UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: William Belzner field recordings, 1978-1981

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Belzner, William
UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: William Belzner field recordings
1978-1981 (inclusive)
43 audiotapes  :  OT- 43 audio cassettes; typed list of contents transcribed from cassette wrappers.
Collection Number
Obtained or recorded by collector during field research conducted in Ecuador in 1978 and 1981; majority appear to be copies of tapes from the Museum of Anthropology in Otavalo.
University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives
University of Washington
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Box 353450
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Unrestricted: collection is open for research.


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The University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives has been collecting and curating unique ethnographic music recordings for over 50 years. Its holdings of more than 15,000 items include field recordings documenting music traditions of all kinds from most areas of the world, concert recordings of visiting musicians, and films and videos of a variety of musical events, as well as several hundred musical instruments. The Archives serves the students and faculty in the UW Ethnomusicology Program, the broader university community, Pacific Northwest tribes, and an international clientele of musicians, students, and teachers.

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Collection includes 1) 29 tapes of material from the Otavalo Museum of Anthropology, 2) Macuma tapes 1-5 (from archives?), 3) Runa tapes 1-3 (from archives?), & 4) Belzner field recordings or "other" (6 tapes marked "Blas on flute," " Clari Santi #1," "Music #12 Pacu Yacu Fiesta," "Achuara music #9," "Radio Rio Amazonas Sucua / military band, Cuenca" & "Ch'arrip Shuar Actuacion").

Many performers & groups included. See documentation file for list of tapes included.

Letter to collector, March 1994, requested further documentation.

Documentation: Photo-copies of cassette box wrappers

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Subject Terms

  • Ethnomusicology

Geographical Names

  • Ecuador
  • Shuar
  • South/Latin America