Men and women on the vesselSuquamish circa 1918
1 58b-e People in a field circa 1918
1 58f Man and woman walking on a bridge circa 1918
1 58g Boat on water circa 1918
1 58h Boy on front steps circa 1918
1 59a-f Boys in military uniform circa 1918
1 60a-c People standing on the shore circa 1918
1 60d Young woman standing in front of tree circa 1918
1 60e Young couple in a field circa 1918
1 60f Group standing and sitting on porch circa 1918
1 61a-b, d-g Groups standing outside circa 1918
1 61c [photograph missing]
1 71-72 Pages of ephemera
Pages contain two Pullman tickets (one for the Walla Walla to Seattle line, the other, dated August 25, 1916, for the Portland to Walla Walla line), a circa 1915-1916 brochure listing "Famous Columbia River Scenes", a circa 1916-1917 program for a performance of "The Winning of Barbara Worth" at the Moore Theatre, a program for the Wilkes Players' 1916 production of "Excuse Me" at the Orpheum Theatre, a program for an Ernestine Schumann-Heink concert, and an "OPENED BY CENSOR./3244" label.

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