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Stringham, B. H. (Briant H.), 1889-1983
Briant H. Stringham photograph collection
1889-1983 (inclusive)
(bulk 1940-1975) (bulk)
2 boxes, (1.5 linear ft.)
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Approximately 202 photographs depicting both the public and private life of this Utah statesman. Pictures range from Briant's college education at BYU in Provo, Utah, to his sheep-ranching days in Vernal and the Uintah Mountains, to his public service as a politician for the state of Utah. Interspersed throughout the photos of business and public service are pictures of family and recreation. Also included is an image of Stringham with President Lyndon B. Johnson.
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Briant H. Stringham, also known throughout his life as "Bry" or "B.H.," was born in April of 1889 to Philip and Caroline Stringham in Ashley Valley (near Vernal), Utah Territory. As a young man, he attended BYU where he studied education, but after a brief teaching career he returned to his beloved Vernal to pursue sheep-ranching with his brother. This change of career led to success for Briant in the world of business where he not only raised and traded livestock, but also worked as the president of Hotel Vernal for eighteen years. The leadership skills and professional connections Briant acquired during this period would later benefit him as he served four terms as a legislator in the Utah House of Representatives, two terms as a state senator, and four terms as mayor of Vernal. Briant was an ardent advocate of conservation and land reclamation in the West, and both during and after his public service, he played an important role in the passage of such legislation as the Taylor Grazing Act and the development of the Colorado River Storage Project.

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The Briant H. Stringham Photograph Collection contains one box of approximately 202 photographs depicting both the public and private life of this Utah Statesman. Pictures range from Briant's college education at BYU in Provo, Utah, to his sheep-ranching days in Vernal and the Uintah Mountains, to his public service as a politician for the state of Utah. Interspersed throughout the photos of business and public service are pictures of family and recreation. Also included is an image of Stringham with President Lyndon B. Johnson.

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There is no particular order, chronological or otherwise, for photograph arrangement within the collection.

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Donated in 1999 by Edna J. Stringham

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These images were separated from the Briant H. Stringham Coll Mss 48. Register completed by Adam Dunn, December 2007.

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Briant H. Stringham papers COLL MS 48

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 01:01: Older couple with little girl
1 01:07: Sheep grazing in the mountains, in color
1 01:08: 1947 Philip Stringham Family. Taken after dinner at new Hotel Vernal where B.H. Stringham was president
1 01:10: Briant H. Stringham Family Photo Album. Consists of images from the Vernal area and from Oahu, Hawaii. Included are images of natives, buildings, agriculture, and Stringham with unidentified companions swimming, eating, and preparing foot. It is unclear if Stringham served a mission in Hawaii or if he vacationed there
1 01:12: Boarding buses for the tour on March 29, at the Mission Inn
1 01:13: Touring Board Members and delegates examine area map at proposed Ruby Mountain Rest Stop. San Bernardino County
1 01:14: Assistant Secretary of the Interior Anderson, Director Stoddard, California State Senator Farr and Panel members at Flyers' Wall, Mission Inn. L to R- Ian Campbell, California State Division of Mines and Geology, Ben Glading, California Department of Fish and Game, L. Freeman, San Diego Union and Evening Tribune, Samuel Wood, Executive Director, California Tomorrow Director Stoddard, Senator Farr, Assistant Secretary Anderson, Michael J. McCloskey, Sierra Club, Harold R. Hochmuth, Douglas Aircraft, Robert Rierson, Western Livestock Marketing Information Project, Denver, Colorado
1 01:15: BLM Director Charles H. Stoddard, Assistant Secretary of the Interior Harry R. Anderson, California State Senator, the Honorable Fred S. Farr
1 01:16: Brunel Christiansen, California Advisory Board Member
1 01:17: Mrs. Nancy E. Smith, Board of Supervisors, San Bernardino County, and Member, Public Land Law Review Commission
1 01:18: Dr. Gerhard N. Rostvold, Member of National Advisory Board Council, California
1 01:19: Mr. Leonard Horn, National Advisory Board Council Member, Colorado
1 01:20: Mr. Bruce Anderson, National Advisory Board Council Member, Colorado
1 01:21: Mr. Bruce Bowler, National Advisory Board Council Member, Idaho
1 01:22: Resource Management Committee
1 01:23: Public Use Committee
1 01:24: Tour Stop at North Entrance to Cedar Springs Reservoir proposed site, San Bernardino County
1 01:25: Tour Stop at Lucerne Valley Park, San Bernardino County
1 01:26: California 1975, "Farming is everybody's bread and butter," Utah Livestock Production Credit Association. L-R- 1) ?, 2) John Jorgensen, 3) Richard Phillips, 4) J.R. Broadbent, 5) B.H. Stringham, 6) Vance A'agard
1 01:28: "Bryant H. Stringham with his sheep."
1 01:29: Stringham Cabin
1 01:30: BLM advisory board 1962. Members of the Bureau of Land Management Advisory Board meet in the Cooper Bldg. Standing L-R- Willis Stevens, Harold Calder, cattlemen; Lyman Merkley, wildlife; Floyd E. Lamb, W. Reed Taylor, cattlemen; Bert T. Coleman, sheepman. Seated- Ralph Siddoway, A. Wright Dickinson, Sheepmen; B.H. Stringham, chairman for sheepman; L. Glenn Murray, chairman for cattlemen, and Clifton W. McCoy, sheepman 1962
1 01:31: Oil Discovery in Ashley Field
1 01:32: R. Stringham and Grand Hacking, kids on horse
1 01:33: Beginning of construction of Strawberry Dam. B.H. Stringham Summer 1971
1 01:34: Vernal area chamber of commerce. Kenneth Aycock, Pres.; B.H. Stringham
1 01:35: Gov. Clyde, B.H. Stringham, Pres. Fletcher, Rep. Burton.; April 2, 1966
1 01:36: B.H. Stringham holding cuff links 1975
1 01:37: B.H. Stringham for Vernal Lions club district governor 1944
1 01:38: Jeanne Stringham hunting arrow heads
1 01:39: Fishing trip in Uintahs
1 01:40: B.H., sons, grandson, and brother Ray
1 01:41: V. Cummings and Rep. Burton presenting plaque to B.H. Stringham
1 01:42: B.H. with Gov. Clyde. "Bry Stringham Day."
1 01:43: Rock on the Green River
1 01:44: Musical group for "Bry Stringham Day."
1 01:45: Banquet for "Bry Stringham Day," 2 April 1966
1 01:46: Robert and Marilynn Stringham Family. Robert, Marilynn, Russell, Melisa, Robynn, Michelle May 1972
1 01:47: B.H. Stringham, Congressman, Aldons Dixion and Hugh Cotton, in Washington D.C. 1956
1 01:48: B.H. Stringham, 87 yrs old 1976
1 01:49: B.H. Stringham's sheep grazing on Diamond Mountain
1 01:50: B.H. Stringham 1940
1 01:51: Clyde Hatch, Smith, B.H. Stringham, Wallace Wintch, Lamar Mason
1 01:52: "One of the stock ponds on B.H. Stringham's range on Diamond Mountain."
1 01:53: "B.H. Stringham looks over grass seeding along a gas pipeline which crosses his range on Diamond Mountain."
1 01:54: Jim Nickel 1972
1 01:55: Saltair Postcard, color
1 01:56: "Lone-Meter" Postcard near Lonetree, Wyoming
1 01:57: B.H. Stringham Day. L-R- Gov. Clyde, B.H. Stringham, Harvey Fletcher, Pres. of U of U, and U.S. Rep. Burton. "Pee-Chee All Season Portfolio- April 2 1966, B.H. Stringham Day photo
1 01:58: Uintah Conservancy District, Board Members- M. Merkley, L. Siddoway, L. Pickup, B.H. Stringham, D. Merrill, M. Snow, H. Colton, N. Haslam, W. Hammond 1977
1 01:59: Signing of Jansen Unit- Seated- H.W. Colton, Tom, Dave Crandall, B.H. Stringham, L.Y. Siddoway, Morgan Merkley. Standing- H. Pierson, J. Jensen, A. Kay, M. Snow, G. Harmston, Davis Morril, Niles Hasham, Lance Pickup 1977
1 01:60: Central Utah Water Con. District members and staff 1976
1 01:61: Postcard from W. Glenn Barnes, from this postcard, we learn that B.H. Stringham went by "Bry" short for Bryant 20 June 1965
1 01:62: Man and two donkeys or mules
1 01:63: Last minute trimmings by Juanita and Bry
1 01:64: B.H. Stringham home 1967
1 01:65: Near Pat's Hole on Green River
1 01:66: B.H. Stringham color photo of home 1977
1 01:67: B.H. Stringham, grand marshall president. 1932-1936, rodeo 1963
1 01:68: Ute called "Crazy Indian."
1 01:69: Sheering sheep in a bower, photo by L.A. Huffman
1 01:70: Signing Vernal Project Reservoir. L-R- Congressman A. Dixon, Sen. Bennett, Sen. Watkins, Congressman Dawson, Sec. of Interior Harry Seaton 1958
1 01:71: "Catch in the Uintah Mountains," boy holding fish
1 01:72: "On the way to Pat's Hole, Colo."
1 01:73: Sign at Stringham Cabin
1 01:74: Pool near cabin
1 01:75: Restored Stringham family cabin
1 01:76: Experimenting with purebred sheep
1 01:77: Gov. Clyde with B.H. Stringham and others. Photo taken in Kanab, Utah July 23, 1957
1 01:78: Stringham Reunion
1 01:79: Ted Crawford, B.H. Stringham, John Carpenter, Veigh Cummings, Newell Johnson. Men looking at paper
1 01:80: Group of Sheepmen 1965
1 01:81: Group of sheepmen looking over Stringham Spring Fall Range, large duplicate 1965
1 01:82: B.H. Stringham pointing out items on a map 1965
1 01:83: Dr. Worthen, B.H. Stringham, regents 9 June 1967
1 01:84: Dr. Worthen, B.H. Stringham, Roy Simmons, Col. Rawlings; regents
1 01:85: "Farming is everybody's bread and butter," signed duplicate 1975
1 01:86: Celebration of completion of Glenn Canyon Dam. Fabian, chairman of Utah State Parks and B.H. Stringham July 23, 1957
1 01:87: Philip Stringham Family 1948
1 01:88: Stringham Family 1947 or 1949
1 01:89: Portfolio "Bureau of Land Management. National Advisory Board members visit the Floyd Lee Ranch near San Mateo, New Mexico, accompanied by BLM representatives. July 14-15, 1960. There are 27 photos: 1) Charles P. Meade, Associate Director Bureau of Land Management, 2) Gathering at Floyd Lee Ranch in preparation of first day field trip, 3) Mr. Lee by his pickup, 4) Professor Leeds, 5) Professor Knox, 6) First Stop- Mr. Lee expounding his views and theories, 7) Shoemaker's Awl, 8) We stop for lunch. Green Chili Sandwiches, 9) The ladies ate first, 10) Mr. Meade is impressed, 11) We examine an application of Mr. Lee's reforestation theory, 12) Barren of trees- foreground; thick stand of young trees- background, 13) Chow time for lady riders, 14) Branding at the Lee Ranch, 15) Miss Lee is the roper, 16) The flankers take over, 17) The ranch-house patio, the swimming pool, 18) A 100-year-old vine, 19) The front entrance to Floyd Lee's hacienda, 20) The Advisory Board meeting, 21) Judge Dan Hughes. Chairman of the Board, 22) Views on the Rio Puerco, July 16, 1960, 23) Near Coal Mine retention dam, 24) El Cabezon, 25) Erosion, 26) Espiritu Santo, 27) One Group July 14-15, 1960
1 01:90: The Utah Wool Grower newsletter Vol. 2, No. 8 September, 1965
1 01:91: Christmas card by William T. Miller
1 01:92: D. Jenkins and son
1 01:93: D. Jenkins and son
1 01:94: D. Jenkins working on ranch in winter
1 01:95: Photo of Bry Stringham
1 01:96: Destruction of vegetation during construction of pipeline
1 01:97: Photo of General Livestock Trip. First Row: L-R- Neal Black, George H. Swift, Jr., T.R. Greathouse, E.F. Swift, Wallace W. Wolf, R.W. Reneker, E.J. Crofoot. Joe W. Entz, P.E. Petty, Jim Henry, E.F. Huskisson, Jerry B. Davis. Second Row- Carl Strobel, Robert F. Corn, Walter Nelson, Robert Fay, H.F. Morris, William E. Bensley, J.A. Copeland, W. Comer Sims, Clifford Barker, Dale Hunziger, Henry Knochenmus, George G. Pick, George S. Spencer, T.W. Glaze, Third Row- Lloyd W. Bergsma, George Borelli, Ray Schneider, William C. Davis, C.C. Bowen, Doyle J. Matthews, G.C. Magruder, Jr., Vincent Crane, Hugh C. Winslow, Robert P. Bledsoe, B.H. Stringham, Dwayne Martin, H.M. Newell
1 01:98: B.H. Stringham, Sheepman, Hugh Colton, Cattleman. Diamond Mtn. Cattlemen moving cattle to new pasture
1 01:99: Women's club dining and lobbying in D.C. 1965
1 01:100: Philip Stringham-Father at 84. Caroline Crouch Stringham as young woman, died at 54
1 01:101: Catherine Chipman Stringham Family
1 01:102: Bry and Children 16 December 1974
1 01:103: Briant, Bea, Ray-Last surviving children of 12 15 July 1973
1 01:104: Daughters and in-laws 16 December 1974
1 01:105: President for four years, Vernal Rodeo
1 01:106: Bry Stringham Day, photo with Governor Clyde, B.H.S., Dr. Fletcher, Congressman Burton
1 01:107: Three Generations of Stringham women, Dorothy S. Searle, Catherine C. Stringham, Sharon S. Olson
1 01:108: B.Y.U. band
1 01:109: Ralph and Sharon Olsen family. Sharon was granddaughter
1 01:110: Tree turns a beautiful golden color
1 01:111: Flaming Gorge Dam 1973
1 01:112: B.H. Stringham Family 16 December 1971
1 01:113: oolgrowers Convention Banquet, Hotel Vernal 1964
1 01:114: Dedication of Starvation Bridge Oct. 1970
1 01:115: Gov. Rampton cutting ribbon at dedication of Starvation Bridge Oct. 1970
1 01:116: Drilling in Uintah Basin. Turned out to be a prosperous field
1 01:117: Bry Stringham Day, Dos and Ray Rosebaugh and Bry Stringham April 1965
1 01:118: "Four Generations" Stephen, Bry, Kirt(Kirk) and Kyle Easter 1971
1 01:119: Birthday card from wife
1 01:120: Bry Stringham Day, Gov. Clyde, B.H., Dr. Fletcher, Pres. of U of U, and Rep. Burton
1 01:121: 12 June 1912, married
1 01:122: Christmas card from Lyn, Eleanore and Craig
1 01:123: BYU band, B.H. Stringham at bottom right with drum sticks in his hands. Robert Sauer band leader
1 01:124: Granddaughter Debbie Stringham
1 01:125: Richard Phillips, Utah Livestock Association 1970 Holiday card
1 01:126: BYU graduation, class of 1912. B.H. Stringham Class Pres
1 01:127: BYU Orchestra, B.H. played drums, Catherine played piano, they were later married in 1912. Pro. Goodman, Leader
1 01:128: Founder's Day, Provo Ut. Drummer in BYU band 1911
1 01:129: Main Street Provo. Commencement about 1918
1 01:130: Gate presented to BYU by graduation class of 1912, B.H. Stringham Pres. of Class
1 01:131: Gov. Clyde and B.H. Stringham at Harpers Corner-Green River near Echo Park dam-site in the distance
1 01:132: Picture taken on steps of Joseph P. Hacking house, 5 brothers-nephews and son sitting on my lap-B.H.S 1917
1 01:133: Orange Tree, Mesa Arizona, B.H. Stringham
1 01:134: Mesa Arizona Temple
1 01:135: Hotel Barbershop, B.H. Stringham was Pres. of Hotel Vernal for 18 years 1947
1 01:136: BLM National Advisory Council Meeting, D.C. B.H. Stringham was a board member for 24 years
1 01:137: BLM Grazing Board, District 8, Uintah and Duchesne
1 01:138: PCA Board- Delbert Chipman, B.H. Stringham, John Jorgensen, R. Moon, Jay Broadbent, and Stanley Peters
1 01:139: Utah Water and Power Board at Vernal, Utah
1 01:140: Washington D.C. Promoting Colorado River Project 15 March 1955
1 01:141: B.H. Stringham representing Governor Lee at USU Graduation
1 01:142: B.H. Stringham, L.Y. Siddoway, and Frank Clinton. - First payment in the Basin Fund, Upper Colorado River Project 27 December 1962
1 01:143: Washington D.C.- Promoting Colorado River Storage Project, matters referring to Dinosaur National Monument. Seated L-R- Sent Bennett, Conrad North. Standing L-R- Jess Lombard, L.Y. Siddoway, H.W. Colton, B.H. Stringham 1956
1 01:144: Hospital Drive Photo with City Council and Staff
1 01:145: Hotel Vernal, built 1947 by local group, B.H. Stringham Pres. for 18 years
1 01:146: James Nickell and Albert Murray: sheephands employed by Stringham. Ned Stringham at the back of the herd
1 01:147: Green River, Family Photo Easter 1974
1 01:148: Pond and children, owned by son, Dr. Paul Stringham
1 01:149: B.H. Stringham turning the presidency of the Utah Municipal League over to J.W. Gillman
1 01:150: Advisory Board Meeting, Washington D.C
1 01:151: April 6-8 Nat'l Advisory Board Meeting, Washington D.C
1 01:152: NWRA at Las Vegas, Central Utah Water Conservancy District. Commissioner Ellis L. Armstrong meets with the Central Utah Water Conservancy District, and the Uintah Water Conservancy District at the NWRA Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Present were Ival Goslin, Daniel F. Lawrence, R. Elgin Gardner, Palmer Delong, Clyde Richie, Robert B. Hilbert, Lynn S. Ludlow, Virge N. Brown, Briant H. Stringham, John A. Lambert, Charles W. Wilson, L.Y. Siddoway, Melvin B. White, Sterling D. Jones, C. Rell Swensen, Leo L. Brady, Wallace T. Jeffery, W. Fairchild, J.O. Brien, R.G. Robison, Jr., M.N. Langley, and Commissioner Ellis L. Armstrong 28 November 1972
1 01:153: Reunion, Bry, Bea, and Ray, Maeser Schoolhouse 14 July 1973
1 01:154: National Advisory Board, BLM about 1930
1 01:155: John N. Davis Sheep, watering at the mouth of Walker Hollow below Jensen Spring about 1912
1 01:156: B.H. Stringham pinning a badge
1 01:157: North Balley, fishing trip in Uintah Mts
1 01:158: Trip to Glenn Canyon Dam with Gov. Clyde and Fabian, Director of Utah Park services
1 01:159: Water Right Approval Contract for flow to City of Vernal. Seated L-R- David L. Crandall, B. Stringham, L.Y. Siddoway. Standing L-R- John Jensen, LeRoy Holmes
1 01:160: Christmas Card, Denver Stock Yards 1951
1 01:161: Governor Clyde post card
1 01:162: Shale Land
1 01:163: Mesa Temple, B.H. Stringham 1951
1 01:164: Bry Stringham Day. L-R- Gov. George D. Clyde, B.H. (Bry) Stringham, Pres. James Fletcher of U of U, and U.S. Congressman Burton 2 April 1966
1 01:165: Members of Central Utah Water Conservancy District 1974
1 01:166: Utah Woolgrowers Executive Committee, 6-70
1 01:167: Shale Photo 1974
1 01:168: Shale Photo 1974
1 01:169: Oil Rig
1 01:170: Examining a hole
1 01:171: Photo at a facility
1 01:172: Group touring a facility
1 01:173: New York. After testifying before Senate Com. About Colorado River Project 1952
1 01:174: After testifying before the Interior Committee for the Echo Park Dam in Washington D.C., photo in New York 1954
1 01:175: picture of Philip Stringham and seven brothers. L-R- Back Row- John, Jed, Richard, William. Front Row- Philip (B.H. Stringham's Father), Briant, Henry, and George 1900
1 01:176: unnamed Kodacolor print 1961
2 01:02: Utah State Senate Picture, 33rd Session, 1959. Glen M. Hatch, Luke Clegg, Kleon Kerr, Alonzo F. Hopkin, D.E. Hammond, Lamar A. Dastrup, B.H. Stringham, Charles R. Hunter, Haven J. Barlow, Orval Hafen, Sherman P. Lloyd President, Reed Bullen, J. Francis Fowles, Royal T. Harward, Clyde L. Miller, Marl D. Gibson, Quayle Cannon Jr. Secretary, Ferris H. Allen Sgt at Arms, Marvin J. Ashton, Charles A. Steen, T.H. McMullen, Ernest G. Mantes, Harvard R. Hinton, Thorpe Waddingham, R. LaVann Cox, Bruce S. Jenkins, Frank M. Browning 1959
2 01:03: Utah State Senate Picture, 32nd Session, 1957. Charles R. Hunter, Royal T. Harward, Lamar A. Dastrup, Mrs. C.L. Jack, Kleon Kerr, Haven J. Barlow, Merril K. Davis, Grant S. Thorn, J. Francis Fowles, Ferri H. Allen Sgt. At Arms, Orval Hafen President, Quayle Cannon Jr. Secretary, Alonzo F. Hopkins, Donald T. Adams, Glenn M. Hatch, Reed Bullen, D.E. Hammond, W.G. Larson, Carlyle F. Gronning, Elias L. Day, B.H. Stringham, Sherman P. Lloyd. Dr. Eugene N. Davie, Luke Clegg, L. Rulon Jenkins, Sol J. Selvin, R. Clair Anderson, Marl D. Gibson 1957
2 01:04: Utah State Senate Picture, 30th Session, 1953. Vern B. Muir, Clifton G.M. Kerr, B.H. Stringham, Dilworth S. Wooley, H. Roland Tietjen, Orval Hafen, C. Taylor Burton, J. Francis Fowles, Fred Jorgensen Sgt. At Arms, Mark Paxton President, Quayle Cannon Jr. Secretary, Alonzo F. Hopkin, Elias L. Day, Luke Clegg, Grant S. Thorn, Rendell N. Mabey, D.E. Hammond, Frank M. Openshaw, Edwin B. Cannon, L. Rulon Jenkins, Donald T. Adams, Marl D. Gibson, Sol J. Selvin, A.I. Tippets, E.H. Watson 1953
2 01:05: Utah State Senate Picture, 31st Session, 1955. R. Clair Anderson, Carlyle F. Gronning, Sherman P. Lloyd, Reed Bullen, Merrill K. Davis, Clifton G.M. Kerr, J. Francis Fowles, Ferris H. Allen Sgt. At Arms, C. Taylor Burton President, Quayle Cannon Jr. Secretary, Alonzo F. Hopkin, Rendell N. Mabey, Grant S. Thorn, Luke Clegg, Elias L. Day, D.E. Hammond, Sol J. Selvin, Dilworth S. Woolley, B.H. Stringham, H. Roland Tietjen, Donald T. Adams, Frank M. Openshaw, Marl D. Gibson, L. Rulon Jenkins, Orval Hafen 1955
2 01:06: B.H. Stringham picture with President Lyndon B. Johnson
2 01:09. : Stockman called from the 11 Western States to formulate the Taylor Grazing Act. Washington D.C. Outside the Department of Interior building 1935
2 01:11: Stringham cabin in McKee Draw
2 01:27: Stringham cabin in McKee Draw

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  • Stringham, B. H. (Briant H.), 1889-1983--Photographs.

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