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Samuel Roskelley papers, 1862-1979

Overview of the Collection

Roskelley, Samuel, 1837-1914
Samuel Roskelley papers
1862-1979 (inclusive)
1862-1906 (bulk)
7 boxes, (3.75 linear ft.)
Collection Number
This collection contains seven boxes of papers from Samuel Roskelley, an early settler of Cache Valley. It includes several important documents pertaining to the life and family of Samuel Roskelley, such as his diaries, life sketches, and financial records.
Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives Division
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Utah State University
Logan, UT
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Biographical NoteReturn to Top

Samuel Roskelley was born to Thomas and Ann Kitt Roskelley in Davenport, Devonshire, England on January 1, 1837. Raised Baptist, he converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1851 and emigrated to Utah in 1853 with the Appleton Harmon company. After being called back to England in 1856 for a two-year LDS mission, Roskelley returned to Utah and married Rebecca Hendricks on July 22, 1858. In 1860 he settled in Richmond, Utah, but church leadership soon asked him to make the short move south to Smithfield, where he served as a church bishop from 1862 to 1880. There he held a number of other important positions in the community, including superintendent of common schools for Cache County, mayor of Smithfield, and captain of the Cache Valley Militia. During this period Roskelley also married a second wife, Mary Roberts, in 1865. He ultimately took on four additional wives over the course of his lifetime: Mary Florence Kelsey, Mary Jane Rigby, Margaret Rigby, and Sarah Maud Burton.

In 1880, Roskelley departed on a second mission to England, and shortly after is return in 1881 he was appointed president of the high priest quorum of the Cache Valley Stake on August 6, 1882. He assisted in the construction of the Logan Temple, for which he was later named recorder on May 2, 1884. Samuel Roskelley passed away on February 10, 1914 in Smithfield, Utah.

Content DescriptionReturn to Top

This collection contains seven boxes of papers from Samuel Roskelley, an early settler of Cache Valley. It includes several important documents pertaining to the life and family of Samuel Roskelley, such as his diaries, life sketches, and financial records. Of particular interest are items related to his work with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which relate to temple work in the St. George, Manti, Salt Lake, and Logan temples, as well as meetings of the High Priests’ quorum of the Cache Valley Stake. These papers are useful to anyone researching the history of early Mormon settlers in Cache Valley or the history of the Roskelley family.

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Samuel Roskelley : papers and temple records, 1862-1962. (COLL MSS 65). Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives Department.

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Family Records of Samuel RoskelleyReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Mathematicus, math compilation book of John and Samuel Roskelley, Davenport, England
(Item removed from Coll Mss 284, Box 4, Fd 11).
Book 1: Diary
Entries refer to temple work at St. George and, later, speak of labors on the interior of the Logan Temple. After dedication of the Logan Temple, Roskelley became the Temple recorder and in his diary he records persons who received sacraments such as second anointing.
January 1, 1883 - January 1, 1888.
Book 2: Diary
Entries refer to work as the president of the quorum until 1904. The remainder of the diary contains information regarding family matters.
December 1, 1901 - October 15, 1910.
2 1
Loose issues of the Roskelley Organ
2 2
Minutes of meetings of the Roskelley Family Organization
2 3
Copy of 1880 diary commencing March 8th and continuing through September 19 regarding mission to England
2 4
Miscellaneous personal papers of Samuel Roskelley:
Letter, 5/15/1880, from A. Milton Musser of the Deseret Nursery Company to Roskelley in regards to the purchases of carp and goldfish
Letter, 3/13/1906, to Roskelley from Joseph F. Smith, John R. Winder, and Anthony H. Lund, First Presidency of the L.D.S. Church, concerning continuation of temple work by the brethern until a successor to President Merrill was appointed
Extract from the Millenial Star, vol. 15 page 230, concerning the calling and authority of Seventies
2 5
Samuel Roskelley's Devonnport
A map complementing A Devonport Boy Comes to America and The Latter-day Saints of the Devonport Branch by Richard L. Saunders identifying people and sites of 1837 - 1853 mentioned in the Roskelley memoir and Latter-day Saint Branch records (see Map Cabinet 6, Oversize Manuscripts)
2 6
Miscellaneous Items
3 1
Outgoing letter from Maggie [Margaret Roskelley] to Sister, Florence Roskelley
1882, Sept 9
3 2
Outgoing letters from Samuel Roskelley to his Wife, Mary Jane Rigby Roskelley
1877 April - 1882 April
3 3
Outgoing letters from Samuel Roskelley to his Wife, Mary Jane Rigby Roskelley
1882 - 1883
3 4
Letter fragment from Samuel Roskelley to Mary Jane Rigby Roskelley
3 5
Samuel Roskelley Diary
3 6
“No. 2 Journal Commencing April 1, 1857; Samuel Roskelley, Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”.
3 7
Register of Logan Temple ordinance work and journal of church affairs

The Roskelley Temple RecordsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Book 1: Record book
Contains: Revelation given through President John Taylor at Salt Lake City, October 13, 1882 (pp. 1-6); "Choice Tid-Bits," (pp. 7-9); Copy of "The Manifesto" issued by President Wilford Woodruff, September 26, 1890, (p. 10); Statistical tables with totals of ordinance work done in the L.D.S. Temples at Logan 1885- 1908, Manti 1888-1900, St. George 1877-1897, and Salt Lake 1893-1900, (pp. 12-176).
Book 2: Brief biographies of David B. Dille, John P. Wright, David Osborn, Francis Astle, Alva Benson, Lars Williamson, Hans Monsen, Neils Christensen, Ita Allen, John Bradley, Loren Nielson, Peter Jisiel, Richard Palmer, and William Palmer
Also includes "Copy of Time Checks," "Subscription for Missionaries by High Priests of Logan," "Minutes of High Priests Stake Conference Meetings: 11-3-1877 to 7-31-1880."
Book 3: Ledger
Duplication of genealogies of David B. Dille, John P. Wright, and David Osborn.
Book 1: Temple work performed by Samuel Roskelley
Also includes genealogical and biographical information, letters and copies of letters.
Book 2: Minute book of the High Priests' Quarum, Cache Valley Stake
Also includes rolls, rosters and lists of donations. (recorded by various clerks.)
November 1859 to September 1883.

Personal Business RecordsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Volume 1: Roskelley's Private Accounts, Smithfield, Utah
This volume gives an account of Roskelley's private financial dealings. Included are labor for work on the Utah Northern Railroad, tie hacking, buying and selling agricultural goods, and dealings in agricultural commodities. Also in the ledger are his accounts with the Cache County School Fund.
1868- 1884.
6 1
Receipts and miscellaneous notes
6 2
Temple Certificates (recommendations)
6 3
Receipts for barbed wire purchased from the Iowa Barbed Steel Wire Co.
6 4
Two separate accounting sheets: Samuel Roskelley County Superintendent Common Schools in account with County School Funds, 1873. Francis Sharp's account bill

Roskelley GenealogyReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Family group sheets and brief biographical information