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Idaho 2nd Infantry Expedition to Mexico
1916-1917 (inclusive)
1916 (bulk)
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Forty postcards and photographs of military activities, equipment, drilling, and soldiers of the Idaho 2nd Infantry at either Boise, Idaho or Fort Huachuca, Nogales, Arizona. Most of the images were developed at La Luna Studios, Tucson, AZ.
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The Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920 prompted the states on the border to activate their National Guard troops. Soon the need for more troops became apparent and President Wilson ordered Secretary of War Newton D. Barker to activate one regiment of the Idaho National Guard with 1,800 men. All companies of the Idaho National Guard were required to gather at the Boise Barracks until they reached full strength. They arrived in Nogales, Arizona on July 12, 1916. Duties for the Idaho National Guard were mostly centered on outpost patrol along the Arizona-Mexico border. This task proved difficult because the border lines were difficult to determine. Besides border patrol, the troops also trained rigorously. The Idaho Guard became known along the border as the model guard unit due to their fine organization and preparedness. They returned to Boise on December 23, 1916. The Idaho National Guard regiment was led by Idaho's Adjutant General Philip J. Crow, while all troops along the border were under the command of General Frederick Funston.

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This Collection consists of forty postcards and photographs of military activities, equipment, drilling, and soldiers of the Idaho 2nd Infantry at either Boise, Idaho or Fort Huachuca, Nogales, Arizona. Most of the images were developed at La Luna Studios, Tucson, AZ.

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1 1:001: Six soldiers, including Lt. Hodge(?) and Major Wilkins(?), standing next to desert brush. Taken W.P. Holt
1 1:002: Seven soldiers, including Major Wilkins(?), sitting on a desert hill
1 1:003: Eight soldiers sitting in the ruins of an adobe structure; one soldier standing below
1 1:004: One soldier sitting among ruins of an adobe structure
1 1:005: Nine soldiers sitting in front of an old adobe structure
1 1:006: Soldiers, including Major Wilkins(?) setting up camp
1 1:007: Truck Company, Nogales, Ariz
1 1:008: Soldiers (Company "C"?) lined up with firearms
1 1:009: Training at Boise, 1916.
1 1:010: Idaho Infantry Camp, Nogales, Ariz
1 1:011: Part of a company just after reaching Ft. Huachuca, in front of the barracks
1 1:012: Infantry camp
1 1:013: Tents and barracks at Ft. Huachuca(?)
1 1:014: Soldiers lined up, marching and drilling
1 1:015: Soldiers pitching camp on their way up to Ft. Huachuca(?)
1 1:016: Soldiers walking between tents in a camp
1 1:017: Tents atop a desert hill
1 1:018: Soldiers in a pit behind concrete wall, part of a target range(?)
1 1:019: Second Idaho Infantry camped at Nogales, Ariz
1 1:020: Company "C" (?) after a storm
1 1:021: Major Wilkins and Captain Jeeter in Boise
1 1:022: 2nd Idaho Infantry camped at Ft. Huachuca target range, August 15, 1916.
1 1:023: 2nd Idaho Infantry camp, Nogales, Ariz
1 1:024: Eight soldiers standing in camp with firearms
1 1:025: Company drilling at the fort
1 1:026: Company "C" of the 2nd Idaho Infantry standing at the target range, Ft. Huachuca, August 15, 1916.
1 1:027: Tents and barracks
1 1:028: Soldiers marching down a city street
1 1:029: Idaho regiment camped at Ft. Creatman(?), Arizona, August 13th, 1916.
1 1:030: Company "C" cleaning ground for a hospital(?)
1 1:031: One soldier standing outside a tent
1 1:032: Two soldiers, one sitting and one standing, taken indoors
1 1:033: W. P. Holt standing outside camp with firearm
1 1:034: Felix Rousseau, Jr., a member of the border militia
1 1:035: Four soldiers sitting on boxes in camp
1 1:036: Military band standing in line outside camp with instruments in hand, conductor standing behind
1 1:037: Tents and barracks atop a desert hill
1 1:038: Fourteen soldiers posing in front of a building
1 1:039: Large group of soldiers sitting on stairs
1 1:040: Soldier sitting on a bench (washing?)

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  • Corporate Names :
  • Idaho. National Guard--Military life--Photographs.
  • Idaho. National Guard--Photographs.
  • United States. Army. Idaho Infantry Regiment, 2nd (1916)--Photographs.
  • United States. Army--History--Punitive Expedition into Mexico, 1916--Photographs.
  • Geographical Names :
  • Arizona--History--1912-1950--Photographs.
  • Fort Huachuca (Ariz.)--Photographs.
  • Mexican-American Border Region--Photographs.
  • Nogales (Ariz.)--Photographs.
  • United States--Boundaries--Mexico--Photographs.
  • United States--History--1913-1921--Photographs..