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Mary Hunter Doane Papers

Repository:Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Summary:The Mary Hunter Doane Papers consist of letters, speeches, a reminiscence, photographs, and other miscellaneous items pertaining to her life with her husband, Captain Gustavus Cheyney Doane, and her years of widowhood following his 1892 death. Materials include: extensive correspondence between Mary and Gustavus, especially voluminous during the summer of 1886 during the final campaign against Geronimo when the captain was stationed in Arizona; letters from other Doane family members and friends to Mary Doane; a handwritten reminiscence of Susan C. Hunter regarding the Hunter family's journey to Montana Territory and early residence in Virginia City, Helena, and Bozeman; speech notes from Mary Doane pertaining to her experiences and incidents of early frontier Army life; legal and financial documents; memorabilia; printed items; photographs, particularly of Fort Assiniboine, Montana Territory, circa 1882.
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Fort Assinniboine Telegrams Received

Repository:Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Summary:Fort Assinniboine Telegrams Received consists of "true copy" telegrams, duplicates of original transmissions that were mailed from the office of origin to Lt. Col. Henry M. Black, 18th United States Infantry and commanding officer of Fort Assinniboine during 1881. The telegrams address the movements of troops, disposition of supplies, court marital proceedings, and other routine military matters. Of particular interest are several messages dated in January 1881 concerning the movements of Sitting Bull and the army's failed attempt to capture his camp in the Milk River area. Other military movements against Canadian Crees, Piegans, and half-bloods are also discussed in the telegrams.
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Lawrence S. Heberle Papers

Repository:Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Summary:The Lawrence S. Heberle Papers consist of photocopied research papers. They include: surveys and general information about Camp Baker (original site), Camp Baker/Fort Logan, Camp Ida Thoroughman/Camp Green Clay Smith, Fort Howie and Fort Ellis; maps and diagrams of the fort sites, many of which were drawn by Lawrence S. Heberle; journal articles and newspaper articles about the forts surveyed during the activity of the Montana Indian Wars of 1867; official documents on health and postings of soldiers; general articles related to western forts in Montana and photographs of selected fort sites. Many of the photocopied photographs of the Camp Baker, Camp Baker/Fort Logan, Camp Ida Thoroughman and Fort Howie sites were taken by Lawrence C. Herberle in 1974.
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Raymond A. Mentzer Research Papers

Repository:Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Summary:The Ryamond A. Mentzer Research Papers consist of photocopied journal articles, transcripts of interviews, copies of published and unpublished papers, and newspaper articles on the history and physical descriptions of 19th century forts in Montana. Other items include photocopies of the 1880 census and official government documents of the Department of the Army pertaining to Montana forts, copy photographs of the original forts and soldiers, hand-drawn maps, diagrams and plans, copy slides of Camp Baker, Fort Logan, Fort Ida Thoroughman, Fort Howie and Fort Maginnis portraying surveys of the physical locations and remaining structures of these forts in the 1970s. The primary concentration of this research is the location, layouts and structural content of the original forts and their conditions at the time of the research; however there is also substantial information on the social and military experiences of the soldiers assigned to Montana forts during the active period of the 1860s -1890s including the era of the Indian Wars.

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