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Roy Laver Swank Papers, 1909-2015

Overview of the Collection

Swank, Roy Laver, M.D., Ph.D.
Roy Laver Swank Papers
1909-2015 (inclusive)
40.0 linear feet, (2 boxes; 2013 accrual 9 boxes; 2014 accrual 24 boxes)
Collection Number
Roy Laver Swank, M.D., Ph.D. was a prominent neurologist noted for his long research into the subject of Multiple Sclerosis, and for founding the Swank Multiple Sclerosis Clinic in Beaverton in 1991. In addition, Swank was the head of the Neurology department at the University of Oregon Medical School from 1954 to 1976. His papers contain a wide variety of materials and artifacts, including photocopied manuscripts and publications from 1931-2003.
Oregon Health & Science University, Historical Collections & Archives
OHSU Historical Collections & Archives
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd. - LIB
Portland, OR
Telephone: 503-418-2287
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Plaque, Tokyo Society Medical Sciences & Tokyo Medical University (1959); Governor's Award For Investigations of Multiple Sclerosis (1966); Instituto Nacional de Neurologia, Mexico (1967); Honorary Chairman, 3rd Intl. Congress Biorheology, UCSD (1978); OMSI Award (no date); Marquam Hill Society Award (1988); Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland (1992); Pioneer Award, Natural Products Association (1992).

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Roy Laver Swank (1909-2008), born March 5, 1909 in Camas, Washington; received a B.S. at the University of Washington (1930); a Bachelor of Medicine (1934) was followed closely by an M.D. and Ph.D. (1935) from Northwestern University School of Medicine in Evanston-Chicago. He specialized in Neurology and Psychiatry. After internship at Passavant Hospital in Chicago (1934-35), he did his residency at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston (1936-39). While there he also did a Pathology Fellowship at Harvard (1937-38). He did a 2-year fellowship abroad at the Karolinska Instituet in Stockholm, Sweden (1939-41) and afterwards returned to Harvard. Swank served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps with the 5th General Hospital- Harvard Medical Unit (1942-45), ending the war with the rank of Major. He taught at Harvard again afterwards, and worked at Boston City Hospital (1945-48), while continuing also as an associate at Brigham. He then moved on to McGill University's Montreal Neurological Institute (1948-54). From there he moved to the west coast and was professor and head of the Neurology Division at the University of Oregon Medical School (1954-76), bringing a team with him from back east. He later took a Commonwealth Fund Fellowship in Germany (1961-62), where he also did some special work in Sweden (1961). He and the family also took the advantage to begin a series of European vacations. He continued research with the University of Oregon as Professor Emeritus until 1993.

Dr. Swank became a pioneer in the subject of multiple sclerosis, making major breakthroughs in the field of blood filtration and dietary influences on the course of the disease. He also organized the private company Pioneer Filters, Inc. in Beaverton, Oregon, in 1973-74. He later founded the Swank Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, also in Beaverton. Swank published six books and wrote more than 180 articles in his field, and received various honors. He died Nov. 16, 2008.

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American Academy of Neurology; American Medical Association; American Neurological Association; American Neurology Association; American Physiological Association; Canadian Neurological Society; European Microcirculation Society; Massachussetts Medical Society; Multnomah County Medical Society; North Pacific Society of Psychiatry and Neurology; Oregon Medical Society; Oregon Neuropsychiatric Society; Royal Society of Medicine Fellow; Sigma XI.

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The papers contain a vast array of information in the form of manuscripts, publications and article reprints from 1931-2003 authored by Swank; a multitude of research data and reprints from other researchers and collaborators; audiovisual items ranging from old reel-to-reel film, filmstrips, photographic prints, VHS videotapes and glass lantern slides to MRIs, CDs, DVDs, and Kodak slides; bound volumes of some of his and other colleagues' reprints as well as the books he wrote; patient records, and many artifacts.

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The OHSU Historical Collections & Archives is the owner of the materials and makes available reproductions for research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be obtained from the OHSU HC&A before any reproduction use. The OHSU HC&A does not necessarily hold copyright to all of the materials in the collections. In some cases, permission for use may require seeking additional authorization from the copyright owners.

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Roy Laver Swank Papers, Accession # 1998-009, Historical Collections & Archives, Oregon Health & Science University

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Box 1-Box 11 Documentation, publications and correspondenceReturn to Top

Swank, Roy Laver, M.D., Ph.D.

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Documents and Certificates are of 3 different kinds based on size, and are primarily in the first 3 boxes; and there is some duplication. There are regular files in manila folders. Smaller photostats and photostatic negatives are put inside small packets, also in manila folders. Larger, frame-worthy ones are in the oversized box 3. There are obviously some duplications.

Description Dates
Box 1 Personal and professional records and correspondence
1/1 Curriculum Vitae and Bibliographies
1/2 Junior Class Officers, Camas Jr./Sr. High School, Wa.
1/3 Staff, Lakamas Yearbook, Camas H.S.
1/4 Camas High School diploma
1/5 Swank Military Records
R.O.T.C. Certficate, Univ. Washington (1928); Physical Exam for Active Duty [1941]; Activation from Reserve status to active duty orders for 5th General Hospital-Harvard Unit, with roster (Dec.1941); Mobilization orders (Jan. 1942); Appointment to rank of Captain, Medical Corps (Jan. 1942); Transcript of Military Service, (Jan.1954); Certificate of Service, Army of the United States,1942-46 (Jan.1954); Commonwealth of Massachussetts Testimonial of Recognition of Service (nd); 2 b/w photo prints of Swank in uniform (1942,1944).
1/6 English trip ephemera-passenger list and autographs United States Lines ship SS American Banker; UK Civil Defence brochure
Swank began a fellowship at the Karolinska in Sweden just before WWII broke out.
1/7 Swank faculty appointments-Oregon
1/8 Letters of Appreciation, D.H.E.W. (Dept. Health, Education, and Welfare)
1/9 OMSI Award
1/10 Eulalia Swank Medical Record-HIPAA
1/11 Application for Sabbatical
1970 December 17
1/12 Roy & Eulalia Swank Fund for Neurological Research
1/13 Contents of Swank Bank Safe Deposit Box
Bank opened and logged contents of safe deposit box for non-payment of rent.
1/14 Wilder Penfield home robbery (newsclipping from Montreal Gazette)
Dr. Penfield was Dr. Swank's mentor in Canada.
1977 October 1
1/15 Swank Multiple Sclerosis Newsletter
1/16 Dr. Swank's Personal Medical Records-HIPAA
1/17 Condolence correspondence after wife's death
1/18 Swank Emeritus work
1/19 Swank/OHSU Professional Practice Agreement (with Dept. of Neurology)
1/20 "He's a Swank Guy" song lyrics by Penny Rossiter
1/21 Anniversary Poems by the Swanks
no date
1/22 Thomas G. Fox & Swank Professorship
1/23 OHSU Emeritus Faculty policy
1/24 Swank Family histories
Includes: "Camas Pioneer Book Wilmer Swank by Sally Alves (1993); letter from Alves to Heritage Trust of Clark Co., Wa. re: Bartlett House (1993); a short geneaology of the Bartletts by Jean Spencer (n.d.); photocopied pictures of the Bartlett House; election poster "Elect Jerry Alves For Mayor" (n.d.).
1/25 Swank Continuing Education credit memo for Sommer Memorial Lecture and Alumni Meeting
1993 May 20-21
1/26 Swank resignation
1993 June 22
1/27 Swank Musings on Life's Work
2005 October 19
1/28 A Personal Eulogy for Dr. Swank, by Christie Broms Hochtl
1/29 Dignity Memorial:Skyline Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home
1/30 Swank Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
Box 2 Personal & Medical Certification & Documentation
2/1 Documentation-Photostats
Washington State Birth Certificate (1909); Bachelor of Medicine diploma, Northwestern (1934); Interne, Passavant Hospital, Chicago (1934-35); Doctor of Medicine diploma, Northwestern (1935); Peter Bent Brigham Hospital House officer (1936-37); NBME diploma (1941); Massachusetts Medical License (1941); American Board Psychiatry & Neurology (1948); Canadian (Quebec) Medical license (1949); Membership, American Neurological Association (1949); Certificate of Service, Army of the United States 1942-46 (1954).
2/2 Documentation-Photostatic negatives
Washington State Birth Certificate (1909); Bachelor of Medicine diploma, Northwestern (1934); Interne,Passavant Hospital, Chicago (1934-35); Doctor of Medicine diploma, Northwestern (1935); Peter Bent Brigham Hospital House officer (1936-37); NBME diploma (1941); Massachusetts Medical License (1941); Canadian (Quebec) Medical license (1949); Transcript of military service, Army of the United States, 1942-46 (1954); Certifcate of Service, Army of the United States, 1942-46 (1954); Oregon Certificate of Proficiency in Basic Sciences (1954).
2/3 University of Washington Diploma Bachelor of Science in Anatomy
1930 June 16
2/4 Alpha Kappa Kappa certificate (medical fraternity)
1931 February 15
2/5 Society of Sigma Xi diploma of membership, Northwestern University chapter
1935 February 25
2/6 Ph.D. diploma, Northwestern University, Evanston-Chicago
1935 June 15
2/7 Certificate of Interneship, Passavant Memorial Hospital, Chicago Il.
1935 November
2/8 M.D. diploma, Northwestern University, Evanston-Chicago
1935 December 20
2/9 Certified copy Swank 1909 birth certificate
2/10 Certificate of Association, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston (1944-48)
1948 July
2/11 Certification, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
1948 December
2/12 Membership, American Neurological Association (2)
1949 June 14
2/13 Certificate of Active Membership, New York Academy of Sciences
1953 August 13
2/14 Verification of Swank 1926 H.S. graduation by Camas Junior-Senior high School, Camas, Wa.
1954 February 1
2/15 Basic Science Exam (OSSHE) grades
1954 March 6
2/16 Oregon Certificate of Proficiency in Basic Sciences
1954 March 22
2/17 Medical License, No. 5093, Oregon Board of Medical Examiners (2)
1954 April 23
2/18 Fellow, North Pacific Society of Neurology & Psychiatry
1955 March 26
2/19 Swank passport
2/20 Certificate of Appreciation, DHEW (Dept. Health,Education & Welfare)-U.S. Public Health Service
2/21 American Physicians Fellowship Inc. for the Israel Medical Association (membership certificate)
1971 January 29
2/22 Pioneer Filters Inc. Open House Announcement (ephemera)
1972 January 9
2/23 Swank D.E.A. registrations
2/24 UOMS Certificate of Appreciation for 20 Years Service and notification of Retirement reception
2/25 Lifetime Member Certificate of Merit by Fifty Year Club of American Medicine (was framed plaque)
1988 June
2/26 Active Membership, New York Academy of Sciences
Deconstructed framed item.
1989 September
2/27 Registration certificates, OSBME and City of Portland
These items are stapled together. There are 4 OSBME registrations renewing his 1954 Oregon medical license; with expiration dates at end of 1989, 1993, 1997, and 1999. There are 4 City business licenses; 1989, 1992, 1993, & 1994.
2/28 Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine
1991 July 2
2/29 Massachussetts Medical Society membership card, category Senior
2/30 Application for inclusion, Who's Who in Medicine & Healthcare 1997-98
1996 March 10
2/31 Certificate of Outstanding Contributions to Science; 2000 Outstanding People of the 20th Century
1997 December 30
2/32 20th Century Achievement Award 1997-98, American Biographical Institute
2/33 Induction to the American Biographical Institute's International Book of Honor Hall of Fame, "For Outstanding Contributions to the Teaching of Neurology"
1998 April 23
2/34 Certificate of Inclusion, International Who's Who of Intellectuals, 13th Ed.
1998 December 8
2/35 Senior Member, American Academy of Neurology
Box 3 O-S Documents, exhibit materials, & prints
Old Library, R440, Aisle 4
Items listed from largest on the bottom of box up. Not listed numerically.
Diploma, Bachelor of Medicine, Northwestern University, Evanston-Chicago
1934 June 16
Diploma, Doctor of Philosophy, Northwestern University Graduate School, Evanston-Chicago
1935 June 15
Diploma, Doctor of Medicine, Northwestern University Medical School, Evanston-Chicago
1935 December 20
Group photo of faculty (unidentified except for Swank bottom row 4th from left)
The only notation on the back is the statement: "too busy to polish your white shoes". Dr. Swank is one of the few in the front row without white shoes.
no date
Certificate of Association, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital (Boston) as House officer
Certificate of Association, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital (Boston) as House officer and Asst. Resident Physician
Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners, Cert. # 8796
1941 July 16
Certificate of Registration, Massachussetts Board of Registration, Cert.# 19117
1941 September 19
Group photo 5th General Hospital (Harvard University Unit) with seperate name list on back
Swank is top row far right.
1942 January 7
Massachussetts Medical Society Certificate of Membership
1946 December 5
Certificate of Service, Massachussetts Medical Service
1947 November 1
Specialist Certificate, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, to practice Neurology, Cert.#3172
1948 December
Active Member Certificate, American Neurological Association, elected at Annual Meeting
1949 June 14
Diploma, Collegium Medicorum et Chirurgium Provinciae Quebecensi (Canada)
1949 September 7
Application (O-S) for Oregon Medical License
Watercolor of Fujiyama (Mt. Fuji)
Message on the back reads: "To our honorable guest Prof. Roy L. Swank with the compliments of the Seishin Igaku Institute Sept. 18th, 1959. At the restaurant: Han-Nya-En, Shiba, Tokyo; Dr. Hiroshi Kusama, Board of Directors; Dr. Morinaga Ueda, V.P., Seishin Igaku Institute and Director, Clinical Dept.; Dr. Hiroshi Hayashi, Chief of Research Dept., Seishin Igaku Inst., Maro-machi, Itabashi-ku,Tokyo; Dr. Erick (illegible), Dr. Okinaki's Medical Clinic,Univ.. Tokyo School of Medicine; Miss Sanae Sato; Miss Fusako Chiba; Miss (name written in kanji characters, not English)."
Certificate of Appointment to the International Panel of Corresponding Neurologists of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society
no date
"What is Research?" Framed quotation by Dr. Louis Katz
Excerpt, Louis Katz, M.D., in "Harvey and Medical Research", JAMA vol.160 pp.1137-1141 (1973)
Title page of deconstructed scrapbook "New Horizon Memorabilia"
1974 July 13
Certificate from Paralyzed Veterans of America
This piece was damaged and is missing the bottom left 1/3 of document.
Recognition of Dr. and Mrs. Swank as Founding Members of the OHSU President's Council, signed by Pres. Peter O. Kohler
1993 May 18
"40 People Who Shaped Camas-Washougal" (2)
SOM Class of '96 Residency Match (Placement) Map
Provenance initially unknown. Later a similar map for 1995 found in a campus publication "School of Medicine Progress Notes".
Images of Roy Swank (2 O-S proofs)
Assorted Exhibit materials O-S (38)
A mixture of varied sizes of photographic prints, graphs and other poster materials for exhibit. Includes duplications and changes. In a manila folder. These appear to be material for more than one exhibition. Most focus on Swank & Pullen's Low Fat Diet study; however some are part of filtration and plasma studies.
S. B. Wolbach, M.D. by Arthur W. Heintzelman
Biographical noteO-S Pen and ink portrait of Simeon Burt Wolbach (3 July 1880 – 19 March 1954) an American pathologist, researcher, teacher, and journal editor who elucidated the infection vectors for Rocky Mountain spotted fever and epidemic typhus.[1] He was president of the American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists and of the American Society for Experimental Pathology.[2]Born the son of banker Samuel N. Wolbach and Rosa Stein, he was raised in rural Nebraska in the wild west era. He went east to study in Boston and remained there most of his life. He married Anna F. Wellington in 1914 and had three children. Education Harvard Lawrence Scientific School, then Harvard Medical School M.D. 1903 Boston City Hospital postgraduate studies in pathology with Frank Burr Mallory and William T. Councilman 1903-05 Career In 1905, he returned to Harvard Medical School to work in pathology as an assistant under Councilman, while he was also the pathologist to the Boston Lying-In Hospital and the Long Island chronic care hospital. Three years later he became the director of Bender Hygienic Laboratory (today part of St. Peter's Healthcare) in Albany, New York, while an adjunct professor and department head of pathology and bacteriology at Albany Medical College. He spent 1909 at Montreal General Hospital and McGill University, then in 1910 returned to Harvard's Department of Bacteriology under Harold C. Ernst. In 1914 he became an associate professor of pathology and bacteriology there, then in 1922 was made the head of pathology, occupying the chair as Shattuck Professor of Pathological Anatomy. From 1922 to 47 he was at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and Children's Hospital of Boston as chief of pathology.[1] In 1938 he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.[3] Research Wolbach's early research was into the effects of radiation on skin with Porter. Later field work in Africa got him interested in tropical parasitology.[2] Working with McGill parasitologist John L. Todd, they carried uninfected lice (feeding them on their persons) to Poland in 1920 in order to demonstrate that lice transmit Rickettsia prowazekii, the organism which is the cause of epidemic typhus. For this work he received the rank of Commander in the Order of Polonia Restituta. Wolbach turned his attention to childhood development and vitamin deficiencies. Working with J.M. Coppoletta at Brigham and Children's, he developed tables of the weights of vital organs for different ages and body lengths which became a definitive reference for pediatric pathology. ReferencesWolbach SB (1954). "The Glorious Past, the Doleful Present, and the Uncertain Future of Pathology". Harvard Medical School Alumni Bulletin 28: 45–48. Warren S (1954). "Simeon Burt Wolbach 3rd July 1880-15th March 1954". Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology 68 (2): 656–7. doi:10.1002/path.1700680246. PMID 14354577. Wright FE (June 1938). "The Annual Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences". The Scientific Monthly 46 (6): 582–587. JSTOR 16565. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simeon_Burt_Wolbach
Box 4 Professional correspondence & patents
This series contains a wide variety of correspondence, including that surrounding the complicated relationship of Dr. Swank with Roy Garvin and their attempt to start a company called "Royco". This includes a couple of article drafts which normally would be in a different series.
4/1 Abbott Laboratories correspondence
4/2 Screen Filtration apparatus-correspondence
4/3 American Association of Anatomists re: Swank retirement
1975 May 30
4/4 Swank patents
4/5 Swank-patient correspondence
4/6 Professional correspondence on Multiple Sclerosis
4/7 Swank Letter of Recommendation-Jean C. Scott
1986 March 19
4/8 Committee on Human Research on Plasma Therapy (minutes and correspondence)
4/9 Swank Emeritus Faculty Report
1987 November 9
4/10 OHSU Foundation-Swank Investment Portfolio
4/11 Original Stock Agreements with Roy Garvin
4/12 "Unusual Plasma Protein in M.S." draft article by Roy L. Swank & Roy Garvin -rejection letter
4/13 "Plasma Lipid Transfer Activity in Patients with M.S."-draft article by Roy A. Garvin, Roy L. Swank, and A. Fleck
no date
4/14 National Multiple Sclerosis Society correspondence
4/15 Dean John Kendall correspondence
4/16 Swank-Garvin correspondence
4/17 International Swank Patents-MS Diagnostic Test
4/18 OHSU employee benefits correspondence
4/19 Pres. Peter Kohler correspondence
4/20 Swank-Garvin stock & incorporation agreements
4/21 Correspondence with and about Interim Dean Bloom
4/22 Swank Clinic-Red Cross re: plasma infusion
4/23 Patient Protection Act (SB979)
4/24 Garvin-Swank correspondence-Severance of Collaboration
4/25 Lancet-Acknowldegement of article submission
1996 May 16
4/26 Correspondence Garvin & Diagnostic Test for M.S. Patent
4/27 Emerald Diagnostics Inc.(EDI) correspondence
Contains report on "Fine Particle Technology" for proposed new company ("NUCO") by G.V.F.Seaman (8/19/98); project development guide, and notes on Microfilter Development Meeting #3(2/9/99); reports on other meetings in 1999.
4/28 Dr. Swank's Medical License lapses
2008 January 2
4/29 PERS post-mortem correspondence
Box 5 Real Estate I-documentation & correspondence
5/1 Hill Development Co.
5/2 Deed of Sale to Wetterborgs
5/3 Real estate papers- SW 12th St. property
5/4 Real estate-Swank Marquam Hill property
5/5 Real estate-SW 11th St.
5/6 Swank Marquam Hill properties-Agent Tom Fellman
5/7 Real estate-Hill Terrace
5/8 Swank Cabin Lease-Washington Gulch
5/9 Coltharp Mining Lease
5/10 Assignment of Real Estate (Multnomah Co.) Contract by James Green to Swank
1975 May 21
5/11 Legal correspondence re:Estate claim to Washington Gulch Mine I
5/12 Correspondence Washington Gulch lessee
5/13 Legal correspondence re: Estate claim to Washington Gulch Mine II
5/14 Sale Baker property
5/15 Swank Apartment Project
no date
Box 6 Real Estate II- Neahkanie,Tillamook County
6/1 Neahkanie,Tillamook- Correspondence & Documentation
6/2 Neahkanie-"The Mountain" & Fred Peters Corr.
Box 7 Real Estate III- Oversize plat maps and documentation
7/1 Deeds of Sale (photocopies)
7/2 O-S Marquam Hill plat maps (3)
7/3 Marquam Hill Plat maps (15)
7/4 Map- Marquam Hill Ground Stability
7/5 12th & Grover Ct. Apartment project (2 Oversize plat maps)
no date
Box 8 Manuscripts and Reprints-Platelets
8/1 "Platelets and Platelet-Neutrophil Aggregates: Their Genesis and Pathophysiological Effects" c.1 (manuscript) by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D. with technical assistance of R.S. Connell, Ph.D.
no date
8/2 Pictures & graphs-"Platelets and Platelet-Neurophil Aggregates" c.1
no date
8/3 "Platelets and Platelet-Neutrophil Aggregates" c.2 (manuscript)
no date
8/4 Pictures & graphs-Platelets and Platelet-Neurophil Aggregates c.2
8/5 Exhibit: Kodak Ektachrome photos and negatives of experimental slides
Photos (35) are on glossy photo paper. One packet of negatives has 8 large, 4 small negatives and one slide.
no date
8/6 "The Role of Platelet-Leukocyte Microemboli in Disease" by Swank, M.D. , Ph.D. and Reid S. Connell, Ph.D. (manuscript)
Swank curriculum vita and bibliography included at back of the file.
Box 9 Galley Proofs
9/1 Proofs - Circulation Research article
Includes 8 8x10 prints; 6 5x7 glossy exhibit prints; 2 intermediate sized paper chart/print.
There is information on the back of one item that indicates it is for the journal Circulation Research, and gives the year 1964. A check of the database shows the following article:"Alteration of Blood During Acute Hypotension: Effect of Continuous Glass Wool Filtration" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D., Wolf H. Isselhard, M.D., Wolfgang Hissen, M.D., and Hans Merguet, M.D., in Circulation Research, vol XIV No.2, Feb. 1964. The images on that item are the only ones to make it into the article as Figure 5.
9/2 Proofs - unidentified publication
Consists of graphs and pictures, mostly of blood vessels.
no date
9/3 Proofs - Blood Filter
no date
9/4 Kodak Ektachrome prints of specimen slides (32)
no date
9/5 Linecuts for Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book (7)
no date
9/6 Proofs - Multiple Sclerosis slides etc
Includes 6 Kodak Ektachrome slides; 12 5x7 pictures of specimen slides, 1 of experimental hamster ; glossy pictures of exhibit slides(sets of 2-4 5x7,1 3x5); 1 large negative; 3 paper examples of charts (2 glossy, 1 paper).
no date
9/7 Proofs - Low Fat Diet Exhibit I
Includes 13 8x10 glossy exhibit pictures; 5 5x7 glossy exhibit pictures; 11 pages paper mock-ups of exhibit charts; 1 page of specimen slide photos for photographic plate; 1 strip negative.
no date
9/8 Proofs - Low Fat Diet Exhibit II
Includes 2 photography dept. order sheets; 6 paper mockups; 2 8x10 mockups of photos for plates; 3 8x 10 glossy chart/specimen pictures; 16 5x7 glossy chart pictures; 2 speciment slide pictures; 2 strip negatives.
no date
9/9 Proofs - Animal specimen (Hamster)
Includes 4 8x10 glossy prints hamster brain; 1 line drawing of hamster clamped down in brain experiment prior to dissection.
no date
9/10 Strip negatives - Low Fat Diet book
Most strip negatives have 6 images on them. There are 3 of these. There are 3 that have 5; 1 with 4; 3 with 3 or parts of 3. In addition there are 3 negatives in a separate packet. They are from linecuts for an unidentified publication.
no date
9/11 Proofs-Platelets & Platelet Neutrophil Aggregates
9/12 "Platelet Counts"-report of Swank to Douglas Rash
1978 April 10
Box 10 Swank & publisher correspondence I-Manuscripts
10/1 "Dr. Swank Low Fat Diet for Multiple Sclerosis" publisher Doubleday correspondence
10/2 Food & diet book data
Extensive diet data retrieved from a 3-ring binder.
10/3 "Dr. Swank Low Fat Diet for Multiple Sclerosis" correspondence re: new edition
10/4 "The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book" (revised) publishing agreement
10/5 "The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book" (manuscript & correspondence)
Includes 6 graphs and one strip negative.
Box 11 Swank & publisher correspondence II- Articles & Manuscripts
11/1 "Psychopathic Personality: A Pneumo-encephalographic Study" (2)
A wartime paper written while Dr. Swank worked with "a General Hospital, ETOUSA" (European Theater of Operations United States Army) with H.H. Brewster and Magnus Smedal. Includes numerous photographic prints of skull x-rays (dated 1944). There is also a piece of correspondence with Ira Pauly (1970) returning the article which Dr. Swank had sent him in 1966. In the original cover letter Dr. Swank says the article was written in 1941, which seems anomalous considering the date of the prints used and the address. It also contains a rejection letter from the Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry (1946).
11/2 "Combat Neuroses" correspondence with co-authors Capt. Marchand and Capt. Trial
11/3 "Blood Lipids After Fat,Carbohydrate, and Protein Meals" by Louis Lino, Ph.D. and & R.L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D. (drafts, notes, and correspondence)
11/4 "Red Blood Cell Lipid Changes After Large Lipid and Other Meals" by Louis Lino, Ph.D., John G.Roth, M.D. & R.L.Swank, M.D., Ph.D. (drafts, notes, graphs)
11/5 Cerebral Blood Flow articles (2) by Roy Swank, John Roth and David Woody (correspondence and only parts of the articles themselves)
11/6 "Preliminary Protocol:Evaluation of Treatment of M.S. Patients with Antithrombin III" by Roy L. Swank and Geoffrey V.F. Seaman
1986 May 27
11/7 "Multiple Sclerosis: The Lipid Relationship" and correspondence
11/8 Assorted correspondence with publishers with illustrations
11/9 "Multiple Sclerosis: Effect of Limiting Saturated Fat in Early and Late Cases" with correspondence
11/10 "A Simple, Direct Method for Measuring Balance" (abstract)
11/11 "Cerebral Blood-Brain Barrier Impaired by Microemboli" for publication
11/12 "Lipid/Microvascular Hypothesis for Multiple Sclerosis" (2 copies with correspondence and pictures)
11/13 "Pathophysiological effects of microemboli" and correspondence
11/14 "Report Concerning Relationship of Emotional Tension to Exacerbations (Relapse, Attacks and Aggravation) of Multiple Sclerosis" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.
no date

Box 12-Box 17 Research data and correspondence, 1931-2002Return to Top

Other Descriptive InformationReturn to Top

This includes both Dr. Swank's and other researcher's work, here and abroad.

Description Dates
Box 12 Assorted topics
12/1 Multiple Sclerosis Mortality rates
12/2 Bibliography (partial) from A Biochemical Basis of Multiple Sclerosis by R.L. Swank, M.D.
12/3 Assorted clippings-Diet and Nutrition
12/4 Swank Filters-clippings, advertisments, reviews
12/5 AMSECT West Coast Bulletin v.2
1972 Jan-Feb
12/6 Self-Administered Family Study-Trammel (HIPAA)12/6
12/7 M.S. and Workman's Compensation cases
12/8 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (articles and correspondence)
12/9 Alternative Therapy
12/10 National Multiple Sclerosis Society (corresp. re: Swank speaking engagement)
12/11 Emerald Diagnostics (filters)
12/12 Blood Filtration graphs
no date
12/13 Genetic Study notes-De Spain
no date
12/14 Hypertension graph
no date
12/15 M.S. F.A.Q. Swank Clinic
no date
Box 13 Research data-Blood filtration
13/1 GLC Analysis-dog experiments
13/2 Swank Blood Filters (articles and promotional materials)
13/3 Electrophoresis
13/4 Cobe laboratories (correspondence)
13/5 Testing Desert Sands data
13/6 Bibliography and reprints on filtration & transfusion
13/7 Fred Westfall-Patient data Salk Institute
13/8 Proposal: Initiation of Use of M.S. Diagnostic Test on Clinical Basis
13/9 Platelet Retention Test Data
13/10 Dog Experiment data-Cod Liver Oil
13/11 Swank's Canadian patient list
c. 1985
13/12 Mutiple Sclerosis organizations-correspondence
13/13 Perfusion Monitor: Laser Flow data
13/14 Circulation testing I
13/15 Circulation testing II
13/16 Researcher list-Rheology
no date
13/17 Emboli data
no date
Box 14 Research data- Plasma infusion
14/1 Plasma study-Dog experimentation data
14/2 M.S. Patient Plasma Infusion Project (includes researcher Melvin Ball C.V.)
14/3 Swank Plasma Patient data charts
14/4 Plasma Double-Blind study
14/5 Patient plasma data
14/6 Correspondence re: plasma therapy to Dr. Zimmerman
14/7 Plasma Infusion correspondence (responses to proposed discontinuance of therapy)
14/8 Patent correspondence
14/9 Information packet on M.S. Plasma Therapy
Box 15 Research correspondence-U.S.
The files have been arranged chronologically by the beginning date of correspondence. Includes reprints which are not enumerated.
15/1 Arthur Blumenfeld, M.D.
15/2 Ancel Keys, M.D.
15/3 Albert Starr, M.D.
15/4 Isla Williams, Harvard
15/5 Paul Goldberg, Ph.D.
15/6 Frederick J. Seil, M.D.
15/7 Otto Bessey, M.D.
15/8 Mary Helen Pullen, Co-author
15/9 Cherry H. Tamblyn, consultant
15/10 Charles Zukoski, Research Asst.
15/11 Gerald Baur, M.D.
15/12 Frank Nordt, Ph.D.
15/13 George Austin, M.D.
15/14 Jules Hirsch, M.D.
15/15 James Austin, M.D.
15/16 Henry Brewster, M.D.
15/17 Lloyd Rosenvold, M.D.
15/18 R.Thomas Solis, M.D.
15/19 John Albers, Ph.D.
15/20 Dennis Bourdette, M.D.
15/21 John Kinsman
15/22 William Harris, M.D.
15/23 Dave Downey, D.M.D.
15/24 Cedric F. Garland, Dr. P.H., F.A.C.E.
15/25 Morris Steffin, M.D. license
15/26 Brian Weinshenker, M.D.
15/27 Gary Gerard, M.D.
15/28 Charles M. Poser, M.D.
Box 16 Foreign research & correspondence by country I
Files arranged alphabetically by country, and within country alphabetically by researcher last name. Includes correspondence and reprints which are not enumerated.
16/1 Argentina- correspondence
16/2 Argentina-Dr. Spirito's Toast for Dr Swank and Foundation Medica Argentina
16/3 Australia- P. Sheridan M.D. Correspondence on M.S.
16/4 Canada-Miscellaneous correspondence
16/5 Canada-Herbert Jasper, M.D.
16/6 Canada-T.J(ock) Murray, M.D.
16/7 Canada-Amin A. Nanji researcher application
16/8 China (People's Republic of)- article "Multiple Sclerosis in China:Report of Five Cases."
Translated at Harvard University 1965.
16/9 France- Alain Bondil, M.D.
16/10 Germany (Federal Republic of)- Klaus-U. Benner
16/11 Germany-Hans Faillard, Ph.D.
16/12 Germany-Harald Harders, .D.
16/13 Germany-Hans Hirsch, M.D.-correspondence
16/14 Germany-Hans Hirsch, M.D.-reprints
16/15 Germany-Hans A.Nieper, M.D.
16/16 Germany-K.J. Zulch, M.D.
16/17 Israel-Miscellaneous correspondence & catalog
16/18 Israel-David Danon, M.D.
16/19 Israel-Eli Davis, M.D. correspodence & reprints
16/20 Israel-Shaul Feldman, M.D.
16/21 Israel-Rabbi Samson R. Weiss, M.D.
Box 17 Foreign research & correspondence by country II
Files arranged alphabetically by country, and within country, alphabetically by researcher last name. Includes correspondence and reprints which are not enumerated.
17/1 Israel- Jewish Press and Tomche Cholim Association (corr.)
17/2 Italy-Simaplas Co. correspondence re: Swank Dacron Filter patent
17/3 Japan-Haruomi Nakamura, M.D.
17/4 Norway-Survey reprints & correspondence1931
17/5 Sweden- G. Steen reprint
17/6 Union Soviet Socialist Republics-"General Observations & Conclusions Concerning the Neurological Sciences in Moscow & Leningrad"
This is an un-authored report of 6 pages length. It is followed by 31 pages of biographical information on Soviet and Czechoslovak neurologists and their areas of research. The date was arrived at from a statement that the Moscow Brain Institute was 35 years old at the time. It was established in 1928, making "current" c. 1963.
17/7 United Kingdom-Stephen Cunnane, Ph.D.
17/8 United Kingdom-E.P. Evans, M.R.C.S., autographed reprint
17/9 United Kingdom-Christopher Hutter, M.D.
17/10 United Kingdom-Philip B. James, M.D.
17/11 United Kingdom- Dr. Rosemary Jones
17/12 United Kingdom-Douglas McAlpine,M.D.
17/13 United Kingdom-Prof. Ian McDonald
17/14 United Kingdom-Alan W. Preece, Ph.D. (physicist)
17/15 United Kingdom-F. Clifford Rose, Royal Society of Medicine
17/16 United Kingdom-J.A. Rundle, Charing Cross Hospital (U.K.)-corr.
17/17United Kingdom-Geoffrey V.F. Seaman, Ph.D.I
Includes Curriculum Vitae and correspondence regarding stock in Interfacial Dynamics Corporation.
17/18 United Kingdom-G.V.F. Seaman II (reprints)
17/19 United Kingdom-Hugh M. Sinclair, D.M., DSc., FRCP
Includes reprints clippings, correspondence, and one color photo print from 1979 of this famous English nutritionist.
17/20 United Kingdom-Prof. R.H.S. Thompson

Box 18-Box 21 Swank reprints, 1934-2003Return to Top

These reprints are drawn from bibliographies made at different times in Dr. Swank's career. The final arrangement of numbered articles may not be their original notation. The deciding factor in ranking was their date of publication. Article titles are capitalized (or not) as they were found, and arranged consecutively by date.

Other Descriptive InformationReturn to Top

An effort has been made to procure two copies of Dr. Swank's reprints whenever possible. Those files will have "(2)" after the citation.

While processing the collection some Swank reprints not listed on the bibliographies were found and included in the finding aid.

Description Dates
Box 18 Selected Reprints I
18/1 "Marchi's Staining Method I: Studies of Some of the Underlying Mechanism Involved" by R.L. Swank & H.A. Davenport, in Stain Technology v.IX(no.1) pp.11-19(2)
1934 January
18/2 "Marchi's Staining Method II:Fixation" by R.L. Swank & H.A. Davenport, in Stain Technology v.IX(No.4) pp.129-135 (2)
1934 October
18/3 "Embedding with Low Viscosity Nitrocellulose" by H.A. Davenport & R.L. Swank, in Stain Technology v.IX(No.4) pp.137-139 (2)
1934 October
18/4"The Relationship Between the Circumolivary Pyramidal Fascicles and the Pontobulbar Body in Man" by Roy L. Swank, in Jr. Comparative Neurology, v.60(no.2) pp.309-317 (2)
1934 October
18/5 "Aberrant pyramidal fascicles in the cat" by Swank, Roy Laver, in J. Comp. Neur. v.60(No.3) pp.355-359 (2)
1934 December 15
18/6 "Marchi's Staining Method III: Artefacts and Effects of Perfusion" by R.L. Swank & H.A. Davenport, in Stain Technology v.10(No.2) pp.45-52 (2)
1935 April
18/7 "Chlorate-Osmic-Formalin Method for Staining Degenerating Myelin" by R.L. Swank & H.A. Davenport, in Stain Technology v.10(No.3) pp.87-90 (2)
1935 July
18/8 "I.Distribution and Relations of the Pyramidal Systems/II.The Staining of Degenerating Myelin by Osmic Acid" by Roy Laver Swank, in Summaries of Doctoral Dissertations v.III pp.240-245 (2)
18/9 "The Pyramidal Tracts: An Experimental Study" by Roy L.Swank, M.D., Ph.D.,in Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry v.36 pp.530-541(2)
1936 September
18/10 "Thrombopenic Purpura Associated with Catarrhal Jaundice: Report of a Case" by Howard L. Alt, M.D. and Roy L. Swank, M.D., in Annals of Internal Medicine v.10(7) pp.1050-1054 (2)
1937 January
18/11 "Avian Thiamine Deficiency I" by Roy Laver Swank M.D., in Jr. of Experimental Medicine v.71(5) pp.683-702 (2)
1940 May 1
18/12 "Wallerian Degeneration in the Sciatic Nerve of the Rat" by Roy Laver Swank, M.D., Ph.D., in Archives of Pathology v.30 pp.689-700 (2)
1940 September
18/13 "Recovery of Virus Morphologically Identical with Psittacosis from Thiamine-Deficient Pigeons" by H. Pinkerton and R.L. Swank, in Proceedings Society for Experimental Biology & Medicine v.45(2) pp.704-706 (2)
1940 November
18/14 "Tension Changes during Tetanus in Mammalian and Avian Muscle" by U.S. von Euler and Roy L. Swank, in Acta Physiologica Scandinavica v.1(fasc.3) Excerptum pp.203-219 (2)
1940 December 28
18/15 " Avian Thiamine Deficiency III:Characteristic Symptoms and their Pathogenesis" by Roy Laver Swank and Otto A. Bessey, in Jr. Nutrition v.22(1) pp.77-89 (2)
1941 July
18/16 "The Production and Study of Cardiac Failure in Thiamin-Deficient Dogs" by Roy L. Swank; Reno R. Porter; & Andrew Yeomans, in American Heart Journal v.22(2) pp.154-168 (2)
1941 August
18/17 "Pathology of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis" by Gunnar Wohlfart, M.D. & Roy Laver Swank, M.D., Ph.D., in Archives Neurology and Psychiatry v.46 pp.783-799 (2)
18/18 "Avian Thiamine Deficiency II Pathologic Changes" by Roy Laver Swank, M.D., Ph.D. and Miguel Prados, M.D., in Arch. Neurol. & Psych. v.47 pp.97-131 (2)
1942 January
18/19 "Vascular and Interstitial Cell Changes in Thiamine-Deficient Animals" by Miguel Prados, M.D. and Roy Laver Swank, M.D., Ph.D., in Arch. Neurol & Psych. v.47 pp.626-644 (2)
1942 April
18/20 "Electroencephalograms of Thiamine-Deficient Pigeons" by Roy L. Swank, M.D. and Herbert H. Jasper, M.D., in Arch. Neurol. & Psych. v.47 pp.821-827 (2)
1942 May
18/21 "Production and Study of Cardiac Failure in Thiamine-Deficient Pigeons" by Roy Laver Swank, Ph.D., M.D and Otto A. Bessey, Ph.D., in Arch. Internal Medicine v.70 pp.763-776 (2)
1942 November
18/22 "Observations on Certain Manifestatios of Circulatory Congestion Produced in Dogs by Rapid Infusion" by Andrew Yeomans; Reno R. Porter; & Roy L. Swank, in Jr. Clinical Investigation v.XXII(No.1) pp.33-45 (2)
1943 January
18/23 "Fascicular Muscle Twitchings in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis" by Roy Laver Swank, M.D., Ph.D. & Jerry C. Price, in Arch. Neurol & Psych. v.49 pp.22-26 (2)
1943 January
18/24 "Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Related Conditions" by Capt. Roy Laver Swank, M.C. & Tracy J. Putnam, M.D., in Arch. Neurol. & Psych. v.49 pp.151-177 (2)
1943 February
18/25 "The Scalenus Anticus Syndrome" by Major Roy L. Swank & Major Firoindo A. Simone, M.C., in Arch. Neurol & Psych. v.51 pp.432-435 (2)
1944 May
18/26 "Chronic Symptomatology of Combat Neuroses" by Major Benjamin Cohen and Major Roy L.Swank, M.C., in War Medicine v.8 pp.143-145 (2)
1945 September
18/27 "Combat Neuroses:Development of Combat Exhaustion" by Roy L. Swank, M.D. & Walter E. Marchand, M.D., in Archives Neurology & Psychiatry v.55 pp.236-247 (2)
1946 March
18/28 "A Study of the Human Myogram" by Roy L. Swank & Grace E. Bergner, in Jr. Clinical Investigation v.XXVII(No. 1) pp.24-33 (2)
1948 January
18/29 "Respiratory, Electroencephalographic, and Blood Gas Changes in Progressive Barbituate Narcosis in Dogs" by Roy L. Swank, & Joseph M. Foley, in Jr. Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics v.92(4) pp.381-396
1948 April
18/30 "Pyroxidine and Pantothenic Acid Deficiency in Swine" by Roy L. Swank and Raymond D. Adams, in Jr. Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology v.7(3) pp.274-286 (2)
1948 July
18/31 "Pulmonary Atelectasis in Stuporous States" by Roy Laver Swank, M.D. and Magnus I. Smedal, in American Jr. Medicine vol.V(No.2) pp.210-229 (2)
1948 August
18/32 "Combat Exhaustion" by Roy Laver Swank, M.D., in Jr. Nervous & Mental Disease v.109(6) pp.475-508 (2)
1949 June
18/33 "The Selective Effect of Anesthetics and Picrotoxin on the Cerebral Cortex of the Dog: An Electro-Encephalographic and Histochemical Study" by Roy Laver Swank & Jan Cammermeyer, in Jr. Cellular Physiology v.31(4) pp.43-70 (2)
1949 August
18/34 "Effects of Barbituates and Ether on Spontaneous Electrical Activity of Dog Brain" by Roy L. Swank and C. Wesley Watson, in Jr. Neurophysiology v.12 pp.137-160 (2)
18/35 "Synchronization of Spontaneous Electrical Activity of Cerebrum by Barbituate Narcosis" by Ro L. Swank, in Jr. Neurophysiology v.12 pp.161-172 (2)
18/36 "Respiratory Impairment and Pulmonary Complications in Paralyzed States: A Method for Early Detection" by Roy Laver Swank, in Annals of Internal Medicine v.32(2) pp.229-241 (2)
1950 February
18/37 "The Effect of Starvation on the Myelin Sheaths of the Peripheral Nerves of Rats" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D. and Otto A. Bessey, Ph.D., in Multiple Sclerosis and the Demyelinating Diseases v.XXVIII pp.133-142 (2)
1950 February
18/38 "Effects of Anesthetics and Convulsants on Acetylcholine Content of Brain" by K.A.C. Elliott; Roy L. Swank; and Nora Henderson, in Amer. Jr. Physiology v.162(20) pp.469-474 (2)
1950 August
18/39 "Multiple Sclerosis: A Correlation of its Incidence with Dietary Fat" by Roy Laver Swank, in Amer. Jr. Medical Sciences v.220 pp.421-430 (2)
1950 October
18/40 "Effects of Fat Meals and Heparin on Blood Plasma Composition as Shown by Paper Chromatography" by Roy L. Swank; A.E.Franklin; and J.H. Quastel, in Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Medicine and Biology v.75 pp.850-854 (2)
Box 19 Selected reprints II
19/41 "Geographic Incidence of Multiple Sclerosis in Norway" by Roy L. Swank (Montreal,Canada) and Julie Backer (Oslo,Norway), in Trans. Amer. Neurological Assn. v.51 pp.274-275 (2)
19/42 "Changes in Blood Produced by a Fat Meal and by Intravenous Heparin" Roy L. Swank and technical assistance Aagot Grimsgaard, in American Jr. Physiology v164(3) pp.798-811 (2)
1951 March
19/43 "The Cerebellar Electrogram", Roy L. Swank,M.D. & Samuel J. Brendler, M.D., in Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology Jr. v. 3(2) pp.207-212 (2)
1951 May
19/44 "Chylomicra:Their Composition & Fate..." Roy L. Swank & Valerie Wilmot, in Amer. Jr. Physiol. v167(2) pp.403-412 (2)
1951 November
19/45 "Paper Chromatography of Blood Plasmas in Multiple Sclerosis" by Roy L. Swank; A.E.Franklin; and J.H. Quastel, in Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. & Med. v76 pp.183-189 (2)
19/46 "Effect of Anaesthetics and Picrotoxin on the Tissue Photophases in the Cerebellum and Olivary Nucleus of the Dog" by Jan Cammermyer and Roy L. Swank, in Acta Pharm. et Toxicol. v.7 pp.65-82 (2)
19/47 "The Influence of Low-Fat Diet on Blood Lipid Levels in Health & in Multiple Sclerosis" by Valerie Wilmot, M.Sc. & Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D., in Montreal Neurological Inst. reprint #384 (originally in Amer. Jr. Med Sci. v.223 pp.25-34) (2)
1952 January
19/48 "Multiple Sclerosis in Rural Norway" by Roy L Swank, M.D.; Ola Lerstad, M.D.; Axel Strom, M.D.; and Julie Backer, Ph.D., in Montreal Neurological Institute reprint #408 pp.1-24 (originally in NEJM V.246 pp.721-728)(2)
1952 May
19/49 "The Effect of Different Sized Emboli of the Vascular System and Parenchyma of the Brain" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., & Raymond F. Hain, M.D., in Jr. Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology v.XI(3) pp.280-299 (2)
1952 July
19/50 "Chylomicron Dissolution:Dosage and Site of Action of Heparin" by Roy L. Swank and S.W.Levy, in Montreal Neurological Institute reprint #419 (originally in Amer. Jr. Physiol. v.171(1) pp.208-217 (2)
1952 October
19/51 "Hemorrhagic Cerebral Infarction by Arterial Occlusion" by R.F.Hain, M.D., P.V.Westhaysen, M.D., and R.L.Swank, M.D.,in Montreal Neurological reprint #380 pp.34-43 (2)
19/52 "Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis with Low-Fat Diet" by Roy L. Swank, M.D. pp.1-13 (originally in AMA Archives of Neurology & Psychiatry v.69 pp.91-103) (2)
1953 January
19/53 "Effect of Cerebral Microembolism on the Perivascular Neuroglia" by Revis C. Lewis, M.D. & Roy L.Swank, M.D., in Jr. Neuropath. & Exp. Neurol. v.12(1) pp.57-63 (2)
1953 January
19/54 Missing-"Physiologic Basis for Multiple Sclerosis" by R.L. Swank, in International Forum v.1 p44-46
19/55 "Blood Plasma in Multiple Sclerosis:Periodic Abnormalities in Pattern of Paper Chromatograms" by Roy L. Swank, M.D. pp.1-12 (originally in AMA Arch. Neurol. & Psych. v. 69 pp.281-292)(2)
Original title: "Blood Plasma in Multiple Sclerosis:Periodic Abnormalities in pattern of chromatograms".
1953 March
19/56 "MS-The Medical Problem" by Roy L. Swank, M.D. (Montreal Neurological Institute), in Canada's Health & Welfare pp.6-7 (2)
This item is the last article in this photocopied issue.
1953 August
19/57 "Relationship of Native Heparin to Clearing of an Alimentary Lipemia" by S.W. Levy & Roy L. Swank, in Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. & Med. v.82 pp.553-556 (2)
19/58 "Circulatory Changes in the Hamster's Cheek Pouch Associated with Alimentary Lipemia" by Roy L. Swank and Chester F. Cullen, in Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. & Med. v. 82 pp.381-384 (2)
19/59 "The Effects of InVivo Heparin on Plasma Esterase Activity & Lipemia Clearing" by S.W.Levy & Roy L. Swank, in Jr. Physiology v.123 pp.301-314 (2)
19/60 "Intravascular Aggregation & Adhesiveness of the Blood Elements Associated with Alimentary Lipemia & Injections of Large Molecular Substances on Blood-Brain Barrier" by Chester F. Cullen, M.D., & Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D., in Circulation v. 9(3) pp.335-346 (2)
1954 March
19/61 "Hemolysis & Alimentary Lipemia" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D. and Esther S. Roth, M.A., in Blood v. 9(4) pp.348-361 (2)
1954 April
19/62 "Fat Embolism: A Clinical & Experimental Study of Mechanisms Involved" by Roy L. Swank, M.D. & Gordon S. Dugger, M.D. pp.1-12 (originally in Surgery, Gynecology, and Obstetrics v.98 pp.641-652) (2)
1954 June
19/63 "Effect of High Fat Feedings on the Viscosity of the Blood" by Roy L. Swank pp.1-2 (originally in Science v.120(3115) pp.427-428) (2)
1954 September 10
19/64 "Apparatus for Measuring Relative Blood Viscosity" by Roy L. Swank & John G. Roth,in Montreal Neurological Institute reprint #473 (originally in Rev. Scientific Instruments V.25(10) pp.1020-1022 (2)
1954 October
19/65 "Chylomicron and Clearing Reaction" by Roy L. Swank & Esther S. Roth, in Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. & Med. v.86 pp.74-77 (2)
19/66 "Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis with Low-Fat Diet" by Roy L. Swank, M.D. pp.1-14 (originally in AMA Arch. Neurol. & Psych v. 73 pp.631-644) (2)
1955 June
19/67 "Multiple Sclerosis and the Local Weather" by Carl E. Hopkins, Ph.D.; and Roy L. Swank, M.D. pp.1-5 (originally in AMA Arch. Neurol. & Psych. v.74 pp.203-207) (2)
1955 August
19/68 "The Esteratic & Chylolytic Properties of Post-Heparin Plasma and their Roles in Lipaemia Clearing" by S.W. Levy & Roy L. Swank, in Jr Physiol, v. 127(2) pp.297-317 (recd' July '54) (2)
19/69 "Effects of Large Fat Intake on the Physical State of the Blood" by Roy L. Swank, in IIIrd Intl. Conf. on Biochem. Problems of Lipids (book) pp.216-223 (2)
1956 July
19/70 "Effects of Fat on Blood Viscosity in Dogs by Roy L. Swank, M.D., in Circulation Research v. 4(5) pp.579-585 (2)
1956 September
19/71 "Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis with Low-Fat Diet" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., in Ann. Internal Med., v.45(5) pp.812-824 (2)
1956 November
19/72 "Effects of Dextran Injections on Blood Viscosity in Dogs" by Roy L. Swank & Alfonso Escobar, in Jr. Applied Physiology v.10(1) pp.45-50 (rec'd April '56) (2)
1957 January
19/73 "Suspension Stability of the Blood After Injections of Dextran" by Roy L. Swank, in Jr. Appl. Physiol. v.12(1) pp.125-128(rec'd 8/57) (2)
1958 January
19/74 "Plasma Proteins and Fat Transport in Dogs" Roy L. Swank and J.H. Fellman, in American Jr. Physiol. v192(2) pp.318-324 (2)
1958 February
19/75 "Production of Convulsions in Hamsters by High Butterfat Intake" by R.L. Swank & R. Engel, in Nature v.181 pp.1214-1215 (2)
1958 April
19/76 "Subcutaneous hemorrhages in multiple sclerosis" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., in Neurology v.8(6) pp.497-498 (2)
19/77 "Changes in blood of dogs and rabbits by high fat intake" by Roy L. Swank, in Amer. Jr. Physiol. v.196(3) pp.473-477 (rec'd 4/58) (2)
1959 March
19/78 "Multiple Sclerosis: Method of Roy L. Swank, M.D.", chapter in Current Therapy pp.519-522 (2)
19/79 "Acute Cerebral Changes in Experimental Canine Fat Embolism" by Jan Cammermeyer & Roy L. Swank, in Experimental Neurology v.1(3) pp.214-232 (2)
1959 August
19/80 "Blood viscosity in cerebrovascular disease" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D., in Neurology v.9(8) pp.553-560 (2)
1959 August
19/81 Correspondence to the editor by Roy L. Swank, M.D., in Neurology v. 9(9)p.29A (2)
1959 September
19/82 Placeholder for "Low Fat Diet:Reasons, Rules, and Recipes" by Roy L. Swank and Aagot Grimsgaard (book in another box)
19/83 "The Production of Fat Embolism by Feeding of High Fat Meals" by Roy L. Swank; Walter Glinsman; and Perry Sloop, in Trans. Amer. Neurological Assn. v.84 pp.198-200 (2)
19/84 "Oxygen availability in brain tissues after lipid meals" by Roy L. Swank & Haruomi Nakamura, in Amer. Jr. Physiol. v.198(1) (rec'd June '59) pp.217-220 (2)
1960 January
19/85 "The Production of Fat Embolism in Rabbits by Feeding High Fat Meals" by Roy L. Swank, M.D.; Walter Glinsman, M.D.; and Perry Sloop, pp.1-5 (originally in Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics v.110 pp.9-13) (2)
1960 January
19/86 "Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis with a Low-Fat Diet" by Roy L. Swank, M.D. in Jr. Amer. Dietetic Assn. v.36(4) pp.322-325 (2)
1960 April
19/87 "Electrocardiogram in Hamsters after Large Fat Meals" by Haruomi Nakamura & Roy L. Swank, in Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. & Med. v.105 pp.195-197 (2)
19/88 "Convulsions in Hamsters after Cream Meals" (Short version) by Roy L. Swank & Haromi Nakamura, in Trans. Amer. Neurological Assn. v.85 pp. 235-236
19/89 "Convulsions in Hamsters after Cream Meals" (long version) by Roy L. Swank, M.D. & Haruomi Nakamura, M.D., Ph.D., in Archives of Neurology v.3 pp.594-600 (2)
The different spelling in Dr. Nakamura's first name is noted. A literature search shows no Haromi, but did bring up a Haruomi Nakamura doing the same sort of research in the 1990s.
1960 November
19/90 "Cryoglobulinemia" by Robert D. Koler, M.D.; Demetrios A. Rigas, Ph.D.; Arthur J. Seaman, M.D.; Bernard Pirofsky, M.D.; and Roy L. Swank, M.D., in American Jr. Med. pp.857-864 (2)
1960 November
19/91 "Multiple Sclerosis: Assessment of Treatment with a Modified Low-Fat Diet by Roy L. Swank, M.D. & R.B. Bourdillon, M.D., in Jr. Nervous & Mental Dis. v.131(6) pp.468-488 (2)
1960 December
19/92 "A Biochemical Basis for Multiple Sclerosis" (photocopy of book) by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.
Item in bound volumes. This item is also part of the library collection and can be found under the call number WL360 S97 1961.
19/93 "Effects of Large Fat Meals on the Circulation and Function of the Hamster" by Roy L. Swank, in Biblioteca Anatomica v.1 pp.281-286 (2)
19/94 "Alteration of Blood on Storage" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., pp.1-8 (originally in New England Jr. Med. v.265 pp.728-733) (2)
1961 October 12
19/95 "Adhesiveness of Platelets and Leukocytes during Acute Exsanguination" by Roy L. Swank, in Amer. Jr. Physiol. v.202(2) pp.261-264 (2)
1962 February
19/96 "The Influence of Ecological Factors on Blood Viscosity & Sedimentation & on Serum Cholesterol" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., in Amer. Jr. Clin. Nutrition v.19 pp.418-432 (2)
1962 May
19/97 "Disappearance of Micro-Emboli Transfused into Patients during Cardio-Pulmonary Bypass" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.; and George A. Porter, M.D., in Transfusion v.3(3) pp.192-197 (2)
1963 May-June
19/98 "Electrolyte changes in blood,urine, and tissues afer lipid and other test meals" by Roy L. Swank and Lavelle Jackson in Amer. Jr. Physiol. v.204(6) pp.1071-1076 (rec'd 1/62) (2)
1963 June
19/99 "Surface Characteristics of Dog Chylomicra and Some Lipid Models" by G.V.F. Seaman and R.L. Swank, in J. Physiol. v.168 pp.118-128 (2)
19/100 "Effect of Glass Wool Filtration on Blood During Extracorporeal Circulation" by Roy L. Swank, M.D.; Hans Hirsch, M.D.; Marianne Breuer, M.D.; and Wolfgang Hissen, M.D. pp.1-6 (originally in Surgery,Gynecology, & Obstetrics v. 117 pp.547-552) (2)
1963 November
Box 20 Selected reprints III
20/101 "Aggregation of Blood Cells by Serotonin" by Roy L. Swank, in Trans. Amer. Neurological Assn. v.88 pp.151-154 (2)
20/102 "Aggregation of Blood Cells by 5-Hydroxytryptamine (Serotonin)" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.; J.H. Fellman, Ph.D.; and W.W. Hissen, M.D., in Circulation Research v.XIII pp.392-400 (2)
1963 November
20/103 "Alteration of Blood During Acute Hypotension" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.; Wolf H. Isselhard, M.D.; Wolfgang Hissen M.D.; and Hans Merguet, M.D., in Circulation Research v.XIV pp.97-104 (2)
1964 February
20/104 "Screen filtration pressure method and adhesiveness and aggregation of blood cells" by Roy L. Swank; John G. Roth; and Jerold Jansen, in Jr. Applied Physiol. v. 19(2) pp.340-346 (2)
1964 March
20/105 "Continuos Filtration of Blood Through Pyrex Glass Wool Filters" by Roy L. Swank; Hans Hirsch; and Wolf Isselhard, in Biblioteca Anatomica v.4 pp.62-71(2)
20/106 "Screen Filtration Pressure of Homologous and Heterologous Blood and Electroencephalogram" by Hans Hirsch; Roy L. Swank; Marianne Breuer; and Wofgang Hissen, in Amer. Jr. Physiol. v.206(4) pp.811-814 (2)
1964 April
20/107 "Influence of Serotonin on Cerebral Circulation" by Roy L. Swank, M.D. and Wolfgang Hissen, M.D., in Arch. of Neurology v.10 pp.468-472 (2)
1964 May
20/108 "5-Hydroxytryptamine (Serotonin) in Acute Hypotensive Shock" by Roy L. Swank; Wolfgang Hissen; and J.H.Fellman, in Amer. Jr. Physiol. v.207(1) pp.215-222 (2)
1964 July
20/109 "5-Hydroxytryptamine and Aggregation of Blood Elements After Trauma" by Roy L. Swank, M.D.; Wolfgang Hissen, M.D.; and Sven Erik Bergentz, M.D. pp.1-6 (originally in Surgery, Gynecology, and Obstetrics v.119 pp.779-784) (2)
1964 October
20/110 "Isolated Cat Head Perfusion by Donor Dog" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.; and Wolfgang Hissen, M.D (short version), in Trans.Amer. Neurolog. Assn. v.90 pp 301-302 (2)
20/111 "Isolated Cat Head Perfusion by Donor Dog" (long version) by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.; and Wolfgang Hissen, M.D., in Arch. Neurol. v.13 pp.93-100 (2)
20/112 "Physico-Chemical Changes in Blood Arising from Dextran Infusions" by G.V.F. Seaman; W. Hissen; L. Lino; and R.L.Swank, in Clinical Science v. 29 pp.293-304 (2)
20/113 "Influence of Aggregation of Blood Cells on Screen Filtration Pressure and Blood Flow" by Roy L. Swank; J.H.Fellman; and W.W. Hissen, in Biblioteca Anatomica v.7 pp.185-190 (2)
20/114 "Circadian Periodicity in Some Physicochemical Parameters of Circulating Blood" by Dr. G.V.F.Seaman; Prof. Rudolf Engel; Prof. Roy L. Swank; and Dr. Wolfgang Hissen pp.1-7 (originally in Nature v.207(4999) pp.833-835 larger page format) (2)
1965 August
20/115 "Screen filtration pressure and pulmonary hypertension" by Wolfgang Hissen & Roy L. Swank, in Amer. Jr. Physiol. v. 209(1) pp.715-722 (2)
1965 October
20/116 "Comparison of Screen Filtration Pressure and Low-Shear Viscosity of Blood" by Magnus I. Gregersen; Shunichi Usami; Shu Chien; and Roy L. Swank, in Jr. Appl. Physiol. v.20(6) pp.1362-1364
1965 November
20/117 "Blood Cell Aggregation and Screen Filtration Pressure" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., and Eli Davis, M.D. in Circulation v.XXXIII pp.617-624 (2)
1966 April
20/118 "Physicochemical Changes in Circulating Canine Blood on Exsanguination or Administration of Histamine" by W. Hissen, M.D.; Roy L. Swank, M.D.; L. Lino, Ph.D.; and G.V.F.Seaman, Ph.D. pp.1-12 (originally in Surgery, Gynecology, and Obstetrics v.122 pp.1003-1014) (2)
1966 May
20/119 "Cosinor-Auswertung circadianer Rhythmen mit niedriger Amplitude im menshclichen Blut" by Franz Halberg; Rudolf Engel; Roy Swank; Geoffrey Seaman; und Wolfgang Hissen, in Physikalische Medizin und Rehabilitation v7(5) pp.1-7 (2)
1966 May
20/120 "Physicochemical Changes in Blood Induced by Trauma" by Roy L. Swank,M.D., Geoffrey V.F. Seaman, Ph.D.; Wofgang Hissen,M.D.; and Louis Lino,Ph.D. pp.1-9 (originally in Surgery,Gynecology, and Obstetrics v.123 pp.251-259 (2)
1966 August
20/121 "Blood Cell Aggregation and Biological Agents" by Roy L. Swank and J.H. Fellman in 4th European Conf. on Microcirculation (book)pp.98-103 (2)
20/122 "The Influence of Electrokinetic Charge and the Deformability of the Red Blood Cell on the Flow Properties of its Suspensions" by G.V.F. Seaman and Roy L. Swank, in Biorheology v.4 pp.47-59(rec'd 1st 2/66 and revised 6/66) (2)
20/123 "Der Effekt von Herzleistung und Blutdruck auf die Haemodynamik der spinalen Durchblutung" by W. Bartsch und R.L. Swank, in Sonderabdruck aus Verhandlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur innere Medizin 72nd Kongress 1966 (book) pp.1105-1110 (2)
20/124 "Relationship between post-cardiotomy delirium, clinical neurological changes, and EEG abnormalities" by Naunihal Singh Sachdev, M.D.; C.Conrad Carter, M. D.; Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.; and Paul H. Blachly, M.D., in Jr. Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery v.54(4) pp.557-563 (2)
1967 October
20/125 "Blood and Plasma Lipid Levels After Different Test Meals" by Louis Lino and Roy L. Swank in Hemorheology: Proceedings of the 1st Conference 10-16 July 1966 (book) pp.787-789 (2)
20/126 "The Screen Filtration Pressure Method in Platelet Research Significance and Interpretation by Roy L. Swank, in Ser. Haemat. v.1(2) pp.146-167 (2)
20/127 "Microvascular Occlusion by Platelet Emboli After Transfusion & Schock" by Roy L. Swank and Miles J. Edwards, in Microvascular Research v.1 pp.15-22 (2)
20/128 "Platelet Aggregation: Its Role and Cause in Surgical Shock" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D., in Jr. Trauma v.8(5) pp.872-879 (2)
20/129 "The Screen Filtration Pressure: Its Meaning and Significance" by Roy L. Swank,in chapter 30 Locke's Modern Neurology, Little-Brown Inc. pp.441-453 (2)
20/130 "The Screen-Filtration Pressure Method for Detecting Particulate Matter in Fluids" by Roy L. Swank and Kathleen H. Prichard, in Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. v158 pp.753-759 (2)
20/131 "Clinical use of a Dacron wool filter during perfusion for open-heart surgery" by John J. Osborn, M.D.; Roy L. Swank, M.D.; J. Donald Hill, M.D.; Mary J. Aguilar, M.D.; and Frank Gerbode, M.D., in Jr. Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery v.60(4) pp.575-581(rec'd 11/69) (2)
1970 October
20/132 "Multiple Sclerosis:Twenty Years on Low Fat Diet" by Roy L. Swank, M.D, Ph.D., in Arch. Neurology v.23 pp.460-474 (2)
20/133 "Experience Using a New Dacron Wool Filter During Extracorporeal Circulation" by J.D. Hill, M.D.; J.J. Osborn, M.D.; R. L. Swank, M.D.; M.J. Aguilar, M.D.; P. de Lanerolle, and F. Gerbode, M.D., in Arch. Surgery v. 101 pp.649-652 (2)
1970 December
20/134 "Course of multiple sclerosis slowed by low fat diet" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., in Modern Medicine (Abstract) v.39 p.132 (2)
20/135 "Pulmonary Fine Structure After Hemorrhagic Shock and Transfusion of Ageing Blood" by R.S. Connell and R.L.Swank, in Symposia 6th Europ. Conf. Microcirculation, Aalborg 1970 Karger, Basel pp.49-58 (2)
20/136 "Blood Filter for Extracorporeal Circulation" by R.L. Swank and J. Osborn, in Symposia 6th Europ. Conf. Microcirculation, Aalborg 1970 Karger, Basel pp.59-64 (2)
20/137 "Influence of Aggregated Blood Cells on Cerebrovascular Disease" by R.L.Swank and W. Bartsch, in Cerebral Circulation and Stroke ed. K.J. Zuelch (book) pp.163-174 (2)
20/138 "Microemboli and cardiopulmonary bypass: treatment and prevention by Roy L. Swank, in International Congress Series No.247 pp.151-159 (2)
20/139 "Effect of Dacron Wool Filtration on the Microembolic Phenomenon in Extracorporeal Circulation" by P.G. Ashmore, M.D.; R.L. Swank, M.D.; Ross Gallery, M.D.; Patricia Ambrose, R.N.; and Kathleen H. Prichard, in Jr. Thor.& Cardiov. Surg. v.63(2) pp.240-248 (2)
1972 February
20/140 Placeholder for book- "The Swank Low-Fat Diet Reasons, Rules and Recipes" by Roy L. Swank, M.D. and Ph.D., Mary Helen Pullen Admin Asst., and Kathleen H. Prichard, Res. Ass. (book) Title page as placeholder, book elsewhere in collection as a bound volume. (2)
Box 21 Selected Reprints IV
21/141 "Pulmonary Microembolism after Blood Transfusions: An Electron Microscopic Study by Reid S. Connell, Ph.D.; and Roy L. Swank, M.D., in Ann. Surgery v.177(1) pp.40-50 (2)
1973 January
21/142 "Radioactive Xenon Inhalation Cerebral Blood Flow Measurements on Normal Subjects and Patients with Cerebral Vascular Disease" by J.G. Roth and R.L. Swank, in Trans. Amer. Neurolog. Assn v.98 pp.45-47 (2)
21/143 "Secondary Microembolism After Transfusions: An Electron Micrscopic Study" by R.S.Connell, R.L. Swank, and M.C.Webb, in Biorheology v.10 pp.561-564 (2)
21/144 "Les Embolies Plaquettaires et Leucocytaires" par Roy L. Swank et Reid S. Connell, in Annales de l'Anesthesiologie Francaise tome XIV-Special III pp.249-259 (2)
21/145 "Dacron Wool Filtration and Hypotensive Shock: An Electron Microscopical Study" by R.L. Swank, M.D, Ph.D.; R.S. Connell, Ph.D; and M.C. Webb, in Ann. Surgery v.179 (4) pp.427-433 (2)
1974 April
21/146 "Emboli (Debris) Produced by Bubble Oxygenators:Removal by Filtration" by U. Scott Page, M.D.; John C. Bigelow, M.D.; Christopher R. Carter; and Roy L. Swank, M.D.,Ph.D., in Annals of Thoracic Surgery v.14(2) (2)
1974 August
21/147 "Experimental Fat Embolism: An Electron Microscopical Study" by Reid S. Connell; Roy L. Swank; and Michael C. Webb, in Bibliotheca Anatomica No. 13 pp179-180 (2) [originally from 8th European Conf. Microcirculation, Le Touquet 1974]
Item not on original bibliography.
21/148 "The Development of Pulmonary Ultrastructural Lesion During Hemorrhagic Shock" by R. S. Connell, Ph.D.; and R.L. Swank, Ph.D., in Jr. Trauma v.15(2) pp.116-129 (2)
21/149 "Platelet-Leukocyte Aggregates", by Roy L. Swank, in Bibliotheca Anatomioca No.16 pp.475-477 (2)
Item not on bibliography.
21/150 "The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book" by Swank, R.L. and Pullen, M.H. Doubleday &Co. Placeholder and review for book- (Bound volume in another box)
21/151 "Flicker Fusion Thresholds in Multiple Sclerosis" by Michael L. Daley, Ph.D.; Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.; Catherine M. Ellison, in Archives of Neurology v.36 pp.292-295
1979 May
21/152 "Simplified red cell electrophoretic mobility test for multiple sclerosis" by by Geoffrey V.F. Seaman; Roy L. Swank; Cherry H. Tamblyn;and Charles F. Zukoski IV, in Lancet p1138 (2)
1979 May 26
21/153 "Red cell membrane differences in multiple sclerosis are acquired from plasma" by Geoffrey V.F. Seaman; Roy L. Swank; and Charles F. Zukoski IV, in Lancet p1139 (2)
1979 May 26
21/154 "Myelin Basic Protein Binding Cells in Active Multiple Sclerosis", by Arthur A. Vandenbark, Ph.D.; Jules V. Hallum, Ph.D.; Roy L. Swank, M.D.; Alex Tong, B.S.; and Denis R. Burger, Ph.D., in Annals of Neurology v.6(1) pp8-12 (2)
1979 July
21/155 "The unexpected: its significance in biological research" by Roy L. Swank, in Biorheology v.15(5-6) pp.411-416
21/156 "The Basis for the Unsaturated Fatty Acid Red Cell Electrophoretic Mobility Test for Multiple Sclerosis"by C.F. Zukoski IV; C.R. Tamblyn; R.L.Swank; and G.V.F.Seaman (2), in Cell Electrophoresis (book) by A.W. Preece and D. Subotovic El Sevier Press (in press)
21/157 "Comparison of methods for evaluation of microaggregate removal by blood transfusion filters" by Cherry H. Tamblyn; Frank J. Nordt; Roy L. Swank; C.F. Zukoski IV; and G.V.F.Seaman, in Biorheology v.16 pp. 339-346 (2)
21/158 "Plasma origin of red cell membrane changes in multiple sclerosis" by Geoffrey V.F. Seaman; Roy L. Swank; and Cherry H. Tamblyn, in Lancet p938 (2)
1980 April 26
21/159 "Microemboli and Tissue Pathophysiology", by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D., in Microaggregates: Experimental & Clinical Aspects, US Army Medical Research and Development Command, Ft. Detrick Md. 1980 (2) Book available also with bound volumes.
21/160 "Platelet Count Ratio (PCR) as an Additional Parameter in the Quantitation of Platelet Aggregation In Vitro" by K.U. Benner; C.H.Tamblyn; R.L.Swank; and G.V.F. Seaman, in Thrombosis Research v.17 pp.801-808 (2)
21/161 "Red Cell Electrophoretic Mobility Test for Early Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis" by Cherry H. Tamblyn; Roy L. Swank; Geoffrey V.F.Seaman; and Charles F. Zukoski IV, in Neurological Research v.2(1) pp.69-83 (2)
21/162 "Report on the Relationship of Emotional Tension to Exacerbations...of M.S." by Roy L. Swank (in-house report, University of Oregon Health Sciences Center)
21/163 "Quantitative Posturography: Use in Multiple Sclerosis" by Michael L. Daley and Roy L. Swank, in IEEE Trans. on Biomed. Eng. v.BME-28,No.9 pp.668-671 (2)
1981 September
21/164 "Measures to Monitor the Course of Multiple Sclerosis" by M.L.Daley; R.L.Swank; J.T.Clark; and T.Weber, in Proc. of the 34th ACEMB Meeting Houston Texas p.132 (2)
1981 September
21/165 Placeholder for book- "Platelet and platelet neutrophil aggregates: their genesis and pathophysical effects" by Swank,R.L. and R.S.Connell (technical assistance), published by American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion
21/166 "Changes in postural control and vision reduced by multiple sclerosis" by M.L. Daley and Roy L. Swank, in Aggressologie v.24 pp.327-329 (2)
21/167 "Cerebral Blood Flow and Red Cell Delivery in Normal Subjects and in Multiple Sclerosis" by Roy L. Swank; John G. Roth; and David C. Woody,Jr., in Neurological Research v.5(1) pp37-59 (2)
21/168 "Plasma in Multiple Sclerosis: A Possible Abnormality" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.; Frans Peetom, M.D., Ph.D.; Cherry H. Tamblyn, M.S.; Michael L. Daley, Ph.D.; Geoffrey V.F. Seaman, Ph.D., in Plasma Ther. Transfus. Technol. v.4 pp.301-311 (2)
21/169 "Polystyrene latex particles as indicators of abnormal plasmas properties in multiple sclerosis" by Geoffrey V.F. Seaman, Ph.D.; Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.; and Cherry H. Tamblyn, M.S., in Neurology v.34(4) pp. 547-549 (2)
1984 April
21/170 "Plasma and Multiple Sclerosis-Past and Present" by Roy L. Swank; Barbara Brewer Dugan; Annette Steury; and Geoffrey V.F. Seaman, in Multiple Sclerosis: Immunological, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects, Chapter 29 pp.217-221 (2)
21/171 "The Swank Low Fat Diet: A Low Fat Diet for the Treatment of M.S.", by Roy L. Swank, M.D. and Barbara Brewer Dugan, R.N.(booklet & copy put out by the Swank Clinic)
Item not on original bibliography.
21/172 "Multiple sclerosis: the lipid relationship" by Swank, R.L., Grimsgaard, A., in Am. Jr. Clin. Nutrition v.48 pp.1387-1393
21/173 "Effect of low saturated fat diet in early and late cases of multiple sclerosis" by Roy Laver Swank and Barbara Brewer Dugan, in Lancet v.336 pp.37-39
1990 July
21/174 "Elevation of Plasma Derived Proteins in Multiple Sclerosis", by Roy A. Garvin & Roy L. Swank, in FASEB Jr. v.4(3) p.A696 Abstract #2492 (2)
21/175 "Confirmation of Multiple Sclerosis by Red Cell Electro- phoretic Mobility" by Roy L. Swank; Ingeborg A. Vaden; and Anthony J. Leckband, in Clinical Hemorheology v.11 pp.281-293 (2)
21/176 "Multiple Sclerosis:The Fat-Oil Relationship" by Swank,R.L., in Nutrition v.7 pp368-376 (Special Article) (2)
21/177 "Comparison of Physicochemical and Hematological Parameters for Blood from Multiple Sclerosis Patients and Normal Subjects" by Geoffrey V.F. Seaman; R.J.Knox; the Late Lavelle J.Jackson; and Roy L. Swank, in Clinical Hemorheology v.12 pp.947-957
21/178 "A Prospective Discussion of Past Nutrition Catastrophes-Indications for the Future" by Roy Laver Swank, M.D., Ph.D., in Nutrition v.13(4) pp.344-348 (rec'd 7/96) (2)
21/179 "Microfiltration and microemboli:a history" by R.L.Swank and G.V.F.Seaman, in Transfusion v.40 pp.114-120
2000 January
21/180 "Review of MS Patient Survival on a Swank Low Saturated Fat Diet" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D. and James Goodwin, Ph.D., in Nutrition v.19 pp.161-162 (2)
21/181 "How Saturated Fats May Be a Causative Factor in Multiple Sclerosis and Other Diseases" by R.L.Swank, M.D., Ph.D. and J.W.Goodwin, Ph.D., in Nutrition p.478 (2)
21/182 Missing- Last Publication by R.L. Swank, in Nature(placeholder)
no date

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This series represents a collection of reprints which Dr. Swank used in his research. Some are separated by the subject and have broad general dates. Some will refer to Blood Flow or Circulation; others will be specifically related to Multiple Sclerosis. Still others will be a mixture, or generic in scope. This series of reprints is not as extensively dealt with as Dr. Swank's own. Unfortunately many were damaged by mildew. It is not cross-referenced. It is separated into United States-based researchers and those from abroad. An effort has been made to save reprints with autographs or messages to Dr. Swank.

Article titles are capitalized (or not) as they were found.
Description Dates
Box 22 General
22/1 General Neurology
"Newer Conceptions of Postinfectious and Related Forms of Encephalitis" by Tracy J. Putnam, Jr., in Bull. N.Y. Acad. Sci. v.17(5) pp.337-347
1941 May
"Loss of Axis-Cylinders in Sclerotic Plaques and Similar Lesions" by Tracy J. Putnam, M.D. and Leo Alexander, M.D., in Arch. Neurol. Psychiat. v.57 pp.661-672
1947 June
"Disseminated Sclerosis and 'Encephalomyelitis' " by Tracy J. Putnam, in chapter XXIII in book (title?) pp.625-646
"A Relapsing Form of Encephalitis in South Africa" by R.Geerling, M.D. and Allan V. Bird, M.B., in South African Medical Jr. v.25 pp.91-95
1951 February 10
"Rapid Determination of Optimum Medication in Recalcitrant Cases of Epilepsy" by Tracy J. Putnam, M.D. et al, in AMA Arch. Neurol. Psychiat. v.72 pp.169-179
"Occurrence of Lipemia in Experimental Allergic Emcephalomyelitis" by Marion Kies et al, in Neurology v.7(3) pp.175-188
1957 March
"Formation of Myelin Forms in Brain Tissue: Effect of Surface-Active Substances" by William W. Ayres, Capt. MC,USN, in U.S. Armed Forces Medical Jr., Vol.IX(4) pp.507-531
1958 April
"Prolonged and patterned direct extracellular stimulation of single neurons" by Felix Strumwasser and Suzanne Rosenthal, in Amer. Jr. Physiol. v.198 pp.405-413
1960 January-June
"Stimulation of the Caudate Nucleus" by Janice Stevens, M.D. et al, in Archives of Neurology v.4 pp.47-54
1961 January
"Possible Correlations Between Geology and Some Disease Patterns" by Harry V. Warren et al, in Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. v.136(Art. 22) pp.657-710
1967 June 20
"Neuropathological Manifestations of Cardiac Surgery" by J. Donald Hill et al, in Annals of Thoracic Surgery v.7(5) pp.409-419
1969 May
"Neurological Abnormalities Following Open-Heart Surgery" by Hushang Javid et al, in Surgery v.58(4) pp.502-509
1969 October
"Acute Transverse Myelopathy in Adults: A Follow-Up Study" by Howard L. Lipton, M.D. and Robert T. Teasdall, M.D., in Archives of Neurology v.28 pp.252-257
1973 April
"Migraine Attacks: Alleviation by an inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis and action" by Y. Vardi, M.D. et al, in Neurology v.26(5) PP.447-450 Annotated by a co-author.
1976 May
"Neurologic Appraisal of the Aged High-Risk Surgical Patient" by Walter A. Olszewski, M.D., Chapter 18 in The Aged & High-Risk Surgical Patient (book) ed. John H. Siegel pp.291-06 Annotated by author
"Remyelination in the Spinal Cord of the Cat Following Intraspinal Injections of Lysolecithin" by W.F. Blackmore et al, in Jr. Neurological Sciences v.33 pp.31-43
"Spontaneous and mechanically evoked activity due to central demyelinating lesion" by K.J. Smith, in Nature v.286(5769) pp.154-155
1980 July 10
"Remyelination During Optic Nerve Compression" by R.E. Clifford-Jones et al, in Jr. Neurological Sciences v.46 pp.239-243 (rec'd 11/79)
"The Restoration of Conduction by Central Remyelination" by K.J. Smith et al, in Brain v.104(pt.2)
1981 June
"Muscular Dystrophy" by Setsuro Ebashi(ed.), in Japan Medical Research Foundation Pub. No.16 (Proceedings Intl. Symp. Muscular Dystrophy,Tokyo Nov.25-27, 1980)
"Membranes, Myelin, and the Pathophysiology of Multiple Sclerosis" by Stephen G. Waxman, M.D., Ph.D., in New Engl. Jr. Med. v.306(5) pp.1529-1532
1982 June 24
"Epidemiology of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis" by John F. Kurtzke, in Human Motor Neuron Diseases (book) ed. Lewis P Rowland, Raven Press NY pp.281-301
"The Role of the CNS in Cardiovascular Disorders" by Robert S. Eliot and James C. Buell, in Hospital Practice pp. 189-199
1983 May
"Immunosuppresion and the Risk of Brain Lymphoma" (letter to the editor), in New England Jr. Med. v.308 (no.18) pp.1099
1983 May 5
"Sensory Neuropathy From Pyridoxine Abuse" by Herbert Schaumburg, M.D. et al, in New England Jr. Med., V.309(no.8) pp.445-448
1983 August 25
"Nuclear Alterations of Nerve Cells in Rats Induced by a Carcinogen,4-Nitroquinoline 1-Oxide" by Mami Kotani et al, in Yonago Acta Medica v.26(2-3)
"Impaired Visual Flicker Discrimination with Hypothalamic Pituitary Disease" by Michael L. Daley, Ph.D. and David M. Cook, M.D., in Arch. Neurol. v.40 pp.643-644
1983 October
"Cortical Dysplasia in Congenital Muscular Dystrophy with Central Nervous System Involvement (Fukuyama Type)" by Kuniyasu Takada et al, in Jr. Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology v.43(4)
1984 July
"Neuroepidemiology" by John F. Kurtzke, M.D., in Annals of Neurology v.16(3) pp.265-277
1984 September
"Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis:Features of Multisystem Degeneration" by J. Tanaka et al., in Acta Neuropathologica v.64 pp.22-29
"Myelin Basic Protein and Myelin-Associated Glycoprotein in Chronic, Relapsing Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis" by Nancy Sternberger, et al, in Jr. Neuroimmunology v.6 pp.217-229
"Mechanisms of Demyelination" editorial, in Lancet pp.495-496
1985 March 2
"Something shared:Viruses,nerves" by J. Silberner, in Science News v.128 p.38
1985 July 20
"Food allergy and adult migraine by Mansfield, M.E. et al, in Annals of Allergy v.55(2) pp.126-129 (bibliographic citation)
1985 August
"Quantitative Evaluation of Neurons in the Corpus Striatum in the Common and Rigid Forms of Huntingtons' Disease" by Shinsuke Kato et al, in Yonago Acta Medica v.29(1) PP.1-11
"Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis with a Long Survival: An Autopsy Report Case" by Kuniyasu Takada et al, in Yonago Acta Medica,v.29(1) pp.12-19
"On national needs for neurologists in the United States" by John F. Kurtzke,et al, in Neurology v.36(3) pp.383-388
1986 March
"Nerve Growth Factor Acts in Brain" by Jean L. Marx, in Science v.232 pp.1341-1342
1986 June
"Neurologists in the United States-past, present, and future" by John F. Kurtzke et al, in Neurology v.36(12) pp.1576-1582
1986 December
"Regeneration Research Newsletter" by the V.A. Office of Regeneration Research Programs pp. 1-8
1989 July
"Serotonin metabolism in migraine", by M.D. Ferrari, M.D. et al, in Neurology v.39 pp.1239-1242
Letter to the editor re: Pellagra by Stephane Noel, M.D. et al, in New England Jr. Med.v.322(6) p.407
1990 February 8
"White Matter Lesions and Disequilibrium in Older People: II.Clinicopathologic Correlation" by Robert W. Baloh, M.D. and Harry D. Vinters, M.D., in Archives of Neurology v.52 pp.975-981
1995 October
"Diabetic retinopathy" by Shelley-Ann Evans, in Jr. Royal Soc. Med. v.89 pp.230-231 (originally in Forum on Clinical Healthcare Nov. 21 1994)
1996 April
"Central Nervous System Dysfunction with Open Heart Operations" by Isla M. Williams, M.D. (Monash U., Australia)
Chapter in an unidentified book.
no date
22/2 Lipid (Fat) Studies
"The Thiamine Requirement of Pigs as Related to the Fat Content of the Diet" by N.R. Ellis & L.L. Madsen, in Jr. Nutrition v.27(3) pp.253-262
1944 March
"Colloidal Aspects of Bood Lipids" by H.L.Davis, Ph.D., in IIIrd Conference of Biochemical Problems of Lipids (book) pp.81-93
1956 July 26-28
"Fatness, Fat, and Heart Disease" by Richard S. Gubner, M.D., in Nutrition Reviews v.15(2) pp.353-360
1957 December
"Multiple Sclerosis as an Incidental Complication of a Disorder of Lipid Metabolism" by Cyril B. Courville, M.D., in Bull. Los Angeles Neurological Society v.242(2) pp. 60-104
1959 June
"Effects of Dietary Fats on Human Erythrocyte Fatty Acid Patterns" by John W. Farquahr & Edward H. Ahrens, Jr. in Jr. Clin. Investigation v.42(5) pp.675-685
"Linoleate metabolism in multiple sclerosis" by J. Belin et al, in J. Neurol. Psychiat. v.34 pp.25-29
"Effect of Ingestion of Meat on Plasma Cholesterol of Vegetarians" by Frank M. Sacks et al, in Jr. Amer. Med. Assn. v.246(6) pp. 640-644
1981 Aug.7
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"Microembolism and Multiple Sclerosis" (Fat Embolisms) bibliography
This is a list of bibliographic citations from 1925-70.
no date
22/3 Nutrition & Diet Studies
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This article concentrates on Dr.Swank's views that M.S. can be influenced and instigated by dietary fats. It investigates mineral trace pollution as a possible source of contaminated diets in Scandinavia.
1967 June 20
"A Geologist Looks At Pollution" by Harry V. Warren and Robert E. Delevault of U. British Columbia Geology Dept.(pamphlet with no pagination), in Western Miner
This is accompanied by a cover letter by Dr. Warren to Dr. Swank. The last page includes a table showing the lead content in food.
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no date
Box 23 Hemorheology Research
23/1 Vascular research-General
Bibliography of Melvin H. Knisley
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Includes cover letter by author Dr. Mead.
1986 April
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Table 1-blood specimen comparisons. No citation except "Early diagnosis of ms" by E.J. Field and G. Joyce
No citation was found in database search.
no date
23/2 Hemorheology research-Aggregates & Microaggregates
Bibliography on Sludged Blood and Fused Quartz Rod Technique, Melvin H. Knisely
1960 June 1
Bibliography-Knisely Fused Quartz Rod Technique References
no date
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no date
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23/3 Hemorheology research-Cerebrovascular
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23/4 Hemorheology research-Emboli & Microemboli
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Though annotation in upper right-hand corner says "SGO Nov. 1981", this was not found in said journal. Correct citation not found. Non-paginated, has the look of a draft.
1981 November
Emboli- drawing and notes no citation
no date
23/5 Hemorheology research-Filtration, Perfusion & Transfusion Studies
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1964 April
Bibliography of Technical Papers- Blood Filtration by Pall Biomedical Corporation, Glen Cove NY
Original list has 2 addenda plus an extra sheet not from original list.
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p135-36 excised, cut, stapled back together and re-inserted into article.
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Filter (cross-cut schematic diagram) provenance unstated except "Fig/64-B" on back
no date
Box 24 Multiple Sclerosis
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no date
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The title was derived from an additional page stapled to article, which gives a bibliography for Dr. Arieff. This is a medico-legal journal and each article contains reference to legal decisions concerning the article subject. The bibliography did not include this title. His listed works were all book related. The journal started c.1955 and the date is merely an estimate.
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This legal case confirmed the apellants' right to an industrial injury claim which had been ealier rejected. Dr. Swank's testimony was a key factor in the success of the appeal.
1980 August 18
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Publication estimated from presence of cited sources to late summer 1979.
24/4 Multiple Sclerosis-Stress &Trauma II
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Dr. Swank's testimony key to winning for claimant in a worker's compensation case.
1985 May 1
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1957 July
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"Uveitis, perivenous sheathing and multiple sclerosis" by Colin R. Bamford, M.D. et al, in Neurology v.9(2) pp.119-124
1978 September
"Prolonged azathioprine treatment of non-remitting multiple sclerosis" by J.A. Rosen, in Jr. Neurology,Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry v.42 pp.338-344
"Multiple Sclerosis: The Rational Basis for Treatment with Colchicine and Evening Primrose Oil" by D.F. Horrobin, in Medical Hypothesis v.5 pp.365-378
"Intrathecal Inteferon for Multiple Sclerosis" by Charles C. Berry, in Science v.217 pp.269-270
"Intensive Immunosupression in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis" by Stephen L. Hauser et al, in New England Jr. Med. v308(4) pp.173-180
1983 January 27
"Hyperbaric-Oxygen Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis" by Boguslav H. Fischer, M.D. et al, in New Eng.Jr. Med. v.308(4) pp.181-186
1983 January 27
"Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis" by Dale E. McFarlin, M.D., in New Eng. Jr. Med. v.308(4) pp.215-217 editorial
1983 January 27
"Disability Rating Scales in Multiple Sclerosis" by Kurtzke, J.F., in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, v.436:347-60, Pt. IV of Clinical Trials in M.S.
"Hyperbaric Oxygen for Multiple Sclerosis" by Richard A Neubauer, in Lancet pp.810-811
1985 April 6
"Neuroepidemiology Part II: Assessment of Therapeutic Trials" by John F. Kurtzke, M.D., in Annals of Neurology v.19(4) pp.311-319
1986 April
"Problems and Pitfalls in Treatment Trials of Multiple Sclerosis" by John F. Kurtzke, in Clinical Trials in Multiple Sclerosis v.6 pp.17-33
"Diagnostic and therapeutic trials in multiple sclerosis:a new look" by Howard L. Weiner, M.D. and Donald W. Paty, M.D., in Neurology v. 39 pp.972-976
"A referendum on clinical trial research in multiple sclerosis" by John H. Noseworthy et al, in Neurology v.39 pp.977-981
"A placebo-controlled, randomized, double-masked, variable dosage, clinical trial of azathioprine with and without methyprednisolone in multiple sclerosis" by G.W.Ellison et al, in Neurology v.39 pp.1018-1026
1989 August
"Interferon beta in multiple sclerosis" by Barry G. Arnason, M.D., in Neurology v. 43 pp.641-643
"Interferon beta-1b is effective in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis:I.Clinical results of a multicenter, randomized, double- blind, placebo-controlled trial" by IFNB Multiple Sclerosis Study Group, in Neurology v.43 pp.655-661
1993 April
"Interferon beta-1b is effective in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis II. MRI analysis results of a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial" by D.W. Paty, M.D. et al, in Neurology v.43 pp.662-667
1993 April
24/6 Multiple Sclerosis-Selected reprints
This group of reprints was set aside as part of a conference notebook. It has sub-categories. Some are Swank's, some are not.
Subheading General MS-"Multiple Sclerosis (Disseminated Sclerosis)" excerpt from book Association for Research in Nervous & Mental Diseases: A Series of Investigations and Reports, Vol. II pp.22-26
Subheading General MS-"Some Aspects of the Natural History of Disseminated Sclerosis" by Douglas McAlpine and Nigel Compston, in Quarterly Jr. of Medicine New Series, XXI,No.82 pp.135-167
1952 April
Subheading General MS-"The Role of Psychological Process in a Somatic Disorder:Multiple Sclerosis" by Varda Mei-Tai et al, in Psychosomatic Medicine vol. XXXII No.1
Subheading General MS-"Effect of Emotional Stress on Spasticity and Rigidity" by Kurt Boman, in Jr. Psychosomatic Research vol.15 pp.107-112
Subheading General MS-"Twin study of multiple sclerosis: An epidemiologic inquiry" by A. Roger Bobowick et al, in Neurology vol. 28 pp.978-987
1978 October
Subheading Dr. Swank- "Report Concerning Relationship of Emotional Tension to Exacerbations (Relapse, Attacks, Aggra- vation) of Multiple Sclerosis" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.
no date
Subheading Trauma-"Trauma & Multiple Sclerosis" by Henry Miller, M.D., DURH., F.R.C.P., in Trauma vol.15(4) (year not shown)
no date
Subheading Emotional Stress- "Prior events in multiple sclerosis" by Robert D. Currier, M.D. et al, in Neurology vol. 24(8) pp.748-754
Subheading Emotional Stress- "Emotional Stress and the Development of Multiple Sclerosis" by Sharon Warren et al, in Jr. Chronic Disease Vol. 35 pp.821-831
Subheading Emotional Stress- "Emotional Stress and the Development of Multiple Sclerosis"- Reply letter by James Van Alstine, in Jr. Chronic Dis. v.36(11)
Subheading Emotional Stress-"Severely threatening events and marked life difficulties preceding onset or exacerbation of multiple sclerosis" by Igor Grant et al, in Jr. Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry vol.52 pp8-13
Subheading Headache & MS-" National Headache Foundation Newsletter" No. 84, pp.1-4
1993 Spring
Subheading Traumatic Syndrome- ""Changing concepts in headache: The posttraumatic syndrome" by Wm. G. Speed III, M.D., in Neurologic Consults vol. 3 pp.1-9 year not given
There does nit seem to be an actual title of that name. It seems to be a section within a magazine, but a quick search did not show which.
Subheading Legal Cases- "Multiple Sclerosis, Aggravation of" by Alex J. Arieff, M.D., in Medical Trial Technique Quarterly pp.121-141 (vol-issue-year not given)
Subheading Legal Cases- "Notice to the Parties Before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals State of Washington
1980 August 18
Box 25 Foreign Research reprints
25/1 Germany
"Erfahrungen uber neue Eiweissbestimmungsmethoden fur den Liquor" by J. Steger, in Sonderabdruck aus Berichte der Physikalisch-Medizinischen Gesellschaft zu Wurzburg Neue Folge Bd.67 1954-55 pp.146-157 (from lecture)
1955 December 15
"Klinische Untersuchungen Uber Vibrationsempfindung bei Schadigung der Peripheren Sensiblen Nerven" diss. by Hartmut Mayer-Walcher pp.1-30, Julius-Maximilians-Wurzburg Univ.
"Uber die Pathogenese der Quintusneuralgie", diss. by Rainer Eckert pp. 1-19, Julius-Maximilians- Univ., Wurzburg
"Veranderungen der Liquor-Eiweissfraktionen bei Verschiedenen Neurologicschen Krankheitsbildern, diss. by Alfred Hofmann, Julius-Maximilians-Universitat, Wurzburg
"Statistische Untersuchungen zum Problem der multiplen Sklerose III. Mitteilung:Atiologische Faktoren" by Lena Abb u. Georges Schaltenbrand, in Deutsche Zeitschrift f. Nervenheilkunde, Bd.174 seite 219-234
"Neue Beobachtungen zum Diatfehler" v. H. Harders, in Sonderabdruck aus Verhandlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur innere Medizin 62nd Kongress Munchen s.499-503 Summary in English: "New Findings with Diet Deficiencies"
"Statistische Untersuchungen zum Problem der Multiplen Sklerose" IV. Mitteilung: Gestationprozess und Multiple Sklerose" by Kathe Kulig u. Georges Schaltenbrand, in Deutsche Zeitschrift f. Nervenheilkunde Bd.174 s.460-468
"Zur Klinik und Therapie der akuten Multiplen Sklerose" v. Dr. med. Frederick Proewig, in Sonderdruck Munchener Med. Wochensch. Bd.98(Nr.48) seite 1-5 (Autographed)
"Multiple Sklerose und Wehrdienst" v. Josef Gerhard, in Sonderabdruck aus Der Nervenarzt Bd. 27 (6) s.271-274
1956 June
"Einfluss der Tonsillektomie auf den Verlauf der Polysklerose (Multiple Sklerose)" s.1-19, diss. v. Werner Reichel von der Julius-Maximilians-Universitat, Wurzburg
"Zur diatetisch induzierten und postoperativen Thromboseneigung" v. H. Harders, Sonderdruck aus Thrombosis et Diathesis Haemorrhagica, Bd. I (No.3/4)
1957 XII 15
"Mikro-Angioskopie an der Conjunctiva bulbi bei kilinisch gesicherter Arteriosklerose" v. H. Harders u. N.Heisig, Univ. Klinik Hamburg Eppendorf (one page abstract)
no date
"Zwillingsuntersuchungen bei Multipler Sklerose v. H. Bammer et al, aus Deutsche Zeitschrift Nervenheilkunde Bd. 181 s.262-279
"Disseminated Sclerosis-Survey in 46 Communities in Lower Franconia" by H. Bammer & G. Schaltenbrand, in Acta Psych. Scand.,Suppl. 35(147) pp.57-63
"Modelluntersuchungen zur Methode der Siebungsdruckmessung" v. H. Mann et al, aus Pflugers Archiv. bd. 307 s. 167-177
"Quantitative Measurements of Platelet Aggregation in vivo Induced by Adenosine Diphosphate" by K.E. Frede and K.U. Benner, in Pfluger's Archiv v.324, pp.319-327
"In vitro-Thrombocytenaggregation durch Kalte" v. B. Krnakenhagen et al, aus Pfluger's Archiv bd.334 s.62-73
"Platelet Aggregation Induced by ADP in vivo: Continuos and Quantitative Measurements in Different Vascular Beds" by K.U. Benner and K.E.Frede, in Microvascular Research v.4 pp.264-272
"Aggregation of Human Red Blood Cells (RBC) and Platelets and its Reversal by a Surface-active Substance (Pluronic F68)" by K.U. Benner et al, in Bibliotheca Anatomica, No.12 pp.208-215 (7th Europ. Conf. Microcirculation Pt. II Aberdeen
"Investigations into the Aggregation of Platelets in flowing Blood During Hemorrhagic Shock" by K.E.Frede & K.U.Benner, in Bibliotheca Anatomica, No.12 pp.235-241 (7th Europ. Conf. Microcirculation Pt. II Aberdeen
"A Simple Method for the Determination of Red Blood Cell Agglutination" by K-U Benner and P. Gaehtgens, in Bioch. and Exp. Biol. v.XI(1) pp.37-41
"Platelet Aggregation Induced by DAS in Vitro: Some Investigations on Its Mechanism of Action" by K.U. Benner et al, in Sonderdruck Thrombosis et Diathesis Haemorrhagica v.XXXI(2) pp.354-362
1974 May 15
"Osmotic Behaviour of Human red Blood Cells Effect of Non-ionic Detergents" by Peter Gaehtgens and Klaus-Ulrich Benner, in Blut Bd.XXIX S.123-133
"Untersuchungen uber die Mikroembolisierung der Skelettmuskelstrombahn durch Thrombozyten-Aggregate" by P. Gaehtgens et al, in Verhandlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Kreislaufforschung. 40:218-21
"Hemodynamic and Functional Consequences of Intravascular Platelet Aggregation in Skeletal Muscle" by K.U. Benner et al, in Microvascular Research v.9 pp.310-316
"Desaggregation of Human Red Blood Cells by Various Surface-Active Agents as Related to Changes of Cell Shape and Hemolysis" by P. Gaehtgens and K.U. Benner, in Acta Haemo- tologica v.53 pp.82-89
"Beeinflussung der Mikroaggregation in lagernden Blutkonserven" v. H. Harke aus Anaesthetist Bd.25 s.374-379
"Nutritive and Non-Nutritive Blood Flow in Canine Skeletal Muscle after Partial Microembolization" by P. Gaehtgens et al, in Pfluger's Archiv v.189 pp.183-189
25/2 Israel
"Blood and plasma transfusions in multiple sclerosis" by Leo Alexander et al, in Research Publications - Association for Research in Nervous & Mental Disease. 28:178-99 (2)
"Intravenous gammaglobulin treatment in multiple sclerosis and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis: delineation of usage and mode of action." by A.Achi et al, in Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, & Psychiatry, v.57 Suppl., p.57-61
1994 November
25/3 Italy
"Sulla localizzazione perivenosa e sulle modalita di accrescimento e diffusione delle lesione demielinizzante nella sclerosi a placche" by G. Macchi, in Rivista di Patologia nervosa e mentale v.LXXV pp.1-36
"Attualita sulla sclerosi a plache" by Giorgio Macchi, in Progessi di Terapia n.4 unpaginated, 7 pages
Includes 3 typewritten summaries, 2 in English and 1 in Italian of the article.
"Studi Sulla Sclerosi a Plache" by Marino Benvenuti ed., in Rivista di Neurobiologia v.5(Fasc.4) Suppl. pp.850-1083
"Dietary Surveys in Connection with the Epidemiology of Heart Disease: Results in Italy" by F. Fidanza et al, in Overdruk uit Voeding v.25(no.10) pp.54-509
1964 October 15
"Dietary Surveys in Connection with the Epidemiology of Heart Disease" by Flaminio Fidanza et al, in Ovedruk uit Voeding v.28(6) pp.243-252
1967 June 15
"Considerazione Embriologiche Sullo Stato Disrafico" by G. Macchi, in Rivista di Neurologia v.XXIV (Fasc.2) pp.243-256
1954 March-April
25/4 Japan
"Clinical Characteristics of Multiple Sclerosis and its Allied Diseases in Japan" by Shigeo Okinaka et al, of Third Medical Clinic,University of Tokyo School of Medicine pp1-15
No date or source is given for this item. The latest source cited in the bibliography was 1955.
"Epidemiological and Pathological Aspects of Coronary Artery Disease in Japan" by Shigeo Okinaka, in Ann. NY Acad. Sci. v.97(Art. 4) pp.920-931
1963 August 29
"Alleviation of Post-Perfusion Complications by Autofiltration of Cardiotomy Blood Return in 100 Patients" by Kazumi Taguchi et al, in Hiroshima Jr. Med. Sci. v.21(2-3) pp.65-78
"Changes of Pulmonary Function Followig Transfusion of Stored Blood" by M.Takaori et al, in Transfusion v.17(6) pp. 615-619
1977 November-December
"Studies on hemorheological factors in pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy" by Ichizo Fukuda et al, in Bull. Osaka Medical School v.24(1) pp.23-30 Autographed by first author.
1978 July
"A Study of the Deformability of Red Blood Cells of Teleost Fish, the Yellowtail (Seriola Quinqueradiata) and a Comparison with Human Erythrocytes" by G.M. Hughes et al of Nat. Inst. Phys. Sci. Okazaki, Japan, in J. Exp. Biol. v.96 pp.209-220
25/5 Scandinavia I
"Disseminated sclerosis in Denmark" by H. C. Gram, in Videnskab og Praksis, Ugeskrift for laeger v.26 pp.823-825
1934 July
"Recherches anatomo-pathologiques sur les lesions cerebrales dans la therapeutique convulsivante de la demence precoce" by Jan Cammermeyer (Oslo), in Journal Belge de Neurologie et de Psychiatrie No 4 pp.169-229
1940 Avril
"Anatomico-Pathological Findings in Eclampsia" by Jan Cammermeyer (Oslo), in Skrifter utgitt ave Det Norske Videnskap-Akademi i Oslo; I Mat.-Naturv. Klasse No.2 pp.1-65 (+ 6 plates)
"Histopathological Reaction of the Area Postrema" by Jan Cammermeyer and Raymond D. Adams, M.D., in Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica v.XXIII Fasc.3-4 pp.205-229
"Aggregation, Sedimentation and Intravascular Sludging of Erythrocytes" by G. Thorsen and H. Hint, in Acta Chir. Scand. Suppl. 154 Stockholm pp.1-51
"Analysis of the Course of Multiple Sclerosis: Preliminary report" by Paul Thygesen,in Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica Scandinavica Suppl. 74 pp.48-49
"Acoustic and Vestibular Function in Multiple Sclerosis" by Ole Bentzen et al, in Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica Scandinavica v.XXVI Fasc.3-4 pp.265-295 (autographed by co-author Paul Thygesen)
"The Electroencephalogram in Multiple Sclerosis" by Victor Fuglsang-Frederiksen, M.D. and Paul Thygesen, M.D., in AMA Arch . Neurol. Psychiat.
1951 October
"Seizures and Psychopathology in Multiple Sclerosis" by Victor Fuglsang-Frederiksen and Paul Thygesen, in Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica Scandinavica v.XXVII Fasc.1-2 pp.17-41
"Knoglemarvsundersogelser ved sclerosis disseminata" by Ib Persson, in Saertryk fra Nordisk Medicin v.47 pp.1-5
"Some Experiences with ACTH-Treatment in Disseminated Sclerosis" by Torben Fog, in Acta endocrinol. v.9 pp.213-257
"Plasma Fibrinogen in Chronic Neurological Diseases, with Special Reference to Disseminated Sclerosis" by Ib Persson, in Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica Scandinavica v.XXX Fasc.4 pp.659-664
"Normal Values for Plasma Fibrin in the Age Group 20-50 Years" by I. Persson, in Scand. Jr. Clin. Lab. invest. v.7(4) pp.279-283
"Variations in the Plasma Fibrinogen During the Course of Multiple Sclerosis" by Ib Persson, in AMA Arch. Neurol.& Psychiat.v.74 pp.17-30
1955 July
"The Significance of Liver Function in the Formation of Fibrinogen" in Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica Scandinavica v.XXXI Fasc.2 pp.217-226
"Changes in Plasma Fibrinogen and Thrombocytes in Multiple Sclerosis Occurring During the Course of a Case of Thrombo- phlebitis" by Ib Persson, in Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica Scandinavica v.32 Fasc. 2 pp.203-210
25/6 Scandinavia II
"Concerning the Serum Proteins in Multiple Sclerosis" by Ib Persson, in Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica Scandinavica v.33 Fasc.1 pp.103-114
"A Method for Vital Microscopy of Mammalian Bone Marrow in Situ" by Per-Ingvar Branemark, in Lunds Universitets Arsskrift N.F. Bd.54,Nr.2 pp.1-41
"Method for Determining Absolute Reticulocyte Count" by S.E. Bjorkman, in Scand. Jr. Clin. & Lab. Invest. v.10(4) pp.435-436
"Degenerative and Regenerative Axonal Changes in the Ventral Horns, Brain Stem and Cerebral Cortex in Amyotrphic Lateral Sclerosis" by Gunnar Wohlfart, in Lunds Universitets Arsskrift N.F. Bd.56,Nr.2 pp.1-13 + 6 plates
1959 May
"Vital Microscopy of Bone Marrow in Rabbit" by Per-Ingvar Branemark, in Arch. of Scientific Films No.3 pp.1-12
1959 October
"Studies in Multiple Sclerosis I." by Claus Munk Plum and Torben Fog, in Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica Scandinavica v.34 Suppl. 128 pp.1-94 (autographed)
"Clinical Considerations On Innervation Of Skeletal Muscle" by Gunnar Wohlfart, in Amer. Jr. Phys. Med. v.38(6) pp.223-230
1959 December
"Clinical Significance of Collateral Sprouting of Remaining Motor Nerve Fibres in Partially Denervated Muscles" by Gunnar Wohlfart, in Jr. Exp. Med. Sci. v.III(No.4) pp.128-133
1960 March
"Electron Microscopic Studies on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration" by Gosta Glimstedt and Gunnar Wohlfart, in Lunds Universitets Arsskrift N.F. Avd.2 Bd.56,Nr.16 pp.1-41
1960 May 30
"Electron Microscopic Observations on Wallerian Degeneration in Peripheral Nerves" by Gosta Glimstedt and Gunnar wohlfart, in Acta Morphologica Neerlando-Scandinavica v.III(No.2) pp.135-146
"Muskelnervforandringar vid progressiv muskeldystrofi" by Karl-Gosta Henriksson, in Sartryck ur Nordisk Medicin v.63 pp.1-11 (orig. started p.289)
"Correlation of the Geographic Distribution of Multiple Sclerosis with Cosmic-Ray Intensities" by John S. Barlow, in Acta Neurol. Scand. Suppl. 147 (Studies In MS III)
"Observations on the Distribution, Number and Innervation of Golgi Musculo-Tendinous Organs" by G. Wohlfart and K.G. Henriksson, in Acta Anatomica v.41 pp.192-204
"Studies in Multiple Sclerosis IV" by Jorg Clausen et al, in Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica Scand. v.35 Suppl. 148 pp.1-116
"Multiple Sclerosis in More og Romdal County, Norway" by Jan Presthus, In Acta Neurol. Scand. v.42,Suppl. 19 pp.12-18 (autographed)
"Dietary Sources of Polyunsatruated Fatty Acids in Human Nutrition" by Nicolay Eeg-Larsen, in Symposia of the Swedish Nutrition Foundation IV, pp.56-64
"Effects of Vasoconstriction on Blood Viscosity in Vivo" by Peter Baeckstrom et al, in Acta Physiol. Scand. v.81 pp.376-384
"Effect of Open Heart Surgery on Intellectual Function" by Torkel Aberg, in Scand. Jr. Thor. & Cardiov. Surg. Suppl. 15
"Hyperviscosity Syndrome in Plasma Cell Dyscrasias" by Timo Somer, in Adv. Microcirc. v.6 pp.1-55 (autographed)
"Effect of Various Contrast Media on Coagulation, Fibrinolysis, and Platelet Function: An In Vitro and In Vivo Study" by Helge Stormorken, M.D. et al, in Investigative Radiology v.21(4) pp.348-354
1986 April
25/7 United Kingdom & Commonwealth
"Prognosis in Disseminated Sclerosis" by Margaret Reinhold, M.B., B.Ch. (So. Africa), MRCP (UK), in British Med. Jr. v.i pp.1-8 previously started p.160)
1950 January 21
"The Clinician and the Problem of Multiple Sclerosis" by Douglas McAlpine, M.D., F.R.C.P., in Lancet pp.1033-1038
1955 May 21
"Multiple Sclerosis" by Douglas McAlpine, M.D., F.R.C.P., in Practitioner v.176 pp.123-129
1956 February
"Metabolism of Myelin by A.N. Davison, B.Sc., B.Pharm., Ph.D., in Lancet pp. 658-660
1959 March 28
"Symposium on Disseminated Sclerosis and Allied Conditions"(multiple authors), in Proceedings Royal Society of Medicine v.54(1) pp.1-42
1961 January
"Low-Fat Diet in Myocardial Infarction: A Controlled Trial" by K.P. Ball et al, in Lancet pp.501-504
1965 September
"A.C.D. and C.P.D. Blood Preservation" by G. Wright and J.M. Sanderson, in Lancet p.173
1974 July 20
"Retinal Vascular Occlusions in Open Heart Surgery" by Isla M. Williams, in Br. Jr. Ophthalmology v.59(2) pp.81-91 (Autographed)
1975 February
"The Stages of Osmotic Haemolysis" by A.W.L. Jay and S. Rowlands, in J. Physiol. v.252 pp.817-832
"No Increase in Multiple Sclerosis Among Veterinarians" by D. Parton et al, in NEJM v.305(15) pp.894
1981 October 8
"Effects of Respiratory-Burst Stimuli on the Flow Properties of Pig Blood Neutrophils" by F.K. Higgson et al,in Jr. Cell Sci. v.64 pp.323-330
"Multiple Sclerosis:An Abiotrophy with Heuristic Implications" by E.J. Field, in Ettore Majorana Intl. Science Series v.16 pp.119-143
"The Effect of Nutritional Counselling on Dietary Compliance and Disease Course in M.S. Patients Over 3 Years" by G.E. Fitzgerald et al, chapter 26 in book Multiple Sclerosis:Immunological, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Aspects by ed. F. Clifford Rose and Rosemary Jones Ph.D., j. Libby Pub. pp.189-199
25/8 Miscellaneous
"Die multiple Sklerose einst un jetzt: Tatsachen und Fragestellung" by Robert Bing, in Sonderabdruck (Supplement) of the Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift v.62 (Nr.47-Nr.48) pp.1-39
"Contribution Experimentale a l'Etude des Polynvrites d'Origine Mixte, Carentielle et Toxique" by Jacques Dagnelie, in IIIrd Congres Neurologique International, Copenhagen pp.865-870
1939 August 21-25
Abstracts (2) 10 "De la conception des anticorps anticerveau a l'etiologie de la sclerose en plaques" by Alignel-Vastine, in Arch. Intl. Neur. v.68 pp.41-48 (1949) and 2) "Data on the pathology of disseminated sclerosis by I. Huszak, in Acta Med. Scand. v.138 pp.57-64 (1950)
"Multipl Skleroz Septomatolojisi Uzerinde Bir Etud by Prof. Rasim Adasal and Dr. Nusret Mutlu, in Anadolu Klinigi v.17 pp.3-21 In Turkish)
"Rheology of Blood and Lymph" by L.E. Bayliss, Chapter VI in book Deformation and Flow in Biological Systems, A. Frey-Wyssling, ed., North Holland Publishing Co. Amsterdam
"Multiple Skerlose. Pathogenetische Uberlegungen und therapeutische Moglichkeiten" vy F. Georgi and A. Beuthien, in Confinia Neurologica Suppl. v.15(1) pp.31-62
Abstracts (4): "The Separation of the "Buffy Coats" from Red Cell Concentrates (Netherlands); "Leukocyte-Poor Blood: Cotton Wool Filtration of CPD-Blood" (Netherlands); "InVItro Study of the Efficiency of Different Microaggregate Filters" (France) and "Effective Filtration of Blood Aggregates.." No source or pagination given.
no date
"Problems of Massive Blood Transfusions" by S-E Bergentz et al, in Langenbecks' Archiv. Chir. v.346 pp1-9
"Microcirculation and Traditional Chinese Medicine" by Xiu Rui-Juan, M.D., Inst. Microcirculation, Beijing, in JAMA v.260(12) pp.1755-1757
1988 September 23/30

Box 26-Box 31 Bound VolumesReturn to Top

Description Dates
Box 26 Bound volumes I-Neurology Dept. Library
These volumes were previously held as part of the Swank Library within the Neurology Department. They were given NLM catalog number WL 100 S425. All titled "Publications of Roy Laver Swank"and a date range. These appear to be the earlier collection, as much is typewritten, while the next set mostly is printed. Both have original reprints bound within them. Others are photocopied.
Publications of Roy Laver Swank
Publications of Roy Laver Swank
Publications of Roy Laver Swank
Publications of Roy Laver Swank
Box 27 Bound volumes II-Publications by Roy Laver Swank
This set of bound reprints is more extensive than the first series.
Publications of Roy Laver Swank
These are identical in content with first volume in B26.
Publications of Roy Laver Swank
These are identical in content v.2 B26.
Publications of Roy Laver Swank
This section includes material not in the first set.
Publications of Roy Laver Swank
This section includes material not in the first set.
Box 28 Bound volumes III-Diet books
Low-Fat Diet: Reasons, Rules and Recipes, by Roy L. Swank, M.D. and Aagot Grimsgaard University of Oregon Books (3 copies, 1 soft-, 2 hard-bound) (listed as #81 in reprints)
The Swank Low-Fat Diet: Reasons Rules and Recipes by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.; Mary Helen Pullen; & Kathleen H. Prichard (3)
One copy has water damage. The other copy originally had misprinted cover (minus "The Swank", in with a spoon instead) in the upper left corner. A new cover provided but not attached.
The Swank Low-Fat Diet: A Low Fat Diet for the Treatment Of M.S. by Swank, Roy L, M.D., Ph.D. and Barbara Brewer Dugan, RN.; Swank Clinic. Beaverton, Oregon (book) (2)
The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book by Roy L Swank, M.D., Ph.D., and Mary-Ellen Pullen (autographed), Doubleday Co. Garden City,N.Y. (Listed as #142 in reprints) (2) One autographed.
Box 29 Bound volumes IV-Misc.
Selected Publications by Roy Laver Swank
This volume has the look of a galley proof. Though bound, it has extraneous materials throughout which look as if they were supposed to be excised. In addition the dates are wrong, with the actual date range being 1946-2000. It is autographed to colleague Geoffrey Seaman.
Summaries of Doctoral Dissertations, Northwestern University v.III
Swank's "Distribution and Relations of the Pyramidal System" pp. 240-245. Autographed.
A Biochemical Basis of Multiple Sclerosis by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D., American Lecture Series Charles C. Thomas Publisher Springfield Il. (Autographed)
Microaggregates: Experimental & Clinical Aspects, US Army Medical Research and Development Command, Ft. Detrick Md. 1980 ("Microemboli Size and Tissue Pathophysiology" by Roy L. Swank, M.D., pp.111-120 listed as reprint #143 in reprint section)
2000 Outstanding People Of The 20th Century. Melrose Press. Cambridge, England (book)
Box 30 Bound volumes V-Swank Colleagues
The Influence of Heparin on Fat Metabolism by Samuel W. Levy (Doctoral thesis, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec)
1954 April
Circulatory Changes Associated with Alimentary Lipemia by Chester F. Cullen, B.Sc., M.D. (Master's thesis, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec) Autographed.
Living at Your Best With Multiple Sclerosis: A Handbook for Patients, by George H. Hess, M.D. Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Springfield Il. (Autographed)
Has some water staining.
Box 31 Patient Memoirs
These memoirs are included here in this series despite the fact that they are not actually bound. We were unable to procure bound copies.
"There Was No Fast Lane" by Ruth E. Brennan (patient memoir), published by Valley Press, Ontario, Canada
"Journey to Wholeness" article excerpt from patient memoir by Barbara Marie Lee Brewster; Swank patient, published by vanity press Four Winds Publishing, Portland Or. (with cover letter)
"Footprints" by Ruth Eleanor Perrin Brennan; published by Lifelines, Perth, Ontario, Canada

Box 32-Box 37 Patient records-HIPAA, 1950-1999Return to Top

Other Descriptive InformationReturn to Top

This series is covered by the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). Patient records have patient names on their files, but will not be identified by such in the finding aid; but rather by a case file number if available. If none available the file will be enumerated, but the names will be redacted.

Description Dates
Box 32 Assorted Patient Records
This series, being several different sorts of records, eschews the normal consecutive file numbering.
"B" (Last name)Series, Patient Records-HIPAA
Because of HIPAA rules,the names in the records are not included. There are only the numbered files.
F1 Redacted
F2 Redacted
F3 Redacted
F4 Redacted
F5 Redacted
F6 Redacted
F7 Redacted
F8 Redacted
F9 Redacted
F10 Redacted
Deceased patient records
These are files of old Canadian M.S. patients of Dr. Swank with whom he kept in touch. Names redacted.
F1 Redacted
F2 Redacted
F3 Redacted
F4 Redacted
no date
F5 Redacted
F6 Redacted
F7 Redacted
no date
F8 Redacted
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) records
F1 Patient MRI Worksheets A-Y
Multiple Sclerosis Patient Records-HIPAA
This series is filed by case number (e.g. "MS-001"). All refer to summer of the year 1979. From a notebook labeled "XI".
F1 General file-Patient bloodwork
F2 MS-168
F3 MS-169
F4 MS-170
F5 MS-171
F6 MS-172
F7 MS-173
F8 MS-174
F9 MS-175
F10 MS-176
F11 MS-177
F12 MS-178
F13 MS-179
F14 MS-180
F15 MS-181
F16 MS-182
F17 MS-183
F18 MS-184
F19 MS-185
F20 MS-186
F21 MS-187
Box 33 Plasma Patient Records (PPR) A-B
This series of Swank Clinic M.S. patient records will be identified in the finding aid by a case record number, should they be so identified in the records themselves. Otherwise th files will be listed, but the names will be redacted. The files have additional information as to blood grouping and date of last protocol, as written on the original file folders.
33/1 Redacted
33/2 Redacted
33/3 Redacted
33/4 Redacted
33/5 Redacted
33/6 Redacted
33/7 Redacted
33/8 Redacted
33/9 Redacted
33/10 Redacted
33/11 Redacted
33/12 Redacted
33/13 Redacted
33/14 Redacted
33/15 Redacted
33/16 Redacted
Box 34 Plasma Patient Records (PPR) C-F
34/1 Redacted
34/2 Redacted
34/3 Redacted
no date
34/4 Redacted
34/5 Redacted
34/6 Redacted
34/7 Redacted
34/8 Redacted
34/9 Redacted
34/10 Redacted
34/11 Redacted
34/12 Redacted
34/13 Redacted
34/14 Redacted
34/15 Redacted
34/16 Redacted
34/17 Redacted
34/18 Redacted
34/19 Redacted
34/20 Redacted
Box 35 Plasma Patient Records (PPR) G-L
35/1 Redacted
35/2 Redacted
35/3 Redacted
35/4 Redacted
35/5 Redacted
35/6 Redacted
35/7 Redacted
35/8 Redacted
35/9 Redacted
35/10 Redacted
35/11 Redacted
35/12 Redacted
35/13 Redacted
35/14 Redacted
35/15 Redacted
35/16 Redacted
35/17 Redacted
35/18 Redacted
35/19 Redacted
35/20 Redacted
35/21 Redacted
35/22 Redacted
Box 36 Plasma Patient Records (PPR) M-W
36/1 Redacted
36/3 Redacted
36/4 Redacted
36/5 Redacted
36/6 Redacted
36/7 Redacted
36/8 Redacted
36/9 Redacted
36/10 Redacted
36/11 Redacted
36/12 Redacted
36/13 Redacted
36/14 Redacted
36/15 Redacted
36/16 Redacted
36/17 Redacted
36/18 Redacted
36/19 Redacted
Box 37 Patient record cards I (A-K)
Box 38 Patient record cards II L-Z

Box 39-Box 70 ArtifactsReturn to Top

Other Descriptive InformationReturn to Top

The artifacts listed here are not the same as those in the Roy Laver Swank Papers: Artifacts Collection.

Description Dates
Box 39-Box 63 Audiovisual materials (A-V)
Box 39-Box 42 Kodak slides
These slides were previously in seperate boxes of various sizes. They have been re-housed in mylar slide holders which have a capacity of 20 slides each, within manila folders. The number of slides in each however is variable, and are noted in parenthesis.
Box 39 Kodak slides-Professional
39/1 Multiple Sclerosis & Transfusion I
page 1 slides (17)
page 2 slides (18)
39/2 Multiple Sclerosis & Transfusion II
page 1 slides (18)
page 2 slides (17)
39/3 Adventist Health Study (Loma Linda)
Numerical order does not correspond to the order of the slides in presentation. Specific note on box said #47-#50 had data being used in an upcoming article and that slide info is embargoed until May 1979.
c. 1978
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
page 3(13)
39/4 Cytomegalovirus infections
page 1(20)
An isolated set housed originally in a white plastic slide box.
page 2(8)
39/5 Leukodepletion slideshow
This file is from a Kodak carousel with box labeled "Leuko depletion".The slides are in carousel order.
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
page 3(20)
39/6 The Swank Low Fat Diet slideshow
no date
Text and Graphs (14)
Includes graphs on geographical distribution and picture of the Swank Clinic.
Specimens (9)
Includes drawing of rat subject and a brain MRI.
39/7 M.S. and Filtration-Exhibition slides
This series concerns an exhibition on blood filtration and multiple sclerosis, time and place unstated. The 16 sheets have been rehoused in the same order as the original containers, but the correct order of the slide show as a whole cannot be determined. This exhibit has many graphs, pictures and drawings of blood filters, and specimens illustrating shock and trauma.
no date
page 1(11)
"Item" in this instance means a plasticine page for holding slides. Each sheet is capable of hlding 20 slides. In actual fact they normally hold far less, in an order now hard to understand and impossible to recreate. An attempt has been made nonetheless to achieve some sense of order. The notation however only gives the number of slides per sheet.
page 2(15)
page 3(12)
page 4(16)
page 5(9)
page 6(17)
page 7(14)
page 8(19)
page 9(12)
page 10(10)
page 11(16)
page 12(15)
page 13(8)
page 14(13)
page 15(11)
page 16(10)
39/8 Slideshow-Birmingham Physiology Department
no date
page 1(16)
This file was drawn from a Kodak slide box which had a "develop by" date of Feb. 1962.
39/9 Miscellaneous slides I
Graphs (11)
Specimens (12)
Includes several brain MRI.
Filtration exhibit (6)
Box 40 Kodak slides-Personal-Family
These came in a variety of packaging, including many plastic slide holders made by Bausch & Lomb, which were not saved as part of the collection.
40/1 Swank Home and Pool Parties
page 1 Vista and Garden (20)
page 2 Pool Parties (20)
page 3 Pool Parties (20)
page 4 Pool Parties (6)
40/2 Trip & Pool Party
This undated series covers partly an unidentified trip; but the majority starting with #13 appear to be a large pool party at the Swank residence.
page 1(20)
page 2(13)
40/3 People
page 1-Riding, Mt. Hood(14)
page 2-Winter Wonderland (20)
page 3-Family (20)
page 4 Family & Friends (20)
page 5-Misc.(15)
Includes some interior shots which did not turn out well.
40/4 Home '59
This box appears to have several different sets. Labeled "Fall '59" it includes a number of slides developed in August 1959. Page 1 is all people, including at the end some Japanese visitors. Page 2 is of interior shots of Xmas scenes (1958, as the slides were developed Aug. '59), and exterior shots of home and family dogs. Most slides developed by local store Byers. Another set is labeled Kodachrome Transparency .
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
page 3(2)
40/5 New Year's Day '61
page 1(20)
page 2 (19)
40/6 Family
This series was all together but represent several different occasions. The first 2 are from 1962, followed by another from 1963. Then follows an undated series of 8 slides. Finally there are 17 slides from 1968.
page 1(20)
page 2(8)
40/7 Ski Trip
This series was developed in February 1967 so it is possible this trip took place in 1966. Location is not noted. A series of pictures after the skiing sequence shows a church with some semi-tropical vegetation. Possibility exists that it is Argentina, where Andean skiing is also popular.
page 1(20)
page 2(9)
40/8 Sidney (family/friends pictures)
page 1(20)
page 2(4)
40/9 Home and Family (misc.)
Consists of 12 color slides of Swank home and group photo. Circa 1960. Added were 3 miscellaneous shots of Mt. Hood.
page 1(15)
Box 41 Kodak slides-Vacations, Europe
Files alphabetized by country (except for "Scandinavia").
41/1 Austria-Ravenna-Venice
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
41/2 Belgium-Antwerp
page 1(20)
page 2(3)
41/3 Czechoslovakia-Prague
Part of a series of a general European trip. From boxes 7(Holland-Czech),8(Prague-Rome),and 10(labeled Czech).
page 1(15)
page 2(17)
page 3(19)
41/4 Czechoslovakia-Prague (from commercial slide set)
This series consists of colored slides created by Fotografia Praha Ceskoslovensko. Labeled "Coloured Slides" in 4 languages. Actual scene of each slide printed in Czech. Each wrapped individually. One example of wrapper included.
page 1 Prague, Czechoslavakia (15 slides,1 wrapper)
41/5 France-Le Havre
page 1(20)
page 2(1)
41/6 Germany(BRD)-Rhine
This began as an undated series of 4 in a box mis-labeled "Honolulu". However one slide clearly shows a sign on a bridge saying "Koln-Dusseldorf". Added to others in similar trip series.
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
page 3(3)
41/7 Germany(BRD)-Koln Karneval
This series is begun by 4 scenery shots which appear to be unrelated and are probably from a previous trip on an unfinished roll of film. The pertinent slides begun with #5 with Rhine river boat followed by street scenes of Karnival.
page 1(17)
41/8 Germany(DDR)-East Berlin
The last 5 slides appear to be the same series, but were found in another box with label "East Berlin".
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
page 3(20)
page 4(20)
41/9 Greece-Athens
On page 2,row 2, a different series of slides from a separate box labeled "Athens". Many are travel shots without any identifying landmarks. The presence of palm trees in shots was disconcerting until research showed that there are indeed palm trees indigenous to Crete and others were planted during the Turkish occupation. Again, different ink vs. embossed numbering; and duplicate numbers do not mean duplicate pictures.
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
page 3()
41/10 Greece-Delphos
page 1(20)
page 2(16)
41/11 Greece-Rhodes I
From 3 rolls of film;thus duplicate numbering on one series and seperate style of development on the other. The only date available was the development date of April 1964 from the first paper bordered slides.
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
41/12 Greece-Rhodes II
Unsure whether from same roll of film as page 3 of Rhodes I.
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
41/13 Iceland-Commercial set
These color slides are from commercially sold packs of 6 each.
page 1 Iceland (18)
page 2(6) Vestmann Islands Volcano
These are from a commercial set sold by Solarfilma/Sunfilm. Captions are in English.
41/14 Italy
From a box labeled #10 which was part of a general series on a segment of a road trip from Holland to Rome via Prague.
page 1 (9)
41/15 Italy-Milan (from commercial slide set)
page 1 Milan-(20)
page 2 Milan-(16)
41/16 Netherlands (from commercial slide set)
page 1(20)
41/17 Scandinavia
Copehagen(4) and Sweden(19)
Series begins with 4 shots of Copenhagen, followed by scenes from trip to Sweden. Duplicates of the Swedish part start with #17 and continue onto the next page.
41/18 Turkey-Istanbul
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
41/19 United Kingdom
Many scenery shots. In numerical order.
page 1 Scenery (18)
page 2 Bedroom, Rose garden,etc.(15)
Box 42 Kodak slides- Vacations, Israel, Asia & Americas
Files arranged by alphabetically by region, and within by country.
Near East
42/1 Israel-Dead Sea
page 1 (20)
page 2 (15)
42/2 Asian Trip
page 1 Home-Hong Kong(20)
Slides developed April, 1964. Series begins with Xmas shots at home, so assumption made that the trip began late 1963-early 1964.
page 2 Hong Kong (17)
page 3 Bangkok (20)
page 4 Bangkok & Upcountry (20)
page 5 Thailand Upcountry (cont.) (12)
42/3 Japan-Bus Trip
Another series which appears to come from different rolls. The numbering on one is in ink and the other embossed. They are on different pages. The embossed have a couple which are different photos but have the same number. Page 3 is yet another batch of seemingly the same series, found in yet another box with original label crossed out. It has road scenery and a couple of interior shots of a Japanese house.
page 2(20)
page 3(17)
42/4 Japan-China-Thailand (Tokyo-Hong Kong-Bangkok)
1964 April
page 1(20)
This series appears to be from a couple different rolls;one appears to be developed in April 1964 and the other undated. The 2nd series begins on page 2 after #37.
page 2(20)
page 3(13)
42/5 Japan-Cityscapes
Similar to the other Japan series,this has different rolls and numbering,inked and embossed. Separate pages. Some duplicate numbers but they are not duplicate shots.
page 1(20)
page 2(17)
2nd series begins row 3, page 2.
page 3(17)
42/6 Japan-Railroad
These slides appear to be of a railroad trip through Japan and are from 2 different film rolls, as they are not duplicates. Numbered sequences on separate pages.
page 1(20)
page 2(8)
42/7 Thailand-Bangkok
This appears to be a continuation of the previous series, developed in April 1964. This was not re-ordered by number, but taken directly from the consecutive order found in the holders labeled "Bangkok #1 for pages 1-2, and "Bangkok #2" for the rest.
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
page 3(20)
page 4(20)
Latin America
42/8 Mexico '67
Many scenery shots on page one and what seem to be the ruins at Teotihuacan on page 2. Another of a series of slides developed in April 1967.
page 1(20)
page 2(15)
42/9 Mexico-La Paz, Baja
The label says "La Paz",but the first 5 pictures of this set are of lake-shore scenery, and is assumed to be of a previous visit on the same roll of film. The film was developed in January 1970 and it is thought the visit thus took place in late 1969, perhaps as a winter getaway.
page 1(20)
page 2 (4)
42/10 Mexico '86
page 1(20)
page 2(18)
42/11 Panama
The bulk of this series came from 3 identified boxes. Starting at #7 on page 4 are more found in another unidentified box. Some of these appear to be duplicates. Likewise, page 5 also includes from #5 on slides which appear to be of the same trip but were found in yet another unidentified box.
page 1(20)
page 2(20)
page 3(20)
page 4(20)
page 5(13)
United States
42/12 USA-Eastern Oregon (?)
These appear to be photos of Eastern Oregon. Photo #1 has street view with a hotel . Need a viewer to see if the name is readable however.
page 1(20)
page 2(16)
42/13 USA-Hawaii
page 1(20)
page 2(17)
Some are from commercially made slide sets by local developers Sawyer's Inc. and Ray Atkeson Scenic Views. Others part of personal Swank collections.
page 1 Columbia R.-Mt. Hood (20)
page 2 Portland-Central Oregon (20)
page 3 Portland-Central-So. Oregon(20)
page 4 Oregon Coast (20)
page 5 Vistas & Scenery-Misc.Portland-Central Oregon(20)
page 6 Vistas & Scenery-Mountains & Trees (20)
page 7 Beach vistas (5)
Box 43 Strip negatives-Trips/Filmstrip
This series contains a large number of strip negatives of pictures taken during Swank family vacations. They are housed as "files" in narrow, manila strip negative holders. These will have the subject if known, and the number of strip negatives contained within. These were all developed in spring and summer of 1962 and mailed to Swank at an address in Koln (Cologne), GermanyThere is a numbered sequence of 1-10 developed late April-May which are first, followed by un-numbered sequences developed May-July. All were developed in Germany by Agfa.Most of these series have "mounted" or "framed" on the envelopes, indicating that there are not usually whole strips, but rather a combination of partial strips and individual shots. These will be indicated in the finding aid by "P" for partial strips and "I" for individual. A full strip has 6 images on it.From the labeling on the envelopes it appears that the dates the photos were processed do not automatically indicate a consecutive order of the trip or pictures.
43/1 Black Forest-Friedburg (P-3,I-11) framed
43/2 Black Forest-Zurich (P-2, I-10) framed
43/3 Athens-Acropolis-Delphi (P-1,I-2) framed
43/4 Delphi (P-1,I-2) mounted
43/5 Delphi-Athens-Lycaletta at night (Full-1,P-5,I-3) mounted, many not used
43/6 Modern Athens-Palace Guards-Istanbul (P-2,I-7) mounted
43/7 Turkey-Old City Asia Minor-Israel (P-2,I-4) mounted
43/8 Turkey-Istanbul-Blue Mosque (P-2,I-2) mounted
43/9 Rhodes-Flowers (I-3) mounted
43/10 Rhodes-Flowers-Alps-Zurich (P-1,I-3) mounted
43/11Traffic Jam (P-3,I-3) mounted
43/12 Rhine (P-1,I-7) mounted
43/13 Mosel (Full-1,P-1,I-7) mounted
43/14 Sweden (P-6,I-2) mounted
43/15 Sweden-Copenhagen (P-5,I-4) mounted
43/16 Denmark-Mosel (P-4,I-4) mounted
43/17 Unidentified twin-spired cathedral (Trier?) (Full-6)
43/18 Strip negatives of Swank portrait (3 strips,6 pics)
43/19 Hydropathy-Filmstrip (9 pieces)
Box 44 Photographic prints
This series contains a variety of print types & sizes. Many if not most come from the scrapbook created for Dr. Swank's official retirement in 1974. (He remained as Emeritus faculty.) The scrapbook had been deconstructed prior to the creation of the finding aid.
44/1 Early Swank photographs (packet)
Includes: baby picture; with bicycle age c. 5; group photo, grade school; field and horse team; print of family car; group photo football team, (S. back row); group photo baseball team (S. back row);advertisement cutout for Swank family furniture store, Camas; picture of Swank and his dog in garden, c.1926.
44/2 Faculty-Miscellaneous
These prints are from different unidentified sources, in 3 packets. A) has 5 b/w prints of an unidentified faculty with ECG machine; a picture of Swank in front of fraternity AKK building; and 2 unidentified group portraits, 1 of which is known from a larger picture elsewhere to be staff of the Passavant Memorial Hospital, Chicago.B) is a series of 15 3x5 prints of faculty members in offices (Swank included) or living rooms; exterior shots of home and of a fishing trip scenery. It appears this is from the Montreal Neurological Institute c. 1940s, as the faculty member dressed for cold weather seems to match other photos of Dr. Wilder Penfield, head of the MNI and Dr. Swank's mentor.C) is of 10 microprints of an unidentified faculty member (not Swank) in an office setting.
44/3 Small Swank prints-misc.(from scrapbook)
6 b/w and color prints, several from the deconstructed scrapbook: an autographed passport photo; Swank and Oregon Neurology dept. staff (1964); Swank's 1st national exhibit of a filter; a lease signing, Swank on a sailboat; and scenery.
44/4 Larger b/w prints (5x7; 8 1/2x10) from scrapbook
5x7: 3 group portraits- 1) c.1930s with names on back, Swank front row 2nd from right;from names on the back which have been identified, this seems to be an intern/resident group of Passavant; (eg "Elliot" seems to be Charles A. Elliott, Chief of Medicine, Passavant from 1929, and the others seem to be 1934-35 grads of Northwestern, like Swank); 2) unidentified group photo, Swank front row 3rd from right; 3) Swank at reception in Israel.8x10: 12 b/w prints- 2 group portraits, one group (unidentified) Dr. Swank 2nd row 1 left (June 1957); Gordon Research Conference in New Hampshire, Swank 3rd row center (June 1959); 1 exterior shot Harvard Medical School; 1 Swank in office; 4 Swank and/or filter device; 4 scenery shots.
44/5 Portrait of William Herbert Sweet, M.D. (1910-2001)
This undated, unidentified color print of an oil painting portrait came from Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston. Investigation shows that the subject is Herbert William Sweet, M.D. (1910-2001). Like Swank he was born in Washington State (Kerriston) and both graduated UW in the same year (1930), and both ended up with Harvard and its teaching hospitals, Peter Brent Brigham and Massachussetts General. He was a prominent neurosurgeon.
44/6 Portrait of Paul Ivan Yakovlev, M.D. (1894-1983), color print of oil portrait (autographed)
Biographical notePaul Ivan Yakovlev died on June 16,1983, at the age of 88 years. Those who knew him will cherish their memories of the kind, sensitive, gentle man, who was a trusted and loyal friend, advisor, mentor, confidant, and constant source of inspiration. His numerous publications on the organization and development of the human brain and their relationship to clinical neurology, and his monumental collection of whole-brain sections are his legacy, built by a man of uncompromising integrity, wisdom, and devotion, a scholar who had knowledge beyond the narrow confines of neurology, and an open, keen, and incisive mind. Honors included the presidency of the American Association of Neuro-pathologists in 1951, and the first vice-presidency of the American Neurological Association from 1958 to 1959. In 1955 he received the Max Weinstein Award for outstanding scientific achievements in cerebral palsy from the United Cerebral Palsy Association. from JAMA obituary v.41(5) 1984 pp.536-40
1973 May 15
44/7 Double portrait (unidentified) (deconstructed from frame)
44/8 Swank's Pioneer Filter Co. (12 color photos of Swank and staff)
44/9 Swank color portraits
6 color prints (5x7) of Dr. Swank and 3 of the Swank Clinic exterior.
44/10 Fundacion Medica Argentina (2 color pritnts)
44/11 Swank color portrait (8x10)
44/12 Specimen slides
Contains 1 81/2 x 11 glossy print of brain slice specimens; 1 3x5 of drawing of red blood cells agglutinating.
no date
44/13 Exhibit materials:photographic prints and negatives of slide specimens
A large variety of sizes of mostly photographic prints of specimen slides. 8x10 (13-some duplicates which are in same sleeve); 5x7(8); negatives (3); 2 pieces cardboard mounting with prints; irregular shaped/cut prints(7).
no date
Box 45-Box 48 Glass Lantern Slides
These slides were not in any order and have been brought together as best as possible. They are individually housed in small manila storage envelopes, within hinged beige storage boxes. "Files" are not actual manila folders, but individual slides grouped together in subjects which are separated by dividers. Extra identifying information provided when available. No date range was provided. These slides are a combination of specimen slides, EEG readings, and graphs.
Box 45 Glass Lantern Slides I
45/1 Swank Fat Test- specimen slides and graphs (20)
A couple of what appear to be ECG readings of animal test subjects, followed by a series of specimen slides. The slides are noted by number, magnification, and batch number. The rest of the series found in a box labeled "Glinsman & Sloop" (following #8).
#1 x150 B101
#2 x100 B101
#3 x175 B101
#4 x100 B101
#5 x80 B101
#6 x100 B101
#7 x175 B101
#8 x100 B101
#9 x80 B101
#10 x80 B101
#11 x80 B101
#12 x400 B101
#13 x440 B101
#14 x440 B101
#15 x500 B101
#16 x400 B101
#17 x400 B101
#19 x40 B101
Rabbit #80 reading B165
Rabbit #82 reading B165
45/2 Lahey Clinic (Boston) -Dr. Smedal (16)
This series was held in 3 different small Kodak lantern slide boxes.
Pt. A.C. No.1
Pt. A.C. No.2
Pt. A.C. No.2A
Pt. A.C. No.3
Pt. A.C. No.4 Post-Narcosis
Pt. F.P. Pre-Narcosis
Pt. F.P. No.1
Pt. F.P. No.2
Pt. F.P. No.3
Pt. F.P. No.4 Post-Narcosis 1st Day
Pt. F.P. No.5 Post-Narcosis 2nd Day
Pt. G.R. Pre-Narcosis
Pt. G.R. No.1
Pt. G.R. No.2
Pt. G.R. No.3
Pt. G.R. No.4 Post-Narcosis
45/3 Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) (19)
A combination of graphs and specimen slides. Year derived from one specimen slide dated 5-19-1955.
Control Davenport Silver
Rabbits (graph) #53-3374
Case 1 #53-3376
Case 2 #53-3377
Case 2 #53-3378
Ex. Rabbits #53-3379
12 Days-Emboli (SD2)
H&E Paraventricular lesion (SD92)
30 days lesion (SD94)
Lower power version of fig. 19 & 20 (not included)(SD95)
GSC Focal degeneration (SD102)
Graph-Dog #51 (9159)
Graph-Dog #52 (9159)
Graph-Dog #55 (9159)
Box 46 Glass Lantern Slides II
46/1 MNI (cont.)#15-19
Graph-Dog #56 (9159)
Graph-Dog #58 (9159)
Graph-Dog #66 (9090)
Graph III-Puppy (9-2391)
Excised organs(hearts?) (A1289)
46/2 Blood Sample slides
This series was held separately in 2 drawers of a green metal filing case. They are a combination of specimen slides and graphs. Additional information provided whenever available. Slides logged in order found and are housed in individual holders.
C323-Drawings of cell types
C323-B1 Deficiency (Pigeons)
C323-B1 Deficiency (Pigeons)
10050-B1 Deficiency (Animals)
10050-Pyridoxine Paulto. Acid Deficiency
10050-B1 Deficiency
10050-B1 Deficiency
10050-Pyridoxine Paulto. Acid Deficiency
10050-Fig.1 Lower part of pons
10050-Fig.2 Drawing degeneration of cell types
EEG LMotor/RMotor I = 10MV
EEG Pre-Motor, Motor,Posterior & Parietal
Drawings rat brain
EEG LT. Front & Parietal
EEG Thalamus
EEG Frontal & Parietal
EEG LFront, RFront & Thalamus
EEG LFront, RFront & Thalamus
EEG L & R Front I=50 MV
EEG & drawing rat brain-Ether & barbituate
EEG & drawing rat brain
EEG Motor
EEG rat brain-scalp intact; bone intact; bone removed
EEG Amytal Narcosis
Drawing- regions of the rat brain
EEG Motor & Parietal
EEG Motor & Parietal
EEG Motor Ether Anesthesia
EEG Amytal Narcosis
EEG Motor Ether Anesthesia
EEG Dura Recording
EEG Scalp Recording
EEG Ether
B1227-Graph Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Course
9-2560 Specimen from Montreal Neurological Inst.(MNI)
9-2561 Specimen from Montreal Neurological Inst.(MNI)
9-2662 Specimen from Montreal Neurological Inst.(MNI)
9-2563 Specimen from Montreal Neurological Inst.(MNI)
Box 47 Glass Lantern Slides III-Misc.
This group of slides seems to be a combination of files. Some are labeled "MNI" for Montreal Neuroogical Institute. The rest seem to be from a variety of sources. They were entered as they were found organized, with no discrete files identified.
B385-Viscosity graph
B327- Viscosity Index graph
Anticoagulation index
C854-Onset of Cerebrovascular Accident in 725 cases
Data for this was created 1958-60.
B385-Blood Viscosity in CVD & Control Patients
B385-Mixing RBC with Buffy Coat
A1305-Graph of Patients with CVD
B93-Graph of Duration of Fat Experiment for vascular diseases
B93-Plasma Viscosity Vascular Disease
B242-Graph of Patients with Known Cerebrovascular Disease
B93-Graph of Relative Blood Viscosity
MNI Color plate of an eviscerated test animal 48 hours after fat meal
MNI Color plate of an eviscerated test animal 48 hours after fat meal-Close up
10050-Transformation red blood cells
MNI-Test animal intestines
MNI 53-3375-Relative viscosity after cream meals graph
9076-Comparative viscosity after cream meals
MNI 53-0220 Fat meal comparisons
MNI 53-1761 Specimens
MNI 53-1762 Specimens
Color negative- label says "Swank & Bessey Starvation"
MNI-Specimens unidentified by any information
MNI- graph comparing weight of test animals vby age and weekly food allowance
MNI- graph comparing weight of test animals vby age and weekly food allowance (different from preceding)
MNI-Inidentified specimens
MNI-Inidentified specimens
MNI-Inidentified specimens
B1227 specimens
D384- Schematic of Blood Viscosity Determination Unit (UOMS)
B1227 specimens
D434-Schematic of filtration unit
D525 Agglutination
D302-Citrated (ACD) Blood
D302-Efficiency of Different Materials as Filters
D302-Heparinized Blood
D764-Treatment with Pyrex Glass Wool
D764-Blood Changes with Exsanguination
D302-Citrated (ACD) Blood (different graph)
Box 48 Glass Lantern Slides IV
This series of 36 glass lantern slides is from Dr. Swank's time with the Montreal Neurological Institute (c.1946-54). They are a combination of brain and other specimen slides. Most have a serial number, but they are not in order. There is usually a minimum of other information on each slide. The box they came in is labeled "Swank & Hain". No individual files identified. Some of the slides are cracked, but most are in good shape.
no date
50-3163 Dog-application of the clip
51-1356 Shows application of clip
50-3075 Dog-control; coronal section
51-0251 Puppy- Perm. Hemorr. Infarct
51-1075 Temp. Occlusion Hemorr. Infarct
51-1357 Perm. Occl. Pale Infarct
51-1077 Occl. & Thrombosis- Pale Infarct
51-0452 Dog: Perforating Branch Middle Cerebral
50-3183 Dog-Adult Permoccl. Pale Infarct
Perivasc. Edema Pale Infarct
These next 6 slides have no number. They also start the slides of strictly specimen slides rather than showing the brain sections themselves as previously.
Edema of Perivasc. spaces. Pale Infarct
Proliferation of vessel wall in pale infarct
Degenerating neurons Hemorr. Infarct
Hemorr. in perivasc. spaces. Hemorr. Infarct
Perivenous T.B. in central
Fibrinoid necrosis of vessel in hemorr. infarct
The remaining slides of the series were stored opposite to the first half. Again a mix of numbered and un-numbered slides.
Fig.1 30 min after injection emboli
51-1906 Graph 1 Small emboli
51-1907 Graph 2 Small emboli vessels
Fig. 35 Davenport Ag of demyel. lesion
Fig.2-6 hrs post inj. emboli- nembutal anesthetic
Fig.3- 24 hrs post inj. emboli- nembutal anesthetic
Fig. 7- GCS emboli in cap with rupture
Fig. 8- Emboli in sm. art & cap 3 hrs. post inj.
Fig. 10-Focal dil. of veni with extra dye 3 hrs. post inj.
Fig.13-Abstract perivenous stining 7.5 hrs after inj.
Fig. 21 12 days post inj. 50-2268-
Fig. 28-SCO 30 days junctional gliosis
Fig. 5-Ether, curare 30 min. post inj.
Fig. 15-Carbon particles attache to cap wall
Fig. 6-animal fever 30 min. after inj.
Fig. 4-30 min after ether-curare injection
Box 49-Box 51 Microscopic specimen slides I-III
The slides have been kept in the containers they were delivered in. These containers are given box numbers. There are no files; the slides themselves are identified however labeled by Dr. Swank and staff.
Box 49 I. Emboli
The contents are in a small wooden box labeled "Emboli Heidenhain & Davenport". On one end is a Bausch & Lomb label with some slide numbers on it. Slides listed from the label side. They have individual numbers which are sometimes hard to read. There are 24 slides in the set.
No discernible number
Box 50 II. Prepared and Mounted Brain Scan specimens
This set came mounted in cardbound frames, which usually hold 6 of the larger (c25 x 75mm), or more of the regular small specimen slides. There is no documentation as to the cases but they appear to be stained slides of brain scan specimens of rats and hamsters. Each is denoted by a marker "SD#" and includes the magnification power used on each. Contents will be listed from top to bottom. There are occasional strays not in frames.
SD 49
SD 47-48
SD 69-70
SD 50
SD 24-58-69-71
no numbers
SD 38-48-63-64
SD 60-61-62-78
SD 66-67-68-77
SD 26-36-41-78
SD 44-46-73
SD 35-75
SD 29-43-74
SD 29-37-68
Box 51 III. Sciatics
This set consists solely of specimens of sciatic nerves. They are denoted by a series modifier "MB" and a case number, and usually specific information on the type of specimen. It is housed in a commercially made case by Fisher Scientific Co. Ltd. in Montreal, Canada.
This set fills about one-half of a 100 slide box. There is no apparent order; however, the slides will be listed beginning from space #47, as that is where the control rat slide specimens are. Paradoxically, the slides will go from 47-1 and come back down the next row 51-100. They will not be noted by those spaces but listed instead by their MB numbers. Set also includes a couple pages of handwritten notes and a Swank reprint relative to the slides: "The Effect of Starvation on the Myelin Sheaths of the Periheral Nerves of Rats", in Multiple Sclerosis and the demyelinating Diseases, v. XXVII, Feb. 1950
Control rat sciatic
Control rat sciatic
MB95- Sciatic D&P
MB95 Sciatic
MB94-Sciatic D&P
MB98 Sciatic P
MB98 Sciatic D
MB98 Sciatic
MB92 Sciatic D
MB92 Sciatic P
MB92 Sciatic
MB135 Sciatic
MB134 Sciatic
MB91 Sciatic
MB91 Sciatic P
MB91 Brachial
MB91 Sciatic P
MB90 Brachial
MB90 Brachial
MB90 Sciatic
MB90 Sciatic P
MB120 Sciatics
MB120 Sciatic
MB121 Sciatics
MB121 Sciatic
MB122 Sciatic
MB123 Sciatic
SR 9 days
SR 16 days
Rats 21 days
SR31 Sciatic D
SR41 R Sciatic
SR44 R Sciatic
MB96 Sciatics
MB99 Sciatics
MB39 Sciatic
MB39 Sciatic
MB52 Sciatic
MB52 Sciatic
Box 52 Movie films
Hamster Cheek Pouch
One large reel-to reel tape inside plastic mailing case.
1994 April 14
Dr J. Stevens, unidentified subject, 16mm film in Cine-Kodak box
Small (16mm) unidentified film
Box 53 Videotapes (VHS)
"100 Years: Reflections" #1
A series of interviews celebrating the Centennial of the Medical School of the OHSU. Videographer John Hardham.
1987 August
"100 Years: Reflections" #2
A series of interviews celebrating the Centennial of the Medical School of the OHSU. Videographer John Hardham.
1988 March 14
"100 Years: Reflections" #3
A series of interviews celebrating the Centennial of the Medical School of the OHSU. Videographer John Hardham.
1988 March 30
"The Fifth Estate: M.S.-The Canadian Disease" (3 copies)
Documentary report by Bob McKeown, later of Ed Bradley's "Street Stories".
1989 May 16
"Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book" Swank and Fran DeBord
1995 November 30
"Blood Circulation in Hamster Cheek" (2 copies)
one regular version; one 16mm print.
1994 April 1
"Blood Circulation in Hamster Cheeks" (2)
Believed to be copies of the former, but no dates on them.
"Live Circulation: Cheek Pouch of Hamster" (shortened version)
no date
"Cheek Pouch" (11min.) Edit Master
Note indicates "not clear".
no date
"Oregon Research Institute Virtual Reality Labs"
no date
"Ulcers/Healing of the Mind/The Mystery of Chi"-Dr. Marshal
no date
"Circulation of Blood in the Cheek Pouch of the Golden Hamster"
no date
"Underground MS Drug Therapy"
This was a clip from a local Portland station affiliate(Ch6) of CBS, showing Dr. Michael Breen's report on the underground use of 4-aminopyridine ("4-AP"); a drug so far without FDA testing.
no date
Box 54 Oversize materials for exhibit
Consists of 4 large orange mylar sheets to which a variety of negatives of specimen slides, charts, and graphs were cut and pasted. These were for an exhibit on Blood Filtration, date unspecified.
These items are in a large flat box with the label "POLYCHROME" in bold red letters on front. Inside they are protected between two large sheets of cardboard.
Exhibit sheets (4)
Box 55-Box 63 Magnetic Resonance Images(MRI)/X-rays
These items are bulky and covered by HIPAA rules. Because of this,there is no attempt to identify the patients except in the most general terms alphabetically. The general run of dates of the records are included, but the specific numbers of MRIs are not.
Box 55 Patient MRI I A-Co
Box 56 Patient MRI II Co-E
Box 57 Patient MRI III F-He
Box 58 Patient MRI IV He-K
Box 59 Patient MRI V L-Mc
Box 60 Patient MRI VI Me-Q
Box 61 Patient MRI VII R-Sp
Box 62 Patient MRI VIII St-We
Box 63 Patient MRI IX We-Z
These bulky items are not in boxes but are rolled up, and as oversized objects are located on a top shelf of Aisle 2 in Old Library Rm.440.
O-S Swank Patient map (Top shelf Aisle 2 R440)
O-S Patient Graph(precursor to the patient map)
This is basically an analog version of an electronic spreadsheet, with patient information on graph paper taped together in sections. Each "page" has 3 sections of graph paper taped together, with information for 5 patients on each. It tracks patient wellness over time and states whether the patient was dead or alive at the end point (1983). There are 31 pages, all rolled up together into a large scroll. Housed on same aisle as patient map in R440 of Old Library.
O-S Blueprint Marquam Hill by Caruthers & Caruthers (top shelf Aisle 2 R440)
no date
O-S Blueprint Burton Co. for Hill Development Co.(top shelf Aisle 2 R440)
Neahkanie property materials
This material includes a larger version of the b/w photographic print; a blueprint of the same area; and 5 pages of zoning regulations of Tillamook county. Located on Aisle section R440 O.L.
Aerial view Neahkanie property Tillamook Co., Or.-1 b/w photographic print
This item is very tightly rolled and tears easily. Located on Aisle section 2, R440 OL
Box 64 Stamp collection
Included is what appears to be a beginners' stamp collection. Included are 2 albums produced by the H.E. Harris Company. Henry Ellis Harris started selling philatelic (stamp collecting) materials during the Depression (1935) and became the largest supplier by c. 1950. The company was sold to General Mills (1975) who kept the name but effectively venture-capitalist stripped it of value. Later (2003) Harris took over a fading Whitman Coin Co. and took its name.Because of their generalized nature, Harris collections are normally ignored by appraisers.Included are a small, bound beginner's "The Adventurer" album (1949) which is in the name of Susan Swank with a Washington address. Also included is a "New Ambassador"album (1955) which is a loose-leaf binder. The smaller is at most 25% full, the larger less than 10%.Ther are a number of packets of stamps which never made it into the albums. Some are literally torn from envelopes, while several envelopes are commercially sold collections.
Stamp collection-Europe
France (from envelopes)
Helvetia(Switzerland)(from envelopes)
Italy (from envelopes)
Romania (commercial set, unopened)
Spain (from envelopes)
Stamp collection-Germany
5 packets.
Packet of German stamps I- wartime issues of stamps in occupied Czechoslovakia (Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia). Unopened.
Packet of German stamps II-small packet from Enno Kuhlow (stamp sellers from Aachen)- a variety pack of pre- and postwar stamps.
Packet of German stamps III "ab 1945" (from 1945 on). Opened.
Packet of German stamps IV-German Democratic Republic (DDR-East Germany) unopened
Packet of German stamps V-West Germany (from envelopes)
Stamp collection-Misc.
Japan (from envelopes)
USA (from envelopes)
Miscellaneous extras (from envelopes)
MIscellaneous stamps from Susan Swank album
The Adventurer Stamp Album-Around the world with Postage Stamps
The New Ambassador Album for Postage Stamps of the WOrld
Box 65 Artifacts-Plaque & Marble
Marble stand for "The Swank Filter" Patent No. 3448041
1969 June 3
Quartz paper weight from Instituto Nacional de Neurologia Mexico to Dr. Roy L. Swank
Metal quill pen and wooden stand- "To Dr. Prof. Swank with Appreciation from Krishewsky Family"
no date
Plaque-44 Years with Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland
1992 September
Box 66 Marquam Hill Society Award
Award is a wooden jewelry box lined with black velvet. Plaque inset on top. Inside are 3 magnets.Two of them have plastic sheathing manufactured by Dings Dynamics group (magnetic group): "Foremost in the manufacture of Industrial Magnets and Power Transmission Equipment". The 3rd, smaller magnet is unadorned and holds the other two together.
"OHSU Marquam Hill Society presented to Roy L. Swank, Ph.D., M.D. School of Medicine in recognition of your continued support
Award is a wooden jewelry box lined with black velvet. Plaque inset on top. Inside are 3 magnets. Two of them have palstic sheathing manufactured by Dings Dynamics group(magnetic group) "Foremost in the manufacture of Industrial Magnets and Power Transmission Equipment". The 3rd, smaller magnet is unadorned and holds the other two together.
Box 67 Personal artifacts-Miscellany
Small notebook labeled Dr. R.L.Swank
A small black notebook divided into 2 sections. One is labeled "Bestimmung Buch".This seems to be class notes which means this particular translation is probably "Assignment Book". They take up the bulk of the book.It is in German and dated September 1939-the beginning of WWII. It has enclosures of more german notes. There is one page at the end labeled "Swedish Connection" and concerns Dr. Swank's contacts with Swedish researcher Sten Berg. Also has a copy of "CD Summary" for 11/25/97 with Berg's phone number on it. In English, dated 1997.
Plastic plaque shaped like coat of arms. Metal plaque on back says "To Prof. Roy L. Swank with Cordial Thanks, Tokyo Society of Medical Sciences and Faculty of Medicine University of Tokyo"
1959 September
Large laboratory notebook labeled "Aagot-Humans"
Book of Remembrance: In Memoriam Hannah Swank (1885-1974)
Includes messages of support and sympathy from friends, family and the Medical Research Foundation of Oregon, with donations in her name to the Stephen W. Swank Memorial fund. Hannah Swank was Dr. Swank's mother.
Sympathy Response Cards-"A Part of Our Service"
Pre-written thank-you cards for those who wrote in sympathy with the bereaved. Includes a special set for the casket bearers.
Small marble paperweight from European Microcirculation Society IX Conference Antwerp "Universal Welcome from the President Prof. A. Neetens, M.D."
European Society for Microcirculation Membership directory
Small address book. Embossed with "Roy Swank" name.
Only two notations inside;prescriptions for Diazepam. Date looks like "3/27/2000".
"Robinson Reminder" leather billfold (empty except addresses)
no date
Packet of rolodex contacts (21) and business cards (83)
Packet contains cards from Dr. Swank's rolodex (21) and business cards (83) he collected.
no date
Model ear, rubber
no date
Woven braid (provenance and purpose unknown)
no date
SylvaniaTru-Focus Projection lamp
no date
Kodak Wratten Filter
no date
Box 68 Artifacts-OMSI Award
no date
OMSI Award trophy (wood and metal)
Has broken piece meant to go on top, shaped like an atom with rings.
no date
Box 69 Textile Artifact-Ph.D. Hood
no date
one Ph.D. Hood (prev.in B5)
Box 70 Framed Artifacts
OHSU Certificate of Emeritus
"Al Dr. Roy L. Swank-En Reconocimiento A Su Destacada Actividad Cientifica Bs.-As.-Argentina" ("To Dr. Roy L. Swank-In Recognition of Your Dedicated Scientific Activity, Bs-As.-Argentina"), by the Fundacion Medica Argentina
1996 April

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