Eigil and Robert Buschmann home movies, 1927-1954

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Eigil and Robert Buschmann home movies
1927-1954 (inclusive)
47 film reels (15,175 feet) : silent, color and black and white ; 16 mm
2 videocassettes (1:37 minutes) : silent, color and black and white ; VHS
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16mm home movies consist of Eigil and Robert Buschmann, descendants of Peter Buschmann, founder of Petersburg, Alaska. The film reels depict locations in southeast Alaska, Puget Sound, southwest United States, and at family homes in Zenith and Seattle, Wash. and Vancouver, B.C.. Scenes include fishing and packing industry operations at various canneries owned and managed by Eigil Buschmann (1886-1963). Scenes include color aerial views of Ketchikan, Hidden Inlet, Prince Edward Island, Waterfall, Hydaburg, Sitka and Juneau, and footage of southeast Alaskan landscape and wildlife.
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The Peter Buschmann family immigrated to Washington state in 1891 from Aure, Norway to seek fishing and salmon packing industry opportunities in southeast Alaska. The Buschmann family initially lived in Tacoma, Port Townsend, Fairhaven, and later Seattle, while spending the fishing seasons in Alaska. Peter Buschmann is noted as founding Petersburg, “Little Norway,” Alaska by settling 40 acres of land where he built a sawmill and cannery. By 1902, Peter Buschmann owned and operated several cannery operations under the corporate names: the Quadra Packing Company, Icy Straits Packing Company, Petersburg Packing Company, and Chatham Straits Packing Company. After ten years of financial success, Peter sold his Alaska interests to the Pacific Packing and Navigation Co.. He was paid in common stock and bonds that became worthless just a year later when Pacific Packing and Navigation Co. went bankrupt. Peter Buschmann, overwhelmed with profit loss and responsibility for encouraging others to invest in his venture, took his own life in 1903, leaving his wife Petra and children Christian, Erik, Elisabeth, Sophie, Solveig, Eigil, Trygve, Ruth and Leif.

Peter's son Eigil Buschmann became the general manager of the Northwestern Fisheries Company, who purchased the bankrupt Pacific Packing and Navigation Co.. In 1922, Eigil and his partner Haakon Friele started the Nakat Packing Corporation, a subsidiary of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. To begin operations, Eigil sold his personally owned cannery site at Hidden Inlet to the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co.. Eigil installed a row of generators to provide power to the cannery, secondary to his dream of hydro-generation from a large nearby stream. In 1924, Eigil built the cannery at Waterfall on Meares Passage, on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island and it became the largest cannery in the world of its time. In 1941, 256,000 cases of salmon were processed at the Waterfall cannery alone. Eigil Buschmann's and Haakon Friele's Nakat Packing Corporation owned and operated six canneries in southeast Alaska with 800 employees, producing on average 250,000-300,000 cases of salmon annually, and 650,000 cases on peak years. Cans were largely distributed to the A & P (Atlantic & Pacific) national grocery store chain. Eigil Buschmann continued as Nakat Packing Corporation's general superintendent for the remainder of his career until retiring in 1954, at age 68.

Eigil Buschmann married Nora (Tilda E. N.) Trogstad of Tacoma, Washington in 1912. Together they raised 5 children, Robert Eigil, b. 1913, Ruth Dorothy, b. 1914, Frederick Peter, b. 1916, Richard Christie, b. 1919, and Norman Edward, b. 1924. Eigil’s family spent canning seasons at Waterfall, Alaska in the general superintendant's home. His sons learned to run seine boats and trap tenders for the cannery. Frederick Buschmann was in a boating accident in August of 1938 and lost at sea at age 22. The family residence, a palatial home, farm, and stables in Zenith, Washington, faced the western sky above Puget Sound near Des Moines. Daughter Ruth Buschmann attended St. Nicholas on Capitol Hill, an all girl high school in Seattle.

Eigil Buschmann's daughter Ruth married Robert McKee and raised their children in Vancouver, B.C.. At the time of Eigil's passing on August 4, 1963, he was survived by his wife Nora, sons Robert E. and Richard C. of Seattle, daughter Ruth McKee of Vancouver, B.C., brothers August and Dr. T. W. Buschmann, and sisters Sophie Kielland and Ruth Buschmann, and 11 grandchildren. Eigil Buschmann was a member of the Immanuel Lutheran Church, Elks Club, Nile Temple of the Mason, Seattle Historical Society, Norwegian Commercial Club and the Alaska-Yukon Pioneers.

Eigil Buschmann's son Robert Eigil Buschmann attended Highline High School and settled in the Capitol Hill neighborhood at Interlaken in Seattle after graduating from the Hill Military Academy and the University of Washington. At age 17, Robert became one of the youngest pilots to fly solo at Boeing Field. He married Helen Hewitt, also a graduate from the University of Washington in 1938. In 1940, Robert was an assistant bookkeeper in the fishing industry. Later, he was a partner in the West Coast Salmon Co. of Seattle and Alaska. Robert had daughters Christie Helen Hammond and Mary Lee Dennison with wife Helen Agnes Hewitt, and daughters Karen Udlock and Catherine Hartwell with his second wife Louise Helen Edmunds. He was an expert skier and mountaineer. Robert passed on April 18, 2013.

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Home movies made by Eigil and Robert Buschmann in southeast Alaska documention business, vacation, and at home. The Alaska Fishing Seasons film reels depict commercial salmon fishing and cannery operations, voyages to and from Alaska via Puget Sound, fish weir construction, landscapes, glaciers, waterfalls, wildlife, totems, and aerial views of seaplane travel enroute to various cannery locations. The Eigil Buschmann Master Reels 19 and 20 are film clips from reels 1-18. The Family Vacations and Home reels depict sightseeing locations in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Arizona and Alaska and family events at home in Zenith, Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. The Alaska Fishing Seasons and Family Vacations and Home film reels dated 1927-1941 were created by Eigil Buschmann (1886-1963) and Family Vacations and Home film reels dated 1947-1954 were created by Eigil's son Robert E. Buschmann (1913-2013). The donor provided two videocassettes in addition to 47 film reels. The VHS tape titled "Buschmann Family History," contains clips copied from the film reels and the VHS tape titled "Saga of Canned Salmon," depicts the construction of a fish trap.

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The films and videocassettes are arranged in chronological order within three series: Alaska Fishing Seasons, Eigil Buschmann Master Reels, and Family Vacations and Home.

Custodial History

The Buschmann home movies were loaned to the Clausen Museum in Petersburg, Alaska, prior to the University of Wahsington Special Collection's acquisition of the collection. The film leader notes, "John Sabella & Assoc. Alaska Vintage Film" and the film tail notes, "Clausen Museum," were found on several Alaska Fishing Seasons reels. A DVD documentary on the history of Petersburg titled "The Town that Fish Built" in the Special Collection's library contains clips from the Buschmann home movies. It is unknown whether or not the original home movies have been duplicated and inventoried for the Clausen Museum.

Acquisition Information

Donor: Christie Hammond, granddaughter of Eigil Buschmann, November 13, 2002

Processing Note

Processing by Ryan McKenna, 2006; completed by Karen O'Brien, 2013

The Buschmann home movies contain extensive original notation and intertitles documenting locations, activities, and individuals. These original intertitles and content notes are italicized in the scope and content section of each reel. Film titles were created by the processor based on this information.

The 16mm films were assessed, viewed, inventoried, cleaned, compiled onto new cores and stored in vented archival containers. Two 16mm reels and one VHS tape have been transferred to DVD and can be found on viewing copies VC28, VC71, and VC72.


Lee, Kathy, A History of Petersburg Settlers, 1898-1959 Sand Dollar Press, 2004

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Alaska Fishing SeasonsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Reel item
1 1
Warm Springs Bay, Waterfall, Hood Bay, Wreckage of Tuckahoe Yacht, Noyes Island, and Cape Chacon, Alaska
1 reel (275 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
Scene of snow capped mountains and men walking along wooded trail and across footbridge. Tenders in Hood Bay at fish trap and view of waterfront town. Man walks along yacht wreck. View from boat of rough seas and break water against large rocks. Title: Brailing Ernst Sound Traps: view of men working with fish nets. Large halibut, approximately 6 feet in length, hangs on deck while fishermen transfer salmon to ship. Man points camera toward fishermen.
2 2
Hydaburg, Klawock Traps at Hidden Inlet, Loring Bay Cannery, Waterfall, Port Simpson, Metlakahtla, Prince Rupert, Dixens Entrance Via Cape Chacon, Alaska
1 reel (325 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
View of Hydaburg from boat. Commissioner's Motorship at Klawock, also brailing, and wooden fish trap. Fishermen transfer salmon from trap to holding area, boat motors through inlet. Men stand over rail at Loring Bay Cannery and watch jumping dog fish. Eigil Buschmann and men walk along wooden pier. View of rushing rapids, fish trap and docked boat. Title: At Quadra Cannery and Our Trip to the West Coast: men and women smile from deck of ship. Women disembark ship with assistance from captain. One couple walks up steep steps to pier level; man picks up female in arms and jokingly holds her over the rail. Rough waters at sea, water crashes on rock.

Nora Buschmann, Eigil's wife is noted on ship.

3 3
Seattle, Union Bay and Waterfall Cannery, and Petrel Point, Ketchikan, Cape Addington, Alaska
1 reel (375 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
Title: Leaving Seattle and in Alaska. Season 1928: Group of men and few women stand in front of boat at dock. Boats sail through Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Ballard, crowd watches and children wave at boats. View of waterfront, Union Bay cannery, and wharves. Man overlooks rushing water, footbridge, home, and sits at top of Ketchikan Creek. English cruiser anchors in Ketchikan Bay. Boat tows fish trap. Robert Buschmann in speedboat at Waterfall Cannery. Men box cans of salmon. Boat sails at Petrel Point, large passenger ship nearby. Views of water and landscape.
4 4
Seal Capture, Hydaburg, Deer Gutting, Cape Fox and Hidden Inlet Cannery, Alaska
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
View of seascape from boat, man hikes to top of cliff. Four young men watch baby seal swim in shallow water. Men make attempts to lasso seal. Seal swims to shore and man grabs its tail and drags seal across sand. Deer gets gutted by young man and gun is cleaned by two men. Fish trap is set at Cape Fox. Diver is lowered in water for inspection of fish trap. Men and women on salmon cannery production line. Boat pulls away from Hidden Inlet Cannery.
Note inside film cannister: "Memo: shows Bob working on Tuckahoe - cleaning deer with dad also rifles. Friele at about age 28-30, Otto close to the Tuckahoe cook. Divers inspecting Cape Fox trap, Borrow alongside trap. Al Wyberg, boiler room foreman and fish cook."
5 5
Aerial view of Port Althrop Cannery, Ketchikan, Icy Straits, Mendenhall Glacier, Hidden Inlet, Juneau, Baranoff Islands, and Waterfall, Alaska
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
Title: Trip by Plane with Friele and August Showing Port Althrop Cannery, Icy Straits, Mendenhall Glacier and Juneau: scenic views of towns, canneries, and snow capped mountains. Aerial views of port, straits, glacier and cannery. Two men stand next to glacier, third man joins and walk along path and tip their hats. Title: Flying Over Chichagof and Baranoff Island: aerial view of mountain range, island and inlet. Title: From Ketchikan to Hidden Inlet Via Trap Sites. Friele, Stackpole, Ryan, Robert and Self: aerial view of inlet, woman in apron, child in overalls and man stand in front of bird or fish catch draped across handrails outside of home.
6 6
Spawning Salmon, Aerial Views, Alaska
1 reel (275 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
Salmon ascending the Nutkwa Falls and Ketchikan Falls. Salmon ascending Keets and Hydaburg Streams, West Coast Prince of Wales Island. Haakon Friele and Eigil Buschmann fly over Chichagof and Baranoff Islands from Port Althrop to Waterfall, Alaska. Aerial views of snowcapped mountains, and seaplane taxiing in water. Inspection of salmon swimming upstream, view of cabins along bay¸ men wash down wooden pier outside cannery. Man wearing chef hat stands on boat deck smiling.
7 7
Waterfall Cannery Operations, West Coast of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
1 reel (250 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
View of snowcapped mountains, boat crossing the Zamovia Straits to Wrangell, U.S.S. Lexington and Bella Bella pass by, three officers on deck, one dances a jig. Men stand along wharf and watches boat pull away. Crew sets fish traps at Cape Fox Shore. View of seaplane landing, buildings in harbor, racks of salmon cases on pier, salmon jumping in bays.
8 8
Salmon Fishing, Fish Traps, Ketchikan Totems, and Seaplane Flight from Craig to Ketchikan, Alaska
1 reel (350 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
Title: Salmon Showing in Ulloa Channel and Waterfall Bay, West Coast of Prince of Wales Island, Aug. 28, 1930: view of salmon jumping in bay and cabins along wooded shoreline. Title: Klawalk Bay Showing Cannery, Government Weir, Both Bays, and a Few Fish Left. Aug 30, 1930: viewpoint from boat of still water in bay and salmon jumping, wooden wharf and buildings in background. Man walks along weir. Title: Enroute from Craig to Ketchikan, by Seaplane, Showing Waterfall, Hydaburg, Hetla, Copper Mt. Mine - Hunters Bay & Ketchikan: aerial view of towns and bays; four smiling men seated inside seaplane, Eigil Buschmann with arm around boy. Title: Ketchikan Creek, Showing Fish Ladder Constructed 1930 : man stands pointing at water flowing through fish ladder. Car parked in front of four tall totems in Ketchikan; two men stand next to totem along shoreline in cove. Two men walk along scenic road. Large totem poles in town, store sign reads: "Totem Tsimshian Product of Alaska Totem Historical Society, Knox Bros. Curio Store." View of bay.
9 9
Fish Trap and Waterfall Cannery Operations, Alaska
1 reel (375 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
Steamer Cordova in harbor, man stands next to Nakat Packing Corporation sign: "NP Corp Waterfall Trap No. 5 License No. 31-14." Thousands of salmon trapped in net. Fish are transferred to a boat; process is repeated several times. Fisherman pokes a salmon with a hook and flings onto platform for a dog to eat. Two men and two women smile toward camera. Title: Tagalak with Load of 50,000 Fish for Waterfall Cannery: boat moves through passage, two fishermen on deck stand with salmon in nets; fish on wooden conveyer lift to cannery from boat.
Nakat Packing Corporation, owned and operated by Eigil Buschmann.
10 10
Seaplane Flights to Stikine, Waterfall, Sitka, and Ketchikan, Alaska
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
Aerial view of mountain range and glacier from Waterfall to the Stikine River along the coast range to Juneau, September 1933. Three men stand next to Mendenhall Glacier. Title: Juneau to Glacier Bay by way of Mendenhall Glacier and continuing along Coastal Range: aerial view of town from seaplane. Title: Returning to waterfall by way of Glacier Bay, Chichagof Island, Baranoff Island, Timber Island, Showing Mountain Ranges of Chichagof and Baranoff Islands: aerial view of mountain range and terrain. Title: Setting of Kanagaut Traps: view of fishing boats and fish trap in inlet. Title: Nass River, Gill Net Fisherman: series of fishing boats lined up, boy stands on wharf next to a halibut on hook with sign: "210 lbs., 6 ft. 4 in." Large group gather around hooked halibut and pose for camera. Eigil Buschmann in cap wraps his arm around boy's shoulder. Aerial view of town, inlet, wooded area and snow capped mountains. Sign on building reads: "Talbot Spaulding Coal Building Material and Beagle Packing Co."
VC72 11
Ketchikan, Nakeen Cannery, Bristol Bay, Bering Sea Canneries, Cordova, Kodiak, Kvichak River, and Waterfall, Alaska
Aerial view from seaplane of wooded shoreline, inlets, and towns. Aerial view of snow covered mountains, glacier and bay. Aerial view of Cordova and Kodiak, snow covered mountains, and bay. Two men stand next to seaplane parked in shallow water. Men walk to seaplane and board plane from sandy shore; seaplane takes off. Aerial view of fjords, glacier, lake, town and cabins along shoreline. Fowl run in tall grass. Aerial view of cannery. Men stand on pier. Aerial view of brown bear herd running along grassland at Yakapaga Beach. Black bear cub plays with Robert Buschmann outside home on porch. Eigil and Robert Buschmann stand on plywood platform pulled by tractor going through large field alongside a pipeline.
Original 1 film reel (350 feet) : silent, black and white, 16mm
12 12
Fishing Operations, Dam, Black Bear, Ketchikan and Waterfall, Alaska
1 reel (375 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
View of Seymour Narrows narrows from Bella Bella deck. Title: Ketchikan Where Salmon is King: aerial view of harbor and fishing boats accessing traps at low tide. Title: Brailing the Trap in Waterfall: fishermen at work; unload fish trap, fish brought on board and men hang seines. Tenders return to fishing grounds, Noyes and Timber Island, along still water on a sunny day; sailboats sail in bay. Men working on weir with waterfall flowing in background. Two black bear perched on top of high branches of tree; man climbs tree toward bear. View of large yellow and green waterfront home with blooming flowers in yard. Colorful sunset.
13 13
Aerial Views, Alaska
1 reel (175 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Aerial views of various canneries, waterfall, glacier, towns, and bay. Also, views of Craig, Klawach, Petersburg, Glacier Union Bay, reconstruction of bridge, and Hidden Inlet.
14 14
Waterfall Cannery Operations, Dam, Trout Fishing, and Bear in Water, Alaska
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Fishing boats moored at pier, men on dock straighten fishing net. Man inside power plant rotates machinery; view of boiler room, and carpenter shop. Title: Season 1938: Photographed by Eigil Buschmann: Construction Work on Present Waterfall Dam: overview of dam construction site, waterfall flows strong while men shovel behind tractor. View of old dam site. Title: Prepatory Work, Steel Pegs for Anchorage, Pouring Begins: men work at dam construction site. Title: An Aerial Tramway Helps Along: pulley moves construction supplies along tramway. Title: A Feminine Invasion : three women visit dam construction site; one woman walks at water level barefoot along rocks. Title: Enjoying the Completed Project : group of men and women walk along finished dam and watch rushing water flow through opening in concrete. View of long pipeline through wooded area from lake. Two and three wood planks run alongside pipeline. Wood floating platform with pumping equipment sits in middle of Lake. View of inside restaurant, man in chef clothing bakes bread. Title: Hunters Bay; Fishing at Klawoch Lake. Trout Fishing, Fritz, Sig and Myself : salmon jumping; three men stand displaying hooked fish on line. Title: Lassoing A Wild Black Bear : two men in a small boat take a rope and lasso a black bear. The bear struggles to keep swimming while rope secures its neck. Several men in gators stand in river fishing for trout.
15 15
U.S. Bureau of Fisheries Inspection Tour, Fish Escapements, and Bear Catches Salmon, Ketchikan, Alaska
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Title:Salmon Stream Inspection Tour, Sept. 13 to 17, 1939, Johnson's Creek, Eagle Creek, Ratz Harbor, Ketchikan Creek: salmon jumping in bay, dead salmon laying in rushing creek, salmon running up stream along wooded shoreline. Black bear stands in creek and catches salmon. Bear moves side to side of creek and feasts on salmon while man watches nearby. Title:They're not Filling Salmon Cans!: bear catches more salmon in stream; view of red seaplane parked in calm bay along wooded shoreline, salmon jumping in water.
16 16
Seaplane Ride to Canneries, Alaska
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Chris Craft pleasure boat in construction phase sits inside a shop. Aerial view of tree topped mountains with minimal snow and towns in bay. Title: The Cutter Cyane in Town: view of a large boat docked in harbor. Title: Anan Creek Opening Day of the Season: Eigil Buschmann stands outside red float plane. Aerial view of Union Bay Cannery amd Guard Island Lighthouse, near Ketchikan. Aerial view of Canadian Rockies near Hidden Inlet. Title: Ryan's House: view of large house. Plane flies over coastal ranges and Hidden Inlet Cannery, view of red colored cannery buildings along waterfront. Title: The Sutherland, C.C. Graham: view of large ship docked in front of Hidden Inlet Cannery, view of totem pole at Waterfall. Title: Oriental House: view of long red dormitory at Waterfall Cannery. Title: Waterfall Web Rack, and Mess House: view of cannery buildings and boats in harbor at Waterfall Cannery.
VC72 17
Cannery Inspections, Ketchikan, and John B. Wallace and Totem Pole in Waterfall, Alaska
Aerial view of red cannery buildings and shoreline. View of large totem. Inscription on totem base: This Totem Pole Made At Waterfall 1937 John B. Wallace Hydaburg. John Wallace stands next to totem pole smiling. Red seaplane takes off, aerial view of Hydaburg Cannery and town, plane lands at Hydaburg totem pole park, view of approximately 20 totems. Aerial view of Craig Cannery and town. Seaplane flies on a sunny day over Klawock Cannery, town, and forested mountains. Title: Captain Odsen at Metlakatla: captain stands in uniform as he greets people on board and poses for a group photo. Young man dives in water off dock in front of the captain and crowd. Aerial view of large ship sailing out to sea.
Original 1 film reel (275 feet) : silent, color, 16mm
18 18
Nakeen Cannery Trip, Alaska
1 reel (350 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
Aerial trip to Nakeen Cannery, view of waterfront towns Waterfall, Juneau, and Fairbanks and view of mountain range, glacier, and Summit emergency airstrip on a clear sunny day. View of docked trollers. Sign: A & P Teddy on a small framed building. View of town on large pilings. Red seaplane parked at dock. View of barges, ships, trollers in water at sea level. Low elevation aerial view of green landscape. Row of salmon hanging on drying line.
VC463 V1
Title: Saga of Canned Salmon, Alaska
1 Video Cassette (10 minutes) : silent, black and white ; VHS
Step by step construction of a fishtrap. Workmen build a wood fish trap frame. Wire fish nets rolled and stored on trap. Simulation of fish being trapped in frame. Men attach netting to fish trap.
Original 1 videocassette (10 minutes) : silent, black and white : VHS
It is unclear whether Eigil Buschmann created this tape.

Eigil Buschmann Master ReelsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Reel item
19 19
Title: Salmon Cannery Operations in Alaska and Voyage South, Reel 1
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
Views of Seattle, Washington, Seymour Narrows, Alert Bay, Butedale, Ketchikan, Waterfall and Alaska Fishing Operations. Title: Buddy with 48,000 Fish : fishing boat comes into port, fishermen unload salmon from container to cannery via a conveyer lift. Women and men stand at salmon processing line. Salmon are gutted, beheaded, skinned, and processed. Cans are cased and put into flash freezing vault, labeled, boxed, and moved on large pallets to ship. Sign: "The Nakat Packing Corp. Waterfall Cannery" hangs on front of warehouse on planked wharf. Ship departs for Seattle via British Columbia Territory. View of seine boats, tenders and fish traps. Title: Quaker Maid and Mooring Scow Leave for Brailing : view of ships, passage and wooded shoreline. Eigil and Nora Buschmann on ship's deck smiling.
Master Reel 19 contains a collection of clips taken from Alaska Fishing Seasons reels spliced and created by Eigil Buschmann.
20 20
Title: Salmon Cannery Operations in Alaska and Voyage South, Reel 2
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
View of Puget Sound, Seymour Narrows, Ketchikan, loaded boats, scows, Waterfall and Cape Edward, Alaska, unloading fish, and Cannery Operations. Ship leaves Seattle's waterfront, views of downtown Seattle, and Queen Anne, Magnolia, and Alki neighborhoods. Men stand in front of large preserver ring on deck of S S Alaska. View from boat of seagulls, waterfront and Ketchikan. View from seaplane of snow capped mountains, fog and Waterfall Cannery. Red seaplane lands in still waters. Sign reads: "The Nakat Packing Corp. Waterfall A & P Cannery" on wharf building. Equipment with rope on boat moves boxes from ship to dock. Title: Native Village at Waterfall Cannery: three men sit inside a home. View of two rows of housing on stilts on waterfront. Native Alaskan woman and child stand outside village house. View from boat deck of Waterfall fish traps in middle of passage, boat tenders in the foreground. View of whale near boat. Boat moves through water toward Haystack Island. View of Addington fish trap across inlet and fishing boats passing through channel. Fishermen brailing; pull full fish nets into container on board boat. View of golden sunset.
Master Reel 20 contains a collection of clips taken from Alaska Fishing Seasons reels spliced and created by Eigil Buschmann.

Family Vacations and at Home in Zenith, Washington and Seattle, WashingtonReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Reel item
VC28 V2
Buschmann Family History
Selections copied from the Eigil and Robert Buschmann home movies of trips to southeast Alaska, vacations in Oregon and California, and at home.
Original and Duplicating Master 1 Video Cassette (1 hour, 27 minutes) : silent, black and white, color, VHS
21 21
Family Trip to Snoqualmie Falls, Mt. Rainier, Buschmann Children at Play, Zenith, Washington
1 reel (450 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Family takes ride on dog sleds at Mt. Rainier. Eigil Buschmann's children play in snow and have a snowball fight at home. Buschmann young adults ride horseback and children feed chicks. View of the barn, a cow, children holding a pig, snow on the farm, children sledding and playing with the family dog in snow.
22 22
Family Vacation to Oregon, California and Mexico
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
Title: Spring of 1929: views of Willamette Falls, Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains, Oregon. Views of Monterey Sardine Cannery and Fishing Fleet, and scenic drive along the Seventeen Mile Drive, Monterey, California. Views of the Coronado Hotel at Coronado Beach, California. View of San Diego from Balboa Park. Scenes of Pepper Tree Drive and Cypress Tree Drive. Eigil Buschmann and family pose for camera standing next to a car. Sign reads: The Painted Desert Built by Six Tribes of Indians for the Boy Scouts of San Diego and paid for by the Boy Scouts.Family visits horse races in Tijuana, Mexico and stop at Palo Alto, Delmonte, Monterey, Carmel, Lopez Point, Pamona Wishing Well, L.A. Lion Farm, and San Francisco Golden Gate Park.
23 23
University of Washington vs. California Crew Race, Ruth Buschmann High School Graduation, and other Family Events
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
View of crew race, goose walking in grass, children petting a deer, Auburn Game Farm, plane flying over Zenith, people in yard, and a man swimming in Puget Sound. Visit to Snoqualmie Falls and Boy Scouts camp at Camp Parsons, Washington. Ruth Buschmann's high school graduation from St. Nicholas School, Seattle, 1933. Girls in white caps and gowns process outside of church along sidewalk.
VC71 24
University of Washington Crew Race, Boy Scouts, Mt. Rainier, Zenith Buschmann Home, and Oregon Coast
Man on roof watching crew race and crowd watching from shoreline. Boy Scout troop at Mt. Rainier skiing and swimming at Camp Parsons, Washington. Visit to A&P Food Market, Zenith, and Oregon Coast. Boys swim in indoor Crystal Pool. Boy Scouts and troop leaders play outdoor games at Camp Parsons. Tractor ride at Zenith home.
Original 1 film reel (450 feet) : silent, black and white, 16mm
25 25
Southern United States Family Vacation: Boulder Dam, Apache Indian Trail, Arizona Copper Mine, and Roosevelt Dam
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
Boulder Dam: The Pictorial Record of Man’s Conquest of the Colorado River; United States Department of the Interior Official Picture: a documentary of the Boulder Dam construction (later named Hoover Dam) in Black Canyon, on the Nevada and Arizona state borders; view of workers, scaffolding, construction and dump trucks, and workmen on ropes and harnesses along rock face. Aerial view of river diversion, power plant, completed dam, and surrounding mountains. Road view of Apache Indian Trail, Roosevelt Dam, and Arizona Copper Mine.
The Boulder Dam, completed in 1935 was later named Hoover Dam in honor of President Hoover. The Boulder Dam was one of the largest public works projects funded by the federal government during the Great Depression.
26 26
Zenith Home and Rescue Flight to Mt. Rainier
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, black and white, color ; 16mm
Buschmann family at home: baby taking a bath, baby playing indoors, family at candle light meal, and family sitting around fireplace. Springtime, tulips in garden and aerial view of Zenith home. Volunteer rescue flight over Mt. Rainier for missing climber Delmar Fadden, January 1936.
Delmar Fadden's body was found following a nine day volunteer search and rescue party. Fadden was the first American to reach Mt. Rainier's summit in winter. He fell to his death on the descent.
27 27
Yosemite National Park, California, Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park, Zenith Home, Leavenworth, Wenatchee, and Coulee Dam, Washington and Waterfall, Alaska
1 reel (300 feet) : silent, black and white, color ; 16mm
View of deer crossing a road and of mountains in Yosemite. Two people paddling a boat and crossing a foot bridge at Lake Crescent. Sign: Norman’s Lucky Strike. A 310 pound halibut hangs on a hook, Alaska. View of Zenith house and beach, Puget Sound, Washington. View of Leavenworth ski jump, Mt. Hood and Timberline Lodge, Washington. View of apple blossoms in Wenatchee, visit to Dry Falls, and view of Coulee Dam, Washington.
28 28
Oregon and California Vacation
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Views of Hill Military Academy, blazing hill fire, Oregon Coast, Crescent City, California Coast, Golden Gate Bridge, ship on rocks, Amundsen's boat, Fisherman's Wharf, Oakland. View of sign: Exposition Fish Grotto, Oakland Lake, and football game. Trip to Lopez Point showing breakers and Cypress trees. Women standing on rocks above break water. View of butterfly garden at Mr. William's home in Lopez. Visit to Petrified Forest showing trees from six to twelve feet in diameter. Sign reads: The Monarch the Most Perfect Specimen in the World - Length 126 ft. diameter 8 feet. Car parked alongside elevated road, view of landscape. Visit to Death Valley, Scotties Castle, Furnace Creek Inn, Dennis Peak, and Palm Springs.
29 29
California, Arizona, and New Mexico Vacation
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Visit to Huntington Home & Library in San Marino, view of palatial grounds, gardens, rows of statues, observatory, towers, and mansion. Visit to Mt. Wilson in Sierra Madre, vista along coast. Visit to Samarkand Hotel in Santa Barbara, view of pool and grounds. Title: Grand Canyon, Wigley's Home, and Biltmore Hotel near Phoenix, Arizona.Two women walk along orange grove. View of sign: "Entrance to Carlsbad Cavern (National Park) 6 miles to Cavern." People walk down steep path toward entrance to Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico; well dressed people wait in entrance line.
30 30
Washington, Oregon and California Family Vacation
1 reel (300 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Title:Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood: view of snow covered mountain and snow skiers down slope. Eigil and Nora Buschmann sit inside lodge. Title: Oregon, Marina Views; Oregon and California Coast, Fishing Fleet at Monterey, Seal Rocks : view of oceanside from elevated road. View of University of Washington versus Stanford football game in stadium, Palo Alto, California. Title: Del Monte, San Simeon Highway, and Hearst Home: view of estate, grounds and pool, three women and one man stand together, oceanside vista, Pismo Beach, cars parked along beach, women walking in sand, people in distance. Sign: Forest Lawn Memorial Park. View of Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park; ivy covered church, statues in park, and stone memorials in graveyard.
31 31
Zenith Home, Washington
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
View of elaborate home garden in Zenith, Washington. Group of people sit in chairs around the pond, and view of Puget Sound.
32 32
Ketchikan, Ward Cove, Waterfall Cannery, Home and Gardens, Alaska
1 reel (450 feet) : silent, black and white, color ; 16mm
Aerial view of Ketchikan, shoreline and homes. Title: Scenes from Christie’s Birthday with Robert, Helen and Christie. View of Ward Cove Lake. Aerial view of mountains to Waterfall Cannery, home and gardens. Title: A Little Get Together, with Fritzie and Celeste. Outdoor scenes in yard, and inside house, Waterfall, Alaska. Family visits a dam. Sign: The Chief: Eigil Buschmann stands on boat deck. Title: Fritzie, Nora, Norman and Uncle John on Denalio :view of people on boat deck watching a sunset.
33 33
Seattle Birthday Party, Boat, Feeding Ducks, and Whitman College
1 reel (300 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Christie’s birthday party in backyard at Robert Buschmann's home. Boat trip travels south from Ketchikan. Family stands on the porch at 3820 49th NE, Seattle. Title: SS Luckenbach: lumber loaded on ship for Australia. Children playing at home with Robert and Ruth. Children feeding ducks at Seward Park. Helen Buschmann at the park with parents. Scenes of Whitman College campus.
34 34
Trip to Alaska: Hidden Inlet, Hydaburg and Waterfall Canneries
1 reel (175 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Aerial views of Hidden Inlet Cannery, Carlson, and Nakat traps. View of Hydaburg Cannery, Norman helping with sift and trap. Seine boats at Waterfall Cannery. Two men in canoe near wooded shoreline and cabin. Fish trap operations. Sea lions jump off large rock into water. View of a golden sunset.
35 35
California Trip: La Jolla, Pasadena, Lake Arrowhead, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
People looking at flowers at Pasadena flower show. Two women, Nora Buschmann and Thea look over flower show program. View of labeled flowers on display. Billboard reads: Hotel Del Mar: view of hotel grounds and beach, guests stand in front of hotel, and guests play shuffleboard. View of sign: Casa de Manana Hotel, La Jolla. View of downtown Lake Arrowhead and boats in water. Hummingbird flying around flowers in garden outside of villa. View of road sign: First Paved Road on Left, Road to Shields Date Gardens. View of orange trees and dates. View of town from elevated road, San Simion Highway along coast, Santa Barbara and Elk reserve.
36 36
Seattle, Washington, Vancouver B.C., Long Beach, Washington and Waterfall, Alaska
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Scene at Robert Buschmann's home in Laurelhurst. Family scene at Ruth Buschmann's home in Vancouver, B.C.; Eigil and Nora, Barbara and Karel, Christie and Mary Lee in attendance. Scenes of Ruth, Ross, Barbara and Karel, and Ross mowing the lawn. Children Barbara and Karel feed ducks at Lake Washington. Visit to Long Beach with Louise, Helen, Stan and a girl. Summer scene of sailboats in Lake Washington. Family in motor boat enjoy ride. Scene at Waterfall Cannery of Margaret feeding black bears behind China Hall. Children play in yard. Two girls play in yard. Ross mows lawn while girls play around him. Ross spins girl around in yard. Girls ride tricycles down sidewalk of home. Eigil and Nora Buschmann at Waterfall Cannery, fish weir, and men retrieve salmon from fish trap. View of glowing red sunset.
37 37
Family Vacation to Mission Bay, Monterey, Pasadena, California
1 reel ( 350 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
View of Hotel Del Mar swimming pool. View of Mt. Palomar and sunset. Visit to San Luis Obispo Mission with view of ruins. Visit to Borrego Springs, Eigil and Robert Buschmann walk among flower garden. View of Borrego Hotel grounds and swimming pool. Family stops at side of road to look at orange grove. View of boats in Marina, breakwater on Oregon Coast, breakwater on Monterey 17 mile drive,and boats anchored at Monterey Bay. View of Bullocks, large department store in Pasadena.
38 38
Alaska Trip to Waterfall Cannery
1 reel (350 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
View of Waterfall Cannery including homes on bluff, and flowers in garden. Title: Friele and Lepros in Garden and Fritz and August Buschmann in Speedboat: red seaplane takes off and lands in bay, men and young boys watch plane from dock. Large catch of salmon transported from fish ladder to cannery. Title: Waterfall Cannery, Superintendant's House, Mrs. Fonker and Mrs. Busching in Gardens: aerial view of cannery, men and women sit in front of home. Title: Waterfall Cannery and Miss Tonkins Home, Waterfall and Pipeline, Totem Poles at Klawock and Sunset: view of rushing water and dam. View of waterfall and man standing next to fish weir. Title: Diver Working on Addington Fish Trap, Timber Island, and Sea Lions: view of sea lions sun bathing on rock and roll into water. View of golden red sky at sunset.
39 39
Trip to Alaska
1 reel (375 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
View of Waterfall Cannery and home on bluff with elaborate flower garden in Alaska. Scene of woman feeding and playing with black bear behind China House at Waterfall Cannery. View of fish escapement (section of trap allowing fish to escape) at Klawock, fishmen brail, (a small net for drawing fish from trap), and view of Sawyer fish trap. View of fishermen on board Quaker Maid set the Baker Island and Addington fish traps with nets.
40 40
Robert Buschmann's Family Trip to Hood Canal, WA and Ventura, CA
1 reel (375 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Men stand aboard a boat as it sails to Hood Canal via the Hiram Chittenden Ballard locks. View of wooded shoreline along various locations en route to Hood Canal. Group gathers at waterfront home, man walks down boat launch and swims, women and children gather around. Family visits Ventura friend's home. Three young girls and small boy pose for photograph. Woman holding child in arms bids farewell to friends. Family stops at roadside chimpanzee attraction where young girls play with chimp and watches chimp play with a Collie dog. Chimp jumps over Collie, rides the dog's back, and pulls the dog's tail. Sign on ticket booth: "Cindy the Chimpanzee $1000.00 to any other chimp smarter than Cindy."
Typed note on film cannister lid: "The first shots are of a trip Bob made on a cruiser with several other men up to Hoods Canal. I was already there with the children and we spent the weekend with the Milners who own the summer cottage or I should say estate as you can see it is pretty nice. The Milners are the ones we spent Easter week with in their Monterey Bay home which is now for sale for they prefer Hoods Canal, just two hours from Seattle by car. (There are several other couples there, too). The following pictures were taken as we were leaving our friends in Ventura. They are former Seattle people and very close friends. We spent a week with them. Isn't their young son Skipp a cute one. I would like to have taken him with us. As you can see the Chimpanzee is last. We are real proud of these. These were taken just outside of Visalla and just a roadside attraction."
41 41
Trip to Mt. Rainier, Seattle, Alaska and Home
1 reel ( 350 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
View of Mt. Rainier from the south. Robert hand feeds a deer and raccoon. View of horses walking the track before a race at Longacres in Tukwila, Washington. Horses race around track. Group of four adults walk toward parked seaplane on dock with Ellis Air Lines printed on side of plane. Seaplane takes off in water. Title: Leif and Marion at Waterfall. Bill Forkin, forman, and wife holding salmon. Robert, Louise and Karen. Lorraine Samuelson and Chrissy, mother and dad. Man holds large salmon in hand and woman stands next to him. Infants, Karen and Louise play in inflatable pool in backyard while Robert Buschmann and two women sit in the shade. Women sitting under swing umbrella while children play. View of flowers in backyard with girls walking around flowers. Girls play with ball, racquets, and jump rope while adults watch. New born baby is held by family members outside of home. Title: Interlaken then Robert, Louise, and children at mother and dad's in Laurelhurst, then Vancouver, Roy Ruth mother and dad, Barbara and Karel.
42 42
Trip to Waterfall and Hydaburg, Alaska
1 reel (225 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Man stands in front of sign posted on red cannery building: A & P Nakat Packing Corporation. Boat en route to various cannery locations, sea lions swimming in water, view of fire damaged cannery buildings. Unloading fish at Waterfall Cannery from Union Bay and Hydaburg. Fish drying at Hydaburg.
43 43
Alaska Salmon
1 reel (150 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
View of salmon jumping in water. Robert Buschmann in motor boat points at salmon. View of remote wooded shoreline.
44 44
California Trip to Santa Barbara
1 reel ( 250 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
View of landscape and shoreline, and sea lions. Man, Slim Balloons, stands in yard with pet poodles. View of Monarch butterfiles in natural habitat. Visit to desert scenic location with view of large rock formations in background.
45 45
Birthday Party at Ruth Buschmann McKee's Vancouver home and family time at Robert and Helen Buschmann's Interlaken, Seattle
1 reel ( 150 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Title: Ruth, Ross and McKee Seniors and Children. Nora and Eigil at Ruth and Ross's Birthday Party for Barb and Karel. Earl and Helen Edmunds and Grandmother Edmunds, Eigil and Nora, Robert and Louise at our home Interlaken, Capitol Hill. Group of girls approximately seven years old enjoy a birthday party in the backyard playing games; jump rope, London Bridges, and Follow the Leader. Birthday cake is served to girls at a long table in the backyard. Baby is held by grandmother with other adults standing for a group photo.
46 46
Buschmann Family Vacation with the Milners at Monterey Bay, CA
1 reel ( 150 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
View of oceanfront homes built below cliff. Family plays volleyball on white sandy beach. Children pose for a photograph. Man and woman play tennis and pickle ball on oceanfront courts. Six Milner and Buschmann children walk toward beach.
Typed note taped outside film cannister lid: "We thought you might enjoy the pictures we took at Monterey Bay when we were with the Milners and their four children. As you know we spent a whole week there and had beautiful weather all the time. It is truly a beautiful place with a very nice Badminton Court together with a separate bath house and playhouse as they call it (we lived there for the Bar B Q was there and other accomodations making for a glorious time). The house itself had six bedrooms with bath and was lovely. We will be a long time forgetting that experience. In case you want to buy the place they are asking $60,000 which believe it or not is a steal."
47 47
The Four Girls at Lake Wilderness, Maple Valley, Washington
1 reel (250 feet) : silent, color ; 16mm
Title: Lake Wilderness, Mary Elizabeth Louise and all kids, Lakeport Grandmother. 1953 Kathy birthday Interlaken Mrs. Carroll, Sharon, Kathy, Karen Louise and I. 1954 Lake Wilderness - Sunday outing with Kathy, Karen, Christie, Mary Kee, Louise and I. 1954 On Wesco [speed boat] with Mary, Elizabeth, Louise, and their two children, Louise, Karen, Kathy and I. 1953 Lakeport grandmother Edmunds, Aunt Nettie Carol, Louise and children and I, Howard and Alice. View of family gathering, woman serves birthday cake, children eat cake and adults sit under swing umbrella. Woman pedals floating bike in lake giving ride to young girl. Family gathering held outdoors of home with adults and children. Adults take a stroll around the house, children stand in line jumping up and down.

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1 48
Cine-Kodak Magazine 16 Camera Made in U.S.A. by Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N. Y.
1 camera : wind, movie ; 16mm
Hand held movie camera and black leather camera case with "E. Buschmann" monogrammed in gold letters belonged to Eigil Buschmann. A 16mm film cartridge is inside the camera with 50 ft. of advanced film.
circa 1927

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  • Moving Image Collections (University of Washington)
  • Visual Materials Collections (University of Washington)

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  • Buschmann, Eigil--Archives
  • Buschmann, Robert--Archives

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  • Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co
  • Nakat Packing Corporation
  • Quadra Packing Company
  • West Coast Salmon Co. of Seattle and Alaska

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  • Buschmann family