Ida Odell Photographic Collection, 1873-1963

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Odell, Ida
Ida Odell Photographic Collection
1873-1963 (inclusive)
1.5 linear feet, (1 box and 1 scrapbook)
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SHL005 (collection)
Ida Odell was a well known early twentieth century business woman in Klamath County, Oregon and founder of the Klamath County Historical Society. The collection consists of images of life in early Klamath County, Oregon around the end of the nineteenth century and the first part of the twentieth century.
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Ida Odell (1881-1972) was well-known in Klamath County business and social circles during the first half of the twentieth century. Her business activities included banking and sheep ranching. She was the founder and first President of the Klamath County Historical Society.

Ida Momyer was born on December 24th, 1881, in Dawson, Pennsylvania. She first came to the Klamath Basin with her family in 1899, moved to Ashland and San Francisco (1906-1909) and later returned to Klamath County. She married Robert Odell in 1931; they moved from Klamath Falls to Salem in 1964. She died at the age of 90, on February 11, 1972, in Salem, Oregon.

Ida Odell held various positions in Klamath Falls: banking secretary and assistant cashier in early financial organizations, Klamath Falls city treasurer and school clerk and bookkeeper for a local sheep-raising partnership.

Ida Odell was active in the civic life of the Klamath Falls community, including church, fraternal and patriotic circles. She was very interested in the history of the southern Oregon region and arranged for donations of Modoc artifacts from her Hopkins Ranch in the Lower Klamath area to the Klamath County Museum. She wrote several articles for Klamath Echoes published by the Klamath County Historical Society.

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The collection consists of images of life in early Klamath County, Oregon at the end of the nineteenth century and the first part of the twentieth century. Photographers’ identities are uncertain. Topics include Linkville (later Klamath Falls), logging operations at Algoma, Oregon, the Canby Cross at the Modoc War battlefield, early transportation operations and local businesses. The collection is arranged in two series: Series I: Images and Series II: Scrapbook. In Series I the images are individually sleeved. Series II: Scrapbook includes images associated with a large scrapbook.

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Shaw Historical Library

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Donated to the Shaw Historical Library by Carrol Howe.

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Some individual images were removed from the scrapbook and sleeved individually for preservation purposes.

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Series I:  Images, 1874-1963Return to Top

0.5 linear foot, 1 box
Description Dates
Image# 100: Klamath Falls -- Looking east toward Central School
Image# 101: Main Street, Klamath Falls, Oregon;
Just before the blacktop was applied; 4th & Main
Image# 102: 2 postcards (duplicates): Redmen parade, Klamath Falls, Ore; Front of White Pelican Hotel
Image# 103: Bonanza -- Wagon, old cars and people standing around Feed Stable
Image# 104: Three teachers sitting with Ida Odell's team and wagon at Fort Klamath
Image# 105: Crater Lake ski race. Group of people standing in front of Fort Klamath Hotel
Image# 106: Keno Store, Sam Padgett
Six men standing & sitting in old time store
Image# 107: Linkville -- Looking east toward downtown
1884 or 1885
Image# 108: School at Pelican City
April 1961
Image# 109: George Nurse, founder of Linkville, Oregon; Mrs. Nurse; Dr. W.R. Boyd
5 people & 2 dogs posing around large white house with full porch
Image# 110: Courthouse, Klamath Falls, OR
2 1/2 story white wooden building surrounded by leafless trees
February 1963
Image# 111: Street car service begun in Klamath Falls, Ore
People standing on & around 4 horses pulling streetcar decorated with American flags. Postcard
Image# 112: Corner 5th & Main, Klamath Falls, Ore
Men, horses & 4-5 wagons posing on wide dirt street in front of store buildings. Horses in front have elaborate bridles & bells. Postcard
Image# 113: First National Bank, Klamath Falls, Ore
"Later Copco, now realty office." 2 postcards (duplicates)
Image# 114: Klamath Falls, Oregon; Boat landing at Klamath Falls, Ore
Aerial view looking east across Link River to high school. Postcard
Image# 115: Country Road, Klamath Co. Ore; Near Henley
2 horses pulling buggy on dirt road lined with wood fences & deciduous trees. Postcard
Image# 116: Link River Bridge, Klamath Falls, Ore; Note over fall across river
6 people fishing from pier near old Link River bridge. Postcard
Image# 117: IOOF building under construction, Klamath Falls, Oregon
Image# 118: People standing in front of small white wooden building with sign: "Frank Ira White Land -- Enterprise Acreage Tracts -- Mills Addition Lots;" 5th between Main & Klamath, Klamath Falls
2 postcards (nearly identical)
Image# 119: Link River and Power Plant
Link River, looking north toward Upper Klamath Lake; several buildings are visible. Postcard
Image# 120: Oregon Bank Building, Klamath Falls, Ore
Image# 121: High school established 1905
Image# 122: Main St., Klamath Falls, Ore. "2nd & Main"
First Trust & Savings Bank is in front. Postcard
Image# 123: Klamath Valley Hospital, Klamath Falls, Ore
Old cars parked by co-joined 3-story brick buildings with sign that reads "Valley Hotel." Postcard
Image# 124: Looking west down Main Street, Klamath Falls, Ore., decorated with banners & flags
Visible signs include Hale's News Agency, Underwood Pharmacy, Central Hotel & J.F. Maguire Co. Postcard
Image# 125: White Pelican Hotel, Klamath Falls, Ore
Humorous pelican poem is on reverse. Postcard
Image# 126: Klamath Falls, Oregon -- old cars & people in front of Public School (Central School)
Image# 127: Postcard: One of the Public Schools in Klamath Falls, Oregon "No. 2 - Central School" -- Students & teachers standing in front of school
Image# 128: Scene in Klamath Falls, Oregon
Man & boy standing on snowy tree-lined street by house & fence. Postcard
Image# 129: Old Brick Store, corner Conger & Main
Many people in front of brick store with large sign announcing bankruptcy sale. Postcard
Image# 130: Postcard: Klamath Falls, Oregon -- old cars & workmen beside the Hotel Willard at 2nd & Main
circa 1929
Image# 131: Shipley Transfer Co., So. 6th Street
2 horse teams pulling carts in front of a market; 4-horse team in front has huge load & 4 men on wagon. Postcard
Image# 132: 12-mule team pulling 2 covered wagons on wide dirt street; white wooden barn or shed is behind team, brick store behind
Image# 133: Camp No. 2, Pine Grove School house; Road Construction Camp
7 large white tents set up on sagebrush flat
Image# 134: Winter in Klamath Falls, Oregon
View of wooden fence and trees covered with snow. Postcard
Image# 135: Historical Society Museum, Fort Jones, CA
One story rock building with millstones included in wall & building date of 1947 over door. Postcard
Image# 136: Klamath Falls Train Station with engine & 3 cars parked in front
circa 1911
Image# 137: Front of Pelican School, Klamath Falls, Ore
Old car parked in front of 3-part store building
Image# 138: Old brick store, downtown Klamath Falls, Ore
Image# 139: Klamath Falls, Ore
postcard is written to Mrs. Thos. Hampton, Clinton, Iowa from Mary R. Hogue (written, stamped & cancelled). Postcard
Image# 140: Coasting, Klamath Falls, Ore.; 3rd & Main
Methodist Church building; Sold to be used as County Library; Xmas -- Many people, horses & sleds on snowy street
Image# 141: Building the Planing Mill at Braymill, Chiloquin, OR
Old car in front of several sheds
Image# 142: Fort Klamath Creamery, Fort Klamath, OR
Run by Loosely Family
Image# 143: Linkville, Ore
First photo of Linkville. Man sitting beside covered wagon on west side of Link River near Main St. bridge. Possibly Green Hotel
Image# 144: Old Central School, 9th & Main
Image# 145: 3-story Baldwin home
Home is on Riverside Drive, Klamath Falls, OR; winter scene
Image# 146: Cornerstone of the Federal Building, Klamath Falls, Ore.; Post Office dedication
Many people on & surrounding large frame with poured cement. Captain Applegate
Image# 147: C.H. Withrow Ab[?]t Office; C.C. Chitwood Drug Office
White commercial buildings on wide dirt street at 30° curve
Image# 148: 1st Odd Fellows Hall, built by J.H. Houston
3 men standing on raised porch of 2-story building with large sign "Duffy's Fair Store," with smaller signs advertising men's & boy's clothing
Image# 149: Stage View, Houston's Opera House, Klamath Falls, Oregon
View from back of theater of chairs, violin on desk, and stage with props; signed J.H. Houston
Image# 150: Mt. Shasta and Klamath Falls, Ore
Colorized photo looking south across A Canal, Klamath Falls & Lake Ewauna to Mt. Shasta
Image# 151: Klamath Falls, Ore. street, first snow
Looking down a rutted, muddy street toward hillside & deciduous trees; lots of snow
Image# 152: Hurn Bldg, later Star Drug Store; 5th & Main; Dad, Will Hurn, Geo. Hurn
3 men leaning on 2-story brick building with Hurn sign; display of china & woman 1st floor; man with apron 2nd floor
Image# 153: Riverside school built by Harlan Snook
Image# 154: Ranch scene near Fort Klamath, Ore
Image# 155: Stage in Klamath Falls, Ore
4 horses pulling Wells Fargo & Co. stage with 5 men riding on top & 2-3 men inside
Image# 156: Klamath Falls, Ore
Image# 157: Looking toward Miller Hill from Crisler Ranch; Lower Klamath Lake
4 men in field of tall grass; grass is above horse's belly & up to men's waists & car radiator
Image# 158: Rev. J.W. Bryant
Copy of old portrait that was broken & stained. Large man with graying hair & beard in clerical collar and coat
Image# 159: Jurors, Welch Trial; Baldwin Café
14 men seated & 2 women standing around rectangular table with place settings. Negative
Image# 160: July 4th -- 4 women with fancy hats & 1 small girl seated in decorated parade car
Image# 161: Dr. Heminway [sic]
Full-length portrait of a man with white hair & beard in 3-piece suit; overcoat hangs on stovepipe
Image# 162: 1890 New Years Greeting. Possibly Mr. Hamaker, Engineer
Man with full sideburns in checkered suit, standing beside transit & holding level and plat of Linkville, Klamath County, Oregon
Image# 163: O.C. Applegate in a parade
4 horses pulling stagecoach in parade; 3 men & shotgun on top, more people inside
Image# 164: Henry Momyer
Man sitting on house steps, feeding chipmunk; 3 people are watching; man has round badge on vest. Postcard
Image# 165: Alex Spasson
Man in uniform or riding habit on thoroughbred horse; old cars parked in front of Olympic Flour building
Image# 166: Woman in white dress seated on porch, feeding 2 chipmunks
Image# 167: Rev. Geo. H. Feese, D.D., Pastor
Copy of oval portrait that has been damaged; young man in black suit
Image# 168: Rosie Miller & children
Woman with black hat & cape with 2 young children; seated near large wood & rock building
Image# 169: Home of Edith Harvey, Grant St; all dressed up in pioneer costumes
17 women in front of white house #1122, wearing old-fashioned dresses
Image# 170: Louis Hill in Central Oregon; Bldg Railroad to Bend
man in eyeglasses, boots & outdoor clothes, holding string of fish in front of rustic one-story building with snow on roof
Image# 171: Possibly Alice Applegate. (Hall)
Colorized portrait of seated woman with gray hair & glasses, in formal clothes, gloves & flower hat
Image# 172: OC&E building near Dairy, Ore
Railroad tracks in deep cut with handcars on rails & wooden shed on ground level
Image# 173: Franklin Air Cooled
Old convertible with woman driving, stopped in front of large white house; mailbox #44. Postcard
Image# 174: Central Oregon Limited
6 horse team pulling stagecoach with 4 men on top & 2 men in coach; pine forest. Postcard
Image# 175: Logging in the nineties; #5, Camp 1
6 men with 10 horses pulling big wheels carrying huge log. Postcard
Image# 176: The first steam thresher in Klamath, belonging to Perry Whitney and Bob Anderson in Merrill Valley
Many men & horses working around a steam engine, loading crane & thresher named Gaar, Scott & Co. (same as photo #233)
Image# 177: Logging in 1895
2 men & 16 horses pulling huge load of logs through burned area. Postcard
Image# 178: "Old Blue" steam engine used at the Pokegama logging operations
4 men with small engine pulling many cars through logged forest -- Postcard sent to Carrol Howe by Idabel Crowell, Secretary of Siskiyou Co. Historical Society; postmarked in Redding, CA. Postcard
Image# 179: Chute at Klamath Hot Springs; see picture of Old Blue
13 men with peavey poles standing on logs & in water; Pokegama Chute in background
Image# 180: Long 2
Story brick building with old car parked in front; dirt road & meadow in foreground, bare hill in background; probably a school or other public building (Description Sheet names Conger School; try to verify)
Image# 181: Road Const. at Olene; note water wheel
4 photos glued to cardboard backing; all photos show dirt road; 2 show water wheel; 1 shows river, bridge or flume & buildings
Image# 182: Near Olene
Several white tents set between road construction and river; photo glued to cardboard backing
Image# 183: Unknown
Copy of old photo that has been light-damaged; unpainted building with small turret and faded letters painted on side
Image# 184: "Superintendent Arant at one of Bakowski's camps"
Man in hat & vest holding cup, standing in snow beside sled with pine trees in background. (Description Sheet says "Superintendent Arant at one of Bakowski's camps;" try to verify)
Image# 185: Three men in suits
Three men in suits standing in front of old auto and white buildings; trees in background; partial words on near building probably are: Superintendent -- Register -- Crater Lake -- Office. (Description Sheet says "Group of men at Crater Lake Superintendent's office; try to verify)
Image# 186: The White Castle Overlooking Summer Lake, Central Oregon
Image# 187: Bound for Crater Lake and Bound to Get There
Man on snowshoes pulling loaded sled through snow (almost the same as photo #210). Postcard
Image# 188: A Typical Freighter of Central Oregon
2 men, a dog, 8 horses and 3 covered wagons hooked together in front of pine forest. Postcard
Image# 189: The Shady Lane Approaching Crater Lake, OR
Many tall fir trees lined up beside rutted dirt road. Postcard
Image# 190: Central Oregon Stages In Cox Canyon
4 men with caps, heavy coats & blankets sitting on 2 stagecoaches pulled by 8 horses, headed uphill in steep canyon; 2 other men beside & in coach. Postcard
Image# 191: "Winter Time" Crater Lake National Park In Ore; Supt Arant
Man in hat & vest standing beside white wood building on mound of snow, with shovel full of snow. (Description Sheet says it is Superintendent Arant's home; try to verify.). Postcard
Image# 192: Crater Lake Park, Trappers going through; sign in photo reads "Klamath Falls 57"
3 men with 4 horses & colt pulling loaded sled through snowy lodgepole pine forest (same outfit as photo #207). Postcard
Image# 193: Dreamland; Batkowski
Man in shirtsleeves & suspenders sitting on log near small falling creek. (Description Sheet says it is B.B. Bakowski in Crater Lake Park; try to verify.). Postcard
Image# 194: Camp Outfit of Bakowsyi's [sic] Who Perished In Crater Lake
Man in hat & suit standing behind loaded sled holding ropes tied to sled; snowy fir forest scene. Postcard
Image# 195: Camp Outfit of Bakowsyi's [sic] Who Perished In Crater Lake
Man in hat & vest standing behind unloaded sled beside blankets & clothes hung on clothesline to dry
Image# 196: Old National Park Service
Truck with 2 men, parked by snow measuring pole; background is timbered hillside with building almost hidden in trees
Image# 197: Crater Lake National Park
2 men with skis & poles standing on deep snow drifts beside large multi-story building; another building and snowy peaks are in background. (Description Sheet notes: Lodge at Crater Lake -- See "Frontier Stories" by Carrol Howe; try to verify)
19 February 1918
Image# 198: U.S. Engineer Office
A-frame wooden building nearly covered with snow; background of conifers & rocky hillside. (Description Sheet says this is Crater Lake; try to verify)
Image# 199: Superintendent's Home Crater Lake National Park
3 men in suits, 2 women & girl standing beside large multi-story white wooden house on open lodgepole flat; fences in background. (Corner of photo needs repair)
Image# 200: Vertical sled, deep snow & shovel in foreground
Man with 3 snowshoes in front of trees in background. (3 copies) (Description Sheet notes: See "Frontier Stories by Carrol Howe; try to verify)
Image# 201: Western Entrance, Crater Lake
Wide dirt road lined by mixed conifer trees; building on left side of road
Image# 202: Probably bringing supplies to Crater Lake
1 covered wagon & 1 small cabin on wheels, both unhitched in snowy forest area; large buildings and fence in background
Image# 203: Mother Bear and her cubs, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
2 bear cubs with adult bear & hole under large tree roots/bole. Postcard
Image# 204: Old Crater Lake Road
3 people in old auto driving down narrow dirt road between mixed conifer trees. (Description Sheet says this is probably Dr. Truax's car; try to verify.) (Photo is faded)
Image# 205: Bridge, Lake Road, Crater Lake Park
Old auto with 2 passengers on wood-crib bridge on dirt road; more lumber stacked beside road & cut bank on right of photo
Image# 206: Phantom Ship, Crater Lake
Phantom Ship reflecting in still water, taken from lake surface; timbered slopes in background
Image# 207: Crater Lake National Park
3 men with 4 horses & colt pulling loaded sled through snow; timbered slopes in background (same outfit as photo #192)
Image# 208: Road into Crater Lake; Klamath Road
Old auto with passengers driving on very rutted & dusty dirt road lined by conifers
Image# 209: Sunset from Wizard Island, Crater Lake
View across rock outcrop & conifers to lake with slopes & mountain top in background
Image# 210: Bakowski's Store
Man on snowshoes pulling loaded sled through snow (almost the same as photo #187)
Image# 211: 'Colorized' photo of hilltop
Probably the rim of Crater Lake near present-day Lodge. (Photo has tear in back that almost comes through to front; needs repair)
Image# 212: 'Colorized' photo
Colorized photo of Crater Lake & Crater Lake Lodge from hilltop to the east
Image# 213: Modoc Lava Beds
7 men seared/standing near large rock cairn or monument; 1 man is in driving duster & goggles, old auto is parked nearby (rest of caption is cut off). Postcard
Image# 214: Lava Beds
Large lava rock formation; postcard photo is badly trimmed & looks unprofessional. Postcard
Image# 215: Lava Beds
Distant lava rock formation; postcard photo is badly trimmed & looks unprofessional. Postcard
Image# 216: Original Canby Cross
Wooden cross set in lava rock cairn; cross has been carved with "Gen ... Murdered here by the Modoc ..." and with other names & dates
Image# 217: Rocky Point Resort, Klamath Lake, Oregon
Top photo is of buildings on wooded slope across lake; bottom photo includes people, dogs, autos, buildings & tents under large trees & behind opening in forest. Postcard
Image# 218: Klamath River Bridge site at Spencer Creek
2 teams of 6 horses, each pulling 3 covered wagons with drivers across long wooden bridge; wood fence & hillside in background
Image# 219: Postcard: Pelicans
Large flock of American white pelicans; 2 are flying away, the rest are on beach; eggs visible in foreground; rocky hillside in background. Postcard
Image# 220: 'Colorized' photo of Lake Ewauna
Tules are in foreground, buildings & mountains in background (same as photo #223, with color)
Image# 221: Bridge Near Spencer Creek
2 stagecoaches, each with 4 horses, drivers & passengers crossing a bridge with side structure that appears to be damming the creek. Matted photo. (Description Sheet says this is near mill; try to verify)
Image# 222: Winter photo of lake
With mountain slopes in background. (Description Sheet says this is looking northwest from south end of Upper Klamath Lake-doesn't seem right; try to verify)
Image# 223: Postcard: Lake Ewauna, OR
View across lake, buildings & mountains in background (same as photo #220, but cropped). Postcard
Image# 224: Flock of American white pelicans
Flying away from photographer in boat; tules in middle, mountains in background
Image# 225: Pelicans on Lower Klamath Lake
Flock of American white pelicans on flat, rocky short with lake and mountains in background. Postcard
Image# 226: Bird Island, Lower Klamath Lake
Juvenile cormorants on floating tule island; lake and mountains in background
Image# 227: Launching of Winema on Upper Klamath Lake
Many people, horses & wagons looking at boat hull with bare mast in lake; lake and mountains in background. (Photo is bent in several places & small hole; needs repair.). Given to me Feb 21, 1961 by Marjorie Olds (Centennial pg 89)
Image# 228: Lake Odell, OR
Looking down creek at entry to lake; fir trees & willows on shore, mountains in background. Postcard
Image# 229: Old Lumber Mill on Link River (Moore?), Klamath Falls, Oregon
Old mill building beside river rapids; wooden planks on opposite shore & brushy hillside in background. Photo is a copy of damaged original
Image# 230: The Pelicans on Link River in Klamath Falls, Oregon
4 American white pelicans swimming in smooth river beside a row of houses; cottonwoods & brushy hillside in background. Postcard
Image# 231: Link River
View of Link River & adjacent homes from the hill above; many homes on both sides of river
Image# 232: Grasshoppers crawling on watering trough on Tule Lake
Old wooden trough behind muddy area; debris in background. (Description Sheet says this is sheep trough; try to verify.) (Photo is bent, torn, taped; needs repair)
Image# 233: Threshing Scene; Lower Klamath; First Steam Thresher
Copy of older photo; many men, horses, steam engine, hoist, thresher & hill of grain in open field
Image# 234: High School, Klamath Falls, Oregon
Many people in front of fancy brick high school building with "1905" above doorway; adjacent houses. (Tape on face of postcard.). Postcard
after 1905
Image# 235: Old Central School, 9th & Main
Turreted, multi-storied stone building with "Public School" beside doorway; adjacent houses
Image# 236: Riverside, built by Harlan Snook; One of the public schools in Klamath Falls, OR
Many teachers & students standing in front of school multi-storied brick building. Enlarged copy of older damaged postcard (postcard #5 in scrapbook)
Image# 237: Moore Bros. Power Plant, Klamath Falls, Oregon
White building & metal shed under huge wooden overhead flume; river, houses & hillside in background. Postcard
Image# 238: Street Car in Winter, Klamath Falls; Charles Adams driver
4 horses pulling streetcar loaded with passengers down snowy dirt street in front of multi-story wooden buildings; sign on streetcar reads "Klamath Falls Land & Transportation Co;" sign on building reads "American Bar". Postcard
Image# 239: The First Hotel in Linkville, built by Geo. Nurse
Original in poss[ession] of his sister-in-law Mrs. Frances E. Boyd (Centennial pg 22) -- White multi-story wooden buildings on dirt road with brushy hillside in background; horse picketed to rail
Image# 240: Paper copy of photo of 2 men digging basement
Beside wall, 2 horses going around pivot, rows of plants, stacks of hay, other men working & brushy hillside in background
Image# 241: Klamath Falls, Oregon
Paper copy of panorama of downtown Klamath Falls; 2nd & Pine Streets are labeled; 10 buildings are numbered & named, including Old High School. Poor quality, hard to read
Image# 242: Hotel Houston; 2nd & Main; Burned with some loss of life
Multi-story wooden building with 2nd floor veranda & shaded porch; 2 men standing on porch near sign that reads "? City Tailor, Cleaning & Repairing"

Series II:  Scrapbook, 1873-1961Return to Top

1 linear foot, 1 box
Description Dates
Image# 1: Courthouse, Klamath Falls, Ore
2-story wooden building surrounded by leafless trees; other buildings on 2 sides. Photo negative
Image# 2: Klamath Falls, Looking Toward Mt. Shasta
Photo taken from hillside, looking NE to SW, showing downtown Klamath Falls, new high school, Lake Ewauna & Mt. Shasta. Postcard
after 1920
Image# 3: Portion of Klamath Falls, Oregon
Overlooking many buildings beside dirt streets; school, 2 churches & residences; railroad tracks, farm fields & mountains in background. Postcard
Image# 4: Riverside
Looking down dirt street to Riverside School; old pickup truck is con street; buildings & water towers on hills in background
Image# 5: One of the public schools in Klamath Falls, OR; Riverside, built by Harlan Snook
Many teachers & students standing in front of school multi-storied brick building. Photo #236 is enlargement of this damaged postcard. Postcard
Image# 6: Chief Sconchin Cemetery
Cemetery with blooming flowers in foreground, large rock with brass plaque in center, white monuments & fenced area, pine trees & hills in background
Image# 7: Stagecoach
5 men on top & 3-4 men inside stagecoach hitched to 4 horses on dirt street; fence & deciduous trees in background
Image# 8: Eulalona Indian Village
A populous settlement on both sides of the river before the white man's era; Erected by Eulalona Chapter D.A.R. 1934 -- close-up of brass plaque attached to rock
Image# 9: First Bank (Klamath Co. Bank) in K-Falls is the large window in 2nd Section; Old Brick Store
Large 2-story building divided into 3 sections; billboard says "Acme Beer" & sign says "New City Laundry;" homes on hill behind building
Image# 10: Klamath State Bank; Interior of our old Bank
Bank interior with large teller's cage, spittoons & vault in back of room; sign on cage says "Your War Savings Pledge"
Image# 11: Old Brick Store; St. Francis Apartments; Baldwin Hotel; Brewery; 1st National Bank
People, horses, carts, autos & dog standing beside dirt street flanked by large buildings; left front is 2-story building in photo #9 with awning that says "Chastain Groceries;" right front is large building with "Lakeside Inn" sign
Image# 12: Agency Baseball Team; These players provided skilled opposition to any teams in the Basin at that time
Group of 10 baseball players with 2 managers posing on grassy field with pine trees & hillsides in background. Mounted on cardboard
Image# 13: "Heritage" by The United States National Bank; "Given to me by Capt in 1936; Ida"
2-page pamphlet with cover photo of Captain Oliver C. Applegate with Joaquin Miller camping at Crater Lake. Panphlet
before 1936
Image# 14: Tom Chocktoot; Jack Palmer; O.C. Applegate; Jesse Kirk; Reporter; Moser Kosket; Long John; Lelu; Chief Agency Geo; Henry Blow
10 men in 2 rows pose in front of photographer's background scene. Good quality print
Image# 15: Herald and News, Klamath Falls, Ore, page 17-C & 18-C
Includes article & photo about Ida Odell, 1st President of Klamath County Historical Society; photo of Orson Stearns; article & photos of Merrill including Nathan Merrill. Newspaper Page
Image# 16: Oregon Journal, page 5
Photo with caption of Ida Odell with 3 volumes of original Klamath Indian language. Newspaper Clipping
Image# 17: Photo series of Historical Society tour in SW Klamath Co.
The Bailey house at old Shake stage station. 2-story building in field looks abandoned
October 1950
Image# 18: Photo series of Historical Society tour in SW Klamath Co.
Mrs. Jennie Hurn at the site of Pokegama Lbr Co's Snow logging camp
October 1950
Image# 19: Photo series of Historical Society tour in SW Klamath Co.
At old Hart stage station, Shake Post Office; shows Tim Man on building
October 1950
Image# 20: Photo series of Historical Society tour in SW Klamath Co.
The Bailey house at old Shake stage station
October 1950
Image# 21: Photo series of Historical Society tour in SW Klamath Co.
Pokegama Lbr Co's Snow logging camp; Florence Ogle & Bob Odell
October 1950
Image# 22: Photo series of Historical Society tour in SW Klamath Co.
At site of old Shake stage station; Mary McIntyre, Gennie Hurn, Florence Ogle, Mrs. Geo Burton & Ida Odell
October 1950
Image# 23: Photo series of Historical Society tour in SW Klamath Co.
At site of old Shake stage station; Margaret Ogle coaxing Burton dachshund "Weinie," [sic] Mrs. G. Burton, Geo Burton, Jennie Hurn, Hal Ogle & Mrs H. Ogle
October 1950
Image# 24: Photo series of Historical Society tour in SW Klamath Co.
Florence (Mrs. Hal) Ogle at the remains of the fireplace at Pokegama Lbr Co's Mgr. Abbott's residence at Pokegama site
October 1950
Image# 25: Photo series of Historical Society tour in SW Klamath Co.
Building which housed the post office of Shake at old Hart stage station on Klamath Falls--Ashland road near present highway
October 1950
Image# 26: Sacramento Old houses on 8th St. near N
Across 8th St. from showplace Stanford mansion
Image# 27: Site of Pokegama, S.W. Klamath Co.
Print envelope from Star Drug Store, Klamath Falls, Oregon that contained photos S-17 through S-26; Labeled "Odell -- Dec. 1 1950. Print envelope
Image# 28: Woman in hat, sweater, pantaloons & stockings
Standing next to old auto in open field
Image# 29: Large 2-story brick building with turret on corner of dirt streets surrounded by other large buildings
People walking by; building is dated 1906. Postcard
Image# 30: Pelican nesting grounds; see the eggs
Large flock of American white pelicans moving away from camera, leaving behind many white eggs on the ground. Back of postcard says "Property of Ida M. Odell, 116-N 8th, Klamath Falls, OR. Postcard
Image# 31: Unknown
Man & woman on horseback with pack horse at site of original Canby's cross; wooden cross has scribed inscription
Image# 32: Judge Henry L. Benson at Crater Lake
Man in suit & derby hat standing in front of white wooden building beside snow drifts above his head
Image# 33: Mt. Pitt and Eagle Ridge
Building (lodge) with flagpole on rocky point in large lake, with canoe tied up on shore and mountains in background. Postcard
Image# 34: Wood River
Fred Loosley's Creamery; Ben Looseley, Ed Looseley, Dick Blake, Sam Kingdom, ?, John Gray, Burton Cunningham, L.C. Sisemore, Oscar Bu
Image# 35: Postcard: The Silver Frost in Klamath Falls, Oregon
Fenced yard with heavy frost on trees & shrubs. Postcard
Image# 36: Momyer
Our house at Klamath Agency--Dad leaning on post -- 3 men, 5 women & 2 children posing on white wooden house porch; boy is on bicycle.
Image# 37: Klamath Falls 1893
View of Klamath Falls across Link River, taken from western hills
Image# 38: View of Klamath Falls across Link River
Features man & covered wagon in foreground
Image# 39: Logging Train, Algoma Lumber Co.
Old wood-burning steam engine with 2 men in cab, pulling 4 cars of logs and caboose. "Desperate Mogul" is written on back of postcard. Postcard
Image# 40: Photo of Canby's cross
Wooden cross scribed with names & dates of ambush -- horse's tail on left edge of image
Image# 41: Site of Eulalona Indian Village near Fremont Bridge
This marker was stolen and a new one set in 1937. -- 21 people, mostly women, stand on rocky bluff beside flags and metal plaque attached to rock. Bearded old man in military kepi & decorated jacket may be Applegate.
Image# 42: Donald McKay-Son of Madam McLoughlin
Old man with white mustache and cane sitting by small creek.
Image# 43: Capt Jack's family
Copy of Louis Heller photo from Modoc War.
Image# 44: Canby cross
Taken in 1900 by S.K. Ogle -- wooden cross scribed with names & date of ambush (same cross as in image #40, but different image).
Image# 45: Canby cross
Different angle than image #44. Possibly same photographer & date.
Image# 46: Half sheet of paper
3 typed paragraphs -- 1) Scar Face Charley & wife; 2) Old Chief Sconchin; 3) Capt. Jack's family picture.
Image# 47: Scar-Faced Charley
Copy of Louis Heller photo from Modoc War.
Image# 48: A Lost River Home
River & bar in front of white multi-story house in rural area.
Image# 49: First Map of Linkville
Young J.O. Hamaker holding level & plat map, standing by transit. "New Years Greeting 1890."
Image# 50: J. O. Hamaker "Ol"
Portrait of man with graying hair in business suit.
Image# 51: Boston Charley
This is a lithograph copy of Louis Heller photo from Modoc War.
Image# 52: Dee Wright with pack train ready to unload near summit of Mt. Pitt
Building lookout station on Mt. Pitt. 6 pack horses and man standing on rocky summit with piles of lumber in heaps. Postcard
Image# 53: Old Brick Store
"Klamath Co. Bank, where I went to work winter of 1909." Old car in front of stores; address reads "11 Main."
Image# 54: Picture of postcard
Mounted Quadrille, "Elks Rodeo" 1912 Klamath Falls, Ore. Large show ring where men in white shirts ride dark horses in lines -- train, town and dry hillsides in background.
Image# 55: Capt. Applegate's Camp at Crater Lake Ore
Capt. & Mrs. Applegate, Jennie & Oliver; taken on the same trip to Crater Lake with Joaquin Miller -- Older man & woman, younger girl & boy sitting in front of white tent by campfire.
Image# 56: Story
4-page typewritten
Describing a "Sham Battle" of July 4, 1893; titled "In Death's Jaws." Taken from the Klamath Falls Express of July 1893.
Image# 57: Sham battle 1893, 20 yrs after Modoc War
Troopers with swords mounted on horses, lined up on parade grounds at Fort Klamath.
Image# 58: The Charge
Many mounted men galloping across open field surrounded by pine trees -- from Sham battle 1893.
Image# 59: Postcard: Scene at Klamath Agency, Oregon
Tall white wooden house with turret, behind white fence. Postcard addressed to Miss Ida Momyer, Klamath Falls, Oregon from her sister Ethel; stamp cancelled Oct 27, 191? Postcard
Image# 60: Graves of Indians Hanged at Fort Klamath
4 wooden headstones inside white wooden fence, beside plain, white 2-story building. Headstones read "Capt. Jack, Executed Oct 1873; Schonchiss, Executed Oct 1873;" 2 others not legible.
Image# 61: Old Fort Klamath
Man in military uniform, woman & 4 children sitting on porch of white single-story wood house with large pine trees.
Image# 62: Man standing beside signs that read "California State Line" & "Oregon State Line"
Man is reading sign that says "Los Angeles City Limits; Japan took Manchuria, Mussolini is taking Ethiopia, Look out Oregon, Here we come." Postcard
probably 1930s
Image# 63: Martin Flour Mill
River bend with houses on both sides, large mill structures by river in left rear of photo. This is a copy of torn & foxed panoramic photo.

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