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Reva Beck Bosone photograph collection
1930-1977 (inclusive)
167 Photographs
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Judge Bosone was a Utah congresswomen from 1948-1951 and was the first woman judge in Salt Lake City. Included in the collection are photos of Reva Beck Bosone at various public functions and with prominent government officials.

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Early Portraits
  • 1-6: Portraits of Reva Beck Bosone from her early years
  • 7-15: Informal Portraits of Reva Beck Bosone from the 1930s and 1940s
  • 16-24: Portraits of Reva Beck Bosone from the 1940s and 1950s
  • 25-34: Portraits of Reva Beck Bosone from the 1950s and the 1960s
Utah Activities
  • 35-a: 1935 Legislature Joint Committee of House and Senate
  • 36: City Judges taken in Criminal Court in Basement of City and County Building, January 4, 1937
  • 37-a: Foxley, Bosone, Butron, Jeppson City Judges, 1943
  • 38: Judges Bosone, General McCoach, Emily S. Stewart, Deann Myrtle Austin; taken in General's offices at Fort Douglas June 9, 1944
  • 39: Emily Smith Stewart, Governor Maw and R. B. Bosone 1945
  • 40-a: Sacramento, California in Governor's office, 1945
  • 41: Lt. Medrow, Lt. De Ri, Mrs. Harper, Mrs Jack Hayes, Laura Good, Eroa Collins, Reva B. Bosone, Mrs. M. Pratt, Govenor Snell
Utah Activities
  • 42: Conference with Governor Warren, Sacramento, California, February, 1945
  • 43: June, 1946 Taken by KDYL for program
  • 44: April, 1947 in cell block of Utah State Penitentiary Interview, "Leaving keys in cars when they are parked"
  • 45: Judge Evangeline Starr of Seattle Washington and Judge R. B. Bosone
  • 46: Mrs. David Keith, Mrs. Marty Mann (first A A Woman in U. S.), and Reva Beck Bosone
  • 47: March, 1952
  • 48: Photo used in TV program in 1953
  • 49: Formal Wedding picture from 1948 Wedding and the Garden Park Ward
Congressional Service
  • 50: Unidentified
  • 51-52: June 1, 1949 Com. On Laws and Ordinances Washington D. C.
  • 53: Prove Women's Dinner, Statler Hotel, January 3, 1951
  • 54: R. B. Bosone in group singing
  • 55: "Giving President Truman volume of mining laws, As I remember R. B."
  • 56: A group of women
  • 57: Palm Springs, November 16, 1949
  • 58: Unidentified
  • 59: Presenting John R. Murdock with a gavel
  • 60: Hill Field 1950
Congressional Archives
  • 61: Group Portrait to Reva signed by Elsie M. Mussay
  • 62: May, 1950. Chicago President's Safety Conference
  • 63: Congressional Cruise April, 1949, Aboard USS Midway
  • 64: Reva B. Bosone and Virginia McMicheal. Shasta Dam. Redding, California. August, 1951
  • 65: August 1, 1951. Shasta Dam Dedication
  • 66: Congresswoman Reva Beck Bosone (D, Utah) looks over Shasta Dam site here today (8/1) as the first water spilled thru the dam to mark the official opening of California's Central Valley Project.
  • 67: October 14, 1950. Ogden Air Field U.S. Atty General J. Howard McGrath, Vice President Barkley, Mayor White of Ogden, Senator Thomas, Reva Beck Bosone, Congressman Walter Granger ("Gosh the sun was bright")
  • 68-69: September, 1951. Clearfield Naval Base "Presentation of Minute Flag" by Georgia Neece Clark , U.S. Treasurer
  • 70: Admiral Hanlsey and Reva Beck Bosone on Midway Carrier-Atlantic Ocean
  • 71: October, 1949. Chicago Radio with Mrs. Joyce
Congressional Activities
  • 72: Morning Breakfast Congressional Delegation. November 15, 1949. Hotel Utah
  • 73: May, 1950. Chicago President's Safety Conference
  • 74: Luncheon in Senate Restaurant given by Senator Margaret Smith (?) For Embassador Madame Pandit of India
  • 75: Wayne Aspoived, Palisades Colorado: Harden Peterson, Lakeland Florida; Bosone, Utah; D'Eart Montana; Barratt, Wyoming Lakeland Florida, April, 1950
  • 76: "Washington D. C. Spring of 1952 (I don't know where it was) My committee of Interior Affairs taken in the committee room. X is where I sit"
  • 77: Left to Right: ?, ?, Senator Watsins, Hoyt Vandaulberg-General-head of the Air Force, Husband and Wife, Stewart Symington-Sec. Air Force, Walter Granger, Reva Beck Bosone
  • 78: May, 1950. Chicago Bosone Panel of Experts in afternoon of questions from guests. President's Safety Conference
  • 79: "June 2, 1949, just after President Truman gave his report to Safety Conference (I'm in front row, the tall gal) Washington D.C. (I was one of the Chairwoman chosen by President Truman)"
  • 80: Washington D. C., April, 1958 Democratic Women from Utah
Postal Service Equipment
  • 81: "March, 1961, Being sworn in as Judicial officer of P.O. Department Postmaster General J. Edward Day, a great man who when he saw my background appointed me (He had an aunt who was a great doctor in Illinois.)"
  • 82: "Post Master General Day receiving plaque from Pres. of Girl Scouts of America for the stamp in their honor, I made the address in place of P.M.G. Day so he had me in the picture and later gave me the plaque (He hates plaques) July, 1962."
  • 83: Mrs. E. D. Pearce, President General Federation of Women's Clubs, Charles Henry Carter-Artist who designed memorial stamp, The Judge, Plaza Hotel New York City. September 12, 1966. (and dup)
  • 84: September 12, 1966 Mrs. Mulligan-Prominent club woman of New York State, Mr. Carter-artist, Mrs. Pearce, Reva Beck Bosone-the speaker of the day, Mrs. Hasebroock-past Pres. of Federation, Mrs. Lawrence O. Keipillas-President of Sorosis Club founder of Federation Way Cock when-75 yrs ago
  • 85: October, 1961 Hesring Room Post office-Washington D.C. Department
  • 86: "I was the luncheon speaker in September 22, 1967 where I received a 5 minute standing ovation"
  • 87: "The Day I was sworn in at Post Office Dept. as the Judicial Officer. The was a tremendous reception given for me in the beautiful reception room. J. Edward Day is on my right Sen. Moss is next to him"
  • 88: "Oh brother! What a dreadful picture on all of us except Mrs. Kent who was Hollywooding anyway. (The Postmaster looks 10 years older the young man is handsome. Poor "Clint" looks like a "Juddy-dud" Terrific! But the occasion was terrific.!)"
Native Americans - Utes
  • 89: Mrs. Marie Victor casting her ballot in a recent Ute Tribal election for Corporation board members. Jasper Cuch is the judge of election
  • 90: Ute women waiting for their partners whom they selected to dance with in the annual Ute Bear dance. Unlike the American custom, the Ute women do the selecting
  • 91: James Atwine and Andrew Frank (left) examining buffalo hides and reminiscing about the olden days. Mr. Atwine in 81 years of age and Mr. Frank 73. They are two of the very few elderly Utes living today
  • 92: Wilbur Cuch, France McKinley and Rudolph Nephi working on land status maps for the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, Ft. Duschene, Utah
  • 93-104: Ute Indians
Indian Schools
  • 105-119: Indian Schools
Friend's Portraits
  • 120: Wayne N. Aspinall
  • 121: Frances P. Boteon
  • 122: Helen Galagan Doyles
  • 123: Cecil Harding
  • 124: Elizabeth Kee
  • 125: Edna F. Kelly
  • 126: Katherine Leorge
  • 127: Mary Norton
  • 128: Margaret Chase Smith
  • 129: Ruth Thompson
  • 130: Governor's Reception 1947, left to right: Mrs. Thomas F. Kearns, Mrs. Herbert B. Maw (Governor's Wife), Mrs. Mann, Mrs. Clarence Bamberger, Mrs. Dorothy Green, Mrs. Wallace Kelley, Mrs.Mark Groesbeck, Mrs. Tess Hell Kelley
  • 131: Chan Gong Urueham
  • 132: Unidentified
  • 133: "To Judge Bosone, with compliments Earle H. Charles, Director of Police St. Thomas Virgin Islands"
  • 134: "I designed this panorama story of alcoholism and an artist did the job. It was displayed for 2 weeks in a large window on Utah Power and Light (Man in display was a dummy)"
  • 135: "Dr. Joseph Phipp who delivered Zilpho Christian-who has his middle name Phipps-Stephen and Fil Beck. He was in eminent surgeon who delivered the babies of his dear friends. If there is a heaven, he is siting on the right side of God"
  • 136: "In March, 1951 after graduation exercises at Tactland Air Force Base in Texas when Zilpher became an officer I pinned the insignia on her soldiers. I gave the graduation address-The first time a woman had ever had __?__ honor at an Air Force Base"
  • 137: "American Fork High School in 1910 or 1911. Two girls next to last row Reva is on right side by picture"
  • 138: "In 1937 the Paris to in Salt Lake City brought the closed circuit television to Salt Lake City and I was in it. From left to right: Young Jules Dreyfus, Brook Adams, his wife Tuella, the Adams young son Webster, President Heber J. Grant of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Mr Dreyfus-the Owner of the store, Reva Beck Bosone. I was Judge at the time
  • 139: "Part of Main Street in American Fork, Utah, Grant Hotel is under mark. Reva spent growing up years living here where her mother owned and operated the hotel. This picture was taken years ago"
Westminster College
  • 140: At dinner given for Reva Beck Bosone by Westminster College. Reva accepting a plaque
  • 141-145: Reva Beck Bosone at dinner given by Westminster College
  • 146-155: Reva with other Guests at dinner given by Westminster College for her in 1977
Reva receiving Doctorate at University of Utah
  • 156-158: Receiving the Honorary Degree from the University of Utah. June 11, 1977
  • 159-163: Reva Beck Bosone at a Receptioin given in honor of her degree from the University of Utah
  • 164-167: Reva Beck Bosone and Mrs. Cre Evans in an unidentified place

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