UW Ethnomusicology Archives video recordings: Joe Vinikow concert recordings (Sylvestre Randafison & Students 5/17/93), 1993-05-17

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Vinikow, Joe
UW Ethnomusicology Archives video recordings: Joe Vinikow concert recordings (Sylvestre Randafison & Students 5/17/93)
1 items  :  EC - 1 vct (VHS, stereo, color); WD - 1 DVD; Duration: 1:02:00
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Recorded at the University of Washington, Brechemin Auditorium, 5/17/93; concert performance by Visiting Artist in Ethnomusicology with his students.
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Sylvestre Randafison (1928-2003) was a valiha player, teacher, and musical ambassador from Madagascar. He was best known for performing traditional valiha pieces in a way that created a dialogue with the ancestors. He was also known as an ethnomusicologist and traveled around Africa collecting more than 1,000 pieces of traditional music. During his career, he served as a visiting instructor at the University of Washington as well as a professor of music at the National Institute of Research.

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Original recording by Joe Vinikow with Hi-band 8mm recorder; audio feed from sound recording (collection 93-19); copied to VHS for archives.

Introduction by Christopher Waterman; announcements in French by Mr. Randafison; translation into English by Edgar Pope.

Dancing accompanied by taped music from cassette recorder.

Transmission Data: Digital file created 1/2014 - 93-19_Randafison.mov - and Work Disc produced.

See entry for 93-19 (audio recording of same concert) for contents listing.

Documentation: Concert program and list of student performers in folder for 93-19.

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  • Concerts
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Video recordings in ethnomusicology

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  • Africa
  • Madagascar

Other Creators

  • Personal Names
    • Mendheim, Beverly (performer)
    • Randafison, Sylvestre (performer)