University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives concert recordings: : Inti-Illimani, 1978-04-20

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University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives
University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives concert recordings: : Inti-Illimani
4 items  :  OT - 4 reels (7.5 ipsS, full-track, 7"); WT - 1 DAT (digital, stereo); Duration: 1:44:22
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Recorded at the University of Washington, Kane Hall, Roethke Auditorium, 4/20/78.
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Recorded by Cynthia Thiessen, Kimson Plaut, and John Ricker with Nagra (mono.), Electro-voice omni-directional mic.

Original archive sheet includes description of stage layout and setting and information about the instruments and musicians.

Performance includes poetry reading by Prof. Helles Contreras, UW Department of Linguistics; translator was Carla Lobos.

See logsheets and documentation file materials for description of contents of each tape.

Documentation: Concert flyer, information sheet on performers, program (annotated), copy of original archive sheet.

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Formed in 1967, Inti Illimani was once one of Chile's most popular folk groups. They have been in exile in Rome since the Chilean military coup of 1973, but have continued to perform all over the world singing songs of the struggles and hopes of the Chilean people. Their music, based on Indian and peasant folk themes as well as recent compositions of socially committed folk-based songs, are played on traditional instruments of Latin America, including the quena--an ancient bamboo flute; the charango--a small, high-pitched guitar made from armadillo shells; and the zampona--a set of cane pipes. This concert was recorded in Seattle on April 20th.

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  • Concerts
  • Ethnomusicology

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  • Chile
  • Seattle (Wash.)
  • South/Latin America

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    • Inti-Illimani (Musical group) (performer)