Grunbaum Family portrait photograph collection, 1860-1920

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Grunbaum Family
Grunbaum Family portrait photograph collection
1860-1920 (inclusive)
1860-1890 (bulk)
60 photographic prints (2 boxes & 1 folder) ; various sizes
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Photographs of a Jewish family, including the Henry and Johanna Grunbaum family and the Maurice and Hannah Grunbaum family.
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
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The Henry and Johanna Grunbaum Family:

Henry and Johanna emigrated to North America in the early 1860s shortly after they were married. Their first three children, (Katherine born ca. 1868, Maurice born ca. 1869, and Julius V. born ca. 1872) were born in Canada. The family then moved to San Francisco, California, where their sons Otto S. and Athur were born around 1878 and son, George was born about 1880.

Julius V. later married a woman by the name of Julia, and had a daughter named Helen F (born ca. 1896) in Wisconsin. Otto S. later married Adelaide and opened a furniture store in Seattle. Family members are beileved to have begun settling in Seattle as early as the 1880s, and many lived in the city by 1910.

The Shoninger Family

Henry Shoninger was born in 1833 in Germany, married Sophia in 1857, and emigrated in America before the mid-1870s. Sophia gave brith to their eldest daughter, Hannah, in 1874 in Louisville, Kentucky. Hannah had at least three other siblings: Hattie (born ca. 1877) Solomon (born ca. 1859), and Bernard (born ca. 1852).

The Maurice and Hannah Grunbaum Family

Henry Shoninger's daughter Hannah married Maurice Grunbaum in 1903 in Seattle, Washington. Maurice operated the Grunbaum Dry Goods Store located at 607-609 2nd Ave in Seattle during the 1890s through early 1900s. Prior to the Grunbaum's move to Chicago, Illionois between 1904 and 1906, the couple gave birth to their first child. Henry Maurice, in 1904.

Following their move to Chicago, Maurice and Hannah had at least two other children: Helen S. (born ca. 1906) and Arthur J. (born January 1909). It is possible that the family later returned to Seattle, Washington.

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Portraits of Grunbaum family members believed to have been assembled by Hannah Shoninger Grunbaum or by her father, Henry Shoninger. Originally contained in an album. The portraits probably are members of the Grunbaum family, particularly Henry and Johanna Grunbaum and their children. Most photos appear to date to the 1860s through the 1890s, with several that may date to 1900-1920. Photos were taken in the U.S. (particularly in Seattle, Washington, California, and Michigan) and in various European towns, particularly in Paris, France, Vienna, Austria and Teschen (Cesky Tesin), and the Czech Republic.

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Collected by the Washington State Jewish Historical Society.

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Donated by Helen G. Rosen (believed to be a granddaughter of Maurice and Hannah Grunbaum), August 4, 1987.

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Processed by Megan Churchwell and Christy Hansen, 2010; Processing completed by Elizabeth Russell in 2011.

Related Materials

Other photographs of Grunbaum family members are in PH Coll 650, Washington State Jewish Archives Photographs.

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Portraits Taken in Vienna, Austria by J. LowyReturn to Top

J. Lowy, Wien  ( Photographer)

J. Lowy was a portrait photographer in addition to serving as official court photographer and offical photographer of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor. He established a photography studio in Wien (Vienna) in 1868 and was active until the 1890s.

Photographs are marked Wien, which is the German name for Vienna.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/1 1
Woman with baby
Handwriting on back difficult to read. Mentions Victoria, Wien, Olympia Anna Grunbaum (?). Place/date handwritten as Gersthof, in Wien, 17/7 ‘73.
July 17, 1873
1/1 2
1/1 3
Older man
After 1876
1/1 4 After 1878
1/1 5
  Young boy
Handwriting on photo appears to read "Hans"
After 1878
1/1 6 1886

Portraits Taken in Vienna, Austria by Other PhotographersReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/2 7
S. Wasservogel (Photographer)
circa 1870s
1/2 8
  Woman wearing fancy dress with braided hair
J.E. Haschke (Photographer)
circa 1860s-1870s
1/2 9
Ludwig Hölbling (Photographer)
circa 1860s-1880s
1/2 10
Woman with young boy and young girl
Pichler & Comp (Photographer)
circa 1860s
1/2 11
Woman with braided hair
A.F. Grifkowski (Photographer)
circa 1860s-1870s
1/2 12
Man standing next to top hat
G. Wunsch (Photographer)
circa 1860s
1/2 13
Man seated
Fasching's (Photographer)
circa 1860s
1/2 14
Man standing
F.K. Strezek (Photographer)
circa 1860s
1/2 15
Young man wearing glasses
Sigmund Bing (Photographer)
circa 1860s-1870s
1/3 16
Man and woman
Ludwig Schrank (Photographer)
Schrank founded the Vienna portrait studio Schrank & Massak with Frank Massak in 1870. Schrank left the company in 1873.
circa 1860s
1/3 17-18
R. Denk (Photographer)
circa 1860s-1880s
1/3 19
Woman with large dress
E. Rabending (Photographer)
Photographer E. Rabending is probably Emil Rabending.
circa 1860s
1/3 20
R. Pokorny (Photographer)
Photographer R. Pokorny is possibly Reuter Pokorny.
circa 1890
1/3 21
Woman and man
Adele (Photographer)
1/3 22
JDA (Photographer)
circa 1870s
1/3 23
Man wearing hat and stole
C. Schneeberger (Photographer)
Subject appears to be a religious figure. Some handwriting on verso of mount, but not in English.
circa 1870s
1/3 24
  Woman and small girl
F. Kohler (Photographer)

Portraits Taken in Paris, FranceReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/4 25-28
  Portraits of woman, young girl, young boy
G. Penabert (Photographer)
Item 25, woman with braids, is same woman with braids seen in earlier image, item 11.
circa 1860s

Portraits Taken in TeschenReturn to Top

Teschen is the German name of a town on the Olza River now divided into the towns of Cieszyn, Poland, and Český Těšín, Czech Republic.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/4 29-31
  Portraits of girl, woman, and man
Gebruder Kohut (Photographer)
circa 1887

Portraits Taken Elsewhere in EuropeReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/5 32
  Man standing next to a chair
Atelier Leopoldstadt, Sperl (photographer)
Leopoldstadt is a district in Austria; Vienna is in this district. Front of mount: “Sperl Garten” and “Berger.” Sperl possibly refers to a Vienna dance hall in operation to 1873.
circa 1860s
1/5 33a-b
F.V. Elias (Photographer)
Two copies of same image, but with different handwritten information on verso of mounts. Handwriting difficult to read.
circa 1860s
1/5 34
Older couple
F.M. Strezek (Photographer)
Taken in Steinmetzplatz, Tegernsee, South Germany.
circa 1860s
1/5 35
Older man sitting
Fr. Kluth (Photographer)
Taken in Schwechat, a town Southeast of Vienna.
circa 1860s
1/5 36
  Older couple with young woman
Wilhelm Sonntag (Photographer)
Photo taken in Kremsier, a town in the Zlín Region of the Czech Republic.
circa 1860s
1/5 37
Young girl standing next to chair
A. Bavarski (Photographer)
circa 1860s
2/1 38
  Six children
Tietx-Gallat (Photographer)
Probably taken in Czech Republic.
circa 1880s
2/1 39
  Older man
Ferdinand Von Wichera (Photographer)
Probably taken in Czech Republic.
circa 1870s-1900s
2/1 40
  Couple, appears to be wedding portrait
Fenykepesz F. Stagl (Photographer)
Taken in Sopronbran/Oedenburg County, Hungary, in present-day north-western Hungary and eastern Austria.
March 31, 1892
2/1 41
Two men
E. Yelussich (Photographer)
Taken in Abbazia (Opatija), a town in western Croatia.
April, 1904

Portraits Taken in ChicagoReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
2/2 42
  Young woman
Varney (photographer)
Handwriting on front of mount appears to read "Varney Chicago." Varney is likely the photographer's last name. Many Grunbaum family members lived in the Chicago area.

Portraits Taken in Bay City, MichiganReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
2/2 43
  Mother and daughter
Harman Verner (Photographer)
circa 1875-1890s
2/2 44
  Father and son
Harman Verner (Photographer)
circa 1875-1890s

Portraits Taken in Victoria, B.C., CanadaReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
2/3 45
  Young boy, possibly Maurice or Julius Grunbaum
Hannah Hatherly Maynard (Photographer)
Subject is potentially Maurice or Julius Grunbaum, who were born to Henry and Johanna circa 1869 and 1872, respectively, in British Columbia. Photographer: Probably Hannah Hatherly Maynard, wife of Richard Maynard. Opened photography studio after moving to B.C. in 1862 and retired in 1912.
circa 1868-1874

Portraits Taken in CaliforniaReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
2/3 46
  Baby portrait
William Brown, Modesto, California (Photographer)
Could potentially be Otto S., Arthur, or George W. Grunbaum, who were born to Henry and Johanna between circa 1878 and circa 1880 in the San Francisco area.
circa 1860s-1870s
2/3 47
E.M. Davidson, Visalia, California (Photographer)
Could potentially be Otto S., Arthur, or George W. Grunbaum, who were born to Henry and Johanna between circa 1878 and circa 1880 in the San Francisco area.
circa 1870s-1890s
2/3 48
Public Schools of San Francisco reward of merit for Leah Grunbaum
It is believed that Leah married Arthur Wagner, but the relationship between her and the Henry Grunbaum family is unclear. She may be one of their younger children. The Henry and Johanna Grunbaum family lived briefly in San Francisco from circa 1878-1880.
January 10, 1890

Portraits Taken in Boise, IdahoReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
2/4 49
  Irene Grunbaum as a young girl
Myers, Boise, Idaho (Photographer)
Handwritten on verso of mount: A happy new year from Irene Johanna Grunbaum. Believed to be Irene Grunbaum, born circa 1894 to Leo and Rebecca Grunbaum. Older sister of Rosalee Grunbaum.
circa 1894-1898
2/4 50
  Rosalee Grunbaum as a young girl
Francis "Frank" Marion Stamper, Boise, Idaho (photographer)
Handwritten on verso: From Rosalie Grunbaum. Subject believed to be Rosalee Grunbaum, born to Leo P. and Rebecca Grunbaum circaa 1901. Rebecca and Leo married in 1891 and also had another daughter, older sister Irene born circaa 1894. Photographer: Probably Francis “Frank” Marion Stamper, active in Idaho from 1883.
circa 1901-1903

Portraits Taken in Seattle, Washington by Frank La RocheReturn to Top

All photographs are by photographer Frank La Roche, who arrived in Seattle just after the Great Fire of June 1889 to find the city in ashes, but soon opened a gallery, the Rainier Photographic and Art Studios, at 709 Second Street, where Item 51 was taken circa 1891-1892. Items 52-53 were taken in his second studio, La Roche & Co., at 606 Second Street. La Roche was one of Seattle's more active photographers in the late 1880s and early 1890s.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
2/5 51-53
Frank La Roche, The Rainier Photographic and Art Studios, Seattle, Washington; La Roche & Co., Seattle, Washington (Photographer)
circa 1890s

Miscellaneous - Unidentified LocationsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
2/6 54 circa 1860s
2/6 55
circa 1860s
2/6 56
Woman and two young children
circa 1860s
2/6 57
Man standing by chair with hat in hand
circa 1860s
2/6 58
  Woman, possibly Anna Grunbaum
Handwritten on margin of front: Deine Schwagerin Anna Grunbaum 1914.
2/6 59
Man standing outdoors on beach
Identified on verso as J.V. Grunbaum, may be Julius (son of Henry and Johanna, born circa 1872).
circa 1900-1920
2/6 60
Young girl posed by mirror

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