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Yukon Order of Pioneers, Seattle Lodge photograph album
circa 1912-1939 (inclusive)
150 photographs from 1 album, (2 boxes)
Collection Number
1966.3948 (accession)
Photographs of members of fraternal organization of Alaska and Yukon pioneers
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The Yukon Order of Pioneers (YOOP) fraternal organization was formed on December 1, 1894 at Forty Mile, Yukon Territory, Canada. After several meetings throughout 1894, the group's charter was signed by 68 founding members at the opera house of entertainer and prospector George T. Snow. With the motto "Do unto others as you would be done by" as its abiding rule, the organization helped maintain law and order and settle disagreements among early prospectors and residents. The Forty Mile lodge and other early lodges were soon disbanded, and new lodges created, as prospectors left these towns and flocked to gold discoveries in Dawson and other locations.

In order to qualify for membership, pioneers were required to have been in the Yukon Territory on or before 1888, and membership was limited to Yukon pioneers only; Alaska stampeders were excluded. In 1906 and 1910 the Nome and Fairbanks YOOP lodges unsuccessfully asked the Grand Lodge if the Constitution could be amended so that Alaska pioneers of the time could become members. In response, these lodges turned in their charters and formed the first "Igloos" of the Alaska Pioneers.

In 1912, many of the miners had moved to Seattle and applied to form a lodge there; the Yukon Order of Pioneers Seattle Lodge No. 2 was founded that year by George T. Snow and Thomas W. O'Brien. Around 1921 Snow requested that the name of the Seattle Lodge be changed to the Yukon Alaska Pioneers.The answer was again "no," and shortly afterward, the Seattle lodge appears to have become the Alaska-Yukon Pioneers.

The Yukon Order of Pioneers still has two active lodges: Lodge No. 1 in Dawson City and Lodge No. 2 in Whitehorse.

Information Source: Yukon Order of Pioneers website

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The Yukon Order of Pioneers photograph album consists largely of member portraits. The first page of the album displays a portrait of Alaska pioneer Ringwald Blix wearing an Alaska-Yukon Pioneers member badge. Aside from this portrait, the first part of the album consists of composite photographs, each depicting the Seattle No. 2 lodge YOOP banner in the center and two members wearing the YOOP sash, one portrait on either side. Several of the photographs are signed "James & Merrihew" and it likely most or all were taken by that Seattle photography studio. The photographs are inscribed on the front with the member's name, andoften with one or more of the following: birth date and/or place, death date and/or place, the date of arrival in the Yukon or Alaska, and place of arrival.

The second part of the album is largely comprised of individual portraits. These may be from a later date than the YOOP double portraits. Most of the photographs are inscribed similarly to the double portraits, along with occassional notations if and when a member was a Northern Chief. A few depict members wearing YOOP sashes, and many are wearing small "AYP" (probably Alaska-Yukon Pioneers) pins; many probably date from the period after the organization ceased to be the the Yukon Order of Pioneers and became the Alaska-Yukon Pioneers. Most of the individual portraits are signed by photographers Hartsook or Grady. Other photographers noted: Rogers, French, James & Merrihew, Bushnell, and Hamilton. A few group portraits of lodge members are interspersed throughout the album, including formal portraits, member families at annual picnics, and members at other events. All of the picnic photographs were taken by Frank Perkins or Perkins Studio.

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Description Dates
.1: Ringwald Blix wearing Alaska-Yukon Pioneers member badge circa 1923-1939
.2:  Frank Lawson and George W. Carmack circa 1912-1925
.3: Charles Patterson and Shepard circa 1912-1925
.4:  Group portrait of Seattle No. 2 YOOP members
Includes George Snow and George W. Carmack.
circa 1912-1925
.5: Joseph Mathews and J.A. McCann circa 1912-1925
.6: Wallace Langley and Ed E. Kelly circa 1912-1925
.7: Ed F. Becker and E.(?)A. Shea circa 1912-1925
.8: Olaf A. Clasell and Thomas A. Martonnell(?) circa 1912-1925
.9: Captain John A. O'Brien and Paul Denhart circa 1912-1925
.10: J. T. Sterb (?) and D.E. Scott circa 1912-1925
.11: John Oleson and Al. Christopher circa 1912-1925
.12: James Funchion and Samuel G. Blackburn circa 1912-1925
.13: Dan Gleason and C.M. Weymouth circa 1912-1925
.14: H.A. Mielke and Jacob Berger circa 1912-1925
.15: Thomas W. Howell and John C. McDougall (?) circa 1912-1925
.16: Theo Allerton and J. Brandmiar circa 1912-1925
.17: Ozro T. Finch and Thomas Carroll circa 1912-1925
.18: J. Alex. (?) Fisher and C.L. Thompson circa 1912-1925
.19: Cal (?) Mensant and E.W. Smith (?) circa 1912-1925
.20: Herbert Barrett and E.S.C. Delapole circa 1912-1925
.21: John Stanley and Frank Becker circa 1912-1925
.22: M.J. Farrell and Richard Butler circa 1912-1925
.23: C.M. Weymouth and Geo. J. Derfuer (?) circa 1912-1925
.24: M. David Pence and unidentified circa 1912-1925
.25: Frank Mortimer and Dr. Woods circa 1912-1925
.26: H.F. (?) Thompson and John Montford circa 1912-1925
.27: James O'Neill and J.C. Nelson circa 1912-1925
.28: Dr. A.F. Edwards and unidentified circa 1912-1925
.29: George Morry and D. Rossell circa 1912-1925
.30: M.M. Donovan and Carl Erlund circa 1912-1925
.31: Fred Jausa and unidentified circa 1912-1925
.32: Sam Stanley and R.E. Nixon circa 1912-1925
.33: John B. Bassett and Adolph Behrens circa 1912-1925
.34: H.A. Ray (?) Stewart and James McNeil circa 1912-1925
.35: Peter Bowman and Matt Schuler circa 1912-1925
.36: J. MacKison and John Cudihee circa 1912-1925
.37: D.W. Ring and C.B. Lee circa 1912-1925
.38:  George Butler and George T. Snow circa 1912-1925
.39: John G. Johnson and A.H. Winten circa 1912-1925
.40: Tom Larson and Capt. Lancaster circa 1912-1925
.41: Captain J.C. Gruen and R.H. Mason circa 1912-1925
.42: W.A. McDonald circa 1920-1939
.43: Charles H. Lippy circa 1920-1939
.44: McDonald circa 1920-1939
.45: Unidentified man circa 1920-1939
.46: B. Ferguson circa 1920-1939
.47: B.J. Murphy circa 1920-1939
.48: L.E. Andrews circa 1920-1939
.49: Clayworth circa 1920-1939
.50: Award presented to President Warren G. Harding by the Alaska-Yukon Pioneers, Seattle Lodge No. 1
Engraving describes Harding as "the first President of the United States to pioneer in Alaska."
1923 July 27
.51: Neil O'Hara circa 1920-1939
.52: Rothwell circa 1920-1939
.53: McLaughlin circa 1920-1939
.54: Pahlka (?) circa 1920-1939
.55: Rothermel circa 1920-1939
.56: McElvoy circa 1920-1939
.57: A. McLutach circa 1920-1939
.58: Frederick William Zimmerman circa 1920-1939
.59: William. Swartz circa 1920-1939
.60: George Hodnott circa 1920-1939
.61: A. St. Arnaut circa 1920-1939
.62: Unidentified man circa 1920-1939
.63: Hamilton circa 1920-1939
.64: O.G. Freuch circa 1920-1939
.65: Simon Poot circa 1920-1939
.66: Joe Onell circa 1920-1939
.67: F.E. Knowles circa 1920-1939
.68: H.M. Powell circa 1920-1939
.69: Phil Holland circa 1920-1939
.70: Jake Kline circa 1920-1939
.71: R.S. Johnson circa 1920-1939
.72: C.J. Kearney circa 1920-1939
.73: M.S.S.(?) Brown circa 1920-1939
.74: McGeveen circa 1920-1939
.75: E. Cummings circa 1920-1939
.76: Thomas Cummings circa 1920-1939
.77: Dr. Von Gunther circa 1920-1939
.78: John Shaller circa 1920-1939
.79: William Huson circa 1920-1939
.80: D.E. Griffith circa 1920-1939
.81: Ringwald Blix circa 1920-1939
.82: A.A. Bass circa 1920-1939
.83: Carl August Roslund circa 1920-1939
.84: B.E. Slater circa 1920-1939
.85: C.H. Wentzel circa 1920-1939
.85a: Mrs. G.H. Wentzel
Photo inserted loose behind that of C.H. Wentzel. Inscription on back: "who donated large family Bible to A.Y.P."
circa 1920-1939
.86: Clark Fonnda (?) circa 1920-1939
.87: Unidentified man circa 1920-1939
.88: Billy Cooper circa 1920-1939
.89: Dobson Rubin(?) circa 1920-1939
.90: Grant Sweet circa 1920-1939
.91: J.C. Ryan circa 1920-1939
.92:  Ringwald Blix circa 1920-1939
.93: J. Fenn circa 1920-1939
.94: J.T. McArthur circa 1920-1939
.95: L.D. Becker circa 1920-1939
.96: Group of men posed outdoors
Ringwald Blix in front row.
circa 1920-1939
.97: Group at Discovery Day Picnic at Hall's Lake 1927 August 14
.98: Fred N. Atwood circa 1920-1939
.99: Sam Olson 1939
.100:  Alaska-Yukon Pioneers Committee at Pier 52, Seattle, presenting key to city to Gunnar Kasson's lead sled dog Balto
Caption on photograph: "Left to right: Dr. Woods - Brown - Behren - Powell - Goddard - Ferguson - R. Blix. In background-Boy Scouts"
1925 February 20
.101: John Wick 1939
.102: Dave Cunningham circa 1920-1939
.103: William Sebelin circa 1920-1939
.104: Simon Poot circa 1920-1939
.105: V.L. Marion circa 1920-1939
.106: A.J. Goddard 1923
.107: A.J. Sather circa 1920-1939
.108: E.T. Harney circa 1920-1939
.109: Fred E. Bond circa 1920-1939
.110: W.W. Crawford circa 1920-1939
.111: Dr. Harry Feagles circa 1920-1939
.112: F.S. Lang circa 1920-1939
.113: Ernest A. Korthauer circa 1920-1939
.114a: Unidentified man circa 1920-1939
.114b: R.E. Knowles circa 1920-1939
.115: Henry Willett circa 1920-1939
.116-.117: Group at Discovery Day picnic at Halls Lake
2 photographs
Loose in album
1925 August 30
.118: Group at Discovery Day picnic at Halls Lake
Loose in album
1927 August 14
.119: Group at Discovery Day picnic at Halls Lake 1925
.120: Lomis 1939 December 5
.121: Nathan Kresge 1939 December 5
.122: A.S. Goddard 1939 December 5
.123: A.A. Bass 1939 December 5
.124: Phil Holland 1939 December 5
.125: Cliff Bolger 1939 December 5
.126: Tom E. Fleming 1939 December 5
.127: Heilcher (?) circa 1939
.128:  Charles "Slim" Williams, John Logan and dog "Blizzard"
Grady , Seattle (photographer)
Handwritten on photo: "Chas. "Slim" Williams, left, and John Logan and dog "Blizzard" left Fairbanks May 14 [19]39 by motorcycle over International Hiway arrived Seattle Dec 2 1939"
Page also includes clipping from Seattle Post-Intelligencer showing Williams and "Blizzard."
.129: George A. Kendall 1939
.130: Arnold Sather 1939
.131: Ringwald Blix 1939
.132: Thomas Blakney 1939
.133: T.G. Wilson circa 1939
.134: James G. Stevens circa 1939
.135: Kristian Falkenberg circa 1939
.136: T.W. Buschmann circa 1939
.137: Frank Cutter circa 1939
.138: Eugene F. LaPorte 1939
.139: William Cook circa 1939
.140: Captain E.C. Miller circa 1939
.141: Edwin Wilkensen circa 1939
.142: Jack Clayworth circa 1939
.143: John B. Gravena circa 1939
.144: William Sebelin circa 1939
.145: Fred Rexinger circa 1939
.146: Gus Johnson circa 1939
.147: John W. Duncan circa 1939
.148: J.N. DeMar circa 1939
.149: Donald McDonald circa 1939
.150: W.J. Widman circa 1939

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Gold rushes--Yukon Territory
  • Fraternal organizations--Washington (State)--Seattle
  • Gold rushes--Alaska
  • Pioneers--Alaska--Forty Mile
  • Corporate Names :
  • Yukon Order of Pioneers. Seattle Lodge
  • Alaska-Yukon Pioneers
  • Geographical Names :
  • Seattle (Wash.)
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Photograph albums
  • Portrait photographs
  • Other Creators :
    • Personal Names :
    • Bushnell, Corry A. (photographer)
    • Perkins, Frank (photographer)
    • Corporate Names :
    • James & Merrihew (photographer)