Ronald W. Stark Papers, 1950-1995

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Stark, Ronald W.
Ronald W. Stark Papers
1950-1995 (inclusive)
2 cubic feet
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MG 462
Ronald W. Stark was a forest entomologist. This is a collection of his writings and publications.
University of Idaho Library, Special Collections and Archives
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The collection is open to the public, except for the diskettes in box 3, for technical reason. Researchers must use the collection in accordance with the policies of the University of Idaho Special Collections and Archives.

This collection is in English.

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Ronald William Stark (1922-2002) was a forest entomologist.

Visit the page dedicated to Ron Stark at the WFIWC website.

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The papers of Ronald W. Stark includes his writings and publications from 1950 to 1995. There are also eight WANG 8" x 8" diskettes, which are not accessible due to lack of equipment required for use.

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Consult Head of Special Collections and Archives on permission for use.

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Ronald W. Stark, MG 462, Special Collections and Archives, University of Idaho Library, Moscow, Idaho.

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Chronological order.

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Special Collections and Archives of the University of Idaho Library.

Custodial History

Ron W. Stark was in possession of the materials until his death. His daughter, Debi Macauley, donated the papers to Malcolm Furniss on July 24, 2004 with request that they be added to the Western Forest Insect Work Conference Archives.

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Malcolm M. Furniss donated the papers to Special Collections and Archives of the University of Idaho Library on September 2, 2004.

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Original order was maintained.

Separated Materials

Western Forest Insect Work Conference Archives, MG 417.

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1 1 1950-1951. The effects of insecticides on insect populations. Typed essay, probably for class at u. of Toronto while doing Masters. 9pp, 15 refs. Pointing out potential hazards of broad-spectrum insecticides
1 2 1951. Lodgepole needle miner, Recurvaria milleri Busck. Annual Technical Report. Not for publication
1 3 1951. Population studies of the lodgepole needle miner, Recurvaria milleri Busck. Thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Arts in the University of Toronto (Typed)
1 4 1952. Lodgepole needle miner. Forest Biology Lab., Calgary, Alta. Annual Technical Report (30.62-1)
1 5 1952. Sequential sampling of the lodgepole needle miner
1 6 1952. Analysis of a population sampling method for the lodgepole needle miner in Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
1 7 1953. Lodgepole Needle Miner. (With J. A. Cook) Forest. Biology Division, Calgary (AL) Annual Technical Report (Project 30.62-1)
1 8 1954. (With W. R. Henson and W. G. Wellington) Effects of the weather of the coldest month on winter mortality of the lodgepole needle miner, Recurvaria sp., in Banff National Park
1 9 1954. (With J. A. Cook) Investigation on the lodgepole needle miner. Interim Technical Report. Calgary (AL) June, 1955
1 10 1955. (With K. Graham) Insect population sampling. General considerations
1 11 1957. (With J. A. Cook) The effects of defoliation by the lodgepole needle miner
1 12 1957. Climatic factors affecting insect abundance (Typed copy)
1 13 1958. Life tables for the lodgepole needle miner, Recurvaria starki Free. (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)
1 14 1959. Parasites of Petrova metallica Busck
1 1 1959. Climate in relation to winter mortality of the lodgepole needle miner, Recurvaria starki Free., in Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
1 2 1959. Population dynamics of the lodgepole needle miner Recurvaria starki Freeman, in Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
1 3 1959. (With W. R. Henson) The description of insect numbers
1 18 1960. Do you have insect problems? Talk presented to the Christmas Tree Growers Association, Berkeley (CA)(Typed)
1 19 1960. Taxonomic groups of seed-destroying insects. pp. 11-l5 in A Symposium on Cone and Seed Insects. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, Pacific Branch, Spokane (WA). Assembled at Forest Biology Laboratory, Victoria (BC)
1 20 1961. (With D. L. Dahlstein) Distribution of cocoons of a Neodiprion sawfly under open-grown conditions
1 21 1961. Methods of improving biological evaluation procedures used in reaching forest insect control decisions
1 22 1961. Notes on the parasite complex of Evagora (Recurvaria) starki Freeman in Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
1 23 1961. Research Progress Report. No.VI. California Forestry and Forest Products (No.25) California Agricultural Experiment Station. Berkeley (CA)
1 24 1962. (With R. E. Stevens) Sequential sampling for the lodgepole needle miner, Evagora milleri
1 25 1962. (With A. A. Berryman) Radiography in forest entomology
1 26 1962. (With A. A. Berryman) Studies on the effects of temperature on the development of Ips confusus using radiographic techniques
1 27 1962. (With D. L. Wood) Forest Entomology Laboratory Manual. UCB Press. 106 pp
1 28 1962. Foresters look at forest entomological training
1 29 1962. Book review of the Forest Entomology book and manual and Manual by T.0. Thatcher
1 30 1963. X-ray inspection technique aids forest tree seed production
1 31 1963. (With D. L. Wood) Research activity in Forest Entomology. Internal Report, Dept. Entomology, University of California, Berkeley
1 32 1964. (With C. S. Koehler) Biology of the gall wasp, Eurytoma tumoris, on Scots pine
1 33 1964. (With D. L. Wood) The biology of Pissodes terminalis Hopping (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in California
1 34 1964. (With C. S. Koehler) Eurytoma tumoris, a new insect pest of Christmas trees
1 35 1964. Communication is a two-way street
1 36 1964. The Giant Killers. (Typed)
1 37 1964. Interrelations between wood production and insects
1 38 1965. (With D. L. Dahlsten) Notes on the distribution of eggs of a species in the Neodiprion fulviceps complex (Hymenoptera: Diprionidae)
1 39 1965. (With J. H. Borden) Life history of Choristoneura lambertiana subretiniana Obraztov (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) attacking lodgepole pine
1 40 1965. (With J. H. Borden) Observations on mortality factors of the fir engraver beetle, Scolytus ventralis (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)
1 41 1965. (With J. H. Borden) A field test of lindane for prevention and control of attack by Ips confuses (LeConte) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in slash
1 42 1965. Recent trends in forest entomology
1 43 1965. Accreditation of technician training programs
1 44 1965. The Student Revolution in California: A Portent of Things to Come?
1 45 1966. The organization and analytical procedures required by a large ecological systems study
1 46 1966. (With D. L. Dahlsten) The effects of soil temperatures on the distribution of Neodiprion sawfly cocoons
1 47 1966. (With D. L. Wood) The effects of gamma radiation on the biology and behavior of adult Ips confusus (LeConte) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)
1 48 1966. (With K. Graham and D. L. Wood) Manual of Forest Insects and Damage
1 49 1966. The role of the forest entomologist in forestry and forest management
1 50 1966. July 4 - U.S.A
1 51 1966. Counter-argument on science to Mr. David Drake
1 52 1966. Principles and utilization of new concepts for insect control
1 53 1966-1967. Report of the Division of Entomology and Pathology
1 54 1966-1967? Forest Entomology. Chapter on history of forest entomology at U. C. Berkeley (Typed draft with correspondence)
1 55 1967. (With D. L. Wood, R. M. Silverstein, and J. O. Rodin) Unique synergistic effects produced by the principal sex attractant compounds of Ips confusus (LeConte) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae).
1 56 1967. Perspectives in forest insect control
1 57 1968. (With D. L. Wood) The life history of Ips calligraphus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) with notes on its biology in California
1 58 1968. Photo-chemical oxidant injury and bark beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) infestation of ponderosa pine (3 papers)
1 59 1968. Entomology and the University of California
1 60 1968. L'entomologie forestière à l’Université de Californie, Berkeley, U.S.A
1 61 1968. Substances attractives chez les Scolytides
1 62 1968. Western forest pest conditions. California Pest Control Action Council Report
1 63 1969. (With F. W. Cobb, Jr) Smog injury, root diseases and bark beetle damage in ponderosa pine
1 64 1969. Environmental pollution and regulation of insect populations
1 65 1969. Forest and Shade Tree Insects
1 66 1970. Decline and mortality of smog-injured ponderosa pine
1 67 1970. Contours of Change. College of Agriculture, Annual Conference
1 68 1970. Are we providing useful academic and technical training for forest entomologists? Panel discussion, Western Forest Insect Work Conference, Seattle (WA)
1 69 1970. Economic and pathological implications in forest protection of the future
1 70 1970. Pest control without pollution: the ecological approach to control
1 71 1970. The University's role in environmental problems
1 72 1970. The Four Idols
1 73 1970. Pollutions, Pathogens and Phytophages
1 74 1971. (With D. L. Dahlsten) Studies on the population Dynamics of the Western pine Beetle, Dendroctonus brevicomis LeConte(Coleoptera: Scolytidae)
1 75 1971. Integrated Control, Pest Management, or Protective Population Management?
1 76 1971. Hearings before the Subcommittee on Agricultural Research and General Legislation of the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. United States Senate, 92nd Congress, First Session on S.1794, A bill to authorize pilot field-research programs for the control of agricultural and forest pests by integrated biological-cultural methods
1 77 1971. Chemical attractants and insect control: an overview
1 78 1971. (With A. A. Berryman) Techniques for sampling western pine beetle populations and estimating the efficacy of natural control factors
1 79 1971. The impact of forest insects and disease on the environment. Invitational paper, Conference on impact of forest insects and diseases. Also correspondence and program
1 80 1971. Natural attractants and insect control. Introductory lecture
1 81 1971. Integrated control of mosquitoes
1 82 1971. (With R. F. Smith) Systems analysis and pest management
1 83 1972. The systems approach to pest management. A developing program in the United States of America: The pine bark beetles
1 84 1972. Research, the public, and higher education
1 85 1972. The entomological consequences of even-aged management. Also the Proceedings of a Symposium held August 1, 1972 on Even-Age Management, Oregon State University
1 86 1972. (With D. E. Bright, Jr.) The Bark and Ambrosia Beetles of California: Coleoptera: scolytidae and Platypodidae. Also a review of the publication by Gerald N. Lanier
1 87 1972. Status of knowledge of the Douglas-fir tussock moth
1 88 1972. Systems analysis of insect populations
1 89 1972. (With A. R. Gittins) Pest Management for the 2lst Century
1 90 1972. Toward pest management
1 91 1972. The importance of chemistry in pest management
1 92 1974. (With K. R. Stafford and M. DiNoto) The Economic Impact of the University of Idaho on the Community of Moscow, Idaho
1 93 1974. (With F. W. Cobb, Jr., J. R. Parmeter, Jr., and D. L. Wood) Root pathogens as agents predisposing ponderosa pine and white fir to bark beetles
1 94 1974. Entomology-the Inspirational (A)Vocation
1 95 1974. Talk to Phi Sigma April 24
1 96 1974. Should the prosecutor leave Nixon alone? Letter to editor, Lewiston Morning Tribune, Aug. 18. 'Inspired' by a Bill Hall column arguing that Nixon had suffered enough in losing the Presidency
1 97 1975. Bark beetles and root disease - pines. Moderator of workshop
1 98 1975. (With T. J. Wander and M. DiNoto) Case Studies of university of Idaho Research. II Cost-benefit analysis of STAR Project 2: Utilization of secondary tree species made possible by preservation treatment
1 99 1975. Concluding Remarks. Idaho Water Conference, Boise, ID Mar. 11-12
1 100 1975. In Pursuit of Education. Talk to Phi Sigma Honorary
1 101 1975. Forest Insect Pest Management
1 102 1976. (With L. S. Anderson, A. A. Berryman, D. G. Burnell, W. H. Klein, E. L. Michalson and A. R. Stage) The development of predictive models in the lodgepole pine-mountain pine beetle ecosystem
1 103 1976. (With J. M. Franz and D. H. Phillips) Integrierter Pflanzenschutz gegen Schadinsekten und Krankheiten im Wald. (Integrated management of forest insect pests and diseases)
1 104 1976. The Bases for Integrated Pest Management. Proceedings of the XVIth IUFRO World Congress, Group 6, Oslo, Norway, June 24. Symposium chairman. Introduction
1 105 1976. Behavioral problems in interdisciplinary research
1 106 1976. Review of the book Pest Control: An Assessment of Present and Alternative Technologies. Vol. IV Forest Pest Control. National Academy of Sciences. Washington D.C. 1975
1 107 1977. Managing insect populations: options, mortality and the factor of over mature timber
1 108 1977. Forest management from the protection scientist's view
1 109 1977. (With N. L. Crookston and D. L. Adams) Outbreaks of the mountain pine beetle in lodgepole pine forests - 1945 to 1975
1 110 1977. (With M. J. Bosch and M. J. Dinoto). Case Studies of University of Idaho Research. III Development of Idaho Pattern Jury Instructions. STAR Project 57
1 111 1977. (With M. J. Bosch and M. Dinoto). Case Studies of University of Idaho Research. IV The Economic Impact of the On-Campus Research Effort of the University of Idaho on the Community of Moscow, Idaho
1 112 1977. Integrated pest management in forest practice
1 113 1977. (With M. Dinoto) Case Studies of Idaho Research. V Cost-benefit Analysis of STAR Report 58: Characterization of fine particles from Idaho's industries
1 114 1977. "Biedermann und die Brandstifter" by Max Frisch. A Translation by R. W. Stark (Biedermann and the Arsonists) German 222, University of Idaho. Typed, 85 pp
1 115 1977. Suspicion. Translation of a [book] by Friedrich Durrenmatt. University of Idaho. Typed, 95pp
1 116 1977. The Judge and His Executioner. Translation of "Der Richter und sein Henker" by Friedrich Durrenmatt. University of Idaho. Typed, 66 pp
2 1 1978. Theory and Practice of Mountain Pine Beetle Management in lodgepole pine forests. Symposium Proceedings and program. Several papers
2 2 1978. (With N. L. Crookston) Mountain pine beetle management. Taking account of trees, beetles and objectives
2 3 1978. Integrated Forest Pest Management: what is it? Does it work? A researcher’s viewpoint. Also the program of the 69th Western Forestry Conference
2 4 1979. Review of the book The Pesticide Conspiracy, by Robert van den Bosch
2 5 1979. IPM, RPA, and the NFMA. In: Integrated Pest Management for Forest Insects: Where Do We Stand Today?
2 6 1979. Meeting the resource managers needs: Contribution of the Douglas-fir tussock moth and mountain pine beetle programs
2 7 1979. Forest management and integrated pest management. In: Proceedings for Integrated Pest Management Colloquium
2 8 1979.(With D. L. Kulhavy) Effects of the antitranspirant Dow CorningR XEF-4-3561 on arthropods on a North Idaho catchment
2 9 1979. The concept of impact in integrated pest management
2 10 1979. Responsibilities of integrated pest managers to decision-makers
2 11 1979. The National Forest Management Act Two Years Later: Scientific Issues Involved in Implementing the NFMA
2 12 1979. Socio-political comments on the use of microbials in integrated pest management
2 13 1979. Evaluating control tactics for the Southern pine beetle
2 14 1980. Review of the book Western Forest Insects by R. L. Furniss and V. M. Carolin
2 1 1980. (With W. E. Waters) Forest pest management: Concept and reality
2 2 1980. Integrated forest protection: a successful marriage of technology and ecology
2 3 1980. Approach to research and forest management for mountain pine beetle control
2 18 1980. (With R. W. Campbell) The Douglas-fir tussock moth management system
2 19 1980. Reflections on integrated pest management in the Old the New, and the Third World
2 20 1980. Integrated pest management - What is it? How does it fit into forest management
2 21 1982. (With R. N. Coulson) Integrated Management of Bark Beetles. (Ch. 4 of a book)
2 22 1982. Integrated pest management: a decision support system for forest management
2 23 1983. (With J. J. Colbert, N. L. Crookston and K. Sheehan) Western spruce budworm decision support system: Model description and implementation plans
2 24 1983. What is the definition of IPM?
2 25 1983. Benevolent Ruler. Letter to editor. J. For. 81(8): 521, 565. Comment on SAF finally adopting metric rules. Also critical response
2 26 1984. Integrated forest protection: implications for forest management
2 27 1984. Applying research results from 'fringe disciplines’: lessons learned from integrated pest management RD & A programs
2 28 1984. Review of the book Forever Green by H. A. Richmond
2 29 1984. (With M. W. McFadden and K. H. Wright) Serendipity in Mission-Oriented Research and Development Programs
2 30 1984.(With D. L. Kulhavy and A. D. Partridge) Root diseases and blister rust associated with bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in western White Pine in Idaho
2 31 1984. Canusa. Newsletter. Ron Stark received the Barrington Moore Memorial Award for 1983 from the Society of American Foresters. Also in the same publication: Our International Technology Transfer Broadens
2 32 1985. (Ed. with C. J. Sanders, E. J. Mullins, J. Murphy) Recent Advances in Spruce Budworms Research. Proc. of the CANUSA Spruce Budworms Research Symposium
2 33 1985. (Tech. Coordinator with M. H. Brookes, J. J. Colbert and R. G. Mitchell). Managing Trees and Stands Susceptible to Western Spruce Budworm
2 34 1985. (With A. A. Berryman) Assessing the Risk of Forest Insect Outbreaks
2 35 1985. (Editor with W. E. Waters and D. L. Wood) Integrated Pest Management in Pine-Bark Beetle Ecosystems. Also a copy of the Japanese translation
2 36 1985. (With W. E. Waters) Concept and Structure of a forest pest management system. (With N. L. Crookston) Forest-bark beetle interactions: stand dynamics and prognoses. (With D. L. Wood, W. E. Waters, W. D. Bedard, and F. W. Cobb, Jr.) Treatment tactics and strategies. (With W. E. Waters and D. L. Wood) Summary
2 37 1985. (With R. A. Nathanson and D. G. Burnell). Observations on the influence of site characteristics on parasites of the larch casebearer, Coleophora laricella Hbn. (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae)
2 38 1985. (With D. G. Burnell, L. F. Neuenschwander, M. W. Stock and R. N. Nathanson) Dynamics of parasite guilds and insect herbivores in forest successional stages
2 39 1985. (With I. S. Otvos) Arthropod food of some forest-inhabiting birds
2 40 1985. The Path From Here: Integrated Forest Protection For The Future, Eds. Dave Brown, Samuel M. Hitt, William H. Moir. Prepared by the Integrated Pest Management Working Group, Region 3 USDA Forest Service
2 41 1985. (With W. G. Wellington, P. Lorio and W. Schmidt) Site/tree/insect interactions Panel (Moderator)
2 42 1985. Site factors and biological control. Workshop moderators report
2 43 1985. (With C. G. Niwa, D. G. Burnell and D. M. Johnson-Knox). Annotated Bibliography of Larch Casebearer Parasitoids
2 44 1985. On Human Autonomy. Essay written for Phil.499, Spring semester, University of Idaho
2 45 1985. Report to the Interplanetary Science Foundation on the First Archeological Expedition to the Planet Earth by the Cultural Anthropological Section. Chairman X751-81092. Essay incorporating review of plays studied in FL/EN 314 Spring semester, University of Idaho
2 46 1987. (Technical Coordinator with M. H. Brookes, R. W. Campbell, J. J. Colbert, R. G. Mitchell). Western Spruce Budworm. Canada/United States Spruce Budworms Program-West
2 47 1987. (Technical Coordinator with M. H. Brookes, J. J. Colbert, R. G. Mitchell) Western Spruce Budworm and Forest-Management Planning. (With K. H. Wright) Management Considerations in Integrated Pest Management. Canadian Regulations Affecting Pest Management. USDA Forest Service/ Coop. State Res. Service Technical Bulletin No.1696
2 48 1987. Impacts of Forest Insects and Disease: Significance and Measurement. Correspondence with the editor
2 49 1987. The Legend of the White Reindeer. Entry to Finlandia Vodka writing contests
2 50 1987. Coverage Incomplete. Letter to Spokesman-Review, regarding Oliver North coverage
2 51 1988. (With W. R. Henson) William George Wellington: A Tribute. pp. 9-19 in Paths from a Viewpoint: The Wellington Festschrift on Insect Ecology
2 52 1988. (With C. G. Niwa and D. G. Burnell) Habitat typing of sites for release of Agathis pumila (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) against the larch casebearer Coleophora laricella (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae)
2 53 1988. The Great Gypsy Moth Controversy. Bonner Co. News Digest, April 29-May 5. Correspondence and clippings regarding waste of public money on GM 'eradication’
2 54 1989. (With A. E. Cameron) Variations in the life cycle of the lodgepole terminal weevil, pissodes terminalis Hopping (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in California
2 55 1990. Forest entomology in Western Canada: the Formative Years. What-We Worry? Contribution to a Panel-Gypsy Moth in the West. Abstract in Proc. 41st Annual WFIWC
2 56 1991. Review of the book Ecology and Management of Forest Insects by Martin R. Speight and David Wainhouse
2 57 1992. (With W. Baltensweiler) The role of IUFRO in forest entomological research
2 58 1995. Reflections on Career Influences
2 59 Draft of a book. Ron W. Stark and Karl J. Stoszek. Final chapter 1, introduction, and table of contents
2 60 Draft of a book. Stark and Berryman. Chapter 2: Forest Protection. New material. Henson comments. Mar. 28, 1991
2 61 Draft of a book. Chapter 3: Factors Influencing Forest Growth Management & Survival. New material and correction. Mar. 28, 1990
2 62 Draft of a book. Chapter 4: Integrated Forest Protection (2nd and 3rd drafts) Jan. 30, 1992
2 63 Complete list of publications and writings of Ronald W. Stark, compiled by the author
3 diskettes probably containing letters and other documents related to Ronald W. Stark's CANUSA assignment, 1980s. Access restricted for technical reason
3 Newsclippings concerning colleagues

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